Character and ability creation.

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Ok im sure that this is listed around here somewhere but im going on 72 hours with no sleep and im not leaving this site till im sure i wont forget my new purpose for staying here. How do i create a character and list the abilities here? On the sites im from you did it with your blogs and the act of signing into your profile put you IC. So do you post your characters and abilities each time in the ooc thread? or do you just have the character standard made for the pro like what im used to? The chances of me having more than one rp going at any time are slim seeing as i like to give my full attention to the story at hand (What little im able to hold onto lol). So can someone give me a walkthrough of it? or am i just too damned tired to see the obvious lol. Well thanks for your feedback.

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@Bodruith: There are guides on top of the RP forum, and really good ones

Inside there are the guides for rping and some good tips for creative character building.

This is a link to the reboot info, since we recently rebooted the Universe

About character creation, there isnt any real template, my recommendation (and what I did when I started) is to check the bios of other players (Threads with the name (Insert Name of Character) Bio) Check this page to see the complete rooster of character and ther bio's linked with their names

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