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name: Knight Walker

Age: 21

Species: Human

Blood Type: unknown

Country of Origin: not of this galaxy.

nationality: American(parents)

ht/wt:6'1 180 pounds

occupation: alien tech merchant/mercenary

Threat Level: unknown


just your everyday jokester who doesn't taking life serious and go's with the flow. has amazing persuasion skills in thousands of languages both human and alien able to talk his way out of most situations but will fight if it cause for it but will avoid fights that he knows he can win. He is also curious of everything just like his parent anything new to him he has to touch even people he is a loner though when he's not trading he doesn't socialize much but makes friends easy because of his trust worthy and chill demeanor.

Abilities: took a space drug

  • Ag: 6
  • Du: 5
  • EP: 3 (5 at its strongest)
  • FS: 7
  • In: 6
  • MS: 6
  • Sp: 5
  • St: 9
  • Sr: 5

mechanic: he is able to figure out and communicate with machines or any kind of mechanic like a lock in a door.

street smarts: he is a master of persuasion, tracking and navigation able to find anyone who owes him also can read body language to see is someone is lying or are nervous but only if its needed or else it feels like invasion of privacy.


trench coat: a trench coat where he keeps his merchandise.

glasses: special glasses that can identify object worth.

shoes: boots that gives him flight.

gloves: used to stabilize energy that maybe harmful.

weapons: adept with both weapons usually dual wields.

space pistol: can shoot regular bullets (infinite) or town level attack bullets which needs time to charge but only can use one a day plus the kick back could damage your body possibly kill you if your not focused.

space dagger: can cut nearly anything.


born and raised out of this world by the curious adventures jinni walker and Vick knight they raised him (while they finally built there second ship and set off as researchers illegally finding life else where). on a planet that resembled a mix of mars and earth with a population of about 300 humanoid aliens this place made for a great playground and home for the young child leaving many good and bad memories such as his many sports championships wins and talent show losses or his first date his life was pretty normal till the age of 14 that's when the young lad was offered drugs (which wouldn't do anything to aliens and only 1 in a million human could sustain it) turns out the ingredients include parasites that heals your body and usually die hours later but if they can find a human host that can supply them with what they need to live they will upgrade there home to protect them selves so he gained his abilities growing faster stronger smarter but he got addicted for 2 years almost overdosed. his parents left unaware of his addiction and he was talt by the drug dealer how to survive on the alien trade market forcing him to learn persuasion and several languages including all earth languages and from that moment he's been loaded ever since with his powers being useless after everyone either respected him or feared him enough not to swindle him he became a mercenary at the age of 18 becoming a mercenary came easy to him being able to out smart his opponents in battle.

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You should expand a bit more his backstory and abilities. The Town leveling bullet could use more limitations than just needing time to charge

This is the bio of my mercenary type character if you need any inspiration http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/gunpowder-smokes-and-bloody-tears-character-bio/324260/

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@Kuro_San: thanks

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@ninja2170: NP anything you need ask me or anybody of the regulars, like Samjaz

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@Kuro_San: I know samjaz just helped me out

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@ninja2170: Agree with the town bullet. That kind of mini nuke would cause too many civilian casualties to be useful.

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@SamJaz: i didn't really elaborate on it once the bullet his you your the only who is hit with the attack so if you can survive that then my character is sol.

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@ninja2170: sol?

And fair enough. Have you read HE_IS's bio? Can't find it at the mo but you may find it interesting.

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@ninja2170: @SamJaz: HE IS [Reboot Bio] All of the bios can be found in the guide.

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@Sonata: And once again, you are awesome. Thanks!

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