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January 2013: The first letter is sent. It is ignored.

February 2013: The second letter is sent. It is ignored.

May 2013: The first emissaries are sent. They are received.


The earth shook from the impact as the blue metal pod hit the ground. It was roughly twelve ft wide and fifteen ft tall, bulky and teardrop shaped.

The sides fell down like drawbridges, and two armoured giants strode out of the steaming vehicle.

Each being was humanoid, about ten feet tall. The armour seemed to be a strange alloy of metal and ceramics, clearly not a material available to mankind at this time.

The helmets looked like skulls, and the armour was ornately decorated, blue with gold decorations. Their armoured hands were individually large enough to grip a tree trunk, their legs the thickness of car tires.

They carried guns on their sides, huge ones, muzzles the size of the average person's fist. They also carried swords, about seven ft in length each.

The secret service were ready in seconds and opened fire at the armoured behemoths. Some of the bullets ricochet'd off the armour, some merely crushed themselves upon impact.

Standard firearms were useless.

One serviceman fired a rocket.

The two invaders were engulfed in flames, but strode out, unharmed, their armour slightly covered in a layer of soot.

The servicemen stopped firing, their ammunition depleted and their spirits broken.

"We Are Here To Meet With President Barack Obama." One of the armoured giants said. "We Sent Word Ahead Of Time To Notify Him Of Our Meeting Today."

No response from the trained soldiers. One of the armoured giants stepped forward, pressing his hand against his comrade's chest to stop him, then reached up and removed his helmet.

"Sergeant Ramiel, 4th Company of the Miles Knights Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, servants of the Emperium of Light." The giant said, then referred to his comrade. "This is Captain Titus, of the same. We assure you that our intentions this day are peaceful, and we will not retaliate to your efforts to defend your President. Clearly there has been a misunderstanding, but we will be seeing your President now, as appointed."

Minutes later.

It did not take long for the schedule to be cleared. First contact was first priority, and the two visitors were seated in the Oval Office within minutes.

And it did not take long for these soldiers to get to business with the President.

"Our mission this day is to establish an Embassy upon Earth." Captain Titus explained. "We have scouted the ideal location and will establish ourselves at that place on the first day of the month of June. We desire no warfare, nor do we require your surrender. Merely the space and your understanding of our presence upon this planet."

The president was relieved, but he did not let his internal emotions show, determined to obtain and maintain an upper hand in these negotiations. "We would be most willing to assist you in setting up an Embassy on our soil." The President explained. "What location have you been considering?"

"The decision has been made, Mister President." Captain Titus responded. "We will build where the city of Kansas is currently located."

The president was dumbfounded. "That's unacceptable." He replied, recovering quickly. "Kansas City is the home of millions of U.S. citizens-"

"This is why we came in person today." The captain interrupted. "You will need time to relocate the persons involved. We will provide the compensation monies and will assist in the relocation of buildings, parks and infrastructure."

"I cannot ask these people to leave their homes for you." Obama replied. "And even if we could, all our forces are assisting those in Oklahoma-"

"We will provide additional relief." The Captain stated. "The embassy will be placed in Kansas city. It is central, communications are already established, and it is the will of the Emperor."

"And what if I refuse?" The President asked.

"The Embassy will be placed upon Kansas City." The Captain repeated. "Your decision is whether or not you will cooperate."

"This is a free land and we will not bow to dictators." The President stated firmly, rage building up in him. "Our people have rights. This is OUR land, and we do NOT negotiate-"

"With terrorists, we are aware." The Sergeant interrupted. "During one war your country dropped atomic bombs upon two cities against an enemy country. Your country has since developed more powerful weapons, yet you legislate yourself against their usage. When you were attacked almost twelve years ago, why did you not retaliate with your most powerful weapons?"

"Because we believe in doing what was right." The President replied. "Because we will not tolerate the suffering of innocent women and children. We went to that country to dethrone a cruel dictator and help those countries recover from the cruelties done to them."

"Why are we not doing the same?" The Sergeant asked. "We are not terrorists. We sent letters ahead of time to notify you of our appointment today. We were sent as emissaries, yet you attacked us. We have come to assist you in the relocation of your citizens so none have to suffer when we place our embassy, and we are offering the hand of fellowship that we may assist your people who are suffering."

"It would be far easier for us, and perfectly justified, for us to take your actions today as a declaration of war, and we would wipe out all life from this continent within the hour." Captain Titus continued. "We do not desire a war with the human race. We wish to continue preserving your lives, and ask for your cooperation that we may help one another."

The Captain rose to his feet. "We will return at the dawn of the new month with a task force of one hundred Space Marines." He stated. "We will establish an embassy upon the soil of Kansas City, and ask that all personnel and citizens are vacated from the premises. We will rebuild the city around the Embassy and your citizens will be fully compensated by the month of July. If we are met with violence as we were today, we will retaliate appropriately, depending on the severity of the offence. We do not desire to glass the planet."

Sergeant Ramiel rose to his feet with his commanding officer. "I trust all will be well with you until that time." He said to the President, saluting crisply as he followed his captain to leave.

The captain stopped just before the door, and turned to look the President in the eye. "Regarding your earlier comment, I feel that there is something I must say." The Captain said, placing his helmet as he spoke. "There are no Innocents; Only Varying Degrees Of Guilt."

With that, the two emissaries left.


THe RP will take place outside Kansas City, dated June 1st, 2013. All are welcome to take part. Sign up below if you're in, and feel free to jump in half-way through if you like what you're seeing.

This will be the Vice going against an Invading force. The Space Marines will NOT be using orbital guns, nor will they kill indiscriminately.

I'll ask that you treat the 100 Marines as individual characters, not mooks, IE No auto-hits. If they die or are injured they will die at my decision, just like if your characters die their die because you say so.

Your characters will have had one week preparation for the attack. You will also have military support.

Alternatively, you may be among those who support the Space Marines having an Embassy here on Earth. If you want to fight alongside the alien invasion, feel free. There may be a group afterwards of non-space marine supporters of the Emperor.

Any other questions, post em below, and sign up here.

Here's a link to my Bio, and info on the Space Marines.

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I'll have SamJaz, Arsenal, Slayer, Naoto, and all of Sketchinoda taking part.

Jardsam will take part if Kita Kurenai is.

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Hmm interesting.

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Online Now

None of my characters fill the bill for this thread, so I wont enter

Post by SamJaz (13,103 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Noooooo! Ah well. Thanks for letting me know.

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Mine either, I don't have any alts ready for this
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Give me a few days to make my next character and I'm in. This will be awesome. But why must we kill them? Space marines are cool.

Post by SamJaz (13,103 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Jlynnana said:

Mine either, I don't have any alts ready for this

I find that hard to believe, coming from you. XP


Who said anything about killing them? Are you actually gonna manage that?

Feel free to join those who welcome our Emperial friends. Forgot to mention that.


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You may also choose to fight alongside the invasion force, if you like Space Marines. Join the brawl and attack those attacking the marines, they'll recognise you as a friend.

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@SamJaz: Awesome!

Post by SamJaz (13,103 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@ChronoWolf: Thanks for bringing that up actually. I need to think what my characters would do in this situation.

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@ChronoWolf: @Jlynnana: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Sonata:

Will start up the thread tomorrow, who's in?

I'd also like to have someone play as the US military, if possible. Would anyone whose characters don't fit the role like to take part controlling the Military?

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@SamJaz: I'm not in

Post by SamJaz (13,103 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Cool, thanks.

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@SamJaz: I will make the character I will use here later today or tomorrow morning as he is nowhere near complete. Still I beleave he should be ready for this soon.

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@ChronoWolf: K, I'll delay it then. Thanks.

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@SamJaz: No need to delay it, the character should still be ready by tomorrow.

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@ChronoWolf: K, still dependant on who else is taking part.

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@SamJaz: I might have Raven in this if he isn't to powerful for this.

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@Masterofdeath: There is no upper limit.

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