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@Jlynnana: (>_> Novice... suuuurrrreeeeee xP)

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@Feral_Nova said:

(This could have gone such a different way, then surkit screwed it up :P)

Surkit is just chillin ;p

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@Surkit: Despite the seething anger burning from her bod, Bishop hugged her? The blood-lusted Lynn quickly regained her senses, trying to figure out why they had gone through all this trouble for one man. "I don't understand why we couldn't just ambush him in his hotel room" Lynn hissed, this was that Sigma mentality she had adopted. As the police officers burst through the door Lynn's eyebrow raises just a bit. "I can't help you there, I'm a former police officer myself..." she said, putting her hands up in the air.

The moment she did so, a powerful wind-zephyr pushed throughout the room pushing all the police officers in front of the door down. "Follow me!" she said, spinning on an axis and becoming one with the wind; leading the way through a horde of officers towards his sword.

"I fear we may have to fight on the ground floor."

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@Jlynnana: "Because I want them to know I'm coming, and I wanted him to know, no matter how many men he has. He's not untouchable."

Lynn's wind zephyr surprised everyone including him (for real) Following he hopscotches the wall over the swat teams that lay unconscious, yet they were still moving in heavy activity down stairs. "You've got wise emotions. I can hear a lot of activity" he said as both ears twitch to the sensitivity of the sounds.

"If you want to stay here I understand" Hopping over the railing of the stair way Bishop drops with a rock hard thud as all eyes and firing pins and scopes face him, "...shit."

"Hands on the floor now!" Ignoring the officer Bishop views the room quickly trying to find an escape. Covert wasn't his style but if the situation called for it... finally he stopped over thinking.

And hit the light switch on the wall beside him.

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@Surkit: It didn't take long for him to disappear, opting for the stealth route that she was accustomed to, Lynn hopped over the Japanese businessmen on her way towards the fire escape. Stopping for a moment she doubled back to the businessman. "After watching how "excited you got over my little dance, i know understand why there is no such thing as a Japanese Porn star". Turning again towards, the window she lunged outside onto the stairs, and headed up the escape.

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@Jlynnana: As flashlights blink on at th end of shotguns and pistols, Surkit dashes between the all, the sounds all over the room of people being pushed around by someone down low. A light slowly skims the bar, doubling back at the sight of the tip of his afro, "There!" They open fire immediately, emptying bullets through the wood and holding. The Sargent takes cautious steps over to the afro tip, only to see just that, a small patch on top of the stool.


Running up the stairs Bishop went out of the window at the top, grabbing a pipe on the wall across and leaping between the small space over to the fire escape, climbing up to see Lynn with folded arms at the top "Thanks for the help. Before it became all business...I think we had a good time." Moving in he looks down at her semi pouting face, "Call me if you ever want to do something a little more...less." He holds her hand for a second slipping his phone number into her hand before running off the roof and up the next building out of sight

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