Ayane - The Living Code [Character Bio]

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Ayane - The Living Code
Ayane - The Living Code
  • Name: Ayane (no last name given, no documents exist)
  • Alias: Living Code, Walking Program, Breathing Data
  • Sex: Female
  • Sexual Orientation: Asexual
  • Age: Unknown, appears to be around 20
  • Race: Unknown
  • Alignment: Villain Neutral


Ayane has a very pragmatic approach to her everyday life. She does not waver when it comes to actions because of her emotions or anything like that. In fact she denies having any real emotions in this world though it's really hard to see how she comes to that conclusion. Ayane is strongly convinced and will repeat it a hundred times if need, that she is no human or living being made out of organic components, but a program. A collection of information and data written into the world. Nothing but a sequence of ones and zeroes. She presents herself as a messiah written into the world by her creator to free humans of the chains of the physical world. The fact that she views herself as something that is not human, but something above them, as well as her constant expressing of pity towards humans and their suffering make her sound very arrogant, even when she is not trying to be so. Because of that she is also very cynical about the world. For her it's nothing but a meaningless cycle of joy and sadness in everyday lives. Yet in the end all disappear leaving nothing of value behind. For her the world itself and living in it is already the ultimate evil. That reflects perfectly in her goal, gaining followers who will worship her creator as well as spread his message. The final goal that makes it clear how little she thinks of the world she is in right now though is the fact that she plans to turn the mind of every single human on the planet into a program just like herself and upload them into a virtual world where they'd live with her creator. The virtual world which she simply calls "Home", is a place with no suffering. Everyone has enough food and space. There are no physical needs in it as the people no longer have a physical body and the resources are unlimited as they can simply be created, after all they nothing but data. People could completely devote themselves to pleasure without worrying about anything. They would be immortal and would constantly be enjoying the prime of their life. War and conflict would not exist as there would be no reason or need for them, every dispute could be solved as everyone could always get whatever they want.

Ayane lives for that world. Though she never saw it, nor did she even see her creator, she strongly believes in him without question or a silver of doubt. While her intentions are good, they also make her antagonistic in this world. "The goal justifies the means" is the saying she lives by. As she only means the best for all of humankind, a few sacrifices here and there and deeds that can only be called evil are all acceptable. After all, as long as it's this mortal world, evil and good have no value for her, both are just concepts that were imposed by humans and will fade away sooner or later without leaving no trace behind. As such it's meaningless what she does and whether it's seen as good or bad, the only thing that matters is her goal. She has absolutely no remorse whatsoever. Any "evil" she commits was "necessary evil" and any "good" she does was "meaningless good", the only absolute is the world she is dreaming of. While she's mostly completely calm and borderline stoic, there are times when she will put a facade, normally to lure people in and turn the into devoted followers, or simply because the occasion calls for it. Ayane is very organized and precise beyond reason. She isn't the type of person to leave something up for chance to decide. She plans everything out down to the tiniest detail and then executes it in the same way. That also allows her to keep a cool head in the most situations, no matter how nasty they are, which also allows her to adjust her plans and strategies mid execution if that is needed. The rare situations where she is visibly angry are normally tied to calling her a human, insulting her creator or damaging any of the equipment tied to the "ritual of ascension" (digitalization of the mind). Viewing her as a goddess (something done by few of the followers) also seems to get a similar reaction, though it's much more cold disapproval and disgust than rage or anger.

There's not limit which she won't break to get what she wants, which is perhaps her most dangerous trait.


Ayane is above average height. She's rather slender and has long legs. Her skin is slightly pale and very clean and pure, mostly evident on her face, neck and hands which stand out the most because of the color scheme of her clothes. Her chest is well-endowed but she often hides that fact by wearing a sarashi. Mostly out of practical reasons. Ayane's face has very soft lines, something that makes her clam stoicism even more intense. Her nose is and ears are very small but still clearly noticeable. Her eye and hair color match, being a slightly dim and pale blue, like it was mixed with gray. Her face is mostly expressionless and her stance tense and upright without any unnecessary movement. All those factors combined can make her look rather intimidating despite her body structure.
One of Ayane's alternative uniforms
One of Ayane's alternative uniforms

As far as clothes are concerned Ayane prefers uniforms above all else. She wears them all the time and even when she needs some kind of disguise it's more likely that she will use her powers to achieve the same purpose rather than changing clothes. All of her uniforms seem to follow a pattern of black, yellow and white. Her standard uniform consist of a black shirt with golden lines and details. A yellow skirt, black latex tights and white knee-high leather boots. She also has a black short-coat, and while she carries it around with her often, she rarely wears it. Rather than that she just lets it rest of her shoulders making more akin to a cape rather than a jacket or coat. Beyond that she has various other uniforms, mostly following the same color pattern with some gray thrown into it.

Unless they insist, she also imposes a dressing code on the followers, choosing simple and practical uniforms for them as well, though only the most trusted ones have uniforms that are close to her own in design and color pattern. The uniforms are more fore practical reasons and recognition between the members rather than some kind of fashion.

All around Ayane doesn't seem to care too much for appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Ayane possesses superhuman stats. She uses her lightning speed and her animal like agility to strike her opponents down before they can act. Bullets and the like are no threat to her and she can easily dispatch them with her sword or casually dodge storms of projectiles like that without the slightest worry. She can also perform feats like running along a wall or balancing on the tip of a blade with no trouble at all. Her strength and durability while going beyond the human limit are still severally overshadowed by her other skills. She rarely uses brute strength or fists alone, but rather relies on her skill and the sharpness of her sword. Another quality of hers is her endurance. She is capable of fighting for days with nothing but willpower to keep her going and even ignore horrible wounds and go on with them. Ayane practices Iai, the art of drawing a blade from it sheath. She chose it as her preferred way of combat for it's speed, precision and power. It allows her to quickly take care of enemies before they have a chance to react or retaliate. Her precision with said sword is also beyond impressive. She is can accomplish feats like cutting a human hair lengthwise multiple times and even cut things which are normally too small for humans to spot with the naked eye. Most enemies don't even notice the sword or Ayane moving before they see the deep cut on their body. While the techniques offer, elegance, speed, power and precision, they lack variation. After all, Iai techniques and all styles and techniques spawned from it, no matter how advanced and complicated in their execution, will always start with the drawing of the sword from it's sheath. But Ayane is more than happy about the trade-off, especially since her others powers often negate the weakness of that combat style. She often pressures opponents by lightning fast attacks, drawing her sheathing her sword multiple times during a single attack or clash. That has by now breached the boundaries of logic and come to them point that Ayane is fast enough to execute many slashes and cuts at the same time, literally giving the opponent the feeling as if he was fighting multiple enemies at once.

Beyond those direct combat skills Ayane posses a naturally logical mind being able to spot the tiniest details about an enemy, their movement or weaknesses. That also allows her to go through complicated plans or simply think about what she will have for lunch even in the middle of a clash, without losing any performance or concentration. She also possess great medical knowledge, having both the theory and skills to be a surgeon and she often puts it to use. That knowledge is not only useful for mending wounds, but also to know where to strike to disable an opponent or to cause sever bleeding. A skill directly tied to it is her incredible control over her own bones and muscles, allowing her to perfectly allocate her strength and movement without wasting even a tiny bit of energy.

While all of this makes Ayane a fearsome enemy in her own right, her powers are the cherry on top of the sundae.


Iai being Ayane's style of choice, a katana is also the weapon which accompanies that choice. Tsunagari is a katana with a black sheath with yellow cherry blossom decorations on it. The katan itself has a steely gray color on the cutting edge, while the hilt and blunt side of the blade are also black. It was "written" into the world together with Ayane, or so she claims which makes the composition of the sword rather vague and unknown. The blade has cut most materials known to man, though that might very well be Ayane's own skill, strength and speed, rather than the sword's properties. At first glance it appears to be nothing more, than a high quality decorated katana, but the sheath clearly disproves that claim.

There is an ammunition belt attached to the mid section of the sheathe. Of course, most people can make very little sense of something like that, thinking it to be some odd decoration at best. But the bullets do have their combat purpose. But first of all they are not even real bullets. They lack the basic part of a bullet, a chamber. Rather than that they are metal pieces shaped like bullets. A simple switch on the top of the sheath operates the mechanism. When the switch is flipped, a bullet is loaded into the sheath through a small chamber-opening. It slides down to the bottom of the sheath and into a fixed position. On the next sword-draw the bullet is pulled by the blade and propelled towards the enemy as if it was shot. Ayane's speed, strength and skill make it so that the bullet is much faster and more powerfull than any projectile fired from modern weapons. It's capable of piercing even heavy armor. It's Ayane's only long-range combat technique, but it is very useful. Furthermore Ayane's precision make the sword seem sniper-like in it's accuracy and the range the bullets achieve.

All of it's effects are further amplified by Ayane's personal powers.

Supertransmition of Data

Ayane's real power, which was gifted to her by the creator as she says. It allows Ayane to both download information or upload it onto brains or thought processes. It is a power extremely useful, not only for combat but also for her goal of gaining followers. It aids her in both in two different ways, Mental Access and Mental Interference. Mental Access is the power that allows her to access the information that is in people's heads, she is so to say, downloading the data onto her own brain. In everyday situations and cult events, it's useful for quickly finding out what the people want, and giving them that before they even speak. That is exactly what made her and her cult so successful. It can also be used to blackmail people and to find out about their deepest secret and desires.

Normally a suggestive question is asked to provoke thoughts like those. Though the power mostly works on current thought processes and what someone is thinking right now, Ayane can also recall memories, but the target has to be either asleep or unconcious. In combat it simply predicts the enemies movements and finds out about their weaknesses. Mental Interference, on the other hand is Ayane uploading her own thoughts onto someone else or simply messing with their own. It can produce illusions, inflict pain, change one's perception of the world and many more things. All of that has countless applications in both combat and cult situations. Permanently changing one's memory to a certain degree is also possible, but as with the Mental Access it also has to have a disable target for it to work.

Mental Access Abilities:

-Code: Mind Reading

The most simple ability of all. Ayane simple reads someone's mind. She clearly read their thoughts and what's behind them. Even if the thoughts, are short, unclear or unfinished, Ayane can organize them and complete them to coherent sentences and processes that make sense. Furthermore, in combat the ability becomes even more useful. Even if one does not directly think "i will attack with my right hand" the thought is subconciously there, after all we first have to think for our bodies to move. Because of that Ayane's mind reading allows her to know every single move her opponent will make. That makes it very easy for her, to dodge or counter her enemies. In a sense the ability gifts her insight into the personal future of someone.

It is her most used ability by far, to the point that it nearly passively activated without her even noticing anymore.

-Code: Satellite

Ayane's ability to read minds applied to a bigger area. Using that his she is capable to access the thoughts of large groups of people. Again, she has complete control over it, organizing all of the thoughts and not getting lost in them. The ability is very useful for tracing down specific people, assuming one has some information on the person, the situation they are in or what they could be thinking right now. While well organized and reliable, the ability needs some focus and concentration to work and as such is not suited for combat. What's more it can also tire out and as such is better used out of combat and simply to assert the opinion of large groups of people.

Mental Interference Abilities:

- Code: Illusion

The most basic form of Mental Interference. Ayane can project pictures into the minds of others or change the way the see the world. It does not truly create an illusion like a hologram or anything like that, rather than that it just makes the person think they see or don't see something. That means in a mass of thousand people, Ayane could make it so that only one of them sees the illusion while everyone else sees clearly. She can use it for almost anything, making it seem like it's more people there than it is, copies of her self, changing the color of something and many other things. It is not just limited to visual input, sounds and smells can be faked as well. In mundane use, Ayane uses it the most to change her appearance and to fool others while in combat is serves as a distraction.

Much lie mind reading it is used very often.

-Code: Static Wave Discharge

A simple mild shock runs through a person's brain and nerves. It cannot cause any significant damage, but inflicts a good amount of pain and slight paralysis. It also disrupts thoughts, effectively confusing the target for a moment. It is very effective when used together with her illusions and other Mental Interference powers. Ayane applies it just before an attack or clash, to surprise the opponent, make them flinch and make her attacks even harder to dodge and avoid. It's maximal potential is reached when used just before an attack connects.

- Code: Lag

The ability does exactly does what the name suggests. It freezes the image the target is seeing for a moment. When the ability ends it appears to them as if a few frames had skipped as they could not see what was happening in between the stop and start. Ayane is very fond of frequently using this ability to disorient enemies and even to dodged their attacks. By selectively making it so that only her body appears frozen, she can also make it looks as if she was teleporting around. She can freely choose which objects will appear as froze and which will move normally as if nothing was happening.

Combined with her sword skills this becomes a deadly technique.

- Code: Accelerate

Much like Lag, it messes with the opponents vision and perception of time. Using this ability makes everything or just a few objects in the targets field of vision move much faster than they actually do. The sudden change of speed makes it very hard for them to predict the movement of it, or even see it. Of course nothing moves faster, but just appears to do so, but even that is enough as it confuses the enemy making it so that they are hit by attacks they could otherwise dodge. Ayane often uses it on herself alone, making it very hard for the opponent to track or target her. She can adjust the speed up to different levels.

- Code: Stagnate

The exact opposite of Accelerate. It makes the objects the target sees move slower. The ability has two main effects with that. First is the slow-down the enemy himself. Everything around him moving at crawl speeds instinctively makes the target also think and act slower, you could call it an effect of false safety. What is much more deadly though, is the miscalculation of projectile movement. Even though they see a bullet only leave the barrel of a gun, in reality it already hit them without them even noticing. Like with Accelerate Ayane can select only one or a few object to appear like that including herself and also adjust the amount of slow-down.

While busy with gaining followers and organizing the cult, when she has time Ayane is developing new techniques, powers and abilities for her to use in combat and as such she is constantly learning new ones.


To be added soon...


History of RPs


All themes associated with Ayane are mostly techno, pop or anything like that.

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My only villain and the character which will replace all my others safe for three: Phantom, Richter and Charlotte.

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@Fehafare: This... Is... GENIUS.

I'm only half way through and already I can see contentions and interaction with Jardsam, Alvin, Hitomi, and Mechanus.

I'm assuming that she'll take Fehafare and Phantom will be returning to Relius?

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@SamJaz: Oh thank you.

You see the deal is this:

Azure Bullet - Charlotte

Fehafare - Richter

Relius Clover - Phantom

One of my other accounts or a new one - Ayane

The only reason i'm doing HS on Feha is because it's so long and it's convenient for me, other than that Relius is the Phantom account and that will be enforced after HS.

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@Fehafare: I see.

Add Naoto to that interaction list, with sword skills.

I think that Viscount SamJaz would be the perfect foil for Ayane. With the Shinodaborn Black Carapace blocking her view/ her interaction/ the intrinsic existence of SamJaz's Brain, Spinal Cord, Ribcage and chest cavity, many of her abilities can't be used on him. However, her swordsmanship is by far superior to SamJaz's, (At Viscount Level), so that would be a good battle.

Oh, Viscount SamJaz is the level of power used in There Is No Competition, The Mysterious Power Unveiled, and that one with the temple. When he's using two keyblades, and isn't all God Emperor like he will be by the end of Hellscraper. I'm still working that out, a balance to allow him to play on both street and mountain level.

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@SamJaz: I see.

Yeah blocking her mind powers does cripple, but certainly doesn't make her defenseless. Think of her as a combo of Lute and Alice.

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@Fehafare: So, if Lute's being cancelled, should I just announce an END to NJC?

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@SamJaz: If you want. I planned on finish NJC tho, and then deleting him.

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@Fehafare: If I'm being honest, I can see it's already fallen apart. It's gone months with barely three posts in the meantime. It's dead, I'll announce what happened, and I can continue with Blondie.

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@SamJaz: Ok then.

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@Fehafare: Very cool character, like her look too.

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@Sonata: Thanks Sona.

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@Fehafare: WelcomeXD

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the ammount of dedication is over 9000! just wow

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Thanks, rather lazily done to be honest, i hope i'll get to expand, update and improve it in the future.

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@Fehafare: to be honest this was pretty good. maybe ill try some RPG too!

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@othus12: Well thanks again.

And you sure are welcome, the more the merrier.

If you need any help or have questions you can PM me whenever you want.

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