Author's Notes: Lobos and Crow's growth.

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Warning: What you are about to read is my personal opinion and my reflection on the my years from RP.

Author's Notes

Hello Everyone yet again. So SJ kinda beat me to the next point I was going to make about originality so I decided to do a different take on this and speak from the heart on a topic that has been on my mind recently. This really isn't a topic on the Vice it more about me as a writer and how I develop. I'm trying to not toot my own horn or be egotistical but if you read this and feel that way I'm sorry. I hope you enjoying reading my reflection on my years writing for the Vice.

Why Am I Writing This?

So I want to explain why I am writing this and it something that occur to me not to long ago, on September 8th is my birthday and this year I'm turning 23. This isn't that much a big deal it's just another year after all but there is something important about turning 23 this year. For those of you who don't know Crow's age in the Vice since the beginning (expect for that little time skip we did) is 23. I picked 23 because I feel that is a good age and probably the average age of shounen/anime heroes and now for the first time since I created Crow I will be the same age as my creation. This to me is something special because Crow has been such a big part of my life and the Vice itself has helped me in more ways than I can count. This place has been an escape and a source of creativity and enjoyment for years. I have developed so much as writer and now want to continue writing for a living I also developed some good friends (Kuma I consider you to be one of my best friend despite our arguments over creative differences.) AnimeVice and the RPG forum has been a constant in my life and I hope to continue writing here for a long time.


As I mention I have developed so much as a writer but it's not just me who has developed it's the character Crow, while today he is a badass, gun-slinging, lightning powered, revolver toting, cowboy there was a time when he wasn't as rounded. Crow use to be a ninja, mercenary, assassin with powers from Star Fox, Deadpool, Naruto, Goku, and probably several other characters that I can't think of right now. But over time I honed down the Crow and brought together complementary ideas like westerns, gunslingers, electrical powers, a good back story, personality, and even somewhat of an appearance. Then i started on the Vice and the first RPer I spoke to about what to do with my character was the original Vice hero....Omega Mekik. Omega really helped me what direction to go to fit on the Vice and while I was a little bit all over the place I eventually spoke with Willyverb and he really helped me hone Crow down even more. And while those two really helped I think there is only person I can credit for helping me bring Crow completely together is Kuma. Kuma and me are good friends outside the Vice and while I was away he really help me with a dream I had to make a story simply base off Crow and we have been working on it for some time now and if I ever get off my lazy butt we will be able to get the first set of arcs done. So thank you Kuma for all the help you gave me and while we bump heads sometimes I consider you to be one of my best friends.

This is the original post I made for Crow's bio, while it has been edited over time it's still the same character, take note of the date March 18th 2011. I have been writing here almost constantly for 3 years now, I have won awards, I am in the Hall of Fame for the Vice RPG section, and now I'm trying to give new players some help here and there. I never really gave Crow a birthday or aged him because I never saw the point of it. So Crow has always been around 23 and it has worked for me and the other writing but now I will be as old as my own creation and I feel that is a unique situation. It really is a case of seeing something you created grow with you over the years and now you are facing eye to eye. I write Crow so well because he is really a character I connected with and I been writing him for so long it's natural now but times need to change and I want to create more unique characters that stick in the memory of the Vice long after I officially retire. Crow will always be around but I want to focus on other characters so as I mention I am going to be pushing my magical girl Kusuri and my villain Vega Wilde more. I also want to refocus on Enigma as well and work on that character. So I will continue to use Crow just not as much.

Moving Forward

So I want to thank everyone on the Vice you have given me some of my best stories and I consider some of you good friends. I look forward to writing with you guys and some of the newer writers (JLG, Waybig, and Braidy) Vapo I already consider you a good friend and an awesome writer and look forward to writing more encounters between Haruko and Crow (officially now shipped as Cruko). Also moving forward I feel like it's time Crow actually had a birthday and he aged more so March 18th (in honor of when I originally debut him) will be his official birthday and I will probably do a RP around that time to celebrate it.

So there it is my two cents. Please share your own stories of development or even your favorite Crow memories and stories lol. I will continue this series of Author Notes and I will leave it up to you guys to choice the next one.

Choices Are:

  • Rule of Cool vs Rule of Logic
  • Originality vs Inspiration
  • Creating Good Will with the Others
  • What is RPing?
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Do all of them LOL XD.

Well i suppose i would like to see either number 2 or 4 IMO

Also I hope I can dedicate at least one character here as much as 10% of what you did with Crow, he seems to be one of the best Characters here and for some many reasons, but probably the number one reason Crow is such an amazing Character is because you were his writer. I haven't been here long and Im still new to most of this, but i do look forward to writing together with you and making some interesting stories. Congratulations on all of your achievements here and continue to write these author notes because for me they are a good set of blueprints for new people such as myself to really learn what it means to be a part of the RPG Threads =)

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Great write up Crow, you have come a long way. Glad to have you part of the Vice RP family.

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Online Now


Heh, I prefer calling that ship Harucrow, personally :3

I have always liked Crow's character ever since those first few posts in Night at the Castle. At the time I was still brand new and was still figuring out how all this stuff worked again, but your writing style was surprisingly different compared to everyone else in that topic. You went into some backstory occasionally mid-post, and gave more details as to how Crow got damaged and how he retaliated. I was kinda waiting for someone else to send their character over there to help him out with the guards, but when nobody did, I figured I'd send Haruko over there. What followed was that awesome electric spiderweb team attack that is still one of my favorite RP moments :D Now Crow and Haruko have have one of the best bromances on the Vice, and it's been amazing so far.

I can't really speak for anything before I joined, since I wasn't here to see 80% of his development, but it sounds like a positive trend in character development. I consider you to be a good friend as well dude, you and Kuma were the first ones I actually talked to here xD. Heck, you're still one of the few people I chat with regularly. Looking forward to what you do with Vega and Kusuri :D.

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@Vivian_Vishnari: Yep I didn't want to sound egotisical but i find it amazing that I'm turning 23 so me and Crow will be officially the same age. Thank you guys for having me no matter how far I drift away this place always pulls me back.

@waybig1010101: Thank you. :) I am definitely feeling number 4 because I feel it would be a good general idea to cover. Crow is also a double edge sword because he is so amazing I feel it will be hard to make someone as good as him.

@Vapovile: Harucrow sounds good I think. I still prefer Craius the best and most disturbing ship ever XD That scene is Castle looks so good in my head because it's Crow and Haruko moving around each other with a dancer grace as she weaved this web and he covered her. Castle has been a good RP for you for you get the magnetic wires from that attack and now you have blessed knives from Jericho. (P.S. still working on the Sid and Crow team up attack ;) )

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I'll record this in the community report. Just to let you know. It will be published before the end of the day.

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@takashichea: Thanks dude :) I'm glad these are getting positive feed back

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Only just got around to reading this. It's a good read, my journey was quite different since my initial stay on the Vice was much shorter than yours, but it still brought a smile to my face.

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No problem, I wanted to highlight our users.

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@takashichea: The next one is going to be What is RPing

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