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Character Bio

Name: Batsu Nagare

Height: 1.85 mts/2 mts

Weight: 79 kg/ 1 ton

Age: 25

Eyes: Black/Yellow

Race: Human

Power Source: Advanced Alien Technology

A.K.A: The Black Demon, The Dark Cloaked Warrior.

Theme Song: Heats by JAM project


Born in Japan, son of a world reknowed Martial Artist, his father Ryoma, and a famous scientist, his mother Michiru Saotome, Batsu lived happy for 6 years, until one night, his parents were found dead in their house, killed and chopped down into pieces, a brutal carnage. The police was puzzled, as the bodies were so torn apart and damaged, and lacked any trace of gunpowder or the use of any machine. They didnt knew the truth, as they were killed by a strange lifeform, that Michiru found several years before and escaped the contaiment in which it was captive and attacked her and her husband. Ryoma was shocked, and the police took care of him and sent him to a orphanage, as they werent able to find any relatives that could take him in. The Shinomori Foster House took Batsu in.

The shock of his parents death rendered Batsu silent and unsociable, so he got constantly picked in the school and in the orphanage. They bullied him, and as he didnt reacted to any of this, always with a blank stare, empty eyes and soul, they finally started to ignore him. He would have remained like the carcass of something that once was human if the new girl on the orphange didnt tried to reach out to him. The girl named Kei helped Batsu to open up once again, but that could prove to be a mistake in the current circumstances. With time the boy and the girl grew to be great firends, and after two years, as Batsu reached 10 and the girl 9, you could even say they were almost like a couple, with Batsu trying to protect her, maybe as repayment for her help.

Batsu was finally able to smile once again, and enjoy life, but this dream was shattered by the harsh reality, as one night he found out of a terrible secret. Since her 11 birthday, Kei grew to silent and cold, slowly she showed more and more signs of sadness and even desesperation. Batsu was worried about her, and started to follow his friend, and after some days, he discovered the horrible truth. The Director of the Foster home was selling the girls to prostitution, and as Kei reached eleven, she enetered the group of girls he sold to rich businessmen and oher scum with money. Batsu valiantly tried to stop the director, but he got beated down and thrown to the streets. The kid tried to inform the police, but all were bribed or regular customers, leaving Batsu in the streets with no place to go.

Batsu sweared to return and rescue Kei when he was stronger, and runned to the mountains, were he went to train, just as his father did before than him. He was slowly reduced to his primal instincts, as he feed with anything that could reach, and as he was in complete solitude, soon he was almost unable to talk straight, as he fought and runned from beast, either for food or terrain. For 5 years Batsu grew to be wild and strong, managing to beat or kill most of the animals. He inherited the strenght of his father and the intelligence of his mother, and had enough determination to resist the harshness of the wildlife.But even as strong and he was he wouldnt be ready for what happened one stormy night. The rain flooded the mountains, making travelling almost impossible, and several beasts searched for refuge, a particulary big Bear entered Batsu home.

The Bear attacked Batsu, and after a long struggle, in which the teen tried to defend himself as much as he could, the Bear wounded him, causing a massive wound in Batsu's chest. The boy rushed away from the cave, running throught the stormy night, slipping and tripping on the mud and branches. Batsu runned, more scared than he have never been in his whole life, and as the bleeding took a toll on his body his speed decreased, and finally collapsed just as he reached a nearby mountain highway, normally used by truck drivers. The storm ended and the first lights of the dawn woke up Batsu, that discovered himself in the seat of a truck, covered by a blanket. A big man was driving the truck, and his cap placed a shade over his face.The man didnt realized Batsu waking up, and kept his eyes on the road. The pain was too much and knocked him once again.

After several hours of sleep Batsu woke up in an hospital, and the truck dirver was sitting besides him sleeping in the chair. Batsu had a feeling that he knew this man. For an hour, the boy couldnt utter a word, not because he didnt wanted, but becouse he couldnt, after living for so many years in the wild and in almost complete silence, living in fear of being heard, was more than enough to cause him severe difficulties to speak. He then realized that all the time the man was awake, and was watching him, covering his eyes with the shadow casted by his hat. The man stood up, now covering the sunlight coming from the window and asked Batsu his name. an akward silence, only interrupted by the sounds of the boy trying to speak, lasted fro some minutes, as the man waited with patience for Batsu to speak up.

Finally, after a long struggle Batsu managed to say his name, and the stout man released a long whistle, and took off his cap, and shook his hair.The man said that his name was Musashi Tomoe, and that he was an old firend of his parents. He was sent to find Batsu, under orders of Batsu's grandfathers, Ichiban Nagare, Ryoma's father, and Dr. Shikijima, Michiru's father, that were looking for him. Batsu remembered Musashi from his childhood, as he knew him back them, Uncle Musashi. Batsu was still injured, but Mr. Tomoe insisted in taking him to the place where he was supposed to take him. Batsu had no intentions of going, but he didnt had anywhere else to go. The truck went north, travelling surrounde by trees and fields, and once in a while a quite village that seemed to be frozen in time.

They travelled for 4 days, and after the long travel, they reached the Shikishima research facility. Batsu and Musashi were greated by one of the scientists and friend of Batsu parents, a tall man named Hayato Jin. The scientist take both of them towards the main lab were the situation was explained to Batsu. It seems that in the same discovery that his mother made, where she find the micro-organisms that would later kill her and Ryoma, a crystal of the same procedence was found, and seemingly was locked to Michiru and Ryoma DNA, as they were the ones that found it. For such reason they couldnt make it work, unless Batsu, the only one in the world that shared both genetic codes inside him was the user.

Dr. Shikishima asked Batsu to activate the crystal, as that was the only way to find and destroy the being that killed Batsu's parents. The jet black crystal glowed as Batsu touched it, and in a flash of bright green light, the teen was covered by an advanced alien armor. The whole lab was silent, and after some moments Batsu started to move inside the armor, or at least that was what they thought. This suit of armor, that refered to himself in Batsu's mind as Schwarz Kaiser, at least that was how Batsu heared it. The I.A of the machine was designed to search and destroy the virus that also fell that night, and that would exterminate the whole planet if left unchecked. But for that, it needed a host.

For that reason he took control of Batsu's body and evaded the security of the lab. As everybody in the lab was trying to stop the armor, Batsu tried as well. But the Armor ignored his host pleas and explained it's objective. Batsu's biggest wish would be fullfilled, as payment for his help as a host. Everybody tried to stop the armor, but it was too strong and fast to be stopped. In matter of minutes he left the underground of the lab, and as it reached the outer grounds, the Kampf Flugel, a cape like device that allowed him and the armor to fly. I matter of second the armor broke the sound barrier, and travelled towards Tokyo cutting throught the clouds, moving in a staright line direct to Shinomori Foster house. The armor didnt knew that fullfilling his host wish would also start it's own mission.

The orphanage changed a lot, after some strange events, the headmaster was getting more and more violent with the children, and much more vicious with the girls, even selling girls under 10 to the prostitution. Kei was doing her best effort to help the younger girls, but she was overwhelmed by the madness in which the head master was submerged. At night, as the girls were about to be send off, an axe cutted down the head of the headmaster, resulting in a spray on blood flowing from the wicked man neck. The girls shrieked in terror as Batsu landed, or better said the armor with the angry teen inside, trying to stop this, as this wasnt what he wanted. The body of the headmaster fell to the ground, and the girls runned towards the home, except for Kei, that fell in her knees, deep in shock, maybe accepting death, since she thought that was her moment, the end of her life. She was wrong, this was maybe the beginning.

The armor faceplate opened, and Batsu, now in control of the armor tried to calm down the shocked Kei, but as he moved towards her, the corpse of the headmaster started to shake and a horrible sound started to sprout from it. Several tentacles breaked throught the headmaster skin, as it turned into a slimy gray cuirass like surface. The tentacles moved to attack Kei, but while closing the fac-plate, Batsu intercepted the attack using the Schwarz Kaiser main melee weapon, Anderung, a tomahawk like axe, to cut the tentacles swiftly. With and single jump he reached for the rooftop and he dragged the mutated body of the headmaster by grabbing one of the tentacles and tossed him upwards and finished him with a powerful attack with the Anderung Axe, that when touched the monster made him explode in a flash of green light, scattering it's remains all over the street under it.

Now, Batsu helps the Shikishima Labs to track the hatchlings left by this monsters, while he helps Kei with the adminstration of the foster home, with the help of Musashi, and trains regulary with his paternal grandfather, and learns and studies the armor with his maternal grandfather and his crew. He patrols Japan, fighting with this unknown Invaders, called VAL (Variable Anatomy Lifeforms) as it searchs for the original, that seemingly fled the country years ago.


Batsu fighting a VAL
Batsu fighting a VAL
Batsu in Mid transformation
Batsu in Mid transformation

Batsu is Hot-blooded and headstrong, but haves a strong sense of Justice. His time in the wild made him forget lot of the regular social behaviour, but he is still good natured and wants the best for the innocent, while if he meets wicked people he is the kind of guy that will attack without thinking it twice. He is the kind of guy that helps anybody in need, even over his mission.

Power and Abilities

Black Emperor Armor

A highly advanced weapon of alien manufacture, designed to fight against the VAL, grants multiple abilities to the user when active.

  • Enhanced Strenght: 10 tons
  • Enhanced Speed: 2 times the speed of Sound (Atmospherical) 6 times (In space)
  • Enhanced Durability: Resists a City Block buster with ease, can survive with great damage a city buster.
  • Enviromental Adaptation: Can adapt the Vacuum of space and the hottest climates on Earth
  • Enhanced Stamina: 7 weeks of activity
  • Energy and enviromental sensor, radar, infrared, heat tracking and VAL tracking.
  • Weapon Systems
  • Red Setting Reconfiguration: A secret setting of the armor that unlocks it's true power.


The Black Emperor Armor haves several weapons for the user to wield or launch.

  • Kaiser Axe: A short handle axe that can be used for Melee or as a ranged, boomerang like weapon
  • Kaiser Razor: The Blades in the forearm extende and are used for slicing throught enemies
  • Kaiser Missile: From the shoulder pads, twin homing missiles attack the enemy
  • Kaiser Knuckle: The Spiky Knuckles of the gauntlets extend and are charged with electricity
  • Kaiser Wings: The Cloak allows the User to fly, or to hide his intentions.
  • Kaiser Tornado: The Face armor openes and generates a powerful gust of wind, capable of peeling a man skin.
  • Kaiser Beam: A highly concentrated beam of energy surges from the armor head or torso, with different uses.
  • Kaiser Spiral Beam Blast: A modification of the Kaiser Beam, in which the Kaiser Wing makes the shoot of energy rebounded in curves and split up, launching several beams against the opponent as the Armor charges foward.
  • Kaiser Spark: The armor is covered with a cloak of energy and the user lunges towards the target.


  • Master Hand to Hand Combat: Street Fighting + Karate + Constant Training
  • Master Survival Skills
  • Novice in technology
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Aesome look! He's a total bad-ass.
Can't wait to see more!!
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@Superevil225:  YAY! You're back! I can play RP again!!! 
Thanks for the praise.....
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Cool bio.
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@Raseri:  I didnt do anything yet...
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This is an interesting character!
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@Batsu: Anything with "Advanced Alien Technology" is cool with me :P
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@Raseri:  OK.... 
Added more story, will finish tomorrow
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You could just take the compliment man. At any rate I think this is off to a good start, it seems like it will be very original, and the theme song is awesome, this is the first time I heard it.
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@Kurohige:  I'm kind of paranoid, my bad..... 
 The Theme is Heats from Shin Getter Robo 
Added more story, will add more later, and until I'm finished wityh it I wont post powers or personality....
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Added more story
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Very nice start to the bio so far:)

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Batsu is back in Business, at least rebooted Batsu, I still miss original one

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I'm glad you are using Batsu again.

Maybe I should create a Mecha pilot character as well.:p

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@willyvereb: He isnt a Mecha pilot, is he more akin to Tekkaman Blade or Guyver

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this one is also great!

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All the talk about Mecha pilots let me with the need of resurfacing this guy. I depowered him a bit and edited some parts

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Today is a good day.

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