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Black Stone Main Yard

Gen raged blindly, he rushed in darkness with his fist flailing forward. The Hot-Blooded Boxer wasn’t a stranger to fight without his eyesight, yet he was a long way from mastering that particular skill and he rushed the nearest thing he could perceive, unluckily that was Toni. He connected a handful of attacks but he instantly noticed that something was wrong, it didn’t feel right. The reason why was quite clear when he heard the enraged voice of Crow coming from another direction. Seemingly he attacked the Lighting Gunslinger girlfriend, Gen didn’t even had time to consider his mistake as Crow dashed towards him, too fast to even react against him, even with his eyesight and connected a powerful roundhouse kick into Gen exposed side, breaking a couple of ribs and lifting the Hot-Blooded boxer from the ground. He coughed blood and started saying –That’s more like it- but was cut halfway through by a sudden discharge of electricity that almost fried Gen to a crisp. With his muscles shutting down he started falling down but Crow decided that he didn’t give enough punishment to the Battle Chaser for attacking his girlfriend, even accidental as it was and with a powerful right hook he crossed Gen’s face and knocked the Boxer down. In a flail of poetic justice Gen had similar wounds to the ones he inflicted upon Toni, bruised ribs and a hit in his face, only that his were more serious. Crow started ranting at Gen, but the Hot-Blooded Boxer, who swiftly recovered his consciousness, cough more blood while trying to get up without any luck and laughed at Crow’s words. –COUGH, HAHAHAHA, COUGH… I live for Fighting! Is the biggest joy of my life! COUGH COUGH- For a second a spurt of blood interrupted him as it splashed the ground, coming out of his mouth. With a lot of difficulty Gen started standing up, clearly wounded, and while he rubbed his eyes, as part of his eyesight was returning he continued. – That’s only yer excuse to fight Cowboy…. COUGH… At least I’m honest with what I like…COUGH…. Face it, deep down everybody wants to fight like me….COUGH… I’m only ahead of the curve….COUGH…- Gen lifted his guard up and try to move, taking heavy and staggering steps until he fell down with his eyes going blank. Crow Lighting Attack was much more damaging that he thought.

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Tavi had managed to slow down the vicious beast with her powerful sedatives. Taylor continued to be persistent to Tavi hoping she would accept his apology. Placing a disk in her pocket that he claimed to have valuable information pertaining to FABLE; Tavi still found him quite annoying, and never accepted anything from him. Being true to her word she fired multiple armor piercing rounds at Taylor aimed at his chest and head. Suddenly the beast quickly got back to his feet. Tavi was surprised that he recovered “Damn he must have the ability to adapt.” In a fit of rage the monster tossed Tavi’s motorcycle Shift like a ragdoll into a nearby wall. Shift kept his firm grip even though he only sustained mild damage, then attempting to crush Tavi jumped backwards towards the ground. Tavi using her quick thinking and agility to jump off his back in time; however the disc that Taylor gave her fell out her pocket and was crushed by the Chimera. Tavi stood up but took a hard kick by the chimera causing her to fly backward, rolling across the floor Tavi shook out the cobweb as she got up on her feet once more. The Chimera was inching closer to her, dragging Shift along at the same time. Not wasting much time she pulled out one of her pistols and loaded it with a programmable ricochet clip. Tavi began to attack back the Chimera, using her advanced Martial Arts Powess, while also setting a course for her bullet with her mind. Tavi launched devastating haymakers at the beast in an attempted to daze him. Pulling a special grenade with a small sensor embedded within she attempted to stuff the explosive inside the beasts throat. Tavi then fired one bullet behind the monster’s ear; The bullet began to ricochet at the precise geometry Tavi had set in place. Bouncing of the steel and concrete increasing win speed in the blink of an eye, then aimed for the small hole already there by the sedative needle, If successful the bullet will drive through the chimera’s spinal column and travel upward towards the grenade ripping through whatever is in its way. The Final result….Some dirty Fireworks.

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Taylor took the bullets to the chest and face, staggered, but rose up right as rain with a smile on his face and a disk in his fingers.

[ OKAY ]





And with that, he was gone.

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