Atahlia, the artificial concept

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Name: Atahlia (The mortal name) " " (Her real name)

Alias: The artificial concept, the bound of imagination,

Age: Not quantificable, doesn't has the concept of age

Appareance: Girl between 14-18 years

Alignment: Evil

Personality: She contains all the emotions and personality of all fictional beings, and her feelings evolves at the same time that the other fiction's emotions grow. Still her main and frequent personality is a mix of all evil personalities, leading to a crazed and sadistic being. She can freely change between personalities, emotions or feelings. She has an enormous god complex

Powers and abilities

Note: Fighting against Atahlia is not easy task, she must be beated in three consecutives phases, her strategy will differ in the phases. Also the moves will differ, however Atahlia is free to use the moves in any phase, but she'll probably won't do that

Mercuria's Eyes: This eyes are active all time, it allows to perceive any function of the oponent, in body or attacks, so she can now how does the moves works or how are they based. To that, the oponent must use the moves, also can perceive the structure of non living stuff. Can identify any kind of energy, even if is concealed. Can detect invicibility and concealed presences, at last, can perceive existances moving in other planes

Wishes: Due to the fact that she was labeled as a god, she herself believes that she is a god, due to that her will develop low godlike features, one is the fact that she can concede wishes to persons, however only if she wants, and it's limited to stuff that she is able to understand, also she must ask the confirmation of the person who wants the wish. She cannot concede wishes to herself or her angels. A fearsome skill according to the wish, however this is only a plot skill

Creation of a closed room murder: Atahlia trap the oponent into a closed room that exists in fiction but applies reality, inside the closed room, the oponent is considered human and is murdered used human methods, if the oponent doesn't solve the closed room, he'll be condened to stay shut inside for ever together with his corpse. To solve the closed room he must follow the rules of the room. And fictional methods of escape are banned

PHASE 1: Conception

Bubble Existance: Atahlia will be surrounded by a conceptual bubble that anulates any possible attack from any plane, also nothing can be transported inside the bubble, to resume, nothing can harm her in this state. Because the bubble erase the existence of any that enters into it, even hitting it should be dangerous. To weaken the Bubble Existance, the Ceriels must be beated. She is levitating while in this form

Atahlia and the Ceriels
Atahlia and the Ceriels

Ceriels: Three beings created by Atahlia that fights in her place, she doesn't dirt her hands, even if Atahlia can attack in this phase she'll only do that to torture someone, but in battle, she'll let the work to the three Ceriels. The Ceriels are shapeless black energy that takes the form decided by Atahlia. The Ceriels have a bit of conscience

Ceriel Ou; Offensive Unit: The main attacker of the Ceriels, its weapon is a red non corporeal blade, the Ou's attack can hit in every plane, still only one at time. Ou can levitate, and it speed is a bit more than bullet timing. Also can spam beams, however they aren't so strong. The Ou is specialized in murder, while its attacks aren't so destructive, they're strong enough to give some difficulty to powerful fictional beings. The beams hold enough power to blow buildings. Still it prefers to fight in a physical way

Ceriel Hs; Healing Supporter: This Ceriel lacks of fighting or defensive atributes, still it has a function that is to repair the other Ceriels. It acts from distance, and can reconstruct the bodies of the other Ceriels, also if the fight seems to be against their favor, it can raise some atributes of the other Ceriels. Also can heal non Ceriels beings or structures

Ceriel Ds; Defensive Shielder: The faster of the Ceriels, it can send black energy shaped as needles to pierce its oponent, still its main function is shielding. Though in movement isn't so fast the reaction of this Ceriel is almost instaneous; it acts from distance, it forms a Barrier in front of any Ceriel that's about to be attacked by the oponent. The shields are easily breakable, still even if an attack break the barrier it cannot cross further than the barrier. This Ceriel cannot form a Barrier to shield itself.

Pain Junction: Is rare for Atahlia to use it in this phase, still she does it sometimes. First she needs something from the oponent, it can be blood, skin, hair, or energy that the oponent produced. With that she can create a miniature doll of the oponent, it works similar to a voodoo doll, however any act provocated in the doll won't cause the same act in the oponent. But can share the pain. If for example Atahlia were to rip off an arm of the doll, the person won't lose his arm, but it will feel the whole pain of his arm to be ripped off. This also tricks the oponent body to act according to the "damage".

PHASE 2: Realization.

Bubble Existance: The bubble will stay there, however now it will be weakened, still no move of any kind can pierce the barrier. But an small fraction of the efect an damage will be transmited to Atahlia. The two conditions for the bubble to be completely eliminated now are. 1) Black wings must be destroyed; 2) Hisfariel must be defeated

Pain Junction: She uses it frequently in this state.

Conceptual Black Wings: From the back part of the bubble black wings shaped as claws will emerge. The wings spam magical beams that cause damage of a neutral element, the beams cannot be avoided but can be parried. The wings aren't so durable, however they won't dissappear until Hisfariel is defeated. When the wings are destroyed, the oponent parameters (Speed, strenght, resistance, etc.) are registered and copied to Atahlia, also as an exchange, the oponents wounds will be healed (only superficial wounds).

PHASE 3: Creation.

Body conditions: Can fly, cannot get sick, can survive in any environment. She has an enormous stamina, however she can get tired. She doesn't have a concept of life or death, so she cannot be killed, however as physical manifestation, she can suffer a "false killing", similar to a real killing, however she will recover after a few hours. (But will mean her defeat in battle), also Atahlia existence contains a black unknown energy that is similar to the antimatter

High existance: Not a big feat, but her characteristics cannot be overruled by lower beings. That means that her concept cannot be anulated, to resume, the full spec of her abilities cannot be denied, however as individual skills, some of them can be anulated. Also her condition allow her to overrule willpower based construct.

Registering Adaptation: Due to the info gathered by Black wings she will be fighting with the same parameters as her oponent

Existances: Now bubble existance is eliminated, however Atahlia can use mirror and warp existances, but she cannot use both at the same time, she must exchange between both. Also a Scythe will appear in her hands

Mirror Existance: While this mode is active, Atahlia receive the oponent's attack divided by 2, half strenght, half effect, half condition. After that she can mirror the attack with the full scope of its qualities.

Warp Existance: Atahlia moves bypassing the concept of distance.

Energy Concept Modifier: As she can understand the energy of the oponent's attacks, she can change the energy's concept before being hit. For example, if a fire attack is sended to her, she can change it to a water attack. If a mental attack is sended to her, she can change it to a physical hit. etc.

Conceptual Energy Blasts: Blasts of energy that can delete the existance of the target. The amount of energy deleted will differ according to the blast's size. Can take any shape decided by Atahlia.

Advanced Conceptual Magic: Magic that controls forbidden energy. Atahlia cannot use them at full in battle. There are four kinds.

Time: Atahlia can use it to augment or reduce the speed of her attacks. Also can be used to change the advance of time, but this will only affect the enviroment, the oponent's time won't be affected however there are exceptions.

Gravity: With gravity she can manipulate the solid structures in the enviroment, by reducing their gravity she can made them fly, by augmenting the gravity she can make a piece of paper to impact as hard as a bullet. She can also augment the pressure over his oponent, however she cannot maintain it for so much time.

Transmutation: Atahlia can transmutate the enviroment, she can even transmutate her own body, however she cannot transmutate her oponent's body. PD: She can transmutate her Ceriels in Conception.

Natural Phenomena: Can manipulate the nature's phenomenes and the conditions of them. She can call an storm easily, create earthquakes, or make a volcano to enter in eruption. She is however only limited to the Natural phenomena inside the planet, and also it isn't easy to do.

Scythe of Luck
Scythe of Luck

The Scythe of Luck: A conceptual weapon that deals conceptual and physical damage. Whenever she attacks with the scythe, she will appear instantly in front of the oponent. If the oponent is striked, bad luck will fall over him/her, by this, some of Atahlia attacks can bypass the oponent's defenses or evations without requiring an explanation or logic. Also the oponent's moves or attack can fail without logic explanation. The effect of luck however is short. If the attack were to be reflected or returned to Atahlia, she will be imbued with good luck, the effects are similar. It's important to notice that Luck is just a name, and this scythe what in real do is to violate logic by rewriting it with fiction

Scenary Creation: A conceptual move that representes her authority, it allows Atahlia to create the background of battle, she can create an specific place to battle, still is limited to places in the world, with the exceptions of ancients vehicles

**Rewriting of Fiction: Atahlia can rewrite by fictional nanosurgery the fictional structure of a being to made it real


Brief Bios: Atahlia occupies the second pilar of concepts. She is called the artificial concept, because she is a concept created by men. She is the embodiment of the concept of fiction, and she is linked to all fiction (this doesn't means that she knows all about others). She charges with the advance of fiction over her shoulders. Her objective is to devour the fictional escence of the fictional beings (This won't mean their deletion or death, in fact it won't affect them in all), to that she must defeat or kill the fictional being, due to her personality she prefers to defeat the fictional being, then to torture it, and after that to kill it. All this to became complete, as she is the fiction itself, she only will be complete when she has devoured the escence of great part of the other fictions.

Because she is the fiction she despise the non fiction, she'll enjoy causing chaos and destruction to the non fictional beings lives. Also she despise the fictional creatures that help the non fictional ones.

Her name was gave by her followers through the ages, it means "Unreality", her true name cannot be concepted or understand by other beings except the one ranked over her in the pilars of concepts, so is only labeled as " "

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@Asune: Interesting 3 characters in one profile hope you can keep track. I want to see "Scythe of luck"

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo:I wanted to have one good, other neutral , other evil

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@Asune: Seems like an interesting character, I may have to battle her one dayXD

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@Dahlia_Magenta:Seems interesting? it doesn't have even an story yet.

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Add the picture, I'll use Erika, Bernkastel and Rika as her appareance

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@Asune: I'm talking in terms of abilities.

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@Dahlia_Magenta:I haven't yet seen the bios of Dahlia, I'm curious about her abilities (not to cheat, I've already decided how the skills of Athalia are)

By the way I have just noticed that both end in ahlia

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@Dahlia_Magenta: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:Updated, if you think that something is unfair you can tell me please.

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@Asune: What is this a video game boss battle you have to beat not once but thrice XD

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo:Well I wanted to create one that works in a different way of the others

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@Asune: For future reference, I advise that you don't create characters that are too powerful :P


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@Asune: Basically Dahlia's powers stem from her Spectral Canvas. A powerful tool that coverts thoughts, emotions, concepts, and metaphors into symbols or in this case tattoos. Through Dahlia's rainbow eyes she subconsciously draw her views of the world onto the canvas.

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Mmm I wonder what feats should I reduce from her, to make her less OP. I want to maintain the Three Phases, Ceriels, Hisfariels, Black wings and the Scythe

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So can anyone give me some tips to depower her?

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