Annual RPG Vice Awards: 2011

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Following a short, yet proud tradition, started by the legendary RP player OmegaMekix (Better known as the man able to fight Classic Newdeath and live to tell the tale) This are the Annual Awards, rewarding the players excellence with the votes of the other players. This awards have a different system than the monthly awards, each vote haves to be justified, meaning that you need to tell the rest of us why did you voted each player in each category, and maybe your hot-blooded speech, or incredible logical vote can make the difference, or even convince people to vote for your favourites

I'll tally the votes as you start posting them, you have time until the 31th of December

The rules

  1. 1 vote each player (Dont go using your alts)
  2. You can vote for two players in the same category if you think they are evenly matched
  3. Try to Avoid voting for yourself


  • Hero of the Year:
  • Crow (I)
  • Callis (I)
  • Raseri(I)
  • Villain Of The Year:
  • Newdeath (I)
  • Kuro-san (I)
  • Neutral Of The Year:
  • Jack(I)
  • Rookie Of The Year:
  • Crow(I)
  • Team Of The Year:
  • Ebisu(II)
  • Story RPG Of The Year:
  • All Hell Breaks Loose (I)
  • Crow Must Die (I)
  • Wizarding School of WTH (I)
  • Battle RPG Of The Year:
  • Most Helpful Of The Year:
  • Best Writer Of The Year:
  • Kuma (I)
  • Crow (I)
  • Superevil(I)
  • Most Creative Of The Year:
  • Kuma (I)
  • Crow (I)
  • Superevil(I)
  • Best Moment Of The Year:
  • Craius Kiss (II)
  • Best Bio Of The Year:
  • Prettiest Of The Year:
  • Harumi (I)
  • Funniest Of The Year:
  • Caius (II)
  • Vicer Of The Year:
  • Crow(I)
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Hero of the Year:

Callis: Even though this year ends with the Vanishing of the Lost Knight up until this point he has a been a hero in a different league. Starting in the beginning we saw him go from just a lost warrior looking for a way home to joining Ebisu and becoming a trusted friend and ally to heroes alike. He often comical mishaps involving his over sensitive senses and reactions to Harumi are hilarious and his fights and story RPs are down right epic from becoming one with his more beast like nature causing him to gain fur and claws which led to more comical incidents. To his most recent fight against Crow Cementerio which lead to a draw he he has shown the heart of a true hero.

Raseri: Probably one of the strongest heroes on the roster Raseri is a one man wrecking machine. He in the chuck norris of the vice as in the only reason that there are villains to begin with is because the Nordic Tiger lets them win. The Ultimate Fighting God does not fight because that implies the possibly of losing, Raseri has made some memorable appearances this year including a epic battle against Count which would leave to some problems for the champ. This would create the epic RP New Shadow (ironically i did not read but I do know it was epic.) that would put the Son of Thunder in the greatest fight of his life. Raseri is a gentle giant who wouldn't think twice about speed blitzing a villain to death if it meant he protect those he cares about he has truly made a heroic mark this year.

Villain Of The Year:

Newdeath: This should be enough said about the true personification of evil in the Vice he has caused more evil and suffering this year then anybody. Where there was an evil plot this year one could guarantee that the Tyrant was behind it somehow. This year meant for Newdeath to plot and lead everyone into the epic war against the world All Hell Breaks Loose. Leave it to the owner of the infamous Kurimuzon Eyes to wait till the the end of the year to unleash all hell on the Vice with his plans just underway it is left to speculation as what mark it will leave on the Vice but one can bet that it will be evil spelled with a captial ND.

Kuro-San: Even though Newdeath has truly made his mark as the end of the year I think this has been the year of Kuro-san. He is one of the few villains that has no powers what so ever yet he is such a large influence on the world. Kuro-san created the first villain group of the reboot and even though its member numbers are small it is still a powerful force and will continue to be into the new year. Kuro-san greatest feat this year was having the sharp shooter organisation the Numbers attack Crow and push the gunslinger to his limit while making a profit off it. Kuro-san can twist and bend anyone and make them suffer while making a buck off it making him a candidate for villain of the year.

Neutral Of The Year:

Rookie Of The Year:

Team Of The Year:

Ebisu: Created by the geisha ninja Harumi it is one of the only groups that is still active and going. The heroes that make of the group are the perfect mixture to make any villain crap their pants. Callis, the feral knight who skills with the sword are unmatched and his speed leaves the criminals in pieces before they know what happens, Raseri, the power house chuck norris of the team that can tank anything, Emerald, the resident magic user who can burn down an entire city for being a bitchnugget, and with each day the team grows and grows. With additions like Paradox, Lebreus, and more the team that using the cover a mail delivering service will prove to be an asset in the next year the only thing they need is Crow.

Story RPG Of The Year:

Wizarding World of WTH: A strange choice for story of the year but it is the longest RP this year it has been over 6 months since the wackiness first began and it is still going strong as it comes to its end soon. Featuring a unique cast of characters and a interesting plot that seems to keep evolving. The story started out with several people being trapped in Caius Weaver Hogwarts inspired dream world; things became out of hand quickly with things like a dragon attack, Caius being kidnapped by his brother then being rescued by Crow and Jack, and now a duel till the end featuring the gunslinger and archer. It is unsure how the story will end but one can bet that it will magical ;)

All Hell Breaks Loose: Even though this RP of epic portion has begun at the end of the year and it just getting under way it is clearly a candidate for story of the year. Everything Newdeath has been was leading to this and the hints at it were everywhere this is Newdeath great stand against the world and he is taking no prisoners. So far this story has seen the destruction of cities, the appearance of new characters, and much more including one person having a cigar rammed up his butt. Every character is involve including some old favorites like the return of the epic hero himself Justice and more to come. So many fights and epic battles have already taken place and with more to come even though the end is no where near everyone knows that ND will make a mark that will last forever and change everything.

Battle RPG Of The Year:

Most Helpful Of The Year:

Best Writer Of The Year:

Kuma: So many great stories have come this year form his brain along with some of the greatest characters this year including, Callis, Kuro-San, The Numbers, etc. He has been one of the most active writers this year and one of the best this year as well. He is like king Mindous everything he writes is gold.

Most Creative Of The Year:

Kuma: Not just for his stories and characters but also his NPCs Kuma's creativity really signs though when ironically he is not using his own characters. That is not an insult in any way because he is just as creative with his characters this year but his NPCs are where he really signs. This year we seen some memorable characters including my personal favorite The Numbers the sharp shooter organization sent to kill Crow in CMD I love them so much that I begged him to let me use Western Fairy XD With part 2 under way and the reveal of both Numbers 3 and 4 he has the gunslinger biting his nails in anticipation not to mention who will be NUmber 2 in CMD 3.

Best Moment Of The Year:

Caius kissing Crow in CMD: This is the moment this year that would solidify the Craius relationship and it is always being used as gag and joke throughout the year. Despite the fact the kiss was between a 12 and 23 year old boys it was funny as all hell and still is. There is a reason that Craius is on a 5 month winning streak for couple of the month and this kiss will be now and forever the kiss seen round the world.

Best Bio Of The Year:

Prettiest of the Year:

Funniest Of The Year:

Cauis: There is not a moment involving Caius that doesn't make someone pee their pants laughing everything that came out of this boy's mouth this year was so wrong, inappropriate, disturbing, and twisted but yet it was hilarious. Nothing was funnier when Caius was teasing Crow about their relationships this left the poor gunslinger confused and mind fucked and everyone was rolling on the ground laughing.

Vicer Of The Year

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Hero of the Year

Crow Cementerio: The best hero is Crow, hands down. In appeared as a lone cowboy with guns blazing and the longest posts in the far west (XD) He haves superb character development, a great concept, a strong supporting cast of NPC and the coolest skillset in the Vice. He is almost the second coming of Omegamekix. Crow is the undisputed Hero of the Vice. He is the coolest, most badass and end of the line good natured guy around. His bio is flawless, not too short, not too long. His posts are the most complete and descriptive in the Forum

Neutral of the Year

Jack: The most active, and pretty awesome Neutral of the Viceverse. He turned to be an important asset to Ebisu as the resident tech wiz. He haves been several threads and had a very efficient performance in every thread. He may not be the best player, but he is gets my vote for his awesome skills and more than anything for his constancy and continuity in the Viceverse. His character is well developed and even if he is more leaned to the good side he is pretty much a clear Neutral character.

Rookie of the Year

Lobos_Del_Rayo: He entered this year and blowed my freaking mind with his mad RPGing skills, with a base level much greater than any other rookie I ever met in the forum. His post are detailed and interesting to read.

Team of the Year

Ebisu: For the same reasons Crow expressed before, Ebisu is the best team this year, it haves a great crew and kicks ass like hell.

Best Story RPG of the Year

Crow Must Die: It started the second half of the year, but this RPG is turning into my all-time favourite, not becouse of my involvement but thanks to Crow and Caius performance and antics, as the fights with NPC's are handled correctly and in an awesome way. The prospect of a trilogy could turn this into the most epic thread ever, suprassing Gekido Sunrise.

Best Writer and Most Creative (FUUUUUUSION NOW!) of the Year

Lobos and Superevil: Both of them have superb writting skills and creativity, creating awesome threads and supporting characters and backstories for their characters. Their writting is top notch, and makes my envious (T-T). Their character are the best in the Vice, hands down.

Best Moment of the Year

Craius: OMFG, each second with Crow and Caius in the same place is just pure gold. The kiss in CMD was too funny, the cherry on top the ice-cream. I fell from my chair as I laughed and I'm pretty sure I almost broke a bone in the fall ,but that doesnt takes away how much I laughed....

Prettiest of the Year

Harumi: With her Geisha charms she got two heroes behind her. With her Yamato Nadeshiko looks and her mad ninja skills she leads Ebisu while keeping the Awesomeness up.

Funniest of the Year

Caius: This is an obvious one, who in the whole Viceverse didnt laughed at this kid perverted pranks and antics, the only opposition he could have found was Justice, but unluckly he didnt posted lot this year.

Vicer of the Year

Lobos_Del_Rayo wins, Flawless victory. He is just the best of Modern Vice history...

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I wanna see how far will that guy reach xD

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@Asune: please read the rules before posting, you need to post with the category

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@Kuma_From_Argentina:I know, I just wanted to say it xD

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@Asune: Look for the apropiate category and post it there, like villain

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@Kuma_From_Argentina:I wanted to do that, but op states that there must be a reason, I just like it, 'cause I found him awesome xD

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@Asune: I'm going to put in spanish for easier understanding. Tenes que usar si o si una de las categorias, en tu caso tendrias que ver en que categoria entra Masako, como por ejemplo, Mejor Villano del Año, y explicar el por que. No hagas categorias de la nada

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@Kuma_From_Argentina:No te preocupes, entendi todo, como te dije solo queria decir eso. De momento no tengo mis votos decididos, bueno excepto Masako, pero quiero buscar un buen argumento

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@Asune: Ok era solo por si las dudas...

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Asune: there is a part of me now that wants to remember Spanish XD

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I just clarified my concerns in spanish....

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: lol okay

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Hero of the Year

Harumi: She gets my vote over the more powerful heroes because despite not being very powerful she has managed to get nearly every hero here to acknowledge her as their leader. I have to admire her for being charismatic enough to get all of us to follow her unquestioningly.

Villain of the Year

Newdeath: He's everything a good villain should be evil, powerful, and competent. He shows any other would be conquerors how its done.

Rookie Of The Year:

Lobos_Del_Rayo: My biggest reason for giving Lobos_Del_Rayo the award is this; I forgot he was new. He is a part of the vice just as much as any of the veterans, his characters are great, his story lines are creative, and hes just fun to rp with

Team of the Year

Ebisu: I don't think we had a team as powerful or as well developed as this one. Ebisu actually feels like a close knit group of heroes and I'm glad to be part of it.

Best Story RPG of the Year

All Hell Breaks Loose: This is a story that is truly deserving of the word epic. Every one seems to be involved in this global war and we've brought some of our best writing to this event.

Best Writer and Most Creative of the Year

Superevil: She is the most technically skilled writer here, she knows how to tell a story and she knows how the language works. On top of that she has made some of the most entertaining characters here. Her evil characters are all deliciously insane and just fun to read, and with Harumi she managed to make a legitimately charismatic character, that is hard to do and yet she did it so well.

Best Moment Of The Year:

Caius kissing Crow: I never expected that that's how the first real romance between characters controlled by two different people would go. And I actually support it, what is wrong with me?

Prettiest of the Year

Harumi: Disqualifying my own female characters because they are literally my fetishes come to life, Harumi is someone I like reading. She's smart and feels like a leader but she also feels like a young woman. I'm not really sure how Superevil managed that but I like it.

Vicer of the Year

Superevil: Great characters and excellent writing, thats what makes her vicer of the year.

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