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Kyoshiro Sugara


Unreleased:No abillities

A Katana with a rectangular guard. The hilt is covered by a black cloth. The sheath is also covereved in a black cloth.


Abillities: Able to utilize the four basic elements

5 Yoso Sutamu(5 Element Storm): Ingulfs the battle field in a raging storm of the elements.

Wind Coffin: Allows him to utilize the wind around his opponent to slice the being at the center

Those are his shikai techniques for now

Appearence: It starts out as a black hilt and guard. The blade is then made of pure white spirit energy. It gives of a white glow. The blade appears to be solid and compress in the shape of a katana.

Bankai:Yoso no Masuta( Master of the elemnts)


Basic Abillity: Can utilize the five elements but can also combine them to make new ones.

Omunierementosutamu(Omni Element Storm): Utilizes all elements and combinations in a massive storm.

Appearence: The sword fades away into the user skin making it give off a white glow.

Personal Abillities:

Shunpo Master: Able to use Shunpo and Hoho techniques to full extent. Can Travel to one side of rukongai to the the other in a few steps.

Kido user; though ultimately sucks at it

Hakuda user: can only use the finger flick

Hand to Hand Combat: Expert at blendinh several martial art styles into one for a original style

Master Swordman: Blended several style of swordmanship for a original one.

Immense Spiritual Pressure: Has captain level spirit energy and can control it's output easily

Scientific Genious: He has always een prototyping new thing for the seireitei in his days as a Seated Officer of 12

Durabillity: Je has city level durabillity due to his training with Old Man Byakuya

Personal Appearence: Black short hair, Blues Eyes, 6 Feet, Mid Muscular Build

Mana Mastery: Able to use mana to use magic at mastery level via power set device. also he implanted himself with the knowledge to use it during his time in hellscraper

3D Motion: Derived from Flowmotion but faster and more stable. This allow him to move through the space between dimensions at speeds 15 machs faster than Flowmotion. He can use this to warp between dimensions as well.

Where standard captain uniform with exception of red hed band and black gaunlets


Sugara grew up in rulongai under the care of the samll Htsuguya family. They ran a ice cream buissness in one of the nicer parts of Rukon. But, then his violent spiritual pressure took hold when he was 12. It often caused accidents. Thoug nver any recieved serious injuries. Also, that's when he started having dream of a white light calling to him. Then one night the Hitsuguya's ice cream was so famous that the Kuchiki caln invited them to enjoy and serve at a party. This arrogant man repeatedly bothered him o the point he lost his temper. He energy exploded in the party room in a violent storm. The ,man who was bothering him was dead but so was his best friend who came with them. He never forgavedv himself for the destrucution he caused. His storm destroyed half the Kuchiki Manor and injured hundreds of people. Thoug the Lkuchiki never pressed charges but invited the Hitsuguya's family to live at the manor. Though Sugara was sent to Shin'O academy when he turned 13.

In his days at the academy he was a proodigy due to the special tutoring he recieve from the Kuchkiki head Old Man Byakuya. Thoguh he sucked at kido and Hakda. It took him years to master Shunpo and learn Hoho. He made a few friends a the academy. Most were jealous of his talent. He made friends with the strong who were just like him and the weak who wanted to be like him. He took an interest in this one Black Haired Girl. She was his age and just as Prodigous at him. She would sit on top of The Academy roof and read during freetime. One day he worked up the courage to approach her. He did and she told him all about herself and he told he about himself. The books the girl always read were about science and development. It was then he took another deep seeded interest in something. They would always debate and lecture and read together. They both graduated together and joined Squad 12

He quickly was promoted to fifth seat and the girl became 6th. Though the always still hungout. Together hey began drawinh up the first idea of Kido Gadgets. Sugara sucked in kido but he thought if he ad tools that would discharge the kido for him and all he had to do was add energy. They took alot of time but then decided to postpone the project to see other things. She became Leutenant. Upon hearing this he used Kisuke Urahar's mehod and obtained Bankai in 5 days. Thpugh he passed out for five weeks. 10 years later he mastered his bankai and became Captain of Division 12. The black haired girl name is Kamiki Pavelechenko whk's currently his lieutenant

Sugara spent some time in hellscraper on a big mission. It was there he gained knowledge to use magic for he implanted himself with mana circuits but never learned how to use them. He found a knowledge crystal and took it inside him and it contained knowledge on how to use mana and do magic.


Gadgets- since he sucks at it but have the power for it he uses gadgets to handle the skill portion of his kido and hakuda though they sometimes malfunction from to an spiritual overload

Shunko armor- He uses this armor to pull off shunko though it overloads after 10 minutes

Power Set change device- This device allows Sugara to adopt a different set of skills Like he can switch to a magus or other things though he rarely ever uses it. He never uses it in Soul Society matters. Though he has to know the specifics of the from he adopts. Example, say he becomes a magus he has to know what a magus is and has to train in that form and learn spells and stuff to effectively use it. It works by restructuring his body to the specifications imputed.

Knowledge Crystals; Meant to collect data then add it to his mind.

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Nice you made some profiles.

Looking forward to some expansions.

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@Galenbeta: I recomend you to start with lower tier characters and then make them climb in power through the threads. I did that with most of my characters and is a much richer experience than just having a pile of powers with a personality attached

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@Kuro_San: That's kind of what i am doing

like did you read the part when he was in Hellscraper and he obtained the knowledge to use magic.

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@Galenbeta: Yes, but you started with a Bleach Captain Class character and you're adding more powers. Check one of my bios (http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/undefeated-in-the-whole-world-a-hot-blooded-boxer-bio/331215/) He only had one technique when started, he used modification of that technique as variants and after several threads he grew stronger. Your character already started having a buttload of powers and adding more wont make him more interesting. Not to mention that all your skills are copied from other series, once again I refer to the bio link, all the powers of my character are inspired on a combinations of several animes but with an original twist (Basically he is Hajime no Ippo meets Toriko, but instead of dishes he collects techniques)

I hate to be so blunt but your character is a Marty Stu, or would be that if he was a fanfic protagonist. Losing in RP threads isnt bad, in fact I have one messed up record of possibly having the most ammount of dead characters (or that died and returned to live thanks to Plot Twists) and the collective of my characters losed the most ammounts of fights. Yet I let that happen, since my characters couldnt win the fights they lost. Try to start small and then snowball into stronger things, if not you'll level up an already grossly overpowered character (at least in comparison to what a RP character here "should" be) into an unstoppable monster.

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@Galenbeta: hmmm makes me want to come out of retirement and take this character down.

@Kuro_San: which character would you say would be the best I am leaning towards Seth but I think I should let the more skilled person decide.

any thought?

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@Kuro_San: I@Masterofdeath: I truly don't care for your opinions on my character

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@Galenbeta: I didn't say it was a bad character I just said it would be fun to fight.

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@Masterofdeath: If that's the case then i ok with that actually exstatic but Kuro nooooooooooooo

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@Galenbeta: he does have a point about being original though

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@Masterofdeath: Technically i am in a different sense.

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@Galenbeta: so about the fight? I will even be nice and let you pick which of my chracters you fight though Seth is the only one that wouldn't nuke your dude.

Seth Shady




Jason Cross

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@Masterofdeath: My character is no where near the level your guys are on.But Sugara is someone i created to be in Gotei 13 RPG. The Scraper is because Gotei 13 moves so slow. Eren not ment to for all the supernatural stuff. But, i am willing to let you battle Jayden in the no so near or far future

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@Galenbeta: yeah my characters are considered to be some of the strongest characters on the vice. The only other people that have characters in my peoples' level are SamJaz and Sonata. Well actually Seth isn't so powerful he was barely able to win against to street levelers and even then all he did was make them run.

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@Masterofdeath: All of them except Eren are busy

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@Galenbeta: seems like a good opponent for Jason

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@Masterofdeath: Sure mcehs or no mechs and where

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where we just make a new thread as for the mechs I say we should use them I haven't had a chance to use it yet.

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@Masterofdeath: alright

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@Galenbeta: alright do you want to make the battle or should I?

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