An Unexpected Encounter in Scion City - Lebreus vs Akahana (RPG)

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The sun has just risen above the horizon, its golden rays illuminating the once dim travel trail. Nature’s creatures slowly began to awaken from their brief night`s slumber, however, there was already one being who has been aroused long before the sun has risen. Akahana the lone traveller has been awake and travelling through the unknown lands during the night’s dark hours in attempt to remain out of her pursuers sights. Now that the sun has provided her with a stronger source of light rather than the full moon that has now set, Hana was able to fully perceive her own surroundings. The wanderer found herself in an eerie city; looking more like the remnant of what it used to be. The Red Demon, who has been travelling for the past eight years of her life, has never come across such a bizarre landscape. Huh, well this is a peculiar place; I wonder if word about my reputation has reached this odd city.

The Akage continued to walk through this city, and which was now brightly lit by the morning’s sun. Akahana made sure her beige cloak covered her vivid red hair, she didn’t want to draw unwanted attention to herself. A small kiosk on the side of the road caught the curious traveller. Standing in the small booth was an elderly man, who seemed to be selling a collection of antiques. The twenty-one year old woman peered into the kiosk with a moment of slight curiosity. Just when her emerald eyes were about to avert away and resume her travels, an old brown book catches her attention. The book was titled: History of the World’s Soothsayers, which was surprising to find in today’s day and age. Hana picked up the book and flipped through its pages, however, the old man suddenly interrupted her, “Ma’am, you’ll have to purchase the book in order for you to read it.” Hana gave the old man a brief glance, and she rummaged through her pouch, pretending to take out some money; which she knew she did not have. At the right moment, the sly woman placed the book under her arm and dashed away, leaving behind a fuming old man who has just been robbed.

That old fart didn’t see that one coming, thought the cunning redhead as she ran through the city. The woman wasn’t planning on running off with the book, she just wanted time to read it then return it back to its owner…….possibly. She needed to make sure the book did not contain any information regarding her own clan’s history of soothsaying, and if it did, she'll have no choice but to dispose of it.

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Lebreus on Scion

Someone stole it....

A wind passed behind Lebreus who stood atonished at the news from the old man.

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???!!!!. The scream of the boy make all the birds to fly, however the vendor didn't move even a flinch.

Lebreus offered to Scion's scientist the posibility to experiment with his blood. He normally would oppose to that, but there was no way for Scion's force to beat the creatures that attacked the whole globe a few days ago. A hellish battle covered the whole earth, and even minor countries like this one have to battle for its survival. Scientists developed the called L-bomb, the first genetic bomb created with advanced technology and blood of Lebreus J. Himbeldt. Due to the Magic of Logic contained on Lebreus DNA they were able to beat the creatures by nullification of their powers. However due to this Lebreus couldn't help in the battle, still he protected his city. Due to blood loss, Lebreus had to stay on bed for some days, however he felt completely recovered this day, except for one thing. His Magic of Logic hasn't returned yet...

Lebreus took some hover boots from the lab and went to a kiosk to buy a book. His friend Friedritch, told him that the book may contain info about his power, because it contains some old legends from different tribes that is said they have special powers. But for the title it seemed to be just a common story book. With the boots, he managed to reach the store in little time, this curious shoes allowed him to move at an incredible speed, still they're made of some unknown material that can only be classified as unnatural, so they cannot work with the laws of natural; in other words, Lebreus cannof use the boots if his Logic power is active, however for now that wasn't an issue. The real issue was that some jerk stole the book that he needed and not only that, he also had the nerve to stole something from Scion while he was on there.

Old geezer! can you tell me how was that person?? I'll give him a good lesson.

A silence crossed between both, then suddenly a heavy blow was send to Lebreus's head

Who are you calling geezer, you little punk!!!. The angry man holding some kind of wood stick was screaming to Lebreus, after some apologies the man calm down.

It wasn't he, it was she, a girl that must be around your age, she went there said the man pointed to a direction, she should still be here, you'll recognize her easily, she looked like.... then the man gave a detailed description of the appareance of the girl. Without wasting time Lebreus quickly went to seek the girl using the hover shoes, making him to move faster.

Lebreus found the girl still runing and he quickly got near her, patted her on the shoulder and said. Excuse me my fellow thief, but it seems that you have something that I want, I'll normally would ask for it, but for now.... Lebreus extended his hand to grab the book from the girl with a quick move, developed thanks to his trainings.

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The young woman, who sprinted away from her crime scene was surprised to feel a pat on her shoulder, Could someone have caught up to me?! The redhead turned to see the person who managed to match her speed, and she now stood in front of a man who was taller than she was with shoulder-length black hair.

Excuse me my fellow thief, but it seems that you have something that I want, I'll normally would ask for it, but for now....” The keen traveller’s eyes widened as she saw the man reach out for the book she has lifted, in attempt to retrieve it. The woman took a swift step back, now approximately an arm’s length away from her pursuer. A cocky smirk stretched across the woman’s face, “That was a slick move you just pulled there; but sorry, I won’t let you take this book away from me that easily.” spoke Akahana flatly while placing the book in her pouch. The traveller then pulled out her small dagger from a leather strap tied around her right leg and quickly took a defensive stance, “If you want it, then you’ll have to take it from me by force.” continued the Red Demon, her emerald eyes fixated on her opponent.

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Take it by force huh? Thought the holder of Pandora, who clitched his tongue, he still was a bit tired for the blood exams, and hoped for this girl to be more... comprehensible; yet things never happen that way. "Always going for the hard way, we humans sure are weirds... sigh". Still as Lebreus expected this he was ready, due to the hover shoes he had some speed advantage, and also has his guns and moreover the Pandora's box, still if this girl were to have a supernatural ability Lebreus wouldn't be able to anulate it, because Magic of Logic wasn't working lately for some unknown reason, perphas the L-Bomb took all his power away??, however this was far from the truth. It was time to play with strategy.

Lebreus quickly pulled a gun from inside his jacket and pointed to the girl's head. "Ok, here is the deal, you give me the book and you live, otherwise... BANG!!! got it?" Lebreus wouldn't kill someone for a reason like this one, he fears the death, not only his death but others too, even if is a completely strager, of course he won't shot, but there was no way for the girl to know that, she'll probably give up, and lend the book, or at least he expected that

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