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I don't know where they come from. It seems highly unlikely that they evolved naturally into what they are now - impossible, given what we know about evolution. Perhaps they are some kind of bioweapon, created millennia ago by madmen for some long-forgotten war. If so, I suspect that their creators soon came to regret their creation. Or perhaps they come straight from the warp. Possibly the Lords of Chaos themselves cast them out because they were too unpleasant.

- Jard Advent, Senior Xenobiologist

The more I learn about these aliens, the more I come to understand what drives them, the more I hate them. I hate them for what they are and for what they may one day become. I hate them not because they hate us but because they are incapable of good, honest, human hatred.

- Inquisitor Agmar,

To think that Tyranids are mindless beasts is a grave mistake. When you fight Tyranids you face not only those before you on the battlefield, but the untold thousands which seek to surround you, which attack your supporting units and destroy your supply lines in perfect synchronicity. These aliens have shown evidence of both tactics and strategy that speaks of a far worse threat than that posed by a mere beast.

-Marneus Calgar - Chapter Master of the Ultramarines

A new Tyrant joined the fray and, in an eyeblink, the whole character of the swarm changed. The ravening berserker-spirit that had driven the Tyranids onto the ridge was gone as if it had never existed. Left in its place was something cannier and infinitely more worrisome. It was then that I knew the battle to be lost.

- Lt. Daniel Smith - on the battle for Macragge

We cannot live through this. Mankind cannot live through this. In a single day they have covered the surface of this planet with a flood of living blades and needle-fanged mouths. Kill one and ten take its place. If they are truly without number then our race is doomed to a violent death before every shred of our civilization is scoured away by a force more voracious than the fires of hell themselves! Death! By the Machine God, Death is here!

- The last transmitted words of Xenor Valgrig, Techpriest of Valhaven.

The blasphemy of the Tyranids is such that only one solution is acceptable. Extermination.

- A survivor.


The first thing the Knights of the Miles did upon learning of the emergence of the Tyranid presence on the continent of Australia was send their pleas to the UN.

Evacuate the planet.

Bomb Australia from orbit.

The second thing they did was pray that they would be heard.

They prayed that they would survive.


There are few species that are a genuine threat to the Empire. Orkz are a nuisance, but unless they unite under a competent Warboss for a crusade, then they're little more than teenagers looking for a scrap. The Tau, with their greater good, try to assert dominance over the Empire, but the second the Imperial Astartes get through those Tau shields and those pathetic little frogs flee bag to their ponds.

Even the ancient Eldar, those technologically advanced races that create avatars of destruction and summon the spirits of deceased heroes to fight alongside them, they the Empire do not fear.

But she the Tyranid successfully infiltrate a planet, it becomes more than expendable.

It becomes a risk. The only safe option is exterminatus.

Destruction of the planet.


This RP will be the first wave of human(isn) units sent in to liberate Australia. There will be a 80% Death Ratio, so bring expendable NPC's along. You'll be facing creatures you haven't encountered before, even in the Hellscraper. That said, those who took part in the later stages of Hellscraper will know that Tyranids do not mess around.

Voice your questions, concerns, and ideas here, as well as letting my know if you'll be taking part or not. I'm hoping to start this in a week or so.

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Areyou and he is the same person

If soI would like to use this RPG as a chance to apply an update to Jayden in a major way

Like basically you said 80%death ratio and basically Jayden is going to die then comeback in a. Spectacular way with some new powers. Similar to what happened to Sanjaz when he died

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@Galenbeta: When did SamJaz die spectacularly and come back with new powers?

And that's the one thing I won't allow in the RP. Anyone who dies in this RP will die like a dog. No glory. No revivals.

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@SamJaz: well then I guess I will just tag him dying and coming back in the history without an to

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@Galenbeta: Fair enough.

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@SamJaz: i so in with Jayden who's not dying.

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@Galenbeta: Depends really. Such is the level of threat the Tyranids present.

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@SamJaz: I have a character that already faced such horde style fighting I think he is going out of the vault and back into the street

Still I'm not quite pleased with what we will be fighting..... too 40k-ish

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: hooray!

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@SamJaz: Still I might reconsider, like I mentioned I'm not thrilled of being in your personal 40k fantasy, happening In-Universe. If you had done another verse just for 40k I would have been less disgusted about it. BURN THE HERECTIC, KILL THE IMPURE!

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Still working on the shift away from the source material.

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@SamJaz: For starters you should change the name Tyranids and their origin

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: That is true. Any ideas?

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@SamJaz: Just from the top of my head:

A disgruntled Empire Scientist decided that if his research in artificial life forms was going to be cock-blocked by the Empire he would make it on his own. He found some interesting Genetic material in forgotten fossils of a planet that was banned long ago by a nearby race, as they said it was too dangerous. With that material he created a simple life form, that easily replicated and evolved with each replication, adapting to the enviroment and following a simple instinct, feed and consume. It wasnt long until they evolved with space faring capabilities, allowing them to extend and keep consuming world after world.

All descend from the original organism that in theory could be the kill switch for the whole race, that is linked to the progenitor by a Empatic-Genetic Field. Yet the Progenitor is hidden and protected, like an Ant Queen.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Nah, that's full of holes.

1) how would they already have advanced to a level where they can kill marines?

2) Thought police would have detected the scientist long before he got to that stage.

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Holes? No, there are problems that are caused by having a SUPER SPACE EMPIRE brought from a completly different medium to the one we try to emulate

1. They can constantly evolved to adapt even to minimal changes. Ergo each breed is stronger than the last, larger than the last and breeds faster, the con is that they constantly need to consume organic material so they even get to the level of eating each other.

2. That's a problem of having a really OP Empire. OP EMPIRE. And how long is the range of the Thought Police coverage?

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1) The difference of days vs millennia of evolution

2) varies, but considering that this was the Emperor's home planet, it's not one that'd be rounded off.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Personally, the solution to an OP empire is OP aliens. Something they've faced before multiple times and turn the marines into redshirts.

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1. That's their thing, they evolve super fast.

But still the millennia of Evolution of the Human Empire has been carried since the 80's until know, more than 20 freaking years of different writers buffing the damn Empire into a monster that is fit to fight other monster civilizations, you picked it up and transported it to this verse were nobody can even begin to face them. You should have started your own Original Empire instead of grabbing one and only tweaking a thing or two.

2. I never said he was in the Emperor Home Planet

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1) I used that as a base. The young empire isn't as developed as the Embassy, and the Embassy is more OP than the WH Empire.

2) Okay then?

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