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This is one of two Halloween RP's we'll be running this year. Beckoning will be a slasher/monster type RP, for those who want mindless violence from a scary monster.

On the other hand, there will also be a scarier, more plot-focused RP coming from LovelySicily, for those who prefer their Steven King-type experiences. I don't know the details, and for now I want to keep it that way. It'll be scarier when I play in it.

So, Beckoning. I'll be controlling an essentially godmode character. Those who take part in this RP agree to have their characters KILLED.

Taking part in Beckoning does not prevent you from taking part in other RP's. Far from it, the events of Beckoning, as it stands right now, are not canon. Why? Because this is a slasher fic. 90% of the characters in this RP will die. That is the nature of what will take place. It will be gory, gruesome, brutal, and the mortality rate of your average Final Destination movie.

To re-emphasize the point, taking part means that you will most likely not win. Highest likelyhood is that you will lose. And that's okay. You don't watch a slasher flick to see the cast survive, oh no. You watch it to see them find each others bodies and slowly devolve into utter panic as the monster stalks and slays.

Bring your toughest, bring your best, bring your street levels and bring the rest.

It Beckons.

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entering with Seth cause he is just my biggest halloween character.

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