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Characteristics for the True God of Mischief

Real Name: Unknown 
Aliases: Cheshire, AntiRox, The True Loki, Prince of Mischief, God of Mischief.
Hair: Silver with black stripes.
Eyes: Vary (Usually blue)
Sex: Male 
Height: 5' 5" 
Length: 7 ft. 
Marital Status: Single 
Weight: 98 lbs (Skinny and light weight) 
Age: Unknown (Around over 9000 years)
Alignment: Evil 
Place of Birth:  The Heavens
Group Affiliation: None.
 Prankster, God of Mischief, Villain
Race: God


AntiRox is a completely sinister and evil feline, who wishes to rule over the universe with his mutated feline army. Aside from his sinister appearance, he is also quite the Mischief Maker, that just Loves to cause mischief throughout the galaxy and also turn his enemies against one another. Antirox is also quite a cocky indivdual and likes to underestimate his enemies, but however. The Prince of Mischief is mainly a stoic and cold-hearted feline, who cares nothing more then his own goals and would never join a group with different ideas. Also aside from his stoic personality, AntiRox is completely sinister in every way possible, he'd kill his own mother of a Klondike bar if he really wanted one. Also the prince of mischief likes to give his enemies a riddle, and if they answer it correctly, they would live and if not, they die. Simple as that.


 He's more cuddly then you think. :P     
 He's more cuddly then you think. :P     
   Let's take over the Universe, shall we?   
   Let's take over the Universe, shall we?   
AntiRox as many forms, but his true form is in the shape of a tall skinny feline. With silver fur and black stripes. His eyes vary from time to time, but, they are usually a bright sapphire blue color, which glow brightly which also complements his sinister grin nicely. AntiRox is exactly seven feet long five inches tall, making him much bigger than an ordinary house cat. He weighs about ninety-eight pounds, and skinny enough where you can see his skeletal structure. He's got sharp claws, sharp enough to cut through solid steel, his fourteen foot long tail is even used as a weapon. AntiRox also doesn't show his face to many people, just showing his glowing eye or his sinister grin, sometimes he only shows his entire head. The Prince of Mischief also has a gold ring in his left ear which sparkles brightly in the sunlight. Aside from all of his shape-shifts there is one particular human appearance that he just loves, it is of a young man that looks to be in his mid-thirties fair complexion, with short onyx black hair, a white dress shirt red plaid tie, and a black sport jacket over top, and black dress pants and onyx black leather dress shoes polished to perfection. He's also wears glasses, which keep his true identity a secret, AntiRox, while in his "Alter Ego" appearance, doesn't actually need to wear glasses, since he's got twenty-twenty vision, It's always nice being a feline.


To Be Announced...   

Powers & Abilities

Immortality & Regeneration: Being an Immortal, definitely has it perks. Being the god of mischief Cheshire has lived for many of years, he is practically one of the oldest beings to have walked the earth. And said that, Cheshire cannot be killed so easily, but it's also not impossible to kill the Prince of Mischief, but however, if you could kill the prankster prince, It would be undoubtedly be extremely tricky. Aside from that, Cheshire has the ability to regenerate any part of his body in a matter of seconds or minutes. It depends on how bad the mystical feline is wounded It could even take hours. but, it usually only takes a matter of seconds to regenerate.  
Warping Reality:
 AntiRox has vast knowledge for Reality Warping, he could make just about anything or anyone appear in front of him within the blink of an eye, he even acquired the power to even create beings of extraordinary power even creating just about anything appear with just a thought, if he truly wanted to he could turn the entire universe into his very own reality t'v show, But however. AntiRox wishes to take over the universe the hard way and have more fun. By conquering the universe with his Mutated Feline troops. AntiRox loves to float in the air, he even loves to only make his face visible to his enemies, or any part of his body. Most of the time the Feline God, likes to appear to people, as a pair of floating eyes or just his usual sinister grin. AntiRox even has the power to send just about anyone into an alternate dimension, with just a singe thought.

 AntiRox has the ability to change his form into just about anything and anyone, all he would have to do is think about a certain person, or just think about a certain look that looks more natural then his Feline form. also, when the prince of mischief is touching a certain person, their thoughts and memories are transferred into the mind of the feline. He uses this knowledge to help him better himself when he shape-shifts into that person, but also the prince of mischief cannot use any of the powers, if he ever does into a being with incredible powers.
Speed, Agility, & Reflexes: While in his true form, AntiRox is able to break the sound barrier, and run faster then the speed of sound, his agility and reflexes are incredible as well, just like any other cat on earth, AntiRox can move around quickly to catch his prey, his reflexes are also even incredible, Just like a cat, he lands on his paws each and everytime, not like he would need to run or anything. He loves to float around in the air.

Skills & Talents

Genius-Intellect & Knowledge: Ever since he could remember, Cheshire had the  mind of a genius, The God of Mischief is one of the great minds of his generation and even the universe. Virtually peerless on an intellectual level, Cheshire is incredibly smart. His IQ cannot be accurately measured by any tests. Cheshire is perhaps the complete Intellectual. Building numerous inventions and conducting countless experiments, if Cheshire's true accomplishments were ever revealed, he would most likely revolutionize the entire world as he wishes it to be. This combined with his knowledge of the universe and many other realms make him extremely dangerous. 
Notoriety & Army: Being the being of countless power and knowledge, AntiRox commands the most powerful and advanced military force in the entire universe. Although Earth was once a rival due to having aid from the notorious deceased God of War, Cheshire himself had the Army of advance mutated feline's. With the aid of his mutant feline Army, AntiRox is truly a force to be reckoned with. Being rather open for his villainous activities, AntiRox wishes to rule the entire galaxy an iron claw. He is surprisingly loved and celebrated by his fellow gods in heaven, despite his evilness and sinister reputation, particularly because he promised to spread his feline arm across the entire universe by the end. Around the world, AntiRox openly acknowledges himself as an evil and sinister being. This has brought him great notoriety, respect and fear across the galazy. The super-villains and criminals of the universe respect him and the heroes even some gods fear him. Fortunately,   

Weapons & Gadgets

To Be Announced... 

Experiments & Etc.

To Be Announced... 

Weaknesses & Etc.

To Be announced...
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Well this is kind of OP but if you can write well with him, it's all good :)  
Too many of you reds are trying to be me XD 
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For one minute I thought this character was based off Loki

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Updated; Personality & Appearance sections. 

I'm currently working on AntiRox's history at the moment in words processor. ^^
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@AntiRoX: I think you should cool down on the powers, after reading this, your character is really OP, he can do just about anything to anyone. 
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@Newdeath: Yes, he could do just about anything to everybody, /but/, he doesn't. Where's the fun in all of that? lol. He like to do things the fun and evil way. :p He mostly  uses his powers to cause mischief and float around like the cheshire cat. :p
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