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Grey clouds hung over the city of Glasgow created an unnatural chill that seeped through the bones and clung to the soul of those working about. A fine mist hung in the air not enough to signal rain but enough to leave a fine dew on everything. There was a peace that hung in the air in the Scottish city but it was slightly unsettling it made your skin crawl and it one crave the need for something to happen because it felt like something was building. Every second that pass where there was calm felt like it was building up to something and that when the tension finally shattered the silence it would be a true disaster. Still it was just another day in Glasgow, Scotland and people move on with their life this was especially true for Alan Mcgovern this was his first day of his new job working at one of Glasgow most infamous prison, The Black Stone. Build from a dense black stone found in the sea the prison held not only Scotland’s worst but some of Europe darker individuals while known of them were in need of maximum security they were incredible dangerous and the black dull walls, known for their ability to created deep pits of depression in the weaker inmates, were needed to keep them locked up. From the outside the prison appeared to be a large, dark, and depressing castle straight from the middle ages, in fact it was believed that the stone that made up the prison was influencing the people of Glasgow and many wanted it to be destroyed and the prison moved. Some of the prisoners currently locked up in the Black Castle of Glasgow were; Jack Kinnley also known as the Crimson Night a notorious serial killer who plagued England with his deadly claws, there was also the man known as Marx a terrorist with a tendency towards pyro mania, there was even a few female prisoners who were separated from the rest of the male population one of them was Ravenna Luna a Spanish woman who created a curse that caused the men around to fall for her and spiral mentally into chaos while she rose through political ranks. There were many more notorious criminals held up in the castle like prison that sat only a few miles northeast of the city therefore everyone was on their toes because a breakout or riot could cause some of the worst of society to be released on the innocent masses.

Despite his new job at a notorious prison known for its dismal atmosphere he was quite cheerful this was a job he had wanted all his life, he gone to school, started from the bottom and work his way to the top now at 33 years old he was in the prime his life. He had finished his morning routine, had a healthy breakfast made by his loving life of 5 years, said good bye to his two children of 4 and 3 while promising to take them to get ice cream after dinner. He arrived at the arrived at the prison with a picture of him and his family his 4 year son made in the car. Despite the appearance of a disheartening castle made from dull black stone surrounded by fences and barb wired the prison was actually very advance to keep in its unwanted masses it security cameras and nullifying neck collars that would neutralize any inmate with any abilities outside of basic human levels. Surrounding the prison as 4 guard’s stations and 4 watch towers that monitored all activities and controlled everything electronic. Alan kept his cheerful attitude as he anticipated clocking out to go be with his family even though some of the older men who had worked there for years told him that he shouldn’t get use to his smile that eventually the prison takes its toll on you and you end as miserable the prisoners. But Alan ignored them and kept on it was around 3:50 he had ten more minutes left in his shift when an unmarked white van pulled up to the guard station to go into the prison. Alan following proper procedure and ask for the van’s proper identification, but the van refused to respond, Alan continued asking for permission and warning it to go back or else yet the unmarked vehicle refused to respond just sitting at the guard station. Once the final warning was initiated with no response the young, upstart rushed forward gun in hand and yank the driver’s door open…..


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Taylor rolled off the cot at the noise, completely baffled.

He had no way of knowing what was going on, trapped in the solitary confinement cell he was currently in.

And with the controlling collar around his neck, there was no way he could use his abilities to escape and see what was going on.

Smiling, Taylor reached his hand up and touched the collar, erasing it from existence.

Now he was free to do whatever he wanted.

Pointing at a wall, Taylor began to turn around in his cell and sing to himself.





Taylor pressed his hands against one wall with glee, shoving a pointed screw into the thick metal. The wall began to oxidise, the contamination spreading from the penetration and increasing to fill the whole wall.

Grinning, Taylor picked up two more massive screws and smashed them through the rusted metal, tearing through it like sheet plastic.

He had to stop for breath after all that physical exertion, but perked up at what he saw on the other side of the hole.


He smirked as the glanced around the gymnasium, looking at all the female felons who glared at the weird kid that just crawled through that new hole in their wall.



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Seth had been in the city for a few days now, he was waiting for his paper work to get done to see if his cousin was a in mate at the prison. So he had about a week to relax at the city. Which for him was a scary thought. He carefully made his way through the streets avoiding everybody eyes and ignoring a particular loud laugh in the back of his head that really messed with his concentration. With his eyes on the ground he didn't notice a large bulky man in front of him that seemed intent on walking into him. Seth walked into him and fell down hard onto his butt. "Watch where your going wimp," the man said as he popped his knuckles menacingly. Seth closed his eyes and when he opened them they were a dark crimson red. He stood up and gave the man a cocky smirk. "Why you insolent fool!" yelled the behemoth of a man as he brought his fist of crashing down on Seth. Though Seth easily grabbed the arm and used his weight against him to flip him. He slammed his foot on the mans face and the man was knocked out cold. "My turn with the body," he said before walking off into the city.

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The Black Stone Prison 15 Minutes before the attack. Security Office

It was a typical routine day at The Black Stone Prison metal detectors. Visitors from the nearby city of Glasgow wanting to see there friends or relatives that were behind bar. A woman entered through the metal detector, wearing casual business attire and a pair of glasses. Putting her purse through the metal detector according to procedure. "Alright miss, thanks next!" the security guard shouted, as the young woman grabbed her purse. Before the the woman walked off, she introduced herself to the guard " Hello my name is Dr. Kyoko Miyabi, I was recently hired here as the new prison's psychologist. I was scheduled to the meet the warden in his office, but I am not sure where it is?" She spoke in a polite manner, but it was seen by her demeanor that she was on the shy side. The security guard kindly obliged and answered her question. "Dr Miyabi, thats Japanese isn't it well anyways Miss you will find him on the third floor first door on your right can't miss it." A smile came to Kyoko's face and she bowed her head in appreciation. "Thanks very much" She turned and headed for the elevator.

Saito Estate: Coral Gables, Florida (Two Weeks Earlier)

It was high noon,  the warm rays of the sun were shining brightly across Manami's archery field. The sounds of arrows cutting through the air and penetrating the wooden bull’s-eye’s with uncanny precision. Wearing a red sports tank top with matching jogging pants the raven haired super spy of FABLE grabbed another arrow from her quiver and drew back her high powered hunting bow, and focused on hitting another bulls eye. Suddenly her phone began to ring, and she answered using her Bluetooth. The sounds of a rough and raspy man could be heard. " the Mongoose ready to enter another cobra's nest?" A slight grin came across Manami's face, knowing who the man behind the voice was. "Rumpelstiltskin, is has been a while since I heard from you. That must mean that there is a mission for me" Manami asked. "You bet Tavi its something right up your alley." The members of FABLE communicate with each other using their code names. Usually focused around characters of fairy tales and other  folklore stories. Manami has the code name of Tikki Tavi, like the fabled mongoose."I know you have heard of the Black Stone Prison. an impressive structure located a couple clicks northeast of Glasgow, Scotland. It segregates the male and female prisoners, and houses some of the most ruthless criminals there regardless of sex. There have been rumors circling that something big is going down there and ..."she" may be involved."

The Black Stone Prison: 10 Minutes before the attack

The elevators of the third floor began to open for Kyoko. When she stepped out of the elevator she saw a small sing on the floor that read "Watch Your Step". She looked up and saw a middle aged man wearing blue overalls mopping the floor. It must have been the prison janitor. The man looked up and saw the young woman and tipped his cap to her. In his slightly rough and raspy voice he introduced himself to Kyoko. Good afternoon lass, the name are Mick, Mick O’Malley. And you are? Kyoko was abit apprehensive but Mick seemed like a good guy. "My name is Kyoko Miyabi the new psychologist here."  Mick merely rubbed his light red beard. "Ah Japanese I presume that is a lovely name. Haven't been to Japan in ages. It look like you are in a rush to get somewhere I'll let you go lass take care". Kyoko bowed her head at Mick, and proceeded towards the warrens office. "This looks like this is it" Kyoko thought to herself. She knocked on the door. "Come on in" Kyoko heard from inside the office, she proceeded to do so. 

Saito Estate: (Two Weeks Earlier)

"She..!?" Manami said in her Bluetooth to Rumpelstiltskin. "It possible, but doubtful in the state she is currently in. I can see where you are going with this Rumpelstiltskin, you want me to make sure that these rumors that are circling around are just that....rumors. If thats the case I need a disguise and an alias. Rumpelstiltskin merely chuckled in the phone. "I knew you would take it, stop on by the FABLE HQ and will fix something up for you. Stiltskin out." Manami also hung up her end and fired the arrow at the target. Splitting the other arrow right down the middle with ease. "Guess it’s time for a little Irish getaway." Manami smirked to herself as she headed back into her home.

The Black Stone Prison (30 seconds from attack)

Dr. Miyabi I appreciate your concern for these patients, but they are loose cannons. Taking repeat aggressors out of solitary confinement would be a horrible mistak..... BOOM The Warden couldn't finish his sentence as he was interrupted by a violent explosion. The Prison shook causing some part of the ceiling to crash land onto to the warden’s desk. The main light went out, then the emergency light kicked in Kyoko wasn't so lucky as the ceiling fan crashed on top of her head knocking her unconscious. The janitor Mick O’Malley entered the room with a flash light. Seeing Kyoko's body on the floor with a head wound he unwrapped the plastic around a new cloth and placed it on her head. "Warden, can you keep an eye on her and stay hidden while I see what’s going on" Mick asked the Warden. He quickly answered him " What the hell do you think you're doing O'Malley!? you're just a janitor!! Mick stopped at the door, and calmly replied to him "Right there is nothing a janitor can do..Chameleon Cloak disengage. Suddenly a faint green aura covered Mick, and what once was a man began to appear a raven haired colored woman wearing a highly advanced and sleek combat suit with a a mask over her eyes. ...."But there is plenty Tavi can do!"

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Arsenal Vetinari was driving his Audi towards the prison when the bomb went off. He was hoping to visit an old war buddy, one he'd been fought the IRA in Belfast together back in the 80's, during the Troubles, but Matt Tennant killed his daughter's husband in a particularly bad PTS episode.

The fact that he turned himself in didn't change the sentence much, and he'd been in this prison for three years now, and had another decade left before his release.

But, it was a lovely Scottish afternoon, no reason not to visit an old war buddy.

Except for the flaming wreckage at the gate.

Vetinari pulled the Audi over and got out of the car, running towards the flames. "HEY!" He shouted, drawing his gun and looking for attackers and survivors. "WHO'S STILL ALIVE!? CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

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Near Glasgow, in the outskirts of the city, a place of green meadows and deep fog that in a regular day would only be accompanied by the sound of goats or sheep now was filled with thunder-like rumblings. Shockwaves of blue flames and orange light filled the place as two men stood right in front of each other trading powerful blows with strength and speed clearly inhuman. One of them a young Scottish lad wearing only kilt with fuzzy red hair all over his body and a mane of crimson hair that matched and equally bushy beard. The other contender was a young man wearing only boxing shorts a really destroyed t-shirt and bandages over his hands; he was a little smaller in size and had less muscular tone but seemed to be trading blow by blow with his opponent as an equal. Plastered in his face a grin of blood lusted satisfaction as the ferocity of their barrage only increased. Gen Shishioh was fighting his first real ranked match in the Spirit Boxing Federation, and his opponent was a veteran of the Federation, the Number 89 Redd Mccallister, trained in the Scottish Highlands a man that could punch bears to submission even before of awakening his Fighting Spirit, the scars all over his body being witness of that feat.

-Getting tired old man? I can keep this all day!- Gen taunted while he unleashed a combo of 4 consecutive 1-2 with sharp crosses and uppercuts mixed in between. –Ha! Ye Think ye can beat me so easily!? Ye need a thousand years more of training!- Redd stopped most of the blows and stoically thanked the others, even if a light brush of a cross cracked one of his ribs. Both fighters took their distance. As brilliant flames cutting through the fog, their Fighting Spirits ascended to the skies, an Orange Flame and a Blue Flame, flame-like aura was an indication of what type of Spirit Boxer they were, the Flame like were the ones with the strongest willpower and possibly the largest reservoir of Fighting Spirit, sometimes so much that destroyed them from inside out if they exceeded. Both fighters were preparing for a final blow, as this fight had lasted at least 12 hours, fighting through all the night without rest. – Ye’re going down lad! I will take ye down with my ultimate technique!- Orange flames started to swirl around the Scottish Brawler right hand. – Right back at ya old timer! I’m going to knock ya down!- The Blue Flames suddenly contracted into the left fist of the Tokyo Boxer shining hot white as it concentrated in one single spot.

Both shouting in unison punched the air; both using Guts based Techniques with range punches. –Scottis Raige!- Orange flames came in a spiraling blast towards Gen, as the faint image of a western dragon manifested behind Redd. –Nice attack old man, but you aren’t a match for this! LION ROAR CANNON!- The hiper concentrated Spirit energy took the shape of a Lion opening his mouth engulfing Gen’s hand and a beam of blue light was shoot, a laser-like attack that pierced through the giant but disperse spiraling orange Fighting Spirit and connected against Redd guard with a powerful detonation and a massive shockwave that made the whole country side shake like a bell. The Scottish Warrior guard shattered as so did his bones making the beam of blue Fighting Spirit connect against his chest sending him flying backwards into a massive boulder covered in moss, that was shattered by the impact. Gen leaned and supported his weight over his knees while panting, Redd Mccallister was defeated and a Scottish man shaped dent hold him against what was left of the boulder. The Hot-Blooded Boxer moved towards the boulder and a really battered and bruised Scottsman declared him the winner. This victory allowed Gen to climb 2 positions in the Rankings, not that he cared about that.

After the fight he helped his opponent back to his house, and the Veteran Boxer invited him a beer. This special blend of Mccallister helped to restore lost Spirit and heal the wounds, so both of them drank a lot. But their sportsmanship attitude was interrupted by a massive explosion that sounded even where they stood, in the far end of the city. Both fighters came out to take a look and shocked expression in Redd face allowed Gen to know that something big was happening –Sorry lad, I would stay for another round, but something else than beer is brewing in the city, I’ll take my leave now- The Scottish fighter started moving away and if this happened a couple of months before Gen would have left, but recent experiences taught him to be a little bit more caring for others. – I don’t really have anything else to do right now, and whatever this problem is it’s smell like a fight, and trust me that I don’t want to lose the opportunity for a brawl.- The Hot-Blooded boxer smiled with his trademark slasher smile. Mccalister smiled as well surprised to find a fellow Spirit Boxer that could care for other people problems.-Okay lad! Follow my lead, we have some heads to bash!- And with that decided both fighters moved towards the Black Stone.

Inside the Prison, a shared cell between to foreigners, a dirty and rotten hole in this hellhole of a prison. Masako Hihashi was there for events of his past, he was experimented upon with the Japanese Government as they searched to increase their military power through loopholes in the treaties that stopped them from doing that, by creating super soldiers. Masako was a partial success as he developed incredible powers, yet his psyche forever changed from the young soldier eager to help to a psychotic madman bent on destruction and suffering. His power was to telekinetically enhance any process that would happen inside the human body, allowing him feats such as generating blazes of heat radiating from his body, shooting electricity through his nerves or enhancing his senses or physical attributes. But this powers only looked small upon his main skill, thanks to his body enhancing he could rebuild his organs, muscles and bones to anything and he usually took a bite of somebody to analyze his cells by an hyper developed sense of taste allowing him to replicate genetical enhancements or different genomes by biting a piece of anybody.

Sharing his room, and terrified to do so was another Japanese guy, caught after disturbing the peace and placed in this hell only because he had special abilities, Makoto Inazuma was a Japanese gang member that got a deal with a demon to save his life, he asked to be fast enough to avoid being caught, so the demon complied, now Makoto can be as fast as he needs to outrun anything, just barely fast enough. Makoto body is frozen in time, so Death can never get him, and under that premise his body heals as fast as he needs, thus cursing him with immortality, a gift that he started to hate, trapped inside this prison for years. But both of the inmates notice that their luck started to change when the explosion shook the complex and the door of their cell suddenly popped open. Masako wanted to consume anything, Makoto wanted his freedom. Without thinking it twice they decided to team up, as Masako knew by experience that he couldn’t get any powers from Makoto thus he let him be, and he liked having somebody to talk in Japanese. As the started to move in the complex the passed in front of a room with reinforced doors. Inside a man covered in chains and with both hands under heavy shackles. The glow of Fighting Spirit in his eyes and a sinister smile in his face.

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A few minutes before the blast

A young girl around the age of 22 ran from spot in to spot in the Scottish city of Glasgow, she had a bright smile on her face highlighted by her amber cat like eyes and dark black hair there was a look of feline mischievousness in her smile that meant she was usually up to no good. The young took snapped pictured of the sights and sounds that made of the famous Scottish city acting like just another ordinary tourist and for the most part she was another tourist enjoying a short stay in the city away from her home in the States after some stressful times. But to say she was just ordinary was a bit of an understatement seeing as she was taken just as many pictures as people were taking of her because of her strange attire. The young girl was dressed like she was ready for a Halloween party despite Halloween not being for another couple of months, she was dressed in a similar manner to a...witch wearing a dark purple sleeveless dress under a black half jacket with purple fur around the neck and cuffs, she wore long black boots that went up to near her thighs and a orange and black saddle bag. The girl even wore a large black witch hat on her head the tip of which curled and spiraled with a cat tail a small pumpkin hanging off it, she had on black fingerless gloves on her hand and along with the camera around her neck was a necklace like collar that had a amber cat eye diamond in the center. She was no ordinary girl and her witch appearance wasn't just a Halloween themed fashion statement she was a black magic woman and that bag was filled with more then just the usual items a tourist would have she was the Cat Eye Witch, Antonia "Toni" Sorcière a magician/bounty hunter from the states and she wasn't here in Scotland alone. Toni cheerful called to her boyfriend wanting yet another picture, "Crow come here let's get another picture mon amour!"

Sighing a little the 23 year old man laying on the bench look back seeing the face of his normally cheerful girlfriend pouting down as she looked at him, with a slight tan from leaving in the southern states close to the Mexican border in the States Crow appeared to a modern day version of a cowboy wearing a grey long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up under a dark black sleeveless jacket with brown and white eagle wings on the back, slightly faded jeans and brown holster around his waist containing his signature silver and white revolver Quicksilver, brown fingerless gloves and brown cowboy boots but nothing sold the cowboy attire like the worn brown cowboy hat that currently had a pair of goggles with some eagle feathers around the rim of the hat. The hat, was titled over his cobalt blue eagle like eyes and hid his dark brown hair, cutting him off from the world as he tried to nap. Crow Cementerio was a bounty hunter from the States and the Last Gunslinger a title not to be taken lightly seeing as Crow was also the current holder a contract with the Native American Thunderbird God earning him the title of the Rail-gun. The Gunslinger waved his hand casually dismissing his girlfriend, "Toni we taken enough pictures, we came to vacation not run around Scotland like we are on a bounty." Toni's eyebrow twitched a little as she became irritated with his somewhat lazy boyfriend as he clenched her fist, "We are on vacation Crow you just want to sleep all the time we could have stayed in the States for that." Crow sighed again closing his eyes again, "No it was too noisy in Death Vegas I wouldn't have gotten any sleep besides you thought Scotland would have been a good idea." "Yeah Scotland is a city seeped in history, culture, and fantasy I thought with all the hard bounties we been after recently it would be nice to let the change of scenery refresh our batteries. Besides we should take as many pictures as we can mon amour so that we can look back on them as we grow older together in marriage." Toni eyes comically became hearts as she lost herself in a day of dream of marrying Crow till her beloved eventual husband spoke, "Yeah well a siesta recharges my batteries."....

"GET UP YOU LAZY BUM!" Suddenly the bench that Crow was laying on was comically flipped by an enraged Toni once the bench landed Crow was sitting up laying back a smile on his as he relented to his girlfriend, "Dios mio Toni all you had to do was say please. I guess we might as well enjoy the city." The gunslinger picked up a sheath knife that was laying next to him and attached it to the holster then flip backwards over the bench stretching a little. The slight frown on the Cat Eye Witch's face went away and was replace by the same cheerful smile as she ran and hug her boyfriend from behind jumping on his back and taking a picture of the toy of them cheek to cheek a smile on her face and a slight grin on his face. Despite Crow's carefree and somewhat uninterested attitude in having a "relationship" Toni was more then a bounty hunter partner to him but he would never let him know that, suddenly though a explosion that was felt for miles around by everyone rocked the area the two bounty hunters were in. Crow kept his smile but his face has a slightly more serious tone as he placed his hand lightly on his signature revolver. The young magician slid off her boyfriend back and reached into her messenger back gripping a whip, which was her signature weapon, a serious look on her face mixed with disappointed. Crow smirked as he looked around at the worried people, "Lo siento Toni but it seems our vacation may have just got cut short. I don't know what that blast was but I got a bad feel that something may be rotten in the state of Scotland."

Back at the Black Stone Prison

Poor Alan McGovern body was shattered all over the place along with shrapnel from the van that detonated a few seconds ago, the blast was for more damaging then anyone could have imagine not only had the sheer shockwave can anyone in immediate range and but the shrapnel of the van along with a few pounds of metal that was stored in the back of the van turned it into a mini-van side pineapple grenade whoever set this up was extreme skilled with explosive, the only reason the structure of the Black Stone Prison wasn't weaken was because of the durable stone that made of the walls of the prison. Unfortunately the problem went for beyond that because the blast destroyed the one station that was apart of the chain that kept the control collars activate now with a vital link broken all the collars currently neutralizing the inmates abilities or powers were deactivated and a fourth of the doors were opened not that it matter. This unexpected attack happen at one of the worst time because for another third of the prisoners who not in the cells were out in the yard working out, another fraction were eating in the cafeteria along with the various other who were not in their for various activities it wouldn't be long before the other stations were over run and all the doors unlock freeing the few groups still in their cells, inside the prison once the inmates realized that they no longer had to worry of a debilitating shock punishing them for any bad behavior and they were practically set loose a collective roar shook the prison to its solid stone foundation. For the city of Glasgow Scotland all hell was about to break loose as the ones they locked away were let out into the city.

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A call to the Hollow Bullet Pub was more than enough to contact one of the best assasins and mercenaries of the whole world. Falken Degiraz former agent of the defunct Trinity Gate society a secretive organization created to design and sell soldiers to the best bidder, was taking a nap in his favorite chair with a cold beer warming up beside him. The telephone woke the Cyborg Mercenary up and without even getting up, giving a small tap to the desk with his foot the phone jumped up into his hand and with the tone of voice of somebody half-drunk half asleep he asked –Hollow Bullet Pub, killing people for you since 2008, what can I do to help?- the voice in the other side of the phone seemed shocked by the informality and casual tone of Falken, yet in a single second he cleared his throat – Sorry to bother, I’m calling from the Scottish Government, we have a situation, the Black Stone Prison, if you’re familiar with it as I know you are you will know the gravity of this, has experienced a Jailbreak, so we are needing a man of your talents to help our police and army to recapture the fugitives.- Falken didn’t even thought for a second, he knew the kind of monster that the prison held, and more importantly he knew he could ask their reward money again if he captured, with his eyes gleaming he started preparing his stuff. – I’ll be on my way- and with that he hanged the phone and got ready to travel, but the telephone rang again, maybe they forgot to tell him something, but this time around the voice was different, cold and inhuman, a voice he knew and his face shifted from a smile to smirk. –Mr. Degiraz, before you go I assure you that you’ll take this contract.- Falken didn’t replied, but the man on the other side kept talking –I’m going to take the silence as if you’re interested. One of the fugitives is called Makoto Inazuma, we want to hire him and thus you need to retrieve it, your payment will be generous as always. Please contact us through the regular channels if you decided to complete this contract.- the Twin Barreled Angel of Death shook his head and got ready to go.

Meanwhile Masako and Makoto moved in hiding trying to get into the records room, an idea Masako had to destroy their files and facilitate their escape. They moved as silently as they could, while the Prison was in the midst of a chaotic revolt. The pair, thanks to Masako’s senses avoided the cams. Makoto was scared and basically he was being dragged by the Psychotic Cannibal as Makoto knew English and Masako didn’t, the young Inazuma was the Psychopath guide through the prison.

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Arsenal paled as he saw the oncoming horde. That was a LOT of convicts coming towards him. Making a quick decision, he hopped into the air, tic-tacking straight up the gateway and onto the barbed wire nest stop of the walls.

He watched a lot of the criminals flow into the city.

But a lot of the more dangerous ones were still inside for some strange reason.


There's an agenda happening.

Something was going down that he did not know about it.

Arsenal hopped down on one of the more non-chalant escapees, pressing his hand to the convict's face and scouring through his memories. This one was exercising in the yard when the power went down, shortly after the explosion. After learning the layout and seeing what kind of monsters were inside, Vetinari made a decision.

He went inside the courtyard, and would stand as guard against those with a plan to escape.

He knew who the monsters were.

He was going to take them down.

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Seth was trapped in his subconsciousness while the manifestation of all his dark emotions went off doing his own thing. He then noticed what his dark side was going to and went pale. "Please don't go there that's to dangerous," Seth begged but his dark side was to intent on finding plenty of battles to listen to him. He came up to a hill overlooking the crowd and mentally started singling them out. He didn't want to attack yet first he wanted to see how they reacted because he didn't want Seth to give him a headache about how putting people into comas for no reason was wrong so he waited for a person to make a move that would classify as a act of aggression against humanity.

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The streets of Glasgow were engulfed in the flames of chaos and revolt. The fugitives of the Black Stone were everywhere, raping, murdering and committing every known crime and possibly creating new ones on the fly. Small focus of resistance stood against the onslaught, policemen, military and some local heroes and super humans, but the pent-up rage and hatred of the criminals made them dangerous and fuel their rampage giving them strength beyond their limits, making the forces of law efforts pale in comparison. Advancing from the south a couple of men were managing to score some points for the good guys’ side, even if that wasn’t their intention. Their laughter accompanied by the sound of their fists cracking bones filled the blocks around them as they advanced towards the downtown that was in-route to the Black Stone Prison. Gen Shishioh and Redd Mccallister were punching their way through waves of escaped convicts with gleeful grins and blood splattering their hands.

–This guys aren’t half-bad old timer, but where are the big guns? This guys are good but I think they aren’t the best that prison haves to offer, I can smell it.- Gen made that remark as he almost punched the jaw out of a knife wielding nut that carried a myriad of weapons piercing their blades through his skin, he was only known as Sauvage he was caught in France alongside his brothers after a fight against a group of young teens that gained powers from some sort of entity that embodies the concept of the arts, all of them gaining powers related to painting styles, sounds weird, but we are currently watching a young Japanese boxer engulfing his fists in tangible spiritual energy and punch the fuck from a French madman that said he served the Concept of Murder alongside his brothers the Fraternite Assassinat, so we have to ignore common sense at this point.

–Don’t get cocky ye lad! These bloody bastards may be a wee threat, but the big ones may be still inside plotting, they are as strong as they are smart. Not to mention one of our colleagues is inside there, the 12 ranked in the world of Spirit Boxing, Silent Quan.- The Scottish Boxer talked about one of the strongest Spirit Boxer a man known for his shocking lack of sound, presence or killing intent, a skill that allowed his moves to be impossible to read, that added to incredible speed and accuracy made him almost untouchable and unavoidable. Quan was capture after killing another Boxer in broad daylight, and his capture required the joint effort of the whole British Military forces, only with half of the royal navy aiming at him the enigmatic Boxer stopped resisting. Gen licked his lips, hoping to get a chance to fight that Quan guy; a brawl with somebody so strong would surely be enjoyable. Both Boxer rushed through the streets punching anything in their way.

Meanwhile inside the Prison Masako and Makoto stealthy movement was finally caught on by a squad of guards, both teens took care of them as fast as they could, that being seconds. Masako pierced through two of them with dual spear hands, enhancing his skin, bones and muscle density to allow him such feat, even resorting to increasing the sharpness of his nails thanks to his powers. Makoto just knocked them over and watched with disgust, almost throwing up how his cellmate took his bloodstained arms out from the holes he created and licked the bits from their bodies. Both teens reached their destination and with frantic movements started searching for the prisoners files cabinet so they could destroy them.

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A fine mist was hugging the Highlands of Scotland. Looking down from a hill was a man on a horse. His hair was brown, with crimson lock just in the middle. On him was a blue overcoat and with shirt underneath it with a lather strap running over his chest. Facing it from above he could see a valley, a village and a massive black fortress. Flames could be seen and screams could be heard. It was the perfect setting for a medieval romance novel, but these were not the dark ages. This was happening in modern times and the black castle was in fact a prison and the battle, brought to life by the blaze and screams, was a breakout.

And the man looking at that scenery was no knight or messenger either. His name was Ven Minos and he was a famous mercenary, better known as the Man in the Blue Overcoat, because of his striking appearance. Just as the prison wasn't a fortress and the breakout not a battle between armies of knights, so it wasn't pure chance that brought that money driven killer to that place of chaos. He was there on a job, he was to escort a certain person from that prison and ensure that nothing happened to them. He was already payed half the money for the job and would pick up the other half we he had the client secured. It wasn't the client himself who started this stampede of convicts, he merely had the information that something like this would happen on this day and decided to use it to his advantage. The prison was special in the aspect that it held prisoners with supernatural powers. The client, while locked up under maximum security, wasn't one of them. It's not that the prison's director was scared of what that man could do from the inside, but rather what others would do on the outside to get him out. "Looks like i'm late." the mercenary had a cat grin on his face, it was rather lazy and sleepy. He rubs the back of his head a yawns.

He gets off his horse, matching the color of his hair, and binds it to the safety fence on the edge. "Wait here buddy, i'll be sure to pick you up." he taps the horse a few times while whispering the words into his ear. Minos draws his katana, Bohemian Rhapsody from it's sheath, both of them as black as the prison itself. What follows is a swift slash to the right, accompanied by a high note, played when the sword cuts the air. No effect is apparent but soon after the man takes a step off the fence, as if he's about to do a leap of faith. But instead of falling down as the laws of physics would normally order, Minos takes one step after another as if being carried by the wind. That was the effect of his display of his sword skills previously. Melos Magnus, it could increase anything, and in this case the density of the air was increased. The molecules were pressed tightly together, forming stairs invisible to the human eye all the way down to the prison.

On his way down Minos notices two interesting individuals. They were on a platform, a bit lower than his own, a young man styled like a cowboy from a western and girl bearing the appearance of a stereotypical witch except for her face which was rather youthful and pretty. Minos throws a sharp look to them as it's obvious that they would have spotted him. He continuously looks at them, especially the man but says and does nothing. Instead he just continues walking down his transparent stairs, he wasn't a man who would waste time on things that did not concern his job.

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The Women Sideof Black Stone Prison

The woman stared at the young man who just miraculously broke through the wall from the men's side into their and then acted just as casually as making a wrong turn while driving; a large muscle bound black womanwith a turf of hair like a Mohawk cracked his knuckles menacing, the woman was Jacqueline Demont or as all her little punks called her the Bull Dyke of Black Stone. Jacqueline was the former leader of an all-female biker gang she was arrested for robbing a gas station, assaulting the men, and raping the single female clerk when she can to Black Stone she quickly force her way to the top and treated it like her own personal harem she was as strong as an bull and could snap someone neck without even blinking an eye. "Look girls it seems some little boy wandered into the ladies room. We got ourselves a little pervert I think we should teach him a lesson so that he doesn't go stealing panties to sniff later." Jacqueline and a small group of muscle bound woman moved towards the mysterious intruder till a sultry voice called from the back stopping Jacqueline in her tracks because it was one of the few woman who was above Jacqueline in terms of pecking order. A pale skin woman of Spanish decent with raven hair and pale purple eyes smirked a little as she examine the hole the male intruder made; the woman was none other than Ravenna Luna the infamous Spider of Spain black magic had changed her appearance from a olive skinned green eyed woman to the pale witch that sat in the prison currently but also gave her supernatural abilities to control men along with several other abilities. Ravenna smirked as she held up her hand looking at Jacqueline; "Hold on Jacqueline this young man seems a bit more interesting let's treat our guesswith some respect after all we are ladies aren't we." Jacqueline bowed her head as she stopped her fellow bullies replying to Ravenna, "Yes Mistress Ravenna" Ravenna turned her tempting eyes and sinful smile on the mysterious intruder as she introduced herself, "Greetings young man I am Ravenna Luna and who might you be?"

The Men Side of Black Stone

Crimson blood sprayed against the black walls of the prison as blood curdling screams echoed down the halls mixing with the deranged laughter of a mad man unleashed on a prison full of new victims for him to carve up. "HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! That's right scream you bloody f*ckers! Scream for me! Let me hear you plead to god, jesus, mommy, spongebob or whoever the f*ck you bloody believe in! Let's paint a masterpiece of crimson with your blood for the world to see and cringe in horror later!" Jack Kinnely cackled with a hysteria as he sliced up the guards that had held all this time to make up for the lack of his infamous claws he created a make shift substitute made of duct tape and knives, shards of glass, gardening equipment, and tools that he gathered along the way taping them to his hands so that they don't come off. The man known as the Crimson Night shouted in orgasmic bliss as he sliced a guard vertically down his chest after carving away at his face; blood sprayed all over Jack as the man fell down dead leaving the serial killer panting having a new freedom burning in him like passion with a lustful woman. "This is amazing I am going to turn the Black Stone into the Crimson Stone by the time I'm done. Where should I go next him how about the woman's side of the prison I carve those dykes up like a bloody thanksgiving turkey." As Jack started making his way to the woman's side of the prison he suddenly realize hewas near the warden's office the idea of being the first one to slice up the man who said he was a danger to society and that the best thing for the world was that he rot in prison sent a shiver of pleasure through his body. But as he approached the office he notice there was a woman with the warden that he hadn't recognize before along with a man who seemed to be wearing some form of tactical armor; "Well ello pretty you are a new face here. Let me introduce myself I'm the last face you will see when you are bleeding out and pleading with your maker to end the suffering."

In the City of Glasgow

Anarchy and chaos was running rampant in the Scottish City as the prisoners who broke free from Black Stone assaulted Glasgow with a unbridled hatred and need for revenge the police tried to put up some form of barrier by they were easily overrun it was hard enough to deal with but the ones with unnatural abilities were too much and helped tipped the scale in the convicts favor. A few countries were sending back up in the form of their respective armed forces but that still meant hours before the surge was fought back. Glasgow only hope was the few heroes who were in the city for various reasons putting up slight resistance but the question was how long could that single wall hold back the horde of anger fueled inmates pillaging Glasgow. A short fat man wearing a brown bag over his head with a frowning face drawn on was hopping from car roof to car roof wielding a meat clever; this was the serial killer Bob an account who snapped and decided he was going to chop up everyone, Bob spotted a woman running screaming for her life and leapt towards her like a hippo charges its victims. "Not today tubby!" Unfortunately for Bob he was met halfway in mid air by Crow Cementerio who delivered a vicious spin kick that sent the pathetic killer flying into a brick wall then crashing into a dumpster. Crow landed with a smirk as he watched making sure the woman got away safety then looked around, "20 Down...Dios mio only 100,000 more to go." The Last Gunslinger smirked a little taking a deep breath as he looked around at the chaos around him trying out what on earth could stop on these escaped convicts. I'm doing my best taking down these guys one by one but for every one I knock down 10 more spring up in his place just how long can I keep up with the demand for ass beating before I give out myself. Just as Crow was finishing that thought he drew Quicksilver and fired at a group of men trying to attack some civilians in their car, Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Emptying the revolver he dropped the men with well placed shots then reloaded his revolver and progress forward towards the closest screams. Meanwhile the whip of the Cat Eye Witch Toni wrapped around the neck of a man and slipped between his legs, with a tug the young magician flipped the man over then spun him around releasing into a convict who was riding a police horse he has "burrowed". Toni panted as she look around seeing Crow using his revolver to break another inmates jaw before he strangled a man to death, so far the two of them were having no trouble dealing with the surge without their respective powers but that wasn't going to last much longer with the way the events were progressing. The young witch used her whip to wrap around the ankle of a man who was trying to get the pants off a woman then whip the man up and brought him face down into the concrete, she followed this up with spinning the weapon around her in a display of her skill with the weapon lashing at the group who tried to surround her. Bang! The Rail-gun's shot was exploded a Molotov cocktail in a man hand before he threw it at an office getting out of his car. The incendiary bomb caught the thrower ablaze making him run around in pain screaming; before Crow could move another to the next person he sensed something and looked up seeing a man standing in the air above him like he was on another level of steps. The man wearing the blue coat and the Lightning Gunslinger made eye contact for a split second. The gunslinger didn't know who this man was whether he was a ally going to help or another convict looing to create more chaos but something was off he wasn't wearing a standard Black Stone prison uniform something was wrong he was heading towards the prison. The gunslinger called to him aiming his revolver at him, "Hola amigo but where do you think you are going!? Can't you see the party is down here?" The man ignored the Rail-gun and continued on walking on thin air towards the prison Crow went to chase after him but as he took a step suddenly a wall of flames erupted in front of him blocking his path; from the wall of fire stepped a man with a burning red hair matching the flames he just conjured he was shirtless and smelled of burning human flesh he was the pyromaniac terrorist Marx.

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Taylor smiled, running straight forward at Raveena with a look of pure ecstasy on his face and knelt down at her feet.




Then the gore behind him was made manifest.

While not every female in the room fell victim to his attack, there were very few survivors.

It was a simple manner of erasing choice concepts to weave that tapestry of death in the time it took to run across a gym.

Jacqueline and Raveena were conspicuously unwounded.




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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Seth moved from his vantage point when he saw the chaos the people were causing. "Better go before my conscious blows a gasket over all these weaklings." he said as he cracked his knuckles. He grabbed a broom that was laying against a wall and broke it into against his knee. He twirled the two halves in his hands and walked up to a thug that had his back to him. He took the two halves and stabbed the man in the soft of the neck and laughed as the blood started to fly out. When the man fought no more he dropped the corpse and moved on to the next target. He came upon a large group of them cornering a group of kids. He walked into the midst with his hands in his pockets and looked at the escaped convicts with a cocky smirk. The thugs seeing him as more fun started to move in on him. From his feet came a circle that surrounded him and the group of ten thugs just stopping short of the kids. "one rule no violence just follow that rule and you will be okay," Seth said as he closed his eyes in relaxation. These thugs weren't that smart though so that was probably was why they were caught because they first thing they did was attack him. They were all blocked by a invisible barrier that knocked them back. "Penalty 1,000 deaths," Seth muttered as the screams could be heard from the men as they each felt the sensation of death a thousand time each one more painful then the last till the finally died from a heart attack on the last one. The circle shrank back into him and there was no sign it was ever there except for the ten corpses and the terrified children. All of a sudden his features soften which signaled that the real Seth had taken control again. He walked out of the alley kept the same path in a straight direction in a trance as he was in a sort of coexistence mode with his dark self where he was in control of the mind but his dark self controlled the body. He came to a area where there was a large group of dead bodies. In the midst of the corpses stood two warriors, a man and a woman. He was about to walk up to them when from the corner of his eye he saw a convict come up behind him with a gun read to hit him. He grabbed the gun and twirled the man around and use his gun to shoot several of the escaped convicts dead center inbetween the eyes and then cracked the head of gun owner's open with the butt of the gun. Seth then took full control over himself and held up one finger to the two figures meaning give him a minute and walked over to a nearby wall and dispensed the contents of his stomach. He wiped his mouth then walked back over to the two people. He took a look at them a had to say he had seen weirder dressed people. The male being dressed like a cowboy and the girl being dressed as a witch of some kind. "H-Hello my name is Seth and do you people have any idea what is happening in right now?" Seth asked his voice being timid for a man who had such murdered so many people. Inside his mind though his dark side was banging his head against a wall that had no right being in there.

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The dark hallways of the Black Stone Prison were only illuminated through the flashing emergency lights. Manami in her super spy guise as Tavi was rushing towards the Women's prisoner area of Black Stone. Her combat suit modified with the use of the Zo'ar's ancient yet highly advanced from what we have today was quieting her footsteps and storing needed energy from inertia. Tavi used her psychic link with FABLE HQ to get in contact with associate Cat. "Cat, this is Tavi Black Stone has been attacked as we suspected it would. Need a quick status report on what is going on outside."  A man with a smooth and suave voice began to speak to her. A man known through out FABLE as the Cheshire Cat, and a close friend to Tavi even though she has never seen his real face. "Tavi it doesn't look good Glasgow is getting torn to shreds by the freed prisoners" Cat responded. "Any ideas about who is behind this attack" Tavi asked. "Nothing as of now, but this attack seems to be well organized could be more than one behind the scenes. As Tavi opened the elevator shaft doors Tavi she started to process the information she was gathering. "Whoever is behind this wanted to get someone out. Cat keep me up to speed on what is going on outside. Tavi out"  

Tavi jumped across the empty elevator shaft toward the large lift Cable, and began to slide down to the lower levels where the Women Prisoners were located. After analyzing the roster for the women's prison there was a small percentage of suspects that could have the means or know some information about the attack... Ravenna Luna, and Isabella Thornsby. Tavi processed through her mind. Tavi had finally reached the women s side of the prison. It was a wreck and the scent of freshly spilled blood was in the air. Hiding in the shadows, Tavi spotted three figures in conversation with each other two women and one young male. Tavi quickly recognized who they were. Ravenna Luna, just the woman I wanted to have a chat with along with Jacqueline Demont. Taylor!?...what is he doing over here, if he kills Ravenna I won't be able to get any information".  Tavi readied her compact Zo'ar Archery Bow, and pulled out a combination arrow aiming it at Taylor. The arrow was equip with a  strong sedative needle point strong enough to stop a raging elephant in seconds. It was also armed with a high UV light Flare bomb used to temporarily blind a target from the needle. Tavi analyzed the area quickly, and determined the the time frame from her position to where Taylor was standing and armed the UV bomb accordingly. She drew the arrow back, aimed and fired. The Arrow cut through the air with high speed precision. With three fourths of the distance covered the bomb began to detonate in flight towards Taylor. 
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Taylor's head was sent flying by the force of the last blast. Everyone was blinded, but during the flash, all of the wounds caused in Taylor's attack vanished.

The screws were gone, and everyone was fine.


Taylor's body was missing.

The room went pitch black as Taylor spoke.


Vision returned to the room as Taylor drew breath, then went dark as he continued to speak.



[ 5 ]

[ 4 ]

[ 3 ]

Light returned, and Taylor was stood next to Raveena with a massive screw aimed at her torso.



And he rammed the massive screw towards Raveena. It was a Bookmaker screw, one that would rob her of all her abilities and drag her down to Taylor's level.

Making her all the easier for him to defeat, shame, and control.

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Jack was sitting on the bed of his cell. He was alone and half-asleep inside a cell in the solitery confinement. How did he get into this situation? Apperantly, a known murderer can't hide from the government as well as you'd think. Especialy true if that murderer likes to play games with his victims. He was locked in an argument with "his" other personality. Neither Jack, nor Zerasar wanted to to give in, both wonting control over Jack's body. And then an explosion was heard in the distance.

"What the-" Jack said. An explosion? In this place. If this was a movie someone would be trying to break the prisoners out. Too bad it isn't a movie. I wonder what's going on. Maybe an opportunity to make a fine portret? Jack's thought were interupted by Zerasar - If you let me, I could remove this collar, and then gett us out of here. Before Jack could respond the collar fell of all on it's own. I guess I don't need you, huh?

The door to his cell opened. The collar on his neck was gone, but he still had the bracelet placed there by his old "friends". It was too much for the prison guards to remove so they didn't really bother with that. He got out of the cell and looked around. There was chaos everywhere. It seems we've been offered the perfect chance to escape. And that was exactly what he intended to do. Then he saw all the people around him. This was the perfect killing field. All he needs is a weapon, but that'll have to wait. He started running with the other inmates, scanning the crowd for a perfect victim.

He tapped one man on the shoulder. "If you want to escape, follow me." He ran into a corridor and saw a door. He quickly oppened the door and noticed the room he was in is empty. His victim followed him inside and before it could do anything Jack grabbed his neck and broke it. Then he looked around and noticed he was in the prison kitchen. A kitchen has to have a knife, right? Right. He grabbed a knife and carved a picture onto his victim. It showed a man behind bars with an explosion in the background. The perfect representation of his current situation. He got out of the kitchen and started looking for his next victim. Unwittingly, he was going towards the wardens office.

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Arsenal looked at the other people approaching the prison. Cowboy, witch, blue longcoat.

And he could feel the screams of those in the town.

He made a decision.

He charged forwards, then up the main wall before vaulting through a reinforced window.

Jack Kinnerly was there, makeshift claws and all, with a warden, an armoured man, and some clerk-type girl.

Arsenal raised his gun at Kinnerly. "Bullet goes through your head or you become my attack dog, Kinnerly." He announced, making his position clear. "The rest of you, try and talk some sense into me so I'll put this animal down."

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Ven Minos can see the chaos and suffering just below him as he walks on air towards the prison, but none of it did affect him in the slightest way. He just continues on his path, ignoring the screams of pain and cries for help. His job took priority over everything and he wanted to finish it as soon as possible. The cowboy from before calls him and he was about to chase after Ven but a wall a fire cuts his path short. A lucky event, Minos didn't feel like wasting any time on that man.

He finally arrives at the blasted prison gates. Just where his stairs end he jumps off. He enters the prison and end up in the courtyard. While most of the inmates had left as soon as they found a chance there were still some fighting among themselves as it seems. Some of them are just standing there and watching the others beat each other to death. As soon as they stop the blue overcoat approaching they take action. Some of them start throwing anything they have at him, from chairs to improvised weapons they made inside the prison. The rest starts running towards him, either because they weapons didn't make good projectiles or they did not have any to being with. Unlike what they expected Ven just stands on the same spot, not even bothering to dodge anything.

Many of the thrown object hit but they don't have any effect, it was like they were throwing sticks at a bear. What had Minos hesitate for so long was not his good will or the lack of reason to kill those men as they were no threats. He was simply analyzing the surroundings to see if his client was there. After confirming that no one there looked like his client, he drew his blade. A fast spin is made with Bohemian Rhapsody and a destructive guts of wind is sent out. It sends both the projectiles and all the convicts flying to the nearest wall. When the raging wind disappears only one man is standing, Ven Minos himself. Everyone else was lying on the ground, they were either dead or had most of their bones broken and massive internal bleedings and all they could do in that state is wait for death.

Minos sheaths his blade and makes his way into the prison, with the only goal of finding the man who hired him on his mind.

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