Bleach: Midnight Clash (Prequal / Test RP)

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Tokyo, Japan
A lone girl  stood at the tip of the Tokyo Tower. She breathed in the cool refreshing night sky as she gazed down at the shining lights of the never sleeping busy city. 
The young woman wore a Shihakushō and had a katana strapped around her back, She was a Shinigami. Suddenly a phone started to ring, she slowly retrieved her phone from her pocket and answered, 
"Kazra, can you feel it? something big is going to happen soon" a man's voice echoed out of the phone.  

"Yeah i can sense it, but i still dont see anything strange or suspicious, ive been watching the city for an hou...." she was interrupted as a terrifying loud shriek echoed throughout the city.
A ripping sound could be heared around the screeches. As kazra looked in the direction of the noise she could see the dimensional rip occuring in the sky. As the rip fully opened fully, multiple screeches could be heared, the screeches of hollows. multiple humanoid figures could be seen standing in the rip, the reiatsu thay gave off was a frightening amount. Straight after this multiple rips suddenly occured around the sky, swarms and swarms of hollows started pouring out down on the city.
This was strange, never had this many hollows appeared in the same place at the same time, it was true something bad was happening after all.
"Kazra don...." The mans voice was interupted as Kazra hung up the phone.
Kazra unsheathed her Zanpakutō, she then flash stepped of the tower and towards the swarms of hollows.
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Somewhere inside Hueco Mundo, el geist "broker" agency
a white haired man sleeps in couch obliviosous of his surrounding,dressed in a black fitting uniform That's before a girl woke him up with a painfull looking device
The woman shouts to him to woke up, since there's a job, from this guy, his name didn't sound clearly enough as he still had hang over from the success last night 
The man wokes up,his feature now seen, a fragment of a hollow mas inside this eye, he was an arrancar, the girl gave him a stack of paper detailing the mission
with all intel available on her disposal
" So basically i had to go here, to this human city, kill as many things whatever they may be and just return here " his voiced sounds light , clearly pleased with the turn of this asignment
the women said " Basically yes, but don't underestimate this one, rumour said load of shinigami is going to be in this "
the man fell silent and thought  " would the old man be there, i am sure he is pretty old now" 
"okay i would be going now, just keep me updated okay"  the man said, he thought he  have a bad bad feeling about this one, also a good one
 the women replied "just don't do anything stupid Akira"
"the name's Avant now Akira's dead couple hundred years ago" the main said with a smile
a black portal begins to open, "so it's tokyo right" as he thought out loud
just as he arrived a communication channel is opened
" Akira, there's a couple of tracing indicating that they are a couple of arrancar level hollow, and some massive reisatsu" a women voice can be heard sounding distant 
the man replied " Bah, no need to worry, where's the biggest crowd" as he smiled
the women sigh before giving out her reply " 2000 m onward, and it's moving east, you can reach it in point 12 if you hurry"
the man runs off, his strange looking blade is carried, and unsheathed
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meanwhile ontop of tokyo tower a mastiryes shadowy figure aproches with a smerk on his face 
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 A young boy rode pedaled his tricycle as he paralleled the road on the sidewalk. Singing while he rode, his tune was momentarily lost at each passing by of a vehicle. A wood fence stood between him and the nearest group of houses. A cloudless day, with the sun shining down moderately, warmed his skin. He rode on, like he did everyday, dreaming that he was what he hoped to one day be, a great cycling legend. Besides the cars, there was no one in the near vicinity. Shatter! Bits of wood from the fence flew feet into the air, revealing a hole large enough for a car to pass through. The boy stopped, and curious as he was, turned around, and headed back toward it. Getting off of his trike, he crept up to the large hole. "He...hello?" No response. He grabbed one side of the broken fence, and peered over. Nothing, no one to be found.

Thick saliva fell from a giant, hideous mouth. Drenching the boy like a shower, he wiped his eyes, and looked up. Empty air. Looming only inches above him, was a monster, with a mask made of bone, and a large hole through its chest. This was a Hollow, a ghost, a once living person, now doomed to prey upon the souls of the innocent. A behemoth in size, it reached out, and grabbed hold of the small boy, about to devour his soul. The boy screamed, as he was lifted into the air, to what he could only image was telekinesis or the force. Bringing the child's body to its large, gaping, mouth, the Hollow screamed in delight. Crunch!

The Hollow stood, motionless, for seconds, then fell to ground. Falling to the ground, the boy felt another force catch him. Setting him down to the ground, he wondered if it had only been a dream. The ground all around him was cracked, as if a many ton creature passed by. A woman, with long, green hair, set him down. He could feel her touch, but could not see her, and in a moment, she was gone, and he was alone. In her hand, dripping with blood, was the brain stem of the Hollow. Raising her hand up, and giving a slight flick with her wrist, every drop of blood dispersed off of her hand. Holding the brain stem, she spoke, in a voice barely above a whisper, "Disappear with the wind." Withdrawing a zanpukuto from her sheath, she thrust it through the chest of the monster. Already dead, the Hollow's form began to vanish, until it was completely gone, absorbed through the sword that the woman held.

"Get away from the boy!" Came a loud, confident voice from above her. She turned her head up slowly to look. It was a young Shinigami, another kind of ghost, with his zanpukuto drawn, and a fierce look in his eyes. He had it raised high above his head, and delivered a strike downward when the woman vanished, and the boy stood where she had once stood. It was too late, the Shinigami couldn't re-direct his attack, and would slash the innocent boy in half. Slash!

The blade touched the boy's head and split through his somewhat long hair. Only a fraction of an inch away from his skin, the woman held the blade of the sword between her left index and middle finger. "Careless Shinigami." She was an Arrancar, who went by the name of Sayuri. His eyes widened by the display of the seemingly flawless skill. She flicked the sword aside, bent down to one knee, and kissed the boy on the top of the head. "You're safe now, little one." The boy had no idea what was going on, having his hair split, like a reverse mohawk, and feeling atop his head similar to a kiss like his mother gave him.

"Move away from the human so I can skewer you." Looking toward him, she closed smiled, turned and walked away from him. "Get back here! Coward!" He darted towards her, sword drawn, and swiped toward the back of her neck. Such speed, such power, it touched the side of her neck, and... stopped. His Zanpukuto was unable to cut her because her spiritual power, along with a little of her hierro. A strand of her green hair fell to the ground. Still in her calm voice, she said, "This is your last chance, leave now, or die." Unwilling to back down, the careless Shinigami stepped back, drew his sword to the ready, and yelled, "I never back down!" She closed her eyes. "Farewell."

Her index, middle, and ring fingers pressed into the Shinigami's throat. In an instant Sayuri had moved from her location, and had defeated the Shinigami. Pulling his head down to her mouth with her other arm, she whispered in his ear, "You lose." The Shinigami felt true fear, knowing that he was about to die. She released her pressure with her fingers, and turned to walk away. He was speechless, unable to move his body. He realized that she was way over his level. "See you later then." She stopped, and said without looking back. "If we meet again, you'll be my prey." She began to walk again, walking along the sidewalk, invisible to humans. To protect the innocent from demons, it doesn't always take angels.
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Kazra appeared in the sky in front of a group of menos level hollows. "Im sorry but this is as far as you go on your little parade" she announced smugly.
One of the meno's let out a horrible sounding laugh "I havent eaten a yummy shinigami soul for an age" it replied.
Kazra held out her  Zanpakutō  in front of her, she places her hand on top of the blade and slid her hand down the blade while shouting "Chill to the bone, Kooripengin" The katana blade emitted a blue aura as the blade started to freeze over, many jagged layers of ice formed over each other over the blade.
The hollows started to attack, their large claws out stretched, hoping to shred the shinigami to pieces.
"Hail" Kazra muttered quietly as the blade started to emit a light blue glow, suddenly it started to fire out dozens of icicle like projectils, raining down on the hollows. Two of the hollows caught in the rain of ice screeched in horror as they were shredded apart. The final hollow managed to sneak around behind Kazra, attempting to ambush her. Kazra pointed her finger towards the final hollow  "Way of destruction, number four, Byakurai !" a concentrated lightning bolt fired out, piercing the hollow through the mask.
The hollows had no chance, little did they know their enemy was a seated officer of the gotei 13. Suddenly and out of nowhere kazra felt a massive reiatsu appear behind her, she instantly turned and raised up her sword, just managing to block a sword strike...
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many hollow corpse were scattered, torn apart , in the middle stands the Avant still standing and holding his blade, many hollows stil converge on him
" how the heck i got the small fries?" he said, the hollow scattered may not be sufficient enough to challenge him, but as far as the classification goes, it already went to menos level, but they are fighting a natural born arrancar, which might as well be suicide, as he rips the hollows without using his zanpakuto he notices a spiritual presence near him
it was larger than the hollows, highly better, and as far his eyes is concerned it may be another arrancar
he moves quickly behind the figure and make a stab/slashing movement toward the figure, while charging his cero
to his suprise he is blocked, he backs down to get a clear look at the figure, it was a girl a shinigami
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"Who are you" Kazra said as she stared at the figure, she then caught a glimpse of the remnants of his hollow mask, "Oh so your one of those arrancar then are you?" she shouted as she lept towards him, slashing down with her Zanpakutō.  
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he catches the blade with his hand reinforcing it with his hierro
"cmon at least let me introduce myself, shinigami nowadays is just impatient, in my days............. okay fine so it was not so different, still"
 he thought to himself " i thought it was another one of those half half"
"oy, girl, you feels like you know those half and half guys from your side, care to mention where the guy is"
as he said it he swings his arm trying to disarm the shinigami
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"Shut up, i dont know what your on about" Kazra replied. she knew this guy was strong, she had to pull out all her power or else she was dead. 
"Blizzard" Kazra shouted as the Arrancar swung his arm, the blade was still in his hand as kazra lept back, the hilt of her sword still being held by her, it seemed the blade had snapped off. The blade of the Zanpakutō  then started to glow white, evaporating in his hands into a white mist. Ice slowly started to form around the arrancar's hand.
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" you sure, you know those guys that fought like you guys but have a hollow mask" he shouted
the ice in his arm then begin to melt due to his reisatsu
 "hmmm your blade is broken off, are you sure you are going to fight?"
he spins the blade into a more traditional hold, then opens his mouth
 "CERO" thousands of beam of light begins to disperse from his mouth much like a shotgun
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then a red-like arow streacked tords Kazra and his her with a powerful force of energy, smoke sarounds Kazra as out of the shadows comes a legendary Quincy named Haseo yashtora and he said to himself "huff...mist"
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"Freeze" Kazra shouted, the ice which had started to form around the arrancar turned back to mist and quickly wrapped itself around Kazra, forming a block of ice around her. The cero's smashed into the block of ice, destroying several layers of the ice but not able to completly penetrate the shield.  an arrow also appeared and smashed into her ice block from another direction.
*shit, theirs another one* kazra thought to herself. She looked around to see a quincy.
"Broken?, no, my blade isnt that flimsy. Whats with your intrest with these so called masked people" Kazra replied while staring at the arrancar, she then turned her gaze to the Quincy. "And what does a quincy want, i thought you were all wiped out except for that dweeb with the bad hair cut and silly glasses" Kazra shouted with a slight giggle. 
the ice around her turned back into mist and reformed back into her Zanpakutō as she lept back more.  getting more distance from the two enemies, now in a triangle formation,
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" hmm my interest, nothing i just want to see how they are different than us, us meaning if there's more like me" 
 i guess you don't know much do you, let's try another trick
cfatalis appears behind her using his sonido, then swinging his blade with the speed of sonido behind it resulting in a sonic boom and destruction of the surroundings
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Kazra just managed to follow him with her eyes before he vanished, *Behind* she thought to herself. she swung her sword backwords, managing to block the attack, as the blades met the sonic boom occured, she then flash stepped away using the sonic boom to push her further, to again distance herself from the multiple enemies. *shit where are you* she thought to herself as she watched the two targets carefully
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"shees apparently there's someone else"
he moves in point blank at Kazra , while stabbing some sort of device 
he mutters" negacion, protocol active"
and as both of them seems to be inside a cube sepparate from the rest of the world
and he appears behind her swinging his sword at low angle
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The negacion field kind of put Kazra at ease, at least now she didnt have to watch two targets. As the arrancar swung a low blow at her, she blocked the attack, as the blades clashed she shouted the command "Hail", dozens of icicle's started to fire out towards the arrancar.
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"hierro MAXIMA"
as he goes through the ice hail,  with no apparent harm he fires his cero consecutively,rainign beam of destruction on his opponent
he then used his sonido to leave after images like still firing his cero, enabling him to effectively creating a rain of cero in literla sense
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"Freeze" Kazra shouted as her Zanpakutō  turned into a iceblock around her, but their were too many cero's this time, they smashed through the block of ice and smashed straight into Kazra.
As the smoke cleared, Kazra lay in the middle, covered in burns from the cero. she pushed herself up onto all fours and attempted to get up.
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he thens swing his blade just stopping at a mere hair breath 
"now what do you know of this masked ones?"
the negacion begins to fade as the battery ran out 
his eyes shining red, his visage begins to luck like an actual hollow instead of  human
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"heh, your so dead" she muttered out as she coughed up some blood. The arrancar raised his sword up and swung down to execute her.
The arrancar's sword hit something  hard and caused smoked to fly around. As the smoke cleared a man stood in between the arrancar and Kazra, he had black spikey hair which was also tied into a ponytail. He wore a grey shirt and dark jeans with a long black coat. He held a katana in his hands which was locked in place with the arrancar's Zanpakutō. Zeeke pushed his blade forward with force, pushing the arrancar back a bit. 
"hey hey hey, big bad scary hollow man, didnt papa or mama hollow ever teach you not to beat up girls?" he said calmly with a slight grin.
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