Barthez batallion

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leader Barthez asakara

name: Barthez asakara

age: 15

height: 4.11

weight: 120 lbs

eye color: white

hair color: white

leader of Barthez batallion



he can use a force that is pretty much pure light. if you stare directly at it it the power would blind you. it takes form in a orb that deals great is a wall buster.


two pretty suited up swords



Barthez was once all alone but then he met arukai and makaro and they decided to create a group he liked this idea and offered Makaro to be leader mkaro said no because he is the youngest. "you should be the leader Barthez " said arukai. okay i think we'll call it Barthez batallion. so there journey began.

Makaro Nessar

that mystrerius boy talking to the bird.
that mystrerius boy talking to the bird.

name: Makaro Nessar

age: 13

gender: male

height: 5.4

mass: 150

eye color: pure cyan

hair color: silver/white

single and is in need of a girl friend!!!!


he can walk through walls and can generate raven wings anabling him to float. he does not have a certain destructive capacity


black spirit bow and arrow

the story behind the mystrerius boy

Makaro has always been an outcast. with his pale white skin, his ways of walking through walls, and of course his habbit to kill people but not freinds

Makaro always seems to get a friend and then that friend dies so he has no friends

the man with the card

when makaro met a strange man who said he could tell the future with his card he did not like his future. is his future he does not know but he hopes only part of it is true: the part where he gets a girl friend who loves him very much. the bad part his how he murders her so he vowed never to have a girl friend so he would not harm anybody but himself

a day to remeber

makaro was on a roof (it is raining) when a beautiful bird landed on his arm. for the first time he smiled then laughed he didn't know why either. he said: " do you want to be my friend". the bird shook its head yes." okay i'll name you seith" and a grave friend ship was born

arukai tyah

name: Arukai Tyah

age: 15

height: 5.6

weight: 160

eye color: purple

hair color: white with black highlights

job: mercenary

she is single


she is a demon with extra ordinary afect on people. she is a demon of the color purple. she can generate a ball that she can go in side of when you hear a TINK it explodes in a burst of darkness dealing a fine building buster.


teeth,a 4 ft tall sword with great power.


Arukai is a sufisticated person. she grew up in a small now destroyed planet. she is a fighter by heart but very shy. the reason by that is she grew up alone and was fed by darkness itself. she was raised by herself. learning her own fighting style. devoting herself to avenging her planet.

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You could've edited the other Bio's from earlier than create a new one. : \
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 i know that not
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@asakara101: I see. So your "RP character" is actually a party of 3 people? 
You can add more bits of information about your characters, like their personality or describing their appearance.
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@asakara101: Flesh out the powers, explain the physical limitations of each power, and physical limitation of each character

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@Kuro_San: Well, unless he specifies his stats I believe that means they're  at peak human levels of sped, strength and etc. 
As for their powers I roughly understand the point of their abilities and their limitations.
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@paladin: I understand his powers, but about his limitations I'm not sure, how much destructive power packs the Darkness Ball or the Light ball?

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@Kuro_San: Well, I believe Asakara isn't that familiar with the various categories of destructive capacity. I suppose the energy attacks are somwhere between wall+ to small building level. Any higher would cause a clash with the characters' relatively low end power setup. 
Anyways, that's something we would eventually find out in his RPs. 
Of course I would love to know more about these 3 chartacters but the bio at least has the basic information we need for RP-ing.
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i din't even know there were categories of that but what do u need them for

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@asakara101: Destructive Capacity is a measure that shows relatively how destructiveness a certain attack in question.  It was developed with comic book fans to allow people to easily discern the difference of powers. 
Basically, it categorizes attacks into various destructive levels based on common objects.  
Wall level/ Wall buster: The said attack can pierce through a brick or concrete wall or destroy an entire section of a wall. You don't wanna get ht by that. That much is for sure.
Building level/ Building buster: Attacks that can wreck an average building, usually by blowing it up. 
City level/ City buster: An attack that can destroy an entire city in one go. Think about nuclear bombs and such. 
Like I said, this basically tells you how powerful an attack really is without getting too deep into the details of science. It was developed for the ease of versus debating. Things like the guys over there in the Battle forums do.
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thank u i just edited it so if it sounds better tell me

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i liked this i think you got a talent for this sort of thing

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