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 "Hey Callis, I'm in some secret area on the ship with Harumi. It's really close to the main deck. When you leave the main deck, turn right and walk. The first door on your left, open it, you'll find us. Oh and if you want a guard uniform to lay low, you should head over to the armory and get some uniform. I was there not too long ago and I found a lot of guard uniforms" After getting the Nordic Tiger message, the Half-blood Knight decided to mover towards the armory, or at least caught and guard alone and take his uniform. This situation wasnt unknow for Callis as he had to sneak up a enemy headquarters in his homeland, as he was fighting an special group of Unda, that seemed to be intelligent and cunning, they formed and army and stole supplies from the Belua Empire, that wasst as hard as this to break in, but he didnt had the good luck of the enemy having matching clothing and face concealings masks, so this would be a much easier for Callis, as his hybrid heritage allowed him feats of agility and speed of inhuman nature, and that animal traits allowed him to easily sneak down on humans, even trained ones like this guards. Walking without making any noise, crouching to and sometimes even walking using his hands as well, Callis left the storage room silent as a shadow. He opened the door to minimum necesary for him to pass throught and walked swiftly throught the hall, trying to find a sign to indicate the armory, since he was unable to read, since his Omnious Intelligentia Spell only worked on spoken languages, not in their written form. The ship was seemingly calm, the were some groups of guards, but Callis could dodge them with ease, clinging to the ceiling or entering rooms he could detect empty using his keen sense of hearing and smell. 
It took time to find the way up, since the stairs were mostly well defended, and the idea of climbing throught the sides of the ship was quickly dismissed by Callis since the wind was now stronger, and the risk were bigger than the profit. After some time he managed to find an unguarded way up, as he found some kind of small elevator, possible used to transport food to the upper floors. The Knight climbed throught the shaft with almost no effort, piercing the walls with his claws, and started to go up with ease. He climbed towards the main deck, but just as he was about to reach the exit of the elevator, a sudden tremor shook the whole ship as if something crashed against it. What was that? Could it be that Ras started fighting? Asked to himself the Knight as he fought to keep clinged to the wall. The Flying Castle shaked to one side violently, pushing Callis out of the elevator shaft up to the Main deck. If this was Ras doing, I'll need to have a serious conversation with him, said the Knight, half joking half serious, as he stood up in the main deck, completly surrounded by guards. Hey Kitten, unsheath me and let start cutting throats and gutting guards! Shouted with anxiety Gigas, the spirit trapped inside Callis sword Mundicelox. The Comunicator sounded once, but the Saevus was unable to repply as he was about to engage in combat. This was almost hopeless, as he was surrounded by many soldiers, and the battleground was extremely dangerous, since with one slip anybody could fall to the sides. Callis unsheated his sword, and took a stance with his legs and his left hand one the ground, ready to fight against the troops. This could be our last combat together Tudo Gigas, said Callis with a serious face, but Gigas dismissed that thought, Callis, the sword said the Knight name for first time ever, you're the most noble Saevus I ever met in my life, and I dont think you're going to fall here, since even if broken my blade is at your service, and I can tell right? Since I was the best swordmaster ever, ended the sword with some pride and sarcasm trying to cheer up his owner. 
Completly girded by guards, armed by polearms, spears and firearms, the battle looked dire for the Saevus Knight, but even against impossible odds a Knight with a quest never backs down. The first wave of bullets were mostly stopped by Callis Cloak, as he waved it in circles as he unsheated five daggers with his free hand. A bullet barely touched his cheek opening a wound, and the others were nullified by his Cloak powerful defensive magic, it could block personal firearms, but it wont be so useful against a combat rifle or a shotgun, specially this close. The Knight charged throught the bullets, dodging or deflecting what he could, and being lucky with the rest. As they gunner emptied their magazines, the spearmen charged in, attacking as one from all the sides. Callis jumped over them and threw the daggers, hitting five guards on the head with deadly accuracy, and landed with inhuman skill in one of the bigger guards, this one armed with a hammer, shoulder only using his left hand, the same used to throw the short blades while being mid-jump. From that handstanding position, the Wildblood Warrior sliced the guard throat with a quick slash of Mundicelox, making the stout guard to fall on his knees and Callis pushed himself with his hand, dodging a hail of gunfire aimed towards his unprotected body, since in that position his cloak didnt covered his body. This movement was a second late, as the Knight didnt expected the guard to fall so quickly, and three bullets managed to hit him, only to graze him, as his instincts and battle experience made his body react almost automatically to avoid attacks. As he was in the air, just about to land, Gigas shouted, Look out! Behind you kitten! The Knight barely reached to react, and shifting his axis of balance while falling he managed to turn around, just to see a grenade, throwed with exquisite timing, flying towards him. 
The grenade was about to explode, but this time around the Half-blood Knight cat-like reflexes won the match, and in an incredible show of acrobatics, he managed to do a handstand over a guard under him, and while he used Mundicelox to slit the soldier throat, he kicked the grenade away while doing a movement similar to Breakdance Air Scissor. The explosive fell into a thick group of soldiers, that were torn apart by the blast and the sharpnel. Callis managed to use the corpse of the guard he was standing as human shield, as he went to the floor and covered with it. The soldier kept coming and another comunication made his Ebisu commlink to ring, but in this situation he was unable to repply. Now he was surrounded, and the wounds were starting to bother him, as also did the blood loss. Callis returned the daggers to his hand with a pull of his fingers, bringing the to him thanks to the magical cords attached to them, thanks to their spell. If the situation kept like this Callis wont have any other choice than using Armis to empower himself, but if he run dry of magic before beating them he will end up in a dangerous position. Using Armis and praying for beating them, or trying to hold off them without using magic, and hoping for the reinforcements to arrive. The Knight was doubtful about this, but he was sure about beating them, since less guards meant less problems for Ras and Harumi. It all came down to a decision, to fight back with all his might, or to withstand their attacks and hope for help. This inner struggle distracted for a crucial second the Knight concentration, that got shot from behind. The Cloak stopped the bullet, but it served as a reminder of the impending danger he was in and forced his decision. 
A new wave of attackers charged towards the Knight, but a sudden pressure pushed them back, as the Magic of Callis created a powerful wind around him, and a blue magic circle inscribed in the floor, with a powerful voice the Knight summoned his only original spell, By my Code I Life, for my Code I die, Born from Love, Casted to Darkness, I summon thee, my power, my strenght, my sorrow and my anger. Come forth my armor of conviction and will!! DAMNIATO ARMIS!! A powerful gust of wing rised, making the guards uniform wave with violence, and some of them expressed their shock as they saw Callis new appearance. A light blue aura, that took the form of a large feline surrounded Callis body as a second skin, darker blue parts had magical circles around his wrists and shoulders, and runes floating around him. The Knight made a movement foward and dissapeared from the guards sight, his enhanced speed combined with his natural agility let him take his combined techniques of Turbo Felis and his sword skills to a next level. Callis initial dash sent him to hit a cluster of guards, he hit them low and hit them hard, spinning in his back and releasing powerful kicks and precise cuts in what could only be described as an hurricane of violence, killing or wounding guards by the dozen each second that passed. The Blue Armis enhanced Callis Speed, Strenght and Endurance, but only worked for a minute, since the Knight mixed inheritance grant him a lot of the Saevus advantages, but weakend his Vian Magical power. The guards fell like wheat during harvest, with deep slashes that reached their organs, or kicks that shattered bones, their number slowly descending, but as well Callis spell time limit. 
The last ten second were about to be over, and the squad of guards was reduced only to a tenth of it's original size. They were know trying to avoid the attacks and defending more than counter attacking, as they noticed the aura slowly diminishing.  The spell finally run out, and so did Callis energy, as now his whole body seem to weight much more. The 10 guards left after Callis final rush attacked with their weapons, the Knight suceeded in beating the ones armed with range weapons as a safety measure if this situation happened. Gigas spoke to Callis, Kitten, get ready this is the last round, you can pull this off! Dont go soft on me right now! Callis was barely standing, and the wounds stopped by the Armis spell were re-opened once the boost vanished, now he was bleeding from multiple slashes and gunshots, all of them superficial, non a serious injury, however the blood loss and the magical drain were taking their toll on his body. His tired eyes saw the attackers charge blurry and undefined, but only by instinct he managed to dodge most of the hits, or end only with a scratch in the ones he didnt. He was moving backword, avoiding hits with the minimum movement required, until he hitted a wall. The guards charged throught, with one spear piercing Callis side. They gave a shout of triumph, but the Knight had his Daggers prepared, and after releasing his sowrd, he threw his tewlve daggers, in shotgun-like trajectory, and hit all of them. Good going kitten! Now you have to wait for someone to carry your ass back to the ground level. Callis leaned into the wall, and took the spear out, falling into the ground shaking after a sudden jolt of pain cruised his body. Now is only a matter of time, I hope they get this, Thought the Saevus Knight as he switched on his commlink but was unable to speak, and only sat down trying not to fall asleep out of the blood loss. 
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Alicia woke up from a deep slumber "Ah, where am I?" She felt dizzy. Like she was hit in the head. Alicia saw a fat frame leaning above her. "Grandma?" She murmured. Her vision was dark and hazy. "Close but not close enough." She heard the ugly voice of her captor. "KYAAAH!" Alicia screamed from the shock. She had been caught. She was tied on the table with chains. She couldn't escape the foul breath of her captor. "Get away from me, please! Please let me go!" The fat guy took delight in Alicia's desperate pleas. "No, I can't do that. Besides I don't ever want to. You're my new cute plaything." The man caressed Alicia's face. "NOOOO!" She screamed. This ugly guy was planning to do unspeakable things to her.
"What was that?" Alicia's captor turned his attention behind the door. He heard many screams and gunshots. Someone was fighting. " I told the guys never disturb my fun. It's too noisy out there!"  The man shouted back. He felt annoyed but his attention wandered back on Alicia. "The hell!?" The fat guy expressed his shock. The pendant on Alicia's neck was emitting a vivid glow. With clinging noise Alicia easily shook down her chains and proceeded to punch her captor. The guy flew against the door and lost consciousness.  "Huh? What happened? I feel...strange." The glow went off and Alicia returned to her senses. She saw her former captor on the floor. "Sorry! Sorry! I didn't mean to hit you that hard." She apologized to the fat guy and pulled him away. She escaped her cell and ran. In the corridors Alicia saw an injured knight. He was in a really bad shape. "Excuse me, are you alright?"
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Meanwhile somehwere else on the ship, Retrias decided to take a wholly different way than everybody else "Disable Everyone until Matyrdom" sounds very very good in his mind. Well then, Tell your boss to send more people THEN himself here , frankly I WILL handle all of you. The troop begin to back a way at fear, especially considering there is multiple body parts with multiple chunks on this persons trail showing a gruesome end for them . Don't worry guys the lord have given us power and if we died we will go to heaven , everyone charggggeeee, the people then charged at the black clad "thing"  Retrias smiled , a smile not befitting of a hero, a smile that is commonly seen in Mizukari face when she is planning but a thousand times more grim. Retrias pulled his right arm, changing the weapon equipped there into some kind of coil, then he swings it forward with a loud roar that can be heard from all over the ship ,a roar that is terrible, a herald of destruction . The coil extended forward, moving like a snake , before reaching the end stabbing into the person shouting before hand . The coil ends stabbed deep into his stomach , the rest of the coil glows red. Retrias eye glowed a glow deep red unlike the bright red when he got excited .
The guard realized afterwards the coil have missed them , their attitude soon changes from fear and begging to pompous attitude like before, then they realized as the pain soon hit them, that they have been cut in half and due to the heat generated with friction their wound have been cauterized, they are still alive in the most grim sense possible without their lower ends, they fall down to the floor. With only the man that commanded the charge still standing with the coil embedded deep within his stomach. Fear begin to creep within him, he is a man that have an intricate knowledge of the world definition of "heroes" , or "Anti heroes" and the fear they can inflict in Villains. But this guy , he is different, the fear he generated in his action already shows that he is not a hero, however it didn't fit with a Villain , it is nearly like facing a disaster at it's face, a Disaster that can plan, and think deliberately.
He feels something is creeping in his body , The black clad man walked forward , saying the same question that he asked everyone who looked like they can talk, "Where ?" as a person who have read a lot of fictional story he realized what the person is searching for , his leader Matyrdom , He tried to speak , but strangely he cannot move his tounge. His voice wavers the black clad man looked at him with no expression, repeating the question again , "where". He said up, only that word came from his mouth, afterwords he realized what happen, this guy is not going to let him live, one way or another in the end he is going to kill him or worse, he cursed and cursed, trying to lift his arm and leg , but to realize,  it's not there. Strewn along connected by coil, a sudden realization came to him , he realized as his arm moved towards his leg and begining to pull, He wouldn't go to heaven, nobody in this ship on the other side of this guy is going to heaven , even if he reported this to human watch the black clad person would probably hunt him.  
Now we know it is up, hell it is always UP Retrias spoke, his voice calm and clear, as if he had done nothing wrong. He walked forward again to search for Stairs
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@Alicia_Aegletes: Callis was in deep sleep, a small puddle of blood around him, and the corpses of almost a hundred guards, chopped down all around in the main deck. The wounds werent really ad, but in this case the quantity was over the quality, and the blood loss weakend the Saevus Knight. He was sitting leaning to a wall, as he fell asleep as he waited for some back-up. the minutes passed, as Callis was slowing slipping into a deeper sleep, but a sudden loud noise woke him up, as seemingly in a room near the deck a fight started. The Knight hoped it to be one of his comrades or friends. But as he opened his eyes a young girl was standing besides him, asking  "Excuse me, are you alright?"  she didnt seemed part of the guards, surely she was an escaped prisioner. The Knight didnt wanted the girl to freak out, and decided to stand, at least to show her he could walk. As his magical power was restored slowly after the fifht, he at got some to help his recuperation and grant him some strenght, at least enough to walk, not to fight, but it would help. Callis gunted as he used the wall to help him standing up. 
After a short struggle, as the magical boost to his body helped a lot, Callis stood up and managed to smile calmly to the girl. I'm fine, thank you for your concern, said the Knight while he tried to keep a straight face, blocking away the pain, as he wanted the girl to be as calm as possible. I'm known as Callis, I'm part of a group of people trying to rescue the people captive in this ship, what is your name Messa*? asked the Saevus Knight while bowing. 
* Word from Callis home language that his spell of translation is unable to translate, it is simillar to Ms. or Mrs. and to the Japanese -San or -Dono
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Waiting to receive a message from Callis on his Ebisu communicator, Raseri began to grow a little impatient. But he didn't let that distract him from his objectives. As he held Lan Fan, keeping her up, the most complete fighter in the world remembered that the loud noises and commotion had caused many of the guards to scatter like frightened ants. He still wondered though, who could be the one causing such a commotion, clearly this person wanted to make a big memorable entrance. Although one thing was certain, it was one of his comrades, possibly even a simple acquaintance. "This is getting a little out of hand. And everything was supposed to be stealthy for once", the Son of Thunder rolled his eyes as he sighed. Still not receiving anything from his friend Callis, The Greatest began to worry a little. Perhaps Callis had encountered a large group of guards that may have injured him? At this particular moment, Raseri hardly even cared about fighting Martyrdom. The safety of his teammates was far more important to him. Teaching the deviant angel a lesson could wait. Leaving Lan Fan in the care of the woman that was helping his ally walk, Raseri said, "I'll be right back. If anything goes wrong, just say my name and I'll be here faster than a sniper bullet", he said, attempting to comfort them. Remembering that Callis had told him that he was in the third sub-deck a few moments ago, Raseri had his next destination set.  
However, just after taking as little as three steps, a large group of armed guards stormed into the hallway. Suddenly stopping at the sight of the fierce Nordic Tiger, the guards quickly loaded their rifles and pistols and did not hesitate to unleash a wall of bullets at Raseri. However, the mighty Son of Asgard simply stood to his full height as the bullets bounced off his impenetrable skin. "That wasn't very nice was it?", Raseri said coldly after cracking his knuckles. With a single jab, he generated a large wave of invisible kinetic energy that caused the brains of half of the guards to implode with its sheer power and pressure. The remaining guards were unlucky enough to experience the pain of his pressure point strikes. Using his trademark speed to rapidly strike specific pressure points in the guards' bodies, Raseri had succeeded in no more than five seconds. "What the-", one of the guards cried as his bones shattered to dust, leaving him a shapeless blob. The other guards suffered a similar fate after about one second. "Wimps", Raseri shrugged as he continued to make his way towards the third sub-deck. 
However, upon arriving, the King of Fists only encountered more guards. Although he was happy to be fighting so many opponents. "I'm gonna be whooping a lot of @ss today", he said with a determined and cheeky smirk as he walked into the third sub-deck. "That must be that huge guy that the others have been tellin' us about! Get him!", one of the guards shouted, inciting a lot of commotion and riot-like behavior. "They're just like high school students", Raseri chuckled in amusement. With a mere stomp of his leg, Raseri generated a small shock-wave, causing all of the guards to fall on their backs. "Ah crap... we're screwed", one of the guards murmured. "Congratulations punk, you get a prize that you get to share with all of these punks", Raseri said, mocking his enemies. "For figuring out earlier than usual that you're most definitely screwed, you get a nice little gift from me", Raseri said, picking the guard up by the throat using his right arm. Lifting the guard in the air with a single arm, Raseri pulled the guard closer to his face, giving him a menacing glare. "You'll get to share this ass-whoopin' with the rest of these clowns", he said coldly, and without a moment to spare, Raseri hurled the guard straight through the window, sending him falling to an inevitable death.  
"Now you'll all stay here, not report this and shut your mouths. You know.. unless you all wanna go splat like that short glass of skim milk"
, the Mathematician of Combat threatened. Pleased with the obedient silence he was given, Raseri smirked, "Good boys. I'll drop by later and give you all some dog biscuits. Stay put or I'll blow your heads up", the Ultimate Fighting God said before slamming the door shut and leaving the third sub-deck. After striking fear into the hearts of some guards, Raseri was still unable to find Callis. Wandering throughout the ship, he was confronted by two large cybernetically enhanced guards. The two guards were even larger than Raseri, standing at 8 feet 5 inches in height. "Make room for the king chumps", Raseri said as the two guards stood in his path, silent, giving no him no response. "Alright its cool when I play the strong silent type, it's brain damage when you guys do it. Get out of my way", Raseri demanded, his anger rising a little as he was being prevented from finding his friend Callis. "I'm gonna tame you guys just like I tamed the other cronies as well", the Nordic Tiger said as he took a quick and technical fighting stance.  
"We will defeat you. Lord Martyrdom will enjoy torturing you after we do battle", the stoic robotic duo said. "Battle? I don't battle punks. I simply allow my opponents to lose", and suddenly, in a heartbeat, Raseri dashed over to both of the cybernetic guards and quickly struck both their vital points with two quick stabbing strikes. Due to not being completely human, the effects of pressure point strikes were different on these guards. Their artificial powers were temporarily disabled, only their human portion was still active. "You can't mess with the Mathematician of Combat. When I play my battle theory, minds are blown..", Raseri said as he calmly tapped the back of their heads. And as he walked right past them, he continued before their heads erupted in a bloody mess, "..Literally". After that brief spell of fun, the G.O.A.T made his way into the main deck and found a wounded Callis barely able to stand. "Cal!", Raseri yelled as he walked into the room. Quickly getting to his friend's aid, Raseri helped Raseri remain standing, "I got ya buddy", he said. "I can heal those wounds you have. Man, seems like you wasted some energy huh? I can sense your low energy levels. I have something that can boost those right up. They're some Asgardian herbs I carry around with me, they-", however, before Raseri could finish talking, he spotted a young teenage girl that he has seen before. "I've seen you somewhere before. Ah never mind, the name's Raseri", he said with a friendly smile as he looked at the girl, greeting her. Still helping Callis stay on his feet, Raseri turned to him, "After I'm done healing you, we'll get back to Harumi. She's helping the other women escape, so we're going to go help her do that", Raseri said, as he pulled out a small bag of herbs from his pocket. "This should replenish your energy. I'll deal with the wounds"
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Lan Fan was glad she had found Ras, the guards were not as glad that they had found Ras.  Joan was not sure what she felt, "What are you people?" she asked while trying to avoid puking.  She thought Lan Fan was powerful but this was beyond comprehension.
"Welcome to my world," Lan Fan replied, "Though I assume the NSA told you about it."  She took out the id card, how she had stolen it was a mystery since they where in the pocket of the pants under the guard uniform.  They moved moved around a corner, Lan Fan didn't enjoy the massacre ground any more than Joan did.
"I am, well, was on standby," Joan said defensively, "I actually do police work."  They sat down and she took out a cell phone that she had grabbed from god knows where, it had a gps.  "We are in US airspace, you think the military will get involved?"
"Not a chance, we're here."  The military knew that the whole situation was too delicate for them.  They felt another bang and Lan Fan wondered whether the guys here knew how delicate things where in here.  Just then her cell phone rang, the tone was Quincy Craft, it was Jack.  "Hey, your in this dimension?" she answered.
"For the moment, I'm in the  Earth's core right now," he replied.
"Hey Lan Fan," said a feminine voice.
"Hey Carmy."  Lan Fan felt it was polite to answer but she did not like Carmy, the vampire creeped her out.  Still she was one of Jack's older friends.  Though how they ended up in the Earth's core was a mystery.  "Most of Ebisu is her right now, you should be too."
"I scheduled this twenty years ago, by now you should be in US airspace, I made a call and Lakehurst will be empty by the time you guys fly over it, crash their." Jack explained, "Crap Jygulag is coming, gotta go."  He hung up and then went somewhere that had no service.  Lan Fan did not doubt his contacts.  They got up and headed to the control room.
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Retrias moved towards the sound of the noises, his steps and posture fitting for a military member.In contrast with him swigging down alcoholic drink from the flask he swiped from the guards He feelt a lot of energy coming from the place , arriving at a corner he leapt from cover and nearly pull the trigger on his launcher device . Before releasing there is three girls, one a normal person, from her uniform a cop. Next one was an asian women which as his experience dictaced would either have gimmicks OR/AND know martial art that makes into the superhuman stature, The other was a normal girl, well seemingly normal Retrias noted in the back in his mind. Eh? Who are you guys? Raseri did you find them all here? huddled in one place? They didn't know the concept of holding cages?
Retrias spoke quickly  to distract the police officer from seeing his flask , while he is of legal age to drink, his appearance is not convincing and he left his IDs back at the Hotel Room. So ? Are you captured people ? Retrias noted that it is all women who had been captured, he thought back on his two friends worrying about them. He knows Leica can defend herself provided a soil, but Mizukari was a normal girl.
Meanwhile somewhere else 
You know, you should stop hiding this kind of thing from Ret-kun right? a Blond girl were standing holding an antique looking guns between her fingers, several man were standing uptight, although it is easier to say they have been rooted to the ground with their body invaded by plants.  Heee since when you can call him that? You should call him Voltlaire san right?,a girl with brown hair sits on top a of a large walter like liquid ball, several guard face can be seen through the water they are obviously dying and tortured, her face look as if she is grinning in anger, as if she is both happy and angry. The Blonde one face turned unhappy before turning into a mocking expression. Eh? Child.hood.Friends.Privelege. Water surge from the taps, DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT HUH? an uncharastertistic langguage and tone coming from the refined looking lady , HOOO?  so the Idol is jealous huh?  eeh that is okay I don't know you showbiz people uses uncouth way for this? The blond girl still smiling but taking guns from her pockets.
Retrias face looked worried, I am worried about those two ........ Everyone We need to finish this quickly , I need to get back before morning assembly
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Harumi nodded and lead the massive group of females to the life rafts. "Everybody get into a life raft. Fill them to the brim. Head to the shore, just over there," Harumi paused to point at the faint shoreline down below in the night. "We will arrange for you to get home once we defeat Martyrdom. Let's go!" She called, and began directing people into the first raft. A few more of the women stepped up to help her and began directing girls into the next raft. It took a ridiculously long time to fill up the rafts. They had to move about the ship trying to find new ones when they ran out. "Last call ladies!!" Harumi nearly screamed. "If any of you are out there, get over here now, and I'll help you out." Once she was satisfied that nobody else was coming, Harumi made her way towards the control deck.
Harumi sped through the halls, easily defeating any guards that approached her with a swift kick or a punch. She climbed the stairs, two at a time, to the top of the ship. Harumi entered the control room silently, and looked around. There was only on man, who was dealing with the wheel. She creeped forwards, silent as a snake, and took the skipper out with a single karate chop to the neck. Gingerly Harumi kicked the body away and took control of the ship. She looked around and saw a PA system. With a grin, she took the receiver and spoke. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your acting captain speaking." She stated, in order to clarify with her teammates that she had taken the controls. Then, Harumi spun the wheel and began to turn the massive air ship from any land.
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Callis could barely stand up, but at least he wasnt on the verge of dead anymore, thanks to Alicia waking him up, The Knight was at least fit enought to walk, but before he could hear the girl repply, a familiar voice echoed the hall  "Cal!"  Raseri walked throught the hall with ease, dodging the corpses on the floor as they werent there.   "I got ya buddy" said the Nordic Tiger as he helped Callis to remain standing, Thank you Ras, I was thinking I wasnt going to get any help, repplied the Knight with a faint smile. "I can heal those wounds you have. Man, seems like you wasted some energy huh? I can sense your low energy levels. I have something that can boost those right up. They're some Asgardian herbs I carry around with me, they-"  Raseri offered Callis some herbs, but stopped his explanation and took a moment to look at Alicia, while a his faced showed that he seemingly knew her.  "I've seen you somewhere before. Ah never mind, the name's Raseri" The Brawling Demi-god turned to face Callis once more and continued speaking  "After I'm done healing you, we'll get back to Harumi. She's helping the other women escape, so we're going to go help her do that", Raseri said, and gave Callis a small puch with herbs "This should replenish your energy. I'll deal with the wounds".  The Knight muched down the herbs, to tire for a formal thanks to his comrade and friend, and slowly he could feel his magical and physical power returning, and helping his body to recover faster, making his wounds heal faster, and the recovery of blood somewhat easier. Thank you very much Ras, you saved me just in time, but thanks to this herb my wounds are healing, surely they affected my natural enhanced regeneration and boosted it, we should keep going and reunite with Harumi. Callis was faking most of this, as the wounds were closing, but not as it's fastest rate, he didnt wanted to be a dead weight, and stop Raseri, or taking more precious time to this operation, thanks to the herbs he now could move freely and wasnt difficult to fake an almost complete recuperation
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Helping Callis remain on his feet, Raseri had given him his mystical herbs that can quickly replenish one's energy. Though Raseri was saving them for his inevitable encounter with the nefarious fiend Martyrdom, he felt that helping his friend was far more important than attaining victory in battle. "Thank you Ras, I was thinking I wasn't going to get any help", Callis said, thanking his teammate while at the same time voicing his relief. Soon Callis ate the magical herbs, successfully replenishing his energy which in turn accelerated his healing factor. "You can always count on me buddy", Raseri said, making it certain that he will always come to his teammate's aid no matter the odds. "Thank you very much Ras, you saved me just in time, but thanks to this herb my wounds are healing, surely they affected my natural enhanced regeneration and boosted it, we should keep going and reunite with Harumi", Callis replied as his wounds began to recover, but not completely. Though healing his comrade would take only a few seconds, Raseri did not want to waste any time as well but he also knew that Callis was strong and that he could endure the mission even if he was a little battered. Not going against Callis' wishes, the fierce Nordic Tiger replied, "Well if you're sure you can take it then lets head out. You're a tough pup Cal. But if you feel like you can't go on any further, just tell me so that I can help", the Architect of The Fight said as he embarked on a brief journey to the prison cells.  
Frequently glancing back, the Ultimate Fighting God kept his eye on Callis, making sure that nothing would do his companion any harm. Though he wanted to save the women and defeat Martyrdom, his other priority was keeping his teammate and friend safe. "I can't let anything happen to him", Raseri thought as he walked through the ship's hallway. After several minutes, it seemed as though nothing could go wrong. "Seems like everything's pretty chilled out", the King of Fists murmured with a smile. However, he may have spoken too soon, as numerous guards emerged from a large door. Although the group of guards was not as large as the previous groups, the ship was running out of guards, perhaps these were even the last remaining guards on the ship that weren't dead or in a coma. "There! Those are the two that killed everyone else! Get them!", one of the guards shouted, completely agitated. "Oh no, ya'll aren't touching anyone here", Raseri said coldly, speaking specifically on his teammate's behalf. And suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the Son of Thunder completely blitzed every single guard in an amazing display of speed and technique, striking all of their pressure points, causing their bodies to erupt in a bloody mess. "No that they're all dead, they know who the motherf*cken boss is. And soon their pretty boy leader will too", Raseri said, seconds after defeating the guards. Glancing back at Callis, Raseri ensured that nobody would do him any harm. "I got your back Cal", he said with a friendly smile and a thumbs up.  
Soon, Raseri opened a nearby door, and remembered the directions that Harumi had told him. "This way", he said, walking into the door. Making his way into the prison, Raseri was surprised to find that it was completely empty. "Harumi must have already helped them escape. That woman's full of surprises", he smiled. "Hey Cal, I think Harumi freed all of the women and helped them escape, all on her own. That's pretty impressive don't ya think?", he said as he inspected the prison cells. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, an announcement was made, it came from the control room. It was Harumi, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking", she said, making it clear that had taken control of the ship. The Greatest could feel the direction of the ship change. "Follow me Cal. Harumi's in the control room", Raseri said, urging Callis to follow him. After a few minutes of walking, Raseri made it to the stairs and wondered if Callis needed any help walking up the stairs. "Hey Cal, if you need any help on the stairs just say something alright?", Raseri said, being as helpful as he can. Eventually, they made it to the control room. Looking around the room, Raseri saw no guard. Remaining close to Callis out of concern for his teammate, Raseri smiled and said, "We're here Harumi. We're a little late, caught a lot of guards on the way. So did you free all of those women on your own? Oh by the way, I found Callis, he's a little hurt but I gave him some magical herbs that'll help him up", Raseri said as he spoke to Ebisu's leader. "Now we have to worry about Martyrdom.. well not you guys, he's my problem to solve", Raseri said, cracking his knuckles. 
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*CLAP*CLAP*CLAP* The sound of Clapping reverberated in the entire hallway. "Splendid. What a beautiful show of skill." A voice of an unseen stranger was suddenly praising them. Slowly a pair of feet appeared on the ceiling, followed by an entire body. A figure of a tall muscular man with a flowing silver hair have brought before everyone's sight. He was Geordioso Savarese, or as he is commonly known in Heaven: Validimus, the Angel of Violence. His feet didn't touch the floor. Instead he was calmly hovering roughly 30 centimeters above the surface. "Against some insignificant trash, I mean." Validimus quickly added. He scornfully took a glance at the tons of defeated carcases from Martyrdom's troops. For the Angel they meant little more than dirt. His presence was heavy, almost unbearable. Despite his pleasant voice, his words reflected cold yet wild emotion. He was comparable to a bomb ready to explode. His state could be the best explained as the calmness right before the massive storm.There could be just one question? Where are the winds going to blow?
Is he an ally or enemy? That question probably surfaced the heads of everyone in his vicinity. His intentions were a complete mystery. "We're meeting again, Ras. How long has it been? Weeks? Maybe even a month." Suddenly, Validimus changed his voice into a more friendly tone. Ignoring the rest, his sight were focused solely on Raseri. "3 weeks, 4 days and 11 hours since that tournament. You know it's almost ironic. Before that day, I thought the title of Ultimate Fighting God is nothing but a fancy nickname. I never took any interest of finding you, nor even the faintest desire to defeat you. But things are different. Very different. After meeting you, the Nordic Tiger I felt something I thought never existed. Equal Standing. The stirring desire to face someone as strong as myself. I found an unknown void on my heart. It aches with every passing moment. It's almost unbearable." Validimus confessed his true feelings right away. The air crackled and vibrated with power. "You know where I am getting, right? So let's cut the chase." Validimus said as he extended his finger. With 3 lightning fast flicks he released bursts of concentrated air pressure. They weren't aimed Raseri. No, such pointless and weak attacks aren't worthy to use against the Ultimate Fighting God. Instead they were targeting his friends. Alicia, Harumi and Callis had to suddenly face a strong focused gust of wind. The attack was probably too fast for them even to realize what happened. But thankfully Validimus' attack had no killing intent behind. Their purpose was only to knock the three of them away thus prevent them for interrupting his business. "I wish to fight you, Raseri Ruud." Validimus exclaimed it with a slasher smile. At the same time he was all ready to combat.
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Just after meeting up with Harumi, Raseri knew that the only one who would now stand in their way would be the deviant Martyrdom. However, he was surprised when he heard the sound of congratulatory claps echo from the hallway all the way into the control room where everyone was located. "Splendid. What a beautiful show of skill", a disembodied voice said, praising them all. This voice was quite familiar to Raseri who suddenly detected a massive surge of energy, the kind that is only felt when a very powerful individual is nearby. However, he remembers this feeling, he has felt it before. Could it be? Raseri's guesses were correct as a tall muscular silver-haired man appeared before them. It was none other than Geordioso Saverese, otherwise known as Valdimus, but called GS or Geo by Raseri. Hovering above the floor in a particularly flashy manner, Valdimus continued, "Against some insignificant trash, I mean", the angel said. With a confident smile, Raseri spoke as he looked at Valdimus with his usual easygoing and chilled out facial expression. "GS? Well isn't this unexpected", Raseri added as he made sure that his friends stayed close to him. Though Valdimus was no villain, and was in fact a hero, his sudden appearance and demeanor make his intentions a little questionable. "We're meeting again, Ras. How long has it been? Weeks? Maybe even a month", Valdimus said, sounding a little friendlier than before. His eyes were set on Raseri, he didn't even glance at the others. "3 weeks, 4 days and 11 hours since that tournament. You know it's almost ironic. Before that day, I thought the title of Ultimate Fighting God is nothing but a fancy nickname. I never took any interest of finding you, nor even the faintest desire to defeat you. But things are different. Very different. After meeting you, the Nordic Tiger I felt something I thought never existed. Equal Standing. The stirring desire to face someone as strong as myself. I found an unknown void on my heart. It aches with every passing moment. It's almost unbearable", Valdimus revealed, his intentions were now painfully obvious. 
"And now you know that I'm called the G.O.A.T because I am the Greatest Of All Time", Raseri said, joking a little as he kept his smile. "While I'd love to whoop you in front of my friends, there are more important things to deal with now. One of your angel buddies Martyrdom has gone nuts. I'm sure you know about it", Raseri replied, joking once again. "You know where I am getting, right? So let's cut the chase", Valdimus said, extending his finger. In an instant, he executed three lightning fast flicks that generated bursts of concentrated air pressure. Perhaps the bursts were too fast to be followed by the eyes of his comrades, but Raseri could see them quite well and he could feel their movement. It was clear that Valdimus wasn't playing around. Though she was strong for a human, Harumi wouldn't be able to endure this kind of power, Callis probably could but he was a little battered up, and Alicia though a demigoddess was still very young. The air bursts were targeting his friends. With a quick Kinetiske Stil roundhouse kick, the fierce Nordic Tiger dispelled the burst of air pressure. His cousin Rock Li uses similar attacks, it was fortunate that Valdimus had similar techniques to his cousin's. However, the Ultimate Fighting God was now serious. Shocked at how reckless Valdimus was, Raseri thought to himself, "Damn this guy's a little too excited. He almost hurt my friends", he thought, glancing back at his friends, making sure that they were unscathed. "Geordioso.. that wasn't very nice", Raseri said, he was clearly more serious as he addressed Valdimus by his name. The anger that the Son of Thunder had been restraining for Martyrdom was now surfacing. Raseri's power was multiplied and it only kept rising as he stood before Valdimus. The angel threatened the safety of Alicia, a young aspiring heroine, perhaps his best friend Callis, and Harumi a woman he cared deeply for. "I wish to fight you, Raseri Ruud", Valdimus smiled.  
The Mathematician of Combat tightened his fists as he spoke, "If you wanna fight, we'll do it some other time. But don't touch my friends Geordioso", Raseri said as he kept looking back at his friends, focusing on Harumi the most. Valdimus an angel would perhaps find out that things other than friendship are drawing out Raseri's anger, increasing his power. 
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Lan Fan looked at Retrais, he still had his head in one piece so he was either not an enemy or had avoided Raseri's rampage.  They where at the control room door, Lan Fan was mentally going through the files she had stolen for the right keypad combination.  "Hello," she said to Retrais, he was joined by several friends.  One of them was a girl, a good a confirmation as any about Retrais's affiliation.  She found the right code and started to enter it, it was a long 30 digit code.  "If you want to help us out you should stay around this area, if there are any guards still alive they will come here."  She finished entering the code and stepped into the upper part of the room.  The better term would be bridge, it was large, with two stories of floor space and many screens displaying data from many kinds of instruments.  But that didn't matter, there was a man standing there with silver hair and enough power that Lan Fan, with her awful sense of magic could feel it.
He was talking to Ras quite casually "You know where I am getting, right? So let's cut the chase."Suddenly the room flashed with power, it was directed at the others.  Lan Fan shock the flashes out of her eyes.  The ship was damaged heavily, with no one at the controls it was starting to tilt.  She had to get to those controls, she ducked behind a console.  She would have to go from console to console, avoiding the fight that was about to happen.  She signaled to Joan to stay back, this was not going to be fun.
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"Ras, you can easily take on Martyrdom and this man here. We're nothing but dead weight, and don't tell us otherwise. With my normality, and Callis' wounds, we'd only get in the way. Alicia is the only one who'd be of any use." Harumi reasoned. Suddenly Lan Fan, and a man Harumi couldn't put a name to the face, bust into the control room. Finally, Harumi remembered the man's name, Retras, although she did not know him. "Lan Fan, do you think you can get us out of here?" She asked. As Harumi waited for Lan Fan's answer, she turned to Raseri and pulled out a chair. With out a word, Harumi hopped up onto the chair and kissed Raseri on the cheek. "Go get 'em Tiger."  Harumi whispered into his ear. 
She looked back at the angel, the over to Lan Fan and grabbed Callis' hand. "I will get us around this guy here, and take us to one of the escape ships." Harumi explained. "Ras, distract him and we'll run by. I know you can handle these guys. But if you can't, Callis has his communication device." Harumi waited for Ras' distraction, and as soon as he did it, she would agilely dance around the angel, with Callis is tow, take Lan Fan (and possibly Retras if need be) and head to the remaining escape ships.
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As Raseri's anger kept increasing with each minute, so did his monstrous physical power. Soon, Lan Fan emerged from virtually nowhere and took control of the tilting ship. "Lan Fan's here? At least somebody's controlling the ship", he thought to himself, not taking his eyes off of Valdimus. Suddenly, Harumi voiced her opinion on the matter. "Ras, you can easily take on Martyrdom and this man here. We're nothing but dead weight, and don't tell us otherwise. With my normality, and Callis' wounds, we'd only get in the way. Alicia is the only one who'd be of any use", she said, giving her own points. "She's right boy", an elderly voice invaded his mind. It was none other than Odin. "Show this man why Thor cries to be a better fighter than you", Odin said. "Don't worry I will", he responded, confidently like always. "You're right", he said, looking back at Harumi, "I just don't want to risk anybody's safety", he explained. Soon in the midst of the situation, Harumi asked Lan Fan if she is capable of getting them off the ship. Waiting for Lan Fan's answer, Harumi had pulled out a chair and silently hopped on to it. Surprising him, Harumi kissed Raseri on the cheek, causing him to blush and smile involuntarily. "Go get 'em Tiger", she whispered into his hear. "I will", he said, smiling back at her. Soon the skillful geisha grabbed Callis' hand and dashed over to Lan Fan. "I will get us around this guy here, and take us to one of the escape ships", she explained. "Ras, distract him and we'll run by. I know you can handle these guys. But if you can't, Callis has his communication device", she said. "Oh don't worry about that. I can handle anyone", he said, feeling his power increase by the second.  
"Geo, your beef is with me. Not with them. Let's do this thing", the ferocious Nordic Tiger said as he instantly generated massive Tilstand av Brann flames around Valdimus. The mystical flames are extremely hot, as hot as the Sun itself. Even Valdimus must recognize that it would be foolish to try and walk through the flames. With a jab, the Ultimate Fighting God created a transparent kinetic energy barrier around Valdimus so that the flames do not do his comrades any harm. Prepared for battle, Raseri looked back at his friends and was quick to tell them to leave. "Go now. I hope your journey's safe", he said with a warm smile. Valdimus was going to get his wish. To fight someone on equal ground. Threatening Raseri's friends enraged The Greatest. It was a silent white rage but it was clearly there. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a blue aura of lightning began to radiate around the Unparalleled Fighting Machine's body. The demigod's hair color grew lighter, his eyes became devoid of pupils and irises and began to glow a blue energy. With his intense flames keeping Valdimus from reaching his friends, and the kinetic energy barrier protecting his friends, Raseri simply waited for his friends to go. The King of Fists took his unique Kinetiske Stil fighting stance and said, "Come", as he looked at Valdimus. 
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Callis was shocked by the sudden appereance of the Angel of Violence he didnt knew that this world had such strong people, as the newcomer seemingly was in par, or at least close to Raseri powers, to find somebody like Validimus was surprising. The Saevus Knight never considered himself as a powerful warrior, most of the legends in his land had great warrior. He was being modest, as lot of people took him as one of the strongest fighters back in Centri, that's why he was recruited by different organizations all over his life, even as they risked having to fight him in Saevus Ira, but even with that kind of recognition, the Knight never believed himself to be one of the best, and thus he never wanted for power, or was suprised about other fighters, he wasnt desperate for power neither believed himself powerful. But meeting people like Raseri and Validimus made the Saevus Knight feel weak and useless. And the fact that Raseri protected him, as Callis was acustomed to protect people made him feel even more weak. Distracted in his thoughts the Knight didnt heared Harumi and Raseri conversation and he only came back to reality when he felt Harumi's hand around his. 
He had lost too much blood to blush, and his body was heavy, he clumsly followed Harumi lead, feeling by the minute how the effect of Raseri's herbs started to vanish with any luck he wouldnt fell unconcious before reaching their goal, he wanted to stay and help Raseir, but like Harumi, said his wounds would hinder them, and Callis didnt even knew that if being in top shape would chang anything. Without saying a word he made his best effort to follow Harumi and Alicia, trying to hide the terrible strain his body was suffering form the battle before.
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"While I'd love to whoop you in front of my friends, there are more important things to deal with now. One of your angel buddies Martyrdom has gone nuts. I'm sure you know about it" Raseri said. "Yes,  I just stopped by his cabin a while ago. His hunger for love  made Martyrdom a deranged fool. This idiotic plan is a last desperate attempt to gain the so-desired affection of women. Don't you find it ironic? The angel of Martyrdom is marching straight for his death for his own selfish reasons. There should be a limit how much one has fallen." Validimus told Raseri in a calm and sarcastic tone. He really didn't like Martyrdom. "But you know what? I am glad for this fool to prepare a flashy event like this. Speaking any more would be the waste of breath. So let's cut the chase..." Vaidimus extended his finger. With 3 lightning-fast flicks he released 3 bullets of wind. They weren't aimed for Raseri but his comrades. Realizing that the Nordic Tiger sprung out to block Validimus' attacks. In comparison to the demigod, his friends were far from that strong. Even a simple attack like that may have ended up killing them.  "Impressive. It seems your reactions are as great as before. I am very glad." Valdiimus said in a friendly and slightly excited tone. He was having fun. "Geordioso.. that wasn't very nice" Raseri's tone changed. He showed slight hints of anger. "If you wanna fight, we'll do it some other time. But don't touch my friends Geordioso" He added. Validimus reacted with a smirk. "You still don't get it, do you? This is the perfect scene. You know,  in the Tournament I realized something. You're always holding back. First, I thought it has something to do with the rules but that's not it. Your true power sleeps within your anger. Unless you view your opponent as an enemy, the Nordic Tiger is just one of the many extraordinary fighters. To be my equal, I need to fight the true Raseri Ruud. So I was thinking, how to awake the sleeping beast within you? That's how I came to this conclusion."  Validimus explained. Despite his calm tone his aura grew more and more intense. Meanwhile Raseri's comrades had already left. They trusted the Nordic Tiger he could handle Validimus. That notion made the Angel almost laugh deep inside. Everything was going according to his own plans. "Geo, your beef is with me. Not with them. Let's do this thing" Raseri said, notifying he's ready to fight. "You're aware of my strength, right? I deliberately let your friends to go. I can easily annihilate this entire ship without a trace if I really want to. Running away is not an option. Ras, if you truly wish to save them it's better you go all out. No holding back here. Remember, the lives of your comrades is at the scale." Valdimius these heavy words in his usual light tone. For him that was nothing more than a game. A game to find out whether Raseri is truly his equal. Similar to Martyrdom, Valdimus is going to risk his life for something really stupid. But maybe that's how all the angels roll. In response to Validimus' provocation the power of the Nordic Tiger rose exponentially. He was covered in surges of mystical lightning. "Halv-Gud? This is my first time to experience that in person." Valdimus said in an excited tone.  Raseri was indeed getting serious. The next moment a mantle ofextremely hot flames covered validimus all over. Tilstand av Brann. The flmes were burning at the core temperature of the Sun, something that even the Angel of Vilence cannot ignore. "Hm" But it's still not enough! Valdimus extended his hands to crush the barrier made by Raseri. The same time the intense flames just, Valdimus absorbed them. Overwhelming the flames with his own Holy Energy, the fire of Tilstand av Brann turned into an aura of surging lightning around Validimus. "Come" "Let's do this Ras!" The two fighters exclaimed it at the same time. In a blink of an eye Valdimus appeared before Raseri. "Plasma Flurry!!!" The Angel of Violence exclaimed, unleashing a deadly barrage of extremely fast punches covered in superheated plasma.
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Lan Fan was at the controls and getting a headache.  She had downloaded as much information as she could from the computer systems her personal storage device.  Thankfully that information included a manual for how to fly the ship, that manual was flashing before her eyes.  Processing all that information into something usable was difficult, the battle going on behind her did not help.  Still she had a basic idea of how the ship worked, there where four propellers at the top of the ship, one for each corner.  They where what the ship used for balance and each of them had to be set independently dipending on the way weight was distributed.  They could also be given more or less power based on altitude and they where designed so that if one failed the other three could pick up the slack.  However if two where destroyed of the same side than the ship would fall.  Even with all of the reinforcement involved that was still the ship's big weakness.  She went for the dials that controlled power and turned the ones near the front of the ship up a bit more.  The effect was immediate, the ship was straitening out.   Unfortunately with the constant movement on the ship and the changing terrain underneath meant the propellers would need constant baby sitting.
Navigation was another beast, the floating fortress controlled like a space ship with jet enigines on each side controlling propulsion.  Each engine could be flipped forward allowing the ship to slow down and even brake.   And most of this was not automated, it wasn't exactly hard to manage if someone knew what they where doing but it needed to be watched constantly.  She turned the engines on the left forward and the engines on the right backward causing the ship to turn.  She then did the opposite process to make it stop turning.  They where on their way to Lakehurst, it was an airbase big enough for this massive ship.  She checked some of the readings, fuel was good, as was elevation and airspeed.  So long as nothing too catastrophic happened to the ship they might actually land safely.  She felt a blast of heat from the fight behind her, something too catastrophic was likely to happen.
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The Angel of Death shared his opinion of Martyrdom with the fierce Nordic Tiger. They shared very similar opinions. But that wasn't very important here. Valdimus' words were drawing out Raseri's silent rage. Mighty Raseri's verbally defending his friends actually put a smirk on Valdimus' face. As powerful as the angel was, it would honestly be quite stupid for him to push Raseri's buttons too far, something that even nefarious Loki learned that the hard way. "You still don't get it, do you? This is the perfect scene. You know, in the Tournament I realized something. You're always holding back. First, I thought it has something to do with the rules but that's not it. Your true power sleeps within your anger. Unless you view your opponent as an enemy, the Nordic Tiger is just one of the many extraordinary fighters. To be my equal, I need to fight the true Raseri Ruud. So I was thinking, how to awaken the sleeping beast within you? That's how I came to this conclusion", Valdimus explained. So he wants to fight Halv-Gud Raseri then? Even for someone that powerful it would be extremely dangerous if caution is not taken. "I get it. I did from the start. I'm just telling you that you won't be able to fight anyone else if you touch my friends", Raseri said with a smile of determination, his anger growing by the minute, his power rising. The King of Fists continued, "So you wanna fight me when I'm not holding back. You really don't understand what fighting's all about do you? I don't need power to give you a whoopin' because my fighting styles are that good. And you've only seen one of them. The other two will catch you by surprise. Fighting the real Raseri Ruud huh? You know.. I'm not sure you'll want that anymore after we're done", Raseri smirked.  
His friends had finally left the area, Raseri could now unleash the full scope of his growing power and rage. A fury that is rarely seen and spoke in whispers and told about in legends. "You're aware of my strength, right? I deliberately let your friends go. I can easily annihilate this entire ship without a trace if I really want to. Running away is not an option. Ras, if you truly wish to save them it's better you go all out. No holding back here. Remember, the lives of your comrades is at the scale", Valdimus warned. In truth though, Raseri could run if he wanted to. It's always an option for the fastest man alive. But the perfect fighter never runs, he wins. "I understand everything. But I'm not sure that you do. Running? Nah that's not my style. I waste my opponents even though I could escape without your realization. Yeah.. I'm that fast chump", Raseri said. Valdimus seemed excited to experience Halv-Gud in person, many people are, but after experiencing it they almost always wish that they never did. Soon, the angel had absorbed the Tilstand av Brann flames and destroyed the kinetic energy barrier. It didn't matter anymore, his friends were gone. "So another chump wants an @ss whoopin' let me give it to him", the Ultimate Fighting God thought as he waited for the angel's first attack. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, the Angel of Death instantly appeared before the flawless fighter. "Plasma Flurry!!!", Valdimus announced as he unleashed an explosive barrage of ridiculously fast punches enhanced by superheated plasma. This attack was quite fast, but even a chilled out Raseri could dodge this.  
Effortlessly dodging Valdimus' punches, Raseri found the speed of lightning to be very very slow. He began to wonder just how fast this angel was. Using a smart strategy to keep his power rising by the minute, the Unparalleled Fighting Machine imagined that Valdimus was attempting to kill his friends to keep his power rising to even greater extents. "Too slow", he thought, in an instant he was already behind Valdimus by the time the angel's last punch was being thrown. At precisely 80,000 miles per second, Raseri went for a Kinetiske Stil roundhouse kick with enough physical power to split an island twice the size of Hawaii in half. His assault was not over, Raseri quickly went for a Kinetiske Stil hook aiming on the side of the angel's head. The hook was significantly stronger than his kick. And Raseri was only getting stronger by the minute. His durability was particularly high as well. His final attack however, was a pressure point attack. Even angels have pressure points although far less than human beings. Going for a stabbing strike at 85,000 miles per second, Raseri aimed to strike a vital point on Valdimus' spine, if struck, all of the bones in Valdimus' arms would be disintegrated into dust. Then he would test how fast the angel was. "I'm gonna waste this chump", the Son of Thunder thought as his power began to increase exponentially resulting in a massive surge of energy. 
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Raseri effortlessly dodged the flurry of lightning fast blows. Validimus was impressed, despite he was holding back on the strength of Plasma Flurry a great time. It was just partially due to the Angel's arrogance. Controlling the freshly tamed and transformed Tilstand av Brann flames proved to be more troublesome than Validimus originally thought. The surges of electricity contained the paradoxical heat similar to the Sun's core temperature. Even the slightest loss of concentration could end up destroying Martyrdom's ship. That danger is doubly true when his blows are being dodged. Valdimus had to do something about the waste heat which undoubtedly slowed him down. Since the Angel wished to keep his promise to Raseri he was forced to hold back. By the time Validimus shot out his last punch the huge figure of Raseri suddenly just disappeared. "!" The Nordic Tiger was behind the Angel and unleashed a powerful roundhouse kick. Validimus found himself in a really tight spot. (As if!?) Thought the Angel of Violence. Even though the Nordic Tiger was out of Validimus' sight, he could sense the warrior through his intense energy and fighting spirit. The next instant he went for an overwhelming backhand at half the speed of light. He moved to intercept Raseri's kick with an attack which can shatter the entire Himalaya mountains. The fact he managed to move just in time could be surprising but Validimus himself was also slowly getting used to this new style. His adaptation rate was simply astounding.
But the onslaught of the Nordic Tiger didn't stop. After the first shots Raseri went for an attack against the back of Validimus' spine. The Angel of Violence didn't have any time to turn around and his right was still dealing with the massive rebound force and potential collateral effects of his previous attack. So all it remained was his left hand. Without looking back he pointed his index finger behind, precisely aiming for Raseri. "Bang!" At the same instant he released a thick surge supernaturally enhanced lightning. It's said that the fastest lightning strikes can reach velocities as high as half the speed of light. That attack was the same, in addition to its massive power. Even someone like Raseri wouldn't survive that unharmed. Yet it was all just a warm up. Like Raseri, the Angel of Violence had yet to unleash his full power. Using the small breather he got, the Angel quickly turned around to fight Raseri face to face once again. Validimus' expression reflected pure excitement. He was having a great fun. It may even be the greatest fun in his life. Being curious and - more or less - patient, the Angel of Violence gave Raseri the right of the initiative for the next attack.
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