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Name: Aoi endo - 葵エンド

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Nationality: japanese

Hair: black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 185 cm.

Weight: 75 kg.

Classification: Human

Faction: good

Home residence: Hokkaidō "country"- sapporo region.

Tier: 2-3 aprox (you guys decide)

Song theme: AAA-samurai heart


Aoi Endo is a tall man, he has messy black hair and clear blue eyes, he always wears a black t-shirt with the kanji for "water" on the back. he usually wears black trousers and tabi boots ,getas, or normal boots as footwear. despite being raised as a samurai and as a soldier he doesnt sport the traditional armor of the Hokkaidō military corps because he thinks its too uncomfortable. his most prominent feature are his eyes which are so clear that would remind you of a salt-deposit mirror, he usually carries 3 "swords": a katana, a ninjato and a wooden sword. he also has the tatoo of a beer malt on his right shoulder, proof that he was born at the sapporo region.


aoi is extremely calm and always tries to keep his cool, his intelligence as well as his culture are well above the avarage (about 150 IQ points). in battle he usually becomes "emotionless" and does not hesitate to finish off his opponents if necessary. he is extremely loyal to his friends and comrades. there are three things he loves in this world more than anything and those are: swords, beer and shougi.

Main story/bio

Aoi's world takes place in an alternate version of the feudal japan, where feudal lords have split japan into several "countries" and fight against each other in order to get more wealth and lands. Aoi was born in the nation of Hokkaidō at its capitol: the land of sapporo, renowned for its beer and swordsmen.During his childhood aoi learned how to produce beer as it was tradition, at the age of 12 his father, a famous commander and strategist, taught him the way of the sword,aoi would practice the endo style for over 8 night, foreign forces attacked his house both aoi and his father fought with all their strenght,yet the enemy clearly outnumbered them, it was at least 200 armed people that entered that night, a small battalion just to ensure the commander's death. by the time the fight ended half of the enemy soldiers were dead, yet both aoi and his father got captured,they weren't instantly murdered, they took them to a secret camp nearby so that the army wouldn't find them. after hours of walking they finally arrived at the camp where at least 2000 men were stablished, both father and son were brought to a tent where they would meet none other than the commander of the kanto region. he proceeded to murder aoi's father by cutting his throat,it was a quick ,painless,cold death. aoi felt powerless, he felt anger and hatred like never before, yet he remained calm, he knew that his suffering was about to end. without hesitating the commander took the very same knife he used to murder aoi's father and stabbed aoi in the heart, he did not felt pain, but he knew his life was fading away, then a light came before him, he touched it and merged with his body, suddenly he felt and knew his purpose, all answers became answered, and felt power that came not from the physical terrain, but from his very was the mantra. just at that time he reached enlightenment.after that he woke up again and knew what he had to do. he removed the knife from his heart, took a katana from one of the guards with inhuman speed and with flawless skill butchered the commander. there were no useless movements in his attacks, the many guards around tried to react but he disabled them with little effort, swords,arrows and guns were ineffective, it was his very endo style the one that took them all out, but this time it was different, it had the power of mantra on his side. he knew that he could finally put an end to this war, he had to.



The mantra is the energy of the very soul,and aoi's main power,when you learn to use it, all your previous skills are enhanced, the enhancement depends directly on the level of purity of the soul. mantra grants aoi:

-enhanced reflexes (can react to attacks up to match 7) (without mantra match 4)

-enhanced speed (up to match 2) (without mantra half the speed of sound)

-enhanced strenght (5-7 tons) (without mantra 2 tons)

-enhanced intelligence (triples IQ)

-enhanced regeneration (mostly great regeneration for cuts and blunt hits,but doesnt protect against dismembering) (without mantra common human healing)

-skill enhancement (improves overall skill)

-enhanced stamina (1 week)

-durability enhancement (small building level for blunt attacks,extra resistance to telekinesis,mind control and energy projection) (without mantra bullet level and no resistance to energy)

-weapon enhancement ( the weapon merges with the soul of the user making it almost unbreakable and able to hit non corporeal beings such as spirits etc.)

*the use of mantra depletes the user soul, so if used very often it can lead to death*

Endo style

The endo style is a noble martial art/kendo which mostly comprises nittoryu techniques, the endo style is focused on the instant death of the adversary but its also very versatile including disarming techniques,ranged techniques,iai techniques and even hand to hand combat.

some skills are:

*nittoryu, spark slice: Aoi runs at match 2 and performs a front flip while slicing with his katana

*nittoryu iai, path to nirvana: an iai technique which is able to cut through alloys harder than steel.

*ittoryu iai, path to valhalla: with his sword merged with mantra the user slices the ground creating an explosive wave

*close combat, path to hades: with his fist merged with mantra the user punches the heart damaging the very soul of the opponent,it bypasses any physical armor

*close combat, purgatory: with a rear neck choke the user absorbs the soul of the opponent,after 30 seconds the opponent dies, if it breaks free it only loses a little stamina.

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@othus12: Very nice.
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@othus12: Not bad, I'd say he's level two except his speed is through the roof. I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

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I believe he is Tier 2, nice work on the bio:)
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haha thanks for the compliments

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oh you, you like everything, don' you?

Nice to meet you.

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