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Arthur posing with Accel End and an ice sword
Arthur posing with Accel End and an ice sword
  • Name: Arthur Cromwell
  • Alias: Frost Wolf, Fang of Stillness (by Mechanicus), Student (by his master and Jardsam), Wolf-san (by Gen), Gloomy boy (by Lincent), Idiot Mage (by me), Chrono Wolf (by straight razor that he got in Hellscraper), Arty (Me, Loveline), King of the Amazons (by homosexual females), Frosty (by Haruko)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 27 (appears 15)
  • Birthday: The 5th of April
  • Race: Human
  • Alignament: Neutral
  • Affiliation: 3C, FCL.
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Weight: 128 lb


Arthur is a wild card. His actions are difficult to predict, even to himself. He mostly goes with the flow and fulfils his wishes, needs and wants whenever he feels like it. That can make him seem as if he has an erratic personality, sometimes calm and willing to listen.or forgive and porker, other times getting petty revenge for a stupid "injustice" that happened several days ago. There are a few constant factors about his personality. First off, do not ever endanger a little girl in his presence. Do not harm her, do not threaten her and do not give him reason to think that you will hurt her. Doing any of the will result in Arthur going berserk, seeing nothing but the color red, you and occasionally the personification of his bloodless who happens to be a voluptuous redhead who wears very, very skimpy clothes and has a sword hilt sticking out from between her breasts. The reason for his (over)protectiveness of loli's is that he is trying to compensate for his nature and attraction to NSFW images of loli's on the internet by protecting them in real life. Well, that and the fact that his faith demands he protect children or he will lose his powers.

Another constant is that he cares about his friends deeply, though he doesn't always show it the best way. He can even be an ass towards them sometimes, though it is not (completely) intentional. Still, do not harm his friends. It will not provoke the reaction harming a loli provokes but you will still be F'd.


Rare occasion where he's wearing a white coat
Rare occasion where he's wearing a white coat

Arthur is 26 years old, but thanks to an illness, believed to be magic in nature, he stopped developing when he was 15. Even though he appears young he has a well built body. His black hair reaches right below his chin. His eyes are dark green. He wears a black longcoat with blue line patters on the back made to look like a wolf's head. He has a white shirt underneath it, and a black tie. He also wears black jeans. If on an expedition with FCL or feels it's appropriate, he wears his FCL uniform consisting of gray jeans and a black T-shirt. He still wears a black coat, lined with fur taken from arctic monsters and has two black metal shoulder guards layered like a samurai's. The FCL logo is on his back.

His casual outdoors clothes differ in that they usually consist of blue or black jeans, a black t-shirt which may or may not have a symbol like a wolves head on it. Occasionally, he'll wear his coat even for casual walks. At home, he probably wears any kind of comfortable pants, probably black, and a black t-shirt. He does sometimes think about the fact that he probably wears too much black but he feels that black clothes just fit him best.

Power and Abilities:

Most of his abilities are boosted by magic, such as his cat-like agility or above human stamina. He is extremely fast, capable of reaching mach 2 speeds if he tries and his speed is almost tripled when flying with his frozen wings. With full power behind a punch, Arthur could collapse a building and could survive a strike of the same caliber, although barely. Besides magic and training, he is good with computers and to a lesser extent machines like robots. He is good at programming as well as hacking and can hack almost any computer he encounters. Another skill which he has is sword forging. He was though by the spirit of one of the greatest swordsmiths in history, Muramasa, though he only thought him how to make a katana, but katana that Arthur makes are much better then any you would see made by a trained blacksmith.

Someone is about to get hurt, and it's not Arthur
Someone is about to get hurt, and it's not Arthur

Most of Arthur's magic requires something called Magic blueprint. Magic blueprints can be created in 2 ways. First way is by gaining power through connecting to the magic frequency of a magic object, or a magic user. The second way is to create one by your self. The second way of making blueprints requires a lot of time, but most blueprints can only be made that way and the chances of gaining one through magic connections is pretty small. Not to mention that spells gained through the second way are usually more powerful then the ones gained through the first one. Some magic can be cast without a magic blueprint, but such magic is usually much weaker then the one requiring blueprints.

As for what his magic is... Arthur is a mage and in his world, that means he can manipulate an element, creating it, shaping it and making it disappear as if it never was there. Most mages have only one element which they choose when the learn the basics of magic. Once chosen, the element stays with the mage and it cannot be changed except through a difficult ritual. Most people are content with their element and see no reason to change it, especially since the ritual has a big risk of death. Though sometimes, that ritual not only succeeds but is performed so well that the mage who underwent it gets to keep both the element he switched to and his previous one. Also, every element is placed in a category belonging to one of the four major elements: fire, water, air and earth. While a mage can use weaker spells from other elements, if it is not classified under the same major element, it is even weaker and if it is classified under the major element opposite of the mages major element, he cannot use it.

Arthur has two elements despite never going through the ritual. The first is Ice, which he chose when he learned the basics. He has an immunity to cold because of that and is even able to absorb frost and cold magic to regain mana simply through touch though the amount absorbed is minescule. Unfortunately, it makes him extremely weak to fire and can dehydrate in deserts in a matter of minutes, though he seems to have gotten a bit less weak to it during Hellscraper.

His second element is not one classified under the four elements as it simply doesn't belong in any. He hides it and not even his teacher knows about it. It is Time. In the Hellscraper, the father of SamJaz, Jardsam, punched Arther two weeks into the past. After a short dialogue, Jardsam decided it would be fun to teach the idiot mage how to control time. And that is what he did for three months. Jardsam also gave him Accel End, a sword which helped Arthur speed up time. He had less problems with slowing time down because creating cold is slowing down molecules and slowing down time is pretty much the same principle.


You might be big but I just covered the whole forest in snow
You might be big but I just covered the whole forest in snow

Arthur uses magic, and knows much about it. However, most of the time he uses to improve his body strengthening himself. His true affinity is towards ice. He can create ice out of nowhere and shape it to his will. He mostly uses it to crate weapons for himself. Most comonly he uses the following:

Frost sword - Arthur makes a sword out of ice. The sword is very sharp and Arthur can give it any shape he wants. He mostly makes it look like an english longsword, but he can also give it the appearance of a broadsword, katana, or even an oversized sword, that has no practical porpoise other then being intimidating and heavy. This is his favorite spell.

Frost lance - Arthur makes a lance out of ice. It somewhat looks like Gae Bolg, the lance of an Irish hero called Chu Chulainn.

Frost shield/barrier/dome - Arthur can make a barrier out of ice. It has three forms. The first one is in the form of a shield. It is light so it doesn't burden Arthur when he carries it. It is resistant to most projectiles and meele attacks. The second form is in the form of a wall. The wall is highly impervious to damage, and can only be destoyed by attacks that would destroy a whole building in one strike. The third form is in the form of a large dome. Arthur can manipulate the size of the dome, and it is strong enough to block almost all attacks aimed at it. As one can imagine, this spell needs to be powered up to scale with his current power level but Arthur doesn't feel like reworking the blueprint. But he has developed a tendencies to use these as less of a defense and uses them as platforms instead to change course during jumps as well as break his falls and to simple stand on them if he feels like it.

Frost mallet - Arthur makes a large mallet, which he can use to break doors open or crush smaller enemies. The mallet is rather slow so Arthur preferes not to use it unles he really has to.

Now... You're in my domain
Now... You're in my domain

Ice lens - Arthur makes a gient lens out of ice. The lens is crystal clear, and similar to the contact lenses he himself wears. The lense can be used the incrise the power of energy based attacks, much like a magnifying glass can increase the intensity of the suns rays.

Ice shard - A simple shard of ice. Arthur can make it in any size, and whereever he wants. He can make many of them and hurl them at distant opponents.

Ice wings - Wings made out of ice. Arthur can use them to fly.

Frozen armor - And ability Arthur gained during the trip in Hellscraper. The armor is extremly resistant to heat and nearly undamagable. It is also very cold and prolonged exposure to it's cold would cause the wearer frostbites. Arthur can change the size of his armor. He will always be in the center of the armor no matter what and his actions always control the armors movements. This means it is possible to make the armor grow as large as Godzilla and Arthur would still be able to move it.

Flash freeze - Another ability gained in the Hellscraper. Arthur saturates a small area, usually around an opponent, with mana. A second later the mana instantly absorbs all the heat creating a flash freeze effect. Anything that was in that area gets increased in ice.

Freezer - A spell which summons a small pocket dimension. As the name would imply, the pocket dimension isn't bigger then a freezer and is much colder.

Frostball - Like a standard fireball only with frost. It is the first offensive spell which he made that deals magic damage rather then physical damage like his frost shards.

Freeze beam - A beam of concentrated frost. His most powerful offensive move, capable of whipping out a city and leaving nothing but an icy crater, when used at full power. He thinks this is the most visually spectacular spell when used in combination with WOM mode and might turn it on just when casting this even in the middle of serious combat.

Dry death - You think your immunity to ice attack will stop Arthur? Hah! it will only bring about a worse death to you. Dry death imprisons you in a dome of ice. Dry ice. The ice will melt on the inside of the dome, releasing CO2 which will cause CO2 poisoning. Hey, it's not Arthur's fault you only ever saw ice as frozen water.


Time stands still...
Time stands still...

During the Hellscraper, Arthur was offered a chance to learn Chronomancy by Jardsam. Obviously, as a responsible person offered a chance to study the ability to control time by the person he was fighting not five minutes ago, he took it without a second thought. Well, that might not be completely true, but the point is that he took magic lessons from his enemy. Surprisingly, that didn't end badly for him as he not only learned how to manipulate the strands of time but also gained Accel End, a time controlling sword. While it has a large variety of uses just like his Cryokinesis, there are some spells which he uses more often then others and has named. Interesting thing to point out is that Chronomancy actually uses less mana then Cryokinesis. He mostly follows in Jardsam's footsteps with time control, using it for fun and profit and cheating at games like rock-paper-scissors and other games where time control comes in handy.

Time Stagnate - He stops time.

Time Slow - He slows time.

Time Accel - He speeds up time though he can only do it if Accel End is nearby.

Time Rewind - Arthur rewinds time, making something slowly return to a state it was in previously or to a spot it was in previously, or even both.

Time Jump - Arthur makes someone, something or himself jump from one point on the time axis to another.

Chronovision - Arthur's favorite spell. Literally, his favorite. Why, you ask? Because it lets him see the past. Not the way you think though. Instead, he can see the past version of any person he wishes. He can choose to only see a single person in such a way, a whole race, a whole gender, or simply everyone. He can also choose how far into the past he gazes. He mostly uses it to see the child version of females. He can also use it to see a past version of the room, which can be used in a room with visual impediments such as smoke to see everything as if smoke wasn't there. Plus, it can be used to see what happened in a room, so if he walked into a bedroom for example and looked at the be, he could see if anyone was on the bad at a certain point in time and what they were doing on that bed. Despite the possible perverted uses of this ability, Arthur does not use it for any of them, surprisingly enough.

PMMMR dimension - A spell much like Freezer, but the difference is that it is a larger and isn't as cold. Instead, time doesn't flow inside it.

No, I'm not cold, thank you very much
No, I'm not cold, thank you very much

Death Chronos - An emergency spell. It can be used to in one situation and one situation only. If Arthur is about to die. The spell transports the dying Arthur from his own timeline and into the timeline of another Arthur. Once there Backup Chronos becomes available.

Chronos Merge - The dying Arthur forms a bond with the living Arthur, sending him his power, his spells and his memories so that he may live on even after death.

Backup - A passive ability. If an Arthur dies before he is able to use Chronos Merge or even Death Chronos, a small tear in the fabric of time and space will appear in all timeline at the approximate spot of the Arthur's death. Any Arthur that stumbles upon the tear can use Magic Connection to get the Arthur's power and spells, but not his memories and it will disappear from all timelines after a single timelines Arthur uses it. Chronos Merge is generally considered better among Arthurs as memories are believed to be more useful then just power, plus the power gained this way is lesser then when gained through Chronos Merge

Over Accel - A spell only available with Accel End in hand. It is extremely dangerous and Arthur has yet to actually use it. It is a "gift" from one an alternate timeline Arthur. Arthur speeds up his own time by a potentially infinite amount though anything above 1000 times is currently instantly fatal and Arthur dares not go above 200 times anyway. Not that he would need to since already at this point he can move at mach 400 speeds on foot and mach 1000 if flying.

Chrono Clone aka Chlone - Arthur variation of Paradox Clones which he considers both more useful and far more cost efficient. While he can use it in combat, the most common use of the chlones is using them to seem as if he's working at his company even though he's actually spending time with Love and/or Haze and/or doing anything else really. Though, by the rules of the Chlones, he technically is working at the same time he's wasting time.

Miscelinous spells:

Healing spell: A basic healing spell. Well, if basic healing spells could be used to cure most, if not all, diseases known to man.

Magic connection: Arthur can connect to the magic frequency of a magic object or a magic user and increase his power.

Light orb: Arthur summons a small of light to shine in a small area. He can either make the orb stick to one location or make it follow someone.

Seal disenchant: Arthur can remove magical seals from objects like spell sealed doors and chests.

Greater sealing: Arthur can cast a Greater seal on objects to lock them until the seals are removed through some means

Curse disenchant: Arthur can remove curses placed on chests, doors and sarcophagi. He can also remove hexes placed on people.

Prestidigitation: A relatively useless spell, good only for birthday party tricks.

Ranged manipulation: A weak version of telekineses. So weak in fact that the only thing Arthur uses it for is to open doors from a distance, when he's too lazy to open them himself.

Steamball: A small ball of steam is hurled at a location. Upon contact with anything, it explodes dealing no damage but filling a small area with steam, obscuring vision.

Enlarge: Enlarges a target. How much larger the target gets is up to the caster, but the minimum is two times the original size.

Feather: Lowers the weight of the target. Some mages can make themselves so light that they start flying. Arthur can only make it so that he gains speed.

WOM mode: A spell of Arthur's own making... And it's entirely pointless. The name stands for Waste Of Mana mode and that's exactly what it does. When Arthur decides to turn this mode on, every spell he uses gets a flashy effect which serves no pint other then wasting mana. And looking cool.

Telepath's curse: A well known spell in Arthur's world. It lets one read the thoughts of another,as if through telepathy. But it is dangerous, for while it lets the caster read the thoughts of the target, the target also hears the casters thoughts. That is so disorienting and confusing that eventually, neither will be able to differentiate his thoughts from the others and they will basically become one being in two bodies. Of course, this is one reason that this spell is popular among old couples Ho truly love eachother.

Illusion: A weak illusion spell. Almost anyone with lower level magic resistance can see through them, though if Arthur really concentrates he can it stronger. He mostly uses it to make himself look older, usually when picking up Loveline or going on business meetings.

Martial arts and Sword proficiency

Arthur&squot;s "What did you just try to do to that little girl?" face. Time for a beatdown!
Arthur's "What did you just try to do to that little girl?" face. Time for a beatdown!

Arthur spend a lot of time traveling around the world, learning about other people's cultures, languages but the part he enjoyed most was learning various martial arts. He knows most martial arts to man and he shows that knowledge in the fact that he can kick ass even if de-powered. He doesn't have any preferred style and instead he combines the styles he knows into a super mega mixed martial art.

Arthur is also a skilled swordsman, however he has no formal training with any swords other then a Katana and mostly improvises. For the use of katana Arthur was trained by a spirit trapped inside a mask, the spirit of Muramasa, an ancient Japanese swordsman and swordsmith. Muramasa thought Arthur the Oroboros Style which is centered around the use of Muramasa blades also know as Demon blades, swords that can cut even gods. However, this style does not depend on the sharpness of the sword as any sword capable of withstanding the strain put on it can achieve the same effect. Most today's katanas however cannot withstand said strain and will break after being used once and skills used with such swords will have only a tenth of their power. Arthur is capable of going around this by making katanas out of ice, which allow for two full power attacks before breaking.

Aversion to death

During Hellscraper, Jardsam used his power to grant immortality to part of FCL in the form of not aging. While Arthur already wasn't aging, Jardsam's power made it so that death will seek to avoid him and fate will make it so that deadly events are not as deadly for him. Though he can still die if he tries.


Accel End, the blade that cuts through time - One of the three swords which held up the chapel of Hellscraper where Jardsam tried to end the universe. It was the first to be pulled out, when Arthur was knocked into the past. Jardsam thought Arthur chronomancy but since he had problems with speeding up time, Jardsam gave him the sword. Probably not a good idea as it was shown later.

Just like it's brother, Keyblade, and sister, Fairy Edge, this sword can switch forms to gain different abilities. However, unlike the Keyblade's automatic form gathering based on social connections or Fairy Edge's automatic form gathering based on experiences, Accel End has a special means of gathering forms which Arthur has yet to figure out. In it's basic form it looks like a black sword with a sharp silver edge. Near the top it has an engraved rune which not even the greatest of rune readers know. It's hilt and hilt-guard are black too. The hilt-guard protects only one side. In this form, it can cut through time anomalies and by focusing mana through it Arthur is able to speed up time.

Wolf's Soul - A gem made from the soul of a helpful individual. In the Hellscraper, FCL met a rival group called Wizardroad. At first, they didn't like each other. When they finally joined forces however, Wizardroad lost two of its members and two more left. The souls of the two dead members as well as the soul of a Phantom from a different timeline were turned into gems and given to FCL by Death himself.

Upon taking the gem, it was absorbed into Arthur and gave him wolf-like senses, improving his sense of smell, hearing and giving him the ability to sense emotions, but at the same time making him able to see only in different shades of yellow and blue. It also improved his reflexes makes him get hungry faster. After some time, Arthur learned how to switch it on and off at will.


Loveline Cromwell

Loveline now
Loveline now
  • Alias: Princess, Love (by Arthur)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 11
  • Birthday: The 18 of July
Loveline in Hellscraper
Loveline in Hellscraper

After the events of Hellscraper, FCL liberated seven Princesses of Heart. One of them was Loveline, a nine-year old girl. Loveline lost both her parents when she was "contracted" for Hellscraper. Or rather, she lost her father since she never knew her mother to begin with. Arthur, being the person that he is, decided to adopt her instead of leaving her in a children's home since he himself was adopted at age five. It took a whole year for him to finally be able to take her home, but they still managed to bond greatly as Arthur visited her every day. He finally adopted Loveline one week after the events of "Phantom's Tomb Raid" and on the day of "A Certain Girl Named Clare". Several months later, Loveline was "kidnapped" by Yancy Derriere which started the events of "TAKEN". Yancy had Arthur kill several henchmen of a certain evil robot scientist guy, Dr. Malefico Von Ironside, who was the person that kept Shinodaborn in a concentration camp. In the end, Arthur discovered that Loveline was never kidnapped and instead was taken to Arthur's house. Several hours and a lot of talking later, it was decided that Yancy would stay with Arthur and Loveline. Oh, and Yancy told Arthur that she's Loveline's biological mother. Dundundun. It didn't take long for Arthur to figure out that this was not true but he didn't mind. After Yancy's death, it took a few days for Loveline to come to terms with this fact, especially considering that Yancy tried killing her (which later turned out not to be an attempt at murder, rather an attempt at making sure that she stays with Arthur forever). However, Loveline got ever it and so did her father. Now Loveline is waiting to see if Lily will turn out to be a good mother (when the time for that title comes, of course) and to see if Hazel will be a good sister (so far, she'd doing a great job).

If you were to ask Arthur to describe Loveline, it would go something like this: Loveline is a wonderful, sweet girl. A saint in a girl's body, really. She is a daughter any father would be proud to have. She's hard-working, she's friendly, she doesn't ask for too much stuff like toys, not that someone could deny this angel anything she asked for anyway. A few years ago, she had beautiful blond hair, though she changed the color of her eyes and hair after Arthur adopted her.

Now, Loveline might look like a frail and defenseless girl, but she is far from that. She actually does have powers, though she pretends that she doesn't to such an extent that even Arty usually completely forgets about them. Her powers allow her to make impeccable illusions of anything she can imagine and she also has an extremely clear and detailed imagination as well as great memory; whether they're the result of her powers or her brain just being wired like that is unknown. Besides the illusions, she can also modify and otherwise manipulate the physical bodies of those around her, though that requires the target either spending a lot of time in her presence or having physical contact. She used these powers to change her hair and eye color on the day Arthur finally took her home. At first she turned them black and green, respectively, but after a short discussion with Arthur, she settled for brown instead.

A strange quirk of Loveline's is that she has a habit of touching everything she sees for the first time. It is a habit she developed to improve her illusions. While her memory helps her make perfect illusions for both sight and hearing with ease, Loveline demands perfect illusions. That means that they have to feel right, too. The only thing she restrains herself from feeling up would new people. However, those she knows quite well and cares about, she does touch, in moderation of course and avoiding any naughty bits (you sickos).

Hazel Cromwell

At 9 months, physically 3 years old
At 9 months, physically 3 years old
  • Alias: Haze, Princess
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Four times younger then what she looks like, currently two months.
  • Birthday: The 12th of June

Yancy Derriere was a murderous psychopath with yandere tendencies. When she tried killing Lily Crown, Arthur had to step in and he ended up killing her. As one can imagine, that is not the prettiest way to break up. No imagine Arthur surprise when, on the day of Yancy's funeral which happened a week after her death, he found out that Yancy had a child. Oh, but not the way you imagine it. One of Yancy's powers let her make a cocoon, or an egg or whatever you want to call it, and out of the egg came a little baby. Jardsam took the baby and, when Arthur tried giving a young Yancy a better life, gave this little Yancy to Arthur instead. With Lily's help and the color of the baby's eyes, she was name Hazel.

Future Hazel
Future Hazel

Little Hazel has the physical attributes of Yancy and when she grows up, she will look the same as Yancy did. She has beautiful hazel eyes (after which she was named) and black hair. She grows four times faster then a normal child does and she will stop growing at the age of four, when she will have the looks and the mental capabilities of a 16-year old.

Being a replica of a GrandShinoda, it is quite likely that she will have the same abilities Yancy did. In fact, she has already demonstrated the ability to make small (and rather frail for the time being) black butterflies, much like Yancy's. Her ability will grow stronger as she ages, but whether she will inherit (or rather, has inherited) all of her mother's abilities is yet to be seen.


Two faces of ???
Two faces of ???



Arthur is one of the three members of the (unofficial) CCC group, consisting of Samson "SamJaz" Shinoda, his best friend, and Aleister Crown aka Phantom, with whom he had a rather antagonistic relationship in the beginning, even fighting over a stupid machine gun/guitar, but with whom he's great friends now. He's also friends with the rest of the (official) FCL group consisting of Matthew Anderson, Hitomi Nakemura, Kelly Malkin, Hagane, Alvin and Colleen of Sketchinoda, and all the honorary members of FCL including Gen Shihsiho, Callis Nomene Tale, and all the others who are too many to name. Oh, speaking of Shinodaborn, Lincent (and Charlotte, though she's not a Shinodaborn) moved in with Arthur. I just hope they don't mind the baby.

In the romance department, Arthur is currently dating Lily Crown, Aleister's adoptive daughter. Some might find this relationship a bit creepy, considering the age difference, but love knows no bounds. He was previously dating Yancy Derriere, a GrandShinoda, but he ended up killing her. But that was not the end of things. Yancy used a power of hers to create a baby which basically served as a failsafe, Jardsam took the baby and, fulfilling Yancy's final will, gave the baby to Arthur. The baby was named Hazel and she joined Loveline as Arthur's second adoptive daughter.

Arthur doesn't have any personal enemies (yet), but he is enemies with the current FCL villains: Jardsam (who taught him Chronomancy) and Taylor.


While he's not a vampire slayer, this theme fits Arthur quite well. Or do I just want it to fit him because I like it? Bah, doesn't matter, it's his official theme now. Hurray!

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