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Gilgamesh's Characteristics

  • Full Name: Richard Grayson
  • Aliases: Gilgamesh
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Gilgamesh's true age in unknown, but he looks to be in his early thirties.
  • Race: Cybernetic Humanoid
  • Alignment: Villain
  • Occupation: Freelance Mercenary
  • Group Affiliation(s): Unaligned


To Be Continued.

Grid Points:

Ag: -

Du: -

Ep: -

Fs: -

In: -

Ms: -

Sp: -

St: -

Sr: -


To Be Continued.


To Be Continued.

Powers & Abilities

To Be Announced.

Weapons & Inventory

To Be Announced.

Gilgamesh's Origin

Chapter 01: The Awakening

Night was beginning to fall over an empty field, the air, clean and crisp. Which blew through the blades of grass, picking leaves off from the ground. A single individual, unlike anyone has ever seen before stood motionless looking up at the night sky. His breathing calm & steady. A bright crimson hue, which came from his right eye. "THERE HE IS!" --"DON'T LET HIM ESCAPE!" The individual had spun himself around, his gaze looking towards a small troop of armed and highly skilled soldiers. "I GOT YOU NOW!" --"CADET!" shouted the commanding officer, but however, nothing could have been done about what happened next. As the cadet grew closer, a 9mm gripped firmly in hand. His target was clearly the male who was standing perfectly still. Only his one eye seemed to move, which looked to be like Gilgamesh was scanning the young cadet. "GET OUT OF THER!!--" interrupted by the cadets agonizing and painful scream, Gilgamesh's right forearm pierced through the young cadets chest and drenched with his blood. The look in Gilgamesh's eye was not that of hate or anger, it was pure evil. swinging his right arm away from himself, the cadet was thrown across the grassy field blood spraying everything in the process. "Dear god, what did those crazy German scientists do to you?" The commander asked raising his right arm up, signalling for a ceasefire at the rest of his troops. Gilgamesh's eye scanned the commanders action and tilted his head. [SYSTEMS FULLY OPERATIONAL] A metallic mono-toned voice chimed in Gilgamesh's head.

1 Week Earlier...

--"And that is our proposal , Mr. Grayson."
--"Please, Call me Richard."
--"Very well. What do you think, Richard?"
--"First of all; What's in it for you?"
--"An unstoppable soldier. That is what's in it for I; And this is where you come in."
--"How long is the procedure?"
--"Long. Approximately a week, maybe less. That's not really my area of expertise."
--"And how much money are we talking about here?"
--"Three-Hundred Million will be deposited to you're bank account, when you sign on the dotted line. Plus another Three-Hundred Mill after the experiment is over. "
--"Sounds like we have a deal. When does this start?"

The Next Day...

(I'll finish the rest of this chapter in a bit; I'm starving and craving a sirloin. (: )

Chapter 02: Memory Loss

To Be Announced.

Chapter 03: Remembering

To Be Announced.

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looks good.

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@SamJaz: Aye, Thank you.

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