Arsenal Vetinari - The Immortal Veteran

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Name: Arsenal Vetinari

Age: 173-ish (Born September 13th, 1901)

Appearance Age: (32)

Faction: heroic neutral

Known Aliases: The Veteran,

Looks like: Spike Spiegel, Rintarou Okabe, Ryotaro Dojima

Origin of Power: Geass

Grid points:

Ag: 4

Du: 3

EP: 0

FS: 5

In: 5

MS: 5

Sp: 2

St: 5

Sr: 2

Arsenal Vetinari is a Code. As such, he is immortal. He will not age and cannot be killed by conventional means. He has been shot fatally a number of times, been crushed by water pressure, burned at the stake, beheaded, stabbed, incinerated, and devoured, all of which he has recovered from within the hour at the absolute most.

Arsenal Vetinari has the power to give people the power of Geass, which manifests differently in each person but will give them the ability to affect the minds of those around them in some specific way, be that telepathy, memory manipulation, absolute orders, or some other ability.

When skin contact with another person is made, Arsenal has the ability to subject that person to mental onslaughts. He can view their memories at will, or subject that person to repeated viewings of their own worst memories, of even show his own. He can communicate with people in this manner, though is immobile while doing so. As such, while he can disable someone using this method, it is not a practical technique in battle, rather for manipulation or data gathering. This ability is referred to 'Merging the Consciousness'.

Arsenal obtained his immortality by the transferral of the Code from the person who gave Arsenal the Geass when he was ten years old. Arsenal's Geass manifested itself as 'The Geass of Imitation', which allowed him to perfectly mimic any skill or ability he was shown. This began as painting, martial arts or musical abilities, but this then developed into the absorption of a number of magical or ESPer abilities, including time manipulation, telekinesis, energy projection, flight, summoning, you name the ability, and he has probably held it at some point.

During his adventures, in which he travelled across time freely, he has been de-aged to infancy twice, has been crowned King Gilgamesh, founded seven martial arts schools, taught Elvis how to play guitar, shot roosevelt in a duel (A long story involving nuclear spiders and vampire pirates), discovered and destroyed the fountain of youth, caught Jack the Ripper, wrote six of Shakespeare's plays, invented the ball-point pen, and was also the first man on mars. These adventures came to a close, however, in nineteen eighty three, when the biologically thirty-two year old Arsenal, aged one hundred and sixty three, received the Code from his master. At this point, Arsenal became immortal, but lost all the abilities he had obtained during his travels, but gaining the power to grant others power with a kiss, and the Merging of Consciousness.

However, he has been given a body that is forever in beyond peak condition. An expert marksman and martial artist, Arsenal can run up walls, can perform incredible feats of Parkour and acrobatics, can fight hand-to-hand against large groups of people, and can jump seven feet straight into the air in a hop. The most dangerous aspect to him in battle, however, is his sheer knowledge of superpowers. Having had most of them himself, he can recognise almost any ability at a glance, and usually knowing its limits, strengths, weaknesses, strategies and uses within minutes. Most of these strategies he invented himself, and against power users and non-power users himself, his ability to manipulate his opponent's own powers to his advantage has led people to attribute psychic powers to him that he simply does not have.

Arsenal Vetinari spent his childhood on a British military base in India. His name was the result of a drunken bet lost, and as such had little patience with his parents, or his classmates who frequently ridiculed him. He was a brawler of a child, and loved to explore the exotic culture around him. These childhood memories faded after the first century of his existence, and even later when he stopped counting his age once he became trapped in the natural flow of time after receiving his immortality. Despite all this, however, Arsenal still sees himself as A Good Boy at heart, raising a wooden spoon and wearing a pot on his head, leading the redcoats against whatever Baddies he needs to face today. He does recognise the childishness of this perception of the world, and usually, when he rises to the call to fight against the bad, he's convinced that curiosity and boredom are a larger motivator than his innate desire to be helpful, but his attempt at self-deception are usually paper-thin, at least to himself.

Arsenal Vetinari now spends his days exploring the planet, looking for ways to keep himself amused. He does not yet desire someone to pass his immortality on to, but is enjoying immortality, and messing around with the mortals around him. His financial assets exceed a billion US dollars, although they are kept in multiple bank accounts to various identities to prevent any one nation having a hold on him. He prefers to eat and sleep, despite the fact that his body will not weaken no matter how much it starves, and he cannot die from exhaustion, although his mind will grow tired, but it will not deteriorate beyond a working level of tiredness, and as such, can stay awake indefinitely if he forces himself to. He constantly has a small amount of stubble, no matter how much he shaves or doesn't shave.

Arsenal is a playful character, an odd mix of a disgruntled cop who spent too long on the job, and an excitable teenager who is seeing everything for the first time. He is often rebuked for taking things lightly, but is willing to shoulder all responsibility for any given situation with his classical non-chalance. He knows the worst humanity can do to him and has already gone through it. Fear has become something that happens to other people, and he sometimes gets some sick satisfaction watching people's faces as that fresh hole in his forehead starts to close up before their eyes. He has a pocket of trinkets and tricks he obtained during his travels, and as such has been mistakenly identified on many occasions as a time lord. From these cases of mistaken identity, he has decided to play to the hype, pretending to be an immortal time traveller in the hope that he might encounter another and steal their time/space machine so he may resume his inter-galactic adventures. Currently he has a job teaching at the Pokémon Tech school.

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Updated, added images. We're gonna see more of Arsenal very soon.

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@SamJaz: Cool, love the concept that he is a code :)

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@Sonata: Thanks. Didn't want to specifically choose Timelord, in case I stepped on Hudyman's shoes, but Arsenal is proving to be a vary fun character in his own right.

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@SamJaz: He seems like the Doctor

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@Kuro_San: Kinda is, but more willing to get his hands dirty and kill the guy with his bare hands, and less brilliant. Also, completely lacking time travel, much to Arsenal dismay.

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@SamJaz: Like a stranded Time Lord.... Or Jack Harkness, sans the "I-Stick-It-In-Anything-With-A-Wet-Hole" Tendencies

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@Kuro_San: Lol. Jack creeped me out, but he did have his awesome moments.

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very nice

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@haseo_yashimora: Thanks

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