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The Animal
The Animal

Real Name: Chad Wilson

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Vary (Usually Brown)

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 2"

Marital Status: Single

Weight: 254 lbs (Pure Muscle)

Age: 28

Alignment: Good

Aliases: The Animal, Mr. Wilson, The Ultimate Fighter, The Raging Typhoon, Beastly, Etc..

Place of Birth: San Francisco, USA

Group Affiliation: Ebisu

Occupation: Professional Fighter, Adventurer, Hero, Etc..

Race: Human





Powers, Abilities, & Traits

Regenerative Healing Factor: The Animal's primary power is an accelerated healing process that enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with far greater efficiency than any ordinary human. The full extent and speed of Chad's healing factor isn't known. He has been shown to fully heal from numerous gunshot wounds, severe burns covering most of his body, and regenerate missing limbs within a matter of seconds. Among the more extreme depictions of his accelerated healing factor involves him having his skin, muscles, and internal organs incinerated from his skeleton only to fully regenerate the tissue within minutes. An unknown type of metal plays a crucial role in the speed of Chad's healing as well because of the fact that it produces a poison that his immune system fights off regularly. It is said that without this unknown type of metal, his healing rate increases. This power even amends psychological wounds inflicted as a result of traumatic experiences.

Physical Strength: Chad's healing factor enables him to push his muscles beyond the natural limits of the human body without injury, granting him some degree of superhuman strength. His natural strength is augmented by the demand placed on his musculature due to the presence of over 100 pounds of unknown metal bonded to his skeletal structure, which also removes the natural limitations of the human skeletal structure by allowing him to lift weights that would damage a human skeleton. The animal has been depicted with sufficient strength to break steel chains, support the weight of a dozen men with one arm and lift the 1000 lbs over his head before tossing across a room. Chad's strength is enough to allow him to press somewhere in excess of 800 lbs but no more than 2 tons.

Superhuman Stamina: The Animal's healing factor grants him high immunity against lactic acid and other fatigue toxins generated by his muscles during physical activity. Chad can sustain himself at peak capacity for several days. he has shown himself capable of fighting for over 24 hours. His lung capacity is at peak human level enabling him to holdhis breath for 6 minutes under water, making his lungs as healthy as human lungs can get.

Superhuman Agility: Chad's agility, balance and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels far beyond the natural physical limits and capabilities of the finest human specimen. his agility is sufficient to allow him to dodge multiple bullets and energy blasts at near point blank range. Other times, able to jump extremely high and evade several yards.

Amazing Reflexes: Chad's reflexes are similarly enhanced, they are also superior to those possessed by the finest human specimen, due to his superhumanly acute senses, although most of the time he relies highly on his regenerative healing factor.

The Experiment


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Sweet bio! Can't wait for the rest!! :D

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@UsachanMaN: Thank you, this is my brothers account.. I'm helping him with his character. (This is xXZeroXx right now, lol.)

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@ii3eastly: Nice start and good character choice I didn't really get into the whole marvel anime but what I saw I liked. :)

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@ii3eastly: You're welcome! :D I see. Cool! :D

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I didn't really get into the Marvel Anime that much either, but I like the Iron Man & Wolverine. But thank you, Anime Wolverine was the look that I liked the most. :)

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@ii3eastly: Nice start to the bio!XD
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@Mesamia: Yea, thanks. i'm helping him with it since he's my bro. xDD!

he wont be online much since he's got school and whatnot. :)

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A lot of very interesting characters have been added to the vice. However, None of them even come close to my characters. :D

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