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It was quite impressive that Valdimus managed to intercept Raseri's catastrophic Kinetiske Stil kick since it was in itself, very very fast. But just how fast did Valdimus move? For a speed expert like Raseri, it seemed as though the Angel of Death was nearing the speed of light, perhaps at half the speed of light. The power of the backhand was immense. "Hmm not bad", Raseri thought. "Looks like he's getting used to Kinetiske Stil. Good boy", he thought. But the fierce Nordic Tiger had two more deadly martial arts that he is holding back. However, even Kinetiske Stil was not being used to its full capacity yet. Soon, with his left hand, Valdimus pointed his index finger behind himself, aiming at the most complete fighter in the world. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the finger discharged a massive surge of what appeared to be supernatural lightning. That was quite a colossal amount of power being used or rather wasted. Energy-based attacks do not work well against the Ultimate Fighting God, his body naturally absorbs most forms of energy. Fortunately, his absorption abilities were there, this attack was quite dangerous, it would even harm Raseri at the moment. But as his power rises, so does his massive durability. Absorbing the supernatural surge of lightning into his body, Raseri had several purposes for it. He could use it to accelerate the rate of his power increase, convert it to kinetic energy for his own use, redirect it, or shoot it out of the ship through a window in the form of lightning. Quickly pointing out at the window, Raseri shoot out Valdimus' attack which shattered the window and fled into the sky.  
Turning around to face The Greatest once more, Valdimus was clearly excited. It was rather fun for him. It was surprisingly courteous of him however, to allow Raseri to attack next. "I wanna how fast this clown is", the Nordic Tiger thought to himself. In an instant, he activated one of his most useful techniques. Vinger av Lys had been activated. It was a self-taught technique that instantly enhances Raseri's speed. It temporarily increases the King of Fists' energy reserves which enables him to tap into more energy for speed. "I don't usually say this because well I'm never impressed by clowns. But impressive", Raseri said, commenting on Valdimus' physical prowess. In precisely a nanosecond, the G.O.A.T. unleashed a colossal flurry of deadly barely faster than light-speed punches and kicks. These kicks were very very fast, perhaps even Valdimus couldn't react to this. The first wave of punches were devastating Kinetiske Stil punches and kicks enhanced by ridiculous speed, they were physically powerful enough to reduce entire continents to dust. Raseri's power was increasing quite rapidly, it was inevitable that he would eventually become too much even for Valdimus. The second wave of punches and kicks were Nor Way strikes aimed at Valdimus' vital pressure points. These first vital point if struck, located on the angel's shoulder, would cause all of his blood vessels to explode violently. The second pressure point located on the divine being's mid torso would temporarily render his upper body completely paralyzed for at least five minutes. The third and final pressure point was on Valdimus' chest. Pushing his speed even farther, Raseri was now a little faster than he was before, with a quick jab he aimed for the pressure point which would cause the angel's nervous system to become hyper-sensitive. This would result in even the softest touch causing unbearable pain.  
The Unparalleled Fighting Machine's final attack was a powerful Kinetiske Stil kick that was so fast, perhaps the Son of Thunder could literally split Valdimus in half with its sheer power and speed. Having yet to reveal his Fist of Life fighting style, Raseri was holding his most powerful martial art for important things, not for in his words "Casual whooping". As the intense fight continued, Raseri did not stop imagining Valdimus' attacks killing his friends, accelerating the rate of his power increase. Suddenly, without warning, Raseri's muscles swelled and in order to remain proportional, he grew to about nine feet in height and was even more muscular than before. Unable to fit him in this size, his shirt and leather jacket were torn to pieces, revealing his flawless physique but most prominently, the mysterious seven scars on his chest. The Mathematician of Combat's power had increased dramatically, just how strong and durable was he at the moment? Even he didn't know. Raseri does not like to rely on power and gives much importance to technique, speed and control. If Raseri's power continues to grow like this and he eventually resorts to using Total Fighting, one wonders if he will truly become an unstoppable juggernaut. With a single jab, Raseri discharged a colossal bolt of mystical, maybe even divine lightning, powerful enough to vaporize entire meteors. "GS.. we both know this ship isn't gonna last. I'm not here to whoop ya, I'm here to test just how strong you are. Push you to your physical limit. That's why you're here too", Raseri said, his voice, deeper than usual, it even echoed throughout the control room. 
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Being a veteran fighter with over five decades of experience, Validimus already knew what's going to happen next. With that last counter and assuming his usual provocative stance, something changed. The time for holding back was finally over. The energy levels of both fighters rose to even greater heights, threatening to shatter Martyrdom's ship with just the sheer pressure of their auras. At the same time Validimus shone with excitement. He already wished to taste the full power of the legendary Ultimate Fighting God in battle. So it would be rude to restrain himself. Suddenly the Nordic Tiger appeared before Validimus in less than a flash. (He's fast!) Validimus noted. If he had to estimate that speed was at least on par with his best. That made Validimus all the more alert and perhaps excited. At the same moment the Angel's mass reduced billionth fold. It's only given. Objects reaching the speed of light have their mass increased exponentially. To off set the so-called 'relativistic mass increase' effect, Validimus had to reduce his own weight. This subtle process allows the Angels to move at speeds infinitely close  to lightspeed. Raseri's knee moves almost at the speed of light to intercept Raseri's first attack. *BOOM!* Their massive clash generated an explosion which spread out at the snail's pace in comparison to their insane speed. Surprisingly their strength was evenly matched. But more importantly: (Unbelievable.) Validimus just barely managed to react to the attack. His response was immediate. He took a small step back. Seemingly that move had little meaning yet it was the best course of action in such situation. The second kick came, yet even more power. In comparison to the strength though Validimus had more easier time to block this time. How? Pure fact of mathematics. Raseri was an entire feet taller than Validimus. Which translated for longer reach. Normally that's an obvious advantage but not this time! Longer reach equates for longer distance for the punch to travel. In theory , given enough distance, even the slowest human can dodge a speeding bullet. Same way despite Raseri's attacks were indeed faster than the light, Validimus could block them with speed bellow the light. Although the cost was a bit sour. Validimus had temporally given up his chance to land a clean hit on his opponent. 
The strength of Raseri's attacks increased yet Validimus took them comfortably. Why? Because his strenght increased as well. He didn't have an exotic skill like Raseri's Halv-Gud form that increased his power exponentially with his rage. No, as strange as it may sounds, Validimus went back to the rules of physics. Since achieving relativistic speeds could exponentially increase the mass, that means greater force. For Validimus to raise up his strength, all he had to do just to either regrew his former mass or accelerate his punches even closer to the speed of light. For him the speed barrier was an infinite source of physical power. "Looks like this is going to take while, don't you agree?" Valiidimus said sarcastically. Despite Raseri was the faster, the Angel of Violence somehow always found a place to widen their distance. That was no less because the intense power of Raseri. The Nordic Tiger released so much energy that it became plain obvious to sense, at least for someone with as trained instincts as Validimus. Despite he seemingly just protected himself, the Angel of Vilence actually was in the middle of his offense. He was aiming for Raseri's limbs. Like the Nordic Tiger, Validimus increased his strength in hopes to crush his opponent. Yet they were evenly matched.
Seeing that mere physical contest was no longer an option, the Nordic Tiger tried a different approach. "!!!" Feeling the change in the air, Validimus immediately pulled his arm away. The punch painfully hit his tendon but at least it didn't reach the intended target. "That was dirty, Ras! Are you trying to kill me?" Validimus joked. Yet he was very serious. (Pressure point strikes? Man, talk about being a genius. I don't know how he got it but we angels have entirely unique bodies. Finding my weakness in such a short time... THIS IS THE BEST!) Thought the Angel of Violence. To his luck his kind possess a pretty scarce amount of pressure points. It's the same for the devils and many infernal beings. That's why Validimus gave up learning such an art. But now, the same technique he diminished came back to haunt him. The struggle continued. With an attack even faster than  before Raseri aimed for the Angel's mid torso. Validimus immediately positioned his remaining intact ankle to block the strike. But suddenly came a third attack, directly against his chest. Valiidmus, despite being aware of his pressure points, didn't know that exactly which point does which. For him even the most insignificant-looking point could be a lethal one. having used up his left arm just a while ago, he had no chance but to block it with his injured right. Defeating the pain, Validimus moved his right arm at about the speed closest to light. 
Barely but he did manage to stop all 3 attempts. But the Nordic Tiger also held a different sort of surprise. Suddenly, Raseri grew in size and became a true giant of muscles. In an instant his strength dramatically increased, releasing a punch incomparably stronger than his previous attacks. "Shit!" In a last ditch effort Validimus crossed his arms to block but since he got side tracked he couldn't match that power in time. He was sent flying through the entire hallway. Then with nothing but just a simple jab Raseri launched a massive stream of supernatural lightning, chasing madly after Validimus' trail. With an earth shattering noise the lightning hit the Angel at full force, enough to vaporize huge meteors on the spot. "Impressive!" Told Validimus, his voice reflected pure excitement. The smokescreen slowly faded and revealed the angel to be safe and -relatively - unharmed. Validimus had an aura of surging lightning around him again, meaning he had absorbed the attack just like the last time. "You're truly my equal. That power, that speed, that technique. I say in some ways you can even surpass me. It seems I was right to challenge you. Look at my fists! They are shaking of pure joy! The sense of thrill is almost unbearable! It's the best feeling I ever! My entire body is telling me to defeat you right now!" Validimus was having the greatest fun ever in his life. He never had an idea that fighting an equal foe could be such an awesome feeling. "I wanted to taste this feeling forever. So excuse me for holding back..." Validimus suddenly apologized. What? Does it mean he still possessed a trump card. In an instant the surging lightning aura around Validimus transformed. The so far raging surges of electricity suddenly came under the Angel's control. 
Validimus slowly descended on the floor. *ZZZZZZT!!!* With a static noise everything in 2 meters radius just simply vanished without a trace. "Secret Technique No. 15015, Aura of Destruction. An electric surge burning in the excess of 20 million degrees, exchanging over 2 billion phases in a single second. Anything I touch is reduced to less than atoms. One of the most lethal techniques I ever made! " Validimus explained. Indeed, the lightning surges were based on the same mechanism as his famous Destructo Disc. Although the Angel of Violence forgot to tell one little detail, his own safety. Using this technique means constantly putting himself under the threat of those sinister lightnings. If he were ever lose control then Validimus would be the one getting atomized. The danger of being disintegrated was simply immense but the Angel didn't care. "Watch out, Ras!  One wrong move and I might end up annihilating you completely!" Validimus warned his new rival. At the same time he lunged himself towards Raseri's direction. "Secret Technique No. 15016, Phasing Plasma Flurry Et Cetera Et Cetera Something!!!" With such a half-assed name Validimus released a massive flurry of disintegrating blows approximately at the speed of light.
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This fight was truly something else entirely. Engaging this type of opponent in battle was indeed rare, the fierce Nordic Tiger knew that Valdimus was quite strong. He remembered all those weeks ago when he first met the Angel of Death at the Bluestone Tournament. It was refreshing to meet such a powerful individual, and though he didn't show it as openly as Valdimus did, he too wanted to test his skill against the deadly angel. Not many ordinary people are aware of the angel's fighting prowess but in the magical world, many are comparing Raseri to Valdimus, arguing about who would win. Their questions can be answered during this fight. The King of Fists found it very impressive that Valdimus managed to avoid ridiculously fast attacks, without even needing to be as fast as him. "Smart", he thought as he shifted around, positioning himself to better attack Valdimus. However, though he managed to block one of Raseri's most powerful strikes, the angel couldn't match the strike's power and was sent flying through the entire hallway. Showing no mercy, Raseri's colossal lightning bolt lunged straight at Valdimus. The result was not exactly what Raseri had been expecting. "Impressive!", Valdimus' voice said, he was excited and unscathed as the smoke cleared out of the open windows. The Greatest's response was not a verbal one, but a smirk of excitement appeared on Raseri's face. He has never faced someone of this caliber. Could this opponent be the rival he's been searching for? Though Valdimus isn't as glorified and hyped up as Raseri is but he deserves to be. "This is good. This is real good", Raseri said, smiling as he cracked his knuckles, "This guy is gold".  
Apparently, Valdimus had absorbed the supernatural lightning just as Raseri had absorbed Valdimus surge of lightning moments ago. An aura of violent lightning radiated around the angel as he spoke,"You're truly my equal. That power, that speed, that technique. I say in some ways you can even surpass me. It seems I was right to challenge you. Look at my fists! They are shaking of pure joy! The sense of thrill is almost unbearable! It's the best feeling I ever! My entire body is telling me to defeat you right no!", the Angel of Death was indeed excited. It was fun actually. "My fists are telling me that I shouldn't reserve my entire prowess. Holding isn't an option anymore. Yeah.. you're the opponent I've been looking for", Raseri said, smiling confidently with determination and excitement in his eyes. "I wanted to taste this feeling forever. So excuse me for holding back...", Valdimus replied, almost apologizing. But of course, Raseri wasn't surprised, he had to be stronger than he's revealing to be so excited to fight the Son of Thunder. Soon, the angel descended on the floor as a static sound could be heard, becoming prominent. "Secret Technique No. 15015, Aura of Destruction. An electric surge burning in the excess of 20 million degrees, exchanging over 2 billion phases in a single second. Anything I touch is reduced to less than atoms. One of the most lethal techniques I ever made!", the angel explained. Raseri could sense the sheer raw power of Valdimus' attack. "Don't worry about me halo-boy. I won't be atomized", the Ultimate Fighting God smiled. Suddenly, Valdimus replied, "Watch out, Ras! One wrong move and I might end up annihilating you completely!", the angel warned.  
And in the blink of an eye, Valdimus lunged straight at the G.O.A.T. without a single warning. "Since we're both pulling out the bosses, prepare to experience ultimate fighting. You're tough GS, you can handle yourself against the Guru", Raseri said, referring to a nickname he was given by Thor. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, Valdimus unleashed an earth-shattering flurry of unspeakably powerful blows at the speed of light itself. "Let's do this", the Unparalleled Fighting Machine murmured, "This is Total Fighting", he said as he performed several hand movements, shifting his fighting stance about three times. He performed movements of Kinetiske Stil, The Nor Way and a fighting style that Valdimus has never seen: The Fist of Life. The hand movements were strikingly similar to Raseri's preparations for his Gud Kuler technique. Taking the fighting stance of the Fist of Life, the stance was very different from his other fighting styles, it was very mysterious and had a certain supernatural element to it. It was a fluid, swift and internal style that manipulated the secret of life itself. What Raseri was about to do was test an experimental technique he has been developing, it is a defensive technique but would it work against Valdimus' attack? However, before the two titans could clash once more, an immensely radiant light appeared in between the two fights. From the light emerged a tall bearded elderly but muscular being with an eye patch, wielding a golden spear. It was none other than the divine skyfather Odin. "ENOUGH!", the god shouted, effortlessly disabling Raseri's Halv-Gud reverting him back to his usual calm state. Quickly forming a nearly unbreakable barrier before Valdimus' attack, Odin spoke.  
"This is madness! You boy were not sent here for this nonsense! Never forget that you are a hero first and a fighter second. Fall not for these petty challenges when more important things require your attention. As you fight, you continue to ignore the danger that Martyrdom poses. He is the one you should be fighting! You stand here and fight while that fiend threatens to take all your women?!", Odin shouted as Raseri replied with no fear in his eyes, but only respect. ".. You're right", he sighed. "I'm sorry Odin. But people make mistakes, just look at your eyepatch, I'm sure that was a mistake. You didn't mean to lose your eye right?", Raseri joked a little. However, Odin was completely serious. "This is not the time for joking!", the All-Father shouted as the entire ship trembled at his mere presence."Mistakes are for man only! So.. are you man or are you god!?", Odin asked, hoping that Raseri's response would be the right one. Still with only respect for his grandfather, Raseri answered Odin's question, "Man", Raseri said fearlessly. "Hmph!", Odin soon turned to look at the angel responsible for inciting this chaotic battle. "And you! A mere pawn of another divine force dares to boldly challenge my own blood!? Do not anger the All-Father, angel. It will be your last mistake other than than bending your master's rules. If you two wish to fight then you will do it in the arenas of Asgard, one day. But today is not that day. Do not fight! Stop Martyrdom, do what a hero would. Do not make me return. None of you want feel my wrath", Odin said before disappearing. Sighing, Raseri turned to Valdimus and said, "He's right. We'll do this in a proper arena. But right now Martyrdom is the objective. Here take this", Raseri said, tossing a small communicator at Valdimus. "You can use that thing to keep in contact with me. If either of us find the brat (Martyrdom) then we'll tell each other. See ya halo-boy", Raseri joked as he punched a hole through Martyrdom's ship and jumped out of it.  
Landing on the ground, Raseri headed straight to Vice City and sent a message to both Harumi and Callis' communicators. "Hey guys, I'm at Vice City Square. Come meet me here", the message read. As he waited for his comrades' arrival, Raseri noticed that he was not wearing a shirt, it was torn during his battle with Valdimus. "Damn.. halo-boy made me rip my shirt", he said, examining the seven scars on his chest. Soon the Nordic Tiger took a seat on a bench and waited for the arrival of his Ebisu teammates as well as Martyrdom's arrival in the United States. 
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The two fighters were about to exchange their ultimate techniques when a flash of light struck between them. Ironic, considering that both fighters were moving at levels close to or above the light. Yet the beam was faster than either of them. "ENOUGH!" A thunderous deep voice reverberated in the Angel's mind. At the same time his fist bumped into something hard and invisible. It was a barrier, pretty godly at that! A towering figure emerged from the bright pillar. Validimus knew that man very well. Validimus immediately sunk down to his knees. "All-Father Odin...I'm honored to be in your presence." The Angel took a deep, respectful bow before the Nordic God. While cocky and arrogant by nature, Validimus always knew his position and acted accordingly. The Angel of Violence acknowledged only one thing: Power. He respected no authority but people stronger than him. His courteous action just now proved one thing: Odin was stronger than him.  He understood that hierarchy right away. That's how Validimus believed the world works, ran by the power of the Strong. To the Angel, any other system was just a simple facade to cover the harsh truth. What really mattered is the relation of strength. And compared to the mighty Odin, Validimus had ways to go.
Validimus calmly listened to the conversation between Odin and Raseri. As far as the Angel understood, they were grandfather and grandson. Yet Raseri showed no respect to his great elder. That gave a slight shock to the Angel who lived his entire life by abiding the rules. He thought of Raseri's attitude as a bit immature, especially considering his age. Yet he thought no ill of the Nordic Tiger, just acknowledged it as a slight aspect the two of them differ. Despite his criminal and twisted attitude, Validimus had an open and benevolent heart. He was certainly qualified for being an Angel. "And you! A mere pawn of another divine force dares to boldly challenge my own blood!? Do not anger the All-Father, angel. It will be your last mistake other than than bending your master's rules. If you two wish to fight then you will do it in the arenas of Asgard, one day. But today is not that day. Do not fight! Stop Martyrdom, do what a hero would. Do not make me return. None of you want feel my wrath" The High Father Odin, pinnacle of the entire Nordic pantheon scolded him. Validimus listened to the mighty God's anger without moving a muscle. "Hm, it would certainly appears so. You must excuse my bold actions, Great Lord of Asgard. I, Validimus, the Angel of Violence shall be more thoughtful next." Validimus said while looking up straight into Odin's eyes. Compared to his words, his expression told he didn't mind his actions at all. Of course he didn't. Denying the enjoyment he got from that small battle would be a great sin. And Validimuswas obviously an Angel. He will never commit a sin.
"He's right. We'll do this in a proper arena. But right now Martyrdom is the objective. Here take this" Raseri said while tossing him a small device. Being forced out from his Halv-Gud state, he finally gasped the situation rationally. In short their battle had to came to an end. Validimus sighed. "There's no helping it.  Fine, I'm going to take up on your offer. I know how to draw out your Halv-Gud form anyways. Next time we won't hold back on anything. It's gotta be a no holds barred beatdown, don't you agree? We're going all out! Although please leave setting up the location to me. I know the perfect battlefield for both of us. Just trust my ability. I believe you won't be disappointed." Validimus as he and Raseri shook hands. Both fighters grew to respect each other greatly. They knew their next duel won't be easy. This short fight already gave Validimus several hundreds of new ideas to their future encounter. As soon as this ruckus is over, the Angel is going to be busy with his training. He must develop at least 108 new secret techniques to face the Ultimate Fighting God properly. (How much that raise my total count?, it's more like 66 thousands of skills. Not a bad number, I say.) Thought Validimus. Developing unique techniques had been always the Angel's hobby. They weren't limited to combat though. Validimus developed special skills for cooking, fishing, motor riding or even for mundane tasks like brushing his teeth. At one time Validimus had even thought on selling these for money but the Choir of Saints refused his suggestion. Despite that, the Angel refused to stop. He kept inventing more and more techniques until he became famous for it. So coming up with 108 totally new skills will definitely happen.
The two fighters finally parted ways. Before he went Raseri had told Validimus about the communicator and to call him whenever he would find Martyrdom. Following that the Nordic Tiger escaped the ship through the same hole he previously made. Validimus was left alone. "Well, take that lovesick idiot a visit once more, shall we?" He playfully said. The Angel dropped the communicator from Raseri to the ground. He had his own methods to contact the Nordic Tiger without any sort of help. Keeping that frail device would be just a dead weight. In addition it seem their intense battle made the Nordic Tiger to forget a few things. Notably that Valiidimus had already met the Fallen Angel. The Angel of Violence thought on visiting his former kin for a small talk. Validimus had no intention to fight Martyrdom. His state was too pathetic to worth defeating. But his battle with Raseri gave him new ideas. The Angel would probably enjoy the ensuring finale alot.
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Justice was dashing through the city trying to follow the loud and thundering noise, "What is that!? C'mon guys we gotta hurry, if a fight like this is taking place right here in the city, tthere is no doubt it is the evil villain Martyrdom! My gut tells me that whoever is fighting is indeed a villain! Mark my words these trouble makers will be brought to justice!" And with that the mighty hero Justice did a triple dash and zoomed off into the distance leaving his men behind. As Justice was running at close to mach 3 speed he realized that the ruckus had stopped and the two energies he sensed were parting ways, "Looks like the bastards sense my ultra power and decided to split up, no matter I will make quick work of them both and then prepare to fight Martyrdom!" Justice went left (Raseri's direction) and jumped down the moment he saw someone, his booming voice echoed throughout the city "Hold it right there~" Justice preformed a double front flipand landed in front of the martial arts god, and Justice landed he posed dramaticaly and then glared over at Raseri "So you are the one causing all this trouble, why you would want to do this while we are in the middle of a crisis is beyond me but what I do know is you caused trouble in the wrong town. Ready yourself villain for you time has run out! I come when I hear the call for a hero, I am a man among men, I am justice incarnate, I am the starbangled defender of justice; Justice "Gold" Star!" Just then Justice's men seemingly teleported to his side kneeled down, there were clearly out of breath "Huff, boos c-can we take a break" Justice sighed "No, go after the other villain, hurry! Do you think evil rest?! What will happenw hen no heros are on the job?! Being a defender of justice is not easy, I thought you guys could handle it..." The ninjas shot of as chi radiated off their bodies "No way, we can totaly handle it boss! Let's go guys!" And with that the 4 ninjas dashed off after Validimus. 
Justice smiled at his men's bravery, and then went back to glaring at Raseri "Well? Are you ready?" Justice asked as he got into fighting stance.
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The moment that Justice had arrived in Vice City, Raseri at first expected it to be his friends as he silently waited for his Ebisu teammates, sitting on a bench. The moment that the loud stranger had arrived, Raseri sighed as he noticed the colorful ninjas that he had encountered not too long ago. "Oh, its those clowns", Raseri murmured coolly. "Hold it right there", Justice shouted as he landed in front of the Ultimate Fighting God, "So you are the one causing all this trouble, why you would want to do this while we are in the middle of a crisis is beyond me but what I do know is you caused trouble in the wrong town. Ready yourself villain for your time has run out! I come when I hear the call for a hero, I am a man among me, I am justice incarnate, I am the starbangled defender of justice; Justice Gold Star", Justice announced, taking an exaggerated position. "Oh boy", Raseri sighed calmly. "Listen Hulk hogan, I'm a good guy. You've got it all wrong. I'm a hero. I didn't do anything to this town. I was in up in Martyrdom's ship trying to find him so I could whoop him", Raseri explained with his usual coolness and composure.  
However, Justice was not the most reasonable person in the world. Taking a fighting stance, Justice took a fighting stance, "Well? Are you ready?", the loudmouth ninja asked. Sighing once again, Raseri tried to make it clear that he was a hero. "Hey man, I'm no villain. I'm the Nordic Tiger, I'm a hero. I'm just here waiting for my teammates to come so that I can talk to them and so that we can fight Martyrdom together. So you better take it easy, I don't wanna whoop another challenger", the Nordic Tiger said, explaining himself as he didn't move an inch and remained on his seat. However, fortunately for the Ultimate Fighting God, someone is coming to justify his statements. Odin was watching the entire situation and he was not pleased with the ridiculous obstacles that blocked Raseri's path. There was no time for foolish misunderstandings at the moment when Martyrdom is so close. Emerging from a flash of bright white light, Odin appeared. Standing at nine feet tall, the All-Father was an imposing figure, his sheer near-limitless power and might could be felt so strongly by all near him, that most ordinary people would be overwhelmed in his mere presence. "Does this never end? First the angel, now this jester!", Odin said angrily as he pointed at Justice. "I am Odin, father of Asgard. You accuse my grandson of being a villain? You are a fool! He is a noble hero. Your challenge like one who came before you will only waste time as Martyrdom arrives. Do not defy me mortal!", Odin demanded seriously as he disappeared. 
Even Justice should recognize Odin's power and authority. Clearly, this was all just a big misunderstanding. "Told ya I'm a hero", Raseri said with an amused smile. Apparently Odin did not want anyone getting in Raseri's way, he wanted this "Martyrdom Situation" to end as soon as possible. "Listen man, I'm just gonna wait here for my teammates. You should go on ahead and follow your ninjas", the King of Fists said coolly. And though his words were true, he honestly did not want to spend more time with Justice. He found him annoying and he barely even knew him. "This clown's annoying", he thought as he patiently waited for his friends. 
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Black Heart

At the front door of the ship of the deviant king Martyrdom stood the infamous pirate Kurohige, holding a bag of gold coins "Zehahaha! Thanks for teleporting me here Magician!" Kurohige's Magician Demon floated to his side "No problem boss!" Kurohige had heard of Martyrdom's plan and wanted in on it, all the women he wanted and the chance to take over the world? It was his dream come true, however Kurohige had a flashback of when Newdeath told him to find happiness and a women to truly love "What rubbish, he ain't even the king around here anymore!"  Kurohige spoke at the door leading to the ship of Martyrdom "Listen I decided to take y aup on the offer! I want to help you take all the women, I even brought ya some treats!" Kurohige hoped that when Martyrdom greeted him he would realize who he was and allow him to join his crew.
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Eh? Who the hell is this two?  The other one seems to take enjoyment of cosplaying mythical figure  then screaming around mortal this , mortal that . The other one seems to wear inadequate armor and be a large ham, chewing the scenery for what it is worth. Retrias eyebrow seems to twitch every so often , all of this things seems to get into him very quickly.Retrias was just going to pass all of them and say " TO hell with this, you can continue with your LARP convention, I am going to shank martyrdom"  but alas his core said something else. Flagos cores learn by watching a fight and develops according to it's user, form watching the intense fight between an "angel" and the alleged grandson of a god, it is forced to grow in accelerated rate , the core seems to devise ways to get stronger by emulating the technique at a smaller scale , however the shock of the change to Retrias body is immense, his whole body aches, his eye turned blue as he tried to suppress the pain going on, his bone got lighter yet stronger,his skin changed into something else, growing flaps and aerodynamic spoiler or changing shape subtly when he needs it. SHIT SHIT SHIT What the hell is happening to me, nobody tell me in an a exposition style "Thou body shall change after seeing the surly Brawl of an Angel and Grandson of a norsegod" , three small nodes appeared in his back , this is the starting point where thrust would be provided if he wants to go faster.
A Voice rang in his head, Synchronization complete, level staying on 80%, 15 % raise have been detected. Ancestral memory have been written and extracted to the most efficient form. Deleting unneeded objects, several man screams can be heard from the back of his head as if they are dying. Several he knew and have heard from before , other he didn't know at all even the face of a seemingly crazed man saying something repeatedly"Dragons, God, Dragons, Goddesses, Empire......., REVENGE , WAR, CLEAVE , SMITE". What the fuck just happened to me , he shook his head in attempt to be rid of the dizzyness
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This is insane, Lan Fan thought.  The situation was insane, the demigod level fight was insane, and her trying to fly this airship with the effects of the fight was insane.  There was depressurization on the Left side of the ship, several systems had overheated and she could just barely keep the damn thing from flipping.  She was doing the best she could but it was a hard battle with the controls, and to make things worse the ship was losing both power and fuel.  Probably a connection to one of the main fuel tanks had been broken.  She really wished there where not so many lives on this ship, that was too much pressure.  And here came the panic, she knew she needed to calm down.  She took a deep breath and thought, if she cut the power usage in half the ship would lose altitude but it would stay up longer.  She had to get clear of the city, but what then?  There was a flat plain near vice city, it had a highway on it but was otherwise unused, she could land there.  She felt the ship tilt forward and compensated as well as she could, they where at a five degree incline now, that was all that the ship had power to keep.  "Why did I think I could do this?" she asked to noone.  "Stop acting hopeless Lan Fan, stop it."
She couldn't land the ship properly, she would be out of power by the time she was clear of the city, she could probably have a controlled crash though.  She didn't want to make a call that big.  She called Harumi, "I think I can crash the ship in the plains outside of Vice City and have everyone who is not in the dungeon level survive.  Should I?"  If Harumi went for her plan then she would have to make sure all the women where out of the dungeon.
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Wrath of the wingless angel


Martrydom was enjoying a glass of red wine while sitting on his throne when the glass suddenly shattered, Martyrdom starred at the shattered glass on the floor, before he could even call for someone to clean up one of the guards came bursting in, sweat was pouring down his face he looked terrified "M-m-my lord, It pain me to tell you this but.... Sniff, the women...!" Martyrdom grew impatient "Out with it you dreck!" The guard stepped back a bit and then continued "The women are all gone, I was only out for my break, there should have been at least one guard but he was no match either....I'm sorry sir..." Martyrdom slowly got up and walked over to the terrified guard, the man was shaking with every step Martyrdom took towards him. Martyrdom placed his hand on the guard's shoulder and spoke softly "Don't be silly, you have nothing to be sorry for." The guard was confused "I-I don't sir?" Martyrdom walked past the guard "Of course not, afterall, you are gonna go after them, now follow me." Martyrdom walked towards the ship's balchoney as the guard followed "Sir what do you mean? How will I follow them?" The guard asked, still slightely scared, however Martyrdom said nothing, once they reached the top of the ship Martyrdom looked at the guard straight into the eyes "Now, what direction did you see them go?" The guard had no idea where they went "I did not see them sir, I apologize..." Martyrdom chuckled "Well I guess we better take a guess you useless bastard!" Martyedom spearhanded the guard in between the ribs and lifted him into the air, blood was pouring out of him, shards of his armor was implanted into his wound, the man screamed out in pain as Martyrdom laughed maniacally "Well I think they went that way!! Now go fetch!!!" Martyrdom flung the guard off his hand leaving a trail of blood flying through the air, the guard went flying out of sight, off in the distance Martyrdom could see the guard fall to his death. Martyrdom was breathing heavily however before he could vent he heard a familier voice call to him from below at the ship's front door. 
Martyrdom walked over and looked down, it was the demon pirate Kurohige, the one who used to be with Gekido under Newdeath. Martyrdom was still furious but he was also curious as to why he was there. Martyrdom jumped down, "So you wish to aid me pirate? You couldn't have come at a better time, my property was stolen grom me, you can help me get it back. I accept you gold and your offer, join me, we may have been enemies but we now share the same goal. We are heading to the United states, I can already see Vice city, we will be there within 30 minuets. You will be on the front lines with me, if you cross me you will meet the same fate as my guard. Now seeing as how you some new 'friends' you're job will be not only taking out any threats but capturing the women, that black hole of yours will come in handy." Martyrdom was sure the pirate would have no problem with this task, and although Martyrdom did not fully trust him, he was confident in his power, he knew he would kill him, afterall, he knews he can take on every wannabe hero the Vice City could offer. Maryrdom made another annoucement  "ATTENTION!!! I the the all-powerful angel Martyrdom am now a mere half hour away from- What the the!?" Martyrdom noticed the ship was crashing straight towards a wide field a bit aways from Vice City "So the women are not gone afterall, they are just making an escape and on my own dame ship!" Another guard rushed out "Sir we are about to crash, a fight took place in the dungeon, Raseri, and a few other easily took out the guards however there was a incredible fight, we did not wish to disturb you so we tried to take care of it, but I was knocked out, now one of the women has control of the ship!" Martyrdom grinded his teeth and closed his eyes, he was searching for the chi of the one controlling the ship once Martyrdom found it he seemingly teleported over to where Lan fan was "Well well, in my own dungeon, my own ship you managed to take out my guards and take control of my ship and attemped to trap these women by taking them away from me?! Well very clever, but these women are where they belong, I dunno what you are thinking but I'm taking my ship back now!" Martyrdom's right hand began to glow with a golden light and he thrusted it straight at Lan Fan's back 
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@kashif1: @Martyrdom
Martyrdom's fist shot out at the frail back of Lan Fan like an arrow of golden light. It was an attack probably far beyond the girl's comprehension. She had absolutely no way to dodge. Likely she didn't even realize her approaching death. The fate of Lan Fan seemed to be absolute. "!" Yet the fate often plays vile tricks on its subjects. The mighty fist of the Fallen Angel had been stopped, seemingly by an invisible force. "My, you're awful. Did you forget already?"  Said a familiar voice. At the same time the silhouette of a huge man appeared before martyrdom. The fist of the Fallen Angel was caught by Valdimus' palm. The Angel leaned closer to his former comrade. His face was just a 30 centimeters away from Martyrdom. "God created all women to be treasured. Not to be destroyed. I thought you were a aware of this fact the most. Was I wrong?" Validimus stared directly into Martyrdom's eyes.  He revealed confident grin. Despite his light tone, the atmosphere between him and the Fallen Angel were explosive. And the Angel of Violence was well aware of it. "Or Perhaps are you trying to sully your fists again? Well, you've already been fallen once. Your wings were forcefully torn off and you are banned from Heavens forever. To a fallen angel like you the only possible way is down. You're trapped within a downwards spiral. Your only choice is to set how quickly you hit the very bottom."  Validimus said. Apparently he had fun dissecting the miserable state of his fallen comrade. "But if I were you I should refrain from actions like this. Attacking a powerless girl like she is very low, even coming from the fallen kind like you. That is something I cannot ignore. I don't care how much you crawl on the ground. But please don't drag me with yourself."  The angel's voice was light and calm, it sounded almost sweet. Yet he just told a grave threat. What a messed up person. After he finished his speech, Validimus' head turned slightly to Lan Fan's direction. "Hey, young girl." The angel's unoccupied left arm moved, punching the empty air. *BOOM!* Explosive shockwave closely followed by a sound similar to breaking glass. With a casual punch Validimus made a hole in reality. "I'm short on time. Use this portal to escape, okay?" Validimus told it with an angelic smile. He created a dimensional portal to the USA. There Lan Fan could finally reunite with her friends. "Hurry!" Validimus said. He was not sure he could maintain the portal forever. "Oh and one more thing. If you meet a guy called Raseri, tell him the following: 'This fight is going to be extremely tough. Do not let your guard down!' " Validimus left delivering this message to Lan Fan, right before she disappeared in the portal. The focus of the Angel wandered back on Martyrdom. "Hello Martyrdom. I'm back!" Validimus exclaimed like he was greeting an old friend. But both of them knew that the Angel's words had a different meaning.
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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Raseri@Justice:
Harumi couldn't fly the ship and tend to Callis' wounds. "Apply pressure and stay still." She commanded, not taking no for an answer. Her seriousness was almost frightening, but it was necessary. The little escape ship was easy to fly, at least compared to the massive mothership. Harumi worried her lower lip with each occasional glance at Callis. He really was in rough shape. Harumi cursed herself for being unable to help. But if they got to the ground, somebody would know what to do. Harumi jumped as the communicator in Callis' hands bleeped, and Raseri began to speak. "Hey guys, I'm at Vice City Square. Come meet me here" He said. Harumi kept one hand on the controls as she reached back and groped for the communicator that Callis had. Suddenly, she realized where she was touching and blushed, found the communicator and replied, unfazed.
"We're almost there." Harumi replied. "But we'll be crashing because this wasn't made to land." She added. The geisha mumbled something in Japanese and spotted Raseri in the Vice City square. There was somebody else there, but he didn't look like too much trouble. Harumi angled the ship down, and they plummeted to the ground. The crash, though, was lighter than Harumi thought. The air bags also helped, but Harumi was unnerved and in a bit of a daze. She wouldn't be surprised if she had a concussion. But Harumi had to be strong, for Callis. Since Callis was lying on a pile of pillows and blankets, the crash wouldn't have been too bad. But she was still worried for him. Harumi's lips drew into a straight line as she kicked out the window with one kick and picked up Callis, bridal style. He was in no condition to walk, and what ever he said couldn't convince Harumi otherwise. The delicate looking woman strained under Callis' weight, but she hauled them out through the open window, and propped Callis up against the ship. She walked up to Raseri and the strange other man and smiled. 
"Hey Rasi-chan." She said weakly, still wincing from her recently gained concussion and subsequent headache. "We made it. Who's your friend?"
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@Superevil225@kashif1@Justice: @Kuma_From_Argentina:
Waiting for his teammates to arrive, Raseri spent his time silently sitting on the bench. "I bet Geo threw away that communicator I gave him. What a douche", Raseri chuckled. Soon, the Nordic Tiger realized that he could not remain shirtless for too long, it would simply feel a little odd to be around his team like that. "Maybe Odin can give me a hand. I don't feel like running all the way back home to get another shirt and leather jacket", mighty Raseri thought, his facial expression pensive. "Of course I can help. I'm the All-Father b*tch!", a chuckling Odin said, appearing once again. "I'm sorry but I couldn't resist hehe", the jolly All-Father said, sitting next to his grandson on the bench. "So.. you want me to magic up a shirt and a leather jacket for you huh? Like the ones you buy all the time?", Odin asked, patting his own stomach in a playful child-like manner. With a friendly smile, Raseri replied, "Yeah sure. But they gotta be exactly like the ones I have. With the red fist picture on the back and everything. Oh and if it isn't too much to ask, I'd like my black leather gloves too", the Ultimate Fighting God said as Odin complied. With a snap of his finger, Asgard's Father instantly created everything that Raseri had asked for. After putting on the shirt, jacket and gloves, Raseri patted Odin in the back. "Awesome. Well see ya Odin", Raseri said as his grandfather disappeared in thin air. His visitations were becoming less and less overwhelming, he would visit Raseri daily now.  
Checking the time on his cellphone, Raseri waited for the arrival of his teammates. He remembered that he had used up a lot of energy during his battle against Valdimus, but he didn't have any more Magiske-Urt with him. "Damn..", Raseri thought in slight disappointment. But then for some reason, the Ultimate Fighting God felt compelled to check the pockets of his black leather jacket. Slipping his right hand into the pocket, he found some Magiske-Urt and smiled. "Odin you sly dog", he murmured. Fortunately, Odin had left some Magiske-Urt for him in the leather jacket, a generous thing to do. Quickly eating the herbs, Raseri began to feel the energy flow through his entire body. He felt revitalized, revived really. "Now that's the sh*t", he said with a smile. Throughout all of this, The Greatetst had completley forgotten that the hero Justice was standing next to him the entire time. "So... those ninja guys that work for you.. they're pretty lame don't ya think? I mean even you have to admit that they look like some weird Power Rangers right?", Raseri joked with a chuckle, trying to lighten the mood after Odin had revealed that he was in fact a hero and not a villain like Justice had previously thought. Pulling out his iPod, Raseri put on his earphones and began listening to "Writer's Block by Royce da 5'9" featuring Eminem" one of his favorite songs form 2011.  
"Man I love this song", he murmured as the song was coming to an end. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, Raseri noticed that a large ship was about to crash-land near him. About to help the ship land safely with his monstrous physical strength, Raseri noticed that the ship had landed safely on its own, barely causing any serious damage. He didn't hear his communicator beep before since he was listening to music. Removing his earphones and slipping his iPod back into his pocket, Raseri waited to see who would emerge from the ship. "I hope its not some other clown asking for it", Raseri murmured coolly. Looking back at Justice, Raseri said, "Hey man, be ready for whatever comes out of that ship. It might even be Martyrdom", he said with his usual calmness. He was surprised however, to find that it was teammates emerging from the ship. The most disturbing sight was Harumi carrying an injured Callis out of the ship like the Knight was a damsel in distress and Harumi was the knight in shining armor. Raseri couldn't help chuckle at the sight, but his teammates weren't in the best of shape, especially Callis. Despite the softness of the crash, it couldn't have been good for him. "Hey Rasi-chan", Harumi said, her voice was weak, the crash did take a lot out of her but she was still smiling.  
"We made it. Who's your friend?", she asked. "Harumi! Cal! Man you guys need some healing. No excuses this time, especially you Cal", Raseri said as he walked over to his teammates and gently placed his hands on their cheeks, touching a Life Hole that would instantly heal all of their injuries, restoring them to their fittest state. "There you go", he smiled. "Friend? Oh you mean Justice", Raseri said, pointing back at Justice with his thumb. "He's a hero who also wants to stop Martyrdom..", Raseri said, before whispering into Harumi's ear, "But he's also kind of a douche", he whispered, not wanting to offend Justice after having made fun of his ninjas. "So...", Raseri said, about to comment on how Harumi was the one carrying Callis like a damsel in distress. "You're manlier than Callis now?", he joked. The Unparalleled Fighting Machine was waiting for Martyrdom's arrival as he reunited with his teammates. Popping into his mind was Odin who asked, "Oh hey look its Callis", he said. "So that's the girl you've been telling me about? Does Thor know?", he asked Raseri as the demigod mentally replied, "Oh good you remember Cal, at least you're not senile. Yep that's her. Thor? Nah. I think I'm gonna need more Magiske-Urt for this, mind teleporting some to my pocket?", Raseri asked, "Of course my boy", Odin agreed and soon disappeared from the Son of Thunder's mind as a small bag of Magiske-Urt was teleported into his pockets. Slipping his hand into his pocket, Raseri felt the bag, "This'll be enough", he thought, waiting for the battle against the wingless angel to commence.
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Callis slipped from conscience to unconsciousness as Harumi helped him to walk. The herbs Raseri gave him only closed his wounds, but he had lost plenty of blood, and he wasnt anywhere near to being helathy enough for being walking. This was the first time Callis got so close to death, maybe he lost his edge out his worries about Harumi and the other women, captured by Martyrdom, either way he failed, and now he was hindering Harumi escape. If he had strenght enough he would have tried to make Harumi let go off him, so she could advance faster, but in his current state he couldnt even move a finger, as the blood loss numbed his whole body, he was so weak he was rendered unable to speak. After walking with steady pace for a while, they reached the control room. Harumi placed Callis over a pile of pillows and matress and tried to control the ship. That was the last thing Callis saw before slipping into a deep slumber. He opened his eyes again as Raseri used the Fist of Life to restore some energy to the Knight battered and bruised body. The Saevus Warrior opened his eyes, yet he was still unable to move, since even if wasnt in the verge of death anymore, but still he lost a considerable ammount of blood nad his body was weak after the strain of using Armis. He overheared the conversation of his friends and smiled, knowing that Harumi and Raseri were fine, and then he fell asleep again.
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@Raseri: @Validimus: @Martyrdom

Lan Fan was not entirely sure what to think of this, she had categorized Valdimus as a villain because of his need to fight Raseri but the angel had just saved her life.  She was pretty much the only one left in the ship outside of a few of the prisoners, Joan seemed to have run of somewhere.  She realized the two angels where going to fight, she did not want to get killed in the crossfire.  She yelled a quick thank you and jumped into the portal.  She had never gone through a portal and had no way to prepare for the gravity shifts that resulted.  There where also lines in the world of the portal, like edges of tv screens from which she got a vague hint of the other universes and dimensions and for the first time she got a hint of the size of the multiverse.  Then it ended and Lan Fan's perseption of gravity did a 180.  After her stomach got itself sorted out she stood up.  She was in the city square and there was one of the escape crafts nearby.  Across the street where the other members of Ebisu.  She realized she hadn't eaten for quite a while and went to the burgerstand and pulled out a five from her pocket.  "Brave of you to still be out here."
"Ah this is just a normal Wednesday in this city," the guy at the stand said with a slightly urban accent, "Whose blood's this?"
"Mine, at least I think it is."  She replied taking the burger, "It'll wash of the bill eventually."  She bit into the burger and found it quite good.  She walked over to the others, Callis seemed the most injured and Raseri had somehow gotten his jacket back.  She sat on the bench next to Callis and realized how tired she was.  She greeted her teammates and was temped to take a nap herself when she heard a crash.  She looked up and saw that the ship had grazed a skyscraper, not much real damage but it was still worrying.  She didn't know what to do about it until she remembered the demigod sitting right in front of her.  "Hey Ras could you?" she asked pointing to the falling airship.
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Even after being healed by Raseri's Fist of Life, Callis couldn't fight it any longer and dropped into unconsciousness. The Ultimate Fighting God could heal all of his teammate's wounds but he couldn't give him the blood that he lost during the intense scuffle in Martyrdom's ship. Well, at least Harumi didn't lose any blood, so she should be perfectly fine after being healed. "Callis lost a lot of blood but he'll be okay. He's a tough guy", Raseri said, hoping to keep everyone from worrying too much about the humble Knight. Soon after a brief moment, Lan Fan had finally made her arrival and reunited with the team. Once he spotted Lan Fan, the Nordic Tiger smiled a little, relieved that she was fine. He didn't know her that well so he couldn't worry too much, she was very secretive and silent around the team, not one to talk much. Raseri also noticed that she was eating a hamburger which caused him to chuckle a little. "Well it looks like everyone is going to survive", he smiled, looking at all of his teammates, except for Emerald and Rose, who was strangely absent throughout the entire situation. Lan Fan greeted her teammates and took a seat on the bench that Callis was sleeping on. "So I guess we'll all wait for Martyrdom to come and then we attack him", Raseri said, sounding a little like the leader which was not what he wanted. He instantly realized this, smiled and looked at Harumi, Ebisu's leader. "You know, unless you other plans", he said, showing his respect that he can do nothing involving the team unless it's leader approves it.  
As he spoke to Ebisu's leader, Raseri heard the sound of an approaching airship. It's sound grew louder with every approaching second. "Hey Ras could you?", Lan Fan asked pointing at the gigantic falling airship that had just barely scratched a skyscraper. However, if it continues like this without anything to stop it, the effects would be catastrophic and many lives would be lost. Quickly spotting the colossal ship, Raseri calmly looked back at Lan Fan and said, "Now how'd you let a ship that big get by you?", he chuckled. "I'll take care of it", he said, determination in his eyes. Using his unbelievable speed to quickly dash over to the falling airship, the Fighting Guru looked around him and noticed that on its way down, the airship would destroy the surrounding buildings. "This sh*t's never easy", Raseri sighed as he covered the entire area in a strong barrier of kinetic energy that would protect the buildings and everyone else from the falling airship. "Now time to deal with this myself", Raseri said to himself just above a whisper, charging his body with invisible kinetic energy to enhance his superhuman strength. Quickly leaping into the air, Raseri extended his arms and caught the airship in mid air with his monstrous strength. With his strength, Raseri managed to hold the airship as he landed. Gently setting down on the road, Raseri removed the kinetic energy barrier and returned to his teammates. "So where were we?", he asked. 
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