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apologize for the screw up but my computer is going crazy and I keep remaking my post and they get worse and worse.

name: genesis peace

Age: unknown

Species: shinigami (cyborg)

ht/wt:7,0 1007 pounds

zanpakuto: drix (short for real name)



kido: he has little to know knowledge of kido

master swordsman: a very powerful swords man has a mindless fighting style that seems like swinging your sword around but it is very powerful and few can do it let alone master it.

shunpo master: faster than the average captain.

hakuda combatant: a master level user just like his sword play he seems as if he is attacking aimlessly at his opponent.

intellect: do to a traumatic event at a young age the man has lost his reason to have emotions and has restricted his mind from learning unable to move past what has happened.

strength: strong enough can lift 500+ tons


Drix: in sealed form slightly longer than an ordinary katana, and resembles a nodachi. The tsuba has an square shape, and the handle is purple. he always playing with his sword twirling it around.

shikai: release command "at ease" when released it becomes a berserk swords resembles chainsaw .

bankai: unknown

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I moved your thread to the RPG board. Just to let you know.

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@takashichea: thanks

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