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(I know I done this bio like 3 times now but this should be the final draft of Enigma :) )

Noah Eibon aka Enigma
Noah Eibon aka Enigma

Name: Noah Eibon

Aliases: Enigma, The One Who Watches over the Crowd, Book, Book of Evil, Enigma of Evil

Age: 25

Alignment: Evil

Race: American

Occupation: Information Broker

Group Affiliation: Mangetsu.


  • “Have you finally given up; have you finally realized that I Enigma am better than you?”
  • “I am better than you?”
  • “If you read it on Book then it must be “true” “
  • “I love people, I love the way they react, the way the expression their emotions, the way they conceal secrets, I love it that is why I need to have them.”
  • “My goal is simple I want to collect everything I want to own everything!”
  • “To beat me you need to evolve from whatever you already are.”
  • “You are just to slow I already beat you ten times over in my head.”
  • “I didn’t do anything I just told (him/her/them/etc.) something it was all how they reacted. It is not my fault that humans react like that.”
  • “You need to constantly evolve”
  • “Riddle me this?”


The Book
The Book
Noah's usual smirk.
Noah's usual smirk.

Noah is young man with lightly tanned skinned and a slim body; he is about an even 6 foot possibly 6’1’’ and about 215lbs, this gives him a seemingly underwhelming appearance in general and this usually works to bring his opponent’s into a false sense of confidence until he reveals his real skill. The Enigma is about 25 years old but often claims he is 21 and that he will remain this age forever, Noah has short slightly messy black hair and ember colored eyes. Noah can usually been seen wearing a slightly arrogant smirk but Noah true terrifying appearance comes out when he becomes affected by the power of Insanity. His ember colored eyes seem to change colors and glow to a menacing red but due to their original ember color his eyes take the appearance of a darker crimson color, his hair becomes deranged and he gains a lunatic grimace revealing the true monster that lies under his usual calm appearance. Enigma usually keeps a calm collected and somewhat overly cheerful expression on all the time; he is considered somewhat handsome and girls usually find them selves attracted to him but he could care less for such simple feelings. Enigma charismatic appearances usually aids in his ability to gather “followers” he generates an air of self confidence in his appearance alone causing people to flock towards him, adding to this is his overall appearance has bits and pieces that attract different groups of people towards him. His badass jacket look brings in the rogue crowd, his smug yet expensive and well kept clothes attract a more wealthy group, and his good looks attract a fan girl base, and etc. This is actually not by coincidence Enigma super human level intelligence had given him an excellent ability of profiling people knowing what certain groups are attracted to and he has used this to his advantage. It seems that his look is more crafted to a younger audience in general because older people often refer to his outfit as eccentric or “strange” for someone his age. The Creator of Book is often seen wearing a dark grey jacket with white or light grey fur around the collar, cuffs and the bottom, V-cut long sleeve shirt that is usually a dark green color (green being his favorite color to wear for several reasons), jet back slightly loose jeans with a neon green belt that is slightly askew, and black shoes. Some who truly knew information (which is very few if any at all) about Enigma found this to be odd seeing as the profits generated by his company Book would surely make him a millionaire and he would be able to afford custom made suits of the finest quality but Noah‘s immense knowledge and his specialty of human profiling tells him that people seen in custom suits are often regarded with a certain air and it would only cater to one group of people so he choice this outfit because it has many little things that apply to a vast group of human appeal. The jacket that Noah wears come sin many variation of sizes and styles one of them being more of trench coat appearance with a fur rimmed hood, another is longer at the bottom, etc. Noah is usually seen with silver ring one or two fingers for some unknown reason the most likely explanation is this is another way for him to attract “followers”. When appearing around other villains at Mangestu under his alias Enigma; his outfit takes a slightly different appearance as to somewhat hide his true identity. He wears the same jacket like normal along with the same shirt expect for now the back of the jacket has a large neon green question mark with several smaller question marks around it and his shirt had a similar design on the front. The question mark seems to be his symbol as a villain, this suits the man known as Enigma a mark of someone who is unknown which is how he prefers, the green question mark appears on his belt buckle and on the back of the pair of black ”fingerless” gloves he also wears. Noah also wears green bowler cap with a black band and black question mark on the front. Whether he is posing as Noah Eibon or Enigma the Book is always seen with a green cell phone with a few charms hanging off the bottom he is either texting or talking on it. This phone is almost always on and he has his attention focus on it even during conversation with other villains or heroes; this is no ordinary cell phone it is extremely well advance piece of technology and can be considered Noah’s prized possession. The phone has information on pretty much every individual he has encountered and a link to his website Book allowing him to know who logs onto it and when so that he may interfere with their search sometimes the cell phone will have a pair of green headphones attach to them.



Agility and Reflexes:


Knife Mastery:




Informant Network:

Human Profiling:


Weapons, Equipment, and Misc.

Fight and RP records

Teach me the Ways of a Hero:

(I have to give credit where credit is due I may have come up with some ideas for this character but is was really ND who gave me the idea and the spark of creativity to get him on the right track. )

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I wonder how you'll put those ideas I gave you to use :P


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From the writting this seems like Willyvereb? This looks like a good solid character, kinda reminds me of the Riddler in the sense that he has that "I must be better than you" attitude.
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I like this version of him, great job:)
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@Newdeath: lol that is coming :) but I give u a lil spoiler Book is Google ;)

@Phoenix_Wright: Nope its not Willyverb try again :) Yes the Riddler was the original design for this character. (Arkham City Riddler)

@Sonata: Thank you it took me enough tries to get it right XD

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Added some of his personality more to come

I explain a little about what "Family" is all about :)

Btw can someone bump Crow's bio

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@this_is_riddle: I'll bump Crow's bio :)


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@Newdeath: thanks :)

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Personality is done :D

I don't want to hear anyone saying he doesn't have any personality because that is the longest personality in a bio ever XD

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I like this bio, yes! Two Batman based villains in anime vice >:D

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Small Update I lied the skeleton down for what is to come :)

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Sweet update! I've been reading your bio earlier on during the week to get a better idea of Enigma's character. Can't wait to see it all done :)

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@UsachanMaN: lol this is still a very rough draft. In terms of personality think of Izaya Orihara, of course, and some of the Riddler.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I see XD Alright, will do! I need to finish watching Durarara soon then :P

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Update and bump I'm changing some things about Enimga

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