An indent in history {Kado vs Jhentoh}

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Kado, a.k.a. The Sadistic Saint, set silently on the roof of the Tellico church. His feet dangling down in the air, and like grass they were flowing carelessly with the flow of the wind. He had been there for about an hour, just thinking on what the world had become. How many rituals he had to complete just to eradicate his everday sins. He could sometime be called a murderer, a killer, a sinner. But he was none of that he only did what fate had set upon him. To the left of him his Kenudo, samurai sword, had been incased within its scabbard. To his right his gun within its holsters. Slowly dribbling, the clouds began to pour water from the skies. Moments later he found his jeans and shirt had been drenched. It had been his usual attire. He pulled the zipper up on his large trench coat, completely draped over his whole body. He then latched his gun holster onto his belt while he snatched the scabbard up and dived down into the air.


He landed feet flat on the hard cement in a dog like stance. As he completely stood up, he proceeded to his destination. However he had required making one stop. Still he planned to make it brief. After a short stride of about two hours he approached a small one-story edifice. As he entered the ancient dojo of Kanji, he moved toward a small metallic sat at the middle of the dojo floor. As he popped its latch, he opened it and retrieved a large cross-shaped belt buckle. It was a “family tradition.” In the old ancient scrolls, the cross meant that the holder would take death before defeat. And so he shall. As he departed from the building he pulled a pair on nunchucks from the wall. As he was back in the rain he continued his path to his long sought battle. He walked only three miles, before approaching a deserted outside battle ring, he stepped into the ring with his eyes closed tight.


He could sense his opponents arrival. “I was told you would be a worthy adversary. Yet it is as if I can smell your fear. A cruse battle this shall be, I swear upon the ancient spirits no to hold back. And for your sake, I hope you do the same.” Kado said as he released his eyelids. He analyzed his opponents every step in attempt to calculate the precise moment he would make his attacks. “Shall we begin?” The sadistic saint moved closer towards his challenger, as he drew the sword from its scabbard. Kado had pre-planned his first attack much early into the day, for preparation was always the number one key. He decided it was time to go in for assault. He leaned in towards his opponent and attempted to strike a “X’ slice on his foe. He then followed up with an axe kick to his opponents left shoulder.

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The only thing worse than a moving target is one that knows how to fight back. Apparently, no other bounty hunter was able to track this one down unless it was to their demise. The target was called Kado, but it just sounded like a lame idea for a comic book character to Dalek, after all; he had his share of "unbeatable" persons. Stormy skies were predicted and Dalek strapped on an old blue and white windbreaker, not worried that his body would turn to mud because of his artificial "skin", made from a concentrated layer of sand that was more like a latex or plastic than flesh.

~*~*~Several hours of miserable walking later...~*~*~

A landmark in the gulleys and trenches of downtown made no amount of sense; one made of well-kept steel made even less; but one with a solid figure in the middle who just so happened to be Kado made the absolute least.

Somehow, the metallic box reminded him of home, and the man standing in the middle of it reminded him of his good ol' dad, all tall and lean as he was...Dalek hated his father.

Already angry by the presence of his drenched windbreaker jacket, Dalek stripped a trench knife of its sheath, none too happy about the fight being in the rain. He traced a finger across the skull-shaped buttons along the knuckle and waited for his opponent to shut up. After he was done yappin', Dalek realized just how dangerous the guy was: a quick X-strike with dual swords made Dalek's reflexes soar into raw adrenaline as he barely managed to block it, his arm quivering from the swiftness of using so many muscles in such a compacted period of time. Dalek finally managed to force him back with a quick jabbing motion, but was replied with an Achilles' tendon hammered into his shoulder. Backing off, Dalek lunged forward as if planning a straightforward tackle, but instead twisted upward and had a clean shot at knocking Kado's head off with a clothesline.

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In his utter cockiness, Kado laughed at the face that his axe kick had been successful. He could see that the level of affect from the attack had not been major, but decent. As said earlier Kado had been watching the way Jhentoh shifted his body from foot to foot, so he could determine when the next strike was to come. From what he was presently analyzing the next attack was only a few seconds away. Now! Jhentoh, lunged into Kado's lower body but then adjusted his movements to fast for the Sadistic Saint to counter it. Instead with the little time he had before impact, he propelled himself in the air just a little to the point his head was clear of being struck. As Jhentoh smashed into Kado's torso he was nearly thrown into a building about fifteen feet away. The brick wall crumbled over his head, from the collision with his body. He rested for several minutes recalling the statement he had heard about his opponent. "Becareful Kado......hes coldblooded.....he heartless.......and extremely dangerous."  Well the good thing was this would be the first worthy battle he had in years. His last challenger, was fortunate enough to die with dignity. But he saw now that he would have to fight with much more preplanning for this combatant.

He was already beginning to feel the pain inflicted from the blow in his right ankle, which unfortunately had been severly twisted. He extended his arm out in dire pain as he twisted the foot back in place his heart and breathing began to move much quicker then before. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a white bottel. Launching one of the painkiller in his mouth, he sweeped away the debris with his arms. As he stood with a high limp as he moved towards his opponent. He could slowly feel the rate of antagonism boiling quickly. As he continued toward his rival he had been donning a batle position iwth the nunchucks equiped. He estimated precisely the right time to attack, as he moved towards Jhentoh. As he came closer he struck several times at his opponents lower legs, and then executed a roundhouse with his left leg. At the same time his left leg was ready to make contact he withdrew his Desert Eagle, which had been beuatiful from start to end..its golden lining of tribal markings stood out goon in the moonlight, as he drew the trigger he repeated in several time firing three shots into his opponents left arm. AS he landed he extended his leg out over the battle surface and spoke "I must appologize, you aare much more experienced then I expected. However, that just makes this much more interesting.

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A beautiful homerun and the guy went down for several minutes, his grunts more like a prelude to an avenging strike. However, Kado just bit the bullet and came back up. Jhentoh could see that this wasn't going to be as easy as he had planned. Kado withdrew his arms and came back around with a set of nunchucks, his body already making motions to charge headfirst. This made Jhentoh raise an eyebrow in stark confusion: this guy was supposed to be a dangerous mastermind, why was he risking everything on a charge?

"Whatever." he said to himself, bracing for impact.

He managed to deflect the incoming bar with his trench knife, but didn't foresee a swift kick to his face, followed by three bullets laid into his shoulder. Jhentoh staggered from the kick, but popped his neck back into place, swiping the torn material of his jacket away from his wounds as his sand body twisted and turned like a child's windup toy in the motion of expelling the bullets, their casings unharmed. He noticed his regeneration process was slower because of the rain and decided it would be wise to not use it again during the battle.

"I must apologize, you are much more experienced than I expected. However, that just makes this much more interesting." Kado said, his arrogance showing again.

"Pfft," Jhentoh replied, "you haven't seen anything yet."

With a quick flick of his wrist, Jhentoh had tossed a ring of bombs around Kado, all with a powerful nerve gas within them. All of the bombs, save for the farthest points, had been set to detonate at that exact instant in time, while the four remaining bombs were set to explode if Kado moved.
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You haven’t seen anything yet. Were the last words that Kado heard before a yellow cloud began to form around him. His skin began to get more drooping, and there was an irritating alarm going off into his ears. These was only the effects of one thing, nerve gas. If had been any other gas his anaerobic ability, would have showed for great use. He knew he had to do something quick. He began recalling all of his other aptitudes and tried to think of which would work. He created a wall of fire to bind with molecules with gas, and burn them away like it does oxygen. After about ten minutes when he felt as if it had been burned away for sure he bowed to his opponent for his amazing performance. However he wasn’t stupid, he knew his opponent was smart. He channeled his different types of visions in his brain. He could go from, insects to firearms. Now he was looking for any type of hazardous molecules. Of course the whole atmosphere had hazardous molecules but the bombs had stood out the most.


It was basic instinct to know these were motion detected. He twisted his body into sever different positions gently as he used both his power of telekinesis and psionics to transport the bombs around his opponent. “You really pushing my buttons kid! Its time for me to finish you once and for all.” The Sadistic Saint prepared his fatality move as he went into meditation form in mid air. His blade laid across his folded legs and began to glow a steamy red. He pulled out a small rolled parchment and unrolled it. He read several words form the parchment as his body had a yellow glow around it. Still hovering, he slowly restored his injured skin while knowing his opponent was occupied. As he once again let his feet touch the ground, he spun twice as he struck the blade in the air. And sever blades of fire were formed straight towards Jhentoh. It was one of them most know traditions in his family. The phantom of dominance waited impatiently for the fire blades to hit their mark. Not only would his foe need to worry about the bombs but the blades as well….


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It was like a bad carnival ride that never seemed to end. Kado was much more the telepathic mass-murderer than the job description had let on about and was making everything spin around it Jhentoh's head. His own bombs were lifted against him and he didn't move a muscle for a while, but just stood there, even as Kado chanted some foreign language, making the metal underneath the two creak and turn in torture.

"You really are pushing my buttons kid! It's time for me to finish you once and for all." Kado said, taking a stance in midair, a stance like he was sitting on the floor in a dojo or something.

"Who does he think he's talking to? Do I really look like a freaking kid to you?!?!" Jhentoh yelled inside his head, wishing it would come out of his mouth, but that would spoil the plan.

If this were a carnival, the ride would be spinning faster and faster, and all around him, Jhentoh felt like his brain was going to explode, but he suddenly noticed something: as Kado was chanting the spell, the rain was stopping. The cloud of yellow dust eventually disappeared, but Jhentoh seemed locked up, as if nothing could budge him. Kado stopped blabbering and in a flash of red there were a set of blades around Jhentoh's adversary, whirling and dancing in a mirror image of the flames that engulfed them.

An instant later, and Jhentoh's eyes flooded crimson, his mouth overflowing with blood as the blades dug deep into his form and out the other side. His body exploded into a red cloud, disappearing into the evening moonlight. It seemed to be over, but the dogs and cats still cowered in the alleyways, expecting a climax to this conflict.

Jhentoh rose again, like a spiral from the mist, and his head tipped the spire as it reclined into a body, the sand not as dry as he would have liked, but still useful. He looked playfully at Kado, his arms dangling as his neck leaned forward, his head tilted at an angle and his eyes yellow like a cat's. From the back of his throat came a laughter, almost like a purr, and he straightened his posture.

"Back again, baby!" he yelled, the trench knife still dangling from his fingers.

Jhentoh strutted and stepped, dancing to the invisible crowds around him, and to the judge named Kado, all the while tossing explosives everywhere and anywhere, like a child throws jacks across the kitchen floor, his gleeful laughter intermingled with the miscellaneous cracks and kabooms. This was an attempt to lure Kado closer, to where Jhentoh could outflank him, and if successful, a quick jab at the throat with a blade would be just enough to finish this night.
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“Mwahwahwahwah” Kado let off an ear throbbing wicked laugh, which proved that for this encounter it seemed that his neutral soul was slowly leaning towards the side of darkness. The blazing blades had pierced without flaw into Jhentoh’s corpse as blood streamed from several different places. He watched as his opponent’s body burst into a red smoke cloud. The death of Jhentoh was followed with a fist pump action into the air as Kado claimed his victory. He turned into the dark streets leaving the battlefield.


The only sound that could be perceived was the sound of the sole of his boots tapping off the ground. Then in a sudden second it was the sound of wind and he could feel his torso being blown forward. He turned back around as three words fell off the tip of his tongue….”What the fu*k!” What seemed to be figure in the cold icing winds, soon formed his, thought to be deceased, foe Jhentoh. It had been an act only said to be performed by a higher ruler. In his eyes, Jhentoh was starting to appear as if he was an actual ruler of darkness. Jhentoh hurled explosives over the ground as he seemed to dance his way towards Kado. The ground began to crack nearly forcing Kado to move in on his combatant. Little did he know Jhentoh had another trick up his sleeves as he came closer he was put to the test, as Jhentoh stabbed a trench knife at his neck.


With perfect agility the Holy Sinner pulled his body down into a back bend thrusting his arm into the air letting it take the blade’s strike. As he did so he flipped back, increasing the distance between he and his opponent as he looked at Jhentoh and removed the phony arm. He rolled his fingers as the bones in his hands gave off a low cracking sound. “See I can do magic too.” He had be more careful around Jhentoh, he was just as good as he was, if not better.


In an act of retaliation the Sadistic Saint propelled himself into the high airs as he drew another two handed blade. It had been a warrior’s two hand sword made of a rare ore known as rune. He then used his holographic powers two create hoaxes of himself in front of Jhentoh, which followed with him launching the sword at Jhentoh’s head. Right before he landed he tossed six short dagger, from his belt, at his enemies feet. He then landed with his cloak over his body as he spoke. “Only I shall prevail as for you will surrender due to absolute agony.”   

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Jhentoh was still laughing, snickering, giggling, by the time Kado had begun his gruesome march toward salvation. Already, this foe was showing intellect and cunning on a level Jhentoh thought was long gone, disappeared, to the world. Already, he was becoming interested in having whatever Kado had thrown at him.

In a cry of joy, his mask was stretched, letting a chilling scream of pleasure crack the air as a whip against flesh. He followed the real Kado, on the far left, and the actions of his sword, which soared directly at him with velocity belonging to bullets fired from guns. He evaded, but only barely, and narrowed his eyes with satisfaction as his face was cut, accented with a light spray of blood and the consequent stain upon his face. Jhentoh also saw the knives, and put a hand to the ground, feeling the texture of the metal for a moment, before forcing his arm into a right angle, compressing the muscles into such a confined space so quickly, and his body lurched back into a standing position, clear from the knives that would have otherwise impaled his torso.

“Only I shall prevail as for you will surrender due to absolute agony.” Kado said, his arrogance showing that he expected this plan to succeed.

Jhentoh smiled and straightened his posture, popping his elbow back into place with a loud crack. He regained what compsure was left and dusted off his chest.

"That sounds...delicious..." Jhentoh replied, his fingers quivering for the warmth of blood. He inched a hand to the cut on his face, but rejected his own flesh and laughed once. His blood was cold and filthy, and he scorned himself within his mind.

Without thought, hesitation, or any manner of warning, the metal underneath Jhentoh's feet became a portal and he vanished. All signs of life around his previous plane of physical embodiment were gone; and the metal was then metal again. Suddenly, his voice was everywhere, but his body was nowhere, and it called out:

"Kado, look around you: the bricks, the metal, the stone: you're surrounded."

He reappeared, without sound or shadow, with his trench knife firm in his grasp, behind Kado, with his hand raised high to strike. And if Kado were to retalliate before the fatal blow...Jhentoh would be gone: a ghost in the mist, waiting for the right moment in time.....
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"Kado look around you: the bricks, the metal, the stone: you're surrounded."

Following Jhentoh's voice, Kado could feel a silver blade attempt to penetrate his dark yet pale skin. His body was different from other, it was like a machine it even had its own self defense mechanism. As the knife almost pierced through the back of his into his spinal cord, his body automatically begun to take extreme measure. His chest shot out as a liquid metal left from his mouth and followed under his clothing until it had completely surrounded the surface of his skin. He could hear the trench knife slowly being eaten by the liquid metallic substance. It was made to stop any man made substance from coming in contact with its crreator.

Kado knew in the back of his head that Jhentoh had been two smart to let him get two retaliation strikes on him thats why he had planned something earlier. When he had sent the blades of inferno at Jhentoh earlier he had activated his dark arts and used his morphing abilities to make the ordinary alley cats become great felines.

Two lions, a panther, three tigers, a leopard, and a cheetah. He used his anilism to contact thier minds and tell thme to strike on the sound of a whistle. He knew that Jhentoh would only evade if he went in for the assault, but maybe if Jhentoh didnt see his assailants coming then he would not be fast enough to vanish.

Kado puckered his lips as he let the soft whistle flow between them. Several seconds' later he could hear the roar of the felines but he didnt turn around to see if they had succeded in thier attack instead he sent an orb of heaven's light at each building before him. It was basic knowldge to know that dark magic was not able to enter those things blessed by holy light. Holding his position not even budging he stood and spoke.

"No my foe, you are surrounded!"
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It was similar to an episode of the Twilight Zone, or maybe Peewee's Playhouse. Already, Kado had proven himself more than an enemy, but a godlike being that could do anything he wanted to do without being bound by third dimensional law. Jhentoh threw away his knife, which was becoming eaten by an acid, which burned through nothing else but the knife. And Kado did something to the cats, changing them into monsters of foreign lands. Jhentoh raised his arms carefully, but sank back into the world.

"I cannot win against you as I had planned, Kado," his voice rang out again," but I will confront you again when I deem it so."

Suddenly, the enormous felines were impaled by spikes bent from the metal, their most precious organs struck first in order to ensure a successful fatality. The gargantuan thorns receeded and the cats vanished without a trace. Kado seemed to know his foe more than Jhentoh did. The walls closed in on themselves, becoming a large ring, and the stage was surrounded. Street lamps appeared like sticks from mud and molded into the walls, providing precious light for the battle to come. Jhentoh suddenly emerged behind Kado, dancing and laughing madly at what he had created. If his foe wasn't too tenacious, Jhentoh would say:

"Let us begin this fight again, and properly." And become as a warrior before a battle and don a stance of mixed offense and defense.

If Kado refused to be civilized, Jhentoh would simply retaliate by impaling him from behind, through the spinal cord, with another metal thorn.
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The fight was little by little leaning into Kado's favor but still he could sense that Jhentoh had gotten out of situation like this many times before. He had shown that no matter what Kado threw, he could throw it right back. It was as if no matter how much preparation he did before the fight Jhentoh would always be one step ahead.That wasn't good. The Holy Sinner listened to the cries of the enormous cats, and turned to see Jhentoh still standing.

"Let us begin this fight again, and properly."

Jhentoh spoke as he went into his battle stances. Kado glared into his cold dark eyes, it was something he saw in man or mutant for that matter. It was as if he was looking over the land of hell itself. There was something odd about his opponent, it was if he had a guardian angel or guardian demon in this case. "Give me a second." He said as he moved towards a building wall, and grabbed what seemed to be an abandoned beat suitcase. "I'm always prepared."

He was familiar with this part of town, scatter from city to city he had one special aid suitcase. He popped the locks on it and retrieved a vest, as he discarded his ripped torso and trench coat. Pouring the bottle of alcohol onto his cuts, not even making a frown, he put the black leather vest on. It was as thick as a bullet proof one. He then reached into the suitcase and pulled out a whip, usually used in carnival to tain wild animals. And well.....Jhentoh was a wild animal. He slapped the long ten foot whip across the cement beside Jhentoh, as he spoke.

"I can read people form their eyes Jhentoh. You want to know what yours told me? You've been cheating death for quite some time. You can not keep playing fate! Someday you will have to die! And that will start right..." He let about ten seconds go by before continuing "now!"

He bent down to the ground almost as if he was kneeling and he swung the whip at his opponents legs in attempt to sweep him off his feet.
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Kado was becoming somewhat of a nuisance; every attack Jhentoh threw at him, Kado was immune to it and every attack Kado had in store, he had something grander in scheme and scale. Jhentoh's mask contorted; a smile; and he moved to the edge of the metal stage, sitting down with his feet dangling. He simply watched as Kado applied medical supplies, like a boy watching his father apply bandage to an open cut. Kado wheeled around with a whip and Jhentoh couldn't help but chuckle.

"I can read people by their eyes, Jhentoh. You want to know what yours told me? You've been cheating death for quite some time. You cannot keep playing fate! Someday you will have to die! And that will start right..." Kado drifted off.

Jhentoh continued to watch Kado. He just sat there, expecting something to happen beyond long-winded speeches and otherworldly magic.

"But cheating's my best subject, Kado-kun." Jhentoh said, rising into a standing position and applying some distance between himself and the edge of the stage.


This moment was his! Jhentoh watched the whip slid across the area around him, slapping it with a disheartening crack, but as Kado threw it at his foe, Jhentoh raised himself upon his arms and laughed as the whip wrapped around his forearm. Then, springing quickly in a standing position, Jhentoh pulled with a sudden surge of power. In his opposite hand was raised a machete and he sought to dismember his foe piece by piece.
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"But cheating is my best subject, kado-Kun." 

Jhentoh had snatched the whip out of Kado's hand. And now he was left defenseless. His opponent took this opportunity to strike with large blade. Not even knowing if hs opponent was going to go offense with the machete, Kado executed a round hoous kick attempting to knock it out of Jhentoh's hand. But he as to high, not only did the blade not budge bu it left throbbing pain in his bottom left leg. Kado looked at his surrounding looking for any object wich would have been of assistance for his next assault. He used his wind powers to lift a ball of dst into the air in front of him, slightly blowing form his lips the dust was sent fying towards his adversary's eyes.He then realized the blunt object before him, a small broke pipe. He pulled his elbows back as he leaped into the dust filled area not even being able to see Jhentoh, but once he could he would go in for a strike at the chest.

"And unfortunately for you, winning is my best subject."
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"And unfortunately for you, winning is my best subject."

Jhentoh saw the measure of Kado's sheer arrogance in his eyes and the execution of his attacks: Kado was getting desperate, but would never admit it. This was the only thing Jhentoh would learn from this fight if nothing else would happen. Kado moved with swiftness and lashed out with underhanded blows, ranging from spraying dirt in Jhentoh's face to hitting him with busted pipes. Jhentoh clawed at his eyes, not because of the dirt, but because of the shards of broken glass that he was surprised by and thus couldn't break down soon enough into his body. They lacerated his flesh, but his vision endured, if barely, and he was able to lash out at the broken pipe Kado had mustered.

He finally managed to break down the glass and the blood halted its flow. His mask contorted as he smiled underneath it.

"Such an honorable person, aren't you?"

Jhentoh suddenly pounced upon Kado, meaning to catch him with a sharp head-butt before trying to stab at his forehead with the immense blade created for chopping through thick jungle plants with a single strike. Jhentoh was becoming tired, both physically and mentally; this fight had lasted longer than he anticipated and his foe was still able to summon a defense system of random powers. Still, Jhentoh had his clockwork mind somewhat in order, and if his calculations of Kado's ego were correct, he would have just enough time to slip a highly toxic capsule down Kado's throat between his head-butt and the stabbing technique.
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He was running out of ideas, this guy was throwing more things then Kado could catch. It was time to put his intelligence into action. Well first off this guys body is somehow composed of sand. And apparently he could somehow, rebuild himslef after being splattered. Sand! He had it but he had to time it right...Jhentoh plunged at him with a blade and immediately Kado stirked at the building's waterline next to him. He knew once the water made contact with his opponent's sand he would be stiffened. however during the midst of stopping his opponent a small pill was thrown intop his mouth and he mistakenly swallowed it. He wasnt abotu to let it sow him down though, it was probably going to be deluted by his body systems making it harmless. He prepared his next attack with, a chain that had been wrapped around his waist beneath his belt. He then swung it at his opponent. But before he could swing hard enough to hit his opponent he feel to the ground, and blood began to cough up from his mouth.

What..what have you done?
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Jhentoh was suddenly splattered with water. Not clean water, mind you, but soggy and murky water from the city's underbelly. He screamed and choked, muttered curses and profanities, but all the same remained human in shape. He crawled over to the hunched-over Kado, wailing in pain, but lurched his head up with a sharp motion, his mask shredding and a large smile on his face. Only one eye was seen, the tatters of his mask holding it together beyond that, but there was a curious thing about his face.

"I'M MELTED!!!!!" he screamed, the visage of a skull placed behind his mask instead of solid flesh.

He reached out to Kado's collar and laughed like he was losing his mind, rolling on his back and the tendons in his neck stretched. He was holding onto his ribs before he finally mustered himself to stand on his feet, but he soon found himself kneeling and staring into Kado's eyes, that smile still plastered on his face.

"What? Doesn't it feel good? I thought you wanted to give me absolute agony?" he moved in close, like a predator to prey, but lashed out with frightening volume backing his voice. "ANSWER ME!!! But, I warn you, the more you talk, the more you breathe, the more you's a game...right now, that thing you swallowed is eating you alive, and adrenaline makes it faster, stronger. It's attacking you at a cellular level...cell by cell...soon," he stood and started to reel and dance madly, "that defense system of yours is just going to be another tumor; that's right! Soon there's nothing but a hunk of dead cells under your skin!!! Wouldn't that just be..." a sniff, like he was crying and he continued, "beautiful?"
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