An Unexpected Train Ride - RP

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DING…BOOM…DING…BOOM. As the many clocks around the train station finally ticked to 12:00 p.m., the incessant chatter of businessmen and families going on vacation is drowned out by the sudden booming of the bell that signified that noon had finally come. Before you lies the grand railway station known as the Central Zurday Station, adorned with magnificent artwork that covered the walls, and a polished finish to all the tile floors that spread as far as the eye could see. True to its name, this rail station was one of the busiest intersections of any country on the planet that had invested in a railway.

Prior to coming to this station, you and 100 other lucky people were unexpectedly given a letter via deliveryman that only read “Congratulations! It’s your lucky day! You have been randomly chosen to receive a stay at a private resort for an entire week, free of charge! Take it as recognition for being a good human being/animal/demon/tentacle monster/whatever you are. Enclosed are tickets to the luxury train known as The Soundbreaker! The train arrives from Central Zurday Station in one week at 12:30 p.m. sharp, so don’t be late!” And the letter ends there, no signature or anything. But the tickets were indeed real, so there wasn’t much reason to not accept them.

The specific platform that you needed to be was on floor B3, three floors below the front gates. Stepping out of the elevator, you notice that the tunnel is brightly lit with the similar tile floors covering this part of the station as well. As you look around the platform, you notice that was indeed around 100 people scattered about, waiting for the train to come into the station. Unlike similar platforms, this specific one had numerous benches scattered about, complete with vending machines placed along the walls.

“Why…is this place so big?!” Haruko yells out to nobody in particular. As most people who know the knife-wielding seamstress know, Haruko is almost cursed with the inability to navigate her way through simple streets or large buildings, even if she has written directions to go off of. With the grandness of this station, Haruko was left to sprint from floor to floor, trying to find B3, her carry-on bag floating behind in her mad dash to not miss her free vacation. Finally, she finds an information booth, and skids to a stop in front of it. Taking a deep breath to calm herself down, she looks at the man running the station, and smiles at him. “Hello. How do I get to platform B3?” Having been watching her frantically search through the station for the past 20 minutes, the guide chuckles a little bit, and points to a nearby set of elevators. “Right through those, and press B3.”

Sighing at how simple her directions truly were, she sprints toward the elevators, giving a wave back and shouting “Thank you!” as she approaches the elevators. Luckily, she didn’t have to wait for an elevator to arrive, and was soon transported to the platform where her fellow ‘contest’ winners were at. Just as she steps out of the elevators, Haruko notices that the clock now read 12:29, indicating that she wasn’t late for her vacation! Dragging her now exhausted body to a nearby bench, she sits down and watches for any indication of the Soundbreaker’s arrival. According to her watch, it should be arriving in 10…9…8…7…6…

Suddenly, a loud boom could be heard from the distance, with the distinct sound of brakes being applied. Curious heads could be seen peering out, until they saw the headlights of their ride to the vacation. 5…4…3…2… The train roars past the passengers, and slowly comes to a stop, with the back five cars being in reach of the vacationers. The attendant calls out to the 100 people over the loudspeaker. “All aboard the Soundbreaker! Make sure to have your tickets handy!” And with that, everyone began to file into the train cars. Upon seeing the inside, it appeared as if everything was modeled after a 5 star hotel, with various lounges and TVs dotting the insides of the cars.

Haruko, having finally gotten her breath back after her frantic search, enters the fancy train and gives her ticket to the attendant, where upon he punches it with his tool and gives it back to her. With its close proximity to her, the knife wielder had decided to enter car number 13. Across the entire car were numerous couches and TVs spaced around, with even a nice group table on the far wall. Delighted by the look of the car, Haruko wastes no time flopping onto a couch nearest to her, and reaching for the remote to hopefully find something good to watch. Before she could find the remote, however, Haruko notices that blanket lying on top of the couch had a noticeable rip in the side, which bothered her greatly. Deciding to show off a little, she reaches into her jacket pocket, and pulls out a needle and a length of thread. Then, in one quick motion, she tosses the blanket into the air, and hastily mends the rip, working her way from the bottom of the rip to the top. Once the blanket fell down, Haruko manages to catch it, admiring repair handiwork.

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@Vapovile: Seth came to outside the train station after taking over from his host. The crimson tint of his eyes were all that showed the change that he just had. "Damn this suit is so stiff," he complained removing the tie and thousand dollar jacket as he walked through the train station getting curious looks from the bystanders. He finally made his way to the train station down to the second on timing as the train pulled up as he walked up and thee speed just caused him to yawn in boredom. He climbed up into the train glaring evily at everybody he passed and causing a few to wet themselves from fear. Once he was inside he sat down on a couch and watched the other occupant fix a blanket. This caused him to get a evil idea so he summoned a barrier around himself invisible to all but him and made a yoyo with a special power then dispelled the barrier. He then shot the yoyo at the blanket at when it hit the blanket turned to dust and made Seth laugh to himself.

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A little girl, accompanied by a fairly tall man, was walking about at a train station. But that wasn't just any train station to being with, it was the Central Zurday Station. And the girl and the man were obviously quite different too. The man wasn't thing different. Tall with medium long black hair. He wore a coat over a simple shirt as well as brown pants and military boots. The only thing that really made him stand out was his bandaged arm. It's purpose was not of medical nature, rather it was supposed to hide what was hidden beneath it. A golden gauntlet, anything but normal in modern day society. Luckily thanks to the white cloth wrapped around it no one could even find too many odd things about the man. The girl was a little bit different. Unlike with the man, there was a little bit too much for it to be covered up with some cloth. In fact it looked like she wasn't even trying to hide anything. She wore what appeared to be a black bikini top, hot pants and a jacket with a hoodie over all of that. Besides the rather strange choice of clothing her skin was pale and covered in scars and her eyes were of an unusual azure color. Truly if not for the man right next to her she would have been approached by quite a few people by now.

Those were Lincent and Charlotte, effectively mercenaries, though they were not on a job there. That didn't mean that they came to the station with no intention, they knew exactly what they wanted. Like many others there they were invited to a little relaxation trip, it's starting point being this station right here. Soon they'd be on a train, a one of a kind train. The Soundbreaker. For Lincent it didn't take much more than hearing the words "free of charge" to be in on it while Charlotte herself had more innocent and naive motivations. She never was on a train before. Well, there was that one time she vaguely remembered, funny enough it was the accident that wiped most of her memory. As such she was rather excited to be given a chance like this. She let Lincent deal with the navigation, and though he was competent enough to know where to go, he also wasn't in a rush. Because of that the two ended up running at the last moment anyway. Taking the lift they arrived just as the people started boarding the train.

They got on and made their way to car number 12.

"Well then, let's have a fun ride." Lincent said as he leaned back in his seat, with Charlotte responding with a nod.

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A boy, appearing 15 years of age at most, was sitting in car number 12. He was wearing a plain black coat, a black t-shirt with an image of a wolf head on the front, blue jeans and a pair of sunglasses. He was listening to music on his phone through some earphones and looking through the window at the crowd of people who have yet to board the train. Then someone caught his eye. It was a long time since he saw him last, so Arthur looked over his glasses to make sure he was seeing the right person. Well I'll be damned if that's not Lincent. And how's that cute girl next to him. Heh, that lucky bastard, how'd he get such a cutie.

Arthur kept following them with his gaze until they entered the car. He removed his sunglasses and waited. A few seconds later, the two passed right by him without even noticing him and sat in the seats in front of him.

When Lincent leaned back into his seat, Arthur leaned forward. "Oh, I'm sure you'll have fun with a girl like that, you old fart. Though isn't she a bit too young for you?" He said, just loud enough for Lincent to hear him

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Callis Nomene was surprised when he woke up in a park bench of a European country with a package placed over him. As he stretched a bit and limbered up his still half-asleep muscles the Beast Knight checked the letter, his translation spell allowing him to understand at least the basic idea behind the message, with that solved he went to the station to get on board the train. Callis was fascinated with the vehicles in this world and how they shorten the distances. He didn’t use a plane yet, but he was always surprised when seeing one. With the trains it was the same, not even the Gine, the most advanced civilization in Centris, had contraptions like this. He followed the instructions and arrived to the platform. As he moved through the station many looked at the Knight with a mixture of surprise and confusion as his clothing was quite anachronistic and his fierce looking face contrasted with his wide open eyes, filled with wonder from the marvels of this world.

The Beast Knight got into the train and scanned the wagon with a quick glance. He was surprised to see a familiar face. Arthur Crownwell, the Frozen Magician he met in Egypt was in the train, talking to two other passengers. –Mes Crownwell, how are you? How curious that we meet here. - He looked at the other two passengers and bowed. –Greetings my name is Callis Nomene, is a pleasure to share this trip with you. Are you friends of Mes Crownwell? - The Knight had some troubles speaking and tried not to see Charlotte or his phobia would act up again.

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Mauro Caruso was skating through Central Zurday Station, leaning back and pulling his board up into his hand as he looked at the area around him. "B3…" He commented as he examined the ticket in his hand.

He felt a pressure in the nape of his neck, and then he felt himself leaning back into a chair as the ticket was removed from his hand. "Niente e vero, tutto e permesso." Was the last thing he heard as the shadow looming over him faded away. "Requiescant in pace.", Altair said, pocketing the ticket and walking away from the body.

Mauro looked like he was simply taking a nap on a bench, and Altair had about thirteen minutes before someone noticed the blood beginning to pool under him.


Twelve minutes later, Altair was on the train in cabin 15, taking a seat and feeling comfortable. He looked around, seeking a route to identify his target. If the target wasn't there, he'd simply move down the train until he found and killed the mark.

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"While I am flattered that I was your first choice of plus one…" Coleen said from behind her glasses as they stepped inside cabin 13. "Sure Kelly's fine with me taking her ticket?"

"She had work, couldn't get out of it." Hitomi explained. "And we don't hang out enough."

"I think you just wanted a chance to see me in a skirt." Cole argued, shoving her thumbs inside the cloth in lieu of pockets.

"It's a fancy train, there's a dress code." Hitomi lied, not wanting Cole to realise how close to the truth she'd gotten as she saw a young lady perform an impressive piece of aerial needlework. "Excuse me, but I've just found something worth checking-"

The blanket was reduced to ashes by a nearby yo-yo and a young man started laughing.

"And someone's about to get their scrotum cross-stitched to their rectum." Hitomi told Coleen, bringing a smile to the Shinodaborn's lips as the seamstress quickly brought another blanket out of the Kaspa and began to approach Haruko. "That was good needlework there." She told the knife-wielding seamstress as she presented a replacement blanket for the one that was destroyed. "Hitomi Nakamura, Merryweather School of Martial Arts and Crafts."

There was a blur of darkness, and Hitomi had restored the ashes into another blanket, one of slightly superior design to the one that had been destroyed though of slightly weaker cloth. "It's a pleasure to meet you." She said as Coleen began to approach Seth.

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Central Zurday Station

A young girl ran through the station a ticket in her hand almost every other minute she apologized to every stranger she nearly ran into, “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…Please forgive me sir…I’m so sorry mam.” Her bubble gum pink hair creating an eccentric trail behind her as she made her way to platform B3 with her ticket in hand; the girl was Kusuri Inoue she had dreams of being a great doctor one day. Kusuri was 17 and was currently studying to be a nurse, the pink hair girl has surprising just passed an important test and when she received the prize for an all-paid vacation that included a ride on a fancy luxury train Kusuri jumped at the offer. “Oh man how can I just forget to set the alarm. Oh man oh man I hope I’m not late. I could never afford a vacation like this in my life and I could really use it. Please don’t be late please don’t be late.” The forgetful pinkette ran as fast as she could towards the luxury train.

Meanwhile waiting for the train to arrive was another individual a smirk on his face as he looked down at his smart phone scrolling through pages of information. Noah Eibon (or at least that what he told people his name was) more commonly known as Enigma the Information Broker and head of The Network. Noah had received the ticket for the free trip, rather one of the many fake identities had received the ticket, and then using his network of informants had learned a little about it that a 100 people were selected seemingly randomly. What the information broker found particular interesting was that no one seem to know who had invented the contest this was no company marketing campaign, celebrity publicity stunt, not even the train station or resort they were supposed to be going to knew anything about it. The Spider of Information acquired another one of the tickets for his assistant and wife the lovely and deadly Dr. Olivia Verde who now stood next to him holding both their bags a frown on her face. The doctor turned to Enigma with a frown, “What are you smirking at while looking at the phone because you are starting to look like a creep.” The cheerfully cocky Enigma locked the phone as the faint rumbling of the train grew near, “Did you know Olivia dear that the Sound Breaker was inspired by a train of legend that was said to never be late and continuously running?” Olivia had a blank stare and a frown for a moment, “Did you just completely ignore my question?” Enigma smiled as he watched the pull into the station, “Did you know that each car in the Sound Breaker was blessed by a priest, rabbi, and monk? Also that is it so fast ironically doesn’t make a sound when it’s moving, the breaks had to custom designed as well as reinforced with some of the toughest steels in the world.” Olivia glared at Enigma a little annoyed that yet again she was completely ignored, the Superior Intellect headed towards the 14 car where which was one of the emptier cars, “Come dear Olivia we mustn’t miss the train.” With that the Hyper Perspective Information Broker and the Doctor made their way onto the train.

As most of the people were making their way onto the train Kasuri finally arrived slightly out of breath but still with time to spare. “YES! I made it now I just got to pick a car that isn’t pack.” Looking around the platform the young nurse’s eyes widen with excitement in joy. “WOW! This so cool look at all these people and that train looks awesome. Oh jeez this is going to be so much fun!” The bubbly girl took out a camera phone and started taking pictures of everything around her even going so far as to take some selfie pictures with random people, who seem scared by the happy go lucky girl. As Kasuri continued to take pictures something began moving within her backpack, suddenly two bunny ears popped out. “Oh Chiyu, I’m sorry did you want to see as well.” Suddenly from her backpack emerged Kasuri’s pet Chiyu, he resembled a small white rabbit however on its back were two small wings and a red cross was on its stomach. Chiyu floated around the girl making squeaking sounds of excitement, “I know Chiyu this is amazing I can’t wait to get to the resort and go swimming, relax, read all the manga I brought, and eat LOTS of sweets.” The whistle for the last warning rung making Kasuri jump the young girl. “Oh jeez better get on board.” Chiyu quickly ran towards the train Chiyu floating behind her, she ended running onto Car 12 her eyes widen as she look around the lavish interior. “Oh wow this is just like a hotel. Everything is so fancy I wonder if they have…” The girl’s eyes widen as she spotted the beast knight Callis. “Oh…My…God…YOU ARE SO CUTE!!” In a fan girl like mad assault on the Kind Hearted Knight, she stared at him with bright cheerful eyes. “That cosplay costume is so cool! And it so life like! How did you make it I bet it took forever?” The nurse grabbed Callis’s looking into his eyes her filled with over bridled joy that she met possibly another cosplayer like herself completely oblivious to the people Callis was chatting with.

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Haruko stares as the blanket in her hands turns to ash, and notices a strange man with crimson eyes and a yoyo laughing hysterically nearby. Reaching her hand into her jacket, she was about to draw one of her knives, until another girl holds a blanket in front of her. "That was good needlework there." Removing her hand from her jacket, the knife-wielding seamstress chuckles a little bit, and picks up the now new and improved blanket from the ashes on the floor. "Hitomi Nakamura, Merryweather School of Martial Arts and Crafts." Upon hearing this and her experience with needlework, Haruko became pleasantly surprised that there was another seamstress on the train with her. Placing the new blanket back on top of the couch, Haruko turns to Hitomi, and smiles. "Haruko Miyata, combat seamstress and knife master. Nice to meet you! I must say, I have never seen anyone make respectable cloth out of ashes before. You're awesome!" Suddenly, Haruko hugs Hitomi for a few seconds, then turns her head toward the jerk who started this situation.

Seeing that the other girl Hitomi was with approaching Seth, Haruko begins to walk toward the crazy man as well, grinning evilly and cracking her knuckles as she approached him. "So, you like to vandalize this train's property, huh? Maybe being sewed to the wall for a few hours will teach you." The pink-haired seamstress didn't care about his threatening appearance, as she has faced plenty of more terrifying creatures that he didn't even phase her.

As the situation was going on, the train doors finally close, and the whistle signifying their departure rang out across the platform. Slowly, the ground beneath their feet began to move forward, accelerating as they left the platform and began traveling through the lush, green countryside. Even though the train was well over 350 mph after a few seconds, the inside of the train didn't experience any major G forces. It was as if they were moving at a pleasant 10 mph from the inside's perspective.


"So, the train finally left, eh?" a deep, powerful voice asks to his comrades. This man was terrifying in stature, with heavy plate armor covering most of his body. After asking his question, a little girl nearby could be heard laughing hysterically, sharpening her nails as she laughed. Finally, a tall man stands up from his chair, and turns to his group. "We have our mission. Don't leave anyone on that thing alive, understand?" The voice addressed them all in a calm, cool manner that was almost soothing to listen to. Laughter and cheers could be heard coming from the entire group as they all sprouted long bat-like wings on their backs, and took off at extremely high speeds toward their target; the Soundbreaker.

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@Vapovile: @Fehafare: @ChronoWolf: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Eleventh: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: Seth felt the threat coming from the two girls. This made him excited at the chance for blood to be spilled so he just had to speed it up. He stuffed the yo-yo into his pocket and held out his hands like he was holding a gun the summoned a barrier and made two guns in a split second before dispersing the barrier. "Now you two ladies calm down before I destroy you with the train as one bullet can destroy this train," Seth warned his tone said he wasn't warning and his eyes were deadly serious. He aimed the guns at them and waited and let his killer intent come out and wash over the car.

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Hitomi reciprocated Haruko's hug. "Knew I recognised a fellow woman of the cloth." Hitomi told Haruko, walking with her towards Seth while lusting after her hat.

Coleen stopped as Seth drew two guns in his hand, trying to intimidate Coleen with a wave of killing intent that more than terrified many of the passengers.

She slowly raised her hands up timidly, looking at Seth through slender glasses.

Coleen then started beatboxing.

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Lincent was a bit confused by the voice he heard behind himself. He shifted his head and blinked a few times. The fist thought was to punch the person, but something was off. The boy, he was sure he saw him somewhere, but despite that it took him a few brain clicks to realize who was talking with him. "Arthur?! Man what are you doing here? Well either way, nice to see at least one familiar face. How have you been dude? And by the way it's nothing like that you sick perv. She's a friend." Lincent said as he pushed Charlotte a bit to the side so that Arthur could see her better.

She felt somewhat uncomfortable under the gaze, but didn't say anything.

Just as Lincent was about to continued Callis showed up. A slightly strange guy, but given who was in the car right now Callis didn't seem all too strange, in fact you could easily say that he fit in perfectly. Soon after he greeted Arthur obviously knowing him. Now that was a strange coincidence. Both Lincent and the man who introduced himself as Callis both met a friend of theirs. The world sure was small.

"Friends? You can say that. We saw each other naked you know." Lincent replied with a smirk, leaving Charlotte to wonder more and more, slightly nervous because of the huge number of people around.

When Lincent finally wanted to ask why everyone was there yet another passenger arrived, a girl... but unlike Callis she did not introduce herself but rather just attacked the beast knight using him as some sort of plushie.

"Huh, looks like we got ourselves a merry little lot here."

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"Eh, I got an invitation for being a good person." Arthur waived around the letter that came with the ticket. "And I'm sure you couldn't get one for the same reason." He smiled a devilish grin as Lincent continued. "I'm sure she is, pedo. Well, I didn't do much since we last met. I just got a girlfriend and a daughter and... Well, I don't know if I should be telling you this but... Crown's girlfriend was killed. But don't worry, he's recovering." His grin disappeared on the last part. Luckily, before this could get really awkward, another familiar face appeared.

"Ah, Mes Callis. Long time no see. This is Lincent." Before he could say anything more however, Lincent decided to answer the friend question. "Darn it Lincent, that came out extremely wrong. Look, you're embarrassing your lady friend. Besides, I'm pretty sure we decided never to talk about that again. Ever. Or was that just me and Kelly?"

A second late and another person joined them, a pink-haired bubbly girl who seemed to be so obsessed with Callis that she didn't even notice the others. Well, while those two are busy Arthur might as well chat a bit with Lincent. "So, mind introducing us? I don't want to keep calling her your lady friend." He nodded towards Charlotte.

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Reacting to Seth pulling out his guns, Haruko reaches into her jacket pocket and pulls out 5 normal knives, ready to stop him if he tried to use the guns. She was ready to throw the knives...until she saw Hitomi's blue-haired friend start beatboxing. The knife seamstress stared at her with a look of pure non-understanding, then the reason changed to how well she was actually beatboxing. Randomly, Haruko was now imagining the sadist and the three of them rapping, which made her burst out laughing the the current situation. When she was a kid, Haruko had taken numerous singing lessons, but imagining them rapping just made her totally lose her seriousness. Wiping a laughter tear from her eye, Haruko looks at Coleen, and then back at Seth, a smile now on her face. "I still don't like you, but I'm in a good mood now. If these two classy ladies want to deal with you, that's their call. Don't do anything stupid again!" Turning her back to the gun-wielding man named Seth, Haruko takes one step forward, and throws one of her normal knives directly at Seth, which embeds itself in the wall only centimeters away from his crotch.

With her scare tactic now over with, the pink-haired knife user flops back onto the couch again, still in the vicinity of Seth, Hitomi and Coleen. She wanted to see if the sadist would try to attack Hitomi and Coleen before completely relaxing, as this person still seemed unstable around normal people.

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@Fehafare: @ChronoWolf: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

Callis was slightly confused after Lincent spoke, but he tried to unhear the “naked” part and focused on Arthur. It was quite the coincidence to the meet the Frost Wizard in the train, and if Lincent and her female companion were friends of Arthur that meant they would surely fall under the superhuman category. But before he could reply to either of them, his personal space was invaded by a young girl with big sparkly eyes and pink hair. The Beast Knight took a step backwards, startled by the young girl sudden sneaking on him. Maybe he was too focused on the sudden coincidence, but people shouldn’t sneak on him like this. This world was getting to him.

-W-w-what a-are y-o-yo-u d-d-oi-oi-ng Me-me-ssa?- Callis talked to her trying to get some distance, yet he didn’t want to touch her and was still caught by her hands. –I d-don’t k-know w-w-what a-re-re y-y-ou t-a-ta-tal-king a-a-bout…. P-ple-plea-se l-l-et go…. - The Beast Knight was blushing and getting flustered as she kept tugging his jacket. Callis didn’t knew what to do in this situation, this never happened, never…

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@Vapovile: @Fehafare: @ChronoWolf: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Eleventh: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: Seth sweat dropped at the actions of the blue haired girl before he responded in a confused manner as he put his guns away in his pockets, "Lady lay off the drugs they ain't made for weaklings like you." He then saw the pinked haired knife wielder pull out a knife and throw it at him and embedded into the wall by his waist. If it bothered him he didn't show it in fact it looked like he was use to having sharp objects thrown at him. He jumped into the air and caught the knife with his feet then pulled it out. and threw it into his hands catching the blades in between his fingers. "Lose something?" he asked in a joking manner as he moved closer to the girl getting closer and closer with a smile on his face. "Knives aren't for cute little girls now," he mocked as he put his face right in front of Haruko's putting his most over confident face on as a way to unnerve her and throw her off. "How about you get rid of those other knives and me and you find somewhere private and have some one on one time and have this little ride go by a bit faster?" he suggested then his eyes randomly turned light green and he blinked several times as if trying to figure out what was going on before him. His face then burned bright crimson and he threw himself to the other side of the car stammering out a apology and all the while hearing a cruel laugh in the back of his head that seemed to get great enjoyment from his misfortune.

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@Masterofdeath: @SamJaz:

Haruko cringed as he approached her, as she smelled his vile aura the closer he walked. While she wouldn't outwardly admit it, her right hand was mildly twitching, itching to shove an explosive knife down this demon's throat. She could take the 'cute little girls' comment, but the knife seamstress's last button was pushed when he suggested they have 'private time'. Now portraying a disgusted face, Haruko readies her right hand for an open-handed slap, but strangely enough the man's eyes turned from their crimson red to a pleasant shade of green. Before she could get her hand to slap him, the man suddenly jumps back and begins to apologize for his actions, funnily enough. Not knowing how to take this shift in personality, Haruko walks up to Seth once more, and delivers a now lighter slap to the left side of his face. She thought that this man now had multiple personalities, but he was just the unlucky bastard who had to take the slap to quell her anger. "Say those things again, and there will be much more than a slap in store for you."

Seeing that he appeared more cooperative, Haruko sits back down on the couch opposite of Seth, and crosses her legs, now is a better mood. "Well, glad that's over with." Turning her head to both Coleen and Seth, a thought suddenly dawns on her. "I almost forgot! I only introduced myself to Hitomi here. My name is Haruko Miyata, nice to meet you all. What are your names?" With her last sentence, she points to both Seth and Coleen, her personality now back to her normal happy self.

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The beatboxing stopped, though a bronze pillar rose up from the floor to punch Seth in the balls, turning into dust after delivering its impact. "Coleen Kurugi." She introduced, before clapping her hands. "Nice to meet some of you."

Music started pumping out of the speakers on the train, and Coleen walked over to Haruko and Hitomi and sat back down. Coleen breathed in the drum beat, fingers keeping time as her mind ran through the various possibilities the music gave her.

She held there right hand out towards the bar, and a can of red bull flew into her grip. "So, I need to address the elephant in the room." Hitomi said to Haruko, drying attention to herself and away from everything else going on. "That hat is divine."

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"Huh, sounds like you guys did a lot of stuff. Too bad my life hasn't been to exciting, i spent most of my days with being broke, luckily this girl here was kind enough to let me hang around at her place. She's a weapon smith, how badass is that?" Lincent wasn't exactly proud of his situation, but he wasn't going to complain either. He had luck and now he started helping out with mercenary jobs so at least he was somewhat useful. "Her name's Charlotte, she's a bit shy so be nice to her. Charlotte, this is Arthur a friend of mine." as Lincent spoke Charlotte stepped forward. "Hello..." she said in a meek voice. She still wasn't too used to meeting people.

Lincent turned his attention to Callis and the girl seemingly abusing him. "Whoa champ look at that. The chick's into you. If you play your cards well you might even get laid, here, on a train. Never happened to me before." Lincent commented as he leaned back enjoy the company. Charlotte only giggled a little bit at Callis's situation.

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Car 12

Kasuri stopped her assault on Callis suddenly feeling embarrassed and ashamed, she backed away blushing bright red as she apologized, “Oh my god Oh my god I’m so sorry. I just carried away you just look so cool. You look exactly like my favorite manga, Leon Griffon the Golden Lion Knight from Hyper Night Universes. See take a look for yourself.” Kasuri took out an issue of Hyper Night Universes and surprisingly the character Leon Griffon held an uncanny resemblance to thnurse in training e Beast Knight, however Hyper Night Universes was what manga fans referred to as Yaoi and the cover to the Issue had Leon kissing another male character passionately. The pinkette handed the manga to Callis, it was an old issue and she had 2 more of them, “You must be one of the cosplayers who take their character seriously and never break role. I’m so sorry I promise I hope I didn’t break your character.” Kasuri was completely oblivious to the fact that Caliis was not in some costume but from a different realm altogether, she noticed the others who all seemed to know each other. “Anyway I’m Kasuri Inoue nice to meet you.” A squeaking came from the plushie like flying rabbit Chiyu, “And this here is Chiyu my pet. We are all very lucky to win this train ride and vacation. I couldn’t believe I won I don’t remember entering any contest and none of my family entered me in it.”

Car 14

Enigma and Olivia seemed to be one of the few people in the car, they sat by the window and across from each other. The Superior Spider had his laptop out and plugged his phone into it causing scrolls of information to appear on the screen that he scrolled through meanwhile Olivia had ordered a drink from the bar to calm her nerves. Enigma noticed the drink among other things, “I take it you suffer from kinetosis also known as motion sickness.” Olivia looked over at him wanting to ask how he knew but she been with him this long and it was obvious but that didn’t seem to stop him from annoyingly answering anyway, “The aroma your drink reveals it is a vodka and ice tea, a simple drink nothing to strong just enough to create a buzz from the amount of alcohol I can sense in it. You also have a minty breathe meaning you were most likely chewing cum. I surmise that you refuse to take another prescription to ease the nausea because your medical background let’s you know about some unfortunate fact about the drugs on the market.” Olivia sighed as she went to take a drink but Enigma stopped her putting a hand on the glass, “My professional advice is that you not do that, not only will the alcohol make it worse but it will slow your reaction time by .0003 seconds. I would prefer that your reaction time be at top notch should a situation arise.” Olivia looked over at the information broker confused by that last statement. “What situation could possibly arise?” Enigma smirked a little and yet again ignored her, “If you would like to ease your kinetosis I would suggest a game to take your mind off the motion of the train, I like to observe the people around me and create theories about their lives then found out how accurate I am. And I’m usually very accurate.” Dr. Verde looked confused at Enigma, “How do you found out how accurate your theories are?”

Enigma slowly turned his laptop to Olivia revealing the information he was looking at was information on almost every single passenger currently on the Sound Breaker. “While we were on the platform I used my phone to hacked into every single passenger’s electronic device and bring up all their personal information. By the way I wouldn’t be so eager to touch something before disinfecting it first there it at least 10 passengers with a contagious diseases.” Suddenly an alert went off on his computer and phone simultaneously, “Hmm it seems that 2 more BHs were found dead overnight. Same MO as the last 5 all with black stars burned onto their bodies.” Olivia seemed a bit more concerned now, “Really 2 more? Damn with that this brings it to 7 this month alone. You think an organization of bounty hunters would be more adapt at catching someone killing their own.” Enigma smirked as he looked up the information on the recent killing, “Oh according to my informant they are very hard on this but have no leads or at least they aren’t telling the lower ranks. Plus the 13 killings over the last two months are only the ones that are making the news there is more that they are trying to cover up. It seems the BHA does not want this information out there.”

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