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Gray Fullbuster (Profile Portrait)
Gray Fullbuster (Profile Portrait)

Name: Jayden Velvet

Race: Magus/Arisen

Alias: Ultimate Contradiction, Arisen of Fate, Victor of the Final Grail War

gender: male

Height: 5' 12 3/4

Age: 18


He is a strong willed person with a big sense of right and wrong. He can cut loose and have so,e fun though.He contradicts himself a lot. His series of contradicting qualities is what allows him to be open minded. He has noproblem with letting others take the sspotlight.


Jayden is the son of Waver Velvet. He always believed in what his father said about bloodlines has nothing to do with being a powerful Mage. He went to Mage school with that mind set in head. He studied in all areas of magic. He was above average in at least everything. Though he excelled in elemental, summoning, and transformation magic. He was best in elemental for he learned water, wind, and lightning which earn him the title Storm Mage. with his skills in summoning he once summoned a divine beast. He even named a 6 feet wolf he summoned Lupo. Transformation, he was skilled enough to turn into a humanoid dragon 7ft tall . He graduated top of all the classes in only 1 year. He made what Archibald said " sound like nonsense".

During his travels he once visited Fuyuki city. He actually met Shirou Emiya. He always idolized how Shirou was an epic hero in the making. He studied projection magic with Shirou. He learned that instead of copying you project what's in the mind. so then he obtained the skill to even project vehicles original ones like flying motorcycles. the first original sword he created was What he called storm saber a sword that works perfect with his storm magic. He then returned home after a year at Shirou's house. 6 months after he was marked with command seals. He knew inconclusive wars resulted in the next starting prematurely but it's only been 3 years since the 5th War. Now he had to enter and he knew what he wanted. He wished for servants to be allowed outside the war when he won the 6th Grail War.

Jayden later recived a crystal before he set out with Dante. It's appears one of his friends have died and have a last request of him. The crystal also contained his friends power. He split his consciousness in two so he could do both task. He did and met Rachel in Castles. He and DDonate played u til the game was over.

He took a brief term at Red Lion Academy. He had copied Rachel and Zane's powers in their first training session. Later on his first day Reyna and him broke up to do he was feeling like they rushed into this relationship so they are taking a break. She also gave him the other divine eye.

Jayden later entered a conflict between two races. One vastlymore powerful than the other. The leeaser race won but he died. Hayden's body was tossed into a Soul Well with some magical as stance in it because he was reborn and came back to life as an Arisen. This granted him a ton of new aabilities.Abilities


Physical: Since becoming an Arisen his body reached new heights. His speed is metal, and strength and durability is planet level. His stamina and prajna are near infiinite. He even able to fly. His intelligence rremains well intelligent. His reaction time matches that of his speed. This is without any reinforcement or skill dual wielding.

Energies: He can utilize different energy. He can use fate energy,prana, holy, demonic, and can mix them up to create new ones.

Magic: He has a ton of different magic. He mostly uses reinforcement and projection which he has mastered. His magic in other areas is above average. He is also a master at making contracts with powerful beings. He uses different brands of magic as well. His reinforcement allows tenfoenhancement.nce

ArisenPowers: r He gained a lot of abilites when e became an arisen. Fate Reckoning: An omnipotent ability to control and warp fate itself. It affects all, doesn't matter if you don't believe in fate or don't have one. In this mode he uses the weapons and magic of fate. His abilities increases exponentially to any height. When his opponents are near death their fates began to unravel and then their fates can be obliterated, changed, warped or whatever when the final blow is struck. Another one iis, Arisen's Rift: The Rift is a dimension in which a strange race known as the Rifters live. They willonly follow the leadership of an Arisen. They themselves posess many abillities and skills. Portals to the Rift can be opened by will of the Arisen. There is the God of the Rift who approvs Arisen's usage of the Rift and watches over all things realtwed in Rift matters.Arisen's Magic: He uses a special brand of magic known as Arisen Magic. It contains many spells of different sorts. He mostly uses the elemental spells but certainly has others.NArisen's Lock: An omnipotwnt ability too seal something about the enemy with an omnilock.Arisen's Skill: Through mastery of destain types of weapons they gain special skills related to that weapon only. Fate's Bond: He gains new abilities based on those he has a bond with as like on of love,friendship,hate etc.

Mind/Sensory: He is super intelligent. He's an,e to analyze a situation, plan , and predict the enemy actions. Through intense mental training by Shirou and Ilya he gained mental invulnerability.

Mor Coming once I figure out what exactly is missing.


Standard equipment for a Master level mage like himself

Epic Hero Cards given to him directly from Shirou he needs a sample of the said hero mana then he puts it in the card by activating it he himself becomes the Epic Hero. He has 7 Cards one for each class.

Prana Stone: Based off the way heroeos of the past gained power by picking up special weapons and the Matou worms. You input your own Prana in it and then the stone increases the prana by 100 times per day.

Infinite Map

Divine Eye: It allows him to copy the powers of anyone, it's omnipotent by the way. Currently he canonly use one set of copied power plus his own at a time but once he masters it he can use all poqers at the sametime. With the addition of rreceiving the other eye he obtained better use of this. His visual prowess as a whole is increased. He gains omniscience over the abilities he copy. It allows him to alter abilities he copy. Though it has a mild stamina cconsumption upon copying and a low passive consumption when using the abilities. There's a kickback of pain after copying. Over usage may cause ttemporary blindness.

,Valek's Gem: It lies within him. By calling on the dragon within all his stats are boosted tenfold.


Conn: The Epic hero Conn of the Hundred Battles. He wields a sworrd called Fragarach which has the abillity to give it's weilder a the first strike when an opponent activates any special attack. He has complete dominance over wind. He can also use his sword like the Lasso of Truth and force someone to tell the truth. It can also destroy any shiled or armor.

Reyna: Not a familiar but a frined who hangs out with. She's from a clan that descended from the Red Kyuubi which is a powerful 9 tailed fox. She is his ex girlfriend and main battle partner. She's is like Jayden a prodigy at magic but she uses Kyuubi Magic. She also llearned some Nauseverse Magic from Kayden. Shtre also can use senjutsu nad has dominance over chi,ki, and chakra. She's a maste space manipulator. In Kyuubi mpde she becomes a giant red 9 tailed fox. He powers are increased 10 times as usual. She can defend easily against mountain buster attacks in her normal form. She can destroy mountains easily. She is just below lightspeed though. Her main technique is fox fire which is flames created from kyuubi energy. Can be used for both death and healing. She's aslo a master healer.

Lupo : It's the seven feet tall wolf that's frequently summoned by Jayden. It has a sonic bark capable of leveling a standard office building. It's perfect as a mount too it being able to dash faster than non top tier servants. It can harden it's fur to deflect blade attacks.

People he has copied



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You mean son of Lord El-Melloi II. I'm pretty sure Lelouch is Phantom's appearance avatar.

Now to quote everyone smarter then me "Nice, just flesh it out a bit."

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Oh my, now he has something in common with two of my character, first he uses the same Face Claim/Appearance Avatar as Phantom/Aliester Crown and well, just look at this:


Well looking forward to more of this, though i have to say that i'm a bit disappointed that you directly copy stuff and even mention canon characters.

@ChronoWolf: WV or Lord El-Melloi II, it's the same...

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@Fehafare: @Galenbeta:

Yeah, face is gonna have to change, unfortunately. Crown is a major player sporting the Lelouch Look. Granted, Taylor sometimes uses that, but only as a backup.

I'd also recommend collaborating with Fehafare, see if you can work Jayden to attend the same mages college as Yukari.

Alternate look? Kyo Kusanagi

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@Fehafare: No, WV is a little B. Lord El-Melloi II is awesome.

"What a load of codswallop. Why should I, stuck at the fourth tier I still be, have to bloody look after other people?" - Lord El-Melloi II

I think copswallop just became my favorite curseword.

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Doesn't change the fact that they are still one and the same person and Waver isn't even that bad.

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@Fehafare: Don't be a smartass. We both know Lord El-melloi II is better.

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@ChronoWolf: He never even appeared anywhere...

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@Fehafare: But he will.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare: @SamJaz:

there's a good reason why i made him like this. But Jayden will not be joining the Hellscraper Team.

also about the other 2 profiles they were in my about me section and then they sort took up too much space and needed moving

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@ChronoWolf: Not sure when you think that's gonna happen.

@Galenbeta: And i just realized something. If you plan on actually using Waver Velvet that could be a problem too, Yukari's current Master at school uses the appearance of Lord El-Melloi II which means you can't use Waver's adult form, this one:

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Um my guy is waver's son

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@Galenbeta: Yeah, yeah but i mean if you want Waver to make an appearance, as in your character's dad, then you wouldn't be able to use Waver's canon adult form.

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I not going to use a picture and if i do i would use one that i feel trluy looks like an adult Waver

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@Galenbeta: All good then.

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@Fehafare: Isn't he supposed to be in Fate/Apocrypha?

Post by Fehafare (9,652 posts) See mini bio Level 13

@ChronoWolf: Doubt that he will make an actual appearance.

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@ChronoWolf: @Fehafare:

Aren't Waver and El Melloi Fate Zero characters

Post by Sonata (35,814 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Galenbeta: Interesting start to the bio.:)

Post by Fehafare (9,652 posts) See mini bio Level 13

@Galenbeta: Waver yes, Lord El-Melloi II is not. He is the future adult form of Waver who takes over the title Lord El-Melloi and becomes Lord El-Melloi II/the second following the death of Kayneth.

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