Annual RPG Vice Awards: 2010

Topic started by OmegaMekix on Dec. 21, 2010. Last post by mydeathlyways 4 years ago.
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This has been a productive year of RPGing on the Vice. Many new people have joined, a lot of RPGers have established themselves, and so many great RPGs have come out. So let's see who gets which award.
I will tally up the votes every now and then. Whoever has the most by New Years receives the awards. Everyone can only vote once (so don't try to use alts to your advantage) and it is possible to vote for two people in the same category if it truly is a tie for you.
  • Hero of the Year: 
OmegaMekix (8), Keith (1), Paladin (1), Maximus (1), Kuma (1)

  •  Villain Of The Year:
NewDeath (8), Sonata (1)

  • Neutral Of The Year:
Keith (8), Fatalis

  • Rookie Of The Year:
Blindside (1), Sabine (5), Maximus (1), Kuma (1)

  • Team Of The Year:
Gekido (4), Company (3), Kazi (1)

  • Story RPG Of The Year:
Gekido Sunrise (7), Pandora's Box (1), Completely Unknown (1)

  • Battle RPG Of The Year:
NewDeath vs Boxer Joe (5)

  • Most Helpful Of The Year:
Mesa (2), Fatalis (1), Keith (1), OmegaMekix (2), Battleheiz (4)

  • Best Writer Of The Year:
Sabine (2), OmegaMekix (1), NewDeath (3), Guyver (1), Keith (1)

  • Most Creative Of The Year:
Sabine (5), OmegaMekix (3)

  • Best Moment Of The Year:
Boxer Joe against NewDeath (2), OmegaMekix against NewDeath (1), Company's Surprise Reveal (2)

  • Best Bio Of The Year:
NewDeath (6), Creer (2), Kimiko_Cronos (2)

  • Prettiest Of The Year:
Sabine (3), Mesa (2) , OmegaMekix (1), Keith (2), Rain (1)

  • Funniest Of The Year:
Mesa (3), Justice (4), battleheiz (1)

  • Vicer Of The Year:  
NewDeath (4), OmegaMekix (1), Sabine (2)

Anyone who RPGs can vote in this. It doesn't matter how few people you know, how many RPGs you've been in yourself, or how long you've been here. Just don't make a bias vote. It would also be appreciated if you explain why this person deserves the award.
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  • Hero of the Year:

Winner: OmegaMekix and Kuma_From_Argentina
Runner-ups: Maximus, Justice, Creer
Well, we didn't have many heroes in the beginning. Thankfully it changed very soon and the Vice became a more fun space.There are many hero characters to note. But if you mention the hero and Vice together you probably have one of the following answers: Mekix or Batsu. Not as if the rest hadn't done a thing, quite the opposite. But the two did the most that can be considered as heroic. They participated in a fine number of RPs, struggled, fought the bad guys, saved people and sometimes won. Now the runner-ups and why they did lose: Maximus did participate in a lot of RPs but he usually came off as a loony adventurer. Not as if it could be wrong though. We need people like that. Justice came close to becoming a good hero but he hadn't been too active. That's regretful but he probably has his own reasons. Creer is doing well recently but he acted too late. Better luck next year!

  • Villain Of The Year:

Winner: Newdeath
Runner-ups: Sonata, Kurohige, Hades
I guess it doesn't shock anyone. Yes, our favorite target for big bad, Newdeath takes the cake for being a villain. At one time we can say he was the poster boy of the Vice. Newdeath is your typical last boss material. Tough, emotionless, powerful, smart and very evil. He seems to be always above the rest and I guess you can't help but thinker on various strategies to beat him. What's shocking that I think he can lose the title next year. With the Sunrise finished, his status as ultimate evil have started to drop. For Runner-ups I mentioned two veterans and one relatively new players. Let's start from the eldest. Sonata did really well on the Sunrise. That alone earns a honorable mention. But he isn't active in the RPs. That's a pity. The other two though does have a chance to surpass the great ND. First Kurohige, our greedy pirate. His antics are good and the power set isn't bad either. The ability to control darkness is very much a villain's style. He has two problems though: One, he doesn't RP much. That can be easily worked on. The other is that his method of approach is too straight. A Villain must surprise the heroes and control the situation. Otherwise they aren't taken seriously enough. If ND is the final boss or the Mastermind then Kurohige would be his Dragon. Strong but something is still missing. Okay, that's enough. Good luck improving him! Well then, Hades. He's Pride's new character. Unlike his previous this one seems to be more threatening. Good, a villain must be like that. His problem is  like Kurohige's: straight approach. He likes to be buff and mighty and it didn't go well with Pride either. He must develop his char to be more sinister. If he manages to pull out the Mastermind with him, it guarantees Hades' success.Good luck!

  • Neutral Of The Year:

Winner: Fatalis
Runner-ups: Haseo, Mokujin, Sabine
Well, from the nominations and the assotiated comments it seems everyone believes that Keith is the only true neutral character on the Vice. Actually it's wrong. While he just switched a few months ago Fatalis is indeed a good example of neutral. I say he was like that even before. Calm, lazy and swore non-interference to the business of humans. He only cares about enjoyment, be it of any kind. Plus Fatalis supported both heroes and villains alike. He deserves this award well. Other mention could be Haseo. He attacks heroes and villains alike and his deeds are to say...morally ambiguous. Perhaps he's actually supposed to be a hero but the methods are questionable. I think if he would've actually focused on his neutrality, he might've won this award. Let's jump to the next candidate: Mokujin. He was the lawful neutral type, the one who does everything his boss says. That's also great for a neutral. Too bad he rarely RPs so he only got a mention here. Sabine  also deserves one. She started out as a villain(and "male") but the love changed her. By color she's neutral but I think she slides more towards good. It's a pity since we have a few neutrals but I guess her being a hero is more fitting.

  • Rookie Of The Year:

Winner: Sabine and Kuma_From_Argentina
Runner-ups: Maximus, Hades
Again a shared award. Both Sabine and Kuma started out greatly. Their style were a bit rough at the start but both perserved their solid theme. Also they made more RPs than I ever did on the Vice. That's great! What else should I say? Their writing is rather solid and rivals the more veteran Rp-ers. If I mention the promising newbies I always have either Kuma or Sabine in mind. So my choice was obvious. Well, Maximus isn't that behind either. He deserves a honorable mention of course. But I liked Kuma's ideas more. Maybe it's only because Kuma got here earlier. Who knows? Do your best and I am sure you are getting an award next time! Don't give up, Maximus! Hades deserves a mention too. He's steadily improving. We'll see how it turns out...

  • Most Helpful Of The Year:

Winner: Mekix
Runner-ups: Fatalis, Battleheiz
Amongst the Vice regulars Mekix is the most active with new users. Guiding the newbies earn top scores in my book for helpfulness. Also he participated in a lot of RPs and gave ideas for new players how to fit in. Another such mention is Fatalis but it was mostly with Kuma. Last but not least I can't forget Heiz from the list. He's on the top at getting new pictures for Vicers. Well, Kuma might be catching up but that's a story for the future...
Alright, that's all for now. I will announce the rest later. Perhaps...but not now. I am a bit sleepy you see.
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@OmegaMekix: We have to both ..... of the month? Or .... of the year?
Post by OmegaMekix (3,847 posts) See mini bio Level 16
@Maximus: Just over the year. (Or however long you've been here.)
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@OmegaMekix said:


  •  Hero of the Month:
  •  Villain Of The Month:
  • Neutral Of The Month:
  • Rookie Of The Month:
  • Team Of The Month:
  • Story RPG Of The Month:
  • Battle RPG Of The Month:
  • Most Helpful Of The Month:
  • Best Writer Of The Month:
  • Most Creative Of The Month:
  • Best Moment Of The Month:
  • Best Bio Of The Month:
  • Prettiest Of The Month:
  • Funniest Of The Month:
  • Vicer Of The Month:  
That's my problem. Shouldn't they be 'Year' instead of 'Month'?
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@willyvereb: I guess I just found my first edit. I'll fix that.
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@OmegaMekix: So, who's going to start naming?
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@mydeathlyways: Anyone can start it off. If you want to begin than go ahead.
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@OmegaMekix: Good. I'll have min up in a day, I guess.
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@OmegaMekix: I keep thinking I'll name the wrong person under the wrong category. Ehhh >_>; <_<;
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 This are Maximus sama's choices!

  •    Hero of the Year: It's very difficult. I would say Mekix and Paladin
  •  Villain Of The Year: Well, This one is pretty obvious. The all migthy ND
  • Neutral Of The Year: Haseo! No, just kidding (No offense Haseo, I just had to do it). Keith
  • Rookie Of The Year: From the point I appeared, the rookie I think did well is... no one.
  • Team Of The Year: Gekido
  • Story RPG Of The Year: which do you think? Sunrise
  • Battle RPG Of The Year: COV ND vs Joe
  • Most Helpful Of The Year: Mesa 
  • Best Writer Of The Year: Guess who? Sabine! Ja! you were thinking i was going to say ND, didn't you?
  • Most Creative Of The Year: mh... Sabine.. her threads and characters were pretty creative
  • Best Moment Of The Year: Boxer crowining moment of awesome, when he almost made ND scream in pain
  • Best Bio Of The Year: ND, I guess...
  • Prettiest Of The Year: Caius!.... Nah just kidding, Sabine.
  • Funniest Of The Year: Mesa
  • Vicer Of The Year:  Another one that's prettey difficult. I would say ND (because of all his characters and all his posts).

Now, let's see if anyone prize me for something
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   Hero of the Year: Hm, Keith and Mekix because he is attempting to fix the world after the Sunrise including make the Company
  •  Villain Of The Year: I would have to choose Newdeath 
  • Neutral Of The Year:  Keith 
  • Rookie Of The Year: Blindside of course
  • Team Of The Year: Company 
  • Story RPG Of The Year: Sunrise and Pandora's Box
  • Battle RPG Of The Year:  IDK 
  • Most Helpful Of The Year: Mesa : D
  • Best Writer Of The Year:   IDK
  • Most Creative Of The Year: Sabine
  • Best Moment Of The Year: IDK 
  • Best Bio Of The Year: Creer Bio ( Excellent )
  • Prettiest Of The Year:  I have to disagree with Sabine, I choose Mesa!! : D
  • Funniest Of The Year:  IDK
  • Vicer Of The Year:   ND
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    @mydeathlyways: LoL, being voted for a hero. That's quite an interesting achievement for Keith.
    He's more often mistaken for the villain.
    Post by Mesamia (5,109 posts) See mini bio Level 14
    YAY!! my shelf continues to stock up:P
    Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
    @Maximus: @mydeathlyways: Thanks. 
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    @willyvereb: No problem. You decerved it.
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    @willyvereb:  In Hades View, Keith is like the all seeing eye of the Vice. He sees everything and knows everything that is going on, and always has something in store for everyone.  He's helped humanity. Also the fact that Keith was able to run a group of Earths Heros makes him more hero like and that he rebelled against Newdeath. 
    Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
    @mydeathlyways: That reminds me to my old plan with Australia.
    Originally I didn't know that the Sunrise takes only 3 days in RP time so I had long-term plans.
    I wanted to assemble a group of fake superheroes under the flag of Australia to save people from the evil servants of Gekido(puppets made by Keith again).
    The whole thing should've been a puppet show where Keith's disguised forces beat up each other to gain the trust of the wide public and show up the new Governor General(Keith MacKenzie) in a very positive light.
    Wel, I had to scratch it and instead Keith literally stole the whole continent of Australia and reformed it in a different way than I originally planned.
    Post by mydeathlyways (2,389 posts) See mini bio Level 10
    @willyvereb:  Keith is indeed a genius and manipulator :D
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