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50 km to the East of Tokyo the forgotten military base of Torashima stands in the middle of the ocean, constructed over an artificial island, filled with old and rusted dockyards and ships of a long ended conflict. Constructed for WWII this base served as nexus to the Pacific Fleet and remained hidden thanks to the intelligent design, which allowed them to hide it during the day through a complicated array of mirrors installed in the walls. Now the island, silent for so long haves people and not ghosts of a forgotten age roaming its ruined streets and buildings, the Amaterasu, a lost vessel during the WWII was recovered not long ago and it was dragged here, they tried to move it to the city, yet the experts underestimated the submarine weight and before getting the cords and cables cut they decided to establish the laboratory in Torashima, the nearest island. Leading the research party is the General Yamato Teppo of the Self Defense Force and the head scientist is Doctor George Takezo, a Japanese/American scholar, specialized in metallic elements, as the main point of this operation is to recuperate the samples of Benkeinium the metal found by the Amaterasu crew almost 70 years ago.

-So Doctor? What do we have here?- The general flanked by his trusted advisors politely asked about the status. General Teppo was 66 years old and was one of the oldest active high ranking officers, he wasn’t physically imposing but he was known for his cunning and wits, not to mention his preference for strategy and intelligence over brute force. Doctor Takezo wasn’t a young man, yet his constantly blackened face and his hairy, puffy from explosions and such made him look much younger; his almost child-like smile also helped. –I’m getting there boss, yet the hull is much more durable that what I thought- The Doctor said while stopping with the blowtorch and lifting his mask. The General sighed at the informality of George’s response and left to check the main communication room so he could connect with the perimeter guards, they boat bringing the mercenaries was about to reach the docks and all the guards were in their proper posts nothing seem to be happening. But in this clear and cold night something was about to happen, as this operation wasn’t as secret as General Teppo thought.

Near the perimeter a small ship was waiting to start the operation. Mangetsu troopers crowding the deck and 4 particular individuals, a buxom woman using only skin tight full body outfit and strategically placed pieces of armor armed with a multitude of small custom handguns. She seems to be leading the operation; she is the former Western Wasp, the 4 Number, now only going by Wasp. Alongside her the new soldier of Mangetsu, Shingetsu, a marvel of technology with a organic core, a very scary core, Masako Hihashi, the Ever Evolving Canibal suited in high tech armor. The Yowamushi siblings armed with their bizarre styles of swordsmanship. –People we need to do this fast and do it right, so let’s move!- Wasp issued the orders as the boat started moving. Standing in the tip of the helm Aoi used her Blade Puppetry to kill silently the crew of the two nearest boats, just after the Mangetsu Intelligence told them the 15 minutes check had passed. Masako was sitting on the roof with his legs hanging down while behind the mask he licked his lips, expecting for a banquet. Zan was standing right next to him using a handkrief to clean his tears –How sad, how sad, this beautiful full moon will see the blood we will spill-

In an abandoned dockyard the Mangetsu troops started building their HQ for the operation, while Wasp coordinated their next move. –Shingetsu you bring their attention, Aoi and Zan will look for their bosses and kill them, I’ll scout the area and report back here so we can have constant control over the area. The troops will establish a beach head here to ensure our escape.- All took their orders and left, starting to move through the ruined base. Masako made more noise than a hundred men, crashing through buildings, in less than a minute the soldier were already establishing defensive position that would serve to no avail against the rampage of Masako, that with the helmet opening like a dented mouth seemed demoniac and even the veteran soldiers start to fear him. The Yowamushi brothers dashed through the city aiming for the enemy HQ to take out everyone and leave the Self Defense without leadership. Meanwhile General Teppo was meeting the mercenaries’ boat. – Welcome to Torashima, it seems you arrived just in time, a unknown group is attacking our forces, so get to work, I’ll give you intel as soon as we get it, grab one of those communicators.- Teppo pointed at a table with earpieces.

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@Kuro_San: Arsenal walked through the dock, eyes closed as it quickly turned into a warzone.

Masako had worried him for some time, ever since that encounter back at the Black Stone prison. Since then, Arsenal had, using his ability as a code, been aware of his location and mental state. It was not a pleasant arrangement, especially when flashes of his bloodlust went through Arsenal's mind, leaving his bloody footprints inside his mind without so much as wiping his shoes.

As he got closer, he started probing the minds of those that passed by him. Masako had been altered. He was beyond human now, a biological weapon codenamed Shingetsu.

He was aware of the mercenaries coming to aid the research team here, to fight against Mangetsu. But Arsenal was not one of them. He had one agenda this night.

He found his target.

"Masako Hihashi" Arsenal announced loudly, attracting the attention of those around him as he stood there, hand in the pockets of his blue business suit. "It's not like you to leave a meal unfinished. You didn't even take me home in a doggie bag."

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A small stealth sub moved through the murky waters of the pacific. Moving quietly and shift at forty miles an hour while being slightly below the ocean’s surface, On board were three of FABLE’s finest agents that went by the codenames The Cheshire Cat, Red Riding Hood, and Rikki Tikki Tavi. “Five minutes till we are in visual range of the base, a good time for you two to perform a weapons check before we dock yes. Red Riding Hood recommended in her heavy French accent while she still piloted the sub. Tavi started to expect her gear, “Laser sighting, check, Mask HUD display options Thermal, Night, NAV, Zoom, check, Solomite stealth suit is fully operational, and trigger mechanisms for all guns and wrist crossbow are a go”. Cat went the same procedure as Tavi, but had one other thing. “Plan C, The Honey Pot is also ready to go!” Cat said with a slight smile on his face. Cat was an explosives expert and bomb and maker. The bomb will be FABLE’s last ditch effort if they could not secure the Benkeinium from the sub.

“Cat, Tavi, we are getting in visual range of the island, put it on screen now. Red said to the two while pressing a few buttons on the holographic dash board. There was already a fight brewing at the edge of the beach. General Teppo’s mercenaries were fighting an unknown group of hostiles. “Tavi do you recognize these guys?” Cat asked while looking in her direction. “No I haven’t seen this group before, but they could be part of that mysterious organization we have been hearing rumors about around the Tokyo HQ. Cat crossed his arms and continued to watch the screen. …“Mangetsu, if they are a part of that organization then we have to secure the Benkeinium as quickly as possible.” Tavi put her hand on Red Riding Hood’s shoulder; “We can’t afford a fight on the beach right now it will simply delay us. Punch it towards the eastern side of the island. We will go around and head in that way” Tavi told her.

Red nodded her head in agreement, and start to head towards the eastern side of the island. It took only ten minutes to go around undetected. The coast was clear and the sub began to rise from the ocean. Once there the hatch at the top of the sub began to open, Tavi and Cat exited the sub and hopped down to the wet beach of the island. They pointed there modified M16A5 assault rifles around the scenery to double check the area. Once the coast was clear Tavi and Cat dashed forth into the terrain.

Moving through the artificial they heard a man shout forth from a distance. “Masako Hihaski!” Tavi and Cat moved toward the origin of the shout. A man in a blue business suit was calling out a large man in a demonic looking helmet “Well it didn’t take long for things to get weird around here.” Cat whispered to Tavi. She heard what Cat had to say but she was still trying to think of a way around them. “Cat, once they start fighting we will make a break for it, try not to do anything crazy”. Tavi said to cat slightly holding her fist to Cat telling him to get ready for her signal.

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The Boat to Torashima, Japan

The Last Gunslinger, Crow Cementerio was hunched over the side of a boat filled with mercenaries puking up his guts, with every churn of the boat the fearsome bounty hunter was rendered useless. Because apparent weakness when getting wet he wasn’t fond of boats not matter how big or small let alone being on the water. The boat was heading to an island 50 km from Japan, the boat was heading there because apparently a legendary submarine, known as the Amaterasu had turned up the sub was being examined at the island. The general of the Special Defense Force was leading the research team and had requested a group of trained mercenaries to aid in defending the vessel and island. Yet despite being a bounty hunter not a mercenary Crow was on this boat because Yamato Teppo, the general, was a friend of Usso Namae who recently helped Crow while the gunslinger protected the Japanese entrepreneur during his last job so as a favor to Namae Crow volunteered to help General Teppo. Why does this boat ride have to take forever? I feel like I’m going puke up my entire stomach. Why couldn’t I agree to take out the guy’s garbage? Not even that Callis opted to join me on this mission he must have known better. Just like at this boat this aren’t mercenaries they are killers, this is why I hate mercenaries they are guns for hire black or white cash is always green. The boat churned again and so did Crow’s stomach. The gunslinger was dressed in his usual cowboy attire, a dark brown jacket with eagle wings on the back over a white shirt, black pants with brown cowboy boots, his holster and Quicksilver at his waist and beloved cowboy hat on his head. Expect the gunslinger’s jacket hid the brace on his right arm, having suffered an injury while protecting Namae, the brace was black and went from wrist all the way to shoulder. While being a bit on the bulky side it didn’t hinder his movement to much and could act as a pretty good defense being made of a durable yet flexible plastic. The boat churned yet again and Crow’s lunch went over the side of the boat.

The Rail-gun’s cowboy hat was pulled low over his eyes to hide his sea sick expression but he was able to make out some people on the boat, one of them was the deadly luchador turned mercenary El Osa, another was the deadly killer who used sound as a weapon Jean “Shriek” DeLuc, and more violent mercenaries. The Last Gunslinger now even wished that Callis was with him, because while the warrior was shy he was strong and fun also he was a bit on the naïve so it would be cool to show him around and teach him a thing or two. Simply put Callis is a bounty hunter with great potential. If didn’t take long for the boat and Crow’s stomach to roll but as he was seeing the last thing he ate Crow could hear the faint echo of gunshots on board of the ship. As they got closer it became more evident as he heard the sounds of gun fire and could just get the faint hint of gun powder and blood in the air, by the sound of that fire they are using automatic weapons, high quality too whoever is shooting are armed well. This means they are probably financed well also; I guess things just got a hell of a lot more interesting. It didn’t take long from that point for the boat to pull in and the general to inform the motley crew of mercenaries that there were some enemies and they were being attack. Not wanting to be on the sickening boat a moment longer Crow rushed off in front of everyone and ran past the general giving him a passing smirk, the Lightning Revolver smirked he was running basically head first into who knows what or who he was relying on his Gunslinger’s instinct and training to find his way. The only thing going through his head was what the old shaman had told him not long before he came to Japan and one thing kept playing into his head, The summer of the Red Moon is new, what did that old man mean? Summer of the Red Moon. Is this the beginning of this Red Moon is it just going to be one battle after another. The Gunslinger looked to the sky the full moon hung high and bright but wait maybe it was just his mind playing with him, the moon did seem to have a red tint to it this. Crow looked around again and then he spotted it a normal person wouldn’t have but he could, his eyes were trained to spot stuff like this, just glistening in the light of the moon was a what appeared to be a wire. Crow moved closer drawing his revolver slowly he smirked yep it was a wire thinner than a needle yet it was there, the Rail-gun pulled on it using his gun.

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Masako, completed covered in the Shingetsu outfit turned around when hearing his name. The Young Psychopath knew that voice and could feel the scent of hard and almost rancid meat, no matter how fresh it seemed from the outside. The guy he killed in the Black Stone Prison was alive for some reason. This could upset or confuse other people, yet the Ever Evolving Cannibal didn’t questioned what brought the strange man with the jerky tasting meat into this island, he only would thank whoever granted him the chance of killing Arsenal once again, this time using his newfound suit and training to destroy him once and for all. –You aren’t a meal worth eating Mr. Jerky-meat. And the only place I’ll take you is to hell!.- as a punctuation point to that statement the bio-electricity he could produce feed the suit and a pair of beam blades surged from the upper side of his wrist. The new Mangetsu Operative rushed at great speed with both blades leaving a trail of sparks in the ground as he dragged them, a barrage of slashes was Masako’s greeting to Arsenal, aiming to cut him in pieces….

Meanwhile, three of FABLE best field agents watched the situation from a safe distance as they strategized their next move. But their presence wasn’t unnoticed, Wasp, the Former Number, pinpointed their location from afar, thanks to her goggles, she relay the location to Zan and Aoi, the Yowamushi Siblings and ordered them to attack the trio of Special Agents. The Twins climbed the building in a couple of well-connected tic-tac jumping with another nearby storage and reached the top landing behind the FABLE agents. –How Sad, How Sad, is to find three little birds in our mission, isn’t it dear sister?- Zan, the Weeping Swordsman cleaned his tears with a silk handkerchief, while his other hand rested over the pommel of his blade, made of the secret Shinkuu Kurogane alloy, a well-kept recipe of the Yowamushi clan. His weapon was called Musei Naku and thanks to Zan skill it blade wasn’t ever seen as his Battou and Nottou speed were basically off the charts. –How Amusing, How Amusing, the little birdies think they can get into our fun? That’s a big no- Aoi spoke with child-like tone as she started unwrapping the bandages around the myriad of short blades she used to battle, each sword connected to a string, giving her the nickname of Blade Pupeteer. As she placed her hands in the cords gloves to control the blades, her expression shifted from childish innocence to a warped grin that easily showed her deeply disturbed mental state, her arms also tightened showing the incredible muscular development she needed to control the blades. The Silbings attacked, Zan dashing forward with a blinding fast Iai slash and his sister Aoi using her technique to protect him creating a shield of dancing blades around her brother and her.

Wasp had set traps around her while she established a “pit stop” for her scouting escapades where she could place ammunition and extra guns in case of needing them, as well to avoid over encumbering herself with too much weight, a problem that could result being fatal in a combat situation. The Deadly Spy was in a constant state of alert, after her 3 Mission with the Numbers, the one in Shinjuku, she decided to leave them. Vampire and Demon were crazy and Beetle scared her out. She tried to keep the sultry spy façade to protect her mind, but after witnessing some of the monsters she saw that night, the young woman, not so long ago working on industrial espionage and some high rollers assassin wasn’t ready to get as involved with the Inner World as the other Numbers already were. She took the job in Mangetsu to get protection from the Numbers and ended up getting away from some monster to have to train and lead others. Zan and Aoi were incredible and really disturbed, to the point of ignoring the fact that both killed their whole clan in a fit of rage, but Masako, or better said Shingetsu was truthfully a monster, a wild beast that was chained into a suit to control him, luring the bastard into it by offering him more power that what he already wielded with such contempt to others. Wasp was lost in this thought when one of her traps exploded, a clear sign of an intruder nearby. The Former Number jumped from her hideout and landed over a ruined structure than only had rusted and contorted beams of steel like the bare skeleton of what once was a mighty building, with the rubble and debris as chunks of meat de-attached from the dry bones. Wasp saw the intruder and whistled with surprise –Crow Cementerio, what an honor. I’m sorry I’ll have to kill you- The Deadly Spy unsheathed to guns from the shoulder pads of her armor and aimed at the Lighting cowboy –Sweetie, if you want to get in your knees and beg this is one good time to start.-

As the battle started in three fronts, Takezo was still working on opening the submarine hatch with a drill. This time around he pulled all stops and was using a diamond tipped drill, which was starting to pierce through the surprisingly durable plating of the ship. The drill finally pierced through, opening a small hole in the metallic surface. That was Takezo’s first mistake, the second didn’t wait as he did something stupid out of his curiosity and excitement, and he leaned over the hole and tried to watch into the submarine. Before he could even scream a metallic sludge jumped from the inside of the submarine onto his face, sticking to it and blocking his eyes, nose and mouth, muffling his screams of fear. The metallic substance ate through his face and slowly travelled through his whole body filling each vein like water filling a cup. The Doctor wasn’t alive anymore, nobody could after such brutal punishment, but still his now faceless body, with a stain of this silverfish substance replacing any expression with a plain surface, still moved, more like a puppet or a primitive mechanical device, each limb moving like it’s joints were locked into one position. The Benkeinium seemingly was more than anybody was expecting and as the corpse of George Takezo fell from the top of the submarine, landing with a loud noise, more of the liquid like metal started to ooze from the hole in the hull. Nobody was safe anymore.

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@Kuro_San: Arsenal watched as Masako approached. He'd changed a lot since their last encounter, but was still as dangerous as ever, if not moreso.

Before Masako could get the first slash in, Arsenal crossed his arms in front of him and launched a chain from each wrist.

It was a hookshot- a metal claw on the end of a chain that could be launched and grab any target. And what they grabbed were two crates.

Arsenal pulled, retracting the chains, and the two crates came crashing in to crush Masako-

But Arsenal expected that he'd slice them through. That's why he studied the shipping records of this dock beforehand.

The two crates that he was slamming into Masako contained explosives in the left, and flour in the right.

If Masako slashed, the explosives would explode, creating a massive explosion and filling the air with burning flour that would incinerate and suffocate the ever-evolving teen.

If he didn't slash, he would be crushed under several tonnes of steel.

Either way, Arsenal slipped a shrink-raygun into his left hand and an energy sword into his right hand, ready to cut Masako down to size.

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Jason Cross had every detail planned to the exact movement for this operation. Nothing could go wrong. He had planned for every single variable and event. His mobile suit was hidden inside a mock building with a sonar jamming device on it to keep unwanted attention from it but allow access to it if he needed it. He jumped off of the building he was on grabbed a flag pole and swung to the next. He kept this up till he eventually swung through a open window and rolled into a building. He was just about to put the first step into his plan when his phone vibrated in his pocket. Jason reached into his pocket and pullet out his disposable cell phone and pressed talk. "What is it?" he asked already knowing who was calling him due to only one person having his number. "Well how rude are you I just came to check up on you and you treat me like his," a female voice pouted on the other end. Jason let loose a short laugh on the phone. Jason said a quick word of farewell and hung up then pullet his gun from his holster. He aimed his gun through the window and shot a bullet at one of his traps a bomb that was highly dangerous. The bullet sped towards the bomb and hit it dead center causing a chain reaction that set the bomb off and created a huge explosion that destroyed a building that was several streets away. He pressed a button on a detonator and a bomb detonated inside the exact building he was in. He jumped from the building he was in, he pulled out his grappling gun and shot the hook out and hooked it onto a building. He used the energy rope to swing to the ground where he retracted the hook. He put the grappling gun and then activated his cloaking device all the he focused on the battlefield learning the location of every single living organism. He felt a person that used a gun and raced off towards that location ready to scout out this person and prepare the next phase of his plan. The first part being destraction which he had done with the explosives. The next part being infiltration which would be the easiest part for him. He came upon what he thought was a cowboy fighting some armored woman. He would watch the battle carefully for now then make his move.

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Torashima Island

It was that feeling…that movement of insight…that instinct of something bad was going to happen. Crow had this feeling all the time but he feel it greater than that sometimes it was a reaction a subconscious defensive mechanism and the moment his gun touched that wire it took over. An explosion rocked the island revealing that the wire was actually a trap set by a spy who was even more deadly than the trap she set, the former Number appeared down and made her appearance known to the gunslinger who was laying on his back his cowboy hat over his face. The Mangetsu Spy let out a whistle, Crow Cementerio, what an honor. I’m sorry I’ll have to kill you” The Deadly Spy took aim at the Last Gunslinger who continued to lay still but when she told him that it was a good time to start begging, under the cowboy hat the Rail-gun smirked. With a quick kip up Crow was on his feet placing his cowboy hat on his head tilting it a little to create a shadow over his cobalt eyes; the Last Gunslinger placed his hand in his pocket a smirk on his face; “Dios mio, I can’t believe I’m being praised by thee Catherine Saint Croix I was after you for quite a while…you had a quite a high bounty on you. Then all of sudden you vanished like literally bounty and all. So I’m guess that someone high up hooked you up big time.” Crow was calm he didn’t want Catherine to go shooting off at least not yet, “So tell me Catherine what have you been up to lately.” Crow smirked as took the element of surprise and charge the spy his hands still in his pockets till he got in front of her then the Last Gunslinger ducked down and performed a hand stand with one hand and kicked upwards at wasp his leg electrified to increase the damage, if the kick connect Wasp would be shocked, but Crow assault was not over yet as he brought his leg down he performed a sweep trying to take the Former Western Wasp down onto her back. The Lightning Revolver followed this up by bringing his arm down aiming to blast electrical directly into the spy causing internal damage.

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Tavi and Cat watched as the hostiles they ran into started attacking each other. “GO!” Tavi said to Cat as she let her hand down giving him the signal. They quickly dashed off behind them, but not making a sound. Soon the duo managed to reach an industrial sector of the island. Filled with small storage complexes that were connected together; “Cat you cover my six” Tavi told Cat. Cat quickly gave her a thumbs up and said in his usual cool manner ‘Sure thing Tavi, just make sure you hit whatever is in front of you right between the eyes.” Tavi had a slight smile across her lips while continuing to search around with rifle.

Suddenly Cat could feel a slight wind on the back of his neck, and instinctively turned around. “Uh..Tavi!” Cat said to Tavi who was only a few feet in front of him. Hearing Cat call her name she quickly turned around to see what he wanted. Tavi seen two individuals hold deadly weapons were right behind Tavi and Cat. The FABLE duo held their high powered guns at the strange pair. “They appear to be twins one male one female” Tavi quickly relayed to Cat. Cat took off the safety off his gun in an instant, while Tavi followed suit. The sibling started to talk to both Tavi and Cat in a childlike tone. Were they kids?, Or were they inflicted n psychological trauma. Either way they both stood firm and read, Cat shouted towards the twins his gun pointed at their heads “DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND SURRENDER!!! “This could go easy or hard for you two".

The twins seemed to have paid him no warning and began to assault Tavi and Cat. A combination of high-speed sword movement from of them would be tricky task. Tavi and Cat unloaded a clip from their powerful rifles at them. Then at sudden split second from their attacks getting in range Tavi and Cat wisely roll out of the way. “Tavi try using your Artic Clip, I’ll go thermal! Cat shouted towards Tavi. They both quickly changed out the clips in their guns accordingly. Cat shot at the Twins unloading bullets as them that could go up to 300 degrees. Once he was finished Tavi also unload a Artic Clip from her gun. The bullets reaching temperatures 100 degrees below zero. This will quickly test the steel of their swords and who would have the advantage later.

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Masako rushed against the Immortal Veteran with shining blades of energy and the same scarlet light in the lenses of his helmet. Arsenal reacted with incredible swiftness and nerves of steel, using twin hooks on two nearby boxes to try and sandwich Masako in between the incoming crates. The Wicked Teen had changed a lot since his last encounter with Arsenal and those changes started even during their fight. As Masako consumed Jack Kinnely flesh, he could replicate the powers the Mad Assassin had, thus his reflexes were off the charts for humanity standards. As the crates came together the powers replicated from Kinnely activated and through sheer instinct and reflexes Masako jumped backwards with incredible strength, as both the crates collided into a massive explosion and an incendiary cloud of burnt flour in-between the Immortal Veteran and the Ever Evolving teen. The Shingetsu Armor changed instantly the view mode to regular to avoid the heat signature to affect Masako that from his position tried to search for Arsenal through the flames to no avail. The Cannibalistic Shingetsu decided that to kill Arsenal a tad of pain wouldn’t be of any problem and rushed through the flames, the Shingetsu armor protecting him from most of the damage. Once he jumped with his swords on and aimed towards Arsenal the moment he pinpointed his location. Masako wanted to completely destroy this enemy that seemingly survived their encounter in the Black Stone Prison.

-Working with a bad crowd, toppling down governments, assassination jobs, the usual stuff- Wasp replied with a nonchalant tone as she jumped backwards avoiding Crow’s kick with incredible agility. She landed over the rooftop entrance sitting down with her legs crossed, if there was something she was good at was being slippery, as a spy that was what was needed for the job. –So Crow-boya, how’s life treating you? I hope that good because I hate killing unhappy people- With a smile the former Number took two of her guns and aimed at Crow – I know you like unique guns sweetie, so I’ll give you a show before your death, check my first Trick, Pinball Wizard!- Spiked Spheres were shot by Wasp and started bouncing against the Rusted beams of the building were Crow was standing turning it into a cage-like deathtrap. Wasp was still sitting over the next rooftop entrance, well above the building where the Lighting Cowboy was standing. –Try to stay alive for a while I have more awesome Tricks to show you- Wasp still smiled, Crow Cementerio had a wonderful reputation and he would be more than enough for her to test the new Bullet Tricks.

-How sad, how sad, they think ice or fire will hurt our Shinkuu Kurogane blades- Zan stopped his dash and used his incredible speed of Iai to cut the bullets incoming to him in a flurry of attacks. Helping him, his sister made her blades dance around cutting or deflecting the high and low temperature bullets while her face started contorting into a demented grin –hOw aMuSiNg, hOw aMuSiNg, I LiKe tHe pReTtY cOlOrS!- Aoi commented with a distorted voice about the blue and red sparks that came out the bullets she deflected. The Yowamushi Silbings backed away to prepare their next move, and it started with the Blade Puppeteer launching her blades like a sweep covering the whole rooftop, behind the blades creating lines over the concrete building, The Weeping Swordsman using his trademark footwork in a zigzagging motion, to avoid bullets, even if he mostly avoided or deflected the FABLE agent bullets he still had been tagged more than a couple of times, only superficial wounds, and mostly to protect his sister, to avoid her from going berserk as she always did when injured.

Doctor Takezo, or the husk that used to be him advanced with staggering steps, with his face replaced by a sleek metallic surface of silverfish color. He moved slow and without any kind of direction. As he advanced towards the main command center general position one of the fellow researchers saw him from behind. – Hey Doc, what’re you doing, the sub is right there- He said while grabbing the scientist shoulder and pointed the sub. With mechanical slowness the possessed scientist turned his head. The fellow researcher shouted in fear but his scream was muffled when the sleek metallic surface that replaced Takezo face turned into metallic tendrils that did the same to the Researcher, liquefying its insides and filling him with the Benkeinium a living metal, that got liberated from its prison by the curiosity of the Japanese Government.

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Arsenal raised his shrink-ray and fired as the ever-evolving teen exploded out of the flames. The blue light spread wide, shrinking crates and the flames. It should make the armour crush first, slowing Masako down while his joints locked up. He'd adapt, that much was granted, but Arsenal should have time to step in and slice off some limbs during the confusion and pain before going on for the kill.

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The Deadly Wasp was as quick and deadly as her name implied she avoidedCrow kick with an uncanny agility landing on the rooftop entrance as the two extrawitty banter. The Gunslinger was not one to let his prey get away that easy he ran forward as he replied, “Oh I’m good Cat just chasing down the bad guys and making money doing it. Not to mention my day just got a lot better turning you in to the BHA will snag me a good amount of money.” The former number displayed one of the infamous bullet tricks that earned Wasp her infamous reputation, the Pinball Wizard, Crow stopped in his tracks as the bullet began ricochet off the rusted beams surrounding them the Last Gunslinger had a only a moment to calculate the trajectory of the bullets similar in a way he did with his own ricochet shot. The Lightning Revolver jumped back avoiding the deadly cage for just a moment because the assault continued. The small spiked sphere continued to ricochet off the ground, beams, each other and more as they created a vicious prison; the Electrical Cowboy had a only a few seconds to try and predict the trajectory thanks to his prior Gunslinger training he was able to keep this up and avoid the pinball wizard otherwise he would be Swiss chess. Unfortunately though as the Gunslinger bucked and weave through the ricocheting a few caught him creating small cuts all over him; one even cut his cheek causing a trickle of blood to run down his face but while it seemed like Crow was only playing defensive he was merely waiting for his shot for all the “pinballs” to line up perfect with a keen vision he could follow each shot waiting…waiting…waiting…till finally. Crow drew his revolver Quicksilver with uncanny speed, like he was trained since he could hold a gun, and fire a single shot at the moment the all the spiked spheres meet an Apex. In reality it was similar to the break shot during a game of pool the Last Gunslinger waited for the spheres to be lined up then hit them at their center “breaking” them. The spiked sphere scattered in all directions no longer bouncing off any object. Crow smirked as he then took the opportunity to take a few shots at the infamous spy aiming at her shoulders and leg to stop her. Crow then rushed forward zig zagging to give Wasp a more difficult shot then pushed off one of the beams with his foot. The Gunslinger leapt into the air over Wasp a smirk on his face as now he had the advantage.

Meanwhile while two expert pistelero went out at it in a battle of gunpowder and bullets, the deadly mercenary El Oso was currently dealing with a small group of Mangetsu foot soldiers. The former luchador was tossing soldiers left and right but as the numbers started to get the better of him he quickly took out a small patch and applied it to his forearm. Suddenly Mexican wrestler snapped as his forearm enlarge nearly twice its size, his eyes taking a reddish tint them Oso throw a punch that was so viscous and powerful it snapped the neck of man he punched twisting his skull nearly all the way around. The luchador was currently on the dangerous “Inner World” drug known as Red, because of the red tint one’s eyes would gain, it was a powerful shot of adrenaline increasing one strength to extreme levels along with their pain tolerance and rage. “Come on your god damn ninos! It time for you to get into the ring with a campeón!” The Red fueled luchador applied another patch to his other arm then proceeded to pick a man up and snap his spine like a twig. A Mangetsu guard as coming up behind the juiced up wrestler, suddenly a sonic blast ripped up the ground and hit the man from the side the poor foot solider exploded into a mess of blood, guts, and gore. Oso turned towards Jean ‘Shriek” DeLuc, Deluc used a customized saxophone that could blast destructive sound vibrations capable of reducing stone to rubble and bodies into the mess currently scrambled on the ground. Jean spoke with a cocky Cajun accent, “Sorry buddy but you should really watch your back often.” Oso crack his knuckles smirking as a pile laid around the two assassins. “Gracias Cajun. Now how about you and I go find this supposed treasure on that sub and split the riches like bandits.” Jean DeLuc smirked as he was about to agree seeing as he was only here for a paycheck and could care less for anything when out of the corner of his eye he notice two individual walking somewhat mechanically. “It seems like Mangetsu still has some soldiers walking around this lousy island.” Oso turned as he removed and replace the Red patches with two more the adrenaline wiping away all doubts whether they were Mangetsu soliders, scientist, or more of the security team he didn’t care he wanted to hit something hard. The two assassins made their way over to the two individuals unbeknownst to them it was the living metal Benkeinium.

Ruined Structure: Torashima Island

Crow was above the sultry spy and former Number a smirk on his face as he reloaded his signature revolver Quicksilver faster than Wasp could blink her tempting eyes using a Gunslinger skill known as “the Trick”. “I know you are a fan of special bullets Cat so here some of mine.” Crow then fired 5 shots in mid-air down around Catherine but these were no ordinary bullets they were some customized bullets from his girlfriend Toni. The first three shots were bullets filled with a type of gunpowder that would exploded into a gray could of smoke, Crow refer to this as Nube shots, the Nube shots created a large cloud around the wicked wasp. The next two shots were a unique blend of gunpowder the mixture resembling fireworks that would exploded in harmlessly, unless you were to shot it point blank, into colorful burst disorienting the opponents Crow called these Fiesta shots. The Fiesta bullets exploded around Wasp as Crow landed on the rooftop behind the spy. Crow attack was down yet as he his hand became covered in electrical energy, “Lanza.” Suddenly a spear of electrical energy flew from Crow’s piercing the cloud in the general direction where he assumed Wasp still was. If the lance of electricity pierced the sultry spy she would be shock badly but not fatally just enough to render her unconscious.

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Tavi and Cat unloaded their thermal and arctic ammo clips into the deadly twins with very minimal effect. Their defense and skill were able to bypass through the FABLE Duo’s barrage. Cat and Tavi went on the move, jumping through the glass of an abandoned building ducking behind the wall for cover. They both reloaded their rifles, and looked at each other. “Tavi, I believe you already know this, but shooting at them is going pretty much how we thought” Cat said to Tavi. Tavi looked at him, and back to her radar sensors seeing the twins were on the move again. “Right, Cat think you can make it to the sub quickly?” Cat had a sly grin on his face, “Pfft it will be no problem, and here you go; a couple of items to add to your own. Cat handed Tavi his katana, and a couple more thermal clips. “Thanks Cat, you better on ahead, they are on the roof.” Cat holstered his rifle and jumped out of the window, and made bee-line straight for the sub. Tavi a split second later jumped out of the window of the building, and just in time as one of the twins started slicing up the building’s rooftop. Tavi fired a few random shots at the twins to buy Cat some more time. Tavi was alone now against the deadly twins holstering her gun. She then pulled her out her highly advanced staff made of the Zo’ar material of solomite. “If you two want to stop my partner I’m afraid you will have to go through me!” Tavi shouted towards the twins inviting them to attack her.

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Jason watched the fight between Wasp and Crow silently with his cloaking device activated making slight calculations for if he had to ever fight these two. He tilted his head slightly to the left to dodge a bullet and then turned around and walked off and deactivated his cloaking device to save the battery on it. He began to hum a haunting tune as he began to read the situation that was being fed to him. "Oh looks like I won't be getting what I wanted," he said not really sounding all that upset more of just casual as if he had just misplaced a sock or something of the same level of not caring. He crossed his arms behind his head and kept walking down the deserted street. He then proceeded to kick a rock around as he waited for something to happen to him on his short journey.

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The sudden shrinkage of his suit paralyzed Masako for precious seconds as his mutated physique started changing to force the suit to change accordingly dispelling the effect of the Immortal Veteran ray gun. The Shingetsu armor was designed to adapt to the changes the Ever Evolving Teen body could undergo through thanks to his cellular manipulation powers. Masako struggled in vain as the armored plates of his suit constricted his movements and the blades of energy faded away upon him lacking the concentration needed to maintain the flow of bioelectricity needed to continue feeding his suit. This was an important skill that mostly got overlooked, Masako not only could alter his cellular structure, but he could also amplify any process that naturally occurred in human body to lethal levels, such as generating heat or electric impulses. But even with these powers Masako was a sitting duck, he knew he could move backwards but only some inches as his body managed to activate the suit into turning into a much more elastic version of itself allowing him to move. This could happen in any moment but the time being he was at Arsenal mercy. With a choked voice as the suit restricted his throat the Wicked Psycho grunted as he threatened Arsenal –Ugk… ugh I’m…ugk… going….to…urgh…kill… you…. again...bastard!-

Wasp watched Crow maneuver through her first trick with amazing skill and agility; it was quite noticeable he didn’t only react to the Pinball Wizard pellets he saw; he felt the trajectory inside of his mind, the true sign of a first class gunslinger. The Number knew for sure that a trick so simple wouldn’t work in a man of Crow’s caliber, yet it was a good tool to measure how skilled the Lighting Gunslinger really was, a most important to have so fun watching him dance around avoiding the spiky bullets of the Pinball Wizard trick, the first in a long list of special bullets she had in store for Crow. With the seal of a flawless marksman, the Lighting Gunslinger waited for the precise moment to attack and in a single shot the destroyed all the spiked bullets. Wasp felt the urge to applaud Crow’s prowess, yet she contained that impulse knowing that the Electric Cowboy counter-attack was about to start. She prepared herself, her suit could protect her from certain amount of electricity but she wasn’t sure if she could handle the amount of energy Crow could generate.

Crow recharged his gun with new bullets in a split second, too fast for the untrained eye to notice, but Wasp wasn’t an untrained woman, and she could notice the swift change of ammunition, in her experience, specially being a weapons expert, she could easily notice the markings that indicated the special nature of those bullets, yet she couldn’t know what was the contents of that special ammunition, not to mention that Crow specially mentioned it. “I know you are a fan of special bullets Cat so here some of mine.” So she decided to take general precautions, rolling backwards from the place she was sitting and sliding to the rooftop over the inclined wall of the entrance, using the door to the rooftop as cover she avoided being covered by smoke and saw the Fiesta bullets even through the cloud of dense smoke created by the Nube bullets. Crow jumped to the roof and rushed the previous location of the spy, yet his Lanza of Lighting pierced through the smoke and didn’t find Wasp where she was, as she slid backwards at the first attacks. The cunning Spy decided that it was time for a new trick, one she prepared to fight against machines, yet Crow would serve as a perfect test, thanks to his unusual powers. Her guns changed ammunition in a swift second, as the Lighting Gunslinger reached her previous position and in a blast of activity she started shooting aimlessly, the bullets exploded into small circles with two antennae from coming from each pole and crossing the middle a buzz saw-like circle that spun wildly. –Sweetie, you are screwed… this is my Bullet Trick Thunderstruck! This little adorable things will lock on on powerful electromagnetic signatures I usually used them to hunt mecha or robots, but you are a much juicer target.- Wasp winked her eye as she shoot more bullets, now at least 50 buzz saws flied in the zone and the faint residues of the Lanza were calling them to home towards Crow.

The blades of Aoi kept moving towards Tavi in a sweep like motion, destroying all the rooftop moving like taking long steps causing sparks to fly each time the tip of the blades reached the rooftop. Zan followed her sister attack yet he noticed the girl jumping off and turned his attention there. –How Sad, How Sad, one of the birdies is escaping, Aoi, dear sister of mine, please take care of the one still here.- After that he rushed to the side using his inhumanly swift sword slashes as sole defense against the possible attacks of Tavi, that could come only if the FABLE Agent was reckless enough to ignore the incoming barrage of Shinkuu Kurogane blades coming her way and destroying the whole roof from side to side. Zan jumped from the building into the neighboring structure rolling to stop his momentum, he stood up and followed the bee line towards the sub. Aoi demented grin took another level in creepy as she lifted her arms and all the blades moved as one, doing a whip like motion and changing their direction from Tavi general location, to her body with pin-point accuracy, the nerves were easily visible on Aoi arms that were completely tensed and bulging with muscles that usually were unperceived. –I’M gOiNg tO mUrDeR yOu aNd I’Ll dIsMeMbEr yOuR bOdY!!!!!- She shrieked with a distorted voice

As battle raged in the entire island the Benkeinium infestation extended, most of the Japanese self Defense Force was infected only General Teppo and a handful of soldiers defending the main command room survived, yet the odds were against them as a handful of converted soldiers and researchers all with their faces covered in the silvery and smooth Benkeinium that covered their traits making them faceless, were around the command room trying to destroy the walls. Some of the Benkeinium possessed men and women walked into the island and arrived into the battleground of the military, the mercenaries and the Mangetsu troops. This new force started converting people while getting near to El Oso and Deluc position in the battlefield.

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Taking advantage of the situation, Arsenal tossed the shrink-ray at the struggling Masako, hiding behind it as he charged. The oncoming weapon should create a blindspot to buy another split-second, but Arsenal wasn't counting on it.

Instead, he sliced through it and went for the face. Seeing that Masako was adapting to the shrunken suit, Arsenal watched closely as he stepped around to slash at Masako again. Elastic, stretchier, Arsenal reached into his pocket and drew a freeze-ray as he made his third swing. His next attack was the freeze ray to the legs, hoping to harden and solidify the armour around the legs for another few seconds. Whether or not it works, Arsenal's torso followed the beam, intending to grab the ever-evolving teen by the legs and throw him into the air, ready to get a full-body freeze ray in the chest so Arsenal can finish him off.

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The Last Gunslingers eyed widen as he saw the buzz saw like bullets fly towards him like he was a giant magnetic, which was practically true at this moment, the pistolero dissipated his Lanza attack but the lingering charges of electricity were enough to track Wasp’s Thunderstruck bullets towards. Crow began moving backwards with uncanny agility but even though he was fast his unassisted speed couldn’t dodge the blades and several of them sliced at his sides and as he brought his arms up to block they cut deep into them creating x shaped wounds on his forearms. “Aaahhhhh!” Crow hit the ground after being cut by the trick bullets the lingering remnants of his electrical energy having dissipated he was no longer in danger of the Thunderstuck bullets but that was the least of his worries, dios mio! Wasp sealed my powers more effectively than being wet ever could. Any electrically generated powers will attract those bullets towards me till I’m shredded. She is forcing me to fight her on her level which I don’t mind but two master pistoleros like us could really drag this out. I need to do what she is doing to me and bring her down a level. Crow stood up smirking a little his arms were dripping blood along with two gashes on his sides but he wasn’t going down without a fight. “Nice one Wasp it seems you have a bullet for everything but if I relied on my powers too much I wouldn’t be much of a Gunslinger!” Crow rushed towards the former number with uncanny speed avoiding the spinning buzz saw bullets till he was only a few inches from her. The Last Gunslinger brought his revolver down vertically with strength and speed then begun to swing his revolver at speeds unseen, though still not using his electrical powers, Crow was aiming at various spots; arms, legs, torso, etc. as he engage in an intense close range fight against the sultry spy using only their respective guns. Despite the intensity of the fight which involved the two maneuvering like monkeys across the roofs of the ruin buildings there was a method to the madness. While trying to parry and strike at Wasp using Quicksilver he was waiting for the right moment where he could aim and fire at Wasp at point blank range also at the same avoiding and preventing Wasp from doing the same. Crow spun around as he placed his foot between Wasp’s but the Mangetsu agent was prepared as she quickly ducked and turned around attempting a sweep on Crow aiming both her guns up towards Crow but the gunslinger as he took out a few bullets attempting to reload his gun in the gun-kata chaos. Catherine rolled backwards kicking the Gunslinger’s hand sending the few bullets in the air. The two continued this intense battle of pistoleros, as Crow flicked open his revolver and spun around dodging several kicks from the former Number. The Lightning Revolver smirked as he caught one bullet inside the cylinder then twisted back around flicking the cylinder back causing it to spin lining the single bullet up in the chamber. Crow aimed at Wasp smirking a little as both sharpshooters hd their shot as they pulled the trigger at the same time



The two assassins Jean Deluc and El Oso had encountered the living metal, Benkeinium, “AAAAHHHHHHH! SOMEONE SAVE ME!” Oso was screaming in pain as Jean watched the metal pour into various cuts all over his body. The two assassins had decided to fight against the what they thought were Mangetsu soldiers expect to their horror it was the puppet like shells controlled by the Benkeinium and while both were strong in their own right the living metal was more durable than either of them could imagine Oso had suffered a majority of the wounds and now was paying a price as the metal was pouring into his wounds taking control over him as he screamed in pain. “AAAHHHHH! OH MY FUCKING GOD! SAVE ME JESUS!” The pain of the metal filling his veins nearly made the luchador pass out but because of the Red he had taken earlier he was unable to escape a hell of his own design. Finally after only a few minutes which felt like an eternity to Oso the metal clogged his veins, lungs, and heart killing him. The metal then formed around creating the same eerily faceless puppet as the others. Jean Luc stared in horror as the luchador suffered till the metal killed and took control of hm. “Jesus Christ what kind of island did they take us too? This place is a hell on earth I’m getting the fuck out of here!” As Jean went to run away he felt a slight tug as he looked down in horror to see some of the living metal coiling around his arm like an anaconda trying to found an entrance in his skin. The “Get the fuck off! Get off!” The metal began to constrict on Jean’s arm bending downward at the elbow as he started to scream in pain till a sickening snap filled the arm as the mercenary’s arm snapped like a twig. “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” The sound wave killer eyes widen as he saw the metal moved towards where the bone was protruding from his arm. In an act of fear and desperation not wanting to end up like Oso he reached for the destroyed remains of his deadly sax, which was already broken by the living metal earlier, and grabbed the sound wave generator that powered it. The desperate mercenary place it at where his arm was now broken and activated it. The violent sound waves completely destroyed his arm leaving only a bloody stump and a ring in his ear from a broken ear drum. Jean began to stagger away trying to get to the away from the living metal only he was now heading towards something much worst the ever evolving teen Masako.

Ruined Structure:

Crow was clutching his shoulder smirking as the blood dripped down from the bullet wound Wasp just gave him. As for Wasp she was face with a…sticky…situation Crow had not shot the former Western Wasp with a normal bullet instead he shot her with a one of the custom bullets Toni had designed for him using her knowledge of gunpowder and other various compounds. The bullet like most of the others were on the non-lethal side released a sticky substance amber colored substance upon impact, the substance then dried quickly creating a harden amber like shell sealing what was inside it. It was a permanent seal as the substance was extremely fragile and could be broken easily enough either through strength or just wear and tear but it gave enough time when needed. Crow had dubbed it, Miel, the reason Crow had chosen this honey like bullet was simple the sticky substance was meant to temporary jam the mechanism that that reloaded Wasp’s Trick Bullets by hardening inside of it if only for a short time. Wasp had dodged the shot but not fast enough and it hit her in the left shoulder, ironically the opposite shoulder Crow was shot in, it dripped down her arm and in her hair. The Last Gunslinger just smiled as he threw off his jacket letting the wind carry in a little, then took out a bandana of wrapped it around the bullet wound. His cobalt blue eyes meeting Wasp’s eyes as he reloaded Quicksilver with the “Trick”, “Not bad Wasp you know your way around a gun and you have a few good moves…You are just like your sister….Crimson” Crow smirked unbeknownst to most people the woman in front of him the spy known as Wasp legal name Catherine Saint Croix had a sister. Crow knew this because he had recently just faced her, actually before coming here his last job was guarding Usso Namae from her, she was one part of a deadly team of fem fatales Crimson. Crow continued on; “I actually just fought your sister and her girlfriend not too long before coming to this island. I guess it is a small world after all. So like I told your sis how about we end this dance and…what the hell is that?” Crow cut himself out mid-sentence as he saw at in the distance behind Wasp several, what appeared to be silver coated people, heading in the two pistoleros’ direction; also in the distance the sounds of gun fire and faint screaming could be heard. Crow moved to the edge of the building they were on and looked around not sure what to make of this, “Please Wasp don’t tell me that those guys are with you.”

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Cat rushed through some of the brush and came to a stop behind one of the trees to catch his breath. “Man, I should have taken my rehab more seriously than spend most of hitting on the pretty nurses…nah!” Cat thought to himself with a sly grin. Soon he got an incoming message from Red who was still back at the sub. Speaking in her usual French accent she spoke to Cat and Tavi through the FABLE psychic network. “Cat, Tavi, listen up I have just received word from Storyteller that we need to report to Telos City immediately, it’s a red alert. I’ll come by to pick the both of you up, with in thirty seconds be ready Red Out.” Back at the sub Red started the transformation sequence; the small sub coated with the first generation solomite adaptive technology began to change into a small mini jet. As it rose above the island and blasted forth towards Tavi and Cat’s location.

Meanwhile Tavi was about to battle one of the insane twins. After hearing through the link that they were needed elsewhere, Tavi’s tactics were more defensive than offensive. After analyzing their attacks in the exchange she calculated a potential three thousand ways in which they would attack. After placing temperature, humidity, air currents and the psychological state of the attackers she was able to trim the list considerably. Tavi adjusted several dials on her Solomite staff, maintaining her steely resolve she got into a unique defensive stance. Able to parry the first wave attack with excellent precision do to her marvelous perception and anticipation. Tavi did a variety of somersaults back towards the forest, and while her stealth suit placed a small gas mask around her nose and mouth. Out of the ends of her staff a stream of strong tear gas pellets feel towards the ground. Once they hit the ground they exploded immediately causing a heavy fog of Greens to cover the area. Tavi used this opportunity to reach Cat, and right schedule Red was hovering above them. “Cat grab on to me.”  Cat quickly grabbed onto Tavi as she used the extension feature on her staff as an elevator to reach  the hovering Jet, The duo stepped inside the Jet as Red punched it setting a course for their new objective in Telos City.

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Masako muscles rippled under the suit as he struggled to get lose. The suit wasn’t as fast as himself, yet he got more than enough time to stretch enough to allow him to jump backwards, avoiding Arsenal Shrink Ray Guy toss and the Freezing discharge of his new novelty gun. The Wicked Cannibal rolled in the ground as finally the suit nano-fibers managed to re-adjust to the change of size. Masako stood up ready to fight, but his attention was caught by what was happening around him. The soldiers from Mangetsu and the ones of the Japanese Defense Force weren’t fighting each other, but they were fighting a third force. Humans with faces covered in a sleek metallic surface advancing towards them, with tendrils of the same material coming out from the face snapping and grabbing the soldiers, infecting them.

-What the fuck is this?- Masako asked with his voice distorted by the armor Mask, making even his surprise soon sinister. A tendril moved near him and charging the armor systems with bio-electricity allowed the energy blades to pop up, which he used to cut the tendrils. The living metal fell into the ground and shook wildly until it stopped, turning into a splash of liquid, a puddle of inactive Benkeinium. –Yo, beef jerky, I think our rumble will have to wait, a new dish is on the table and I found myself wanting a meal with more iron.- Masako spoke to Arsenal without even turning around and rushed forwards towards the nearest infected and slashed him into three pieces.

-This guys aren’t with me sweetie, but I think they are the ones I was looking for… Or at least part of them- Wasp talked to Crow while she shrugged and started shooting at them with explosive ammo she called “Light my Fire” that exploded upon contact and covered the target in a homemade chemical substance 10 times more intense than napalm upon exposure to oxygen. –So sweetie, do you think we can make a truce until the night of the Living Metal stops? Or should we keep fighting and turn into Dead Metal like them?- Wasp kept firing while talking. Thanks to Kuro-san Intel she knew about the true nature of Benkeinium, yet she hoped to get the sub before they managed to open it. Still she only needed a sample and then sink the rest back into the murky waters of the pacific.

Zan grabbed his sister as she insulted and berated like a child throwing a tantrum and flailed her arms with insulting gestures towards the escaping F.A.B.L.E agents. She said things very unladylike and insulting, some so crude which even writing them would be considered a capital crime. Zan managed to calm his sister as he pointed out the newcomers, and that she could cut them in mass. Aoi giggled madly and jumped down the building, starting her blades wild dance to destroy the infected soldiers before they came too near. Not only their metallic infested flesh suffered under the rage of the Blade Puppeteer but also any nearby structures, which were cut clean thanks to the incredible Yowamushi’s secret alloy the Shinkuu Kurogane.

Zan jumped behind his sister while he cleaned a tear from his cheek. –How sad, how sad, this soldiers are beyond any help apart from the one I can deliver with the edge of my blade.- A incredible display of Iai mastery was showcased by the Weeping Swordsman the moment he landed unsheathing and slashing anything in the a range of 5 mts around him. So fast his blade was just a dark silver blur that moved almost faster than the eye could perceive and in matter of seconds a ring of silver liquid surrounded Zan, that sheathed his blade and jumped the inactive Benkeinium. Seemingly the metal reacted to electricity, for example feeding off the bio-electricity of the human body to keep moving, once separated from the power source the Benkeinium is rendered inactive.

The first infected was evolving, as the Benkeinium core had started fusing with him on a molecular level turning his whole body into a shining silver hull. He advanced while examining the surroundings, feeling the magnetic pulses of nearby objects, the flow of energy and everything. It senses worked differently of the senses of humanity. The Benkenium Prime was slowly waking from its slumber, and it was hungry, needing more energy to sustain itself permanently. It’s drones advanced over the island gathering more food. –T’chtrk k’chrt- He spoke in a clearly alien language as he grabbed a soldier trying to shoot. The Prime arm extended and engulfed the fearful soldier with it tendril and consumed him whole, turning organic matter into energy to feed himself.

The world would be in a lot of trouble if the Benkenium Prime wasn’t stopped here.

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@Kuro_San: "Crap." Arsenal growled as he saw the new arrival that had Masako so worried, rummaging through his pockets. He hadn't fought living metal in decades, and he had not come prepared. He was going to have to make do with what he had come with if they were going to take that thing down.

he scampered around the battlefield, picking up pieces of the destroyed shrink-ray and cannibalising them into the freeze ray to create some form of rifle. It was crude but it might just do the job. What he was attempting to make was a much more powerful weapon- one that would shrink at an atomic level while freezing electrons to harden a substance into a brittle construction.

He never tried this approach, since he never encountered benkenium before in his life, but this approach had worked against other metal based creatures in his life.

Taking aim with the new gun, Arsenal fired a spear of shrinking freeze energy towards the metal man.

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