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"All right!" Joe said as he reved up his bike, he sped off into the distance making his ride go over 200mph, he glanced back to see if Raseri was keeping up, he knew this guy was fast but could he really keep up with this thing? Joe yelled back "Hey Maybey we should head towards
where we saw those ninja head off to!" I'm sure they know something!" As Joe looked forward he saw a young man who appeared to be following someone, Joe started to slow down "Hey you! Over here!" Joe yelled trying to get his attention.
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@Boxer_Joe: The two were off. "All right!", Boxer Joe said as he drove off into the night, riding well over 200 miles per hour. For a man his size, Raseri was incredibly fast, one of the fastest fighters on Earth actually, if not the fastest. Easily catching up to Joe's motorcycle by running, Raseri moved at the exact same speed as Joe's motorcycle. A few seconds earlier, Joe suggested that they head after Justice's colorful ninjas. However, fortunately the Nordic Tiger would save the two from making a time-consuming mistake. "Nah leave those guys. I caught those guys a couple of hours ago. They're just some clowns from this guy called Justice. They don't know much about this whole situation too. I told them that I'd need some help taking Martyrdom down so they went to tell their boss Justice. Whoever he is", Raseri explained. "I think we should split up to cover more ground. We'll meet back here in twenty minutes if its cool with you?", Raseri asked.  
But just before Raseri could expect an answer, he spotted a slim young man nearby. Anyone brave or stupid enough to head out at night after what Martyrdom said must be special. Clearly this young man was not normal. Joe took the liberty of grabbing the man's attention. Raseri decided to take matters into his own hands. "Lemme take care of this", Raseri said as he sped straight towards the white haired man and asked, "Hey, how ya doing kid? What are you doing out at this time. Didn't you hear the message that Martyrdom guy transmitted across the world?", Raseri asked, hoping to get the right response from the man, it would determine whether or not he had the powers necessary to lend the knuckle-busting duo a helping hand. 
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So Mr Hardpec is here too  Retrias told himself in a quite voice. No, not really I only heard it from a friend of mine, but it's enough really Retrias face looks  , serious, empty, as if he is focusing his mind to actually end this thing. What he did is absolutely unforgiveable  Retrias shake his head, in truth Mizukari have manipulated the information that  went into his ear, while what Matyrdom do was rather terrible , what Mizukari told him was severely exagarated . So in other word You are travelling, with an 80 year old man wearing a cat suit, riding a cat themed vehicle...... What is wrong with you ? I mean sure Bats are cool because they are dark and gritty and whatever symbolic meaning they have brain washed us into thinking, but cats? Retrias pulled his cellphone out and show an image to both Raseri and the stranger besides him

You are telling me to be afraid of this?  or to be awed  ? I am sorry WHAT IS WRONG WITH You PEOPLE ? Retrias went into a monologue this had been a rough month for him, counting only this week He had meet Ferret Guy, Puppy Man, Ant Boy, Squirrel Girl, Black Panther, Hawk AND DOVE,  Some batman expy who seems strive to be PC on the subject of homosexual. He had heard of everything about America and freedom of expression.... He had never heard of this..... Wow I am actually symphatyzing with Mr Donovan here.... and he was a dictactor....Retrias shook his head, then he said with a rather casual voice
EH? I am going to beat this whatever Matrydom guy until he release all of the ladies, more if the Ladies have been you know.... Mind Broken..... Oh wait I am not going to stop until this guy is crippled and impotent . Rage is seething again from his voice, Retrias is actually "angry"
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Ah so the young man he spotted was Retrias Voltlaire. The man he had met in an interesting fighting tournament that featured many powerful fighters. "Chill out Vol. The guy you're making fun of can knock all your teeth out anyway so keep it together man", the easygoing Nordic Tiger said as he calmly approached Retrias. "No need to go on a boring rant. Martyrdom will take all the women before you're even done ranting so keep it cool. But I can tell you've had rough experiences recently. You don't seem as.. cheerful, yeah lets go with cheerful. You don't seem as cheerful and calm as always", Raseri continued. Soon the King of Fists noticed something that he never expected from Retrias. He sensed anger. Was Retrias angry? Now this sure was something. He didn't seem like the type that would get angry. "So you wanna whoop Martyrdom's @ss as well? Good. Join the club. Me and my friend Joe here wanna get his throat as well. So tell me Retrias, do you have any plans?", Raseri asked, curiously but calmly. But all he really wanted to do was save his friends, especially Harumi. 
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Heh, I am rather angry now, I will get rid of anyone in the way.... Retrias is still seething with anger, His teeth gritted, his red eyes is somehow shinning, all the metal in the area seems to vibrate and give an off sounding howl into the air. Plan? What plan? When that ship is here I am going to board it and beat the crap out of Matyrdom, and sink the ship  Retrias was perfectly serious I will show him how the world is not as easy as it seems . To look back on why Retrias is this angry we have to look into his mind, for him getting a girlfriend is the highlight of life, as he is been told by numerous person , therefore every girl and couple in the world deserves to be protected.... Men can protect themselves, therefore a hero who protects protects girls right? Therefore kidnapping a girl , breaking those couples apart for that kind of Retrias mind this is the greatest heresy. At least this is what can be assumed from his mindset, whether he is angry because of anything else is another matter.
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Indeed Raseri's acquaintance Retrias was angry. Of course, the Nordic Tiger was not exactly sure why his comrade was so enraged but nevertheless that anger could be useful in the battle ahead. "Heh, I am rather angry now, I will get rid of anyone in the way....", his voice simply poured out the rage in his heart. The young man's eyes began to glow red as he gritted his teeth, what could Martyrdom have done to make him this angry? Perhaps he took a loved one from the boy. Suddenly, all the metal in the environment began to vibrate. The vibration grew more and more intense as Retrias began to speak irrationally. "Plan? What plan? When that ship is here I am going to board it and beat the crap out of Martyrdom, and sink the ship", Retrias announced, he actually seemed quite determined. "I will show him how the world is not as easy as it seems", the silver-haired man continued. His anger, perhaps clouding his better judgement. A little amused, Raseri chuckled somewhat before he spoke to Retrias. "Trust me kid, if anyone knows about anger its me. Now you've gotta start thinking clearly chump or else you're going to go into Martyrdom's ship only to get killed. Some of the women he captured are superhuman, they have powers too so I doubt that just you alone could stand against him and his forces. You'll need help from us", the Nordic Tiger said in a more serious tone as he pointed at himself and the famous Boxer Joe. "I suggest you stick with us and we'll find Martyrdom. Three heads are better than one. Especially if that one is all angry and irrational", Raseri said, commenting on the level of unrealistic content in Retrias' words.  
However, in truth, Raseri was angry as well. But his was a silent rage that burned deep in his heart, contained by the barrier that is his body. He will release it, but only when he is standing face to face with the angel that took his comrades from him. Suddenly, in a matter of seconds, Raseri's Ebisu communicator rang. It was like a cellphone only a little more advanced technologically and more reliable. Pulling it out from his pocket, Raseri turned its screen on and was surprised to find that he had received a message from his teammate Lan Fan. The two haven't really talked much but it was good to know that one of his teammates was alive. Opening the message, he was even more surprised to find that what Lan Fan had sent him was the information that he was longing for all night. He now had the map, weak points and the location of Martyrdom's ship. But how did he get the location of the ship? Well the communicator managed to track down the message's source. The King of Fists now knew how to get to Martyrdom's ship. This was a great turn of events. "Hey kid", Raseri said as he looked at Retrias. "I just received coordinates to Martyrdom's ship. I know how to get there. Save that anger for Martyrdom", he said. Turning round to face Joe, Raseri yelled, "Hey Joe! I just received some info that told me where Martyrdom's ship is. Do you think your bike can get you into the sky? Because if it can't, I'll help ya take care of that", he said. The Greatest was now ready to head towards Martyrdom's ship and rescue his teammates and the other women that were captured. "I'm coming gals", he thought. 
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Same deal I am getting something from Military transmiter? Apparently it is a "ship" that flies, instead of you know ships Retrias is back to his usual form of speech, it is as if the anger that seethes from him could be attributed to impatience or at least frustration. So do all of you have a method to reach up there? Mr Hardpec can fly I know that, I can well shot myself using an impromptu railgun . Retrias thought to himself how strange his method may sound like, however it is not a joke his method of launching himself is by using magnets, the earth is no matter what a gigantic magnet, he could after all float and fly by manipulating his Black Iron magnetism. Well then it will be easy enough, I am just going to send this message over to tell people in , the message was short and nearly comical " Be back later, Save breakfast for me" Retrias send it as if fighting villain is something he did like going to the mart. The reply soon came after " Don't come home late" , two same reply from different person, it seems they do think alike.
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Raseri was a little surprised that Retrias received a similar message as well. "Good to see you received the message as well", the Nordic Tiger said. Then, soon noticing that Retrias had calmed down and had reverted to his usual less than emotional state, Raseri commented on the alteration, "And good to see you're back to your normal old indifferent self", he chuckled. "The ship is a weird flying carrier that is pretty close to the skies of the US. How're you going to get there? I can't fly but I'm the fastest person you'll ever see and I can just leap into the skies and onto the ship. What's your method?", he asked, concerned. "Martyrdom won't know what hit him", he thought. 
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It was supper time. It was time for Harumi to make her escape.
Harumi turned to her cell door. There had to be some kind of fault, something that she would work at and break. She felt along the edges of the door until she found a hinge. "Perfect" She hissed with a cute smile on her face. Harumi pulled out one of the precious knives that Raseri had gifted her with. Harumi sighed with relief as she realized that the only way she could begin to escape was because the guards had been careless. With extreme skill and caution Harumi worked the hinges, screws and bolts that held the door up. It took a while, and each time the guard passed, Harumi ducked back into the shadows of her cage. But she heard the metal creaking with a satisfying groan and it crashed to the ground, falling on top of the guard, just as he was about to call her to get her food. 
Quickly, she stripped the guard down to his knickers and pulled on his clothing, ditching her own, and dawning his mask. Her hair was tucked under the hat and she had torn a piece of her kimono to bind down her breasts. Satisfied, Harumi turned back to the women and nodded. She plucked the keys from the guard, unlocked Emiko's cage. "I trust that you can get everyone out of here." Harumi said, and passed the keys to the young woman inside. "Free these women, but stay in your cells. At midnight tonight, I will take care of as many guards as I can, and return for all of you. Then, we riot. We'll take over this ship using surprise as our greatest asset." Harumi turned around and headed back from the dungeon to the main deck.
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Retrias tried to put his word together so he doesn't sound insane, "I will blast myself up in the air using a huge railgun and the use earth magnet to fly" only sound sane to Lica and nobody else Ummm yeah I have a way......You know I control this iron right, I am saying by using the earth magnetic field I can blast myself into the air and fly . By far Black Iron is non magnetic, doesn't mean he can't construct internal generator to conduct electromagnet to it.... SImple enough, right? Then again  everybody else fly with no explanation at all, or else one word explanation "Technology", "Magic", One person I met blame it on martial art I think, GAH, is there anything not allowing to fly?
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After returning to the HQ, after a long mission, that involved a long trip to South Japan, and track down a group of poachers that captured underworld creatures and sell them in the black market. The assingment took some days, but Callis, the Knight from another world, managed to beat them and destroyed their operation, freeing a lot of the mystical creatures captured, and as an extra he got some leads about a powerful mage, one of the clients of this hunters. But even so he had to return to the HQ before following that trail. Once he got into Ebisu main base, he was suprised as he didnt found any other member, he thought that was strange, but it wasnt unlikely. The main lobby and the training room, the places were he spent most of the time were empty so he supposed that maybe somebody was in their rooms. After two hours of silence, were Callis dedicated to meditate, he was interrupted by one of the Ebisu workers, that told him about the current situation, and was also told about the vanishing of Harumi and Emerald. 
The Saevus Knight was worried about it, and using the directions gave to him by the Ebisu workers he went to join up with Raseri, hoping that the Nordic Tiger got more information about the situtation
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Relentless Pursuit 

Perhaps a minute after asking Retrias how he planned on getting to Martyrdom's ship, Raseri quickly pulled out his Ebisu communicator and sent the directions and information about Martyrdom's airborne ship to his fellow teammate and close friend Callis. Hoping that Callis had his own Ebisu communicator with him at this very moment, Raseri sent the vital message while he listened to Retrias explain his transportation method. Retrias' method was in a word.. different. "Well that's definitely different. Never heard of this kind of ability. To manipulate elements? And the elements like fire and stuff, but elements as in iron and carbon. Sounds like you definitely got something going for you man", Raseri said, slipping his Ebisu communicator back into his pockets. "So I'm hoping you get to Martyrdom's ship as well. I'm gonna be crashing in too. See ya there", the Nordic Tiger said as he walked away from Retrias and returned to Boxer Joe's side. However, at this particular moment in time, Raseri was not thinking about conducting some plan with the legendary boxer, he was more concerned with heading towards Martyrdom's ship and saving his captured comrades. The Greatest couldn't believe what he was about to do. "Joe, I got the directions to Martyrdom's ship. Somebody sent it to me from there. I know how to get there. But I can't wait for you, I've got to get there as soon as possible. People that are very special to me are there so I can't waste any time. I have to crack Martyrdom's skull soon and I know you'll be there to KO him. But right now I've got to get going, there's no time to waste. I sent you the directions, check your phone", Raseri said as he sent the information on his communicator to Boxer Joe's cellphone. "See ya", the Son of Thunder said, and without warning, he blasted off into the distance at remarkable speeds. At superhuman speeds he ran to the location of Martyrdom's airborne ship. Feeling the wind blow on his flawless medium-length dark brown hair, for a brief period of time, Raseri was without worry, it was a rather tranquil feeling. But soon awareness returned to his mind. 
Thinking back on how he had left Boxer Joe and Retrias on their own to pursue Martyrdom on his own, Raseri found the irony of the situation amusing. As a child he idolized Boxer Joe and hailed him as the greatest boxer to ever throw a punch and ten years ago he would do anything to be in the presence of his hero. But now that the current situation renders the act impossible, Raseri chuckled a little as he surpassed Mach 12 speeds with virtually no effort. "Heh.. I can't believe that I just left Joe hanging like that. Well.. I'm sure he'll understand, he's been in this type of situation before", the feared and intimidating fighter said to himself just above a whisper. "I gotta save my crew", he thought as he broke into unholy levels of speed. Reaching such speeds usually need time for acceleration however, Raseri was such a flawless master with his speed that he could go from no speed to twenty thousand miles per second in an instant. Reaching these speed levels usually cause massive energy surges that alert the enemy, however, Raseri was so fast with everything that it was nearly impossible to feel any energy surge. Looking up at the sky, Raseri smiled a little as the vast sky grew fainter and lighter. Morning was finally arriving. Thin almost nonexistent clouds began to cover certain parts of the sky, like misplaced patches of hair. The stars began to fade away in the background. The silence of the moment was incredible. But none of that was even in Raseri's mind, the sky simply gave him determination. Almost as if Odin was smiling down upon him from the realm of Asgard. The anger that he had been saving for his confrontation with the angel Martyrdom began to boil. But it was not the time for that. Fortunately his training and meditation allow him to control his anger while harnessing its power as well. "Not now. I can't let them see the darkest side of me", he thought, not wanting his teammates to witness the emergence of his already legendary rage. Leaving a thick trail of dust in his tracks, Raseri wondered if any of his comrades would be able to keep up with him or if Callis received his message.  
But just as he began to think of his feral teammate, the King of Fists felt the colossal shadow of an enormous airborne ship cast over him. No doubt the ship contained several machines and devices designed to detect incoming threats and individuals. Fortunately though, the Ultimate Fighting God moved so fast that there was virtually no time for anything to detect him. "The message I received says this is Martyrdom's ship. So Harumi, Emerald and all the other women are here huh? Well.. not for long", Raseri smirked as he began to channel the imposing strength of his magnificent leg muscles and jumped on to the top of the ship. "This is definitely some piece of work", Raseri said as he stood on top of Martyrdom's ship. "Now lets get into this thing", he thought as he got into the ship from an emergency entrance. And though he could have easily ripped through the ship's walls with his freakish brute strength or used his martial arts skills to search for a weak point and create an opening, both of those actions would have perhaps triggered some sort of alarm or something. Inside the ship, Raseri heard several male voices grow louder. "The guards huh? Time to whoop some @ss", he smiled as he silently walked into the armory and found countless guards in there. "Who the hell are you?", one guard asked pointing a gun at Raseri's head. "Put that thing down chump, nobody has to get hurt here.. except for you guys", the Unparalleled Fighting Machine said, towering over all who stood near him. "Get to that damn alarm Eric!", one of the guards shouted. "Can't! It's outside of the armory..", one guard replied with fright. "I'm not gonna ask again! Who are you!?", the guard shouted, moving in a little closer to Raseri as he kept his assault rifle pointed at the master fighter at all times. "I'm the guy who's gonna teach you the history of pain with the back of my hand", the fierce Nordic Tiger answered while effortlessly bending the assault rifle like a plastic straw by using one hand. One guard however, had the courage to shoot at Raseri who miraculously caught the bullet in his mouth with his teeth in an amazing display of speed. Luckily the voices of all the males and the loud machines made it impossible to hear the bullet at all, even for a superhuman.  
"Bad choice punk", Raseri said, his awesome figure intimidating all the guards in sight. And in a second, he had quickly knocked out every single guard with his unparalleled mastery of the pressure points. His self-taught martial art "The Nor Way" was simply far too deadly for the guards. They didn't even see it coming. The Nordic Tiger knew that if he was to free all the women, beating the holy snot out of every single guard would no doubt alert Martyrdom and fight of that magnitude would put the women in danger, so he had to free them in a stealthy manner. Knowing that someone of his size walking around the ship would be an obvious target, Raseri decided to disguise himself but none of the guards' uniforms were large enough to fit him. But luckily however, he found a large piece of uniform in the armory just big enough to fit him. Putting it on, Raseri felt ridiculous wearing a guard's silly mask. Before leaving, he hid all of the guards' body in a small room that he locked with a key he found. "I bet I look ridiculous in this. Anything to save the innocent I guess", he thought as he made his way into the main deck of the ship where all the guards were. Clearly the biggest man in the deck, Raseri hoped that not many would notice him. Raseri could hear the whispers of some guards, "Who's the big dude?", they said. "Dunno, maybe a new recruit". Though all the guards looked the same with the uniform and masks on, Raseri spotted somebody that caught his eye. A rather small guard, about the height and size of the average woman was in the main deck. "I wonder where they found that guy", he chuckled. "Seems a little small for a guard", he thought. "Oh well, I'll go with my original plan. I'll wait until nighttime then I'll free all of the women", he planned in his mind, keeping himself from speaking in order not to raise any suspicions. Taking seat, Raseri sent a message to Callis which read: "Hey man, its me Ras. I'm on Martyrdom's ship disguised as a guard. I'm gonna save the girls. Meet me here as fast as you can, unless you're busy. Don't forget to get a guard uniform. Peace out dude". Glancing around the room, Raseri noticed that the small guard that had a body a little similar to a woman's was next to him. Deciding to at least engage in some chitchat, he said calmly, "So... aren't you a little small for a guard?", he asked. 
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Harumi looked up at the massive man next to her. He was wearing the guard's mask, but Harumi could tell from his voice and the way he held himself. Plus, nobody was as big as Raseri. Apparently, he didn't recognize her, which was good. Her disguise was working, but she couldn't let her guard down. Yet again, she had to tell Raseri her plan. "Aren't you a little big?" She snapped. Her voice had no trace of her Japanese accent, and she had almost perfectly imitated a man's voice. "Come with me. I've been told to show the newbies around." She barked, and snatched Raseri by the wrist. When she was sure that nobody was looking their way, she let her hand slide from Raseri's wrist, to his hand where she gently held it. They were in a secluded enough spot and nobody could hear or see them. She turned to Raseri.
"You came!" She suddenly squealed, dropping the fake voice and hugging Raseri tightly. "I've entrusted one of the women in the cells with the keys, hopefully she is busy unlocking the cells. I promised I would take care of as many guards as I can, and at midnight we were going to take over the ship using surprise. But, now that you're here we've got a way to deal with Martyrdom. Unless you had another plan in mind."
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Mere seconds after asking the small guard if he was a little too small to be one, Raseri was surprised at how fast the small yet bold guard responded. "Aren't you a little big?", a nearly flawless male voice came from the mask. "It comes in handy in a fight", Raseri replied with his in your face attitude. Suddenly, the guard grabbed the Nordic Tiger by the wrist after saying, "Come with me. I've been told to show the newbies around", he said in a demanding tone and manner. "If I follow this guy, at least I'll beat some information out of him", he smirked confidently for a moment. The guard had taken him to a secret secluded area in the ship. Once nobody else was in sight, the guard's hand lowered from the King of Fists' wrist to his hand. "What the hell?", Raseri thought, wondering why a man would be doing this. "This guy's a little confused. Maybe I should knock some sense into him", Raseri thought. Already thinking of throwing an earth-shattering pressure point strike, Raseri was shocked when a familiar female voice said, "You came!". Raseri recognized the guard in a second. This was no real guard. It was Harumi. She had managed to escape her prison cell and was now disguised as a guard. That was quite impressive actually. As she hugged him, Raseri calmly embraced the hug as he smiled warmly and hugged her back. "Good thing you're not a real guard. I was beginning to wonder why a guard was holding my hand", he chuckled. "I'm glad you're safe", he said. 
Soon Harumi explained her plan. "I've entrusted one of the women in the cells with the keys, hopefully she is busy unlocking the cells. I promised I would take care of as many guards as I can, and at midnight we were going to take over the ship using surprise. But, now that you're here we've got a way to deal with Martyrdom. Unless you had another plan in mind", she said. After reanalyzing Harumi's plan in his mind, Raseri replied. "That's a good plan. Though I could keep Martyrdom busy, he does claim to be an angel and that means that he is pretty strong. A fight between the two of us here, even a brief one could blow this ship into pieces and it would injure or even kill those I'm trying to save. I say we stick with your original plan. We'll wait until the guards are asleep at night or we could just free them now if you're up for a little mischief", he smirked cheekily but with determination. "Before going to the main deck, I was in the armory where I saw a lot of weapons. Some of the weapons were grenades with knockout gas. And while I was going to the main deck, I saw that all the guards were there so we can use the grenades to make all of the guards in the deck fall asleep. The masks aren't gas proof anyway, they're just silly. After they're asleep we can then free the girls and get out of here. Then we deal with Martyrdom", Raseri said, giving his own ideas.  
"When I first looking for you guys, I rounded up a little group of formidable fighters. Boxer Joe and this guy called Retrias Volt-something", he said. "Once we get to the ground, they'll meet with us. They wanna take a crack at Martyrdom as much as I do.. well maybe not as much as I do since he took you.. and Emerald of course, can't forget Em", he chuckled a little nervously. "Anyway that's my plan", he said with unearthly composure in such an intense situation. 
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The wind blowed around him, flowing throught his blond hair, that was pushed back violently by the high speed. Callis got Raseri's comunication, and was know flying towards the Flying Fortress of Martyrdom. The Saevus Knight was standing on the wings of a biplane, using a cable and his natural agility and unnatural balance to stay on. He managed to travel towards the location of the Fortress using the resources of Ebisu, but the plane was a favour granted by a American businessman, of a corporation, that he saved a month ago when he was on vacations in Japan and was abducted by a hungry Jorogumo, that wanted to defile him and then eat him. Callis was in a monster extermination mission, finding the Jorogumo in that same mountain was only a lucky, or unlucky coincidence. The american Tourist thanked Callis and said he was in debt. Callis didnt thought of asking for anything, but the destiny maybe was preparing him for a ocassion like this, as the American was a higher-up in a airline, and got Callis a fast transport to the American mainland, and then got him a pilot to take him to trace Raseri's beacon. We need to go higher! Shouted Callis as he leaned foward to speak without shouting too much with the pilot, that was shocked to see how easily could the Knight balance himself in the wing. Even the Tourist, Roger White, was surprised by Callis choice of a biplane, as he had faster and more modern planes, but the Saevus had experience fighting in flying machines, during his years as mercenary he worked for the Gine Republic and made a team with a Sturmreiter, a pilot of lying machines, that were similar to this one. 
"Ok, boss" Said the pilot, a man only known as Nebo by the other pilots, that except this nickname they didnt knew anything about this strange, and possibly russian, the thick accent was more than enough proof, maverick stunt pilot. Nebo was a mystery wrapped in an enigma stinking of Vodka, potatoes and goats, but was one hell of a pilot, and he was about to show off. The plane did a sudden elevation, and crossed throught a cloud, Nebo took a long sip of Vodka, an offer he made to Callis beofre starting to fly, as the climate up in the sky was colder. The plane, named Moskovkaya, pierced throught the cloud and for some seconds, both pilot and passenger couldnt see anything as they were covered by clouds, but they opened the eyes after the white streak of clouds separated from the plane, only to find the Flying Fortress cruising the skies. "By Lenin's ghost!  What is that!?" Asked in awe the Russian pilot to Callis as he looked the bottle with his eyes opened and then proceeded to throw it away. Unable to answer the Knight was as surprised as him as he never saw anything like that, not even the Gine Republic Sturmreiser, massive floating fortresses were as big as this one. "Boss? what do we do?" Asked Nebo, as the fortress detected them and started to shoot. Dodge! Shouted Callis to the drunk Russian, as the bullets flied, barely missing the planes, thanks to Nebo quick manuevers. Callis had to make something to start avoiding the bullet shower, since even if Nebo was a masterful pilot, sooner or later they would get shoot down. 
The Knight placed his hands inside his Cloak and activated the daggers Magic, Mes Nebo! I need to get closer to the Fortress!! Callis shouted to the pilot as the daggers feel of from their sheats and the Magic cord was linking each dagger with one of Callis fingers. " I dont thin' so, this is too much even for me. You thin' I'm crazy boss!?" Asked Nebo as he continued dodging the shoots using only one hand on the wheel and using the other to open another Vodka bottle. The Knight leaned and sighed as he saw the bottle, Nebo tried to hide it, but as he realized he was found out he luahged between teeth and gave a naughty grin as answer. " Grab to something boss, I'm doing a barrel roll upwards so I dont think you should let go of the wing, I'll try to place you over it!" The Drunken pilot took another long sip as he swayed left and right, dodging the hailstorm of bullets, While Callis helped, swinging the daggers as whips, and deflecting some of the bullets with the magical short blades. Nebo threw the empty bottle and roared "Grab to somethin' right now!" Callis listened to the order and barely got time to pierce the wing with his claws, granting him enough grip to avoid slipping of the plane. The engine roared and the frame of the plane, that got two shots near the tail, squeaked in protest from the sudden change in G force, as the plane moved upward, and spinned while going up, leaving Callis hanging from the wing, 50 mts over the fortress. Nebo never expected what Callis did, as the Knight released his claws from the wing and dropped in free fall over the fortress as he said his goodbye to the russian pilot by crossing his arms in cross over his chest and then aimed down with his head. 
Nebo swiftly ended the roll and started the descent, as he saw Callis free fall to one of the ship sides, failing to reach the upperboar. the Pilot did a full descent, worried about Callis, the only passanger brave enough to withstand his whole drinking and flying stunts. But as he passed the Fortress and went under it with a sudden change of course he discovered the Knight hanging from what he thought ropes, really Callis magical daggers tied by cords were piercing the hull, and bid farewell with his hand before descending for good and losing the vigilant eyes of the Fortress guards entering a cloud. Now Callis was hanging from twelve magical strings and slowly retracted them to got up. After several minutes of effort and mental concentration, the Knight managed to reach the hull and cling to it, as retracting the daggers with too much weight was difficult for a non magical user as himself. With any luck the guards thought he fell towards the ground, so he could sneak in. Using his razor sharp retractable claws, other of his Felis Gens heritage he got hold of the softest part of the hull, and managed to pull out his communicator, Ras, I'm on the ship, I'm climbing the hull from the right side, I'll try to sneak in. after sending that message, the Saevus climbed slowly , using his claws as main tool, and the daggers as safety lines. It took a lot of time but the Knight managed to reach the right side of the fortress and searched for a place to enter it.  
After some minutes of looking for an entrance, as he had to be cautious of not being spotted by the guards he found an open window 10 mts to his left, towards the front of the ship. As his right claws were piercing throught the first layer of hull, he only had his left hand free, and with one powerful swing, he sent the 5 daggers tied to his fingers foward, aiming to get pierced on the window whereabouts so he could swing over there faster than climbing. It took several tries, as his daggers were pushed by the wind, but finally he made it, and when the blades were firmly attached, at least thought that since he tried to pull them over and found some resistance. I hope this works, said in a whisper, as he looked down to the open patches in the clouds throught he was capable of watching the distant ground. Using his inhuman strenght he pushed himself fowards with a powerful jump, and then with another just as landed. The wind was agaisnt him, but he managed to keep a good rhythm and reached the window. Luckily the room was empty, seemingly some kind of storage. He pulled out his communicator and sent another message " I'm in, I'm hiding on a storeroom near the front of the ship, I think I'm in the third sub-deck, since there are two rows of windows over me before reaching the main deck, I'll search for a guard in the halls and get the uniform were are you?"
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Retrias sees the ship flying to him , electricity begin to crackle around him as he has constructed a generator to charge his Black Iron with electromagnet. And the a loud sound as the sound barrier got ripped from the velocity. The Iron covering his body is in a streamlined shape as if to lessen air resistance. Here we go then Retrias pulled his left hand out, a something like a pile bunker hanging on his forearm, the he punched through it, using it to keep his body hanging . His right hand changed rapidly into various tool for breaching walls, a jack hammer, a large rifle like weapon, a chainsaw. Here is the one , he finally decided on an object, it was a strange thing, a long shaft ending the whole construct, the shaft was lined with something. Retrias swing the shaft down, and suddenly a huge explosion can be felt in most of the ship parts, and the hull where he strike is ripped into two parts.  

Several guard looked in shock as there is a teenager hanging on a ship in high altitude with strange objects in his arm. Why hello there Matyrdom lackey I presumed ? He swings forward releasing his left hand construct and forming spikes in his feet to held him down, both of his hand turned into a multibarreled weapons , each of this barrel can spew multitude of iron balls, the material and the speed from it's fired upon make  each of the iron ball equivalent to tank cannon fires. Black iron FLARE Retrias aimed his weapons at the ground, the force turned the guards into chunks of meat, most of the guard doesn't even have time to fire, they are afraid seeing their team got ripped like that and only a fraction of seconds dividing them from the same fate, the wall were the same most of them got ripped and damaged from the iron balls. In that 5 seconds Retrias had done quite a bit of damages to his enviroment. I see no need to hold back , I am after all on a villain ship . nobody would complain if i just turn it into scrap. 

Retrias walked, the guard on the ship were alarmed of the large sound and reports of damaged parts of the ship. They tried to opened fire at the black object walking infront of them, but it either dodge them, the bullet and their gun turned back and curved backward hitting themselves or it did nothing and they got shot up afterwards. The object continued to walk forward saying thing like "where?' and since they didn't know what is the thing they didn't know the answer, and it continues. Their last thoughts was mostly fear with pangs of regret
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Just after revealing his own plans to Harumi, Raseri received a message from Callis on his Ebisu communicator. The message implied that the sword-wielding knight was on the ship and he was trying to make a stealthy entrance. "Ah good. My buddy is here", the Nordic Tiger thought in cheerfulness. Slipping his Ebisu communicator back into his pockets, mighty Raseri turned to face Harumi as he told her of Callis' arrival. "Hey Harumi, I just received a message from Callis on my communicator. He's here on the ship", he said, informing his teammate of Callis' recent arrival which would prove highly important in the rescuing of Martyrdom's captives. "I'm in, I'm hiding on a storeroom near the front of the ship, I think I'm in the third sub-deck, since there are two rows of windows over me before reaching the main deck, I'll search for a guard in the halls and get the uniform where are you?", the message read. After reading the message on his communicator, Raseri realized just how close to the guards, Callis is. The knight would need to use some out of this world stealth moves in order to gain little attention from the enemy. Searching for a guard in the halls wasn't a very good idea considering that there are usually large groups of guards swarming the halls, otherwise it is always empty. Raseri had a better plan in mind. "Hey Callis, I'm in some secret area on the ship with Harumi. It's really close to the main deck. When you leave the main deck, turn right and walk. The first door on your left, open it, you'll find us. Oh and if you want a guard uniform to lay low, you should head over to the armory and get some uniform. I was there not too long ago and I found a lot of guard uniforms", Raseri typed in his communicator's screen via touchscreen. Sending the message, Raseri hoped to meet up with Callis soon enough.  
"I told Callis about our location. He's coming, I hope", he said while looking at Harumi. As the seconds went by, Raseri began to think about fighting Martyrdom, he was thinking of blowing the angel's head apart with a deadly Nor Way pressure point strike or punch through the tyrant's chest with a Kinetiske Stil strike or even blocking the villain's life-force with his incredible Fist of Life attacks. These thoughts almost made him eager to face the angelic tyrant who had taken the women of the world, claiming them as his own. But soon these thoughts faded away. Turning to face Harumi, Raseri began to think of how much he cared about her, drifting away into his own thoughts. "She sure is one of a kind. I wonder what Odin would say about me coming all this way to save all these people but most importantly her? What would you say Odin?", Raseri thought in an almost comical manner, hoping that Odin would not slither into his thoughts and interrupt him. Soon his deep thinking ceased. Taking a somewhat deep breath, the Nordic Tiger looked at Harumi and thought, "I can't believe I'm about to say this but..", his thoughts hinted everything. Finally speaking, Raseri said, "Hey Harumi, I need to tell you something", he said followed by a brief moment of silence as the air grew warmer and heavier. "I really like-", unfortunately Raseri's words stopped when he heard a large sound coming from areas on the ship which were soon followed by the footsteps of many guards who were heading towards the armory. Little did Raseri know that it was his friend Retrias that was causing this mayhem. Immediately thinking of Callis, The Greatest pulled out his communicator and sent his comrade a message, "Hey Cal, did you hear that? I think some of my friends are here. I hear guards swarming the halls going to the armory. Lets just free the girls now. Meet me near the prison cells", the message read.  
Turning to face Harumi once again, he said, "That loud sound said it all. Some of my friends are here. Come on, there's no time to be stealthy anymore. Lets go free all the women, I'll hold off as many guards as I can. Trust me, nobody's gonna get through me", the King of Fists said with determination as he tore off the guard's uniform, returning to his usual attire. Gently holding Harumi's hand, Raseri said, "Lets do this", his eyes flashing with determination as he calmly opened the door. 
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Lan Fan woke up feeling extremely dizzy, she opened her eyes and saw Joan sitting over her and stitching up her wound.  Joan noticed that she was awake, "Your lucky," Joan said, "You go up against ten guards and only end up with one knife wound."
"Don't feel so lucky," Lan Fan replied, "I feel like someone dropped and anvil on my head."  She looked around the room, they where in another storeroom, quite far from the communications room.  The shelves where lined with medical equipment and emergency rations. 
"Sorry about that, I fed you a sleeping pill," Joan explained, "Didn't want you waking up from pain."  She started cleaning the stiched up wound.  It was a pretty deep knife wound but thanks to her amateur treatment Lan Fan would live.
"Don't worry next time," she said, the last doctor she had been to said that the cybernetics were causing her quite a bit of pain.  Apparently she had gotten used to it and it made her good at taking pain.  "Anyway," the ship shock, "Seems my message got out."  From the reports over the radio she could tell that there was a very large man beating up guards.  Sounded like Raseri.  And they were actually pretty close.  She got up, her head still hurt, she imagined this was what a hangover felt like.  "Take off the hat so that  my friend doesn't think your a guard and then lead me to him."  They walked out of the storeroom, Joan was supporting Lan Fan's weight.
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When there was a loud interruption, and Raseri's statement was cut short, for a moment Harumi felt disappointed. But she focused on the task at hand. "That loud sound said it all. Some of my friends are here. Come on, there's no time to be stealthy anymore. Lets go free all the women, I'll hold off as many guards as I can. Trust me, nobody's gonna get through me" He stated comfortingly. "Let's do this." Harumi nodded and flashed a cute smile, then they bolted off. "I will take the women off the ship via the life rafts, then head up to the control room and steer this thing away from land. I'm pretty sure that there shouldn't be much to it. You, Callis and the other guys can take care of everything else. When it's all over, find me in the control room and we'll get out of here." Harumi stated, slightly editing her plan.
As the two made their way to the dungeon, they passed a few guards who looked just as panicked as everybody else. "Where are you going?" One of them sneered. Harumi shrugged her shoulders lifted her foot over her head, then slammed it down onto the guard's head. With a crack, the man fell to the floor completely motionless. The other two guards looked their way and Harumi glanced over at Raseri. "We're almost at the dungeon. I'll go on ahead and you can meet me there. Down the hall and your first right." She told him. And in a flash, she danced around the guards and down to the dungeon. 
When Harumi arrived, all the cages were unlocked like she planned, but the women didn't recognize her. Harumi pulled her mask of and heard a massive sigh irrupt from the dungeon. "Change of plans!" Harumi snapped. "We're going to the life rafts. My friends and I will take care of the rest. Let's move!" She boomed and the massive hoard of ladies followed her up the stairs and towards the life rafts.
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As they dashed into action, Harumi explained her currently altered plans. "I will take the women off the ship via the life rafts, then head up to the control room and steer this thing away from land. I'm pretty sure that there shouldn't be much to it. You, Callis and the other guys can take care of everything else. When it's all over, find me in the control room and we'll get out of here", she said. Agreeing to his teammate's plans, Raseri nodded and gave a verbal response. "Sounds like a plan", he said, voicing his agreement. Moving closer to the dungeon with every passing minute, Raseri noticed that a small group of guards who were shook up by all the commotion nervously demanded to know where the duo were going. "Where are you going?", one of them asked. However, just before the Nordic Tiger could even clench his fist, Harumi had swiftly knocked the guard unconscious, leaving the other two puzzled and silenced. "Impressive", Raseri commented. Soon the other guards left, but not before glancing at the most complete fighter in the world who paid little attention to them. "We're almost at the dungeon. I'll go on ahead and you can meet me there. Down the hall and your first right", Harumi said as she quickly proceeded to move past the guards and to the dungeon. "Alright then. I'll meet you in the control room soon", Raseri said as he turned away from Harumi to find a large group of armed guards standing before him. "Well? What do you have to say for yourself?", one of them asked with smugness.  
With a confident smirk, Raseri silently cracked his knuckles in a menacing manner as he proceeded to speak. "You chumps never learn", he said, and without warning, in under a second the King of Fists unleashed a deadly barrage of fast Kinetiske Stil punches. Ramming his fists right through the chests and heads of the guards, Raseri had reduced the entire group of guards to rotting corpses in a mere second. "Well now that that's done, time to find Cal", The Greatest said to himself just above a whisper. Walking past his fallen opponents, Raseri spotted a familiar face struggling to walk, even with the aid of what appeared to be an ally. Concentrating more, Raseri recognized the woman as Lan Fan. "Hey its Lan", he thought as he dashed over to his teammate's side. "Lan are you okay? Stay close to me and you'll be safe. By the way, I can heal your wound", the Ultimate Fighting God offered as he used his arms to help Lan Fan remain on her feet. Pulling out his Ebisu communicator, the Son of Thunder sent another message to Callis. "Hey Cal, meet me in the hall. No guard will come here now after what I just did. I'm here with Lan Fan", the message read. However, despite all of the commotion and noise, Raseri couldn't help but wonder why Martyrdom hasn't appeared yet. "I wonder where that brat is", the Unparalleled Fighting Machine thought to himself. "Hmm maybe I can split this ship in two. Or I can separate the dungeon from the ship and keep everybody safe by using my kinetic energy control. We'll be able to get away faster. But I still gotta wait for Cal to get here", Raseri thought after conducting a faster and effective plan of escape than the one he had before.
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