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This a NPC bio/group that is similar to Mangetsu for Kuro-san the BHA is for Crow and some of my other characters. This will currently deal with the US branch there may be more the other branches if people want them.

BHAUS (Bounty Hunter Association United States Branch) Commonly referred to as the Artemis Branch

About the BHA

Artemis Branch Emblem "We are Bounty Hunters sweeping away criminals like trash"
Artemis Branch Emblem "We are Bounty Hunters sweeping away criminals like trash"

The Bounty Hunter Association is a global organization that employ Bounty Hunters, individuals who hunt and capture criminals for a reward, who single goal is to sweep away the criminals of the world like trash on the street. The BHA exist outside of any normal law enforcement agency or government organization so that our Bounty Hunters can work outside the law when the case calls for it, but the BHA is also meant to lessen the burden on these groups or take care of a problem that these agencies failed to deal with successfully. All the Bounty Hunters employed by the BHA follow a set of codes so that even they are not above the law. There is a BHA in almost all the continents with a main headquarters and several smaller locations across the globe the BHA is over seen by the collective group of chair representing each of the various branches. All Bounty Hunter are licensed and have at least some amount of training to be a bounty hunter to prevent casualties and follow the Star Ranking system to keep everyone safe and ensure the best possible scenario. Bounty can be submitted by anyone and then are processed through the BHA's logistic division who assign star rank, reward money, and divide it between the 7 branches.

Branches of the BHA

There are currently 7 branches of the BHA that span the globe each headed by a chairman elected by the bounty hunters of that branch. The Branches also have a unique code name associated with them.

  • The United States Branch: Artemis
  • The European Branch: Excalibur
  • The Japanese Branch: Yatagarasu
  • The Russian Branch: (Currently Unknown)
  • The Australian Branch: (Currently Unknown)
  • The South American Branch: (Currently Unknown)
  • The India Branch: Vajra

While each branch is unique they all follow the global BHA rules and code set by the 7 Chairmen representing each branch. There is also a 8th branch that represents the globe and where the 7 chairmen meet by it's location is currently unknown along with its codename for safety reasons. While the bounty hunters are associated with each branch depending on where they live by they are not restricted to hunt in that one place and can travel to other countries outside their branch with permission from that branch. There are also certain places that forbid the involvement of the BHA and ban them from their country while a bounty hunter may hunt a criminal there they due so at their own risk.

Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters come in all shapes and sizes in the BHA, but each one must be licensed by the BHA and their Branch if they want to legally hunt down criminals and receive bounties. In order to become a bounty hunter and receive their license one must meet several requirements:

  1. Pass their BH Exam
  2. Have a certain amount physical training and skill to defend themselves
  3. Be 18 years of Age
  4. Not be affiliated with any gang, syndicate, or criminal organization.

Only if all these requirements are met then is one allowed to receive their license.

The BH Exam

The BH exam is the most important requirement for inspiring bounty hunter, the exam is held only once every year during the first week of January the place of the exam changes every year, but is usually held within one of the 7 branches, and examines only learn of the location of the exam Christmas day. This is not the only thing that changes about the exam because also the type of exam changes every year as well along with the proctors of the exam this is all to ensure safety and to prevent cheating, a constant of the exam is that it is over seen by the 7 chairmen who can and have expelled people from the exam or overruled a proctor's ruling at any time during the week of the examine. A person can take the examine as many times as they need to pass but if they fail they must wait a year till the next examine, once passing the examine a bounty hunter no longer needs to take the exam again and are not required to take any renewal test. Once passing the exam they are issued their Bounty Hunter license and registered in the BHA database.

BH License

A BH License
A BH License

Every bounty hunter in the BHA must have a license that registers them as an official bounty hunter in their branch, every license displays the bounty hunters name, epithet, branch, age, star rank, along with other important information. A BH license can not be revoked unless in the extreme circumstance of a chairmen orders, or from the collective vote of the 7 chairmen (some so rare its unheard) but under no circumstance will a bounty hunter be issued a second license at which one they must take the BH Exam again and start from the bottom of the ranking system. The license grants special privileges to a bounty hunter for example acting like a passport, ID, social security card, etc. all in one, along with:

  • Grants Access to BHA database
  • Prevents bounty hunters from being arrested for committing crimes during a hunt
  • Grants access to a BHA building expect for the main 8th branch building (one needs a special chairmen card for that)
  • and more

The BH license also contains a tiny tracking chip that allows the BHA to track the location of all current bounty hunters.

Star Ranking and Chairmen

To keep all our bounty hunters safe and prevent casualties the BHA develop the star ranking system, there are 5 level or stars that a bounty hunter can earn each star allows a bounty hunter to chase a bounty of equal star, 1 higher, and lower ranking. A bounty hunter can increase their ranking by accomplishing feats that the chair men of that branch views as significant these feats can really be anything but more often than not are the result of catching a particular difficult bounty. Because a bounty also goes by the same ranking system the level of difficulty a bounty hunter can chased is determined by there own level for example a two star bounty hunter can chase a 1 star bounty, 2 star bounty, no star bounty, or 3 star bounty but not a 4 or 5 star. There is a way around this and that is by teaming up to take on higher bounties so if a 1 star wishes to chase a 5 star bounty then they must be in a team that equals 5 stars collectively. Therefore must bounty hunters work together in teams to get higher bounties.

1 chairmen exist for each branch of the BHA to be elected chairmen one must meet two requirements the first they must be a 5 star BH and the second they must be elected by a majority of the bounty hunters in that branch, an election only occurs when a chairmen leaves their position, dies, or the majority of the bounty hunters of that area are against the current chairman. There is an extreme circumstance of the other 6 chairmen forcing them out but this is another extremely rare circumstance. Chairmen determine the whether a BH moves up in the star ranking, makes judges for all the BHs of their branch, and deals discipline to BH who break rules.

The Current Chairmen of the 7 Branches:

  • United States Branch: Issac D. Muerte
  • The European Branch:
  • The Japanese Branch:
  • The Russian Branch: (Currently Unknown)
  • The Australian Branch: (Currently Unknown)
  • The South American Branch: (Currently Unknown)
  • The India Branch: (Currently Unknown)
Current Chairman Artemis Branch: Issac D. Muerte
Current Chairman Artemis Branch: Issac D. Muerte

In some cases chairmen elect advisors to help them in making decisions or overseeing certain aspects of a Branch these bounty hunters usually have a 4 or 5 star ranking and are selected by the chairman himself. In the Artemis Branch this exist there are currently 7 5 star ranked BHs that act as advisors to Issac and oversee certain aspects of the branch assigned to them by Issac himself. They are referred as the Siete Flechas (7 Arrows)

Siete Flechas

The Siete Flechas are Issac's seven advisers who help him make decision on important issues deal withing with the BHAUS, they are all 5 star BHs and ones that Issac himself have chosen. The 7 Arrows are not something that is elected, chosen, or decided upon by the other bounty hunters of the Artemis Branch; they usually carefully chosen by the president himself people who he has keep an eye on, observed, trained, or even cares about. The Siete Flechas also have the responsibilities of overseeing the various divisions of the branch.

  1. Oro Brillante
  2. ???
  3. ???
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. ???
  7. ???

Black Star BHs

Under certain circumstances certain bounty hunters break rules and do crimes so extreme that the BH has no choice but to revoke their license, something that can only be done by a chairmen or voted upon by the collective 7 chairmen. When this occurs that bounty hunter loses all star ranks, privileges, and from then on are referred to as a Black Star BH and because they often commit horrible acts they are also made into a bounty referred to a Black Star Bounty. Black Star Bounty are usually extremely dangerous and powerful so if a BH wishes to go after one they must require a team of five 5 stars or more along with any lower star BHs.


A bounty can be submitted by a single person, organization, law enforcement agency, government, or anyone this bounty is then processed by the BHA logistic division who assigned it a star rank, reward amount, and divide it among the branches depending on where was the criminal was last seen or who submitted it. The reward money usually comes paid from the organization, government, etc. who submitted that person can also determine if they want a target dead, alive, or by choice (as in the bounty hunter choices) once a bounty is captured and turned over the BHA usually takes a fee off the reward, this fee is determine by the chairmen of each branch, along with any expense the BH caused during the hunt. If a bounty hunter was working with another BH or group then that money MUST be split equally among the group no matter who did what or who didn't do what.

List of Bounty Hunters By Star Ranked (Artemis Branch)

5 Star

  • Issac D. Muete (Chairman)
  • Siete Flechas
  • more coming soon

4 Star

  • coming soon

3 Star

  • coming Soon

2 Star

  • Aldrich Reine

1 Star

  • Crow Cementerio
  • Portgas "Firefly" Muerte

No Star

  • Toni Sociere
  • Nichol D. Jackal "Steel Brusier"

BHAJ (Yatagarasu)


BHAJ (Yatagarasu Brand) Emblem
BHAJ (Yatagarasu Brand) Emblem

As mention above this a NPC/group its works like a really big NPC with me adding more characters in my stories but also actual players can join. If you wish to join the BHA or want to discuss the other branches then please message me first before you do anything.

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Impressive work. I can see you put a lot of effort into this.
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Awesome! I liked the HunterXHunter style license

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@Kuro_San said:

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Awesome! I liked the HunterXHunter style license

agreed this is very nice

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Very cool idea.

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I don't know if I want to involve Arsenal in this or not? On one hand, he'd love this environment, but on the other, he's also free spirit with fingers in all of the pies. Hm...

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I'll have the Japanese Branch done in no time as you asked me so nicely

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Interesting, looks like the outlaw version of Cerberus for Legato (though the various branches of Cerberus don't get along too well).

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This looks great, good job man!
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@homicide: Homi O_O

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@Mercy: ...MERCY! >__< Chucks a throwing knife at her
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Edited added a list of BH teams members to be filled in later.

Also added Aldrich as a two star BH

The Seven Arrows are coming soon just looking for ideas and images for them ;)

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Cool I wonder how man hunters will try and catch the greatest pirate alive:P

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Sent you the BHAJ by Dropbox

This is their logo

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Got it...Read it...and in one word


You can put the thread up for the BHAJ or would you like me too.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Place it yourself, I hope you get who is who of the images

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Okay I just need to think should I put it in here or in its own thread.

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Updated Added the Siete Flechas Description

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: So, bringing these bad boys back?

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@SamJaz: Yep that's the plan hopefully. I'm going to work on the US branch which will have a western theme or something like that, I'm assuming that Kuma going to want the Japan Branch. I offering the United Kingdom/Europe Branch to anyone who wants it *nudge nudge wink wink* ;)

They will be the counter parts to the Hidden World Affairs Branches to the U.S. Japan and England that seems to be a consistent theme going on here. It would be cool to see those 3 cities becoming locations with their own themes and ideas.

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