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Gen and Redd charged through the streets causing more damage and making more noise than a thousand riots, any poor bastard using prison clothes that got in their way was double teamed by the Hot-Blooded and Scarlet boxers that punched them into submission. The weirdness of it all is that most of the guys they punched seemed more monsters than humans but ironically both Gen and Redd seemed more like beast than most of the low level inmates that cowered upon facing them for a couple of seconds. Most of the fugitives learnt to avoid the pair of brawlers and only the mentally unstable or the insanely arrogant tried to face them to no avail. The Brawler from Tokyo was in his element punching teeth and jaws out of place. –Old timer! We should go and punch the fuck out of the big fishes these small fucks aren’t worth punching.- Redd sighed as the Hot-Blooded Boxer brought him memories of his young years, when all seemed as easy as his fellow Boxer thought it was. –Calm yerself young lad, we need to clean the streets before getting some fun, if not where I would get the raw components for my beer, In London with all those tea sucking wee squeefs? Not in a thousand years! Those trunk monkey wouldn’t recognize good malt even if they bit them in the chufter!- Redd knew this wouldn’t work for a fellow boxer, specially of the Guts Type and he wasn’t wrong. –Honestly old timer, I prefer Sake, so cleaning the streets is only yer problem, ya keep the good job here and I’ll demolish the riot leaders inside, ya get yer beer stuff protected and I get to fight, we all win at the end.- Gen grinned thinking he had a great idea and in fact he would have if the top tier prisoners weren’t the monsters Redd knew they were, only their fellow Spirit Boxer needed a joint army collaboration to be stopped and the rest could be even worse. But once again the youth and enthusiasm of Gen, not to mention the fact that he was stronger than Redd, made the Scottish Boxer to sigh once again and accept Gen’s idea. –Get yer arse there lad, and punch some for me, I’ll stay and take out the trash.- Redd left walking tall while Gen moved towards the Prison and jumped the ruined fence entering to the main yard hoping to find something to punch. Unluckily in the shadows somebody was stalking the reckless Boxer. Another member of the Fraternite was ready to pounce from the shadows and attack the unsuspecting Gen.


The files were destroyed and the unlikely team up of the Superhuman Masako and the Swift Makoto keep moving; now their aim was the warden office. Masako promised his roommate that after guiding him towards it he would be allowed to leave so both were moving as fast as they could, the Psychotic teen so he could get his revenge, and the shy speedster wanting to leave as soon as possible. Unluckily somebody was already going towards it and the pair met with Jack. Masako taking the lead talked with contained hate and disdain –What’re you doing here? The warden is mine I’ll feast on his flesh and quench my thirst with his blood.- Makoto was scared, he got in this jail only because of his powers he wasn’t a crazed lunatic like his team-mate and he didn’t liked to fight at all, he only hoped that the other guy would flee, as he didn’t wanted to be a witness of Masako feasting on him, that would make him puke and he couldn’t run well if he was feeling down.

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In the City of Glasgow

Amidst the chaos and ruin that the Scottish city was spiraling into even worst on a tall building overlooking everything stood a man in his mid-twenties a smirk on his face and he leaned against the edge of the building propping his head up with his arm his chin in his hand. The young man appeared to be of Portuguese decent with slightly tanned skin, a head of messy black hair with steel colored eyes. The young man wore a black V neck long sleeve shirt under a jacket with fur along the cuffs and the rim of the hood and black jeans, upon closer inspection one could see that the inner lining of his jacket was laced with knives. The mysterious observer smirk as from his pocket his phone began ringing a particular ringtone that of the Irish National Anthem; the watcher took out the phone and flipped it open answering with a cheerful tone the smirk never leaving his lips. "Ah hello I wondered when you were going to call me I was afraid that all these riots knock out the cell phone service. So are you enjoying the party?" A gravely voice clearly distorted through some device answer back, "Yes Mr. Enigma it seems like your calculation and information was accurate." Enigma smiled his voice becoming even more cheerful but there was a slight edge to his voice a sense of arrogance coming through, "Well of course you don't get to my level without being correct, besides if you weren't sure I be accurate you wouldn't have come to me." The graveled voice replied annoyed with the mysterious Enigma arrogance, "Yes well with a job like this we had to absolutely sure that everything went according to plan. Speaking of which how are things looking from your end." The watch dog sighed as he replied, "Oh the usual level from a terrorist attack the cost for the damaging is reaching the hundreds of thousands euros, the death toll is easily in the hundreds and yet that is only half the injured list, the backlash of these events will be felt world wide the economic problems of Europe will easily fall into a downward spiral; this will cause a chain reaction that even the little old lady in Kansas who was saving money to leave to her kids after she passes will be double checking her banking information. All in all I say this was a success." Enigma licked his lip as he thought of the chaos this group of Irish terrorist could case.

On the other end of the line the voice smiled as the genius information broker was right everything was going according to plan but yet there was more that had yet to be accomplished and one nail could send months of preparation down the drain, "Good Enigma I assume that the second phase will be take place on time." Again the information broker sighed a little despite the group known as Emerald Dawn being useful to his goals the fact that they question his methods so much annoyed him to no end, "Yes you will go to the prison the prison in exactly 45 minutes and wait 22 seconds and extract the package then 5 minutes later your message to the world will be broadcast worldwide. The authorities will not be able to track it because of the network I set up will only cause them to chase the source right back to their system unleashing a virus in any computer connected to that system. " The gravely voice was impressed with how through the man known as Enigma was with his job he had become a valuable ally, "Good now based on your calculation what are the obstacles to avoid." Enigma smiled as he took out a notebook that he had been keeping notes in for his benefit later, "Ah let's see well as it stands now there are some interesting players in the game, from what my network can gather it seems like two men in the spirit boxers fighting league are in the fight, a man named Arsenal is currently in the prison along with a woman who is currently fighting in the woman side of Black Stone. If my sources are correct and they are usually are then this woman is with the organization known as F.A.B.L.E fear not she far enough from your package you will be fine. Also a mercenary known as the Blue Overcoat is heading to the prison, hmmm interesting it seems like a certain young Gunslinger and his girlfriend are fighting the inmates in the streets. I kinda feel sorry for them the inmates of course if only they know what Crow Cemneterio is capable of. I will send you a map of the best way that you will want to take to your destination. God speed fearless leader oh you may want to keep an eye on well...any screen around you in 48 minutes." With that Enigma or, as the few records that may or not be remaining said his name was, Noah Eibon hung up the phone and started sending the safest route to the secure number of the leader of Emerald Dawn a smirk on his face, Yes it seems everything is going according to plan Emerald Dawn making their appearance on the grand stage stall upset a lot of people. There are a few interesting factors in the game like that woman from F.A.B.L.E but that wont remain a mystery for long was I contact my informants there, Cementerio is another interesting factor but he shouldn't be a problem he likes to pretend he is a hero but deep down he knows what he would do and wouldn't do. Yes things are playing out nicely the gears of this world will soon be falling apart all. Noah began waling back into the building cheerful and excited over all the new players that created endless possibilities and questions for him to answer but that was the game after all the one with the most information wins. "Well best get crackin' I need to contact a certain individual that is suppose to be a legend in the underworld. But you and I know better Mr. Kuro-san." With that Enigma took at his phone.

In the Streets of Glasgow


Crow gritted his teeth as he watched the man in the blue over coat walk away and Marx make his presence known along with a strange young man introducing himself as Seth, Crow turned to Seth he had only just met this kid and had no clue about what he could do but he had to trust him in a moment it was a literally trial by fire, "Hola Seth, I'm Crow Cementerio and this is Toni Sorcière. It seems that somebody thought the inmates of Black Stone Prison were wrongly imprisoned and decided to let them out and across us the one burning things like it was his passion in life is one of these inmates. Seth I don't know you but I need you to stay back and fight this pyromaniac with Toni it seems like whatever is going on the prison is where the epicenter is at I need to get to that prison. So Seth can I trust you amigo?" With that Crow offered his new to this new potential ally or possibly foe hoping that he was making a rash but right decision.

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@this_is_riddle: Seth moved slightly at being talked to, but was able to keep himself under control. "I can't fight," Seth said shyly as he looked down in disappointment. There seemed to be a slight change in Seth as the tips of his hair became slightly more spikier and he seemed to have a dark feeling about him. "Well I can though," Seth said as he picked his head up. His eyes were now a dark crimson red and were set upon the pyromaniac. He looked down at a corpse and picked up a knife that a convict was holding when he died. "This should do," he muttered to himself as he weighed the knife in his hand to test the balance of it. He smiled a blood thirsty smile and took a step away from the cowboy and witch. "This should be quick," he told them as he held his hand out to signal to them not to get near him. He then took off at the pyromaniac swerving to keep away from getting hit by fire. Once he was within range he released a circle from his feet that surrounded him and raced at the convict.

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Ven Minos walks through the corridors of the prison. Left and right are dead bodies, mostly of unlucky guards that were assaulted by a horde of inmates. Minos pushes them aside as he makes his way through the narrow hall with the sight and smell of a graveyard. So far he was only walking around with no progress. Thirty minutes had passed since he entered and all the cells he checked were empty or filled with corpses. He grits his teeth in frustration, he had no idea where to go. His client was supposed to wait for pick-up right in front of the prison, but obviously Ven didn't find him there. Because of that he had to wander trough this maze with no clue whatsoever. He sighs and then leans on a wall. "Getting all fired up over it doesn't help." he relaxes a little bit a lights a cigarette.

"Guess i'll just wait here and see if someone comes along." he closes his eyes and sits down while still leaning against the wall. Minos hated it to wait or to waste time while on a job, but he couldn't help it right now. He was going to search the whole prison if needed, but right now his nerves wouldn't keep up with him and he'd end up reducing the whole prison, if not entire Scotland to nothing. If his client, or someone who might know him doesn't show up in the following twenty minutes he'd continue his search.

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Black Stone Prison: Women Side

The stealthy spy barrage of arrows lit up the room the blinding everyone it as a distraction for Manami's sedative needles; Ravenna smirk a slight arrogant smile as she created near invisible threads of magic energy from her fingers tips and wrapped them around two other inmates using them as human shields to block themselves from the spy attack. Because of the young Taylor turning the lights in the room out the only light came from the pale glow in the shape of a spider web from Ravenna eyes as hersweet voice called to the spy, "Is that you Miss Tavi, it is interesting to see you here did you want to pay me a visit after all you were the bitch who sent me to this hell hole! Taylor I am your mistress my little pet see that woman who shot at me...I mean us I want you to take one of your screws and shove it right through her body. If you do that sweetie I will reward you greatly." The Spider Witch added a sultry heat to that last bit to further entice Taylor, who began his own taunting of Tiki Tavi demanding she apologize to his mistress but the strange youth suddenly flipped the tables as he turned the lights on. "Mistress!" Jacqueline screamed as Ravenna looked down and saw Taylor pointing the screw at her, her eyes widening as he thrust it towards her chest. A ear piercing scream tore through the black stone walls as the screw that was destined for The Queen of Spiders was now implanted in Jacqueline chest and her screams filled the room. Ravenna eyes widen as Jacqueline fell backwards reaching out for one last touch of her mistress, the witch's turned on Taylor with an unholy wrath as her dangerous magical energy of despair filled the room. "You little brat how dare you try to lay a finger on your mistress. You naughty little boy I will punish you! DIE! YOU BRAT!" Ravenna created more magical threads from her fingers tips her eyes glowing in the form of a spider web, she used her magic to enhance the threads making them razor sharp as she lashed wildly at creating deep gashes in the floor as she turned her rage towards Taylor. Not forgetting about Tavi she used her threads to grab some metal cell bars and launch them at the spy like javelins. "You bitch Tavi I going to string you up in my web and make you suffer, I'm going to suck the life out of your soul!"

Black Stone Prison: Warden Office

Up by the warden office a stare down was taking place between serial killer Jack Kinnely and retired vet Arsenal Vetinari, Arsenal gave the killer one ultimatum become an attack dog or die the warden suddenly started pleading with the man to kill the monster before he got out, "Please mister kill that man that is Jack Kinnely if you let him go now he will carve his way through London like he did before he was captured. For the love of god please do the right thing be a hero mister!" Kinnely started laughing with a lunatic grin, "Yeah that is right Vetinari be the bloody hero, slay the scary monster! Pull that bloody trigger because if you don't I swear to god I'm going to carve your name in the next victim I see so that their souls will know who is to blame!" The man feared as the Crimson Killer was a live wire his nerves on a hair spring ready to snap and strike like a viper. Jack snorted in disgust looking at Arsenal, "Yeah bloody right Vetinari you ain't a hero, some of the war stories I heard about well they make murder cases look like children stories. Don't look so surprise I heard a lot about you, you see I shared a table at lunch with your old war buddy. Hmm I wonder where he is in all this mess maybe some of the rougher characters decided to carve him up like a thanksgiving turkey. HAHAHAHAH! You know if I found him I will promise to tell him hello for you that's if he hasn't been torn to pieces yet after all he was a bit of a nut!" The former terror of London's Streets smirked at his disrespectful comments about the immortal solider friend suffering from PTSD. "About your ultimatum you can take it and bloody shove it now get out of my way so I can carve the warden like the pig he is." Kinnely held up and clenched his makeshift claw of death then like no warning whatsoever as his reflexes snapped like spring slicing downward at Arsenal.

The Streets of Glasgow

Crow smiled as Seth accepted his proposal to fight against Marx but was taken aback by the change in the kid's personality grabbing a knife and charging at the pyro, Marx smiled as Seth charged at him with a reckless abandon, "You got guts kid charging at me a devil may care attitude but I'm Marx Nova and I will burn everything in my path to justice." Suddenly Marx was behind Seth his skin glowing slightly as steam formed off his body because of sweat evaporated the second it formed on his skin Crow and Toni's eyes widen in shock then suddenly a trail of flames seem to engulf Seth, because of Marx using Marx 3 the trial of his path was as hot as a raging fire. Crow's hand went to his gun as much as he wanted to go after that guy in the blue over coat Marx just showed he was a serious threat but something was wrong Marx was suppose to be a pyromaniac psycho yet here he was a cool as a cucumber. Suddenly he felt Toni's hand on his he looked over at her and saw a surprisingly serious look on her face; "Crow we both know that your fight is at the prison, I'm with you I think this is a lot bigger than a prison riot gone worst case scenario. That Seth kid may be down for now but he will get up and I can handle this spitfire. You go to that prison and be the hero kick some butt, come back and sweep me off my feet as you carrying me into the sunset." The serious look vanished as her eyes filled with hearts for her future hubby fantasying about a him like a giddy school girl; the Last Gunslinger smirked as he pushed his cowboy hat up with his finger, "Damn Straight Toni. Thanks for getting my six I'm going to head off now to bring home the bacon you hold down the fort." As the witch and cowboy exchanged dialogue Marx waited patiently as he realized something speaking to himself, "That gun, those cobalt blue eyes like an eagle hunting in a thunder storm, that outfit. It can't be that is the Rail-gun, the Last Gunslinger...Crow Cementerio. Damn it I can't let him near to prison or it will ruin our plans but I can't blow my cover." Marx personality changed on a dime as suddenly he was acting like lunatic who was playing with matches, "You cowboy I don't know what the hell you are talking about but you are no going anywhere! I'm going to burn you and your girlfriend away in my path to justice!" Crow smirked as he looked at Toni their eyes meeting for a split second cobalt and amber exchanging a understanding without words then the Lighting Revolver took off using his electrical abilities to speed accelerating past The Jet himself Marx Nova. The firebird eyes widen there were few people who were faster than him yet the gunslinger was outpacing him like he was standing still, "Damn it get back here and burn!" Just as the red headed pyro was about to take a step suddenly he was bombarded with a barrage of small bombs that exploded in colorful smoke and flashes blinding him temporarily as the Cat Eye Witch revealed her namesake her eyes flashing golden and more cat like; when Marx Nova regained his sight his eyes widen as there were now at least a dozen Crows running off in all directions. Toni cracked her whip menacingly as her eyes held a dim golden glow; "I won't let you lay a finger on my future fiancé. Crow I swear you better come back alive!" Marx became angry and appeared to be talking to some himself, "Boss I'm sorry but it seems Cementerio got away he is heading to the prison." A voice replied in a gravely tone, "Don't worry about the Gunslinger our contact has promise he can be taken care of you." Marx nodded as he returned to his serious side again, "I warned you girl now I'm going to burn you away in my path to justice."

Black Stone Prison: Court Yard

Just as the mercenary in the Blue Over Coat was stepping into the prison a familiar voice called out to him, the voice of a young bounty hunting Gunslinger a smirk painted on his face his cowboy hat casting a shadow over his cobalt blue eyes; Crow had his signature revolver Quicksilver drawn and aimed right at Ven Minos. "Hola Amigo, I don't think we met before let me introduce myself. I'm Crow Cementerio and I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick some ass. Guess what...I just ran out of bubble gum!"

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Seth was caught off guard by the persons speed and was just able to get his barrier up in time to save himself. The flames licked at the barrier, but could not enter it. The flames hid him from view though he knew he was giving off a energy enough to be sensed. He held up the knife and it transformed into a katana He held out his other hand, and created a gun. The barrier suddenly broke and blew away all the flames around him in a burst of wind. He looked at Marx with a bored look and pointed the gun at him. His crimson eyes looked at him with a challenging look. They looked to be locked onto him like a predator. "Die," he said without emotion as he pulled the trigger on the gun each time he would move he would shoot again. The gun itself seemed to have a supernatural amount of bullets to it as it never appeared to run out of ammo. He kept the sword ready to stab as well in case he Marx did some how get near him. He started laughing like a maniac and stopped.

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Vetinari stepped into his stance as Jack ranted on his speech. His body remembering an old martial art he had helped create back in 2053. Through analysis of thousands of recorded gunfights, Vetinari determined that the geometric distribution of antagonists in any battle is a statistically predictable element. The Gun Kata he would be using in this battle would treat the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents, while keeping the defender clear of the statistically traditional trajectories of return fire. By the rote mastery of this art, a gunman's firing efficiency will rise by no less than 120%. The difference of a 63% increased lethal proficiency makes the master of the Gun Katas an adversary not to be taken lightly.

He stepped into the lunging Jack. He'd lightly loosen the grip on his pistol, using it as a tonfa to catch a knuckle between Jack's blades, then twist his hand and Jack's, pulling the trigger to destroy the knuckles and the makeshift claw. There was a high chance this could go wrong and lose his arm, an event Arsenal was prepared for and would reply by parrying the claws with his mutilated gun arm so he could jump in the air, grab the light fighting with his left hand and stamp down on Jack's head, falling to the ground to crush his skull.

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Taylor smiled, seeing the reaction he got from the woman. He dropped to the ground, ramming a screw into the concrete and holding it tight as he erased the Earth's gravitational hold on him. He didn't float at first, he simply span at an inhuman speed that snapped his shoulder into pieces. He'd trip Raveena onto her back with the spinning low kick.

After a few dozen rotations, Taylor felt a bit sick and lost grip of the screw, flying upwards from the ground before using Unskilled to make his All Fiction fail. Gravity returned, and Taylor fell to the ground. He landed on his knees, bones breaking and he puked. By his calculations, he should be straddled onto Raveena, but knowing his luck, he was just as likely on Jacqueline or maybe even this new girl, Taffy? Was that her name?

Who cares, he was on someone and that someone was covered in puke, so looked as bad as he felt. He opened his eyes, but his head was still too spinning to see anything... his left eye might have popped from the G-force, actually... Still, one thing was keeping him going.



Taylor smiled, then heaved again.










Taylor reached up to his cheek with his one good hand and pulled it, forcing a facial expression as he looked to the ceiling.

Monologue over, he looked down at the body under him, and suddenly Taylor was completely unscratched. His clothes was fine, his skin unbroken and his bones weren't even cracked.

The same could also be said for every one of his victims in the room.

Taylor smiled at the person he was straddled on.


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Jack was looking for more victims. He already killed 3 more convicts, but he needed more. Much more. As his search progressed he was getting closer and closer to the wardens offfice. It wasn't long before he noticed some commotion near him. He sneaked up to a corner and looked out. He saw two men fighting. One had improvised claws while the other had guns.

How beautiful. It just makes me want to paint a picture. On their dead bodies. He looked around. He needs to sneak up on them so he could kill them. He could just let them kill each other, but Jack had doubts about that happening. The only way to be sure something's done right, is to do that your self. As he looked around he noticed an air vent in the ceiling above him.

He followed the air vent to some sort of opening, jumped up and started sneaking towards his "models". Luckly, there was another opening just above them. I should thank the warden for this nice suit. It makes sneaking much easier. Looking at the two men belove him he started devising a plan. There were two of them. Two against one is bad for Jack if he is one. Two against one can be good for Jack if he is one of the two. Meaning he needs to help one of them.

The man with the guns is dangerous. Guns hurt very much and kill easier then knives and claws. So that man needs to die while Jack has the element of surprise. Just as Jack wanted to jump down he was stopped by the voice of Zarasar. That might not be such a wise decision. The man with the claws seems much more dangerous. Helping the gun guy would be better. If he thinks you're his ally, you could kill him when his back is turned. That actually made sense. Jack though about it and decided to listen to Zerasar for once. He got ready to punce as soon as his target got under the opening.

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Glasgow, Blackstone Prison Rooftop

Falken arrived fast thanks to a former Trinity Gate, the organization Falken worked for and shut down, network of teleportation portals called Seraphim, they used to tell Falken that he was flying with the wings of angels to do a holy job, in fact that was Trinity Gate whole gig, the lied to their operatives that were trained since birth by telling them they were doing God’s job on Earth, when truthfully they were just soldiers of fortune, children with weapons of mass destruction and fear of god. What a rip-off… Falken was over that now, and he had more urgent matters to attend to as Glasgow, visible from the higher ground he was standing in seemed to be a warzone. He knew this will take some serious firepower, so instead of his trusted handguns Aznable and Ray, Falken brought from the artificial pocket dimension where he stored his guns one of his favorite weapons, a perfect tool for the job. As the prison didn’t had much space and most of the fights would end up being at close range he decided to get something that could work both ranges with ease, for that purpose he brought out the Seiei Gunblades, a pair of high powered firearms with long under arm blades attached to the butt of the guns. But he knew that this wouldn’t be enough, so he summoned the Nau Body Armor, a protective gear that could also generate spikes and beam blades from different locations to protect against close quarters combat and to add more versatility he also summoned the Asfansia Knuckle Blaster, a couple of knuckle dusters that projected the kinetic energy of Falken fists, allowing him to punch with a range of 30 mts.

-This will be enough, or at least I hope it as I can’t summon anything else for a while until the Coffin recharges, I better get going- Falken talked to himself and then jumped into one of the cracks created by the explosions. With perfect coordination and inhuman agility he bounced from a wall and landed with catlike grace in one of the hallway railings. His weapons were in standby, the Blade retracted and turned around, the Armor without the beam nodes on and the Knuckle Blasters waiting for the nanites command to turn on. The Twin Barrelled Grim Reaper started to move silently towards the archive room, hoping to get a picture of the target, Makoto Inazuma, as Kuro-san didn’t provide one. A couple of crazed inmates attacked Falken as he moved, since a rioting prison wasn’t the best stealth spot you could find, but they were taken on without the use of his weapons. With incredible skill and swiftness World’s Best Soldier for Hire avoided their frenzied lunges and thanks to his training and enhanced physical attributes he coldly snapped their neck with a yank of his arm making them fall in silences with expressions of horror and shock and their spines cracked like twigs. –Fuck! This won’t be as challenging as I expected- Falken thought as he kept advancing, without noticing that somebody was following him. One of members of the Fraternity was looking at the Dual Wielding Angel of Death with admiration and adoration; all the members of the Fraternity were like this when it came to witnessing murders.


-Mr. Enigma I presume. I’m amazed at this accomplishment, not many people in the world can get this number and even less can hacked the frequency used by me. You’ve awakened my curiosity only with that, what do you require?- Kuro-san voice didn’t even had a speck of surprise, and truth to be told he wasn’t. Being in the game means that you know the players, and Kuro-san played the “game” so he knew about Enigma, yet not enough, as the mysterious character and his organization had avoided him for much too long time

@ChronoWolf: @SamJaz:

Masako roared wildly and charged against Jack with his fist suddenly growing bone spikes piercing through his skin, a similar bone protuberances all alongside his arm not to mention the increased muscular tissue, thus the Ever Evolving Teen arm grew much larger and grotesque aiming to punch through the London Serial Killer with one blow. Makoto decided that was do or die and decided to run away. His powers allowed him to move as fast as the situation needed so when he dashed he went over the top speed of Jack or Masako and left running and hopping over the rubble hoping to find somewhere to hide.

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"Huh?" Ven Minos slowly rises from the ground while saying that, his cigarette fell out of his mouth in the process. When he turns around he sees the man from before. The cowboy that was so eager to chase him, was now right in front of Minos and he was pointing a gun at the mercenary as well. "The name's Ven Minos." he starts walking slowly towards Crow while introducing himself with that short and unmotivated line.

His stance was relaxed and casual. He didn't feel like there was any threat in the cowboy right now and Minos didn't give off any himself either. He didn't even have one hand on his sword. When the distance between the two men was no more than ten meters Ven stops, putting one hand in the inner of pocket of his coat. In a single fluid motion he takes something out and throws it at Crow. It was by no means an attack or even a threat. What Ven Minos had thrown there was a simple photograph. On it was his client, the man he was supposed to pick up from the prison, on it were three other men as well.

"Tell me Crow, have you seen that red-haired man?" the way Minos asked the question made it sound like he had a conversation with an old friend of his, like he knew the cowboy for some time now rather than talking with a completely new face which was aiming his gun at him.

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@taylor: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

Tavi's sedative arrows were a mild success, even though Taylor was struck by the arrow and had little effect, but it gave Raveena a chance to defend herself against Taylor. Slowly creeping out of the shadows Tavi had her gun pointed at Taylor and Raveena with her solomite katana in the other. Raveena openly mocked Tavi about their last encounter months ago. "I could have sent you to a far worst place than this. To give you a chance to turn away from this life of crime before it is too late" Tavi responded back. While she was talking she still was keeping a close eye on Taylor and adjusting the dial of her Katana to match the magic wave lengths Raveena uses. In a instant the room went to a pitch black Taylor was on the move again. The Power of his voice could be heard from multiple angles, but Tavi's keen perception kept her focused remembering what she saw briefly before the room went black. When the lights came back on one of Raveena's associates Jacqueline was impaled by one of Taylor's screws, letting out a loud scream. "Damn it Taylor!" Tavi thought to herself, knowing this could cause Raveena to go into a frenzy.

"Tavi what the hell is going on in there?? I am getting multiple energy signals from your location." Cat asked Tavi through her psych line. " It's Taylor he is attacking me and other female inmates I am also getting strange readings from other metahuman bogeys in the area." Taylor!?. ......Cat answered with a bit of surprise in his voice What's that screw job doing in there? Tavi we may be running short of time here, we both know that this is a distraction for something else much bigger. Cat Out" Tavi knew Cat was right and it was time for her to go on the offensive. An angry Raveena used her mystical threads and latched on to some near by cell bars toss them viciously like javelins towards Tavi. Tavi with her Olympic level and agility and speed was able to jump over the bars while doing splits at the peak of her jump. While in the air she launched her wrist mounted grapple arrow to the ceiling and zip lined closer to Raveena. Tavi suddenly felt strange weight try to get on top of her. It was Taylor, but he appeared to be phasing in and out, and he suddenly vanished. When that sporadic episode was over Tavi landed a foot in front of Raveena. She activated her bodysuit mystical wave disruptor, and her body began to glow in a light blue aura. "Raveena this ends NOW!!" With Tavi using her mystic disrupter and having Raveena's wavelength already placed in her bodysuit made of adaptive solomite particles. Tavi was a lethal weapon against Raveena with her skill and augmented speed and strength she was more than a match. Tavi used her hand to hand combat and knowledge of pressure points to subdue the focal points of Raveena's mystical thread. Tavi quickly followed that up with a well placed punch to her diaphragm in order to knock the wind out of her sails. "You need to calm down Raveena, and tell me what is going on here while you still have a useful jaw!" Tavi demanded of her.

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Black Stone Prison, Main Yard

The whole place was a wreck, fences torn apart, the cement floor cracked and crumbling like old bread. The Hot-Blooded Boxer from Tokyo was asking himself what the fuck was he doing in Scotland, he should be on route to the next SBF fight, but his natural instinct of punching anything near him overpowered the little to no common sense he had. Even Redd warning fell into deaf ears, the Veteran Boxer knew his place on the world, as the Spirit Boxers were only in what could be called the low tier of super humans, only the ones ranked 20 or less can be truthfully considered monsters, but that concept didn’t even cross Gen’s mind. The Battle Chasing Delinquent heard about the incredibly powerful Spirit Boxer trapped inside and instantly thought to getting him out and starting a brawl and under the excuse of containing the criminals from their source he was really planning to get the imprisoned boxer out and challenge him. Silent Quan didn’t sound to imposing and kicking his 12 ranked ass would do marvels for Gen’s reputation, thus bringing out stronger fighters to fight against.

The Hot-Blooded Boxer advanced until he saw 3 people, two men and one girl. The two guys had a cowboy vibe going on, and the girl seemed cute, or in Gen’s words “worth drooling for” He advanced towards them and talked. –Yo! This is my prison break to fight off, go and look for another somewhere else! The girl can stay if she wants– Gen winked at Toni trying to be charming but ended up looking a tad perverted, even so he was brimming confidence as he talked with arrogant tone, trying to intimidate Crow, Ven Minos and Toni. Maybe he was a bit smug after just winning a fight against a fellow boxer and his slasher smile had some hints of that boost in confidence. This was one of the many mistakes Gen would make tonight. Meanwhile, the member of the Fraternity still stalked the Spirited Boxer, know also checking out from Ven Minos and Crow.

Black Stone Prison, Women Side

Meanwhile young Makoto ran without looking back, and ended up in the women section of the prison, his mad dash stopped upon meeting three persons, two women and a man. The Japanese Speedster stopped in his tracks for a second before running away in fear while shouting – I didn’t see anything! Carry on with whatever you were doing!- and rushed way once again, fearing for his life in this madhouse. He only got placed here for his powers rather than a serious crime, he only stole bread to avoid dying from starvation and now he was stuck in this hellhole trying to escape.

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The Streets of Glasgow heading towards Black Stone

A young girl in a fine dress with long hair as white as a winter snow and eyes of the finest emeralds carefully stepped around the destruction that littered the ground; bodies lay face down in puddles of blood, smoldering remains of cars created barricades, garbage lay so thick on the ground you could barely see the street. Glasgow was in a state of chaos, ruin, and turmoil it would take forever for things to return to any resemblance of normal. The girl skipped over the bodies with a playful smirk on her face singing a sweet childish. The girl has a mark of what appeared to be an emerald flaming skull on the back of her hand and the same mark on a choker around her neck. The girl look ahead of her seeing pillars of smoke rising into the sky from burning buildings the Black Stone prison not to far in the distance then she let out a little sigh; "How much further to the prison Miguel? Are you sure that Enigma guy knows what he is talking about?" Behind her stood a large muscle man wearing a sea foam green jacket with white stripes over a white t-shirt with a pair of cargo pants; religious tattoos peaking out from under the sleeves, one arm appeared demonic in nature the other more angelic, a pair of black v shades covering his eyes. "Celty has many times do I have to tell you till we get back to the base you have to use my code name, Absolute, and yes Enigma is a information broker and a damn good one at that so yes his information is correct. After all he has helped us this far I don't see him giving us wrong information to screw us over anytime soon. He may be a mysterious little runt but he values his reputation over everything else." Celty smirked again brushing some hair from her face as she stepped over a dead body, "Jeez those criminals are like dogs you when they eat they leave their food all over the place." "Celty! These are innocent people who died show the dead some respect. Unfortunately this was the only way for us to achieve our goal of justice. No one's life should be wasted and if everything goes according to plan these lives won't be." Celty put her head down after her scolding from Miguel mumbling a apology but smiled again when the large man patted her head gently; "Do not apologize young one this is a war and in a war sacrifices must be made. " With that Miguel Ortega also known as Absolute Justice or the leader of Emerald Justice, the very group responsible for attack on the prison, walked passed the young but immensely powerful witch Celty Flynn also known as the Emerald Witch, on his arm was a band with the same symbol that Celty had on her hand as they made to the prison from the back way, "Let's go the good Doctor is waiting for us."

@Fehafare: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

Black Stone: The Main Yard

Crow looked at the photo as the gunslinger and Ven Minos stood only a few feet from each other, despite holding his gun up at the man Crow's hand was more relaxed he didn't sense a threat so there was no problem...for now. Not far behind the Last Gunslinger was his partner Toni they had left Seth to deal with the speedster Marx Nova while they were sure he could handle himself it was still kinda rude they would have to make it up to him; the Rail-gun kept an eye on the Man in the Blue Overcoat judging and examining every movement just like his Gunslinger training taught him. Yet when he spoke his voice was calm and slightly cheerful; "No I don't know who the red head is. So what are you and this ginger behind this whole thing just to get one guy out? Nah I don't think so you don't seem like the type of person to cause a whole prison riot for one guy. Nope you are more like the type to sneak in at night all covert ops like and break this guy out. Am I right there?" The Gunslinger smirked as he lowered his guy and shrugged his shoulders; "But that stills leads a lot to be answer for example if it wasn't you then who did cause this prison riot, and why did they do it, oh and why is that red headed man so damn special you run into a prison with inmates running out like mouse on a sinking ship?" Crow was getting tired of all the questions and wanted some answers the army would be arriving soon but the damage was already done and now people were going to pay but before the gun toting hero could get some answers a third guests join the party in the form of young kid just looking for a fight.

The youth called dibs on this fight and made a perverted flirtation towards Toni who responded with a look at disgust making a puking motion as she replied, "Um sorry no I don't date barbarians and besides I'm taken by Crow here. Isn't that right my future hubby are you going to defend my honor" Crow smirked a little as his clenched in fist in annoyance but not because this kid is hitting on his girl he could care less about that, "What the hell do you mean you call this prison break? I got here first punk if anyone is going to call this prison break it ME!" Comical hearts began breaking behind Toni, as she realized Crow didn't care about her honor this had turned into a macho contest between these two. Crow was split he could take on this kid or continue with Ven Minos but in the end he wanted answers and no matter who ass he kicks he was going to get answers. Crow made a split decision, "Hey Ven amigo, this isn't over between you and me. After I'm done kicking this punk's ass I'm running head first into that prison and you and me are going to have a little "chat". So don't go to far." Crow then turned towards the Spirit Boxer his eyes charged with the electricity of a tremendous stormed, "Now back to you, I don't know who the hell you are but something tells me there is a reason you ran towards this prison wanting a fight. So how about you tell me who your here to pay conjugal visits to?" The gunslinger smirked as he threw an insult towards the young spirited boxer his gun now taking aimed at Gen.

@SamJaz: @ChronoWolf: @Falken:

Black Stone: Near the Warden Office

Fortunately for London and unfortunately for Jack Kinnely not even his enhanced reflexes could help him dodge the homicidal teen attacks, as Masako enlarges and vicious fist ran clean through the London serial killer like he was nothing blood and guts spilled all over the walls as ironically Jack became his own greatest masterpiece everyone in the area was covered with the remnants of the Crimson Night. A splatter of blood covered the murderous teen face, Arsenal had some small intestine splash on his pants and shoes if Jack was still alive for longer than that split second when he was horrible pain he was consider this a sight to die for and with that the man who had killed at least 30 woman, 10 men, and 1 dog was dead sent to a hell far worse than Black Stone prison.

@taylor: @Manami:

Black Stone: The Woman's Area

Ravenna was in a world of trouble her nemesis Tavi, the dangerous female fatale, had struck some pressure points to render the Mistress of Despair useless she growled under her breath, "Oh Tavi you little bitch you were always jealous that I could get any man I wanted while you were going to die alone. Unfortunately you are going to die here in this shitty prison." The spider witch smirked as her eyes glowed revealing that she had actually surrounded herself, Tavi, Taylor, and anyone else in the area with her threads trapping them in a razor sharp spider web. Some of the threads cut into the back of Ravenna's prison uniform revealing a large tattoo on her back of a spider web with a large spider in the center of it. The witch spoke with that sultry heat in her voice towards Taylor. "Oh Taylor sweetie you said that your existence was nothing but despair well sweetie you kill this bitch for me and I will give you a thousands lifetimes worth of despair. I'll forgive you for attacking me and my slave Jackie if you kill this woman for Mistress Ravenna." Suddenly Ravenna's magic of despair radiated through the threads influencing everyone with the despair that Raveena had suffered all her life it was enough to make even the happiest minds commit suicide. "Tell me Tavi can you feel my despair the despair of being turned down by every man I ever loved. The despair of seeing all those happy couples while I sat alone in my house alone. The despair of always not being pretty enough, or smart enough, or funny enough, or whatever men desired enough! Feel the pain I felt you bitch!"

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @ChronoWolf: @Falken:

Arsenal stepped back, seeing his opponent explode into a cloud of blood in front of him. "Yeah, I tend to have that effect on people..." He joked to himself, before focusing on the new arrival, Masako. Judging from the splatter, Masako had punched straight through Jack with an enhanced arm, one of increased size, density and spikitude, at least five Prower's (p) of spikitude.

A rating of one Prower is equal to the spikiness of a hedgehog's back, and each Prower is double that of the last Prower, making that fist around sixteen times spikier than a hedgehog.

Arsenal did not want to be on the receiving end of that kind of punch. Even if he could recover.

"Thanks." Arsenal told Masako, pocketing his gun and sneakily reaching for another weapon. "Welcome to the office, how can we help?"

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Manami:

Taylor looked at the screeching Raveena, then at Manami.

Then he began to have the strangest... urges...

He stretched out his finger and, flicking it against seemingly thin air, sliced it cleanly off at the knuckle.

Contrary to popular opinion, Taylor was not a fan of dying for the sake of it.

Yet, there were some very primal parts of his instincts telling Taylor to do what Raveena was saying and chop himself up in an attempt to kill Tavi.

There was only one thing for it.

Taylor erased his own libido.

Feeling the urges subside and his attraction for the fine ladies in the room wither and die, Taylor's smile faded.

[ SHANT. ]

Taylor turned around to face Raveena with a look that could kill in his eyes.

In erasing his own sexual urges, he also erased any hold that Raveena could ever place upon his free will.

She was powerless to control him.

But, he was not happy with the move he had been forced to make, and Taylor would make sure that someone would pay.

Who knows? Maybe a bit of sadism could rekindle that extinguished flame.



Looking around the room, there wasn't a person in there whose clothes weren't stained in Taylor's stomach juices or blood.

A large screw erupted from the knuckle previously housing Taylor's index finger. The pseudo-digit wrapped itself around a few strands of razor wire, then twisted, pulling the threads tighter and tighter as they began to close in on those in the room.




Taylor pulled on the razor web violently, closing the deadly net around everyone in the room, including him.

Blood stained the ceiling, walls, and floors as humans were turned into mincemeat.

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Glasgow: Streets

A trail of flames turn up the streets of Glasgow as Marx's After Burner followed his path igniting everything as he dodged the bullets shot by the young punk, the problem was Marx would have normally just avoided the bullets till the kid ran out then run in and bombard with attacks speed blitzing him into submission. But it seemed the gun Seth was using was magical by nature therefore the bullets were limitless not to mention the katana in the other hand that was surely going to be used if the Speed Blitzer got to close there was also the problem of that mysterious circle that had protected the young kid from Marx's initial attack against him. Yet with all this though Marx was not just on the defensive as he moved around using Marx level 3 everything behind him was igniting in a brilliant blaze which was turning the heat up on the kid quite literally. All the flames and fire was turning the area into a furnace, but still this was going no where Marx had to make an offensive move if the plan was to continue like he wanted. "Damn you kid you are in my way and I told you all those in my path will BURN!" Suddenly Marx slowed down to a halt allowing the flames behind him to cease so he was caught up in their wrath, Marx was panting heavily steam pouring off his body from his sweat evaporating he didn't have much energy left to continue like this so he was going to end this fight as fast as possible, something that was his specialty, he spoke with a clam yet somber voice as he considered the actions he was about to take, "I'm usually against the notion of killing people no matter what the cause is...but like our leader says this is war and sacrifices must be made. Don't worry though you will not die in vain you death will be for a justice that burns brighter than any fire." With that suddenly Marx appeared just a few feet forward vanished reappeared another feet forward while the previous spot exploded in a large fireball. Nova smirked as he repeated this causing fiery explosions to spam everywhere as he moved around in a zig-zagging pattern. The Jet was actually using a variation of After Burner where he stops then accelerates rapidly around the area causing violent explosion left in the previous spot, the downside was this technique put a heavy strain on his body from the sudden stopping and accelerating meaning he couldn't keep it up for long. Marx panted heavily as he suddenly appeared behind Seth then a dozen of the fireball exploded in a cascade towards the young kid that would sweep over him like a tidal wave.


Glasgow: Alleyway

The information broker known only as Enigma to those he did business with leaned up against the wall in an alleyway of Glasgow a smirk on his face as he chatted with the just as mysterious Kuro-san known as the Emperor of the Underworld, the two man known only by a name wrapped in anonymity, the words from their mouth were weaved with secrets, lives, and half truths, playing a game of shadows for their own motives. In reality Enigma and Kuro-san were no different expect for the fact that in the end there could be only one winner in their game. The Superior Strategist replied with a cheerful tone to the Underworld's Secret King. "Come now Mr.Kuro-san, oh would you prefer just Kuro-san, Kuro, or maybe you could tell me your real name...I digress you should know that a person in my profession wouldn't be very useful if I couldn't just get a phone number. As for how I accomplish it well let's just say I'm a magician and you know what they say about magicians and their secrets." The Masters of Whispers smirked a little more as he heard explosions (Marx's attack) in the background, "As too what I want well I'll get to in a second...I'm sure wherever a man, or woman, of your status is by a television right now watching the situation in Scotland. Well let me just say the television doesn't do it justice seeing as I'm in the thick of it helping some friends of mine with a job. Now I'm sure a few people might be trying to take advantage of the chaos for their own motives, like those agents in F.A.B.L.E but of course you wouldn't take advantage of this chance would you Kuro-san." Enigma continued to play with Kuro-san as he began to walk through the alleyways listening to the destruction in background, "Now as to what I require well I actually require nothing from you in fact it is I who has a proposal for you. You see Kuro-san I would like to play a game with you, a game that you and I are both very good at, a game of shadows where every move is one for power and a game where you win or...die." The smirk vanished from the information broker's face and even though Kuro-san couldn't see it he wanted the King of Crime to know this was no joke, "You see while I may not know what your goals are I'm 100% certain that they will interfere with my own and my calculations are never wrong. The rules of this game are very simple we need not to tell the other one our goals, motives, plans, or even who the other players are; I'm certain one of us will know when the other one wins. Our pieces will be...everyone as I'm sure you have your knights, rooks, bishops, pawns, and even a queen as do I. If you accept the game you can considered this my first move a bit more flashy than I would prefer but in the end I think my pieces will be where I want them. So Kuro-san what do you say do you accept my little game?"

Black Stone: The Gang Unit

Surrounded by the beaten and bloody bodies of over 3 dozen men including some guards stood one man blood splattered from head to toe, wearing only a pair of black prison uniform pants and the nullifying collar now deactivated, medium length spikey black hair went to the man's back as a series of metal studs lined down his nose, a eye patch covering his left eye. The man let out a sigh as he began to walk over the bodies; "Jeez these guys were two easy to think they ended up here in Black Stone, this crappy prison must have just been taking in anyway loser who j walked. Whatever I told them if they don't the f*ck out of my way I would make them regret it they should have f*cking listen. And those stupid guards they were brutes and thugs so they deserved just as much as these gang banger f*cks." The man yawned a little as he walked over to a guard that beaten pretty badly and yanked the overcoat off him, "Nice coat f*cker good thing you don't need it anymore" The man threw on the coat and headed out through one of the back ways of Black Stone where many guards had escaped before, "Now that I out of here I am going to go pay a visit to that bastard who got me locked up in this f*cking place in the first place. That annoying information broker Enigma!" The man as the mysterious inmate left one of the guards he had beaten who was barely alive had a moment of panic as he watched the former bounty hunter known as the Steel Reaper convicted of killing 12 men including his former partner leave Black Stone.

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@this_is_riddle: Seth took over his body right before the explosion hit him and was sent flying several feet into the air and landed hard on the ground where he crumpled onto the ground knocked out. Then everything changed about him. His skin became slightly grayish and his hair grew slight spikes. He stood up and smiled at Marx with a blood thirst grin. "Show me your guts!" he yelled as he wiped blood off the side of his mouth. Purple light could be seen from inside his clothes as his tattoos glowed from underneath his shirt. With his light side knocked out the dark side could play with no restrictions. "Lets play a game," he murmured as his circle shot out this time faster and farther then before. He would settle this with a soul battle where only the soul could fight not the people. When he won he would have his soul eat this weakling for daring to even stand in his way. His bloody crimson eyes watched his enemy ready for even the slightest change in plan. He could not get near him though or he would activate the seal and would fall right into his trap. Though he knew his range would be more then enough to win in this fight.

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Minos got a short and disappointing answer, the cowboy did not see his client. After that Crow starts bombarding Ven Minos with questions. Minos just shrugged his shoulders and replied "Think whatever you want.". He starts walking slowly towards the prison, thinking about his search.

He expected the cowboy to block his path, but luckily for Ven Minos, just like before a new challenger came into the gunslinger's way. A man fashioned like a boxer, a raw and wild aura about him. It looked like Crow now turned his attention turned to this new man instead. Using that chance Minos continues on his way towards the prison, ignoring the other two.

Before he disappears into the prison Ven Minos can hear the cowboy say something about them not being finished and that he should stay close. "Sure." Ven Minos says it in the same casual tone from before, though this was nothing more than a blatant lie. Minos had no intention to spend any time on that man if not absolutely necessary for his job. Leaving his challenger behind he steps through the prison door and decides to make his way to the cafeteria.

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Tavi's attacks on Raveena mystical wavelength stunned her momentarily, but the spider queen quickly got back up and started. Raveena launched a viscous razor spider web from the tattoo on her back. Tavi with quick thinking and reflexes was able to hold off the wires that were close to slicing her throat by using the hilt of her sword. However the rest of her body still became entangled in the web, and attached to the wall. The web was trying to cut through her body suit, if she didn't think fast she would be sliced in half. Raveena started to taunt Tavi, but she had a steely resolve even though she was in a tight fix. Raveena turned her attention to Taylor trying to convince him to attack Tavi. "T-Tavi......Tavi...can" It was Cat communicating with Tavi though their psychic network "Cat! Cat! come in! ". However he was breaking in and out this time. It was due to Raveena sending her despair magic through the web. Tavi had to move quickly but the more she struggled the more the web dug into her bodysuit.

Tavi started to see flashes of Raveena's past through her mind. The pain and heartache she had suffered over the years. However Tavi had a strong mind, her intensive training s a solider and horrific experiences in warfare were able to keep Tavi focused. Her since of honor and duty to defend her country is what spurs her on. Now only that but the smile on her daughter's face when the rare moment arrives for Tavi to see her again. Tavi reached for the bottom handle of her sword . The web was slowly digging its way into her stealth suit. Tavi started to grit her teeth in pain, but she pushed forward a pressed a button on the sword. It activated a small pulse wave from the blade. It used what remaining energy it had to analyze the mystical wavelength Raveena was using and partially adapt and create a counter wave. It started to work as the despair waves started to subside and the web around her started to loosen. Then Tavi grabbed the handle of her sword and sliced herself free from the web. She was cut up at random points along her body, but she was still able to stand. With her suit drained of nearly all of its energy She had to be more careful, she may need that strange boy Taylor's help but could she really trust him?

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