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@Jlynnana: Not wanting to push the issue he focused on the people themselves, while letting the beat carry his body, "Could you teach me some of those secrets? I know a few things I'm sure you don't, maybe we could trade." Moving in to her magnetic smile he begins to show off a little, staying in rhythm but adding his own spontaneous motion to the flow, "Comes with practice. Knowing how to fight seems to give you an advantage...your a natural."

The song slows down to a whisper as the crowd cheers and begins to walk off the floor. Bishop doesn't move, noticing a handful of people flowing upstairs, a neon sign lit up reading VIP "Lynn, do you have anything you need to get to...?" he asks with a small smile

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“I’m not supposed to teach anyone my techniques” she met his eyes with hers to show how serious she was. “My father committed the ultimate treason against my people, by teaching me; the only reason he did so was because he knew somehow I’d survive.” She said, turning back to see people heading up the steps.

“If I could teach you, I would but…I just can’t” she said, sighing a bit. “No I don’t have anything else to do, why what’s going on?” she asked, trying to piece together his thought pattern. “I guess, I should just come out and say it, I’m having a really good time with you Bishop. I have a lot of baggage, stuff I don’t really like to get into; stuff I think about on a daily basis…but I haven’t thought about it tonight”

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@Jlynnana: "I understand... " Walking over to the doorway he lets other people pass and go up, turning back to Lynn to answer her, when she spoke her mind she moved in a little closer with her head down, her words took him off guard but he respected her honesty and returned it, "Being around you tonight was more then I expected, I had more fun than I have in a long time...I like you Lynn. " Looking into her eyes for a long five seconds he finally nods to the now empty pathway, "You first." Looking up as she finally reaches the quieter lounge area upstairs Bishop scans the room casually. He was comfortable with Lynn, she didn't make anything feel forced or like he was had to entertain her, they just mutually enjoyed being around each other.

The entire upper area is a velvet black and red all the way from the walls to the door to the floor. Even the bar was red oak on black marble, "A shot of exclusiv and a ciroc with sprite." Going over to a couch Bishop lets Lynn slide in, she moved light for someone he knew had incredible power, still feeling the kick she gave to his chest. Leaning an arm on the couch he turns to Lynn until the drinks came, " just figured we'd go somewhere more quiet, clubs are just sweat and noise after a while."

A man walks into the room, a micro twitch hits Bishop's eye and he knows it was the target. His attention slows for a second then goes back to the Chinese Chi mistress, a gorgeous barely clothes waitress blocking his view of the Japanese businessman that worked beside his father.

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@Surkit: Lynn leaned forward doubling her forearms on the table glancing around the place, all over there were people enjoying casual conversation much like they had; this place was nice and quaint and allotted them the proper time to get to know each other.

Her eye’s captured his stealing a glance at a shadowy businessman halfway across the room; initially she didn’t think anything of it, which is until she caught him stealing more and more. “I’m sorry if this is a bit forward…but uh; do you know that man?” she asked, scratching her head. She could tell from the man’s appearance and almost well hidden entourage that he was Japanese. “Yakuza?” she asked, turning to Bishop.

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@Jlynnana: "I..."Looking away and back into Lynn's curious eyes "wasn't being dishonest, I hadn't remembered my reason for being here until he walked into the door."Putting a hand under his chin and pulling out a white roll he begins to explaun covert casually "Yeah, high level Yakuza. Shingiin Tanaka of the Eastern territory. He passes the green lights from Tokyo to Aomori on any jobs being done in teir territory... Yakuza pirates captured me at a checkpoint. He's the only one that could've made it happen. the reason my father's plan to...mutate me, ever worked.."Taking a long drag the Samuraidazes out flashing back to the moment he died. Exhaling to the side he snaps out of it, " "My plan involved...a lot of blood. With you here it might be a lot simpler..." There you go. Invite her to fight your battles with you,"Or" that's why she went to the club tonight. "Or we can just...leave?" He said it with a weak act rubbing his neck with a forced smile

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Lynn caught the subtle hint, she didn’t really want to fight especially since she had calmed down considerably. “I guess I can be of some assistance Bishop, what you need me to do?” she asked, staring right past him into a small reflective glass. Surkit’s past interested her, she hadn’t seen someone expertly repel so many of her strongest attacks without having seen them before.

She sort of felt there was more to him than he was letting @Surkit:

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@Jlynnana: "Please don't take this the wrong way...I have a lot of respect for you..." Scratching the back of his neck, "Is there anyway you could lure him to the private dance area? If we can get him alone fighting won't be necessary. I'm not asking you to actually do anything, just make him think you will."

He had mixed feelings knowing she was mostly in the dark, being led on her faith to trust the Samurai. For some reason he usually had no problem keeping to himself but Jlynanna, he felt like he had to make the effort to not. The comfort level was instant and lethal to a man with secrets. But he thought maybe, she'd be worth the risk, "Two minutes is all I need."

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@Surkit:"YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT!?" she said, with a vein slowly pulsating through her head. Letting out a deep sigh, she pushed away from the table and walked off. Making a detour at the bathroom, she expertly flipped the top of her dress down so that the length on the bottom shortened. Exiting the bathroom, she walked passed Surkit purposely approaching the man's table from the right side. The strategic use for this was so Bishop could see just how many guards the businessmen had hiding amongst them.

Almost all of them lunged on her before, the egotistical business man allowed for Lynn to enter, getting a nosebleed thinking about the secrets within her dress. It took only a matter of moments for LYnn to have him up and heading to the private dance area, him and two of his closest bod guards.

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@Jlynnana: Surkit's head bounces to the buancy of Nana's backside that was hidden all night, turning and whistling as she looks back. Six guards all heavily trained escape their perches and converge on the Shingiin. As soon as the Yakuza raised his hand with that blood rushed drunken face, Bishop knew they were ready. Standing and taking a sip through the red straw Bishop begins to fumble and twist and fall, right into on of the guards, "Watch where you're going don't even look like you should be here."

"Meeeebuh I shusent. Who nose...! I just know yuh breath smelsh like chedduh and ya teef look lige buttuh. Hah" pushing his hand into the guards face Bishop moves onto the next one. "Are yalll them Yazuka's? Where I come from we got bloods and crips, yall aint shit. *Gulp* " Stumbling he heads out to the large ballroom like balcony meant for private party's and waits agains the marble awning, as if on cue all six leave the VIP lounge, encompassing the samurai, who had left his blade downstairs by the bar.

"You shouldn't have disrespected our organization. We're going to push you over the railing tourist. We're going to dangle you first, so you can get the scenic view a tourist deserves"

Taking another gulp Bishop's overly lax muscles tighten, his voice steady's "Why rob you of the opportunity"

crushing the glass in his fingers the Samurai throws his light body back, the glass moving in bullet line as it cracks against the talkative guards forehead, while it was mid air he'd already begun charging at the closest with a quick chop just below an adams apple to avoid death, spinning into a low kick that breaks one's knee from the hinge and sends him down, using the momentum to grab the knife from the guards boot, stabbing it into the one besides the last's achilles heel, his body going mid air before being forced down by the back of the blade to the sternum. Now the only one left was the center guard rubbing his forehead and trying to get the blood from his eyes. Bishop just Kicks him in the face and moves to the parapet beside the balcony, baby stepping to the room in the back with a red light shining out, with only an eye lurking he scopes the room, Lynn dancing seductively but slowly. The man was a pig in every sense but a curly tail as he squeals and tries to grab, her expertly fast hands slapping his each time.

"*fweet,fweet, fwwweeet*" He whistles before dipping back behind the window as it opens the heavy built guard scoping and slowly turning, only to feel a thick but thin hand grab his neck and drag his collar to hang on a weak nail protruding the wall, a two knuckle technique incapacitating.

Hopping inside he watches the guard watch the Shingiin watch Lynn. Everyone was so oblivious to the silent samurai that he decided to lean on the window, grab the left behind drink on the table and watch the show until Lynn noticed him.

he wasn't sure if it'd make her mad or she'd get a laugh, but he admittedly thought it was funny

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Def didn;t think it was that long

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@Surkit: Lynn kept her dance up, she didn't fancy looking at the pervy man, especially not with a good portion of her behind exposed. She sighed, subtly and continued with her slow dancing. Her adept ears listening to the commotion ensuing behind her. "I can't believe I'm even doing this...." she thought to herself; this was highly uncomfortable. "You have the body of a goddess....what is your name?" the man asked in Japanese, Lynn could just barley make out what he asked, but played it off with a shy laugh.

Exhaling a bit, her eye's happened to catch the very blurry outline of Bishop's afro in the rim of a gold plated painting. "YOU DARE..." she screamed, with her chi starting to burn around her. "YOU DARE!!!!" she screamed again, igniting the room with a deep blue hue.


The monstrous energy burst sent the mammoth of a guard flying backwards, as Lynn's energy burst sent the Shinngin through the walls. She stood with her chi burning off her body completely enraged. "Are you happy..."

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(This could have gone such a different way, then surkit screwed it up :P)

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@Feral_Nova: Lynn has anger issues lol

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(I can tell xD)

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@Feral_Nova: I'm going to slowly start adding to her power set, but she's still technically a Novice.

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@Jlynnana (lmao Nana is maaad)

"More than you know." Putting the drink down he pulls pieces of wood from his hair and walks upto Jlynanna giving her an off gaurd hug, as the chi energy singes his chest "I'll never ask you to do anything like that again" Over her shoulder he looks into the eyes of the broken legged Shingiin, his chest heaving against hers at the sight "Did you enjoy the show Tanaka?"



"They killed you. Your dead!" He tries to crawl out of the rubble but the weight was too much. Bishop lets go of Lynn, pacing towards him like a lion on a downed gazzelle. "I'm just starting to live" He says, grabbing the fractured thigh that makes the Yakuza law man scream like a high pitched women, "You scheduled my murder like a lunch. You owe a large debt to Karma. She sent me to collect."

"No! Wait I can help you! I know your father is coming to the country to talk about heroine distribution to the UK. Please let me go" the grip only tightens, "Do you see the woman behind me? Look at her like she's a person this time. She's the only reason you lived through this." Pulling out a cell phone Bishop throws it on his rotund chest. "If you want to wipe the stain you left on my life, pick up that phone when I call you."

The local police had finally arrived, it was only a matter of time as two guards hung from the front of the building. The doors begin to get slammed against by door busters and an uncountable swat team. Over the noise he walks back over to Lynn, "We should leave. There's around 200 men out there. We should run out the window and leave before this gets too dangerous...but I forgot my sword." The door breaks open, Bishop ignores and smiles at Lynn, waiting for her to choose so nonchalantly, like they were trying to decide Pizza or chinese

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Don't worry about length I'm just in that mode

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