An indent in history {Kado vs Jhentoh}

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Kado, a.k.a. The Sadistic Saint, set silently on the roof of the Tellico church. His feet dangling down in the air, and like grass they were flowing carelessly with the flow of the wind. He had been there for about an hour, just thinking on what the world had become. How many rituals he had to complete just to eradicate his everday sins. He could sometime be called a murderer, a killer, a sinner. But he was none of that he only did what fate had set upon him. To the left of him his Kenudo, samurai sword, had been incased within its scabbard. To his right his gun within its holsters. Slowly dribbling, the clouds began to pour water from the skies. Moments later he found his jeans and shirt had been drenched. It had been his usual attire. He pulled the zipper up on his large trench coat, completely draped over his whole body. He then latched his gun holster onto his belt while he snatched the scabbard up and dived down into the air.


He landed feet flat on the hard cement in a dog like stance. As he completely stood up, he proceeded to his destination. However he had required making one stop. Still he planned to make it brief. After a short stride of about two hours he approached a small one-story edifice. As he entered the ancient dojo of Kanji, he moved toward a small metallic sat at the middle of the dojo floor. As he popped its latch, he opened it and retrieved a large cross-shaped belt buckle. It was a “family tradition.” In the old ancient scrolls, the cross meant that the holder would take death before defeat. And so he shall. As he departed from the building he pulled a pair on nunchucks from the wall. As he was back in the rain he continued his path to his long sought battle. He walked only three miles, before approaching a deserted outside battle ring, he stepped into the ring with his eyes closed tight.


He could sense his opponents arrival. “I was told you would be a worthy adversary. Yet it is as if I can smell your fear. A cruse battle this shall be, I swear upon the ancient spirits no to hold back. And for your sake, I hope you do the same.” Kado said as he released his eyelids. He analyzed his opponents every step in attempt to calculate the precise moment he would make his attacks. “Shall we begin?” The sadistic saint moved closer towards his challenger, as he drew the sword from its scabbard. Kado had pre-planned his first attack much early into the day, for preparation was always the number one key. He decided it was time to go in for assault. He leaned in towards his opponent and attempted to strike a “X’ slice on his foe. He then followed up with an axe kick to his opponents left shoulder.

Post by Kado (227 posts) See mini bio Level 5
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