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The bird flew high in the sky as the sun shown bright on a camp surrounded by trees. If a person decided to explore the forest they would find that eventually their path would be stopped by a invisible wall that was created to set the boundaries of the camp. The main area the camp were ten cabins arranged in a half circle separated by boy and girl of course. In the center was a fire pit where at night marshmallows and other treats would be cooked. The air just screamed peacefulness for all and its as if even mortal enemies could be friends in this place. There was also a lake behind the cabins where people could swim to their hearts content. This was no normal camp though it was infact a camp for those with powers to learn to practice their abilities to help people, and to keep themselves from harming themselves and others. The camp was ran by a multitude of people there were there to give guidance and keep order. In all it was the perfect place for a vacation.

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