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Eren Asterland

Name: Eren Asterland




Weight:250 Lbs.


Status : Assssin / merc ,Earl/nobleman, and Head Scientist


Eren was born as the succesor to the Asterlands. He was a natural born genius in Science. But what most don't know is that he posses G Bitoics and a unique one. It gives him the ability to pilot anything. Becuase of his Geass he collects many types of vehicles including mechas. He has collected many different kind of mechs. He has a few different models of his mechas. Also when he turned 25 he implanted himself with some crazy kind of biotics( Mass Effect type) for battle not fought in vehicles. He altered his biotics and fused them with spiral drill tech and zero system tech. Though will also continue adding to his hybrid biotics.

Eren after obtaining interesting technology from a run in with the marines. Is now making advancements. He then sought the god of machinery in whoch the marines worshipped. He then recieved a Divne Blessing from the god. So his techno.ogy can be considered holy artifacts. He also learned the skill of Spiral Advancement. Using Spiral Power he can advance his technoogy thousands of years ahead instantly. He then built an army known as the G Legion.

Personality: He's an anigma. He kind of switches between personalilities i guess becuase he has so many diffierent position requiring different personalities. He puts his all into his work though sometimes he needs some kind of encouragement. He can be helpful and then he can be lazy. Truly an anigma


Hybrid Biotics: As a mix of many different types of bitotics he can pull of an amzing asssortments of power moves with his bitotics. His most used skill would be his bitotic lightning( think Infamous). Now including the certain features of the ones used by the SM.

G Biotics: The ability to pilot anything or control anything. Advanced by Sm tech

you could say he's superhuman in terms of agility, strength, speed, durabillity, and manuverabillity


Bio Tool: can sychonize with his bitotics to operates console and computers and stuff. Itself can be used as a phone or computer Enchanced by SM tech

Bio Sword: A sword which boostes and synchonizes with his biotics. He can channel his powers through the sword as well.Enhanced by SM tech.

G Legion

A race of sythetics built'by Eren himself. They are a race of sythetic soldiers. There are different types of units. There are basic units like soldiers, scouts, egineer, sharpshootwr, assassin etc. Bi there are also other types like Primes,Destroyers, and monster types.Being they are built from ol technology hier systems can't be corrupted or EMPied. They wield weapons fom simple pistols all the way to gigantic cannons. The specs of the most common tpes are shown below. Average G Legion units possess armor steong enough to tank continent buster attacks. Thier speed range just below lightspeed. Thier weaponry is specially designed for them and only them and Eren can use it.

Soldiers: Th most basic units and the first type to'be created. Ar or strong enougt to tank conti ent buster attacks. Speed just below lightspeed. They possess intellegence to do'thi gs from simpe fight to stratgies and analyze siuations but mostly'meantt for attle. They nor ally use pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and rifle.

Scouts: Less armkr than soldiers so much that they can only tank country buster attacks. Dthier speed is well into lightspeed thpugh. They can see things and analyze them sola systems away. They are mostly purposed for scouting and assassinations and other stealth missions. They even excel at sharpshooting. They mostly use slinced snipers, heavy pistols, and sub machineguns

Tank: The'basoc heavy unit. Amro can withstand planet buster attacks without a scratch. Also possessing havy weapons like mnin guns, missle launcher etc. They are mostly called for distructive'missions.

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Soz, Geass is already a thing, and I play as the only Code in the AV world. Arsenal vetinari.

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@SamJaz: So we can't borrow things from anime series

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@Galenbeta: You can, but your shouldn't.

Problem here is that Sam already took this concept and twisted and changed it.

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@Galenbeta: @Fehafare said:

@Galenbeta: You can, but your shouldn't.

Problem here is that Sam already took this concept and twisted and changed it.

Exactly that. There's a section for crossover verses, where they will connect. Everyone's allowed three crossover universes each. I have Pokemon and Kingdom hearts. And a Code character.

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@SamJaz: What is your charater's Geass

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