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Kimiko's RPG Rules:

  1.  You do not know me(Kimiko, the character), you do not know my name or my appearance. There was no past no present where you saw me or other company that was tracing me, that is bull. IF you have fought me before then maybe you may recognize my fighting style but no tracing, none of that. (There are a few acceptions, but those people have my permission.)
  2. Kimiko is a telepath and shapeshifter for a reason. She does not show her true identity to people, no one can break her telepathy and shapeshiting of what she looks like to see her true look.
  3. You know nothing of Kimiko's species, who she works for, etc. They are untraceable, COMPLETELY UNTRACEABLE, I will accept nothing.
  4.  Read my powers and abilities before entering a battle against me, I HATE when people start things they can’t finish. And don't not pull crap off on my by adding a new power in the middle of a battle so you can beat me. Not only is that against the rules it is completely unfair.
  5. Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, use me in your bio without my permission.
  6. I have my reason for RPing with certain people. (Explain later.)

  • Name: Kimiko Ravencroft Cronos
  • Age: 289 years old.
  • Aliases: Burner, Viper, Solance, Spark, Reaper, Trish, Kimiko Starkk
  • Identity: Secret/Unknown
  • Occupation: C.R.E.E.D. Assassin
  • Group Affiliations: C.R.E.E.D., Reapers, Teku
  • Work Status: Secret/Unknown
  • Status: Married
  • Skin Color: Natural Skin Color is Blue, Brown,Gray, see other Kronian skin colors on Kronian page. Current Skin Color is White/European
  • Eye Color: Silver, Purple, Emerald Green
  • Hair Color: Mixture of Auburn and Chestnut, with a streak of Silver in the front.
  • Place Born: Daarkiao, Kronos
  • Nationality: She seems to be British.
  • Species: Kronians /Yerians
  • Mottos:"Do it with style or don't bother doing it." "Among the mysteries of the universe lies the key to victory." " Either get in gear or get out of my way." "The right word is better than the wrong move." "Looks are always deceiving." "They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist. I'm all these things." "Now I hunt, I kill, I consume, I become.."  "A**holery huh?, Well That's One Thing You Got!"
  • Likes:Kronian cigarettes, Italian Food,Blood, The Country, Chocolate.
  • Dislikes: Crowded Cities, Her Boss(Her cafe Boss, not Her Uncle),Her Bloodlust

The Cronos Household

Mr. Cronos, Twain Cronos
Mr. Cronos, Twain Cronos
The sounds of papers shuffling back and forth were loud coming from a large dark room. Papers were stacked high, and scattered throughout the room. There were even more papers stacked on a desk at the back of the room. A clocked man was sitting behind the desk, hidden by the papers. "Hmmmf, more papers to go through, and most of this is junk." he said while crumpling up a handful of papers and tossing them aside, they spontaneously combusted in a blue flame. He brought out a feathered ink pen, and turned on his lamp, as began to sign some papers." My work will never end will it?" He continued to sign papers, and throw away ones that didn't matter to him. A young man, in a nice, suit  came in with his hands full of papers."Master Cronos...," he walked carefully throughout the cluttered mess,"Where would you like for me to stick these papers sir?"  Mr. Cronos gestured his hand over to a pile of papers in chair next to his desk. "Yes Cronos, sir." He bowed his head and place the papers on the chair, and turned to the door to leave. "Wait Kanko." Kanko stopped and turned around, "Yes Master Kronos?" Kanko answered.  "Kanko can you fetch me some 'blood' red wine, please, I'm a bit thirsty?" Kanko bowed his head. "Yes Cronos sir." Then her turned and left for the door. "Just remember not to drink any of it like the last time, ok?" chuckled Cronos. Kanko stopped for a second to remember last time "Y-y-yes Cronos sir." Kanko then left. "Heh, at least I get piece and quiet for awhile will he's fetching me a drink." Cronos sorted through more of his paper until he ran across a letter, "Hmm, what's this?" He picked up the letter and looked at it carefully he recognized the handwriting on the letter. He then turned it over to see a paw wax seal on the back. " I wonder if it is?"  He began to open the letter slowly, then looked at the message.  It said:

Dear Twain Cronos, my brother-in-law,
It's been awhile since we've seen each other, and stayed in contact. I'll be sending my son over to see Kimiko,
 like we agree a while back, on December 16. Tell my sister I said hello and treat her nice, and my son.
Kikonojo Hantoan, the third 

Cronos crumble up the paper in his hand,"Damn it, i forgot." he looked at his solar calender to say what day it was, " And today is that day, oi vey...." he then sighed. There was a sound of something running. "Hmm....?"  A young energetic girl burst through the doors, "Papa!!" As she run through the cluttered paper mess and tackled hugged her father, causing papers to fly everywhere. "Ah, Kimiko, my little blossom, back from class already?" As he hugged his daughter closely. "Yes, papa, I had fun today, I learned more about magic!!"Kimiko exclaimed.  "Ahh, that's good no--" A guard ran into the room. "Master Cronos sir we caught a intruder trying to break into your daughter's room." The Guard said."Hmm... strange." Then he began to think off how his nephew would always go to Kimiko's room. "Would this intruder, be wearing a turban, and tattered clothes with dust on them, and is furry and has a tail?" Looking confused the guard
responded. "Yes sir but what--" "Let him go he's my nephew." Twain commanded. "Right away sir." The guard hurried out of the room to free the intruder. "Papa was that Otto that they caught??" Kimiko asked curiously. "Yes, my little blossom." Then he mumbled under his breathe "When will he learn to stop trying to enter through Kimiko's room?" Twain sighed. Kimiko eyes widen "Yay, my cousin Otto is here!!!!" She then got up, and ran down to the holding cell, in the mansion, to see her cousin. Her father watched her leave "Well at least somebody is happy." Twain smiled as he picked himself up, and went back to paper work.

Happy Times

Kimiko ran down to the holding ceil as fast as she could to see her cousin. There were sounds of rusty metal clanging together, sounds of shuffling feet, and a rancid stench. A young male panther was being let out of one of the holding cells, then he spoke in a British accent, "Oi! After as many times I've come to this bloody place, you people still can't remember who I am." He walked out off his cell and began to head upstairs to The Main Hall. "Otto!!!" Kimiko yelled as she hugged her cousin. "Kimiko!!" He hugged her back. " How are you mesa me couzin?" Otto asked. "I'm doing fine Otto, and you?" Kimiko answered. "I'm doing good couzin."  Otto replied. They went outside to play. As always the sky was a dark hazy purple and black clouds. There was barely any sunshine in the Daarkiao, but somehow everybody thrived. Kimiko and Otto went and played with some of Kimiko's friends, until midnight. They came back to the mansion both tired and went to their separate rooms to sleep. Twain Cronos watched from the ceiling, hidden by the dark, as he saw the two walk sluggishly to their rooms.

" At least she's happy for the time..."

He disappeared into the shadows, and reappeared in a hidden room only he, his wife, and another person knew. The room was dark, but was illuminated by a tank full of neon green liquid. Inside was a body, mangled and torn, it looked like a young man He walked up to it and placed his hand on the tank and lowered his head. His mind flooded with memories years before Kimiko was born, he began to think about his son, and how he suffered a deadly faith.The body's hand moved to were Cronos's hand was. Twain looked up and sighed,
"When... and how am I going to tell your sister what happened to you,...son..."

Kimiko slept the night away dreaming about how much fun she was going to have with her cousin over month and what they shall do first in the morning at day break.


A Wylde Man

 Itiya Musaun Weata Sus
 Itiya Musaun Weata Sus

Kimiko was walking down the streets of the busy city of Daarkiao, without her Royal Body Guards, she couldn't care less she was Fifteen years old and had an array of
  "I didnt know there was a different kind of Tabotio crystal."
  "I didnt know there was a different kind of Tabotio crystal."
powers to use against anyone that would dare attack her. She made her way to the Itiya Musaun Weata Sus (Planetary Museum of Science Works), to see some of the new exhibits.She entered the large building, through it's large fire crystal gates, courtesy of the
Sharatins. As usually the building was busy, people came to view the exhibits, volunteering, or donating something, nobody even noticed she entered the place, "Perfect." Kimiko thought to herself. She walked around looking at the new exhibits of animals, minerals, weapons, and gadgets, one caught her eye. One of the new exhibits, was a large black, dark purple natural crystal,not treated, still had dirt on it. "Nice..." Kimiko said to herself as she walked up to it. From a distance it looked all black, but if you came closer or looked at it at an angle, you could see it's true color, it was a beautiful dark purple. Kimiko read the sign in front of the display case. "Dark Purple Tabotio Crystal" it said. "I didn't know there was a different kind of Tabotio crystal." Kimiko thought to herself. "Hello Kimiko." said a man. Kimiko quickly turned her head to see one of the scientist of the place, and a good friend.
"Oh hey, Ioneu." Kimiko said to him. "How are you doing today?" Ioneu asked her, as he turned of his holographic visor. "Fine, surprised to see you up here." Kimiko said jokingly since she knew he was a Zarhabi, a sub-species of Kronians that is more adapted to water. "Ha, ha, ha funny." he chuckled. Ioneu noticed Kimiko's attention to the crystal. "I see you've noticed our newest exhibit." Ioneu said. "Ya, never seen one of those types before..." Kimiko said back to him then looked back at the crystal. Ioneu walked up to her and whispered in her ear, "Follow me, I can tell you more about it," He said, then waled over to a door marked "Authorized Personal Only. "Okay..." Kimiko thought in her mind as she followed him closely behind. Ioneu placed his hand against a scanner, then placed his eyes against the retinal scanner. "Authorized." Said a computer as it opened the door, Ioneu walked inside, Kimiko walked behind him.

"There are three different types of Tabotio Crystals." Ioneu said as they walked down a silver hallway, Kimiko listened closely. "The regular kind, Light type, and Dark type." he said counting the types on his fingers. "Light and Dark, huh?" Kimiko asked. "Yes, the one you saw out there was a dark type, and it is very deadly." He said stopping at a door. "Deadly?"She asked again. The door opened and both walked inside the room holding different types of the crystal they were talking about. "Yes, for some reason if a person touches it, they immediately die, or the crystal tries to grow on their skin assimilating with them, but still with deadly results." Ioneu said. "What about the Light Crystal?" Kimiko asked as she toke a look at some of the regular Tabotio Crystals. "We don't know what it does yet." He said walking over to a white crystal with a reddish tint. "But they have some power, that we don't know yet." Ioneu continued. "Interesting." As Kimiko walked over to the crystal Ioneu was looking at and touched it, nothing happened. Ioneu rubbed his chin, then walked over to a dark crystal, with a yellow tint. "I've heard there are some people that can use the crystals, but have to be born from the planet they came from." Ioneu said. "Wow." Kimiko said walking over that crystal. "There has been a new family has moved in, I met them a couple of weeks back, I think you should met their son." Ioneu suggested. "Um, okay, why?" Kimiko asked back as she looked at the dark crystal studying it. "Well, they family travels a lot and never stays in one place, so he having a hard time making friends, but he has a great interest in the land." Ioneu said. "Okay, bye Ioneu." She said as she left the room, thinking since the kid liked the land maybe he would be out in the wasteland.
Kimiko left the museum and went into the wasteland. As usual the land was barren on the outskirts of Daarkiao, a dark gray type soil, and a purple hazy sky. "Wonder where that kid is?" KImiko asked herself. Her twicthed as she heard the ground crack, volcanic activity was about, but the city was safe from it. Kimiko watched the the Jitankan(luminescent butterfly) fly past her, she loved the brightly multicolored insects. The Jitankan quickly flew away, as a loud crack could be heard a distance away, followed by a voice. "Whoa!" yelled a boy. Kimiko wondered what was going on and ran to the origin of the noise. She saw the the ground had cracked and opened up to a large underground fissure of lava. "Nothing out of the ordinary.. wait a second." KImiko said as she saw a boy, a bit older than her hanging for his life on a small branch above a the lava.

"Idiot kid, should know better to be out here alone." KImiko thought to herself, but then realized the kid didn't have skin like her species or other species that lived here,
so he wasn't from her planet. She watched the branch giving way to his weight, she was about to help him, but he jumped to the other side, barely making it to the ledge but was somehow able to grab some of the ledge, but the ground was unstable and began to crumble underneath his hands. Kimiko teleported over to him just in the nick of time, he lost his grip and began to fall, but Kimiko grabbed his wrist and pulled him up. She pulled him up enough for him to pull himself up the rest of the way, after he pulled himself up, he rolled over onto his back panting, then looked at Kimiko. "Thanks." He said to her. Kimiko then extended her hand to help him up, and grabbed it and raised himself up. "You're not from here?" Kimiko asked him, wondering if he was the kid Ioneu was talking about. "I'm not, don't know where I originally came from, my family moves a lot." The boy sighed. "Well welcome to Kronos." Kimiko said. "Well thanks, my names Banjee by the way, Banjee Wylde." He said.  "That's a nice name, mine is Kimiko, Kimiko Cronos." Kimiko said. "Why thanks, Kimiko." Banjee said again. "Let me show you the wilderness of Kronos." Kimiko said to Banjee. 
 From that moment on Kimiko and Banjee became best friends, they told each other things about themselves, and got into a lot of trouble also. 
Couples of Months Later...
Kimiko was out at the Fountain Bazaar in Daarkiao looking for some fruit to eat and hoping to see some of her friends. She sat  on the rim of the Bazaar's Fountain, eating some fruit and looking at the sky, it was a beautiful purplish-blue. Her eyes came across her friend Banjee, he was looking a bit sad. "I wonder what's wrong?"she thought to herself as she got up to talk to him. As she walked over to him she heard him mumble,"For once why can't we stay in one place?" Kimiko felt a bit concerned after she heard that. "Hey what's wrong?" Kimiko asked him. "My family is moving, again!!!" Banjee exclaimed. Kimiko remembered how Banjee told her that his family never stay in one place to long. "Well I hope you find a permanent home."Kimiko said kindly. "Yay me too." Banjee mumbled sarcastically as he got up and walked over to the fountain and flicked a coin into it.
Out of the blue a gun shot was heard, Banjee jumped back, his head bleeding a bit,luckily the bullet just scrapped him. Next minute a mysterious person in a suit appeared in front of Banjee and kicked him down, Banjee then cursed at him only to have the person point the gun at him. Just as they pulled the trigger Kimiko appeared right in front of the down Banjee, and deflected the bullet with the bottom of her hand due to the strong bone there. She then kangaroo kicked him in the abdomen causing him to fall down, but the guy shot a taser at her knocking her out for a awhile.
As she woke up from her tasing, only to see the citizens were taking care of her, she shooed them away reassuring that she was okay, then looked around to find Banjee. She finally found him, partially covered in hay coming her way. "Hey Kimiko, you okay?" He asked her. "Ya, I'm fine, who was that guy?" she asked him. "Don't know." The two shoke off the event and walked and talked about the incident, unknown to them, a sniper was watching them from a roof top aiming at Banjee. "Well any way I need to get back ho-!" Banjee stopped talking and fell dead to the ground, the sniper pulled the trigger hitting him in his spine. Kimiko quickly checked his pulse, he had none, then immediately yelled for help whilst trying to revive him. It was futile he was dead, but she didn't give up on trying to revive him, she was crying, she didn't want to lose such a good friend.Doctors had to pull her off him to take his body away, her personal body guards toke her away shortly after.
Days later Kimiko's family held a funeral for Kimiko's best friend Banjee, it was a tough time for her. People noticed that Banjee's parents didn't show up for the funeral, they began to think if they had something to do with his death.
Author Note: Tabotio Crystals are of my creating you may not use them without my permission.

Separation Anxiety

Even after a few months after Banjee Wylde's death it still affected Kimiko Cronos both mentally and emotionally, she just wasn't herself. Everyone else seemed to forget about the death and funeral,but still payed there respects to his grave, but Kimiko just wouldn't forget about it, she had lost a good friend. She began to become a sluggish with her school work, but still kept up her grades, which surprised her teachers who thought she would let her grades slip. She also began to skip school, and went out exploring outside the Daarkiao City limits, she would begone for days and even weeks at times. Both her parents were getting irradiated by this, but they let her continue to do it, they thought she needed someway to get over her friends death.

   Feeling The Tension.....Of A Lost Friend.....  
   Feeling The Tension.....Of A Lost Friend.....  

Kimiko was sitting on her bed reading a book, trying to help her forget about her friend Banjee, but the slightest thought of him caused tears to form and roll down her face. "Why did your life have to be taken!? She thought to herself, tears began to roll down her face, she quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped them away. "I need to find something that will make me forget about his death..." she mumbled to herself wiping away another tear. Her ears twitched as she heard a knocking noises on her door. "Kimiko, my dear, will you please come out of your room?" Asked her father, Twain. "Just leave me alone!!" Kimiko yelled at him. Her refusal to come of her room infuriated him, he was about to phase through her door and give her a tongue lashing, but his wife grabbed his hand stopping him. "Let her stay in there, and figure out her own troubles, they will come to pass soon." Yvette said in a consoling voice. "I suppose, you do know how to predict things like this." he replied. Yvette let go of her husbands hand and he left. "Kimiko, stay in there as long as you want." Her mother told her and left.
Kimiko sighed feeling terrible by disobeying her father's wishes, but happy her mother was able to calm him down."Maybe seeing an old friend could help..." she thought to herself, but then she thought none of her old friends had a predicament like hers.She sat on her bed and thought. "I need some air." she said to herself as she got up and opened her window then sat back down, and began to ponder. "Who...who..." She grumbled. Their was a strong gust of wind, and several slicing noises, and branches falling. Kimiko's ear twitched as she heard a stabbing noise at her window. "What is that noise?" She thought to herself as she got up and walked to her window to see what was going on. As she got to her window, there was a combat knife stuck in the wooden seal of the window. "What is this?" She said as she tried to pull the knife out. It was stuck in the wood, she wasn't able to pull it out, like the sword stuck in stone, she began to wonder how it got there, for it wasn't there before.
"I wonder how this got here...." She said then looked up seeing the trees with some branches cut off and random slices into the bark of the tree. "Great a vandalizer..."She growled, then noticed something odd at the slashes on the trees, it looked like they were trying to spell something. "Hmmm...." Kimiko mumbled to herself as stepped back and shifted her head a bit, then her eyes widened, seeing what it spelled. It said, "HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ABOUT US, KIMIKO..." Kimiko began to wonder what the writing was talking about, then turned her attention back at the knife, she did recognize it a bit. She walked back over to her window and began to look at the knife again, then saw an insignia she remembered. "M.R." Was engraved into the blade of the knife. "Where have I seen that before?" Kimiko thought to herself as she attempted to pull the knife out of the window seal again. With a strong tug, the knife popped out, causing Kimiko to stumble back a bit, but she kept her balance. "Marko!" She exclaimed in her head. "But why would he leave his best Combat Knife here?" Kimiko thought to herself as she looked at it closely as she sat on her bed think who this "US" was. "I wonder if he's talking about the Executioners....... it has been four years since I've last seen them." She grumbled, then a sly smile appeared on her face. "I do miss those guys, maybe I can visit them, I do need to get somethings.... off my mind." Kimiko sighed. "I think I will do that." She said happily, as she quickly got up and packed some clothes for a couple of days, just in case she decided to stay for awhile. 
"Best pack some kinda defense for myself also..." Kimiko thought as she opened one of her drawers and brought out some of her throwing knives, some mystical stones, and her extending staff. She then brought out a red sash and tied it around her wast and placed her knives in one of the pockets and her staff in one of the belt loops. "It think I have everything..." Kimiko said as she grabbed her backpack and Marko's knife placing it on the sash also. "I better write a note to where I've gone to." She quickly thought not wanting her parents to worry about her as she wrote down that she was going to the Loagi Jungles, and stuck the note on her desk."So I don't run into any guards I think I'll teleport out of here and somewhere close to Loagi."Kimiko quickly thought. "But I'm all out of the spell powder....and I'm not yet skilled like my father with natural teleportation." She grumbled. "Guess it's the hard way out of here." She thought, as she climbed out her window and onto a nearby tree branch, then she closed her window. "Easy now." She mumbled as she stood up and slowly walked across the branch and towards the tree trunk, then climbed further up the tree, to get a better look of how the guards were patrolling. She reached the top of the tree and looked around, no guards in sight, must have been patrolling around one of the other wings, Kimiko thought to herself. She slipped down the tree a bit, and began to hop from tree branch to tree branch.
She finally reached the tree near the outer courts of the mansion, and dropped from one of the trees. "Now where is that underground pathway?" She said to herself as she quickly began to pat the ground to find the latch to the passage way, before the guards came around. "Found it!" She thought to herself, as she quickly lifted the latch and slipped inside, just as a couple of guards where coming around the mansion and shut it. "Easy peasy from now on." Kimiko chuckled as she toke off running inside the passage way in a blink of an eye.  She knew she didn't have to be quiet since she had her dad's "Silent Running And Speed" and would barely make a sound if at any."Probably some of the noise of the city will hide where I am also." She thought to herself as a smile came of her face.The underground passage way was part of an old cave network system that use to be where Daarkioa was original founded, so it was a strait shot to the Wastelands with no problem, most people didn't even know about to cave systems.
In a few minutes Kimiko was near the wastelands she stopped a few feet early because she knew their was a nest of Jå Tuola were at the very end of the tunnel. She opened a latch and climbed through it,she was in the Wasteland a few feet from the city walls. "That couldn't have gone better." She said with a smile, she then let out a high pitched whistle that only animals could hear. "Hopefully my Lylan is still out here. "She thought and sat down and waited. A few minutes later, there was a strong gust of icy wind, which was quite unusual given the hot, volcanic weather nearby the wasteland area outside of Daarkiao. "That's her." Kimiko smiled as she got up and saw a large figure in the distance twisting and turning like an Eastern Dragon, it even had the body shape like an Eastern Dragon. "Ah, my Lylan Ionsuna." Kimiko smiled as the dragon-like creature landing in front of her and placed it's head down for her to pet it. The Lylan was a dark gorgeous blue and it seemed to have ice growing out and atop of it's scales. "I missed you." She said and snuggled up against her head and petted her. Ionsuna made a gentle laugh. Kimiko then climbed onto her back and moved towards her head, she lifted herself up. "Okay, Twi-Ho, Loagi Jungles." Kimiko commanded Ionsuna. Ionsuna nodded at the command and toke off into the skies setting coarse for the floating Loagi Jungles. Kimko began to grow tired and she had a feeling that she may fall of Ionsuna, so she tied her sash around Ionsuna's body tightly before she drifted off to sleep, for about an hour and a half, Ionsuna was quite the fast flyer and got there within 30 minutes. She landed on one of the floating islands and rested there waiting for Kimiko to wake up.
Coming Soon.....

Secrets of The Past

Years had past in 
Daarkiao. Daarkiao had grown larger taking on more occupants of different races. Kimiko had grown into a young beautiful woman,many men wanted to marry her but she declined all. Her father wondered why she wouldn't marry, but didn't force her if she didn't want to, even though there was one young man that had caught Kimiko's eye from time to time, she went to school with him and even befriended him once, but she was never able to talk to him really whenever she saw him, due to other people always getting in her way when she wanted to speak to him. It was Kimiko's nineteenth birthday and everybody in the land was invited, Cronos also invited his brother-in-law and his people. The Cronos's lake mansion was packed, many people showed up, but not all. Kimiko made her way through the crowed, and the sea of flowers they dropped in front of her. Kimiko kinda wished that her father didn't invite so many people, but was
17 Year Old Kimiko
17 Year Old Kimiko
happy that they could celebrate her birthday. She made her way into a small room and closed the door behind her so she could take a breather, "I wish guys would stop asking me for marriage." She took her hair out of the pony tail it was in and let it fall down.Her hair was long stopping somewhere at her back, she grabbed a pair of scissors and began to cut her blonde hair, making it shorter stopping at her neck.She combed her hair and smiled,"Never really liked my hair long." She twisted the streak on silver hair between her fingers and let it fall in front of her face,"Guess I got the silver from my dad.." Kimiko thought to herself.

There was a knock on the door and it slowly opened.A young man, with jet black hair, wearing an white shirt with a black jacket, and sandy colored baggy shorts was at the door, it was her cousin Otto."Couzin ready for some cake?" She nodded yes and came out of the room and walked with her cousin towards the cake.She thought it was funny when Otto was around, when using his amulet to look human, because people thought they were boyfriend girlfriend and the guys left her alone. Kimiko cut the cake and gave herself a piece and everybody else some, it was delicious and the royal baker was praised greatly.Soon after that the fun began with some dancing.

To Kimiko's surprise the young man that had caught her eye before, who was from the same school she went to, was at her birthday, she saw sitting down at one of the tables during one of the dances, he looked a bit lonely, but had a smile of his face for some reason, he was also holding a flower in his hand. "Maybe I can say hi to him." Kimiko thought to herself with a smile on her face as she began to navigate her way over to him, dodging some people dancing, food flying, and various other things. As Kimiko approaching the young man she pulled out a chair and sat next to him, surprising him a bit. "Hi!" Kimiko said in a cheery tone. "H-h-hello Ms. Kimiko." The young man said. "Please just call me Kimiko." She smiled. "Okay." He chuckled. "It seems like I've meet you before, even though I see you at my school almost everyday, I mean like I've talked to you once or twice before." He quickly said. "I believe I've met you before also, was you name Diego?" Kimiko asked. "Yeah it is, Diego Starkk." He chuckled. "A bit surprised someone like you would remember, and I don't mean that in a bad way." He laughed. "Yah, I'm surprised too." Kimiko laughed also, then eyed the flower once more. "Who's the flower for?" Kimiko asked a bit curious. "Oh this." He lifted his hand that held a beautiful black, yellow, and red flower. "Oh, it's f-f-for you." He smiled as he handed to her blushing madly. "Oh, thanks." Kimiko said as she toke the flower from him, and also blushed. "It's a Keta flower, a rare one." Diego said. "I've never seen one with such coloring before." Kimiko said amazed when the flower only comes in a pattern of two never three or more. "Well I just happen to stumble across it, and something told me to save if for a special occasion, and what better than the princess of Daarkaio's birthday." He joked. "Why, thank you, I will cherish it forever, so to speak." Kimiko laughed and hugged Diego, which shocked Diego, but her returned the hug. "And another flower.." He paused as he seemed to have pulled a Keta flower from behind Kimiko's ear out of thin air. "I meant to give to you a few years back when you were depressed when you friend Banjee died." He smiled as he handed her the second flower. "Thanks Diego, I still miss him though." She sighed as she toke the flower and smelled it, as she pushed back the sad feelings of missing her friend Banjee. 
"Sorry if I just brought up some bad memories." Diego said a bit concerned. "Oh it's nothing, you did nothing wrong." Kimiko chuckled. "Oh, that's good." Diego smiled. "So how did you do that?How you make this second flower appear?" Kimiko asked. "Magic." Diego laughed. "My master taught me, I believe you've heard of the great magician Jester?" He asked her. "Yes I've heard of him, I've actually met him and become of friend of his to tell the truth." Kimiko smirked. "Well I'm his apprentice, he's been teaching ever since my father passed away when a was quite younger, he's like an uncle to me, helped my mom and I out of trouble a lot of times." Diego grinned. "Oh wow, I didn't know, he is a real kind guy then." Kimiko smiled. "He really is." Diego chuckled. "Would you like to dance?" Diego asked as he got up and held out his hand for Kimiko. "S-s-s-sure." Kimiko blushed as she toke his hand and got up, then followed him to the dance floor. Kimiko had fun dancing for the next few hours with Diego, she had never met a guy like him before.  

The party lasted a little over midnight, soon most people were leaving to go back home. "I had fun spending sometime with you Diego, well not that I didn't have fun with my other friends, and such." Kimiko blushed and laughed. "Well I'm happy that you had fun Kimiko." Diego smiled. "Well I best be going home now, hope you have a goodnight rest." Diego smiled and kissed Kimiko's hand before leaving. "Thanks and by Diego." Kimiko blushed once more and waved goodbye as he left. "I think I need a breather." Kimiko said as she touched her cheeks, they were quite warm from her blushing, and headed for her father's private garden. As Kimiko was about to go to the garden, but her father pulled her aside."Kimiko there is something I have been needing to tell you.." he looked at her as he opened a secret passage."Sure, dad." Her father lead her down a staircase into a dark room, Kimiko wondered what he was about to show her. At the end of the room was a tank full of neon green liquid with a body in it. "So you wanted to show me one of your living trophies." Kimiko said sarcastically. Her father as he placed his hand on the tank, "No... this is your older brother, Shiloh.." Kimiko was shocked "What!?!?" She didn't believe her father at all. "How could that be!" She sat atop of a table and waited for her father to tell. Her father sighed as he began to remember the day, "20 years before you were born you brother and I were out in the woods mapping the place.." and sighed again and looked at his daughter "Remember the Jå Tuola Snake you learned about in school Kim?" Kimiko wondered what the snake had to do with the story,"Ya, he most venomous snake in the land" she said, "The one with no cure..." she mumble. Her father looked back at tank and stared at the body and remembered what happened" Well, your brother was bitten by the snake... and he has been in this state for 20 years.." Kimiko was shocked by what her father told her, she didn't know whether to be sad, or yell at her dad. She left the room, crying, running into her room, to the private balcony. A woman in a black cloak, lined with silver symbols watched Kimiko run out of the room, and to her room. It was her mother,Yvette Cronos.

  Yvette Cronos
 Yvette Cronos
Her mother opened her daughter's door carefully, but saw that Kimiko wasn't there. She heard somebody crying, it was coming from the balcony. She walked out there and saw Kim sitting on the rail, tears coming out of her eyes.Her mother walked up to her and hugged her, and began to speak in a comforting voice
"I wish we could have told you sooner, but we didn't want to ruin your childhood." Kimiko was comforted by the hug but angered by her mother and father, "Why!?!" She continued to cry as her mother continued to hug her. Kimiko began to think in her mind why they didn't tell her and forgave them. Her mom hugged her tightly, before leaving Kim, letting her gather her emotions.

It was a long night especially for Kimiko, but she was kinda happy she had a brother, but saddened by his state of health.

Leaving Home

Kimiko was finally feeling the stress of being the Daughter of the ruler of Daarkaio.

A New Day

The sun was shining brightly, as the birds chirped and flew across the sky. Kimiko was out on the balcony, in a robe, drink some coffee. She rubbed her temples trying to get her headache to disappears. She toke another sip of her coffee and scoped the city out, looking for a place to work at. "Where could I work?" She continued to scope the
The Cafe
The Cafe
city, until her eyes fell on a coffee shop. She thought about it, thinking that her powers may help her out in the job, then how much she liked coffee. Kimiko went back into her suite and change clothes, she wore a yellow tube top shirt, a black jacket and black jeans. Kimiko walked back out on the balcony and a ran jumping off the railing. She covered herself in a dark mist, invisible to untrained eye, so nobody could see her plummeting from the 50th story or so. After dropping 20 stories, Kimiko's bat wings came out, they caught air causing her to lift up and soar.

She flew through the sky until she got close enough to the cafe and dropped down into an alley, hiding her wings and walking out. She crossed the street and stopped in front of the cafe, and sighed "Hope I can get a job here.." She walked, the bell at the door rang, she looked around,saw people sitting, reading the newspaper, on their laptops, and drinking coffee. A young man behind the counter, notice she came, he hoped over the counter and walked over to her. "Excuse me miss, need anything?"
A Night of Studying, Just What I Need...
A Night of Studying, Just What I Need...
Kimiko looked at him then answered, "Um yes, can I get a job here?" He smiled, "Sure, just need you to fill out this application." He walked off into his office, fingering Kimiko to follow. He sat down in a chair behind a desk and Kimiko sat down also. He handed her a pen and the application and she began to fill it out.The man looked at her, he could tell she wasn't from here, "You not from her are you miss.." Kimiko looked up, half-way done with her application, "No, no I'm not, and my name is Kimiko Cronos." She handed him the application once she was done. "Okay, Miss Kimiko, and my name is Marcus McGrant, I'm your boss." He extended his hand and she shook it. "I'll have a name tag for you by tomorrow, here are some books for you to study, you'll began work tomorrow." He grabbed a couple of books and handed it to Kimiko and she took them. "Ok, I guess I'll see you tomorrow boss." She began to walk towards the door, but Marcus stopped her, grabbing her shoulder, "Oh and the dress code i you can wear what every you want as long as it is appropriate, got it?!" Kimiko nodded her head yes and left the cafe going back to her suite studding the books for the rest of the day. " A night of studying, just what I need." She sighed as she read the books over and over again, till she fell asleep. 

The Calling


First Mission

It was mid-afternoon, morning rush was over and the employees of the "Cafe" had a break. Kimiko chatted with her fellow C.R.E.E.D. agents. They told her what happens in the organization, what places they travel to, what weapons they used. Kimiko thought it was a bit weird she just happened to work at a place that was apart of C.R.E.E.D.
"Hey Kimiko you got a call." Marcus said, while in his office. Kimiko walked it his office, and picked up the phone,"You've got your first mission, report to the base, where you are there should be a transportation pod." The person on the line hung up. The side of the office wall began to move down revealing a transportation pod. Marcus pointed Kmiko to it and told her to get, and so she did. Once she got in the door closed shut, and the platform beneath it disappeared causing the pod to drop. The pod rocketed through the tunnel at great speeds, before she knew it she was at the island base. The door opened allowing her to walk out of the pod, then it went back to the cafe. Two guards appeared then escorted her to a room, this time they didn't us the shackles. Inside the room, were weapons of all sorts and kinds, and battle suits, also there was a scientist there waiting for Kimiko."A good you here, time for you to get geared up." He grabbed one of the black and silver suits, and laid it down on a table next to it's helmet."So what's my first mission, sir?" Kimiko asked, as she leaned against the wall. "You are to find a man, located in Venice, Italy, and bring back a chip that he stole from couple of weeks ago. It has valuable military plans on there." He said. Kimiko looked slightly surprised, but then not so much. "So, how am I gonna get there doc?" Kimiko asked. "The names Leo Tennpenny, but everybody calls me Uncle Leo, and we have a vehicle for you to drive there." Leo said. Kimiko smiled, and whispered to herself "Sweet."

Beta Suit
Beta Suit
Leo continued to take weapons off their racks and place them on the table, next to the suit. Kimiko noticed that the suit was absorbing the items, and they were appearing on various places on the suit. "Now Kimiko touch the suit." He said while standing next to the table. "Um ok , doc." Kimiko walked over to the suit and touched it, tendrils began to appear from the suit attaching themselves to KImiko. The feeling of the tendrils was icy cold, and Kimiko tried to yank her hand away from it, but the grip was tight."A symbiotic suit?" Kimiko thought to herself. It continued to work it;s way up her arm, slowly covering her body. "Now don't be scared Kimiko, this one of our new symbiotic suits, it won't harm you." Leo said.The suit covered her body, then turned into it's armor form. Kimiko opened her eyes looking though it's yellow visor, seeing the suit analyzing everything in sight.

"Kimiko are you okay?" He asked. Kimiko looked at Leo and clinched her fist,"Am I okay, Am I okay!?, You just told me to touch this suit, without telling me this would happen!!!" She yelled said. Leo sighed, "Kimiko calm down, please I thought they filled you in on what I was going to give to you." He said.  She unclenched her fist, then sat on the table, wondering how she's gonna get this thing off of her."Now this suit has a telekinetic link with you, so think about not being on you, and i will disappear from sight, but still be there." Leo said. She toke in a deep breathe, then let out the air, thinking off the suit not being there, and it slowly came off her face moving to her wrist making silver and black bangles. "Hmm, interesting." Kimiko said to herself as she examined the bangles.

It seems everything is fine." Leo said strutting back and forth."Now this will be the suit that you'll be doing the mission in and many more, all the equipment you need is on the suit. Follow the guards and they will lead you to get your car and papers so you can head out." Leo said. Kimiko walked out the door following the guards, they lead her through an underground water walkway. She began to wonder how much money went into the place and chuckled when she thought that. After they exited the walkway, they went into the elevator leading to the outside.When they reached the outside, Kimiko saw one of the people she befriended at the base, Kanko, he was a nice fellow usually a jokester.. Both of the guards left. "Hey Kimiko, I'll be with on your mission to watch over your progress." Kanjo said. "Okay, I beat it's to make sure I don't do anything stupid." She joked.  "Pretty much." He joked and lifted off an invisible cover over a red Chevy Camaro IROC convertible. "You know how to drive, a stick?" He said while jumping into the passenger seat. "Yep." Kimiko jumped into the car, putting into first and took off on her first mission, destination Venice, Italy.

Venice, Italy January 1994

The sun shone brightly, reflecting it's golden rays off the waters in the canals and into the houses and streets of Venice. Gondolas went back and forth through the water ways, sailing peacefully as they listened to the birds sing. In one of the gondolas was Kimiko and her friend Kanko. She sat underneath an parasol, enjoying the ride, as Kanko was the gondolier, steering the boat. She ran her hand through the crystal blue water, scaring some of the small fish away and chuckled. She turned her head slightly toward Kanko, just enough so he could hear her speak,"Are we almost there?" Kanko continued to steer the boat, then answered, "Ya, where almost there." They continued to drift down the water ways, until hey saw a bridge in sight. They saw two men, both carrying a suit case on the bridge. "Here we are, one of the two will lead you to the warehouse." Kanko whispered to her. Once they were under the bridge, Kimiko got out of the gondola and activated her suit. She activated the suit's cloaking device, turning her invisible, then climbed up the bridge to listen to the men's conversation. Kanko activated a hologram, so it would look like there was some one still in the gondola as he left, just in case the men were watching him.

"Here's the money, got the chip?" said one of the man as he placed his case on the ground. "Ya, I got." said the other the man as he tapped his suit case. Kimiko whispered "Let's see if their telling the truth." She placed her hand on the side of her helmet, pressing a button activating the x-ray visor. Kimiko toke a look at the suit cases the men had traded and saw that one contained the chip in it. The men finished their meeting going their separate ways, Kimiko followed the man who had the chip, across town, trying to find a good opportunity to take the suit case. Night came, and she was still following the man, he stopped in a motel and booked a room. Kimiko watched from outside as he went into his room and went to take a shower. "Perfect." She opened the window and slipped in, avoiding anything that may alert the man. She looked around, crouched down walking through the room. She looked underneath the bed, and there was the suitcase. She pulled it out, and tried to open it, but it was locked."Damn.." She saw that she needed a code and key to open it. She heard the shower water stop, and the bathroom door began to open. She quickly slide the case back under the bed and jumped out of the window, activating her invisible suit. The man fully clothed and laid on his bed, his eyes heavy as he nodded off back and forth.

"Heh, perfect time to test my powers on humans, and try out these weapons.." Kimiko slowly open the window, hoping he man wouldn't notice, she grabbed two small canisters from her belt then threw them into the room."Let's see the hallucination gas at work now." She chuckled. The canisters hit the floor making a clinging noise startling the man. He got up from his bed, and picked one of them up, "What's this?" The canisters began to make a beeping noise, then they sprayed out a thick blue gas. The man was hit directly in the face with it, and began to hallucinate seeing things that looked like they were there but were not. He began to laugh uncontrollably. Kimiko opened the window more, allowing her to slip in,she saw the guy on the floor laughing. She went up to him and convinced him that she was the person who he was supposed to give the chip too, and he told her the passcode and told her where the key was.Kimiko found the key just as the gas began to clear up, and grabbed the suitcase, jumping out of the window, disappearing into the night. Before she left she placed a tracking device on the man so C.R.E.E.D. officers could pick him up and charge him.

"That was too fun." Said Kimiko as she jumped from building to building looking for one of the safe houses marked with a crescent moon. She found her way to one of them, and entered through a secret hatch through the roof. She dropped down into medium sized room. See saw Kanko sleeping on the floor, he had been waiting for her. "Did your mission go well?" Said a young woman who appeared behind Kimiko. "Yes.." Kimiko showed her the suitcase with the chip in it. "Your free to go." Kimiko walked over to Kanko and tapped him on his shoulder, causing to wake up. "Hey Kim, done with your mission?" Kanko asked.
"Yep.Time to go.." They both left the safehouse and jumped into the car, leaving Venice, and headed back to Paris.

Once they were back at the island HQ, Kimiko handed over the suitcase and was rewarded on how well the mission went. She left the island going back home to her suite, sitting out on the balcony, wondering what other missions she would be doing. Over a year time, Kimiko ro

Cloning Trouble

Rewrite of the Kill.


Several weeks passed as Kimiko lied in bed, still in a deep coma. Daily her friends visited her, hoping her current state would turn for the better, but nothing happened. Her
current state was stable, and that made everybody happy. Sometimes, "The Boss" would sometimes visit her alone, nobody knew why, but Dr. Leo guessed Kimiko was somewhat special to him. Dr. Leo finally decided to ask one day. As usual when every one was gone during the day, "The Boss" would come and visit Kimiko in her room, at the hospital. He just sat there next to her bed, in a chair, his face showing and his eyes closed like he was meditating. "Exactly why do you visit Kimiko, in private?" Dr. Leo said entering the room and locked the door behind him. "Hello Leo." "The Boss" said. "I believe for her to be a relative of mine." He calmly answered. "Relative of yours? What makes you determine that? Dr. Leo asked.

"What is this...."
"What is this...."
Kimiko began to open her eyes slowly, her vision was still blurry. There was a sharp throbbing pain in her chest as she slowly raised herself up. "She's awake!" she heard someone say. She looked around, with her poor vision she could barely make out her friends. She grunted as she continued to get up, "Uh, what am I doing here?" She clinched her chest, as the pain increased, she felt somebody put their hand on her shoulder, and laid her against a pillow. "Careful now, you're still injured." She laid against the pillow, and flash back of what happened to her accord, it made her pain even worse. "You remember anything?" Kimiko looked away, crossing her arms, "I remember it, even though I wish I couldn't." The doctor walked away to go her some space,"I'll be back to fetch your visitors." The doctor
left, and Kimiko wondered who her visitors could be. Kimiko saw her friends walks in holding gifts, "Kimiko you're okay!" said Kanko, and to her surprise "The Boss" cam to visit her also, but he was hiding his face as always. "I see my star pupil is feeling better.." he said in a hazy voice. Kimiko smiled, "Hey gu--" The pain in her chest increased dramatically, causing her to stop and grab it. Everybody began to wonder what was wrong. She and the others began to her crackling noises, just like that on a static radio. Her eyes flashed a bright grayish white they looked like there was a lightning storm going on inside them. The doctor came back into the room, and ran immediately over to her to check up on her. As soon as the doctor place his metal stethoscope on her chest, surge of large electricity came from with in Kimiko's body.

It threw the doctor and everybody else back, it also caused Kimiko great pain. It caused her to go into a convulsion, her body was violently thrown around in the bed, as she screamed in agony. The air in the room began to crackle, then into a load roar, the lights blew out and so did any other electrical equipment. It lasted a couple of seconds before it stopped. Kimiko's body hit the bed hard, her heart had stopped, so did her breathing. Her body lay lifeless. Everyone began to get up slowly, wondering wha had happened. Jacknife saw Kimiko's lifeless body, and began to preform CPR on her. Three minutes had past, and nothing happened. The Doctor who had been thrown to the side began to stir, and immediately took over what Jacknife was doing. He tried to used equipment to restart her heart, but all of it was fried. The Doctor continued the CPR, for the next couple of minutes until he decided nothing else could be done, and stopped. "She ain't returning this time." Everyone was saddened once again, by Kimiko's death. Just as they were about to leave the room, Kimiko's heart kicked back in and she coughed, spitting up some blood. Once the doctor saw this, he yelled for some help to transport Kimiko into another room with some working equipment. Once in a new room, they stabilized her and hoped for the best. The Boss was standing at the door of her new room thinking, "Wonder how she got this power..."

Days passed as Kimiko laid in a bed unconscious, she was put into a special room to neutralize her powers so that the incident that happened days ago wouldn't happen again. The doctors kept a close eye on her vitals to make sure she would have a full recovery. Dr. Leo had studied what happened on a security camera, when Kimiko's body released a surge of electricity. He was trying to figure out how she got the power, and why it decided to show itself then. He remembered when he saw Kimiko, she was in blue liquid, and it looked like electricity was flowing through. "Could that man have given her these powers." He was correct, somehow the blue was able to transfer Kanhamura's electrical powers to Kimiko. He immediately began to work on a suit that could regulate the electricity flowing through Kimiko's body. Couple of says passed, as he worked day and night working on the suit, until it was completed, before he could put it on Kimiko, he needed her to be awake.

Kimiko began to final awake, after being in a coma for the past week
. She rose from her bed with a throbbing headache, and a sore body. "Where am I?" She looked around
"What the.."
"What the.."
to see she was still in the hospital, and began to wonder why she was still there. "Why am I still here?" She raised her hand to rubbed her head, as she raised it a spark of electricity came out startling her. "What the..?"  She began to wonder if she was seeing things. "You're an electrokinetic now." She looked up and saw Dr. Leo at the door. "A what?" Dr. Leo walked over to where she was and sat down on a chair. "A person that controls electricity, seems like you somehow got these powers from Kenhamura." Kimiko looked at Dr. Leo confused,"How could this be?" Dr. Leo sighed, and began explaining it to Kimiko, she understood most of it, but still wondered how it happened. " So what are we gonna do about it?" She asked him. "I've made a suit that will help your body regulate and control the electricity in your body. Kimiko stretched then yawned, "So?" Dr. Leo brought out a small device, "Well I need to place it on your back for it to work..." "Okay." Kimiko responded as she turned around so her back could face Dr. Leo and raised her shirt up so that he could place it on her back.

Dr. Leo looked at her back in astonishment as he saw her large birth mark covering her back. "Quite an odd tattoo you have Kimiko." Kimiko corrected him, "It's actually a birth mark, it runs in my family." "Okay, odd." Dr. Leo replied, as he placed the device in the center of her back. The device began to implant itself into Kimiko's skin, digging
The New Suit
The New Suit
it's way down into her body disappearing. It began to spread through out her body, controlling the electricity within her. It appeared on her back and began to spread itself around her body, turning into a black suit. "There you go Kimiko, you can control this suit with your mind like your Beta suit to hide it, but you're gonna have to wear it full for the next couple of weeks." "Okay." Kimiko yawned. Dr. Leo left the room. Kimiko looked at the ceiling and stretched before getting out off bed and looked at herself in the mirror. "Hope this thing works." Kimiko left the room, and went down to the bases lower levels to train.


Kimiko made her way down to the training section of the base, she went into one of the training rooms and placed the room on level 4 as a warm up for her sense she usual does 8 or 9. A hologram appeared turning the room into a black void with moving platforms, rotating back and forth. "Need to get my blood flow back.." She jumped out onto one of the moving block, balancing herself, then jumped as it turned. She landed on the next platform, lost her balance and fell off, but grabbed the edge. "A bit rusty." she mumbled to herself, as she pulled herself on top of the block. Mini flying robots came out and began shooting at her. Kimiko dodge the shots by jumping from block to block. "Let's see what this suit's got." Kimiko spun around and thrusted her hand outward at one of the robots, she thought a mini knife was going to come out, but instead aw hite  lightning bolt came out frying the robot on contact. "Cool.." She did it again, but pointing her had at another robot, the same thing happened. "Nice power.." she said to herself. She continued to throw lightning bolts as she made it to the end of the course.

For the next couple of days she was going to train and hone her new electrical powers, unlocking new abilities almost everyday.

Green Hornet Suit

June 13, 2004
As for the past couple of days Kimiko had been in the training rooms, trying to get back to her "normal" self. She trained day and night taking very little breaks. She had unlocked some more of her electrical powers, but still had trouble controlling them.

After a good three hour workout Kimiko headed to the mess hall to get a bite to eat. It was the time of year again she wanted some blood, luckily the agency was able to get some blood donations from various people to feed Kimiko's vampire side. "Blood packet, please." she said to one of the workers, they fetched the blood, then came back handing it to her. She left the mess hall and went back to her to enjoy her meal, sinking her sharp fangs into the packet sucking the blood out. She grinned in delight as she finished drinking it, then went to take a shower. Two days before Dr. Leo had made some upgrades to her suit so she could be in contact with water without shorting out. The shower water ran, as she got in, the steam filled the room as it continued too heat up. She finished her shower quite quickly and got out, drying herself, and putting her clothes on. "Hey Kim-i-ko." said Jen, she was at the door. "Hey Jen." Kimiko said. "Doc. Leo wants to see you down in the lab." she said then left. "Okay.." Kimiko replied. She left her room and went down to the lab, to see Dr. Leo. As usual Dr. Leo was always working on something, but this time he was working on a suit, a green suit.

"Yo, doc." Kimiko said. "Hello Kimiko." Dr. Leo replied. He continued to work on the suit. "So what did ya call me for?" she reclined on the wall. "I made this new suit for you, since your old suit was fried." he chuckled. "Oh ha, ha ,ha." she replied. Leo finished the suit, then revealed it to her, it was black and green. "Sweet." Kimiko said. "I call it the Green Hornet, it works like the old one, but is powered by your electrical powers, and it can allow you to fly, try it out." Kimiko walked over to it and placed her hand on it like she did with her old suit, it covered her in the same way. She placed the helmet on and customized the system to fit her needs. She felt the electricity flowing through her body into the suit, she began to hover off the ground."Nice work doc." As she hovered she made a buzzing noise just like a hornet, she flew around in the room and the buzzing noise increased. "Now I see why he called it that." she thought to herself. "I know, that why they gave me this job." he laughed as he watched Kimiko fly around.

Kimiko landed on the ground, then let the suit come off of her, as the turned into bangles  on her hands and feet. "Can't wait to try this out on a mission." she said grinning. "Ironically you do have a mission." he haned her a hologram telling her what she had to do, she listened to it and left.

Her mission was to find one of the agents who got lost in the mountains, her suit helped her out greatly and she found him.

Search and Destroy

After enjoying a week in Los Angelos, with her boyfriend, she went back to Britain to see what her new assignment was. The Boss personally asked her to do this one, so she headed for his office. "Wonder what I'm doing today." she said while walking to his office. "Maybe I'll finally see his face?" she thought. She walked inside of his office and saw him sitting in his chair, facing foward this time she saw his face,he looked pretty young
, but she could tell he was older than he looked. "Afternoon, Boss." she said while sitting down in a chair. "Afternoon Kimiko" he said as he sifted through the papers on his desk. "So whatcha call me for?" she asked. He looked up at her, fixing his glasses then spoke, "I need you to lead a team to destroy one of our old research buildings." Kimiko raised her eyebrow, "Why, and what's this team?" she asked. He toke of his glasses and placed them on the desk and searched through the papers and brought out a file, the name of the file was "Team: Reapers." He then handed it to Kimiko, she toke it and began to look at the file. "The name of the team is Reapers, they specialize in clean up, leaving no trace of what happened. Reason why I want you to oversee this is beacuse the old science lab there has a dimensional portal, they built years ago." he said. "Okay, and why do you want to destroy the place." Kimiko asked. "The place has many hidden secrets there, and the portal is highly unstable, they were unable to fix." he replied. "Alright, what time is this going down?" she asked. "At 8:00 P.M. don't be late, I'm counting on you to lead them and destroy the place without a trace." he said. "Okay." she said. 



Kimiko go up and left the office and did some training before she had to go on her mission. Hours passed as she trained without stopping at all. It was getting pretty close to the time she had to meet the Reapers so she stopped training, toke a shower, and got ready. It was 8:00 P.M., Kimiko sat at the entrance of the old abandoned research lab waiting for the Reapers. "Pfft, where are they!?" Kimiko thought to herself. Couple of minutes passed, and she began to hear foot steps and people talking, she looked around and saw people raggedy wearing red jackets and jeans covering there faces, somewhere not wearing jackets, show up. They were heavily armed " A gang...." Kimiko said as she slowly drew her gun. One in a silver jacket walked up to Kimiko and extended his hand and spoke. "You Kimiko?"  Kimiko shoke his hand and answered, "Yay I am, and you guys the Reapers?" she asked. "Yep." he said raising his gun and telling his teammates to go in and get started. "Alright." Kimiko said, as her suit covered her. She followed the Reapers in and watch them tear the place apart. She saw some set bombs at various places in the structure. She helped out a bit her and there but didn't want to get in their way.
Hours passed as the Reapers tore down the place. Kimiko had noticed one Reaper who had been going back and forth to the dimensional portal. When she saw him go back again, she jumped off the railing and landing on the ground, then walked over to him to ask question. "Hey, why do you keep coming back here?" she asked. He said nothing as he looked at the portal. "Hey I asked you a question!" she exclaimed as she grabbed his shoulder to turn him around. Before she knew she was on the ground, rubbing her stomach after being hit with the gun's base, she quickly got up and drew her gun pointing it at the back of his head. "Hey what's the idea!?"She said in a pissed off tone. She looked at him and saw the Reaper take off his hood, showing he was some half-crazed man, ranting on about, he could return home now, and destroy this planet with his world's orbital gun. The silver hooded Reaper saw Kimiko pointing her gun at the crazed man. "Ain't one of my guys." he said. "Men! Open fire on that impersonator, but don't kill Kimiko!" he yelled. All the Reapers turned their attention on the crazed man and raised their guns, and began to shot. 

"The Reapers will kill anybody who is not supposed to be at the clean up site, even if you're a C.R.E.E.D. member. They like keeping their work secret."

                               - The Boss 

The crazed man was gunned down, the Reapers showed no mercy. While they continued to shot the man Kimiko somehow jumped out of the way, away from the gun fire and hid behind the dimensional portal. "Man.... these guys don't f*ck around." she said. She began to her a buzzing noise and noticed the dimensional portal began to shake and spark. Somehow a stray bullet hit it, and started the old clunker. Surges of electricity came out of it striking everywhere in the building, as it began to generate a portal. The gun fire stopped as the Reapers searched for shelter. Kimiko got up slowly, still clinching her stomach and slowly began to walk off. A large explosion was heard, as Kimiko felt herself being pulled backwards, she looked behind her shoulder and saw that a wormhole had produced on the floor and was sucking everything in. She dug her claws into the ground, hoping she could ride it out, as she pushed forward. Before she knew it a large piece of metal hit her in the head, knocking her out cold, causing her to be sucked into the wormhole. As soon as she was sucked in it closed behind her, leaving only a torn up warehouse and the Reapers.

The wormhole sent her to another dimension, another place,.... another Earth.

Broken Glass

A wormhole opened up on a side of a torn up building and spat out Kimiko. She skidded across the ground, still unconscious from being hit in the head from the piece of metal. Sounds of gunshots, people screaming, and sirens could be heard in the distance. The continual noise woke Kimiko up, she was dazed, her vision horribly blurred. "*Cough* Where am I? *Cough*" She slowly got up, but fell back down from pain. Here ears twitched as she heard foot steps, and metal clanging. She jerked her head around, but it did no good, she couldn't see who was coming. "Hey, someone to kill." said a man as he raised his bat and bet in against a nearby car. Kimiko began to hear other people laughing and coming closer to her, she began to crawl away, but it looked hopeless, but she started to change her appearance to a more beastly form, seeing if that would scare off her would be attackers. There was a loud crackle in the air, like the sound of a lightning bolt, a man yelled and fell from being hit by something. Right after that there was a loud boom in air, were it originated a sound of a car being crumpled could be heard. Kimiko felt the waves of the explosion, and heared the gang that was approaching her, they disappaered in a hurry, oddly Kimiko felt that the explosion was caused by an electromagnetic wave.
The Explosion
The Explosion

She began to hear footsteps and they were coming closer to her. She turned her head to see who it was, her vision was still bad, but she could see it was a guy.
"Im not here to hurt you."
"Im not here to hurt you."
She thought someone had come back for her and began to snarl releasing bits of blood venom from her fangs, but was too weak to keep it up. She heard the footsteps speed up and stop, as she turned her head around and looked the guy was right over her reaching for her,"Don't worry I'm not here to hurt you." he said. "Yay...right....." she said releasing one last growl, before dropping her head, changing back into a more human appearance.  Due to her being weak Kimiko slipped back into unconsciousness. The guy picked her up and took her back to his small camp and treated her wounds. Two hours passed since Kimiko fell unconsciousness. She began to awaken, still dazed, but she could see. She slowly raised herself up, the concrete ground was uncomfortable. She looked around and saw a large hole in the wall, revealing a decimated city, her pupils widened as she continued to look seeing the destruction, fires, deaths... "What happened here?" she questioned out loud and
Sleeping Savior
Sleeping Savior
coughed, she felt one of her rib bones move, it was broken. "Better question what happened to me!?!" she said to herself. She placed her hand on the spot were the rib was broken and began to heal it a bit. A cold breeze blew by causing her to shutter, she saw a blanket near by her and grabbed it, putting it over her shoulders as she moved closer to a small fire, and continued to heal her broken rib bone. The fire warmed her as she stared blankly at the sky. Hear ears twitched as she heard a loud snore, and jerked her head over to the direction it originated from.
In the corner was a young man, he was sleeping. Kimiko began to recognized him a bit as the guy that saved her
."Guess he's the one that saved me." she said to herself. She saw arcs of electricity flowing from his body. "Yay he's the one..." she said again. The man yawned as his eyes began to open up, he stretched. He rubbed his head, as his eyes fell upon the awake Kimiko. "Uh, hello?" he said, his voice raspy and low. Kimiko looked and him and replied, "Hi..." she said a bit coldly. He got up, grunting as he limped over to Kimiko and sat down beside her. "You okay?" he asked. Kimiko coughed a bit looking away from him, "Ya,I'm okay." she said."Alright." he replied. He tried placing his hand on her shoulder but Kimiko moved preventing him from doing so. Another gust of wind blew in causing her to shiver, she tried to wrap herself in the blanket to gather more wramth. The man saw her shiver and took of his silverish-yellow and black jacket, handing it to Kimiko. "Here, take this." he said. Kimiko toke the jacket from and put it on, it helped her out. "Thank you." She said in a more pleasant tone. "Welcome." He said as he smiled in delight.

He took of his backpack and searched for some food, he brought out an apple and handed it to Kimiko. "Sorry this all I have." He said. Kimiko looked at him for a moment then took the apple. "It's okay." She replied, and took a bite out of it. "So what's you're name?" He asked. She looked at him, "K-Kimiko." She stuttered as she sneezed. "That's a nice name, mine is Drake, Drake Cronos." he said. "Yay it is, Drake.." she said, stopping in astonishment, after hearing his last name. "C-C-Cronos....?" she mumbled under her breath, as her skin slowly turned a pale gray, knowing only a few people had that last name. Her eyes flashed a quick red as she quickly read his DNA, it was identical to a Kronian, Royal Kronian, she then looked away. Drake looked at her and wondered what was wrong,noticing her skin had change an odd pale gray his eyes flashed red also. "Everything, ok?" he asked. Kimiko looked at him, "You're last name is Cronos?"
she asked. Drake looked at her, "Odd question." he said in his head. "Um, ya, why do ya ask?" he said. Kimiko looked down as her skin color changed back to normal. "Oddly, my last name is Cronos." she mumbled. Drake raised his eyebrow. "Really?" he asked. "Ya," she said, "I come from the planet Kronos." Drake's eyes flashed red again, allowing him to see if she truly was from Kronos, and she was. "She really is from Kronos." he thought to himself. "Kronian, eh?" he asked her. "Yep." she said looking at him knowing what he just did. "So what are you doing here in the first place?" he asked. Kimiko placed her hand on her head as she tried to remember, "I was helping a team out tear down a place, someone who was there, that wasn't suppose to be there, there was a gun fight, I ducked, her a whizzing noise, got knocked out, and bam! here I am.." she said sighing. "So your not from this dimension?" he asked. "Yay." Kimiko scoffed. Gun fire and explosions could be heard in the distance, "Hey let me take you to a safer place." Drake said as he got up and extended his hand to Kimiko. Kimiko grabbed his hand and got up, leaning on him to gain her balance. The two walked out onto a ledge where there was an elecrical cable. "Hold on tight, Kimiko." he said. Kimiko rapped her arms around his back and held on tight wondering what he was going to do. He stepped out onto the the cable, sparks of electricity began to shot out as he moved arcrossed it without effort, he was grinding on top of the cable, induction grinding.
Kimiko was astonished by what he was doing and wondering if she too could do it. "Wow." she said, as the blue hue of the electricity shined from her eyes. "Yep, this trick comes in handy, now it might take us an hour or two to get to the destination." he said. "Ok." Kimiko said. Hours passed as the two rode across the powers lines at night. Night turned to dawn, the rays from the sun awoke Kimiko, she yawned. " You awake?" said Drake as he turned his head to look at her. Kimiko looked at his face, he looked
like he wasn't tired, but in his eyes she could tell he was. "Yay, I'm awake." she said. Kimiko saw they were in the city, the part that was still intact. "So how long have we been traveling?" Kimiko asked. "Two, three hours tops." He answered. "So what happened to this place?" She asked. "Mutant attack, they destroyed most of Manhattan." He said. Kimiko sighed wondering why they would do such a thing.They began to slow down, as the cable went to the ground. "We're here." He said as he stepped off the cable. Kimiko got of his back and looked around."Where?" Kimiko asked. He walked into an alley, she followed. He walked up to a door and picked the look. "One of my hideouts." Drake opened the door and let Kimiko in first, she was astonished at what it looked on the inside, it looked like one of the C.R.E.E.D. safe houses."Wow." She thought to herself. "I see you brought a girl." Said a guy sarcasticly. He was across the room. He was wearing a white shirt and black pants, he looked Asian, and had headphones on. "Shut up, Shirako." Drake said. "Just kidding."Shirako  laughed. "Kimiko this is my friend Shirako, Shirako this is Kimiko." Drake said. Shirako walked over and extened his hand. "Hello Kimiko, nice to met you." said Shirako. Kimiko shoke his hand. "Nice to met you." Kimiko said, then yawned. "He why don't you go up stairs and rest." Said Drake. "Ok.." Said Kimiko, as she slowly went up stairs, she had become tired all of a sudden. As she went up stairs she could her Drake and Shirako joking around and throwing insults at each other.
Kimiko slept for a couple of days, undisturbed for she was terrible tired and healing her wounds. She wondered how she was going to get out of this dimension.

Power Charge

Five days, as Kimiko regained her strength through sleep. She woke up, the sunshine hit her eyes, causing her to skiwnt. "Ahhh...." she said, then yawned. She got out of the bed and looked at herself in the mirror, her hair was spiky and pointed up straight."Bed hair." she said. "Nice do, haha." Said Shirako. Kimiko turned her head towards the direction of his voice to see Shirako's head sticking up through the floor. "SHIRAKO!!!" Yelled Kimiko as she grabbed a blanket, to cover herself. Shirako laughed historically. "What the-- HEY!!" He yelled as he was yanked to the ground floor by Drake. "You've got issues, Shirako." Drake said shaking his head. "Oh like you wouldn't have done the same thing." Shirako smirked. "I wouldn't have, I'm a gentleman while you on the other hand are not." Drake chuckled. "Can it British boy." Shirako said rolling his eyes, he knew Drake wasn't from Earth, but loved making fun of the British accent he picked up. Kimiko shock her head and chuckled overhearing their conversation as she went to the bathroom to take  a shower. After she freshened up, and went back to guest room, she saw a pair of fresh new clothes for her, and put them on. She then went down stairs. "Hey Kimiko." Drake said. "Hi Drake."Sshe replied. He tossed her an apple and she took a bite out of it. "Hey, I think one of my friend's can get you back home." He said. "Wow, really? Kimiko asked. "Yep, where gonna have to go through the wasteland to get there, though." he said. "Alright." she said. She looked around, "Where's Shirako?" She asked. "He went to get a some more food, he'll be back." Drake said.
Drake and Kimiko waited for Shirako to come back before they went out. As they waited they began to telll each other about their past and found out that some of the things that had happened to them were a bit same with each other. Once Shirako came back they went out to cross the wasteland. Before they left Drake taught Kimiko how to induction grind, it toke a few tries, but she finally got it. They traveled across he wasteland, encountering hostile mutants on the way. The trip was long and tiring, hours passed, as they crossed the wasteland. Shirako's jokes made the trek more bearable. "Another hour or two and well be there." Drake said. "We better be." Kimiko mumbled. Another hour passed, as the three traveled, the scenery began to change, it went from a desolate, bear land to a green one. "Scenery Change!!" yelled Shirako. Kimiko ears twitched as she heard the sound of a waterfall grow louder. "Dam, Dam, here comes the Dam, hahaha." Shirako chanted. "Drake looked over at him, "Dude, just shut up!!" he said. "Whut?" said Shirako with a grin. Drake sighed. They continued until they came upon a dome shaped building built on a river. They walked over to the build, and climbed up a ladder to the roof. Drake crouched down and pointed his hand at a panel. A bolt of lightning came for his hand and hit the panel causing it to collaspe on itself making a walkway down into the building.
They walked down into the building, Kimiko recognized the design of the building, it looked like lower section of the base in Britain. "Doc!, Doc!, Ya' here!?!" yelled Drake. "Doc?" Kimiko asked. "Yay, Dr. Neyla Tennpenny, we believe she can help ya get home." said Shirako as he put on his headphones. "Tennpenny?" Kimiko began to wonder about what dimension she was in was a mirror one. Kimiko looked at Drake, "Would you happen to work with an organization called C.R.E.E.D.?" she asked. Both Drake and Shirako stopped in their tracks, and looked at Kimiko. "How do you know about C.R.E.E.D.?" he asked. Kimiko turned around, "I believe--" she was interrupted. "Your from a parallel Earth." said Dr. Neyla. "What??" said both Shirako and Drake. Kimiko turned around to see a sleek, tall white woman. She extended her hand and Kimiko shoke it. "Dr. Neyla Tennpenny." she said. "Kimiko Cronos." replied Kimiko. "Hey Doc. how is that possible?" Asked Drake. "Come on, I tell you on the way to the generator." said Dr. Neyla as she began to walk away.

Neyla explained the best she could on how Kimiko was from a parrallel Earth, and why her and Drake's stories were almost the same, as they went down into the lower levels of the facility. "So that explains, why our stories were almost the same." said Drake. "Yep." said Neyla. Kimiko looked around to see that they were around the generators that powered the place."Hey, why are we here?" she asked. Neyla looked at her lowering her glasses, "I believe if Drake can gather enough electric energy he can make a time portal disrupting time and space to send you back home." she said. "Okay." said both Kimiko and Drake. "Wow."said Shirako. Neyla walked in between to generators to a platform. "Drake stand here please." she said. "Alright." Drake replied and walked over to the platform. "Now drain as much energy as you can from the generators as I increase the water flow from the dam." Neyla said as she walked off and increased the water flow. The generators began to buzz louder as they sped up, creating much static in the air. Drake toke in a deep breathe and stretched his arms out taking a deep breathe. All of a sudden two bolts of electricity shot out from the generators at Drake and he began to rise into the air absorbing the electricity. Kimiko and Shirako covered their eyes for the electricity brightened up the room.

"Just a couple of more seconds Drake." Neyla yelled as she worked the pumps. "Ya, ya." he said sarcastically as he grunted absorbing the electricity surpassing his safe limit. A couple of seconds later decreased the flow of water from the dam, decreasing the flow of electricity to the generators. Drake dropped to the ground and stumbled, his body glimmered a bright blue aura. "NOW, concentrate your energy to create a portal." Neyla yelled. Drake took in a deep breathe and pointed his hands out and exhaled realesing electrity from his hands. The air began to crackle, as the electricty Drake shot out began to spin into a blue potal. "Grr..." Drake grunted. The portal began to swirl faster creating a vortex, causing a powerful blast of air. Neyla rushed down the stairs over to Kimiko. "Now think, think hard of where you want to go when you go inside that portal, that's is your one way ticket out of here." she said sternly. "Okay." Kimiko replied sarcastically. She hugged Shirako goodbye, and shoke Neyla's hand. She walked over to Drake, "Hope to see you again one day." she said. "I hope so soon, fun meetn' myself from another dimension." he chuckled. Kimiko toke a deep breathe and thought hard of where she wanted to be, as she toke a running jump into the portal. Once she went through Drake stopped the electricity flow, closing the portal, and collapsed from exhaustion.
Warehouse The Reapers Where Tearing Down, Earth....
"What do you mean she disappeared into the portal!?!" The boss asked sternly. "Heck all I can remember is shooting at that trespasser, a buzzing noise, and a flash off light and she was gone." said the leader of the Reapers. The boss sighed, "How could she be gone like that!!" he thought to himself. A roaring thunderclap could be heard as a blue portal opened up. A flash of like followed as Kimiko came flying out of it, skidding across the ground. The portal closed, disappearing as Kimiko looked up at her boss and the Reaper. "Man do I have a story to tell you." she said chuckling and grinning.

Seeing Family

Kimiko decided to go and visit her home planet, Kronos, she just needed some time off from everyday 'life' on Earth. She got an okay from her boss to leave so she was happy, but a bit suspicious that he would let her go so easily,but pushed it to the back of her mind. Before she could go back home, she had to find her teleportation powder in order to complete her spell, so she went back to her suite and searched her room."Where did I put it?" she asked herself. She ransacked her room and still didn't find it. She decided to look under her bed and saw the box she put it it. "Oh." She grabbed the box and opened it and took the powder out of it. She held the pouch the powder was in and looked at it. "This will get me so far." she said to herself. She cleaned up her room and gather her stuff for the trip, before she began to chant words of her people. Her hair began to stand on ends and a red and blue aura surrounded her before a flash of bright light occurred, she had teleported back home. 
The wind howled on the barren wasteland of Kronos, as flash of bright light could be seen in the distance, it was Kimiko. "Well it worked, but I'm off by a couple of hundred
 Night Crawlers
 Night Crawlers
of miles." she said to herself. She slung her backpack around herself and started to walk to her home city Daarkiao. She walked as she looked around remembering the wasteland before she left, the little vegetation, amazing creatures that would appear, and the lava fissures made her miss her home even more. "Been gone so long." she said to herself. She saw a flock of blue bright iridescent butterflies fly in front of her. " Jitankan." Her eyes widened for she missed the butterflies as she watch them fly by. Her ears began to twitch as she heard crying coming from a nearby cave. "Should I go check it out?" she wondered to herself. The crying increased as she heard roars of
 Baby Hathain
 Baby Hathain
the Night Crawlers." I should!" she toke of running into the cave to see what was crying and to her dismay she say a baby Dathianian crying, for he was surrounded by a pack of Night Crawlers. 
She quickly began to wonder how she could help the child, until she saw one of the Nigh Crawlers charge and lunge at him. Something came over Kimiko as she watch it lunge at the baby, her skin turned into a silver-ish fur, and her body became more feline like. She let of roar as she lunged at the night crawler knocking it down. She then crouched down after tackling it letting out a blood curdling roar
 Kronian Skin
 Kronian Skin
scaring the rest away. She stood up and change back to normal grabbing her head. "Man, what just happened?" she asked herself wondering what she did to scare off the Night Crawlers. She turned around the see the baby Dathian sobbing, but safe. She crouched down and walked slowly towards it with open arms. "Don't worry I'm here to help you." She said in a low caring voice. The Dathian cried then let out a fire ball from it's mouth heading directly to Kimiko. Kimiko rolled to the side dodging the fireball, "Maybe if I change to my Kronian side." she said to herself as her skin change to a blue color. The Dathian calmed down enough for her to come near as it sobbed. She gently touched him calming him down even more, and picked him up cradling him. "I wonder how you got here." She said to him as he laughed. She chuckled as she left the cave carrying him with her."Guess I have to take care of you for awhile." She said as he clapped his hands in laughter. "I think I'll call you Kao." She said to him as she touched his Grayish Black skin. She thought to herself that it was odd for a Dathians skin color to be grayish black, for their skin colors where usually more colorful and bright. "Maybe that's why he was left." She thought to herself.
 Kao In a Better Mood
 Kao In a Better Mood

Despite the minor distraction, Kimiko continued her journey to Daarkaio with Kao. An hour or two passed as she walked through the wastelands with Kao asleep in her arms. The landscape slowly began to change as vegetation was more bountiful and there were a lot more animals. "Almost home." she said to herself. She continued to
walk, until her ears twitched she heard whislting in the distance and singing in the distance. "Come on somebody why don't you run? Ol' Red itching to have a little fun. Get my lantern, and get my gun. Red'll have you treed before the morning comes. Ha, ha, Earth has some good music." said a man. KImiko ears perked up when she heard the voice, "Can it be? My old friend?" she asked herself as she continued to walk. She finally saw who the person who was singing and they saw. The man looked looked like skeleton ritualist, he lifted the hood covering his head to get a good look at Kimiiko. "Is that who I think it is!?!" he exclaimed as he walked up to Kimiko. "Tango?" Kimiko asked back. "Kimi!" he yelled as he hugged her. "Haven't seen't you in ages, where did you go?" he asked. She sighed as she hugged him back. "On Earth just wanted to see a change of scenery." she said. Tango noticed Kao in her arms. "And who's this." he asked. "Oh him, I found him out in the wasteland alone about to be attacked by a pack of Night Crawlers."she said smiling. "I knew there was some good in you." he said laughing. Tango joined Kimiko and Kao on the walk back to Daarkaio. The two talked about what has happened to each other in the years that had passed and got a good laugh out of each others stories.
They got closer and closer to Daarkaio for they were able to see the towns nearby and the city itself. Kimiko began to notice the reaction of the people nearby as they began to mumble, "She's back!" and "The King's daughter isn't dead." or "Maybe it's a mirage." She sighed knowing that this would happen, but shoke it off. "Well I got to go and do some stuff." Tango said as he walked. "Okay, see ya Tango." she
said back to him. Kao woke up and giggled as he looked at Kimiko and she laughed also. "You're so cute." As she walked by a tree, she heard a bang noise then someone yell at her."KIMIKO!?!, WOO!!" yelled at guy as he fell out of the tree. Kimiko turned around to see a man covered in blue fur laying to the ground, it looked like her old friend Antonio. "Antonio!!"Kimiko yelled as she set Kao down and rushed over to him making sure he was alright, Kao followed. Kimiko stretched out her hand and he grabbed it. "Is it really you?" he asked. She shoke her head, and he lunged at her giving her a hug causing her to fall down. "Aw, thank goodness I thought you were dead!!" he exclaimed crying a bit. "Um, are you okay Antonio?" Kimiko asked him. "I am now." he said getting off of her, and noticed Kao laughing. "Who is he?" he asked. "Some Dathain I found out in the wasteland, I didn't want to leave him out there all alone." Kimiko said getting up. "Okay."Antonio replied. "Want me to teleport you back home, your father is waiting?"he asked "Sure Kimiko said as she picked up Kao. Antonio placed his hands on Kimiko and Kao, and disappeared into a cloud of white smoke.
A flash of bright light appeared in the Cronos Mansion's Garden, there stood Kimiko, Antonio, and Kao. "Thanks Ant." Kimiko said smiling, hugging him. He hugged her back, "No problem, always ready to help a friend." he said. Kimiko looked around and toke in a deep breathe, savoring the smell of the flowers in her families garden. "Ah I miss this place." she said while setting Kao on the ground as she walked up to the black rose bush and toke a sniffed it. "Yes, you're family always had a nice garden." Antonio chuckled. Kimiko chuckled also after she heard what he said and watched Kao chase after a butterfly. "Heh, heh." Kimiko heard a bark as her ear twitched, and before she could shift her head in the
direction it came, a dog like creature tackled her and began to lick her face causing her to laugh. "Tanner get off, ha, ha,ha, get off." she exclaimed. Tanner got off her allowing her to get up and she petted him. "Bet you missed me." she said as he licked her face again. "I missed you." said her father as he walked into the garden. Kimiko eyes widened as soon as she saw him and began to cry as she ran over to him and hugged him. "Father.." she said sobbing. "It's okay, I have no problem with what you did, I'm actually quite proud you left." he said letting out a slight chuckle. Kimiko looked into his eyes, hugging him tighter, he looked exactly like he did the day she left. "Well I guess I should be going." Antonio said as he waved goodbye and disappeared into a cloud of smoke. "So.... where mom?" Kimiko asked her father. "She went to see her brother."Twain said back to his daughter. "Okay."she responded back.
"So how have you been, my daughter." he asked her as they walked through the garden. "Fine, it's been an up and down experience on Earth." she said laughing, he joined in the laugh. "Well at least your getting some experience out of home." he said back to her."OUCH!!" he yelled as something bite him on the leg. "It couldn't be Tanner." Kimiko said as she knew he was right next to her. Her father raised his leg o show Kao had bitten him and was hanging on by his teeth. "And who would this be?" Her father asked as she reached over and removed Kao from his leg. "I found him out in the wasteland, abandoned, surrounded by Night Crawlers and decided to save him." she said as she gently stroked Kao's head causing him to laugh. "Ah I see, so what are you going to do with him, his parents aren't going to take him back due to how he looks." he said rubbing his bitten leg. "Don't know." she replied. "How bout you take care of him." he said chuckling. "Guess I will." Kimiko smiled as she set Kao down to play with Tanner. "Dad can you take me to my brother."she asked. "Yes, but why?" he wondered. "I think I know how to bring him back." she put on a devilish grin as she raised her hands creating and electrical current. Her father looked slightly surprised at her new power.


Her father led her to the room containing her bother's alive but decaying body, leaving Kao outside in the garden. He opened the secret room and the two went down the staircase into the room containing her brother's body. His body floated in the neon green liquid tank, his head raised slightly to see who it was. Kimiko walked over to the        tank and whispered to him while placing her hands on the tank. "I'm going to help you brother." She toke in a deep breathe and let it out, her eyes flashed a bright green as blue electric arcs came from her body. The electricity traveled from her body and into the tank, instead of electrocuting her brother, the electricty was healing him. His limbs began to regrow, and he began to look more regonizeble. Kimiko's father stood in the corner astonished by what she was doing. "Amazing.."he said to himself. The liquid in the tank began to evaporate as the electricty healed her brother's body. As soon as he was fully healed, she let out a large surge of electricty to ensure she cured the poisen in his body. As soon as she
 did that the the all the liquid evaporated quikly in the tank causing the pressure to build up and the glass to break. Kimiko stumbled back as soon as the glass broke and heard a thud on the ground followed by a low groan. "Aaaahh..." her brother moaned. "Shiloh!" Kimiko exclaimed as she knelt down down to find him.
 A hand reached out and grabbed her by the wrist, it was her brother, Shiloh, his hand felt a bit scaly. "Shiloh." Kimiko said. She helped him up and let him lean against the table. "Wow."her father mumbled under his breathe amazed by what Kimiko had down and draped a rob over his son. "Glad that your alive." he said to Shiloh. "Same... here... father." he grunted spitting up some blood. Kimiko continued to heal her brother as he tried to get his bearings as their father disappeared to a place unknown. An hour or two passed after Kimiko had healed him further and gave him some clothes to wear as they went out into the garden. "So how long have I been in that state?" he asked Kimiko. "I don't know." she said hugging him. He hugged her back. He looked like he was in his late twenties, his skin was a pure mellow blue, and his hair was jet black. He looked up into the sky, his silver eyes, soaking in what he was seeing. "So much has changed..."he said with astonishment. "Thing sure have." Kimiko responded. "I'm not to sure if I cured the venom from your body." Kimiko said looked at his hand that had scales. "It's okay, I bet over time my blood will make an anti-body." he said laughing.

She joined in the laugh. Around the corner came Kao riding on Tanner laughing in excitment. "I see you had a Gryser too." he said to Kimiko. "Yep." she replied. The two began to talk sharing stories with each other and finding out fascninating things that had happened to each other. Kimiko stayed on her home planet for a couple of days before returning back to Earth with Kao and her gryser, Tanner.

Things to Come

 Rewrite of Visions

Contract Killer

Kimiko was waiting in her Uncle's office, he had called her in on her month off, he said he needed her for something covert. Kimiko had been waiting in the office for at least an hour or two, she was wondering what was taking him so long, she was about to get up and leave,but before she knew it her uncle entered the office and sat down at his desk. "Sorry for taking so long,.. I was preparing something." Zephyr said. "No, problem. So what did you call me here for?" Kimiko asked. "You may not like what I'm bout to ask you to do, but you are the only one I see fit to be able to handle this." He quickly mumbled. "I need for you to become a 'contract killer', it's a covert operation." He sighed. "Contract Killer, as in some one hiring me to kill someone?" Kimiko joked. "Well in a since yes, like a hitman, but not really like that." He said. "You know that one guy I've hunting down for sometime?" He asked and Kimiko nodded yes. "Well I can't pin him down, he's slippery like a snake, gets rid of evidence of him being at a place we tracked him to." He grumbled. "But I think you can help me get to him, I heard he needs to 'take out' some of his competition." Zephyr said. "So.. you want me to pose as a hitman or 'contract killer' for him and literally take out his competition?" Kimiko questioned. "Well yes and no,I do want you to pose as a hitman, but not really kill anyone unless I say yes, which most likely will be." He chuckled. "I want you to gain his trust and the trust of the ring he is leading, seeing how you are a good assassin and interrogator I believe you'll be able to figure how to do that quite easily without causing much trouble." He chuckled once more. "You do have a point, but what am I to do it innocents get involed?" She questioned quite coldly. Zephyr shoke his head and smiled. "I have a solution to that." He said. "I know you a great telepath and can teleport anybody any where, you will work with your 'new' powers in a since, I've set up a profile of the 'hitman' you will be, don't worry nobody will be able to tell who you are, since you seem to have a bounty hunter trouble going on." He said. "I'm still wondering who
 Recreated 'Burner' Armor
 Recreated 'Burner' Armor
wants me dead so badly?" Kimiko joked knowing some people that wanted her dead. Zephyr got up from his desk and activated a hidden wall, causing it to turn revealing behind it some clothes,armor and some weapons. "I had Tennpenny remake this armor exactly like a friend of mine that I worked with back in the day..."Zephyr said remembering the good times until said friend passed away. "He posed as a Hitman a few times, with various names under his belt, but always was called 'Burner' due to what he did when the person who hired him didn't pay the money." Zephyr chuckled. "So what was he like a pyro or something?" Kimiko joked. "No he used needles, any weapon he could inject his chemicals into one's body, like a mad scientist. He was a telepath also, but specialized in illusions and teleportation, that's how he made it looked like he killed people and interrogated them." He paused for a moment, to remember why he was also called Burner. "Also he has some pretty potent and acid chemicals that would 'cause' a lot of pain and completely dissolve one's body without leaving a trace." He finished.
"So when do I get to have some fun?" Kimiko joked as she got up and walked over to her uncle and began to examine the armor and needles. "Possible tonight, I've caught wind, he captured and is interrogating an agent of somebodies and they aren't breaking yet." He said. "I think I know what I can do, but I'll make sure they just tell him what he wants, not the actually truth, and make it look like he 'dies' in front of their eyes." Kimiko chuckled. "You learn fast and don't worry they won't be able to tell your gender.." Zephyr chuckled knowing the armor would make her look like a man, and the voice changer would change how she would sound.. "Now you might want to try on the armor, it's similar to how your suit bonds to you, and practice fighting in it a bit and using the needles, but I think you will do fine with the anti-material rifle." He continued. "The needles, when dealing with innocents or if I want them taken alive, will be filled with harmless colored water, but if I say kill them or it's absolutely needed they will be filled with deadly or extremely acid chemicals with a mere thought." He said. "Thanks for the information." Kimiko chuckled as she allowed the armor to come over her, it was a bit heavy, but flexible enough to let her move. She began to handle the needles and gun, it was an interesting rifle. "Here are some recordings of my friend when he was 'Burner', try and copy his movements." Zephyr said as he activated a hologram of his friend that showed some of his training. Kimiko watched the hologram, and then began to attempt mimicking the moves herself it toke her awhile to mimic the way he drew his gun and the way he would remove his needles and inject people with the needles. "Well this is going to be interesting." Kimiko said as she practiced some more. "You are quite the fast learner, almost like him, think you will fool them if they question if you are the real 'Burner'." He chuckled. "So, where will I be meeting, these people." Kimiko ask. "Here's a file on the possible locations, they keep moving around while interrogating the agent so nobody gets suspicious, so good luck on finding the correct warehouse." He chuckled. "Always having to do the hard work, I'll find the place tonight, and wait for you command to enter." Kimiko chuckled, and had the armor come off of her. "Low profile." He said to her, Kimiko nodded as she teleported off to rest a bit at her home and then began to look at the possible locations on where the interrogation was taking place.

A Few Hours Later

It was close to midnight, and Kimiko believe she had found out where the interrogation was taking place, but no where near the warehouses were, as she watched from a nearby tree in her 'Burner' suit. "Boss, I believe I've found the place, it's no longer at the warehouse, but at a mansion, I've already witnessed them 'dragging' the agent into the place."Kimiko informed her uncle through her 'Burner' suit."No longer around the warehouses, seems like he's getting smart, give me an eye feed so I can double check." Zephyr asked. Kimiko activated the eye camera to allow her uncle to see what she was seeing. "Hmm... I'm giving you the green light to go introduce 'yourself'." Zephyr said, before cutting off their transmission, just to be cautious. "Alright, let's see if I can pull off how my uncle's friend introduced himself." Kimiko thought to herself as she left the tree and began walking down the road towards the mansion, she made she her voice changer was active, even though she could change her voice herself, but she was just playing it safe... for once. As she made it to the gated mansion, she was stopped by some of the guards by the main gate stopped her. "Stop right there! What do you want?" One of the guards said while pointing a gun at her. Kimiko stopped and raised her hands showing she was no treat...yet. "Now, now boys no need to shot or be rude, I'm just here to give my services." Kimiko said putting her hands down. "Give your services what are you some kind of girl scout?" The guard mocked her. "Well take it I've seen some illegal transactions happening around this mansion for the past few days and heard about an agent you're boss need to break, but I guess I can just leave.. and.-" Kimiko said before being cut off. "What how did you--, watch him." One guard said to the other as he grabbed his radio to call his boss. Kimiko couldn't help but chuckle, silently of course, didn't want to tick off the guard and get shoot. "Ya boss, we got some guy saying he's here to offer his services."The guard said to the radio, Kimiko listened in on the conversation, the guard began to describe what she looked like, she wasn't sure but she could tell that whoever the boss was must have heard of Burner before because he sounded shocked and didn't believe him, then ordered the guard to bring 'Burner' to the interrogation room. The guard finished his conversation with his boss and turned around to face the other guard and 'Burner', he was rubbing his ear, nearly had gone deaf when his boss started to yelling at him. "Don't think of doing anything funny, the boss, Markorov, says he wasn't expecting a visit from such a legendary person." The guard said not really believing his boss.

To Be Worked on Later..........


One Way to Get The Girl

Sometime after Kimiko's 'Burner' mission, her uncle ordered her to take at least five months off, she did need the rest, but it was also for safety measures. Kimiko didn't like the idea, but she knew it was for the better, so she decided to spend sometime at a good bar she found once on one of her missions to the United States. She was at the bar drinking some scotch, she really didn't care what kinda as long as it had a burn to it, thinking about some current events. "Guess I need to start listening to my uncle some more." Kimiko thought to herself and chuckled and toke a sip of her scotch. She noticed two fellows that had been watching her carefully from a both in the back, she began to think they were following her, she did noticing an odd car tailing her when she drove to the bar.The two fellows looked out of place, they really didn't look like they were from around here, one looked like a cowboy, the other was wearing a hoody covering his face. She just shoke off the feeling for the moment and paid for her drink and then left, she felt taking a scenic route to a nearby cliff, before returning to her condo, which just happened to be owned by C.R.E.E.D. Just by coincidence, the same men that Kimiko thought were following her, paid for their drinks got up, just as she left the bar."Better not be bloody bounty hunters."Kimiko rolled her eyes, she got into her Mustang, started it up, and headed towards the cliff she wanted to see. Kimiko checked her rear view mirror, she was correct, she was being followed. She just pretended that she didn't notice them and was taking in the sights.

As she got to the parking for the cliff, and parked, she noticed the people just kept on driving. "Maybe they weren't tailing me." Kimiko shrugged as she got out of her car and locked it, then headed for the cliff. It was already sunset and the moon was shining quite bright. "Maybe I did need a vacation." Kimiko said to herself as she walked the trail towards the cliff. Kimiko sensed another presence than hers nearby, she just knew it had to be the two guys that were following her, and she was correct as she narrowly dodge a net by rolled to the side. "What the!?" She yelled. "You've got a pretty penny on your head girl after messing up Markorov's business, he wants the person behind 'suit' dead and we think we figured out who that was Burner." Said the cowboy, one of the men that was following her, he signaled for his hooded partner to reload the net gun. "And who says that's me?" Kimiko said, she really wasn't in the mood for a fight. "Don't play dumb girl, you know it's the truth, and me and my friend want the money." He chuckled as he brought out his revolver and began to load it. "If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get." Kimiko shoke her head and began to reach for her gun. Before the fight even started both men were knocked out, down, and tied up with their own net gun, and Kimiko knew she wasn't the one who did it all. "Who's there!?" Kimiko demanded. "Sorry I saw a you in distress and decided to help." Said a male voice. Kimiko quickly turned to the direction of the voice and saw a guy mid- twenties, early thirties, wearing an undone blue dress shirt, a white shirt underneath, and blue jeans, his hair was red and a goatee to match. He reminded Kimiko of someone she meet before. "Right and how do I not know that you are someone else trying to get this bounty before them." Kimko barked. "Now why would I attempt to get some bounty on the princess of Daarkiao and the niece of one of my circus's sponsors." The man laughed, he knew Kimiko, he was actually a childhood friend of hers. Kimiko was shocked by what he said, no way he could know who she was that easily, if she was thinking straight, she could have sensed if he was human or not, but she was to shocked and confused by what was going on. "How did you know that?" Kimiko questioned. "What you don't recognize me? I'm one of you old friends from Kronos, well probably don't recognize me because I look human." He laughed. Kimiko didn't believe him and shoke her head, she saw that it was getting late and her nerves were shoot. "I don't believe this." She grumbled and quickly teleported back to her car, she didn't feel like dealing with it all. "Kimiko wait!' The man yelled just as she teleported, he sighed, but he knew he could find her.

 Finally, I was hoping you got here safely.
 Finally, I was hoping you got here safely.
"Great as soon as I get a vacation crazy things begin to happy." Kimiko mumbled under her breathe as she started up her and headed to her condo, all she wanted to do now was read a book and go to sleep. It toke a bout an hour to get to the condo, the city streets were quite crowded and jammed. Kimiko parked her car in the 'special' C.R.E.E.D. parking and got her card key for her room, the members of C.R.E.E.D. got the very top floors of all the condo towers in the district. Kimiko was happy when she made it to her room. "Finally some peace and quiet." She sighed with a smile on her face as she opened the door to her room and entered and closed the door behind her. "Finally I was hoping you got here safe." Said a familiar voice. "What the?" Kimiko questioned as she spun around to see to see who it was, to her surprise it was the same man that had saved her, he had served himself a glass of Kimiko's
 I wasn't drawing a gun.
 I wasn't drawing a gun.
bloodwine and he was drinking it perfectly fine. "How the hell did you get in here?" She demanded. "Magic, and you're uncle Zephyr gave me a key." He chuckled, showing Kimiko a card key, her uncle did give the guy a card, he was just happened to be in 'town' again and found out a few days ago, while speaking with Zephyr that Kimiko was his niece, he wondered what happened to his best friend for awhile. "Yay, right you're probably another bounty hunter and stole that key." Kimiko barked. "No I didn't steal the key, you're so much different from when I met you." The man said as he set down his glass and got up and began to reach for his pocket. Kimiko reacted immediately, thinking her was reaching for a gun, she charged at him ramming his face into the wall, the shear impact caused a dent where his head was and drew some blood.

"I wasn't drawing a gun." He said quite calmly, he even had a smile on his face, which began to tick Kimiko off more and more."D*mn right you weren't!" Kimiko said coldly as she then grabbed him by his arm and threw him towards one of the windows that faced the street. As he hit the window it broke the lock, it just happened to be a casement window so the window frames swung outward, almost causing him to fall. "Kimiko wait! I-" Before he had time to continue and pull whatever was in his pocket out, Kimiko quickly drew her out one of her silenced guns and toke a shot at him, she didn't even notice that he yelled her name. He barely had anytime to react, but was able to lean back far enough to dodge the bullet, but at the same time that caused him to fall out the window, luckily he was able to grab onto the drapes blowing out the window, he was hoping that the drapes would hold him. Kimiko walked towards the window and peered out to see were he fail, then noticed him trying to swing back into the room. "Oh no you don't." Kimiko said as she took aim and was about to shoot him. "Kimiko wait! Don't you remember this." He said as he brought out a Ketu flower, it was red, yellow and black. "What a second..." Kimiko paused as she lowered her gun. "Yep it's me, the same guy that gave you a flower like this for you birthday, remember Diego Starkk?" He couldn't help but laugh. "Diego?.. but how?" Kimiko muttered, she felt really bad for not believing him and outstrected her arm for him to grab. "I'm so sorry." Kimiko said. "It's okay, it's actually my fault, should have had your uncle say I was in town and I should have told you my name first." He laughed as he climbed through the window and fell on the floor.

"Well it's my fault also, kinda been on edge lately, so this is actually my vacation time." Kimiko said, then toke a look at the cuts on Diego's face. "I'm sorry, let me heal that." Kimiko said as she raised her hand to Diego's face and began to heal the cuts and stop the bleeding. "It's okay, you don't need to keep apologizing." He smiled. "I'm really not liking how your acting like I didn't almost kill you." Kimko sighed and couldn't help but chuckle and shake her head. "Well sorry I kinda take a lot of things lightly, since I'm a magician." Diego said as he got up and dusted himself off and made his way back to the mini bar. "Oh I remember now, he was an apprentice to Jester." Kimiko said. "Well did I break anything, anything I can do?" Kimiko asked kindly, she was concerned. "No you didn't break anything, and ya... how bout a drink?" Diego said with a sly smile as he raised up a bottle of scotch. Kimiko laughed and shoke her head. "And you still have your joking personality." Kimiko joked and walked over to the bar and sat down. "So exactly why are you here? On Earth that is." Kimiko asked. "Well my 'magic crew' are in town, well Earth, for a month and I came to see your uncle, since he is one of my 'sponsors' and he is also the one who gives me pointers on where it is safe to hold shows." Diego laughed and set down a glass for him and a glass for Kimiko, and poured some scotch into both. "What how do you know my uncle?How did you meet him?" Kimiko had so many questions. "Well I believe he saw one of my shows on Earth, well possible two since I kinda do remember his face when I was on another planet." He said pausing to gather his thoughts. "Well he is like you Kronians with the special ability to tell a Kronian even if they look like another species." He laughed.

 How bout a drink?
 How bout a drink?

"Well any way, after one of my shows he confronted me when my crew were packing up to leave, I was thinking he was some guy who wasn't please, but man was I wrong." He laughed. "So what did he say?" Kimiko asked. "He gave me a card and politely said, 'I know you guys are all aliens, and that's okay because I'm one too.' and then he changed to his red Kronian skin, well I wasn't too shocked, but everyone else was, then said something about discussing whether or not if I would continue to do shows on Earth, and how I could do them without causing any trouble, raising suspisoin, blah, blah, blah. And that's how a partnership and a friendship started." Diego laughed and toke a swig of his scotch. "Sounds like my uncle alright." Kimiko chuckled and toke a sip of her scotch. "Well how did you find out about me, and where to find me?" She asked next. "Well your uncle and I were just having a friend;y conversation one day, and I brought up on how I missed a good friend, you, and I accidentally described you,  then your uncle asked some more questions and the name of said friend, I said you name and started to laugh saying that Kimiko was his niece. First I thought he was joking, but he was serious." He chuckled. "That's my uncle." She joked. "Anyway he told me how you worked for C.R.E.E.D., etc., etc., and kinda gave me a hint to where you were on vaca , well that and your key." Diego laughed. "Amazed my uncle trusted you that much, you're still the gentleman I knew from when we were younger." Kimiko laughed. "Why thank you." Diego chuckled. "Well I'm terrible sorry still that I kinda did cause some trouble, maybe I can treat you to dinner or something?" He asked with a smile. "No, no it's okay." She chuckled. "No, I insist it's the best that I can do. And if you don't say yes I'll keep bothering you." He joked. "Okay fine, possible lunch tomorrow, to late for dinner." Kimiko rolled her eyes. "Lunch it is then. And seems that I've got to go, have to make sure all the preporations for a show I'm doing in a day or two are going fine, so bye for now Kimiko." Diego said with a smile and kissed Kimiko's hand before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. "A gentleman and a magician alright." Kimiko chuckled as she finished her scotch, cleaned the glasses, and went to bed.

The Next Morning

 Kimiko was at the condo's cafe enjoying some morning coffee and a book of hers.


To Be Worked on Later....



Kimiko was relaxing at her condo suit, sitting out on the balcony over looking parts of Paris, she had a smile on her face since she had met an old friend of hers and had fun spending some time with him. Her son Kao was playing with their Gryser, Tanner. She watched the two
 What does he want?
 What does he want?
play and chuckle. "Man's best friend." she mumble. Kimiko cell phone went off and she looked at it, her Uncle was calling. "Hey Uncle Zeph." Kimiko answered. "Hey Kimiko." He said back to her. "So what do you need?" she asked him. "Well I'm sorry to bother you on your day off, but I need you to come down to the base.."he said. "Umm, why?" she asked. "When you get here I'll tell you." he finished and hung up. Kimiko closed her phone and wondered why he wanted her to come down to the base. "Hey Kao, I gotta leave for a few." Kimiko got up and went inside to quickly take a shower and change clothes. "Ok, mom."Kao replied. Kimiko toke a shower and wondered what her uncle wanted her over. She then changed clothes and left the condo, headed to her car, and left to go to the C.R.E.E.E.D base. She arrived at the base and was surprised to see Zephyr waiting outside for her. She parked her car and walked over to him. "So what did you want?" she asked. "Well talk as we head there." he said fingering her to follow him. Kimiko began to wonder where they were heading. They went into lower parts of the base, lower then Kimiko's been. "So....?"Kimiko asked. Falcon looked at her, " 50 Years ago, we found this "being" , on a mission. that has been unconscious, well, hell I'm not to sure.."He paused. "So, how did "it" get to Earth?" Kimiko asked sarcastically. "I'm not really sure, it appeared from a portal.." he said. "...So what does this have to do with me?" she asked. They stopped in front of a door and Falcon turned around,placing his hand on her shoulder. "It", finally awakened, it saw you and said it recognized you." he said.
Kimiko looked at him confused, she wondered how "it" knew her, she had never seen or even noticed it before. "Wha-?" she said partially speechless. "I know the feeling." Zephyr replied. "Well do you know "it's" name?"she asked. "No." He placed his eyes on the retinal scanner next to the door. It scanned his eyes and the door opened. He let Kimiko go in and followed after her. The room was quite large, there were scientist everywhere studying different lifeforms. "Wow.." Kimiko mumbled. "Come here." Falcon said to her walking further into the room. They stopped at another door, and he opened it and went inside. The room was dark except for a holding chamber at the end of it.
 The Creature
 The Creature
There was a creature in it it, his skin pale as snow, meditating. "Is that "it"?" Kimiko asked as she walked up to the glass. "Yep."he replied as he walked over to her. "Can you stand over there please, I don't want "it" to freak out when "it" sees you." He said. Kimiko shoke her head yes and went back into the darkness. Zephyr grabbed a com-link and turned it on, the intercom in the creature's room came on. "Excuse me for interrupting your daily meditation, are you sure you recognize this person?" he said as he fingered Kimiko to walk up to the glass. The creature raised its head, opening its eyes, they shined a bright golden yellow. His elf-like ears shoot up as soon as its eyes fell onto Kimiko. "You..!" it said pointing its finger at Kimiko as its got off its bed. "I remeber the face.."he paused placing his hands on the glass concetrating on Kimiko, "You look like my ancestors Aakarshan and Abaddon.... and me!" he sniffed the air. "Would you happen to be part Yerian?" he asked. Kimiko looked at him confused, she wondered who was this Aakarshan and Abaddon. "Um  yes I'm part Yeri-" Kimiko clinched her head in pain as she fell on to her knees whimpering in pain. 
"Kimiko!" Zephyr yelled as he bent over to see what was wrong. "Hey what's wrong?" he asked. Kimiko pushed him away, hard, as she let out a roar of pain, clutching her head harder. Patches of silver fur were appear all over her body, as her nails became sharp claws, her canines became sharper, and she began to grow a tail, becoming more cat-like. "She's rejecting the Yerian, DNA." said the creature to itself, looking at Kimiko Falcon picked himself after being knocked over to see Kimiko transformation. "The hell?"he mumbled. "Hey let me out, I need to help her." the creature said pounding in the glass. "Oh no I ain't lettin' you out." Falcon said letting out his country accent. "If you don't she may die, her body is rejecting her Yerians DNA, and only a bite from a Yerian can fix it." he said looking a Falcon then Kimiko. Falcon looked at the creature then back a Kimiko, he couldn't stand to watch her in such pain, he looked down and sighed as he walked over to the chamber door to release the creature. "You'd better be telling the truth or else I will KILL you.."He said looking sternly at the creature as he pressed the release button. The door opened as the creature came out, he looked at Falcon, then walked slowly over to Kimiko, sniffing the air lightly. The silver fur on Kimiko's body continued to spread as she sat there in pain, "Grr...." she growled softly as the creature came closer to her. The creature crouched down, raising his hands to show that it wasn't a treat, "I want to help you.." it said softly to her. Kimiko's growl began more intense as her transformation complicated and she lounged at the creature. The creature easily dodged her attack as it jumped over her, landing behind her. Before she could turn around and attack it, again, it charge at her pinned her down and bit into her right arm. Kimiko howled as she trashed around to break free, but the creature tightened it's grip and bite to make sure she couldn't get free. "Hey!!" Falcon yelled as ran over to stop the creature. The creature raised it's hand, causing Falcon to stop in place. Falcon could feel the vain in his body tighten. "The heck..?" he mumbled.

 Yerian Kimiko
 Yerian Kimiko

The creature lowered it's hand causing Falcon to come down to his knees. "Can't let you interrupt what I'm doing." the creature said, as it continued to tighten it's grip around a trashing Kimiko. Falcon looked at what it was doing. "Did I make a good choice, or a bad one?" he thought to himself. Kimiko began to calm down, no longer thrashing crazily, she whimpered, meowing softly, in pain. The creature released its bite on her arm, and stroked her hair. "Meow..?"Kimiko said rasply. "You're gonna be alright." it said. She passed out from the pain. The creature picked up Kimiko's body and walked over to Zephyr. "Have a place to heal her?' it asked. Falcon felt the pressure on his veins dissipate allowing him to get up. "My office.." he said. He got up, walked over to a wall, and placed his hand on a scanner. It scanned his hand and a door opened revealing a secret elevator. "In, now!"Falcon said sternly. The creature walked into the elevator, holding Kimiko, then Falcon got in, the doors closed. The elevator took them to Falcon's private office. "What happened to her?" Falcon asked the creature. "Her body started rejecting her Yerian DNA, I don't know why though." it said. "Hmmm..."Falcon pondered If began to sniff the air, then it sniffed Kimiko's neck. "Is she a Kronian by any chance?"it asked. "Yes.." Falcon wondering what he was about to say. "That answers it, some "hybrid" Kronians may reject some of there DNA a one point of there life."he looked at Kimiko's limp body, "Good thing I help or she could have died."he mumbled stroking her hair. Falcon's eyes widened from hearing the words he uttered. "Need to put some research into that." he thought to himself.
The elevator reached Falcon's office and they got out of it. The creature laid Kimiko on the couch and sat on the ground next to her, chanting. Falcon walked over to his desk and sat, down writing a note. He turned his attention to the creature. "What's your name, and who are you?" he asked.
Hours Later.....
Kimiko finally began to stir, she lazily got up but she was not herself. The silverish fur, cat-like ears and tail where still on her body, she was temporarily stuck in her Yerian form. She looked around trying to remember where she was and what happened, but her memory was shot. She saw her uncle sitting at his desk reading a large book, and the creature next to the couch she was asleep on, meditating. "Meow?" she tried speaking, but no words came out of her mouth except for a meow. Falcon took his eyes off of the the book for a second to see where the meow was coming from only to Kimiko was awake. "Kimiko you're awake finally, are you okay." he said as he got up from his desk and walked over to her. Kimiko tried speaking again, but nothing but a meow came out of her mouth, she sighed. "What's wrong with you?" Falcon thought to himself as he kneeled down and stroked Kimiko's head. Kimiko let out a joyful pur as her uncle stroked her head, she rubbed up against him. "Looks like she temporarily stuck in her Yerian form." said the creature as it turned it's head to Falcon. "Great...." Falcon mumbled. Kimiko jumped off the couch and walked on all fours over to the creature, and laid at it's feet purring. "Guess she's more comfortable around a Yerian." the creature chuckled. It stroked her head reassuring her she would be okay. "My name is Kalil, I've already told your uncle that. And I believe that I'm one of your ancestors." he whispered in her ear. Kimiko laid that unfazed by what Kalil told her. "Meow, purrr, meow." Kimiko said.
"Hmmm, Solance?" Kallil asked. Kimiko shoke her head yes. "Solance?" Falcon questioned. "She said her Yerian name would be Solance." Kalil said. "Hmmm..." Falcon thought wondering why she would name herself that. Kalil thought to himself where he remembered that name, and remembered an artifact he had came across in his banishment. He remembered on the artifact there was some ancient writing on it, the only words he could make out were Solance. "Would you happen to have an artifact, that you found with my body?" Kalil asked as he looked at Falcon. Falcon thought for a couple of minutes, "Ya, it looked like it was made out of metal.."Falcon said. "Can you retrieve it please, thank you." Kalil said as he continued to stroke Kimiko. Falcon wondered what Kalil wanted with that artifact, but didn't question him as he got up. He materialized into sand as he disappeared into a vent, heading to his secret artifact room. He reappeared, and rematerialized holding something that looked like a a small metal robot in his hand, dangling. "This it?" Falcon said raising his hand. "Yes." Kalil said. Falcon tossed over to him, Kalil caught it. He looked at it and saw where he saw the name Solance. "Hmm..., only one who bears the name Solance can activate it." Kalil wondered. Kimiko's noise twitched as she smelled the metal, and slowly came up. "What is that?" she asked, he speech finally came back.

 Ancient Robot
 Ancient Robot

"Now her speech is back." Falcon mumbled, "That's good." Kalil looked at the artifact and handed to Kimiko. "It's an artifact I found many, many years ago, I believe you are the one to use it." Kalil said. Kimiko sniffed it and toke it from Kalil's hand, she looked at and began to read the ancient writing on the metals surface. "Matahl...?" she mumbled wondering what that meant. As soon as she said "Matahl" the writing on the metal robots body glowed an eiriy white, then gave off a flash of light. The robot's body began to move and it's red retnal eye. It looked at Kimiko and wrapped around her arm, letting out various chirps. "Yerian and Kronian technology, huh?" Kimiko asked the robot. It shoke i'ts he yes and chirped once more, out of happiness. "I think I'll call you Mercury." Kimiko whispered. "You truly are a descendant of mine, Abaddon, and Aarkanshan." Kalil said. "So where's your twin?" Kimiko and Falcon looked at Kalil oddly, wondering why he would think Kimiko had a twin. "A twin?" Kimiko asked. Kimiko slowly began to change back to normal, Falcon watched letting out a sigh of relief. "Ya, she's been around here, I've seen her here before." Kalil said. A bang echoed through the room as a portal opened up, someone flew through hitting the wall denting it. The person slowly picked themselve up off the ground and looked at the portal still open, two armored people were coming through it. The person looked like Kimiko, but in her Yerian form. "Keep... Keep them away from me!!" the woman yelled.
The two  people came flying through, one stopped to keep the portal open, as the other flew towards the woman. They looked like they were in there mid-twenties, both were wearing suits, but one wore a red suit, black shirt,red tie, and sunglasses and the other vice versia, they looked like they were twins. "No ones gonna save you now Mina-- ahh!!" the man was cut off as Kimiko had quickly moved and landed her foot against his jaw, dislocating it. The man slammed face first against the wall, and began to slowly pick himself up. Kimiko jumped back and stood in front of the girl, readying herself for a fight. "I don't know who you are, who she is, and why you are here, but you chose to fight her in the wrong place." Kimiko sad coldly. The man keeping the portal open looked at Kimiko. "Hey me, look Minakio has a twin, ha ha." he chuckled. The other man had picked himself off the floor and popped his jaw back in. "I see, maybe she was the one they should have gotten back then." The man said. He shoke his fist letting lost metal talons, he looked at the man at the portal. "Shall we?" he asked. "Let us." the man responded. The man with the talons lunged at Kimiko and disappeared into thin air. He reappeared before Kimiko, point blank, his talon inches away from her eye. "We can't move." he grunted as his eyes shot around trying to figure out why he was frozen in mid air. Kimiko was startled by the sudden appearance of the man's talons in front of her but was wondering why he was frozen in air. He eyes slowly shifted over to Kaili his hand was held out in a clenched fashion. His eyes glowed a deep golden yellow as he threw his hand to the side, the man's body shifted and flew against the wall, so did the other man.
Kalil started to laugh manically as he walked over to the two man. His body shape began to change into something more monstrous. Kimiko recognized this monstrous
form, he looked like one of the Executioners on her home planet. As he reached the two men he looked at them and grunted speaking in a low voice. "I suggest you both leave 'fore I kill ya." The two man were struck with fear as they regained control over their bodies, falling to the ground as the two quickly jumped into the portal it began to close with a eerie voice trailing in the room. "We will be back for her...." Kalil changed back to normal as he walked over Minakio she was stricken with fear and crying. He bent over and wiped away a tear from her face. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Thank you of getting rid of them." she said as she hugged Kalil tightly. "Welcome." Kalil replied hugging her back. Kimiko looked at Minakio, "Could I really have a twin?" she thought to herself. To Kimiko's surprise Falcon walked over to her. "So your name is Minakio?" he asked. Minakio looked at him, "Yes." she answered. "That's a sweet name, my name is Falcon Zephyr." he said extending his hand. She grabbed as he helped pull her up and led her over to the couch. "So why were those two chasing you?" Kimiko asked. Minakio wrapped her tail around herself as she began to shake thinking of her past. "They want me back to do more experiments on me.." she mumbled. "Experiments?" Kimiko wondered. "And why would they do that?" Falcon asked. "They... these people were trying to turn me into a living weapon, others too..." she said with tears rolling down her eyes. "So how did you get out?" Kimiko asked sarcastically. "I don't remember how old I was, but two people helped me get out, a bug-like man, and my older brother..."she said. "Brother?" Kimiko questioned. "Well he isn't really related to me, but he is like a brother to me." she said sighing, "He's probably looking for me right now after I disobeyed his order...." she mumbled." What order was that."Kimiko asked. "Going back to the compound that experimented on me and trying to learn about my past..., learned I was taken away from my family as soon as I was born, had a mother, father, older brother who was injured badly, and a twin sister..." she looking up at Kimiko. "Which is you."she said. Kimiko store at her blankly really wondering if Minakio was her twin or was just lying. "I told you, you had a twin." Kalil said chuckling. 
"Ya, ya.." Kimiko said frowning. She still didn't believe Minakio was her twin. Minakio began to change back to normal showing she was truly Kimiko's twin, they looked
very alike. "I still don't believe-- OW, hey!" Kimiko yelled after getting pricked in the side with a Kronian DNA reader from Falcon. "Sorry." He said as he did the same to Minakio. It quickly read their DNA, it was an exact match they were in
 So, where to?
 So, where to?
fact related and twins. "You two are related, so that makes you my second niece." Zephyr said smiling. Minakio hugged them both out of excitement. "I thought I would never meet part of my family." She laughed. Falcon chuckled as Kimiko still wondered if she was her twin or not. "So when's your brother coming?" Kimiko asked. "Not sure he'll find me sooner or later." Minakio sighed. "Kimiko why don't you go out and spend some time with Minakio and Kalil." Falcon suggested. "Sure, but Kalil doesn't look human." Kimiko whispered into Falcon's ear. Kalil heard the whisper and chuckled. "Don't worry I can fix that." Kalil chuckled as he began to pull at his face and other body part slowly shapeshifting. Kimiko was surprised, at the same time angered, some one else she had to look after. Kalil finished his transformation and looked like a normal human. His skin and hair no longer looked clay like, he wore a white suit and his hair was white. "So where to?" Kalil  asked.  


Getting to Know People

Kimiko toke her "twin" and Kalil out to the Eiffel Tower, she wasn't to pleased that she had to take them out, and was skeptic that she was related to both of them. They were on the highest point on the Tower, over looking the city and the occupants. "So how's life in Paris?" Minakio asked looking at Kimiko. "Alright." Kimiko mumbled. "Okay..." Minakio turned her head away and looked into the sky, she could tell her sister wasn't so happy. "So what's bothering you, Sis?" she asked. Kimiko grimaced, she clinched her fist out of angry but slowly released it calming down. "Nothing Minakio." she said. "Don't lie to me..., it's me isn't it?" Minakio asked. "Maybe it's you, maybe it's just me..." Kimiko mumbled. "You just don't want to except you have a time." Kalil said, looking into to the gray skies sitting on the railing, a fine mist hit his face, it was going to rain.. Kimiko closed her eyes and sighed, she then turned to look Minakio in the face, her eyes still closed. "Hey Minakio, sorry how I've been acing since I've mee--" As Kimiko opened her eyes she saw Minakio was gone, she looked around quickly and didn't see her. "Dammit where'd she go!?" Kimiko said angrily. "Kalil, you stay here, I'm going to find my "sister" ." Kimiko toke in a deep breathe to find her scent, as she activated her Aura Sense, she saw a scent trail that lead from the third floor of the Tower all the way to the ground."Man she's crazy to take a jump like that." she thought to herself as she toke the elevator down. "Hmmm, Wonder where she's going?" Kalil said as he turned his head just to see Kimiko leaving.

Kimiko reached the ground floor and looked around for Minakio, she was nowhere in sight. A thunderclap was heard as rain began to pour down in sheets. "Today is so not my day." Kimiko mumbled as she brushed her wet he out of her face. She sniffed the air lightly picking up Minakio's scent, again. She ran down the street into the city looking for her, the scent of foods, gasoline and people were starting to get in the way of finding her twin, but she persevered. "Wonder why she toke off like that, hopefully she didn't get into trouble." Kimiko thought to herself remembering the people that attack back at the base. It continued to rain as Kimiko searched for her sister, she moved her way through crowds of people who were trying to get out of the rain, they probably thought she was crazy to stay in it. As she continued the streets slowly became empty and the down pour of rain increased. "I'm going to kill her.." Kimiko grumbled as she ran through the rain. She heard footsteps behind her, she quickly turned around but nothing was there. "Hmmm...."


As Kimiko turned the corner, she looked around. At the end of the street there was a woman leaning against a lamppost, drenched in rain, it was Minakio. She looked sad and lost, but Kimiko could care less as she ran over to her, in a fit of anger. "Hey Kimiko..." Minakio sighed. As Kimiko reached Minakio she grabbed her by the shirt, raised her up and pushed her into the wall. "Why the heck did you take off like that!?" Kimiko asked letting out a low growl close to Minakio's face. Minaiko looked at her sister with curiosity as she let out yet another sigh, "I smelt my brothers scent and tracked it to here." Kimiko didn't believe her and rammed her harder into the wall. "You do know you could have put your life in danger, and gotten me in trouble!" Kimiko yelled. A tear ran down Minakio's face as she looked down. "I'm sorry...." Kimiko felt a bit bad for yelling at as she released her grip on her shirt, letting her go. As Minakio dropped to the ground in deep thought, Kimiko swung her hand backwards grabbing the barrel of a gun pointed towards her, she then raised her other arm stopping a punch meant for her face. Kimiko slowly shifted her head to face her attacker from the right, holding the gun tightly, from her attacker from behind. She wiped hair of her face but it just fell back down, as she looked at her attacker, tall, buff, and a hairy face, but she felt like she knew him as she felt a strange presence around her. Her eyes saw an odd marking on his neck, she began to wonder where she's seen it before. "Hmmm... someone new sent to get Minakio, I bet..." Kimiko thought to herself. The man walked closer to Kimiko and grabbed her by the neck easily picking her off the ground, and began to talk in a low vioce. "I suggest you be leaving me-- ACK!!"
 "I suggest you be leaving me--"
 "I suggest you be leaving me--"

 Kimiko headbutted the man, causing him to let go of her, he stumble back, she then quickly swung her leg at the person behind her. As she spun around she saw the person had lept into the high into the air dodging her attack, he also had a marking on his face she recognized.. The man disappeared into thin air and quickly
 A Fast Opponent.
 A Fast Opponent.
reappeared behind, a bone-like sword came from his coat as he aimed it towards her neck. "Slick little,man.." Kimiko muttered as she unleashed her hidden blade and brought it up to stop the sword. Before she could attack back, another man appeared and grabbed her from behind, his arms wrapped around her chest immobilizing her. She tried to wrestle herself free but the grip was to tight. Kimiko kept
 "Youre a feisty lady."
 "Youre a feisty lady."
ramming her head into his chest,but it didn't work either. The man she had headbutted had gotten back up rubbing his chest letting out a chuckle. He walked up to Kimiko and put his hand underneath her chin, lifting it up, his sharp nails slowly digging into her skin. "You're a feisty young lady, surprised you could put up a fight." he laughed. He then moved his back and toke a step back rubbing his knuckles. "Usually I kill them, as soon as they bother me and me sis, but you will get a special treatment." He said, as bone claws came out of his hands. Kimiko's ears perked up when she heard sis, maybe this was Minakio's "brother." Another thunderclap was heard as the man walked around a bit. Kimiko knew he probably wouldn't believe that she knew Minakio, and would most likely kill, she had to act and act fast. "I'm gonna shank you with these claws, hopefully it will get into there heads." He then looked at her and charge his claws out heading for her stomach. As he came closer, Kimiko opened her mouth her canines grew longer and sharper, she then bit into the arm of the man holding her, her canines broke his skin all the way down to the bone, and began to suck his marrow. The let out
 "Youll get the special treatment."
 "Youll get the special treatment."
a high pitched screech of pain, releasing his grip on Kimiko. The screech snapped Minakio out of her deep thought, only to see what was happening. "Banjee, STOP!!" she yelled. In a blink of an eye she was in between Banjee and Kimiko, his sharp claws inches away from Minakio's stomach. Banjee immediately stopped, grunting hard as he retracted his claws, sweat and water running down his face. "Minakio! What the hell are you do--" Banjee yelled at her, before he could finish, Minakio interrupted. "Banjee.., that's my sister, twin sister.... Kimiko...." she mumbled. Banjee's eyes opened wide, as he looked a both Minaiko and Kimiko, he couldn't believe it, he was fighting an old friend, his best childhood friend. "Ki- Ki- Kimiko?" He said, as he walked past Minakio, dumbfounded. The name Banjee ran through her mind,she thought of her childhood friend named Banjee, but he was dead, he had the same birthmark tattoos Banjee had though. "No way, you can be Banjee Wylde!"she exclaimed, "He's dead..." she mumbled as a tear came to her eye. The man behind Kimiko gasped then disappeared into a mist, and travel to Banjee, he toke a deep breathe absorbing it restoring past of the birth mark on his face. "No it's really me, Banjee "Mark" Wylde." He said placing his hand on her shoulder. Kimiko still didn't believe, him, she saw her friend Banjee die right in front of her when she was 15 years old.
He lifted her chin up, looking into her emerald green eyes, she looked into his purple eyes, then her eyes fell upon his birthmark. "It is really you?" she said. "Back from the dead." He said letting out a hearty chuckle. "He's back from the dead, well it could be possible..."
Kimiko thought to herself as she gave her old friend a hug, which she rarely does. "So I guess you've met your sister, and my other half..." He chuckled. "Other half?" Kimiko asked. Banjee pointed to the man Kimiko fought in the Egyptian blue cloak sitting down on a the curb, he looked similar to Banjee, but not exactly like him, but had part of him birthmark. "Wait.. you can duplicate yourself..?" she asked him, remembering he didn't have such a power when she meet him. "Heh, heh, long story." Chuckling thinking of how he didn't what to tell her what has happen to him after his fake death. "Ya, long story..." said Banjee's duplicate, as he got up and walked over to them. "Hi..." Kimiko said uneasily as she stretched out her hand. He looked at her for a couple of seconds then shoke her hand. "The name's Rajan..." He said in a low voice." "Rajan?" Kimiko asked looking at Banjee." "Heh, I had to name my duplicate's so it wouldn't be so confusing." he laughed. Minakio looked up at the sky seeing the storm wasn't getting any better, as she saw arcs of lightning through the sky. "Hey don't you guys think we should get out of the rain." she smiled shivering. Rajan walked over to Minakio and toke of his coat and placed it on her shoulders, Minakio then wrapped it around herself. "Thank you!" she said. "Anything from for a sister." Rajan replied. Kimiko and Banjee looked up at the sky seeing also the storm wasn't getting any better. "We probably should get out of the rain." Banjee mumbled. "We should, come on my place isn't to far from here." Kimiko said as she ran down the street towards her condo, the others followed.
They later arrived at her condo, drenched in rain soaking wet. Kimiko closed the door to her room, "Have a seat, I'll get some towels." she said as she ran to the bathroom. "She has a nice place." Banjee said to himself, as he looked around the place. "Here." Kimiko said tossing towels to everyone, they grabbed them and dried themselves. "So how long have you lived here?" Banjee asked. "Fifteen years or so, not sure, time here is different than the one of Kronos." Kimiko stated. "Hmmm, I see." Banjee replied. "So what happened to you the past years?" Kimiko asked Banjee.  Both Banjee and his duplicate grimaced the the question, for it brought back unpleasant memories, yet he answered anyway. "After my "death" I was taken to this planet, to a remote location, to be know and only know as "The Compound." He said, "Don't know how many years I was in that place, it was horrible, I was experimented on to become a living weapon." He scoffed. "Man....." Kimiko mumbled. "And that's where I found Minakio also." Pointing to her. "She told me she was there." Kimiko said looking down, Minakio looked away remembering the painful experiments, a tear came to her eye. "Can't believe those sick bastards would do that to the poor girl." Rajan spoke out.
 "Cant believe those sick bastards would do that to the poor girl."
 "Cant believe those sick bastards would do that to the poor girl."

"So how did you get out?" Kimiko asked. "Planned an escape with a friend I made there, Icarus." Banjee said. As Kimiko heard the name Icarus, she remembered her friend, mentioning a name like that, and a description. "Icarus?" She asked. "Ya, a Jamaican guy, got turned into some humanoid-bug man." He said. "Wow, guess they experimented on a lot of people." Kimiko mumbled. "They did." Rajan said coldly, as he heard what she said. The sliding glass door for the balcony opened, Kimiko son Kao was coming in. "Hey mom, never told me you had a live ancestor." He said pointing at Kalil. "Where ya kids been?" Kaili said jokingly, taking a sip from his wine glass. "Wait, how did you get here?" she said, "I thought I told you to wait at the Tower." She continued. "Well something just told me to make my way here." He laughed.
"So when are we going back home?" Minakio asked Kimiko. "In a couple of days..."Kimiko said, "Got some questions to ask our parents..." she thought to herself.

Some Secrets Begin Come To Light

 A couple of days had passed, Minakio, Banjee and his duplicate stayed at Kimiko's condo, laying low for sometime from the people that were looking for them. Kalil came and went, staying mostly at the C.R.E.E.D. Base, telling Falcon Zephyr about his past. Kimiko had been doing research with the help of a friend on the people that were trying to capture Minakio and Banjee again, what she found wasn't good. It toke a lot of work to find the information, whoever ran "The Compound" knew how to hide their tracks, they had been kidnapping people for a long time, experimenting on them to become the "Perfect" weapon, if they failed they would be terminated permanently. Kimiko gathered all the information she could, and continued to study it, seeing if she could find out another base of operations of these people, but found nothing.
"They're good at hiding their tracks, and coding their files." Kimiko said as she began to hack another file she found. She had been since yesterday hacking and decoding files on various cds she found. "Wondering how my friend is doing on hacking her share." She said as she picked up phone and sent a text to her friend. "I see you still up." Said Rajan as he walked out onto the patio of the condo unit. "Yeah, I am..." Kimiko said as she slyly closed the windows on her laptop that she was hacking the cds from. "What were you doing?" Rajan asked. "Oh nothing." Kimiko said taking a sip from her water bottle. In a blink of an eye Rajan appeared behind Kimiko with his bone sword at her neck. "Don't lie to me Kim." He said to he coldly, gripping her shoulder. "Would you really cut me now?" Kimiko asked jokingly. Rajan thought about it then removed his sword, it sliding back in his skin, and sat back down. "So, I remember you saying you that you were going to take Minakio back home?" he said. "Yes I did." Kimiko said calmly.
"And when will that be?" He asked. "Soon, soon.." Kimiko said quietly. "So what are you going to ask your parents about?" Rajan said. "Huh?" Kimiko questioned. "I heard you saying you had to ask your parents some questions.." He said to her, looking at her dead in the eye, knowing she couldn't lie about what she had said. Kimiko sighed as she toke a sip of her water, "Yes, I'm "was" going to ask my parents some questions..." She said. "But I'm not telling you what they are." She said in a cold tone to him. "Okay, whatever."Rajan replied as he reclined in his chair and looked into the starry sky, Kimiko returned back to hacking files, and set her screen to were only her eyes can view it. "I also know you've been snooping around that compound your sister and "I" had been tortured." He said with a smirk. Kimiko just ignored him and continued her work for a few more hours. Rajan toke a nap till dawn when Kimiko finished her work and had went to her room. 
"Hey...." Minakio grumbled as she awoke,  raising herself from the couch. She rubbed her eyes and began to look around,seeing Rajan outside napping. on the balcony,Banjee sleeping on the other couch, Kao searching for some food behind the pantry door, but no Kimiko and Kalil to be seen. "Best sleep I've had in days." She thought to herself as she continued to rub her eyes and look around. "Morning." Kao said to Minakio in a cheery tone, as he closed the pantry door holding a bag of chips. "H-h-hi..." She stuttered, she didn't know if she could trust her sister's son just yet. "Um, how are you?" Kao asked. "I'm fine, just fine." Minakio quickly said and turned away. "I'll just leave you be, I can tell you're not yet comfortable around." Kao simply chuckled and walked towards his room. Minakio sighed then grabbed her jacket and slipped it on. "Maybe I can take a shower...." She yawned. "Yet, I don't know where the bathroom is really." She sighed and then decided to walk out to the balcony, taking care not to make to much noise as she opened the sliding glass door. "Quite beautiful." She smiled as she looked around taking in the view. "Morning Minakio." Rajan said in a pleasant tone as he opened one eye to look at her, with a smirk on his face. "Morning Rajan." Minakio smiled and walked over to him and then hugged him. "What are you doing out here? The floor wasn't comfortable enough for ya?"Minakio joked. "No, just wanted to talk to your sister about something."He chuckled. "Talk about what?" Minakio asked curiously. "It none of your concern, Min." Rajan simply said. "Oh, come on, it can be that bad now, can it?" Minakio begged. "Minakio, like I said it doesn't concern you." Rajan stressed,changing his tone into a ruder one. Minakio sighed and gave up, she knew it was hard trying to get anything from Rajan was next to impossible. "Well, where is Kimiko?" Minakio asked. "I don't know, probably in her room." Rajan answered. Minakio sighed and sat down onto the floor. "You okay, something on your mind?" Rajan asked. "It's nothing Rajan." Minakio lied and turned away. Rajan knew not to bother her further and left her alone. "Well if you want to talk you know who to go to. " He smiled. 
"Yes, I know Rajan." Minakio responded. "What's going on out here now." Banjee chuckled as he toke a step onto the balcony. "Nothing Banjee, just talking." Minakio mumbled. "Just having a pleasant conversation." Rajan chuckled. "Hmm, you seem to be in an oddly good mood Rajan." Banjee pointed out. "Ya, it's rare to see you this pleasant." Minakio joked. "What? I can't be dark all the time." Rajan joked and smirked. "I wonder if you are really apart of me sometimes." Banjee joked and rolled his eyes as he toke a seat on one of the chairs. "So what are we doing today, bro?" Minakio asked. "Well probably just stick around at Kimiko's until she says we're going back to Kronos." Banjee answered. "Oh, okay, I wonder how long that will take." Minakio thought out loud. "Who knows." Banjee shrugged. "Okay I've convince my uncle to prepare one of his special jets to go to Kronos, and hope you guys don't mind he's coming." Kimiko said as she stepped out onto the balcony, slipping on a jacket. "Sounds good." Minakio said with a cheery smile. "Okay." Banjee said. "Do you guys need anything, I need to go get somethings?" Kimiko asked. "Some food." Banjee joked, but at the same time he was serious. "No not really." Minakio said. "Alright then, I'll be back and don't go anywhere, and make sure Kalil doesn't go anywhere also." Kimiko sighed as she left. "Minakio and Kimiko are polar opposites in personality." Rajan said. "They are, and where are you going Min?" Banjee said. "To the shower, and you might want to take one to." Minakio giggled and waved her hand in front of her noise to make it seem like she was smelling something awful. Banjee just smiled and shoke his head.



 Coming Soon......

Just A Date

 "Or is it?"
 "Or is it?"

Coming Soon...........

Counterparts Meet Again

Coming Soon......

One Bloody Night (Kimiko vs. Aradia)

 Coming Soon.....

Bodily Changes

 "You better get use to those Crystals and me girl,HAHAHA!"
 "You better get use to those Crystals and me girl,HAHAHA!"

Coming Soon.... 

Just Like Old Times


 "Well this is going to be interesting, Let&squot;s hope you plan is good Ol&squot; Friend."
 "Well this is going to be interesting, Let's hope you plan is good Ol' Friend."

Coming Soon....

Meeting The Guardian

Kimiko had been assigned to run an experimental sub-team of C.R.E.E.D. called Teku. She was having a regular day until something unexpected happened. 

"Why did I even agree to this?" Asked herself as she walked around in one of the lounge rooms of this place called. 'Teku'. She was beginning to regret agree with her Uncle to keep 'watch' over this experimental sub-team of C.R.E.E.D. "Uh, I wonder if anything interesting will even happen here?" Kimiko thought to herself. Just as she thought that, she sensed something was about to crash through the roof, and she was right. Kimiko quickly dove into one of the halls and hid as soon as who ever it was crashed through the roof. "Stupid barometric pressure....can't fly a stupid ship......crashing into random dark ugly places." Said the man who crashed through the roof finding himself amiss. "Well at least I know it's not somebody trying to brake in." Kimiko thought to herself as she drew her gun. "But one can never be too careful." She thought to herself. "Well is anyone going to say hello at least?" The man said. Kimiko then loaded her gun and teleported behind the man and placed her gun to his head. "And what might you be doing here, crashing through 'my' roof?" Kimiko asked. The man was a bit shoked by the feel of a metal barrel pressing against his head, but he shoke it off. "Well... I'm a time traveler and I just happened to be a good 2000 miles off course," He continued,"Now if you put the gun away I'm sure we can come to an agreement, even though a bullet won't kill me." He shrugged. "It'll just hurt... a lot." He said. Kimiko slightly believed him, but could sense he was no threat as she placed her gun back into it's holster, but she wasn't afraid to pull her gun out and put a bullet through him."So you're a time traveler, eh?" Kimiko questioned not really believing him. The man sighed a breathe of relief and than began to speak. "Yes a time traveler, that includes planets, galaxies, and universes." He said. "It's a big world but I suppose a human like you wouldn't believe there's more life than just this planet." He said. Kimiko couldn't help but laugh. "Ha, ha, ha, right human...." She chuckled. "Looks can be deceiving, thought a 'Time Traveler' like you would be able to tell." She snickered.
"Well now cut me some slack. I'm only 424, but the more I look into you eyes the more I see the difference." He said as he eyed her curiously. Kimiko chuckled at what he said. "Okay I have three chances to guess your race. I f I get it right, I don't have to pay?Deal?" He asked. Kimiko thought for a second and nodded. "You get three chances...." She mumble, holding back the fact she would make him pay still. "Well then!" The man smiled and clapped his hands as he began to walked around her to trying to study every inch of her body. "You look humanoid enough, unless it's some type of illusion, I would say you are Kaled?" He asked. Kimiko laughed and shoke her head. "No...." She simply said. The man moaned in frustration and began to ramble on saying if her skin was gray or something like that and then began to try and figure out what planet she was from to see what species she was. "Just keep on guessing." Kimiko smiled in her British accent, which threw the man off a bit. The man began to huff, "I wish you would give me some hints." The man said, then began to ask if she was a cat species saying it showed in her nails and hands, which it really didn't. Kimiko shoke her head and glared. "I'm part a cat-like species." She said. "But only a small percentage of it shows." She said coldly knowing what it was. The man shoke his head not believing her."I'm going to lose aren't I? Maybe a hint... like the first three letter of your planet, perhaps?Pretty Please?" He begged. Kimiko shoke her head. "I'll give you one hint and only one hint, my species name is the same as our planets." She said. The man began to grumble on about the Greek gods, and Kimiko could tell he to the word 'our' in the wrong context and shoke her head, but he kind did did get her planet's name. "You're either Gaian or it Gaian." He asked. "Bloody hell I meant my planet, the other, not Gaian." She mumbled.The man scoffed ."Well excuse me Ms. Grumpy. Can't use the word 'our' when we're on the same planet. Anyways it's Kronos. Thanks for the hint." He then winked. "Now I suppose I'll stay here. After all your teammate entertains me." He chuckled for he was talking about the man named, Justice that kept interrupting their conversation. Kimiko shoke her head, and felt like strangling the man. "Oi, don't think your off scot free." She grumbled. "You'll be under close surpervison, until I can figure out what o do with you." Kimiko mumbled and called some of her guards to take the man to one of the 'guest rooms' and then left to go to her studies.

The Next Week, Sometime in the Morning...

Kimiko was reading a book in her room, thinking of what to do with her new 'guest' that has been around for a week. "I wonder what I'm going to do with the guy, if he breaks another thing here I'm going to kill him." Kimiko mumbled to herself. "Haven't even gotten his name, must have been so pissed of sense because of other events." She thought. "Uh,I need a drink." Kimiko said as she closed her book and exited her room and headed to the lounge room that had her 'Blood' wine. "At least I can erase his mind of ever meeting me if needed." She thought to herself, rubbing her chin as she walked pass the couch. "Soooo,how's  Miss. Part Good Part Evil doing?" Said the man in a suit, who crashed through the roof in an odd joking cheery tone. Seems that he was sleeping on the couch last night. "Fine....fine....." Kimiko grumbled as she made her way to her private wine chest and brought out her 'Blood' wine and poured herself a glass. "And you?" Kimiko said as she toke a sip of her wine and placed the glass down. "Just hanging around." The man said as he got up and walked over to her and stuck his finger in her wine and then brought it out and smelled it. "Looks tasty, but then again what might be good to you might be a poison to me. Earth wine I presume?" The man asked. Kimiko couldn't believe what he did, right then and there she wanted to kill him with a mere thought, yet she held herself back. "I don't drink Earth wine, and you might want to wash you hands it's a poison to you." She said only to watch the man rub his hand against a rug to get the wine off, he was really begin to tick her off.
"So Kronian wine then? Never thought of you the type to visit home often." The man chuckled. "And what makes you say bloody that?" KImiko said coldly raising an eyebrow, only for the man to mimic her by doing the same. "I'm going to kill him." Kimiko thought to herself. "At first glance you appear cold and distant. I was mainly referring to how strangers might see you as. But once a person gets to know you it doesn't seem that way you know." He then shrugged. "You also could be very close to your family." He added. "Hmmm......" Kimiko mumbled, slightly irritated by how he rambled on at times. The man then chuckled at her mumbling then joked saying "Has anyone told you that you mumbled a lot." Kimiko then flicked her wrist containing her hidden blade at the man's throat. "Shut it if you want to live." She said coldly. She cold tell the man was trying not to smile. "Did I strike a nerve Miss Darkness." The man joke not knowing he could get himself into some deep trouble. "Keep talking and you'll be getting a body bag, and that means I will kill you." She said coldly once more as she grabbed her wine glass and made her way to the garden to get some fresh air and to keep herself from killing him. "As long as you gift wrap it, I never thought as you the one as a gift giver Kimiko." The man joked as he watched her leave, then began to cheer like he won or something like a child Before completely leaving Kimiko quickly pulled out her gun and shoot at the man's foot but purposely missed. The sound of the gun shot, and nearly being hit made the man jump back, Kimiko could hear his hearts pounding quite quickly. "You scared me you little stinker and I thought we were bonding. Geez, I only have three hearts. I would like to keep it that way." The man panted, Kimiko could careless. "My twin always had a temper." Said a young lady in a black and green lady who entered the room through a portal, it was Kimiko's twin Minakio and as soon as she came Kimiko teleported off into her garden. "Twin?Twin!?Twin! I must be going bonkers....." The man gasped. Minakio laughed at the man's reaction. "Finally a laugh I've been here all week and there hasn't been a single one. So I take it you're Kimiko's opposite." The man chuckled. "Slightly opposite." Minakio joked knowing she was almost a complete opposite of her sister. The man laughed knowing she had to be joking. "Slightly opposite? Come on you haven't given me the death glare yet." He laughed as there conversation continued, and the man began to ask questions again, so Minakio sat down on the couch and answered some, finding it stupid that if he already knew Kimiko was part 'cat-like species' why would he ask her twin the same. Then their conversation fell onto all the destruction he caused, Minakio warned him that if he kept messing around Kimiko would kill him, but the man shoke off what he said and continued to joke even saying the "He wasn't going to pay for all that." "Hey does your name rhyme with your sisters." He asked. Minakio felt her cellphone vibrate and brought it out to check a message. "Yes it does." Minakio answered as she quickly read the text and put her cellphone back into her pocket. "You're going to make me ask aren't you." The man chuckled. Minakio nodded with a slight grin. So he asked, but Minakio didn't tell him, then he asked for a hint even her age, but she didn't tell. Her games frustrated him but he still had fun asking, but he got nowhere eventually Minakio had to leave, and somehow she made a new friend even though she didn't know his name.
Sometime after Minakio left, Kimiko came back into the lounge room wanting some more of her 'Blood' wine. "I see my sister is gone." Kimiko thought to herself, then noticed the man still on the couch. "I wonder if your entire family is mysterious Kimiko." The man chuckled. Kimiko rolled her eyes at what he said and toke a sip from her drink. "I have some questions I want to ask you." Kimiko said, she still wanted to know why he was here and who he was. "Oh, questions? Why don't we do it like the guessing game I did with you the week before." The man chuckled. Kimiko had learned the man's personality and knew that probably would be the only way to get it out of him. "Anyways what do you want to know first?Name?Species?Age? I'll give hints the whole time." He laughed. "Species." Kimiko said, she wanted to his powers most of the time the species name could tell her that. "Well my species can control time. Every last one of us. One of our flaws is that we can't evole, but we can still hold our ow n. Our name is in relation to chronological. You have three chances. Make a good guess." He chuckled and smirked. "Time control, eh? How many species do I know with that ability, many..." Kimiko thought to herself. "Something like a time lord........" She mumbled, "Does it start with a 'G'?" Kimiko asked. "So close. It actually starts with a 'C'." He chuckled. "Know what species do I know with a 'C'." Kimiko mumbled as she rubbed her chin, she looked up, she could tell the man was dying to yell the answer. "I could just read his mind, but that would ruin it." Kimiko thought. "I know a species by the name Chronologian, but the ones I know don't really deal with time....." Kimiko thought out load on purpose. "Oh you're so close. Just get rid of the ologian, and but arch.....oops....." The man said, Kimiko's plan worked. "Chronarch? Thank you." Kimiko smirked and snickered. "Hey I was in the moment! Besides it was a one time thing,even if it means you have my biological weaknesses possibly, that doesn't mean anything." He
 Cole Prydonius
 Cole Prydonius
quickly said. "Well you seem to get in the moment a lot, so why don't you tell me your name?" Kimiko asked. "Uh, okay, my name's Cole Prydonius, but I also go by The Guardian." He chuckled. "Guardian of what?" Kimiko thought to herself. "Well you can ask me a question now if you like." Kimiko said. "Okay..ummm... what's your sister's name?" He asked. Kimiko paused for a moment, she still didn't trust Cole, she wasn't sure if he was one of the those people after Banjee and Minakio. "Well why do you want to know that, for one thing it rhymes with mine." Kimiko stated. "Because I want to freak her out when she comes back, she's even more mysterious than you which I thought was impossible, but she proved me wrong." He chuckled. "Just hope our "bother' isn't there when you do it, well the first letter of her name is somewhere between 'H' and 'S'." Kimiko said, she could tell he wasn't one of those men, so there was now harm in answering. "'P', I always thought she was that person to have a 'P'." Cole said. "No off by a couple." Kimiko responded. "Okay then... my favorite number is 4 so I'll back track by 4... 'M'." He asked. "Yep you go it." Kimiko said sarcastically. "Come on now be more enthusiastic." Cole chuckled. "No." Kimiko shoke her head. "If you were more nice to me maybe I would just pay for everything." He joked. 
Kimiko rolled her eyes and toke a sip of her wine. "You're are still paying for all the things you have broken, and I will make sure you can't leave this place until you have." She said coldly. "Pfft, ya right." Cole joked. "Anyway you mentioned you had a brother. Does he have a bad temper?" He asked. "Well he's not exactly our 'blood brother', but yes he does have a temper." Kimiko answered. "Interesting, can't wait to meet him." Cole joked. Kimiko just rolled her eyes, she couldn't believe him, he must have had a death wish. There conversation continued on a bit, surprisingly they were become friends, one would have thought Kimiko would had killed by now. As they continued to talk, Kimiko felt something crawl up her pant leg then her shirt, a triangular like head with a single retinal-red eye popped out of her shirt from the back."And where have you been Mercury?" Kimiko asked. I was about to answer until it saw Cole and went back down into her shirt when he saw him. "Guess he doesn't like you." Kimiko joked."Aw why not?It's not like I'm the most threatening thing in the world.Can you get it out?" He asked. "He's shy." Kimiko said as she shoke her leg, causing Mercury to fall and land on the floor, he quickly got up and hid behind Kimiko's leg, eyeballing Cole curiously. Cole crouched down and held out his hand, he was trying to be friendly."I'm not going to hurt you and even if I was I'm pretty sure Kimiko here can kill me before I can even think about it. You're safe here." He chuckled. Mercury backed away and crawled up Kimiko's back and wrapped it's tail around her waist. "I told you he was shy." Kimiko chuckled. "Oh well I tried." He chuckled but still tried to befriend Mercury, even their conversation shifted to the robot, he thought Kimiko created it, but she corrected him, and was even surprised that the robot could talk through chirps and that Kimiko could understand him. Cole eventually got Mercury to touch his hand at least, but it was short, since Mercury was still not use to him. Eventually Kimiko ended their conversation and headed towards the library, surprisingly she passed her twin on the way.  
"I wonder if Kimiko do if I burned something?" Cole said and shrugged as he messed with his lighter and looked for a cigarette, Minakio overheard him. "She'd most likely kill you." Minakio said in an oddly cheery tone as she walked into the room and hoped onto the couch. "Someone sounds cheery today, I was going to freak you out, but I don't want you to attack me, and you missed your sister. if you were looking for her." Cole laughed. "Ha,ha, funny, I wasn't really looking for my sister." MInkaio said as she toke off her hoodie, revealing her elegant long brown and black hair with a streak of sister like her sister. "How are you?" Minakio asked. "Good, good, manage not to get killed so far, and I meet this stupid little robot that call me weird... I'm going to stomp on it next time." He chuckled. "Why are you wearing a hoodie?Trying to hide something from the world" He joked. "Well mos likely going to get hurt sooner or later. Robot thing you mean Mercury, he's nice, but really, really, shy. And maybe I am hiding something." Minakio said shyly. "What could you have to hide?Your hair?" Cole laughed,"You have nice hair, if you're insecure about your looks. Unless you're shy around most people in public. Most aliens are like that." He joked. "You don't want to know." She chuckled slightly, remembering something, accidentally moving the hair covering the Roman Numerals 11 and 12 above her eyebrows. "Always with the secrets, but I suppose it was for the best." He chuckled as he got up and tossed his cigarette butt into the trash then noticed the Roman Numerals above Minakio's eyebrows, thinking they were tattoos. "Ever had a tattoe before?" He asked curiously. "No, I've really had no care for tattoos before, why do you ask?" Minakio replied. Cole found that quite odd, thinking that's why she wore her hoody, but simply didn't push it any further after a few more questions, and continued to have a conversation with a Minakio, then got up to leave, but stopped remembering something.

"I forgot for a sec, Kimi metioned you had a 'brother' with a temper. On a scale to one to ten how bad?" He asked. "Ten, only if you make him really angry." Minakio replied. "Well then if I meet him, how do I stay on his good side? Just shut up and don't look at him?" Cole joked, with a slight chuckle. "Kinda something like that, just don't talk about his birthmark, and some metal forgot it's name." Minakio said. "Alright got it, does his birthmark look like yours?" He asked. "No, something completly different." She said. "Alright then, guess I get to meet your brother next time and find out you name!" Cole laughed, then left. To Kimiko's surprise Minakio got along with Cole, she began to consider him a friend and maybe a person she could trust, but she still wasn't going to tell him her name yet. A few days later Kimiko 'forced' Cole into working at Teku, since he had broken some more quite expensive equipment, and the only way he could pay it all back was by working there. It was also a way from keeping Kimiko from killing him.
Coming Soon......................
Note: The Guardian/Cole Prydonius is owned by a friend of mine. I have gotten his permission to add him to this bio. Also most of the speaking parts comes from our RPGs.

Chemical Warfare

 "It ain&squot;t going to be pretty..."
 "It ain't going to be pretty..."

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Black Rain

 I'm Back..
 I'm Back..



In Kimiko's Kronian skin, she can change to what ever Kronian skin there is, but she was born, what they call, the royal blue skin. Kimiko's hair in both forms is a mixture of Auburn and Chestnut, with a streak or two of silver that she got from her father. Her eye color changes between purple, silver, and emerald green. In her human form, Kimiko looks of Caucasian decent or white skinned.

Kimiko's wears usually consist of business wear-like clothes, but she does wear jeans and polo shirts as he relax wear when she isn't working.


"I can read your thoughts, and tell You what You thought, and never say a word...."

Kimiko can be a quite cold person, until she gets to know you. She likes to keep to herself, not telling the ordeals or problems she's having to any one unless she has too or if she can trust you. When she gets to know you she can be quite kind and friendly helping "you" out if "you" need it and inviting "you" over to her place to have a chat. She likes to spend most days by herself, but ever now and then she hang out with her C.R.E.E.D. teammates and some of her other friends. Kimiko really does love her home planet Kronos and she frequently goes back to visit her loved ones.

Eventually Kimiko becomes a slightly more open and nicer person after meeting Cole a.k.a. The Guardian and visiting her alt. self Drake , seems like that their personalities began to rub off of her, since she isn't as quick to anger as she use to be when she barks out orders to her comrades.
Kimiko herself goes by many various names due to the covert missions she has to go on and also to protect her family.


C.R.E.E.D. File 3002...
Access Granted...
(More info will be given in a blog)
Refer to this link for all Teammates/Friends/Enemies.



  • Jethro L. Cronos: Kimiko's Great-great-great-great-great-great Grandfather
  • Aakarshan: One of Kimiko's anscestors
  • Abaddon: One of Kimiko's ancestors
  • Niamen Ken: One of Kimiko's ancestors
  • Kalil: One of Kimiko's ancestors
  • Razer Jatu: One of Kimikos anscestors
  • Twain Cronos: Kimiko's Father.
  • Falcon Zephyr: Kimiko's Uncle
  • Yvette Cronos: Kimiko's Mother.
  • Shiloh Cronos: KImiko's Older Brother.
  • Minakio Cronos:Kimiko's Younger Twin Sister.
  • Banjee Wylde: Sorta like a brother.
  • Kikonojo: Kimiko's uncle
  • Otto Von Cooper: Kimiko's Cousin.
  • Kao: Kimiko's Adopted Son


C.R.E.E.D. File 2090....
Access Granted...
A list of Kimiko Cronos's powers that C.R.E.E.D. or Falcon Zephyr currently knows of....
Kronian Adaptivity: 
C.R.E.E.D. File ????.......
Temporary Access Granted.....
All Kronians have an involuntary ability to adapt to their surrondings quickly.
This ability is what saved Kimiko's life when she was almost electructed to death. 
Yerian Transformation

C.R.E.E.D. File 7810....
Partial Access Granted...
Being part Yerian Kimiko can change into one, but she can not do it at her will. Her Yerian form, Solance, is like a slightly, but completely different, personality and person from herself. She has an appearance of a humanoid cat. Her fur is a beautiful silver, her eyes a reflective Emerald Green.

C.R.E.E.D. File ???...
Access Denied...
Blood Venom
C.R.E.E.D. File ????....
Temporary Access Granted...
Kimiko has the ability to excrete venom-like blood from her fangs. She has toxin glands in her body able to hold various toxins,chemicals,etc. from whatever she consumes,absorbs, or comes in contact, and stores for later.
Her bite is quite venomous and can be lethal depending on what mixture of toxins it contained and if the person treats it fast enough.

C.R.E.E.D. File ????...  
Access Denied...

C.R.E.E.D. File 4092...  
Access Granted...
Kimiko has the ability to read minds, project illusions, and lift up object with her mind. Her dark crystals also increases her telepathy ability, but leaves her weak and exhausted. She can control people with a mere thought, and she is able to drop the connection to their brain if needed.
This ability various between each person, depending on there mental strength, mental armor, or if they are a telepath themselves.

Aura Sense:
C.R.E.E.D. File 2112... 
Access Granted...
Kimiko is able to sense the aura around somebody, telling if they are friend or foe. If she has been around the person before, she can find them no matter were they are. When she acivates her aura sense, her eyes flash yellow and her vision goes black. She sees regular people with white hues, enemies with red hues, and friends with blue hues.
This power does not work on robots, or non-organics, but it will work, kinda, if the opponent has organic components in them.

C.R.E.E.D. File 8712...  
Access Granted...
Kimiko has the ability to fly like a bird glides freely in the air, simple as that.

Sonic Scream:

C.R.E.E.D. File 9012...  
Access Granted...
Kimiko is able to send out an ultrasonic sounds from her mouth. The sound is strong enough to destroy solid objects, break glass, and incapacitate her opponents. If she keeps her scream up, she may kill her foe. It also helps her see in the dark if she is blind. Kimiko is not affected if her scream is redirected at her.
Ineffective if opponent can block out the screams. Also not as effective if Kimiko's throat is sore or if she has lost her voice.

Soul Siphon:
C.R.E.E.D. File Hidden....
Partial Access Granted....
Due to being one with the Dark Purple crystal, Kimiko has the ability to suck the "Soul" out of a person's body if they are "willing",unconscious,dead, or in a weakened state. After "taking" one's soul it empowers her Dark Purple Crystal ability making her stronger. A side effect or 'wanted' affect is that when she takes the soul they look similar to her complete/refined crystal form.
Only works in her crystal form, and even in that form it sometimes doesn't work after having it partially blocked by her crystal guardian after an incident.

Blood Traits:
C.R.E.E.D. File 5091....
Access Granted......
Kimiko Cronos has a unique blood trait from her father and mother. From her father's side, her blood would change into someone else's genetic makeup making it impossible to to experiment with her blood, track her, etc. From her mother's side, as soon as her blood is out of a cut and touches open air it evaporates into steam, quite quickly. Her blood has shown signs of being able to handle high and low amounts of chemicals and other dangerous substances inside her body within a matter of seconds, turning them harmless. 
None. (I know I'm evil.)
Tracking Ability
C.R.E.E.D. File 5409...
Access Granted.....
Kimiko has the ability to track almost any person down as long as she has smelled or tasted their blood, oddly.
This strange ability of her's doesn't work on all beings, species, people, etc.
C.R.E.E.D. File 8921...
Access Granted.....
 Kimiko can teleport short or long distances, which has been increased to to her being an electrokinetic. She can also teleport with multiple people. Distances can vary from a building down the street to another planet, or another dimension, depending on how Kimiko feels.
Can somewhat be suppressed for awhile, but not fully.
Tabotio Crystals(Will rarely use in an RP)
C.R.E.E.D. File Hidden....
Partial Access Granted....
Tabotio Crystals are rare crystals that appear on Kimiko's home planet and several other. They come in several colors and three different forms. A regular crystal, Light Crystal, and Dark Crystal. For some reason Kimiko is compatible with the Dark purple crystal that has infused with her and grants her abilities over darkness, reality disruption, and shapeshifting, but she can not access them all the time. They also counter-act dark/light abilities automatically.
The regular and Light Tabotio Crystals are no deadly, yet the Dark ones are. The regular crystals have no power of their own, but the Light and Dark ones do. In order to be able to be able to use the crystal, you have to compatible with either one of the Light ones, or Dark ones. But a warning to all, touching a raw, refined, or one on a user of the Dark crystal spells instant death, unless you too are a user. And the user of the Dark crystals may become overtaken by the dark influences of some of the crystals.
If you are compatible with one of either type of crystals it will merge with your skin, and grant you abilities when the crystals are above your skin. Also only a few are compatible and those few come from planets with the crystal growing on it. To every light crystal user they have a mentor, to every dark they have one likewise.

Unrefined/ Still Learning

When Kimiko first got her dark purple Tabotio crystals, she didn't know how to control them and they caused her great pain. The sheer power of the crystals nearly killed her and spread around one of the C.R.E.E.D. bases turning any one they touched into a crystal statue, until her mentor/guardian finally appeared and stopped and revered the spread of the crystals and their affects, and nullified the crystals on Kimiko body saving her.
Refined/Loss of Control and Sanity
Will fill in, when RP I plan happens.
Refined/Somewhat Controlled

Note: No one can use this Crystal without my permission.(Also I'm just giving the basics of the crystals, don't want to spoil anything yet.)

C.R.E.E.D. File 1201... 
 Access Granted...
Kimiko gained Electrokinetic powers on one of her assassination missions, but how she got them was quite horrible.Kimiko had a hard time controlling this power so she had to wear a control suit, to help her regulate the flowing electricity in her body. Until she learned how to control this power, she couldn't take off the control suit on her back. Kimiko's electric powers can be used many ways, both helpful and hurtful.
Here's a list of some her electric powers:

Lightning Bolt: Kimiko can shot a short or continues lightning bolt from her hand.

Static Thrusters: Kimiko realses a little electric enrgy from her hands allowing her to glide through the air.
Pulse Heal: Kimiko can send an electric pulse through someone's body causing their bodies to heal quite quickly.
Sonar: By releasing small amounts of electricity from her body Kimiko can pick up, the small electric elements in people, objects, etc. to see where they are around in a room.
Induction Grind: Kimiko is able to ride across power lines, rail tracks, and etc. due to Electromagnetic Induction. (Electromagnetic induction is the production of voltage across a conductor situated in a changing magnetic field or a conductor moving through a stationary magnetic field.) 
Lightning Storm: Kimiko is able to call down a lightning storm from the sky.
Shock Grenade: Kimiko can make a small, highly explosive ball of electricity. They can stick to people and buildings and will explode in a matter of seconds. She can release many or have one Shock Grenade explode into many causing massive devastation.
Arc Lightning: Kimiko is able to shoot out a continuous stream of lightning that chains off of conductive surfaces.
Bio Leech: Kimiko is able to drain the "electric" energy out of her target leaving them unconscious or even dead. It's an add on to her drain touch.
Mind Scramble: Kimiko is able to scramble one's mind if she is able to get in contact with her victim and send a high dose of electricity through their body, rewriting their brain temporarily or permanently to aid in interrogation, brainwashing, confusion,etc.
Arc Restraint: Kimiko sends an electric current through her target's body causing electric shackles to pin them to the ground. The shakles appaer on the hands feet and chest.
Electric Drain: Kimiko is able to drain the electricty from any object with electricty flowing through it. 
Electro Scream: Kimiko learned how to combine her sonic scream attack and how she sometimes creates sparks from her mouth when she is frustrated. When she combines them, it not only amplifies her scream ability to incapacitate or kill someone, but the sparks shooting out of her mouth acts like her arc lighting, making a deadly combination.
Polarity Wall: Kimiko is able to make a shield of electricity that can stop bullets on contact. As each and every bullet hit's it takes more and more electricity to stop the velocity of the bullet and keep the shield up. After catching the bullets she can repel them back at a lethal force.
Incinerator: Kimiko grabs her victim with her hands and sends high doses of electricity flowing through their body, causing seizures,heart attacks, etc. She continued till the victims skin becomes black and crumbles into dust. It only takes a matter of seconds.
Electric Shield: Kimiko is able to create and electric shield around herself,others, or certain objects, protecting and repelling attacks. It also electrocutes anything that comes near, friend or foe it doesn't care.
Time Disruption: Kimiko learned this ability after she watched Drake(Her opposite) use it to get her back home. It toke awhile, but she was able to shift time and space temporarily so she could travel a short distance. Once she met Drake again, he taught her how to better control it where she could travel through time.
Tango: Kimiko created this move. She learned how to send enough electricity flowing into her opponents body, causing their muscles to spam so she could control their body movements and actions. Coupled with her Mind Scramble technique she could infiltrate a stronghold from a distance if she didn't want to use her telepathy. 
Overload: When using a gun, Kimiko will every now and then overload the gun to cause it to shot faster, or shoot of electrified bullets that will either explode on contact or when they hit a target shoot out arcs of lightning striking other targets.

Drawbacks(Applies to almost all):
Anything substance or material that can either absorb or deflect lightning. Rubber is a good example, but Kimiko has figured out how to cause the rubber to heat up and sometimes melt inflicting damage to the user. Other electrokinetics can absorb her atttacks, but they can sometimes be overloaded with the amount of electricity they absorb from Kimiko's attacks and must quickly dispel said electricity or risk injury or death.

Working on rest..


C.R.E.E.D. File 9819...
Access Granted...
Here's a list of Kimiko's weapons, gadgets, and battle suits.
Swords of Lost Souls
Secret C.R.E.E.D. File 23.9027......
Temporary Access Granted....
The Sword of Lost Souls originally owned by Jethro Cronos, has been passed down his family tree to the most worthy adversaries. The sword was used in wars, and small battles, endowing the user in great power, from previous users of the sword and the Souls absorbed by fallen warriors.
The sword itself is indestructible, the blade pure silver in color,has "Sword of Lost Souls" inscribed on it's side. The sword has an odd dark purple mist to it that is almost naked to the eye,but will become more visible as the user calls upon it's hidden powers. The sword will automatically return to it's user if lost.
The user of the sword will grow more violent, almost animal-like in their movements, and blood-thirsty the more they used the sword, and will also be blanketed in a dark purple mist, The sword can not be used by anyone else unless given permission by the current of original user, for it is synced with their DNA. If anyone who is not synced attempts to use it, the sword will send a negative feed back to the person, either teleporting them away,shocking them until they let go,knocking them out cold, or kill them, but it depends on the person's power and intent on using the sword.

Throwing Knives:

C.R.E.E.D. File 0021... 
Access Granted...
 Made from Teratannium, a hard, and resilient metal substance from Kimiko's planet. The Knives are able to pass through more than one "object" depending on the density and can bounce off walls.

Hidden Blade(s):
C.R.E.E.D. File 6022... 
Access Granted...
 KImiko had a device implanted into both her arms, that concealed blades. With a mere thought she can have hem appear from the bottom of her wrist. She uses them mainly for stealth assassinations. They're made out of Teratannium.
Kimiko sometimes has the blades laced with various poisons so they inflict more damage on her target if the vital stabbed hadn't killed them,yet.
Optic Goggles:
C.R.E.E.D. File 8120...
Access Granted... 
 The goggles allow her to see in many different ways.
  • Infrared:
  • Ultraviolet:
  • X-Ray:
  • Scope:
Desert Eagle:
C.R.E.E.D File 9072...
Access Granted...
 Custom made Desert Eagle courtesy of Dr. Tennpenny.Metal and bullets are made of Teratannium. Magazine capacity is 50 bullets due to new void ammo stash Falcon has been working on. She has regular bullet types and specially designed bullet types and magazines.
Bullet/Magazine Types:
  • Ice:
  • Fire:
  • Smoke:
  • Tazer:
  • Stun:
  • Poison:
  • Venom:

Smoke Bomb(s):
C.R.E.E.D. File 0917...  
Access Granted...
Specially made by C.R.E.E.D. Small round pellets that explode immediately as they hit any object and release a blinding black and gray cloud allowing the user to escape.

Knock-out Gas:
C.R.E.E.D. File 1012... 
Access Granted...
Specially made by C.R.E.E.D. Small pellets that pack a large amount of noxious Knock-out Gas. The pellets with open up once they collide with and object same as the smoke pellets, and release a thick black cloud of gas that can not be affected by air blast. The only was to survive is holding your breathe and hope the gas clears. Each pellet is different and affects the victim(s) differently.

Tear Gas:
C.R.E.E.D. File 9921...
Access Granted...
Specially made by C.R.E.E.D. Small-medium sized canister holding the gas with release a couple of seconds after thrown or when the button is push. It will then explode with a loud bang and blinding light serving as a flash bang also and will release a grayish-white cloud suffocating it's victim.

Hallucination Gas:
C.R.E.E.D. File 8712...
Access Granted..
A special hallucination gas made by C.R.E.E.D, Small-medium white canister holds the gas until thrown. The canister will release the gas once it's pin has been taken out and a couple of seconds have passed. The affects very on target to target.
Effects of Hallucination Gas:
  • Anger:
  • Stress:
  • Paranoia:
  • Sadness:
  • Hysterics:
  • Mania:

EMP Grenades:

C.R.E.E.D. File 6011...  
Access Granted...
Kimiko has custom specialized EMP Grenades, due to her electrical powers. She is able to charge how far the radius is the power of the EMP blast, and how long it will last. The EMP Grenades effect varies depending on the target, it may short-circuit it temporarily, power it down completely without damaging the electrical components, or destroy the electrical device.


C.R.E.E.D. File 1082...  
Access Granted...
 Overseer Suit
 Overseer Suit
Kimiko has a built in communicate in her watch, suits, and one the resembles a bluetooth headset.

Overseer Suit
C.R.E.E.D. File 1026....
Access Granted...
The Overseer suit was gained by Kimiko after she reached a certain rank in C.R.E.E.D. Due to that she has the power to overseer people's missions and give them missions. Also when she got the Overseer Suit, the heads of C.R.E.E.D. had her get and odd kinda "tattoo" on her arm.

Beta Suit:
C.R.E.E.D. File 6700...
Access Granted...
The Beta Suit is the second stealth suit created by C.R.E.E.D. and the second one handed out by them. Kimiko was the second person the receive this suit. The suit can become invisible at the users command, and can hold many items. It has an ability to turn itself into a weapon, like a blade. Like a battle suits the Beta suit has a built-in security system, that will knock-out or kill anyone who attempts to steal the suit,remove it without permission from the user, or use it.

Control Suit:
C.R.E.E.D. File 2318...
Access Granted...
This suit is partially implanted into Kimiko on her back on her birth mark. I had to be given to her because of her electric power were very unstable. The suit help regulate
 Control Suit
 Control Suit
the electricity through her body so she could at least see and touch people. When it was given to her, she had to wear it full bodied, until her powers were stable, and then they could move it to her back. This suit allowed Kimiko to do some missions, even though her powers were unstable, and it was a danger to her health. 
Chemical Warfare Suit 
C.R.E.E.D. File 0089... 
Partially Access Granted... 
Data on this suit is partially corrupted. All that remains of the file is that the "Chemical Warfare Suit" is an upgrade to Kimiko's control
   Chemical Warfare Suit
  Chemical Warfare Suit
 suit, and has some, but very few of the features of her Beta Suit. The suit was also specially designed for a chemical and biological threat investigation. At will Kimiko can become invisible like her Beta Suit. There is a retractable mask that hides in the collar of the suit, the mask allows the user to breathe clean pure oxygen or what ever type of air they breathe, and has lenses that allow vision through dense gas/vapor/etc. and allow greater vision at night. The cloak/coat is like an extra set of armor and protects the user from flames, acid/acid rain, and various other things. The mask also changes the user voice.

Hornet Suit:

C.R.E.E.D. File 0012...  
Access Granted...
As of now, Kimiko had her Hornet suit resigned to be more streamline and to become more a stealth suit like her Beta suit, but for flying purposes mainly scouting, tailing, tracking, and escaping. Like the old Hornet suit, Kimiko's electricity powers most of the main functions on the new suit, mainly the flight function. The suit is mainly black with silver here and there and silver wings.
 Redesigned Hornet Suit
 Redesigned Hornet Suit
Weapons that can be utilized on this suit are the talon like claws, that are sharp enough to decapitate someone in two slices, the razor sharp blades, and two sound discs on top of Kimiko's gloves that she shoot at targets to hit them high pitched sounds that can deafen them. Kimiko is also able to concentrate her lightning bolts into deadly arcs.
C.R.E.E.D. File 8009... 
Access Granted...
 A reconissance robot made out of mercury and zeptotech. He had both a solid and liquid state allow him to slip through places nobody else can. His body is made up of sharp blades and can cut through most steel and concrete. 
Mercury is an ancient Kronian/Yerian technology Kimiko's uncle happened to stumble on. He has a close bond with Kimiko and is shy when around other people. He communicates through chirps,scarthing with his claws, and tapping, somehow only Kimiko is able to understand him. He has ancient writing all over his body also.


Alternate Universes:

Parallel Earth 5:
  Drake Cronos
  Drake Cronos
On this Earth, Kimiko is male and her name is Drake Cronos.They are both the same in a few ways, but mostly different. Drake seems to lost most of his Kronianian "vampirism", only drinking "blood" when he wants to, not going on "bloodlust binges". Just like his counter part Kimiko, he had problems controlling his electrokinetic powers. When he first got them he couldn't let anybody touch him, until his body lowered it's electricity field. He couldn't touch guns, without blowing them up in his hands, touch electronics without short-circuiting them. And he couldn't go swimming without the fear off an electrical discharge killing everybody, and everything in the water, and knocking him unconscious. He couldn't even stand in a puddle of water, it wouldn't affect him, but the electricity surging out of his body, anyone who stepped in it would die instantly. Luckily all these things don't happen to him anymore. 
Also like his counter part Kimiko, he has a twin, but he is male, his name is Blake. There are many similarities that have happened in both Drakes and Kimiko's lives, but at different times and some are slightly different than the others.

Earth- 90127
 Jaffa a.k.a. Kimiko
 Jaffa a.k.a. Kimiko
On this Earth Kimiko and her twin sister Minakio are know as the Tala Twins. Kimiko goes by the name Jaffa. Jaffa and her twin Tala are evil misfits that love to create trouble all around the world by doing bank robberies,spiking food and water supplies, rigging various factories,work places and vehicles with explosive or random gag stuff, in all what they call "fun".




Paradise at Sea: Kimiko vs. Acer- In Progress
Delicious Battlefield: Niko Bellic vs. Nerx- In Progress (Used my Niko Bellic Account)
Only Cure.... Is Dying- In Progress (Used Merc account, and I think it is in progress)
Quest For Riches- Never Toke Off  (Wrote two opening posts, but nobody posted after, even after many agreed to take part in.)

We Are Legend: Dawn of a New Day- In Progress
A Mysterious Tale: The Castle of Dreams and Nightmares- In Progress

Corporate Clean Up- In Progress

An Unlikely Alliance- In Progress
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 Side notes I'll add over time.
Side Notes:
  1. The Reapers: I came up with them "WAY" before Infamous came out so don;t start to rant on that people -.- 
  2. Transformers:
  3. Quotes: Some are mine some aren't, they are just some stuff I've heard that I thought Kimiko might say.
  4. Copyright: I placed this on my art profile so I would have a physical one so you CAN NOT use this without my persmission
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