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A old man takes a dusty pile of books of a shelf, while some students are sitting on the room, waiting with anxiety for the tale, a story about the most loyal Knight in the whole history of the Centri continent, a tale of bravery and sacrifice, but unluckyly to understand the full story reading some older tales are customary and truly useful to understand the whole tale. The old sage voice is almost faint as he starts reading the title, but gains new strenght when the content starts....

Our tale begans in distant realm, a place were no men had reached before, a place hidden in the eternal waves of the dimensional ocean, in the midst of the everchanging tides of space and time...

The land were this story happened was called Centri, a peaceful place most of the time, with barely cold winters and pleasent summers. A place were three races lived in harmony. In the far north the Belua empire, home of the Saevus, a animalistic race with a noble and brave hearts. All of them were fierce warriors as they fought against the Unda, a species of monster that only attacked on the winter in hordes, making the Saevus the last line of defense against them. All of them shared the same beastial traits, as fur, claws and fangs, but as well shared their almost innate nobility and good heart. At first they were feared, but after several wars with the other Centri civilizations they reached an understanding and declared a peace threaty, but still in some parts of the other kingdoms they are still feared and discriminated.

In the south of the continent the Gine Republic was in reign, the Caledos were a race of intelligent and resourceful people, that supported their weak bodies with the use of technology. Their marvels of steam and clockwork made them the more advanced civilization of the land, but as they lived underground for long years, and grew too attached to their technology, they were fewer in number and weaker than the other races. Their lore explains that the lived hidden underground in the Strum Mountain Range, running away from a grave plague, after one of their wisemen discovered that the ilness was killed by the total lack of sunlight, the whole civilization dissapeared without leaving any traces and for centuries hid down the mountains barely surviving using their technology.

The center of the continent was populated by the biggest race, the Primus, but split in three kingdoms, the Via kingdom in the northeast, were the mages were the kings, and magic was part of everybody lifes. The Urbis Duchy, the land of cities, were the greastest architects of all Centri constantly build to provide for the overgrowth population, that never decreased since 400 years when the peace threaty was held, and last but not least the Morbus Earldom, the smallest country but the most powerful one, as the Eques Orbis, their elite force was undefeated and constanly training as they were the keepers of the peace and the upholders of the justice in the Earldom and sometimes even in other parts of the land if they were requested for help.

Since the dawn of time this countries and races were at war, fighting for terrain, religion or just fear of conquest or retaliation, the wars were tearing the land apart, and thousands were killed each year, in mindless battles and skirmishes, in what was called by the academics "The Time of the Struggles" and the only thing that stopped the constant warring of the kingdoms was the plagues of the attacks of the Unda, that were unstopped in the north and sometimes even channeled by the Saevus as another weapon to attack their southern neighbors. This era of violence was finally stopped by, something that in that moment was unthinkable. something so strange that even now it still fascinates the academics and the Historians

In one of the wars, in a three way battle between the powerful Morbus Eques, the fierce Saevus infantery and the mighty warmages of Via. The battle lasted several days, and the smell of the rotten corpses filled the battlefield. The massive confrontation slowly turned into a series of violent skirmish, as the fighters ambushed their enemies hidding in the corpses or in trenches. One of this brutal battles had found the heir of the Morbus Earldom and his guard. While the other side had one of the Saevus leader child and his personal bodyguard. Both sides fought with bravery, but in the end only the two heirs were alive and still fighting, each one upholding the honour of their kingdoms on their shoulders.

They fought with fierceness, Valor the heir of the Earldom, a great swordsman and Leo Boavi the third son of the Beluan Emperor and master of the fight with twin axes. Their personal duel lasted 5 straight hours, a epic battle where none of them wanted to back down, knowing that a victory would bring great honor and renown to their respective lands. But as the time passed and the sun was starting to fall from the sky, Leo Boavi had the upper hand, as his race didnt tired as fast as Valor's. None of them would have known that this fight would be the start to a friendship that would bring peace to the whole continent of Centri.

As the night falled both of them were on their limits, Valor managed to overcome his lack of stamina with sheer skill and wits, while Boavi was only standing thanks to his unbreakable willpower. They crossed looks as they panted heavily, and deep inside the had a growing respect for each other, that wasnt enough to make them stop, or overcome the hatred that was taught to them. But as they were to restart their struggle, a magic spell was casted upon them, and their bodies were paralized as young man, with extremely femenine traits walked down in the air, as his robe was just over the corpses.

He introduced himself as Praesti Lussio, of the Lussio house, one the 5 noble houses of the Via Kingdom. He was a powerful magician, able to get the title of archmage in half the time anybody ever did. He explained to them that he watched the whole fight while cloaked, as he was waiting for them to tire out so he could capture them with ease. He'll use them as footstool to get his ambition, the oportunity to marry the High Mage daughter, thus making himself one of the heirs for the crown. Both of the captured heirs shared the same hatred against Lussio in the moment they saw him.

The heirs were take to the Capital city of Via, Cantio Niteo, a marvelous metropolis weave with magic and enchantments,were the magic was of common use and the solution of most of their problems. Leo and Valor entered the city throught the main street, and the whole population was in the sides, watching them as if they were savage beast, and looking down on them as they floated, with grins of superiority or shocked faces, as most of them never met an outsider. They were imprisoned in the Royal Dungeons, and to make things worse in the same cell.

The first month was horrible both inmates fought each time around, until they couldnt even move from the bruises or being knocked by jail guards. But after almost half a year of constant fighting both of the heirs reached to an agreement, after Valor saved Leo from being killed by a guard, they will team up to escape and afterwards they would solve their differences. They started planning how to break free, and the perfect opportunity was about to appear, since the King wanted Lussio to show them as war throphies in the next banquet, so that moment would be perfect for their plan.

With some effort, the pair resisted the urge of fighting between them, waiting and plotting for their escape. The day of the party they knew exactly what to do, they would not only escape, but they would also take hostages, turning the situation around and having some negotiation material with them. As they were taken in chains towards the ballroom, to be mocked and observed as caged animals, they remained calm and composed, waiting the perfect moment to strike. They walked throught the halls, trying to remember the building exits as they saw them. They didnt knew that the castle was floating over the main city for this ocassion.

The party was held of an gigantic room, were hundreds of noblemen and women were dancing floating in the air, doing intrincate dancing movements. The place was so beatiful that for some moments the heirs hates was overruled by their amazament, as they glared the golden walls and the silverish ceiling, the floating candles and the perfection of the dancers movements, really a sight to remember. But the surprise was only temporary, as the hateful grins of the nobles ruined the perfect harmony of the room. All the Vians considered superior to their fellow humans, thinking that they're magic made them better.

The line of noblemen anxious to look them closer was large, as their curiosity got the most of them. But Leo and Valor were waiting for the perfect opportunity, while they remained with their heads low, faking obedience. Their chance appeared in the form of twins, as two of noble girls, not older than 15 years old each, moved in the line and stood in front of them. The girls were Roris and Aurae, the daughters of the late king Baculum. The captured heirs decided that this was the chance they were looking for and in a swift movement, that took the guards by surprise, Leo activated his innate Saevus abilities and with a fierce roar he broke the shackles.

Valor wasnt as strong, but he managed to catch the girls necks with his chains, as the guards backed down by orders of the girls elder brother, the first heir for the crown. The pair of heirs started to move, as the people in the ballroom opened a path in front of them. The girls were strangley calm, and complied any order the heirs gave. Leo took one of the guards swords, and a spaer, he cutted Valor chains and grabbed one of the girls. They advanced throught the hallways as the guards were following them with some distance between them. As they reached what they thought it was the exit they found an unpleasent surprise.

The Castle was floating, almost a block over the ground. The massive structure was lifted inmotive of the pary, to add to the celebration a bit of exclusivity. As they were surrounded by the guardsmen, the heirs didnt thought they had a chance, but suddenly they started to descend flying, as they were pushed by the twins, that also jumped with them. It seemed that the girls were also prisioners, not exactly like them, but they didnt wanted to marry their arranged fiances, and thus they also had planned a escape this night, using the party as a distraction, but they never thought that their plan would be the same a the heirs.

As they reached the ground, the group realized that both pairs had the same plan, and after a brief conversation while moving towards the nearest exit of Cantio Niteo the twins agreed to flee with them, and with time the group reached Morbus Capital city, Veneni. There Leo decided to move back to his kingdom and start the iniciative that after a hundred years of diplomatic struggle ended in the peace threaty, as each twin married one of the heirs, thus linking by blood the kingdoms with Via and reaching a longing peace, only interrupted by minor conflicts or Unda Invasions.

The Old man cleared his throat and took a long sip of water. He put away the book and took another dusty tome from the pile on his side. He shook it a little, and tried to clean the cover with his hand, lifting a small cloud of dust into the room. He opened it and looked for the index as he searched for a particular extract....

This tale starts aproximately 400 years after the peace treaty, when the world was in long streak of peace and prosperity, the only threat were the Unda, that were easily repelled by the common effort of all the civilizations, as they knew that the monsters of the north were more dangerous than anything else. The Saevus gained insight and knowledge thanks to the relations with other kingdoms, the Vians started to be less arrogant, and opened their borders. The Morbus started enelisting other races to their Eques Orbis, as they were the main force against the Unda. Most of the excedent population left from the lack of war and the advancements in medicine, brought by the Vians and the Caledos was sent to Urbis, making the cities grow larger and larger.

In the Kingdom of Via, Sideris, a young noble, only a girl, longed for freedom, as she was locked to the palace, since his father was a tradicionalist, that wont let her move out of the family palace until she was married. She was only allowed to exit the premises for dances in the royal palace. There is were she met the father of our protagonist, a Saevus Noble man of the Felis Gens, and she fell in love at first sight. The Noble called Fangi was also surprised of the girl beauty and decided to stay in Via as an ambassador to properly court her. But their love found a barrier, Sideris father didnt wanted her daughter to marry a filthy beast, and he stopped their plans. But the law of Via ordered him to obey any of the King orders, and Sideris pleaded the queen to help her.

The queen, a personal friend of Sideris, asked his husband to help the couple to fullfill their love. The King Aevum agreed with his wife, but remembered her that the father of the bride could ask the fiance for a test of bravery and skills, to be sure his daughter would be protected from any harm when he passed away. Nobody in almost 500 years asked for that right, but Sideris father wanted to stop this marriage at all costs. He challenged Fangi to a battle against a Golem, a fight he accepted in sake of marrying his lover. Praeto, Sideris father hired the best golem maker in all Via, and spended lot of money on it, preparing the construct to fight against Fangi with all it's might.

The night before the battle Sideris, worried about his fiance life, sneaked out of the palace to see him. She reached the Embassy and asked for him. A servant took her to Fangi room. There she offered herself to him, as something inside her told her that his would be the last time he saw him. Fangi was reclutant to accept, but after she convinced him they spent the night togheter. The next day in the afternoon Fangi fought against the golem, hours of fierce battle ensued, as Fangi superior agility was helping him to stay out of the Golem grasp. But the construct didnt tired out, and as Fangi concentration started to flicker, the Golem managed to start grazing the nimble Saevus noble.

One hit was what it took to pummel the tired Fangi into the ground, and a second one that crushed his bones. The third one was fatal, and the sound of his blood spilling was the only thing heard on the battleground, except for the dripping tears of Sideris falling into the floor. Preato was also shocked, he never expected the golem to kill Fangi, he only wanted to defeat him, but the golem was made for open warfare and not even it's creator could stop him from killing. Sideris was devastated, and she didnt utter a word throught the next months, as his father realized she was pregnant and the father was Fangi. The girl was in state of shock, she eated and did everything she did before, but without speaking, not aymore.

When she gave birth, his father was standing alongside her, as throught the months he realized that he made a terrible mistake, and now his daughter was suffering. She died in childbirth, and was unable to give her son a name, as her last words were used to forgive her father. The law stated that the mother was in charge of naming the child, and as she didnt nobody could give a name to the child, thus ending with the Callis Nomene title, that means without name in Primus language. Praeto sweared on her daughter grave that he would protect and rise the boy, hoping to atone for his sins. He had all the good intentions when he sent the 3 years old boy to the Magica Academia, so he could learn the rudiments of magic.

The young Callis was nursed and learned to write and read during the first 5 years, also learning some rudimentary information about magic, but this wouldnt be nough to help him during the schooling years, were his mixed heritage was object of the pranks and jokes of the other students and the discrimination of the teachers, making him a very young boy. His half blood also brought difficulties to his studies, as he wasnt able to proyect magical energy outwards, being only able to use spells that were casted by changing the flow of the magical energy inside him. This was a serious problem, but thanks to his grandfather constant watch he didnt got kicked out of the Academia.

But when he was reaching his 5 year in the academy the headmaster found a way to expulse Callis, as when they started to get regular swordfighting training, so the young mages could protect themselves in case of lacking mana. The instructor was a retired Eques Orbis, that was lending a hand to the headmaster, as both of them had their share of adventures during their younger years. Callis easily exceeded his peers thanks to his Saevus blood, desarming and humillanting all the ones that talked smack behind his back, but he was starting to overstep, and slowly the hits with the blunt side of the practice sword started to be stronger.

But only when the light taps turned to bruises was when Decimus, the sword instructor stepped in, and realized that the boy was in a berserker rage, a savage state of fury that is one of the Saevus biggest assets as infantery. Callis swinged wildly while some of his animalistic traits started to be more notorious, as his fangs enlarged and his hair grew, while releasing a powerful roar. The other students flee, as Decimus easily dodges the fast and powerful, but untamed attacks of Callis. Decimus was surprised of the natural talent of the young hybrid, even if it was hindered by its frenzied state.

The Headmaster took advantage of the incident to expell Callis, ignoring the fact that for several years all the school verbally abused the boy, that remained stoic until they gave him a sword and released his inner beast. Decimus spoke in favour of Callis, as for the small time he gave classes he noticed the mistreament of Callis. Praeto received him with open arms, not showing the dissapointment he felt about the situation, and Callis greeted his grandfather with apparent hapiness, but he knew that he was mocked for years because this man sent him to the Academy.

The situation only got worse, after two months of cohabitation, neither of them could grew some attachment to hte other, thus making the house silent most of the time. This uneasy silence was broken when Decimus, the retired Knight come to visit Callis and Praeto with a proposition. He wanted Callis to join the city guard, but only as a stepping stone for a bigger purpose, he wanted Callis to become a Eques Orbis, as now in times of peace this organization worked as a comunal army, that fought constantly against the Unda hordes, that grew in bravery and momentum with each year.

Callis enlisted in the Vian Guards, this time getting only praises from the instructors, thanks to his mixed heritage, as he was faster and stronger than most of the recruits, and after spending years in the Magica Academia, he was also better at reasoning and logic, and thanks to that he was placed as squad leader in the rookies patrol. This time of his life was one of the most peaceful moments, as he was respected by most of his underlings, except for one bad apple, Corpus Triano, another noble that didnt finished the Magica Academia, not because he was incapable, he was expelled for trying to perform several forbidden rituals.

During the later years of his time of service, Callis squad started to investigate the trail of a Necromancer, that was creating small groups of undeads all over the city, making the guards fight them while he stole relics and artifacts. The higher-ups were getting worried, so they asked some mages to help the guards. Most of the mages thought that the guard was inferior to them, as they were masters of magic and the guard only had pointy slabs of steel. But they were wrong, since most of the mages that joined the squads refused to get any formal training or learnign the guards strategies, and thanks to their ego several guards died while protecting them.

Guardsman Callis
Guardsman Callis

The attacks of the Necromancer grew in strenght, and the mages were blaming the guards for not doing their job. Callis took cards on the matter, doubling the guard shifts and started to investigate the places were they found undeads, in the last place were they appeared shockingly found out he could now get the smell of the zombies, since before he was unable and using his super-human senses tracked their rotten scent to a cave under the city, with acess to the sewers. There he found the stolen relics and a journal. The journal seemed to be writted by a madman, with a rushed and poor handwritting. But as he investigated his Saevus instincts kicked in.


With cat-like agility the Vian guard jumped to the right, as a blast of magical energy crashed against the desk, destroying the journal and part of the wall. Callis turned around only to find a hooded figure trying to running away throught the cave entrance. The hybrid charged towards the fleeing attacker, that constantly tried to blast Callis with a strange looking wand he was carrying. The guard managed to dodge the attacks, but the effort was stopping him to accelerate and catch the necromancer. Their race throught the sewer system was getting long, and slowly Callis and his enhanced stamina were getting the upper hand, as the Necromancer was slowing down.

The necromancer shoot to the sewer ceiling, causing several pieces of it to fall and lift a curtain of dust, to use as screen while climbing stairs to leave the sewer. With uncanny reflexes Callis moved throught the falling rocks, slipping throught them and avoid losing the trail of the dark hooded man. As he swiftly climbed the stairs, Callis didnt realized he was walking right into a trap, and as he jumped out of the sewer manhole and a powerful blast of magic pushed him towards the nearest wall, crushing his body with incredible force, breaking several ribs with ease.

As Callis tried to stand up and coughed blood, he managed to get a glimpse of the necromancer face, that was before covered by a mask and the shadow of his hood. Discovering that he was Corpus, his subordinate. He said his name, but the hooded man laughed at him, as he told he already cutted his ties with that name, and was reborn as Moebius, the master of the undead. Callis felt ashamed, as the man guilty of all the chaos that had been happening lately on the city was on his own squad, plotting this attacks under his nose, with incredible effort he stood up and said that he wont let Moebius escape so easily.

From that moment on, after capturing Moebius and uncovering the conspiracy Callis military career went skyrocketing, he passed from Leader of the City Guard to get hired by the Eques Orbis, then he was turned into the Vian Princess Royal Bodyguard, a period of time he dislikes talking about, then he turned into a mercenary and bounty hunter, he worked for the Eques Orbis during the 19th Unda War, got to be Field Marshall and helped to fight the uprising of Neo Unda, the ones capable of rational thought. Then after the traumatic events of the last battle he ended up self-exiling himself protecting the northern rim from sporadic Unda attacks while sometimes visiting his Saevus family.

After that he was recruited by the Freedom Fighters to oppose the Princess and her power mad Minister, and during that small war against the undead he seemingly perished after destroying the source of the Minister power and vanishing only leaving the upper tip of his sword. He was called a Hero and the voices that despised him started praising his valor. All his heroic feats and efforts were finally recoignized as most of them were given to other warriors, or just plainly ignored. Nobody knows where Callis is, and Centris mourns the lose of a true hero that fought against discrimination and obstacles beyond others

Unnamed Bio

Name: Callis Nomene

A.K.A: Regulus Aurora Ensis, The Beast Knight

Age: 50 (seems 20-30)

Race: Maestus (Feral)

Occupation: Former Royal Guard of Via Kingdom Former Eques Orbis, Former Adventurer, Former Mercenary.

Height: 1,75 mts

Weight: 80 kg

Faction: Hero

Theme Songs:

Callis Theme Song


Discrimined as a child for his mixed inheritance and his lack of magical abilities, anybody could go mad of rage, but Callis didnt, only taking any punishment with stoicism and ignoring the bullying. A loyal an extremely humble man, even with the acomplishment he reached in his military career, that could possible corrupt any other man. His hybrid origin granted the best of both races, as he is cunning as a Vian, and good-hearted and noble as a Saevus. He also gained the fierceness of the Beastmen of the north and the primal instincts of them.

Callis is a battle hardend veteran, a resourceful warrior and a seasoned soldier. He carries a martial style of life, leaving with the minimum ammount of material goods, almost ascetic, even if he is of noble birth he willingly decided to self discipline himself by removing most of the comodities that came with his title. This ended in making him somewhat gruff and so direct in can be almost considered rude, but deep inside he is a caring man that wants the best for everybody, and the only reason he haves to fight is knowing that is the only way he can affect the world for good.

Skills & Traits

Half Saevus (Maestus) Physiology:

Born from the mixture of Vian Blood and Saevus Blood, Callis haves skills that are unique, his natural physical attributes aren’t as great as a Saevus, but his devotion to training make him hone his inhuman agility and speed to new levels. He is 5 times stronger than a regular human being, able to lift or press a maximum of 2 tons, easily being able of ripping a human apart with his barehands. But his strength isn’t his greatest attribute, as the young Maestus agility and speed are his greatest assets. As he descends from the Felis Gens, the Clan of Saevus with similarities to the Felines of the Human world, Callis is capable of almost impossible feats of agility way beyond a human athlete, like doing a triple frontflip from an idle position, or even greater feats, his joints are extremely flexible and durable so he can do almost anything he proposes, even his ribcage is somewhat elastic allowing him to sway around attacks or compress his chest before a jump and use the natural elasticity of his bones added to his enhanced muscular tissue for amazing feats of jumping. His speed is way over any human, capable of moving fast enough to not being seeing by the naked eye, running at top speed without any obstacles he could reach sub-sound speeds. His skin his much more resistant to impact and damage than a human, more akin to armor than anything else. He is capable of taking bullets of small calibers, yet they pierce his skin. His stamina is also amazing as he can keep going through days without eating or resting. His senses are enhanced, mostly his sense of smell and his sense of taste, but all his other senses are way over human limits, and this can work against him since powerful sensorial inputs can stun him. His Saevus heritage also gives him sharp teeth and claws, yet he considers this natural weapons inappropriate for a Knight, even if he can shred steel with them, he will only use them in the direst of situations if he is unnarmed.

Unnarmed Combat:

Callis is a Master Class Unnarmed Fighter, thanks to years of battle and his natural skills his style can be described as a highly aggressive and acrobatic version of Capoeira, able to kick from almost any position using his hands mostly as support or to block. His natural instincts and senses, added to his years of experience allow him to predict others movements and his inhuman speed and agility to react to them, making him a really slippery enemy capable of dodging attacks that could be considered impossible to avoid by human standards. A well placed kick from Callis is more than enough to punch holes through 11’’ of Iron, as he not only uses his own strength but also centrifugal force out of rapidly spinning before attacking, all his attacks and movements are curved and fluid, he doesn’t need to go from Defense to Offense, his fighting style incorporate both concepts

Archaic Weapon Master:

If the weapon existed in the Human World Feudal age, then Callis should be not only proficient to it, but also close to master it in all its forms. The Beast Knight devotion for training was legendary among his fellow knights as even through being humiliated and despised for his mixed blood he managed to pass all the tests imposed to him and learnt about the secrets of every weapon. Yet his area of mastery and expertise is without doubts the use of twin swords. In Centris during his generation he wasn’t taken in consideration upon the mixed blood, but Callis is the Best Swordsman of Centris able to blend in all the teachings of all the weapons and his own natural talents into an unbeatable style of astonishing swiftness and precision, in contrast of his unarmed prowess, also wrongfully ignored, Callis Gemini Style is direct and full of lounges and linear movements, it contains some curved movements and attacks but his philosophy upon it’s creation is “In battle you don’t march straight forward, you march straight against the enemy” and with that he crystallized hundreds of years of Morbis Strategies and Tactics into a single phrase. Still Callis prefers a single blade to avoid killing people as the Gemini Style is made exactly for that, ending any fight as swiftly as possible without stopping for a second. With one sword Callis can measure his strikes and haves a free hand to disarm or knock out his opponent without causing too much bodily harm. Not to mention his concentration upon using the Gemini Style forces him to block any reason at let instinct take over.

Magical Skills:

Callis mixed blood didn’t came with all perks as his Saevus Heritages greatly diminished the natural affinity for magic the Viani have. His magical skills only amount to basic spellcasting, like Magic Detection, Magical Translation and Blessings, that serve as Buffs. His Runic Spell casting is quite good but he lacks materials in the Human World

Leadership and Strategy:

Lute Playing: The only non combat related ability of Callis, he learned to play to please the princess of Via when he worked for the guards, as the girl, spoiled by his parents, wanted to have music at the same time she was guarded, thus all the guardsmen had to learn to play an instrument. Callis didnt complained in public, but didnt liked the idea of wasting time in something so trivial. Even so he was taught to play, and strangely he discovered that it calmed him, and helped him to focus. Maybe the music really calms the beast?


  • Twin Short Blades: Perfectly balanced suited for the Gemini Style
  • Magical Cloak: Magically Reinforced Fabric can even block bullets
  • Knight Armor: Only Legs and Bracers, Callis prefers to avoid damage rather than blocking it.
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Update, kind of a mix of my favourite features of Aestus and Batsu
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Good Job there Batsu! ^^ *Thumbs up*

Kakashi thumbs up
Kakashi thumbs up
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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Hm, humble beginnings
It's a nice bio
I wonder how will you introduce Callis to the Vice Verse. I guess he's living in a different world right now. Or is it like Terra Magus?
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@AntiRoX: Thanks

@willyvereb: Different place, but he is going to get here sooner or later, let me finish the backstroy and all the answers will be replied...
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Got some time to spare and added some to the main bio, almost done, tomorrow I will try to make at least a quarter of the character story
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Updated Powers and Threads
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Edited some of the info about Callis changed and added the new theme songs.

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@ZombieLuck: I used Viral first, and then when I decided to make him fuse with his wild side Thundercats just fitted in

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