Bounty Hunter of True 'Justice': Aldrich Reine (bio)

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Name: Aldrich Reine

The One King: Aldrich Reine
The One King: Aldrich Reine


The One King, The Bounty Hunter of Justice, The One Justice, The King of Magnetism, Ald, Aldie, The Absolute King, The Absolute Justice.

Place of Birth: Hidden German Lavatory

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Group Affiliation: König PROJECT, BHA Artemis Branch

Age: 30

BH Star Rank: 2


Aldrich is a man who enjoys the finer things in life and one can tell simply by the way the Absolute King dresses, standing at 6'1'' and weighing about 220 lbs of mostly muscle, Aldrich was breed, raised, and trained to be the peak of human abilities meaning he is muscled perfectly and has near perfect genetics. With eyes of dusty brick red and golden hair, similar to that a king's riches, that is spiked up with a bang handing down in the center, the One King has a perfect skin tone with only a slight tan free of blemishes keeping his body in premium shape via physical training and conditioning. The Absolute Justice is not one to shy away from a chance to display his imposing physique whether it's to impress or intimidate and becomes violently enraged whenever he encounters someone who disrespects or is not that all impress by his near flawless form; in face the only real mark on the King's body is the lightning bolt shaped scar that runs down his left eye a reminder of the day that he finally lashed out on those who experimented on him for years as a child. Aldrich becomes extremely violent and vicious whenever someone he initially underestimated manages to leave a wound on his body that could leave a scar because in his mind he is the perfection and peasants should never touch their king let alone ruin perfection. The One King usually wears a long, dark indigo coat of the finest quality lined with actual silver fur that he drapes over his shoulders in a cape like fashion creating a regal air about himself; over a purple button down shirt (or in warm weather a purple muscle shirt) which he doesn't tuck in and leaves a few buttons at the top undone. Aldrich also wears black dress pants with a purple and gold belt and black dress shoes allowing him to always maintain a properly dressed and groomed appearance about himself. While not wanting to look tacky as that would ruin his perfect appearance the One King usually wears a few gold rings on his hands that have been demagnetize to prevent them from being ruin by his powers, each of these rings are worth a small fortune in fact its been said that even one of the smaller rings, could buy one self a small castle, a Ferrari, and still have enough to hire a butler for life. This does generate the question does Aldrich really have this wealth and if so why does he need to work as a bounty hunter. One particular ring seems to hold a special significance to him, for as of yet unknown reasons, the rings appears to be made of solid gold and some valenium (the metal which makes up Crow's Quicksilver) and has the design of a lion roaring, rubies are embedded in the eyes and it is usually worn on his right finger and despite its apparent worth he always wears it. The Magnetic Ruler also has a affinity towards music and usually wears a pair of high end Beats headphones around his neck or over his ears, when he is trying to drown out people he finds annoying, the music playing usually varies but he seems to really enjoy rock music.


The best way to describe the One King's personality is simple, Aldrich is extremely egoistical, arrogant, and a megalomaniac. As a creation of PROJECT Konig, a secret German experiment that was started after WW II, the Absolute King was made to be a perfect human and resident of the Inner World a king to rule over all others this is how Aldrich was raised, taught, and trained expect the bounty hunter took this to heart, head, body, and soul. Aldrich believes that he is not just a true king but the one true king and therefore he is the true heir to his "throne"; Aldrich carries himself with a superior air and looks down on all those who he perceives as beneath him especially humans therefore he views everyone a servant, peasant, or mongrel and therefore refers to them as such. Because of his beliefs Aldrich cares, that implies he has emotions, for no one else's emotions, sympathies, feelings, or even the safety of those below him therefore he is not above causing collateral damage even if people lose their lives in the process and has more often than not has left a twisted path of cruelty and violence behind him as he searches for one target. The One King sees the world as servants that should be willing to die on the behalf of their king and therefore is not above sacrificing people in order to achieve his goal even those who trusted him and believed they were "close" to him, to the retort of emotions, friendships, bonds, etc. Aldrich often replies that a king does not need his people the people need their king and that they should give their admiration, respect, and devotion no matter what and it is what he expects from than those bonds are entitled to him. Aldrich believes that a King's Justice is beyond any other form of justice and that the world is actually working on a twisted version of justice therefore his Justice is right and is absolute expect the king's version of justice is a parody of "for the greater good" as it is more like "for the greater good of the King". As a bounty hunter the Absolute Justice usually tracks down his target with little to no remorse and goes to extreme and more often than not unnecessary measures to get the bounty he believes that he is superior to others bounty hunters because he do whatever is necessary to ensure justice and capturing the criminals even if it means killing someone in cold blood. Aldrich justice extends just beyond bounty hunting he believes that his Justice should be imposed on the Inner world by its true King, himself, and to break the King's law is equivalent to treason an offence punishable by death. Because of this few other bounty hunters want to team up with him, because as Crow put it one time Aldrich is the type of person who would shoot you clean through the back if you were in the way of his shot, and this is how Aldrich wants it he rather work alone and gain the fame, money, and rewards for himself because even if Aldrich were to be in a team he would force the other BHs to give him their share as a King is entitled to all the spoils of victory something which is against the BHA rules. One of the King's greatest flaw is his need to constantly prove his is superior to his opponents Aldrich is more likely to go out of his way in order to prove once and for all that he is superior in all regards, as a king should be, unfortunately though if he is unable to prove how superior he is to his opponent or if he encounters someone who is stronger than him he quickly loses his temper and a darker, angrier side of him comes out to fight. Aldrich is also someone who will go out of his way to humiliate his opponent or as he put it "show them their rightful place" this could be from simply toying with them to really cruel, obscene, and disgusting ways to make opponents feel like they are truly lower than the dirt under the King's feet and using his ability this often is something his victims are force to do against their will. The King almost always underestimates his opponents considering them moguls, peasant, servants, etc. and therefore rarely fights at his full strength and often not showing his trump card unless he really has to, the thing is even when he is not fighting seriously Aldrich is still someone to be reckon with, but this is also another one of the flaws he refuses to acknowledge allowing a opponent to sometimes get the better of him an unfortunate mistake. Earning Aldrich respect or more often than not is a grave error in judgment especially in the middle of fight as the King is not afraid to really start to reveal his strengths and abilities to their fullest extent and with his regards or lack there of the safety and well being of by standers his targets can easily become overwhelmed if they are not prepared.

Power and Skills

Super Agility and Reflexes:

Super Speed:

Weapon Master:

Super Strength: .



Konig Abilties

Weapons, Equipement, and Misc.

NPCs: Servants, Allies, Enemies

Fights and RP records

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I'm liking where this will lead I look forward to the rest.

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These have been badass

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@Jlynnana: Thank You I am not satisfied with a character unless he is badass ;)

@Manami: I will get to the rest as soon as I can. I'm starting to think this is a character I am going to be able to get behind easily

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Phantom ain't gonna like him.

Can't wait for the sections to fill up.

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Personality updated more to come

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Aldrich personality is complete going to start on his appearance soon.

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