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Name: Batsu  
Race:  Shura'oh/Lord of Silver Dragons
Hair: Dark Brown with a streak of silver
Eyes: Silver
Age: 30
Alignment: Good 
Afiliation:  The Company
Height: 6' 5'' 
Weight: 165 lbs 
Occupations: Minor God


    Batsu was rised on a far away Monastery, were all the orphans were cared for in exchange of learning the ways of the sword from the elder monk, that knowing that his life was going to end wanted to pass his knowledge. Of all the children Batsu was the less skillfull, but since his young years he was the strongest, being able to lift weights bigger than what the monks could. He had it rough, as he was constantly beated by his co-students, that easily applied the Toragari Ryu, while Batsu struggled to control his inhuman power and was unable to perfom the intrincate movements they could, and most of the time he swinged so hard that even some of the bokken caught fire from the friction, or just broke against something.
 Batsu's Monastery
 Batsu's Monastery
 As he grew older he got more control over his strenght, managing to use some of the techniques of the school, but after some accidents as he now was able to tag opponents in practice, the elder Monk asked him to leave the monastery. Batsu was angry and bothered by it, and in his way out he trashed half temple, almost as a childsih tantrum. He finally leaved and decided never to look back. He started working as a Mercenary in two cities near the mountains were the monastery was hidden. With his strenght, toughness and skills he easily got a reputation, trashing mobster family and criminal empires, while also fighting in small scale battles between villagers and bandit warlords.

The so called "City of Lost Souls" was Batsu home in his early mercenary years 
The so called "City of Lost Souls" was Batsu home in his early mercenary years 


For being the Patron God of Battle, Batsu is a peaceful and calm man, he only uses his powers if the situation needs to be treated with force, if not he will try to talk the enemy out of it. He is a man that loves a good meal and a good laugh, and he will be more inclined to let go a funny enemy or an interesting one to fight against him again later.

Powers and Skills        

Strenght: 30-50 tons
Speed: Sub-Light
Stamina: 1 Year
Durability: Can tank a city Buster undamaged 
Energy Projection: Can project Cutting Wind Slashes, Jishou can Project God Slashing Big Waves


Shikuu Kokoro Ryu

 A formless style, is not composed of techniques but of ideals, there isnt any kind of special trcik of secret attack in this style, only the path of self perfecting, any swordsman haves to do in his life. No form, means no particular stance or technique is applied, is only the Kenjutsu basic movements to it's outmost limits. This style doesnt posses Cutting wind attacks or anything like it, is pure unadultered swordmanship.

Hand To Hand Combat

A mixed multi-style focused on takedows and grappling, a style built to destroy the enemy fast and simple, no showy moves or attacks, only sheer damage.  


Shinkuu Ryu Musoujutsu (Meditation Technique) : Kyoka Suigetsu

 The fundamental stone of the Shinkuu Kokoro Ryu, a powerful ability based in calming the user emotions and thoughts and transfer him into a state of Inner peace and Serenity never known in this world, the user can detect everything and everyone in his Shinkuukokudo (Void Realm) a expansion of his own battle spirit, that goes outwards, since the bloodlust could contaminate the mind of the user, the blood lust that wnaders around him create an atmosphere of fear and danger, and can cloak his own prescence or increase, at least in a virtual way, his kiai pressure. This state enhances the senses and the intelligence of the user, as his mind clears from any other influence. This state also lets the user cast illusions only by using his Bloodlust and Kiai, making the nemy think he is being attacked. Also lets the creations of bunshins, built of the user expelled Negative Ki 

Jishou, God Slasher Sword

One of the fabled Sanjinken, this sword can sharpen itself to cut anything, no matter how big or how small Jishou can cut it clean. This blade is powerful beyond measure, but the disadvantage is that this blade is a Double-edged sword, since any attack you do with it in it's released state, Kinkokudo, will appear in a similar fashion, but with the potential damage greatly disminished, only fillinf the user with superficial wounds, but the constant use could evolve into even more dangerous wounds



 Batsu suffers from a serious case of phobia, he wil start to tremble and feel bad when he is locked in a extremely small space.  
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