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Name: Kyo
Sex: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: Unknown (At least 500) 
Eyes: Crimson Red
Hair: Black
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 161 lbs
Aliases: Devil's Child, Demon Eyes Kyo (Onime no Kyo 鬼眼の狂 ), The Thousand Man Slayer, The Demon of War

Lone wandering swordsman who aimlessly travels around the world. Thanks to his demon-like inheritance and the mysterious Red Eyes Kyo possess powers beyond the human limits. He has an intense desire to be stronger and seeks powerful fighters to test his blade. Like a demon of fighting Kyo doesn't care about anything but battles. He cuts down and kills anyone daring to stand in his way. Kyo wields the evil Muramasa blade which increases his already huge bloodlust. He fights whoever challanges him and never ever give up.


 Kind of jerk in the outside.
 Kind of jerk in the outside.

Kyo is an aloof loner who doesn't like to mix in with others. It roots deep back in his past when everyone feared him as a child due to his Red Eyes. Kyo is like a wild beast, he attacks anyone who opposes him and does not care about killing people. Surprisingly he has his own moral code. Kyo won't kill people who have lost their will to fight, neither the defenseless. Ambushing or attacking behind the back is considered weak and cowardly in Kyo's eyes. He prefers to face his opponent head-on and defeat them in a honest battle. Kyo also possess an incredibly strong will to fight and to survive. His instincts are extremely keen. His iron will doesn't let Kyo to ever give up, no matter the odds. Strangely his wild exterior hides a kind interior. If he ever manages to get close to someone, he shows signs of care. Though in his own cold way. His pride never lets Kyo to admit his true feelings. It's up to his friends to notice them.


  • " Men, women or child. It doesn't matter. I cut down anyone standing my way!"
  • " There's nothing in the world I can't tear up."



Kyo's originas and birth are shrouded in constant mystery. Even Kyo has no idea where did he come or what he really is. Although he doesn't care at all of his past neither he's willing to tell anyone about it. Kyo's background only remained in short tales and legends. Those tales have huge gaps in them and leave a few things completely unexplained. Their truth value is questionable at best. The following section is a summary of those unbelievable tales.

Tale 1 - Meeting of Demons:

Sengoku era, Japan in the 16th century. The Demon of the Sixth Heaven, Oda Nobunaga and his nightmarish forces have terrorized the lands. The evil general won battle after battle and there were no one to stop him. Some said Nobunaga formed pact with the Underworld and have unearthly powers. Other rumors claimed him to be the reincarnated King of Hell who came back to herald the end of the world. Whatever some strange force supported him. Great heroes and fighters fell one after another before his might. People dreaded him all across Japan. At one Night Nobunaga's radiers choose to attack a small insignificant village somewhere near the borders. The Demon of the Sixth Heaven personally joined for the 'fun' and led his troops to murder everyone found in the village. The defenseless villagers fell one after another but Noubanage heard sounds of battle from the distance. The houses burned in vivid flames all around the dark warlord and he really doubted that any warrior dares to oppose his troops. Out of boredom Nobunage still went to check those noises. He had an inexplainable feeling as he got closer. His heart were beating fast like he's facing a deadly foe. Nobunaga slowly pulled out his black sword as he got into the building. Something didn't feel right for him. Surprisingly he found his men dead. One by one they were slain by a mysterious foe standing atop the corpses. Nobunaga was shocked. He cared less about his dead warriors but cannot believe the identity of their killer. It was a boy not older than 8 years. 
 The child of the Devil facing the Demon of the Sixth Heaven.
 The child of the Devil facing the Demon of the Sixth Heaven.
He held a katana longer than himself and had piercing eyes colored in deep crimson. Nobunaga knew the boy was no ordinary. He felt it. Yet the scene made no sense. "Are you the one who killed those?" Nobunaga asked but got no answer. The kid silently stared at him. "Hah! Not wanting to answer? Kid, who are you?" Nobunaga asked the kid again but got the same response. The kid's eyes reflected an intense feeling of enmity. Nobunaga knew this feeling. "Still playing silent, huh? Listen kid, if I don't get a nice answer I afraid I have to kill you. Are you sure?" Nobunaga's words were very clear. Answer or die. No middle ground. Even a deaf man could understand such an obvious threat. The kid didn't move  muscle. The tension grew but Nobunaga felt himself at ease. He raised his sword and walked in reach. "That's too bad. Guess I'm going to kill you!"Nobunaga swung down the ominous black blade but the kid moved in the same instant. He dodged the attack and was about to counter when..."Useless!" Nobunaga kicked him in the gut. The Kid fell through the wooden walls of the building. "Are you dead yet, kiddo?" Nobunaga calmly made his way through the hole he created. The kid silently pulled himself up from the ground and faced the unstoppable warlord once again. His hands were gripping the sword firmly. "I applaud your resilience, kid. Even a full-grown man cannot stand up after a kick like that." The dark warlord immediately saw the potential in the kid. 
With a few decades of training maybe the kid even had what it took for surpassing the great Nobunaga. In his heart the warlord felt slight regret. That boy was like him, a demon. He possessed powers above the nature since birth and determination - or stubbornness - that dwarfed the will of a fine soldier's. The dark warlord admired those qualities. "You're really interesting. Join my ranks and I may spare your life." Nobunaga asked the boy the very last time. The kid attacked the warlord instead of answering. With a light swing Nobunaga pushed the boy away."What a joke. Are you serious?" The boy had barely avoided Nobunaga's counter. The black blade drew a shadowy trail in the air.  It bore vile sorcerous power.



 Demon Aura
 Demon Aura
Demon Aura:  The manifestation of Kyo's power, a sentient battle aura that responds directly to his wishes and allow him to potentially surpass any limit. This very unique ability which, despite its name, probably has no relation with demons. The Demon Aura is a mixture of Kyo's fighting spirit, special Ki and the power of his Red Eyes. The effects manifest in countless forms at once and in a way similar to warping reality. For example if Kyo wishes to be faster then the Demon Aura can fulfill that wish in many ways like strengthening his leg muscles, improving Kyo's reflexes, accelerating time or even distorting the space. The result is always a mixture of multiple abilities and barely categorized as either. The ultimate power source is Kyo's willpower and fighting spirit. Prolonged, exciting battles or having a strong opponent increases his will to fight. That means extended fights do not decrease Kyo's strength but the opposite. Although using his powers also eats away his life force which while insanely huge, still limited. So in theory it's possible to exhaust Kyo. Other than adaptation powers the Demon Aura also possess a memory and able to record any ability or special technique used on Kyo. Later the Samurai can replay these records to emulate the said powers. Although Kyo rarely if ever does that since he prefers to rely on his own strength alone.
Aura Shield: Kyo's Demon Aura covers his body in an invisible field. It passively shields Kyo from harmful forces and he can survive some extreme physical punishment. The limit of this shield varies and depends on Kyo's state of mind and fighting spirit. The shield itself is usually a mixture of telekinetic force field and Ki shields but it isn't rare to involve space-time barriers or other more complex features. Interestingly Kyo is able to consciously activate and expand this shield to enhance its defensive power or even protect other people besides himself.

Red Eyes: Kyo has the legendary Red Eyes, an ability often associated with demons. Normally, the Red Eyes are inactive and they look like rusty brown. In battle the Red Eyes finally show up in deep crimson. They glow depending on Kyo's fighting spirit and increase his powers considerably. His demonic blood and Red Eyes are the responsible for Kyo's great powers. Many shady organizations wish to obtain these, so far without any success. 

Strength: Kyo has unearthly strength. He can carry more than an usual human. His power is honed to battles so his strength really shows in striking power, not his lifting ability. Kyo can swing hard enough to casually cleave through reinforced steel doors. His slashes often leave huge scars on the ground and he can release blades of destructive air pressure to strike from afar. His Demon Aura can also increase this power drastically. Even if he initially can't break through the defenses of his opponent, he surely will later. When focused his power even allow to cut the time and space, bypassing any normal protection and splitting the target in two. Additionally Kyo has no problems with hitting non-corporeal beings like ghosts and elemental spirits. Kyo can make sure his attacks definitely hurt.


Too slow...
Too slow...

Speed: Kyo has insane speed and reflexes. He can clearly see bullets traveling all the way and catch them casually like nothing. Once he's at least remotely serious, Kyo can effortlessly pass the sound barrier without invoking any sonic booms in the process. He can kill entire armies in a second or finish off  a group while seemingly not making a single move. Furthermore Kyo's fighting spirit and willpower can drastically increase his sped. As a result he's gradually getting faster and faster with each second passing in combat. Even if he proves to be slower than his foe, the odds are likely turning by the end.

 Combat Genius: Kyo experienced numerous styles and fought for long decades. His senses and skills are extremely honed and close to perfection.  Kyo studied and experienced countless fighting styles and knows every detail of them. He can read the rhythm of his opponents to predict their moves. If he encounters a new unknown style, Kyo can accurately deduce its weaknesses by only experiencing that once. It's rare for any technique to work on Kyo twice.

Combat Senses: Kyo possess incredible fine senses. His hearing, sight, touch and sense of smell can be enhanced to many times of normal. Kyo can feel even minute-light changes of air pressure and possess an excellent coordination ability. Through training and decades of experience he also attained a so-called "absolute zone". He's able to sense people in his close vicinity, be it from any directions. Also he has unbelievable skill at sensing the enemy's killing intent. If anyone holds hostility towards Kyo, he can sense it right away and even predict the source of danger. Thanks to all these Kyo is able to fight with his eyes closed and without any of his normal senses. His top-notch fighting instincts allow feats which borders the realm of precognition.

Endurance: Kyo has insane vitality. He possess tenacity totally unheard of which allows him to almost always stand up after a tough beating. By the combination of his Demon Aura and superhuman physique, Kyo also possess surprising toughness. His muscles are more denser and stronger than a human and produce literally no fatigue toxins. His bones are stronger than steel and can take massive punishment. He's able to withstand bullets and normal swords are likely break against Kyo's body. He apparently also has vast reserves of Ki energy and its effectives multiplies by the use of Demon Aura. Kyo can technically fight for days if not for an entire week without exhaustion. It seems the samurai's body was made solely for fighting.
Regeneration: The demonic blood flowing in Kyo's veins lets him to heal from grievous injuries.. It can seal off wounds and regenerate lost flesh in seconds. Healing from lost limbs takes a while tough. Kyo can't survive being beheaded. On the other hand no normal diseases or toxins can effect Kyo's system. The demonic blood defeats any infection. It's so powerful that even defeats the power of age. Kyo can't die of old age, giving him plenty of time to fight. Perhaps he can still die a forceful death.
Muramasa Blade: 
His personal weapon made by the legendary and infamous blacksmith, Muramasa. The weapon has the blade length of 150cm (twice the length of a normal katana) and possess demonic powers. Muramasa sealed a great demon inside that feeds on souls. Whenever the blade's drawn Kyo must shed blood to cease the demon's hunger. Although Kyo can easily resist that feeling but rarely choses against it. The true power of the Muramasa Blade is the ability to synchronize with its wielder. That way Kyo's powers can increase many fold.


Mizuchi( 蛟龙 ):
Kyo calls up the divine winds to his aid. With a single slash he releases a spiraling cone of cutting invisible wind layers mixed in with his Demon Aura. A direct hit from Mizuchi poses a triple threat. First, it cuts with pressurized blades of wind. Second, it strikes with Kyo's Demon Aura. Third, the air pressure permeates through the skin and severs countless blood vessels at once to cause serious internal bleeding. Those effected by Mizuchi hear a tune similar to the song. Kyo calls that the wind's singing and heralds their approaching death. Mizuchi is very deadly and the best to avoid or counter it before the technique hits. Although compared to his other abilities, Mizuchi is the weakest move at his arsenal.

Suzaku( 朱雀) :
Kyo calls the name of the immortal spirit of fire, Suzaku. He summons a giant bird made out of fire to strike down his foe. Suzaku manifests through Kyo's intense Demonic Aura and travels at blinding speeds. Suzaku also symbolizes the phoenix, the undying bird of rebirth. Even if someone manages to slay Suzaku, it returns very soon. Immobilizing, freezing or binding the bird only stops it for a moment. Even if someone absorbs Suzaku, it eventually finds a way out and escapes. The only method to counter Suzaku is to cancel all the Demonic Aura contained inside the bird at once. Suzaku is one of Kyo's most powerful attacks. As such he usually avoids to perform it more than a few times in battle.


Byakko (白虎) :
Kyo summons the fierce ruler of Metal, Byakko. It appears in a form of a giant white tiger made out of Kyo's winds and charges right at the opponent. Escaping Byakko is almost impossible as even if the opponent blocks the first attack or dodges, the second move would bind him in the tiger's left maw. His opponent is bound and helpless against the attacks of both Byakko and the charging Kyo. In raw force Byakko is one of his strongest moves. Yet it consumes less energy than Suzaku and Kyo is able to send more than one Byakkos at once.

Genbu (玄武)
Kyo calls the spirit of winters, Genbu. It manifests as a protective tortoise shell which is invisible until someone attacks it. The shell seals Kyo in a separate space, warding off about any kind of physical attack. If someone hits Genbu on close range, several snake-like creatures made out of Kyo's winds appear to bind them and seal the target into a separate dimension. The sealed opponent disappears from the world and it's up to Kyo's whims whether to release him/her or not. Perhaps he can't hold people there forever as maintaining the dimensional cage gets gradually straining on Kyo. Also Genbu's shield cannot be kept up for more than a few seconds. To effectively use the technique, Kyo must bait his foe to attack and trap his unsuspecting foe. Additionally while invisible, people with very fine Ki senses can spot Genbu and avoid it in time.

Seiryu (青龙)
Kyo calls the spirit of spring, Seiryu. He releases dozens of spiraling attacks from all directions, each similar but more powerful than his Mizuchi. They weave and quickly surround the enemy from all directions. The winds form a spiraling figure of dragon and the pressure sends Kyo's opponent into the skies. Even if someone cancels the initial onslaught, the winds still bind them but at least protects from the several Mizuchi-like attacks from hitting in. As a follow-up Kyo descends on his opponent in a shape of huge wind dragon to finish his foe. This ability is especially dangerous if the opponent refuses to avoid the technique.


Kouryu (终极奥义:黄龙):
Kyo releases the previously mentioned four attacks from all directions in the form of the Four Saint Beasts. Each attack has their previously mentioned effect, which makes the technique especially formidable. All in all thouhg that's just a set-up to call the Dragon of Earth, and the ruler of the Saint Beast, Koryu. The dragon crashes down from heavens as a huge pillar of light to obliterate Kyo's opponent with its massive power.


Sekireigan (セキレイ ガン )
: Technique using the legendary "godspeed". Kyo can increase his speed to many times normal for a short burst. Kyo has the freedom to choose his own speed as long as he withholds his breath. The effect is comparable to manipulating time yet completely different. Sekireigan lets Kyo control something more fundamental than time and let Kyo to surpass any levels of speed. Through this technique Kyo often appears like being at many locations at once and use it to both confuse and overwhelm his enemy. Sekireigan is very powerful but not without its downsides. Overusing this ability can wear out Kyo's body quickly or even temporally blind him.
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"Men,women or child. It doesn't matter. I cut down anyone standing my way!"
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Update on powers.
Some corrections, additions and whatnot.
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