Ancient Ruins: Nerx vs Guyver

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The man sat down on the altar of blood while eating his share of human flesh, the native guide who led him to the temple. He was not too lucky because he will end up as this man's feces,  Kiryu then examined the elder structures in order to discern its mechanics "The temple of Gluttonia , the grand ball of hunger where the gods of evil dine on their human offerings and where one million souls will produce a delicacy of untold pleasures! Carnal horrors await me"
With his mouth he proceeds to eat his human minions in order to fulfill the blood rites of the Altar, he started with a child whom he boiled alive beforehand as his teeth digs in flesh and crushes bone as if eating a presto chicken. the sound of flesh ripping complimented by bones breaking overwhelmed their screams of undying agony , his hunger does not discriminate and he wants more...
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The unconscious teenager woke from his sudden slumber. Dazed, his brown eyes wandered around the temple. There were ancient writings all encrypted on the archaic walls. The smell of abhorrent gore and sulfur swelled up Sho's nostrils. Red stains were blotched on Sho's militant school uniform. There was growing presence at the edge of a gothic altar; a mosaic cross hung backwards against the altar. In the abyssal darkness, a dark figure approached the young man. Frantic and spooked, he rose off the wet floor from his slumped position. Where am I? What I'm doing here? I was on my way to school when... Fukamachi's wrists were bonded together with white rope; meanwhile, his right leg was chained up with a brace attached to the brick wall. Attempting to tear the coiled constriction, he tried tugging his wrists away from each other; however, failed to snap the twisted threads. Damn! The chain clattered on the floor, while kicking his leg.

Running out of options, the frighten teenanger had no other chose but to summon his inherited curse. Sho arched up straight on his toes, and yelled,"Guyvah!" An ominous aurora projected around Sho's silhouette; light flashed inside the lurid sanctum. The skin on his back began pulsating uncontrollably. Tentacles exploded outward from the irregular sized pores on Sho's back; they latched fragments of the alien armor over his whole epidermic anatomy. The host was sheltered by the weapon creators themselves feared, and because of the fear, left the planet, leaving their mutating experiments behind.

The bizarre biped gently placed a closed fist against his other open hand. A faint crack echoed from when the knuckle bones cracked White smoke hissed out from the character's respirators. The round, metal ball on the Guyver's forehead exerted a twinkling bell sound. The six foot weapon raised an arm at the mysterious shadow , pointing his index finger straight at his captor. "I know who you are," the synthetic human voice declared. It was Fukamachi that lay hidden inside the enormously robust shell. His presence still lingers inside the Guyver, and his kindred voice is notable when speaking. "They warned me about you. You're part of Gekido, aren't you?" The Guyver motioned his legs three feet apart from each other on the ground; a dirt cloud dispersed in the murky air when his heels skidded across the surface. The hands were fixed in a sturdy fist in front of his torso, with one hand just slightly over the chin. Fukamachi loosely acsended his shoulder blades; the knees were flexed low, nearly brushing the floor. The Guyver was stanced in a defensive posture, anticipating an imminent brawl.




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The hungry man glared with his red eyes,  his pupils flared like hellfire. The blood that smeared his mouth along with the offal that messed his blue shirt. The stench of intestinal fluid and stomach acid fumed out his nostrils as he indulges bloody cannibalism upon a young lady . Porcelain skin  complimented by hazel eyes , tears which add to the valley of enriching flavors that only he can taste while slurping her innards as she lay nearly alive, but merely dead. Small breathing and panting won't stop a man enjoying his meal as the only way to get into his heart is through his stomach. The crowd wriggled frantically as maggots upon a decaying corpse , squirming in urine , bathing in sweat. His teeth crushed the girl as he swallows her down his expanding throat, he then leaps to the next batch of people with his teeth shredding humans as if they were melting butter. Euphoric and stimulated he grabbed a man then with the force of his impulses he plunged his palm to the base of the victim's spine as he ripped out a squirmish white structure of human bone, then he licked the tip vicariously before sucking the treat down his gullet. "What a rush , lets see should i eat the kid or his mother ... maybe i will eat them both in front of the father, yes that would be fun"
His hands caught the toddler by the feet, as he lifts up the boy before smashing his head repeatedly to the as each his fluttered more blood than the last. "He finally stopped twitching eh, mmm... his brain is exposed now with his skull cap loosely hanging o0o an eyeball" he sucked the dangling eyeball as he licks off the blood from its eyesocket with his highly corrosive that dissolved the contents while at the same time rummaging the brain with his fingers, he makes a slurping sound accompanied by bloody drool that went down his shirt. The monster then prepares himself as he eats the mother , bite by bite.

"I know who you are,"
"And I know who you are, yep... shut up peter pan I only ate friggin tinker bell because I was bored, what !? are you still pissed because I ate the children"

There is nothing that he hates more than being interrupted in between meals, sure getting nearly killed is a bitch but this? Nerx was pissed. He looked at the man who looked different from the others he had eaten in this room but remembered something, his encounter with a previois foe with a aymbiotic armor. This one looked crispy and most of all appetizing.

 "They warned me about you. You're part of Gekido, aren't you?"

"I am afraid I can't let you leave without my mark sir"
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The cannibalistic murderer approached the Bioboosted Armor with a twisted, famished facial expression. Blood oozed from upon his cold mouth; his blue shirt was stained by the red moistness of his victims. I understand why he brought me here. The altar explains everything. I'm in a human bowl, and I'm next in line. A solemn breeze rested over the Guyver's broad shoulders, making  an upsetting weight pressure  bring the young man's natural  panorama of life to a new low. He dropped to his knees. The thunderous drop of legs quaked the soil on the ground. Nothing, but the remains of Nerx's innocent abductees lay scattered across the hellish sanctum. This was no holy place of devotion to purity and love taught by a higher  presence. There is another powerful presence that slumbers in the unholy establishment. Its dark energy drives stabs up the spinal cord, like a knife when it butchers a helpless sow. The Guyver's head hung directly hellward with acute stillness, not even showing his awareness towards the malignant oni. "And I know who you are, yep...shut up Peter Pan I only ate a friggen tinker bell because I was bored, what?! are you still pissed because I ate children." Fukamachi's brow seeped a spritz of sweat behind his mask. Outside the shell, is a monstrous weapon of terrible power; inside, lies the incognito heart, always faintly beating for remedy. That monster! He killed innocent people like they were nothing more than cattle to his own indulgence. "I...I.can-,"  his voice quivered as he tried to speak. Words merely broke, as he tried to pick up what he wanted said.  I can't stop him. I don't feel like I can do this. "I am afraid I can't let you leave without my mark sir." Is this how it ends for me? Trapped in this hellhole?! My escape is blocked by this  murdered, who reminds of the unsafest shadows lurking around us. We fear what we think is impossible. It is not the men like him we fear, but what we are capable of.  I'm afraid of what I don't know what I can do. Innocent people died today. What if I can stop him, before he attacks again? 
Guyver punched a fist in the earth, and scuffled a handful of dirt, then allowed the soil brush off his palm. The Guyver's eyes glowed a crimson red, similar to the shine of Nerx's optics. So, this is where I stand. An encounter with evil reincarnated in the flesh: Lucifer.   Sho rose to his feet, meeting with the eyes of the murdered dead on. White smoke hissed out from his mask's respirators. "You're afraid I can't leave this place? Well, Nerx, I'm about to make your life a whole lot easier. I'm not planning on leaving you just yet. So, come and eat me."
The Guyver's laser located on his scalp began to generate a vibrating luminosity. The burning heat singed the air around the Bioboosted Armor. A green orb trilled before the very laser. The projection was blasted through midair, rapidly heading in the direction of Nerx; however, as soon as the streak of energy made near contact with the cut-throat, it missed past him. The laser stretched past Nerx's shoulder, heading yonder to his back. The Guyver successfully marked the cross mounted upside down. The mosaic glass dissolved in an instant, with a crater formed on the wall of the altar. The fragments of the wood from the wall spontaneously combusted into flames in an instant. The ember was small, but was soon consume the entire room in an inferno prism.  The fire brewed by the pubescent Fukamachi crackled as it commenced charring the gothic benches; it caught the crimson carpet  placed underneath the benches on fire after the legs were exposed to flames. The ceilings creaked and dropped chunks of wood. Ashes of wood plunged over the mobilizing Guyver. The black dust dissolved to tiny powder at contact with the blue armor. "You killed innocent lives! These people weren't suppose to be here, bastard!" The Bioboosted Armor dashed past falling debris and clusters of fiery obstacles, thrusting to the air at Nerx. The blades on his elbows lit up, and hummed at a high frequency, setting his left arm under his shoulder for an assault. "Your move!"  
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