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Clash of steel on steel, the sound of a fist ploughing into human flesh. The tall dark-haired warrior has dispatched another enemy, before leaping and whipping his foot around to crash the steel toes into the cheek of his foe's accomplice. His sharp blue eyes were serious as he landed with a powerful knee into the enemy's gut. He stood, dropping the sword with a clang, and stared out through the cage's steel links, before stepping lightly around the pile of bodies, out of the cage door and, lit by spotlights, leaves the large room, the bellowing of the crowd falling silent when the loud door slams. He walks purposefully into the car park, and three men attempt to jump him. One had a baseball bat, but swings it like an amateur. Ducking under the first swing, the ambusher mistakenly pounds his fellow attacker with the titanium bat. The hollow ring, combined with the accidental hit was all the cage fighter needed. His gloves hid a metal plate attached to the back of his hand, and he used this hidden weapon to his advantage. A powerful backhand dropped the baseball wielding amateur. Using the tension of his legs, he sprung up, lashing out backwards with both feet. The boots slammed powerfully into the other man's chest. The man started to fall as the man grabbed the fallen baseball bat as he flipped. The momentum was just right, the angle perfect, the power going into the throw sublime. The bat hummed through the air and collided with the back of the running would-be attacker's skull. He seemed to jump, before collapsing in a heap.

"Whoa." A small boy, maybe ten or eleven steps out of the shadows. A visor is placed over his eyes, hiding them from view. "Dad, I ain't never seen anyone do anything like that! That was sick!" The man stared at the younger one, who shook his head. "Chill, old man. They didn't see me. It's like I said earlier, I'm a phantom." The man shook his head.

"I'm Phantom. And in a few years, you'll get your own fighting name too." He took half a dozen steps and siezed the kid up in his massive bear-like arms. The two laughed together. The boy looked up at his father. "You think I'll be as good as you?" Phantom chuckled. "Difficult to say. I mean, I've trained you, but that don't determine how good you are, ya know?"

Battle log Phantom #6741097-4 Date: April 27th, 1979

Phantom entered the ring with four contenders. Weapons were allowed, and rules were discussed. Intentionally lethal strikes were permitted. The nations favourite champion felled three of the challengers in 19.48 seconds. The fourth contender attacked mercilessly, beating Phantom into a corner, where he pressed hard to defend himself. Our highest investment stabbed the challenger through the throat, defeating him as well. As Phantom prepared to leave, one of the challengers, apparently feigning his death attacked once more, stabbing the champion in the back. Phantom received immediate medical attention, however, the dagger he used must have been smuggled in as it secreted a fast-acting poison which killed Phantom in a matter of seconds. As is tradition, the smuggler was announced the champion for defeating Phantom and then executed for utilising a foreign object. A tournament will be held to find a new champion. A message will be sent to Phantom's next of kin.

When John Hollister opened the letter and read that his father had been killed, he became possessed to be the best fighter there was, and to claim the title in his father's memory. His visor helped him to see, but when he started fighting, it flew off, so he learned to fight without it, using his senses other than his sight. He seemed to have a natural ability to fight, surpassing his father's abilities easily.

Battle log Dark Blade #457384-1 Date April 27th 1999

The champion, Dark Blade was challenged by a newcomer who goes by the name of Blindside. Dark Blade led with his patented charge swing, which swiped thin air. The challenger delivered two debilitating punches to the champion's back before drawing his own sword. Dark Blade swung backwards, which the other ducked under, before stabbing his own blade deep into Dark Blade's heart. Dropping the body of Dark Blade, the challenger announced himself as the son of Phantom, here to claim his father's legacy. Due to his easy victory over Dark Blade, whom, I regret to inform you will never fight again, he was named as the champion instantly. This was apparently not all he wanted, as he demanded all the other fighters follow his commands. Judging from the CCTV cameras that night, the fighters massacred the audience and the staff, before turning on each other. The one man who remained alive and untouched was Blindside.

After destroying the place that caused the death of his father, Hollister found himself fighting against inner urges to kill innocent people. Without justification, he simply gave in, and began slaughtering innocents. It was then, and then only that anyone figured out he had powers. No one had ever figured out his father had powers either. Whilst his father had the ability to turn into smoke, Blindside had much more fascinating abilities.


Invisibility - The most widely known of his powers, John can bend light around himself and other objects, rendering them invisible to the naked eye. Upon himself, this also makes his brainwaves "invisible" so he is undetectable through monitoring his mental acitvity. He calls this "invisibility of sight"

Phasing - A power that John does not use as widely, he can phase through almost any solid object. He calls this "invisibility of touch"

Agility - John can perform inhuman leaps and acrobatics.

Senses - Other than his eyesight, all of his senses are at a significantly higher level of perception.

Shapeshifting - To avoid being identified, it is very easy for John to change appearances.

Seeing eye
Seeing eye

"Seeing" eye - His right eye, when removed from his face, shows images of the future. It takes a long time for one to get used to the way the eye shows the future to be able to put the images into coherent form. The future can only be seen in it when it glows and the incantation Dignare me videre futura. Videam tamen id quod fieri. Is spoken by John himself.


Metatron daggers
Metatron daggers

Metatron daggers - The daggers that Blindside wields are named after a very powerful angel, supposedly the only being other than God that is allowed to sit in Heaven.

Barachiel Blade
Barachiel Blade

Barachiel blade - This sword is named after a supposed prince of angels.

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Stealthy McStealthers. I like it. :D
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@Blindside: Nice bio! ;D

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@Devilish: I also brutally slaughter people. I remember the twins were into that sort of thing.

@Emerald_Flame_Fate: Obviously.
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Very cool bio.
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@Blindside: Unfortunately they were rebooted into a bioshock based man. XD
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Cool bio!
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@Devilish: Does he want to make the sexy time with Blindside?
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@Blindside: ~.~ No comment. XD
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@Devilish said:
" @Blindside: ~.~ No comment. XD "
To my mind, this means yes.
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@Blindside: ~.~ Still no comment. >.>
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@Devilish: OK, you don't want anyone else to know. Got it.
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@Blindside: Pffft Just protecting your character's dignity. XD
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@Devilish:  That is the funniest thing I've ever heard. This guy...

Will take you.
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@Blindside: Take Atals? You mean take him like a thief in the night, softly caressing his angelically smooth skin with your own dry and tasteless lips? XD Lol... didn't expect that, did you? :P
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@Devilish: Actually, I expected that more than you did. See, if Blindside removes his right eye, you can see the future in it. And I see Atlas and Blindside making with the sexy time.
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@Blindside: *nosebleed* Ummm... G-geeze that's uhh so gross. XD
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@Devilish: I hear that, but I don't believe you mean it. What you really mean is that it's so sexy and you want me.
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Added my weapons. Or some of them at least.

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@Blindside: Yay Blindside is back!

You should get a Mangetsu invitation anytime soon

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