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After months of staying up in his floating castle plotting the perfect plan to take down Mekix and all of Gekido Martyrdom learns that Sabine has left and wont be returning and finding out that he also has no way to track her down. Martyrdom begins to go insane and killing all couples, and kidnaping the women he deems beautiful or resembles Sabine in some way. For the past few months he has been wreaking havok across the word, tearing relationships apart and taking women by force, in some parts of the world the women are nowhere to be found. Martyrdom is keeping these women locked up in his castle in the dungeon, frequently force feeding them, dressing them up for pretend weddings and even selecting women to bear his child. Still Martyrdom feels angry as if he is missing something, he finaly figures it out. The men who he hated for their relationships. Newdeath, Mekix, and even Justice. Those men he wanted to kill. Although Martyrdom had not heard from Mekix in a while. Still, Sonata, Masami, Mesa, all the women of the vice would be his. Martyrdom now heads off on his ship towards the vice crew, and he is taking all the ladies with him and killing allt he men who appose him, to Martyrdom, ALL the ladies are single. Martyrdom is making his goal knowing by using his angelic powers to broadcast a message to the while world "Attention everyone! This is the angel Martyrdom, it has come to my attention that all those who consider themselves men are truly unworthy of any kind of love, only a true man can have such a gift, I will set free all the women from this planet, they will come with me, whoever is the most worthy shall become my bride! You have 24 hours to leave your women before I kill all the men who stand in my way! However if you consider yourself a man, you may be of some use, you may join me, if you pledge your alliance and help me free the women, you will be paid heavily and be granted angelic powers much like mine! That is all..."


Martyrdom waits as he lets the message sink in "Start up the ship, we are now heading towards the United States, the very same place in which Newdeath took over....We already got all the women here so let us be on our way, also tell one of the other guards to bring out lunch to the ladies, be warned if the food is at all cold or overcooked, you shall pay the price, Remember; treat these women with as much care as you would your own life, seeing as how your life is on the line!" Martyrdom ordered his men. "Yes my lord!" the all said together and did as they were told without a moment's hesitation. Martyrdom stood outside on top of the ship as it flew over the clouds over the united states, at this rate Maryrdom would be there within 24 hours, he wanted to make sure everyone had time to get prepared for his arrival. Although Maryrdom was no fool, he knew that the fools, those who dare call themselves men, and even whores who call themselves women would oppose him, however Martyrdom was very confident in his ability, he knew he would ultimatly prevail. He smiled at the thought of this, his gigantic ship soaring though the skies as Martyrdom stood motionless with his arms crossed, his beautiful hair flowing in the wind, and his elegant smile that marked itself across his face, for the first time in Martyrdom's life, his blood began to stir.

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The Virtus Island school were having a trip to America, as the Teachers is showing how a country that is ruled by a competent dictactor actually manages to cope in, they are now eating at a hotel restaurant.
Retrias, do you know that there have been women kidnapping everywhere? Mizukari asked Retrias calmly, showing no fear to that horrible news, Yes yes Retrias have you know it? there is this guy that goes around in a giant ship proclaiming that all girls belong to him.
Retrias face faulted, showing a strange expression, before asking to no one in particular What is this? A Manga, why does strange things keep happening around me ? WHYYYYYYYYY. Retrias was here expecting he could actually have fun especially after all that happened last time he had a trip, but noooo some douche have to ruin his school trip to one place where he knows its langguage . Leica replied, Eh? But Retrias shouldn't a flag..... before Leica manages to follow the sentence, Retrias quickly closed her mouth. What is this girl thinking? saying "Flagos king" in front of the whole school earshot, I can't drag a civilian like Mizukari into trouble again, he thought his train of thought begin to bent everywhere...... ah so it's a wireframe, WAIT? What was I thinking? 

Mizukari looked at the two,feeling rather jealous, So this is what my mother said to be the uncrossable bridge of childhood friend? she slowly thought to herself.. before smiling her eerie smile the so called natural smile of a person like Mizukari I will SINK that bridge, I am an IDOL, I WIN, before laughing lout loud, a laugh that is fitting for a scheming villain, or the evil girl in a soap opera, which inturn invited strange look  from eeveryone in the restaurant. Leica cutted in again as usual but Retrias would protect everyone as usual right? this time saying it a with a smile and a whisper. This question is answered with a nod from Retrias,in truth he has heard that news and read the reports, a Self conceited bastard with a self conceited naming sense, how fitting for a middle class villain. A Real MAN doesn't kidnap women, a Real MAN protects everyone that believes in him, freeing the woman my arse. that last words were whispered from his mouth , of all villains he have faced never have retrias feel this much "hate" towards a person . However seeing how the peacful scene goes in his eye, he smiled and begin to eat again , ignoring the quarelling of the two person sitting with him, nonsensical shout such as "Sinking a bridge" is coming out from that quarelling
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Asgard, 48 Hours Ago

For countless years, Thor has been recognized as the most gifted fighter to ever emerge from the mythical plains of Asgard. However, the hammer-wielding God of Thunder's time has come to an end. He is no longer the best, he has been succeeded by perhaps the most gifted fighter of all time, but no doubt the greatest fighter of this generation. Having mastered every single fighting style to ever grace existence, creating counters for them, and developing his own self-taught martial arts that he grown to become the three most powerful fighting styles in the world, Raseri Ruud is indeed the most complete fighter in the world. And it seems like the mighty Thor has truly grown to accept this as a fact, and therefore finds no need to continue training as his son will one day take his place in Asgard, or so he believes. Little does the Thunder God know that Raseri prefers his human side, his humanity much more than his god-half. He refers to himself as a human, and never as a god. Thor's beliefs have comically made him lose his once feared physique and raw battle skills. He is needed in Asgard, and so his son has been summoned by Odin himself to once again help Thor get back into shape. Walking into Thor's throne room, Raseri was shocked to find his father overweight, barely gripping his hammer Mjolnir. "Oh man it happened again", Raseri said as he shook his head in a comical manner.  
"Didn't we go through this already?"
, Raseri asked with his arms crossed. "I mean it was funny the first time but now its just ridiculous don't you think dad?", he said. "Oh come on son, you know there's no need for me to stay in shape. Asgard hasn't been attacked in ages and there are many young warriors who can protect it right?", Thor explained. "Chicken wing?", the god offered to his son. "Uh no thanks. Listen, we gotta get you back into shape", Raseri said. "You believe so? Well I don't. There is no reason for me to do so", Thor said with a sour frown on display. The Nordic Tiger was running out of ideas, he had to think of something to convince his father to train once again, he certainly couldn't use the words he said the last time this happened. "You have to do it because... the women in Asgard keep telling me that you're uh.. ugly, fat and disgusting. Sif said it too", Raseri said as he attempted to convince his father to train. "What?! Sif said such a thing!? My body no longer pleases her? Then for Sif I shall build my body to perfection", Thor vowed as Raseri sighed in relief. "Good good. So just keep on training and Sif will love you again", Raseri joked as he began to train with Thor for countless hours until it was time for him to leave. "Just keep on training until you're fat disappears. See ya dad", Raseri said as Odin transported him back to the streets of Bergen, Norway.  

The Streets of Bergen

In the streets of his hometown Bergen, Raseri took a calm stroll while listening to some music on his iPod. It was playing "Words I Never Said by Lupe Fiasco". Unfortunately, soon his iPod's battery was low and he was forced to stop listening to music as he began to simply observe his hometown. And as he glanced around the city, he noticed that there were hardly any women there. He however, just thought that it was "one of those days". These thoughts ceased as one civilian quickly approached him. "Hey are you Raseri?", the woman asked after catching her breath. "Yeah that's me. Why do you ask?", Raseri replied. "Oh good. I'll assume you've noticed how there are barely any women walking the streets of Bergen", she said. "Yeah what's up with that anyway?", Raseri asked. "Some weirdo showed up and kidnapped most of the women here, some of us managed to escape but the majority were kidnapped. He said they are going to be his brides or something like that", the woman explained. The Nordic Tiger's facial expression shifted from calm to shocked and surprised as he heard the woman's words creep into his ears. What she was telling him was quite strange, even for a hero used to fighting super-powered beings and magical creatures. He has never heard of something like that.  
"So some punk showed up and managed to kidnap nearly all of the women in Bergen? Damn. Is there anything else you can tell me? Or something you can show me so I can picture this more clearly miss...?"
, Raseri asked. "Oh my apologies.. my name is Lena", she blushed, embarrassed that she didn't even introduce herself to the man she was seeking help from. "Yes I do have something that can help. The guy calls himself Martyrdom. He broadcasted a message all around the world. I recorded it on my phone. Here, listen to it", Lena said as she handed her phone over to Raseri. After listening to the recording on the phone, the Ultimate Fighting God already knew what he was going to do. "Thanks Lena. That's all I need", Raseri said as he returned her phone. "By the way, that's a very pretty name", he complimented before he took off at amazing speeds. Running at precisely 60,000 miles per second, the King of Fists headed towards the Ebisu Headquarters in order to warn his teammates. "I've got to warn Sayuri and Emerald. They're in the most danger here", he thought to himself as he walked into his team's HQ. "Hey Emerald? Are you in here? Sayuri? Callis? Rose?", he yelled, hoping to get the attention of anyone that might be in the HQ. If he does not find anyone, then he'll have to stop this madness himself. 
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Teku base

Justice was sitting in the garden of Teku in one of the trees thinking of other plan after his 5th failed attempt at confessing to Kimiko, th eonly thing that came out of the last 5 plans were a punch to the face, being ignored and that surley evil Guardian hounding him. Still Justice knew that Kimiko was ismply testing him to see what how much she really meant to him and would eventualy let him know he passed the test and finaly be his! At least, that is what Justice thought. "Drat, I cna't believe this, I have everything, look, power, personality, and a sense for justice! Why does she keep rejecting me?" Justice asked himself out loud. Just then light turned on inside Justice's head. He knew that Kimiko was most likely worried about the ccrime going on in the area, and her sweet innocent heart could not bear  the pain! Justice hopped out of the tree and shouted "Rrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am reborn! A hurricane of love! Passion with legs to my beloved! Her face is as beautiful as heaven itself! Her body is as sexy as mine! Her scent is as pieceful as a fairy garden! And her pressence is as lucky as a bird's poo! Kimiko I will releive your stress! Now, away!" And with that justice jumped a mighty distance out the roof of Teku into the streets of the city. 

On the empty steets

As Justice landed perfectly in the middle of the street all the civilians looked in shock at the man who had just seemingly came from the sky, wearing almost nothing and had a giant 9 foot nail on his back. As Justice stood tall and surveyed the area in almost an instant 2 multi colored ninjas appeared on Justice's right and left, they were his loyal followers. The Blue ninja spoke "Boss, did you sense that too!" Justice nodded "Of course! I can sense a butterfly's heartbeat from 10,000 miles away!" Justice boasted. As Justice and his men began talking and laughing a announcment came seemingly out of nowhere, everyone in the town was in shock and began to panic, Justice clenched his fist 'What kind of man would do such a thing! No doubt that Newdeath, Raseri, Mekix and more are behind this! Those bastards! Martyrdom will not get away with this! I never noticed allt he women were gone, I was so busy trying to get Kimiko, even though my heart belongs to her I cannot accept this! A true man protects those he cares about and welcomes love for all! A true man protects everyone that believes in him! And as justice incarnate and the embisarry of love I will stop him!.....But how? I know, we will pay a visit to one of the big organization like Ebisu or Gekido, men! Make sure to question anyone who looks suspicious!" And in an instant they were gone, Justice began dashing through the city looking for anyone who might know what was going on!

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Jewels' Sake Bar & Grill

Joe was sitting down at the front of the bar on the stool, one hand rested on the counter and the other holding his mug of beer. He was wearing his normal attire, he was not one to keep his identity a secret, but not many people knew who he really was anyway, toher than the greatest boxer of all time, so Joe was comfortable going out without his costume, not to mention he would look rediculous, add that to the fact that the outfit smelled like a pig farm from all the sweat and blood, so naturaly he had to wahs it anyway. Still Joe had just got done with small workout of 750 pushups beofre he roughed up some local thugs. He was looking to get lucky with one of the local hooker or a girl at the bar.Sadly, Joe found that there were no women around, at least non that he could see, Joe knew this place was usualy packed with girls, so what was going on? Now Joe felt like a loser, no one was at the bar exept the bartender, and a few shady looking men watching the game on the T.V and having a smoke. However Joe overheard one of the men watching the T.V get up and start swearing "What the F@Ck happened to the game!?" Joe looked over, the screen was nothing but static, thne the screen went completely white, and a voice came from it giving the message of the women being taken away, Joe crished his mug, bee splashed over the counter, he then muttered to himself "Damn,not the bitches...! He could have at least left the hookers." Joe got up and left some money on the counter to pay for his drinks, luckily he had not drank enough to get drunk, only a buzz, he was sober enough to know what this kid was doing pissed him off, even though Joe was not a romantic he was not one for forcing women into things, he still ahd some kind of respect for them and this was just the kind of excuse he needed to beat the snot out of some stuck up rich kid, and who knows, maybe he might get some tail after all this. With a smirk Joe left the bar. 

The streets of the Vice

As Joe left the bar he got on his cat-shped motorcycle, he had remember a commercial saying buzzed driving is drunk driving, well those buzzed driver simply werent pro like Joe, he tohugh to himself. Joe drove to his Gym, he walked right to his drycleaning and took out his costume, Joe smiled and put it on, after wrapping his boxing tape around his hands Joe headed out to see if he could find anyone who may know what was going on "I love this job." Joe said to himself as he drove into the night. 
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A place somewhere in the vice

Upon the banks of an ocean where a small bridge connected to the shores and to the watery depths of the ocean was a glamorous sight. The night had set and the stars were out along with the moon that hovered above with piercing lights. Lofiel layed flat on the platform, the male can be seeing gazing at the skies and dark clouds, amazed by such beauty. The crashing waters can be heard underneath the bridge, splashing against the supports. Silence was the only word to define this extraordinary nature however this was all ruined when--- "Attention everyone! This is the angel Martyrdom, it has come to my attention that all those who consider themselves men are truly unworthy of any kind of love, only a true man can have such a gift, I will set free all the women from this planet, they will come with me, whoever is the most worthy shall become my bride! You have 24 hours to leave your women before I kill all the men who stand in my way! However if you consider yourself a man, you may be of some use, you may join me, if you pledge your alliance and help me free the women, you will be paid heavily and be granted angelic powers much like mine! That is all..." An interruption that was telepathically broadcasted around the world. Lofiel lazily receated to the message however it was his duty to defend the innocent. Upon hearing this he tilted up and stretched himself while releasing a yawn from his ale and thin lips, his long and blue hair drape along his robust shoulders as it was blown back by a passing breeze that gave the male an ethereal appearance. The androgynous demigod was pretty much a lone wolf, Olympia nor did his mom Aphrodite the Goddess of Beauty never helped him in his journeys however they did gifted him with golden armor that was beyond any armor found on earth, the golden armor being ridiculously durable however could not be access unless he really needed it. For the moment he did not needed the divine cloth however this did not render him useless. He had his speed, strength, and beauty along with his cosmo-manipulation powers. "Now what.... I have to go save the world? Just great...." He said yawning again as the male had fully stood to stretch himself so he would be fit. He was only being sarcastic as he rotated wondering where he should go, drifting off away from the shores and to the city as he began to travel from there on, embarking on this trek as he wondered what he should do.
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Martyrdom's Ship - The Dungeon

Locked behind bars in her own separate cell with shackles around her wrists and ankles was a purple haired girl eighteen years of age. Her name was Emiko Fujikawa but people called her Eye Candy because her eyes where bright white. Purple hair fell past her shoulders. She wore a dirtied white and purple dress to match her hair and eyes. Dazed she cracked open her eyes and was in an unfamiliar place. Emi thought that she may have been mistaken for someone else and had been taken to prison. Her mind changed when she realized her hands and feet were not able to move as they were bound in place by strong chains. Heart racing she struggled as best she could and could not manage to budge the chains at all. Giving up she turned her head and saw another cage beside her with a woman in it. Speaking in a loud enough voice she talked to the woman to her side.


"Hello dear. You are finally awake from your deep sleep."

"I was.. out for a while?"

"Two days."
"Oh my gosh I so need to get back to work..."

"Work? You are being held prisoner as am I. A mad man has captured many women and locked them up aboard this ship. You are lucky to just have come to."

"I..need to escape!"

"Do not waste your strength you will need it for the days to come."

A tear rolled down Emi's cheek. This was a horrible turn of events that she and many other women were captured against their wills. With no powers available since she was a regular human she would have to find a way out. Hardly able to move in her shackles she thought about a way out. Not finding any options she remembered her secret stash of throwing stars she kept hidden on an inside pocket in her dress. Wiggling around she felt they were still there. The search over her must have no been that thorough. Unable to access her weapons at this time she waited knowing that at one time she would use them to escape and try to let the others escape too. Oh how she wished that her ninja friend Itsuki was here.
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Martyrdom's Ship - Supply closet

Lan Fan had stolen and was going through a box of granola bars, sneaking was hungry work.  She felt like she had walked miles, she had no idea how big the ship was but she had not seen most of it. Her job was to create a map of the ship and to take as many pictures as she could.  Her cybernetics where taking care of the map making automatically, once she was finished she would send the map to Jack and to Ebisu. As far as pictures went she had gotten some pictures of the guards and their weaponry, what she was really hoping to find were the women.
She got up and left the room, turned a corner and began to pry a vent loose, a ship that size needed a large vent system and Lan Fan was taking full advantage.  She crawled in and started moving, the vent was big but it was still a pain, she had to do a move reminiscent of a caterpillar crawling, a slow way to travel.  She inched forward, following the length of the hallway and then she hit a turn.  It took her much longer than she'd have liked and she almost got stuck.  She reached another vent and crawled out.  She wished Jack was here, he could have just walked around and not worry about the automatic guns or the guards or the cameras.  But no, he had to go do something with that vampire clan out in Vegas.
She dropped out of a vent and into a dining area.  She took some picture and walked towards the door, she had downloaded some info from a security room earlier and she knew that she had an hour before the staff would come for lunch.  She exited the door and saw a problem.  There was a guard and he was with one of the kidnapped women, lord knows what he was doing.  The guard wondered whether reporting the girl dressed in cos play gear was worth the trouble of being caught with the kidnapped woman.  Lan Fan made a move to punch him, he made a move for the nearest alarm.  He hit the alarm and she knocked him out, the alarm was silent but Lan Fan knew she had to get out of there.  Lan Fan grabbed the kidnapped girl and ran.
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The Ebisu Headquarters

As he yelled and yelled, Raseri was not answered. It seemed as though the Ebisu headquarters was indeed empty. If so, where could all the members be? "I guess I have no choice then", he said to himself, just above a whisper. "I've got to stop this.. by myself", he continued, with a look of determination and confidence in his eyes. This really wasn't something he wasn't used to. The Nordic Tiger has spent most of his adventures and battles handling himself on his own with no help, it'll be like one of those days again. After all, he's still getting used to teamwork, he's used to doing everything by himself, and he seems to like it that way most of the time, a trait that comes from his fierce independence apparently. However, before he could step outside his organization's headquarters, Raseri's energy-sensing powers began to detect multiple approaching individuals. "What the hell?", he thought to himself, slightly confused. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a group of colorful ninjas burst through the doors in a flashy and heroic manner. Soon, the ferocious fighter's shock turned to amusement. Trying to prevent himself from laughing, Raseri smiled with slight amusement as he chuckled slightly. ".. Now who might you guys be?", Raseri asked. Striking an exaggerated pose, one of the ninjas stepped in to answer the dedicated fighter's question. "We are the ninjas of Justice! We fight the evil likes of Newdeath, Mekix and Raseri!", the ninja boasted loudly followed by a comical but loud laugh of smugness. The last part of the sentence came as a shock to Raseri.  
"Evil?", he thought, surprised as he raised a brow. However, before he could reply, the ninjas spoke once again as the jumped around the room, performing highly acrobatic maneuvers and striking comic book poses. "And who might you be!? Another hero who seeks to train under the unbeatable Justice!?", they all asked in unison. Still surprised, Raseri replied, "Uh no", he said. "I'm Raseri, but I'm not evil at all. Where the hell did you get that from?", he asked with a chuckle, as he now found it funny that the ninjas believed him to be evil. "You are the demon Raseri!? HAHA! Prepare to receive a healthy helping of Justice!", one ninja in a blue outfit announced as he flew straight at Raseri, attempting to subdue him with a flying jump kick. "Slow down there ninja-boy", Raseri said as he quickly dodged the kick, causing the ninja to comically crash into a wall. "He attacks without mercy! Get him!", the wounded ninja shouted as the entire group attempted to jump the Son of Thunder. Moving out of the way, Raseri explained himself, "Calm down guys. I'm not evil or anything. I'm actually a good guy. I'm a hero. And I don't have time to do this right now. I need to stop Martyrdom", he said. "Ah! So for the moment we are allies then! We too seek to stop Martyrdom! That fiend! Very well then! Heroes and villain will team up for this worthy cause, for JUSTICE!", the ninjas said in unison as they approached the door. "We will tell Justice of this worthy alliance! Minstrels will sing songs about this day!", the ninjas said as they left to tell their boss of the supposed alliance. A speechless Raseri soon shrugged and whispered, "Whatever", and dashed out in search of Martyrdom.  

Gotta Save Them

Speeding around the world, Raseri wondered, "Who the hell is this Martyrdom guy anyway? Kidnapping all the women like he owns them or something. That guy needs a beat-down, and I'll be the one to whoop his ass", the Nordic Tiger thought. Dashing around the world at inhuman speeds, the Ultimate Fighting God began to wonder on the whereabouts of his teammates as he appeared to be nothing more than an incredibly fast blur to everyone else around him. "Now where could my teammates be? Rose wasn't at the HQ, probably out buying a new mirror to look at himself with. Callis wasn't there either, he's probably in the magical world right now. If not then I gotta find him, need to tell someone about this, someone besides those weirdo ninjas", he sighed as he continued to bolt from country to country in mere minutes. "What about Emerald and Sayuri? They're in the most danger since that Martyrdom guy wants to kidnap all the women in the world. I've got to save Sayuri.. and Emerald too, yeah can't forget about Emerald", he chuckled as his speed only accelerated. It's never really occurred to the King of Fists that he is one of the fastest fighters to ever grace a battle field. But one thing that he never lets slip his mind is his fighting prowess, he knows how good he is at fighting, he knows he is the best and most complete fighter in the world, the perfect combatant, and one of the most intelligent ever, being the creator of "Total Fighting", a highly complex fighting system. While running through the entire country of Japan, The Greatest decided that he would at least try to communicate with one of his teammates. Quickly stopping on his tracks in the middle of Tokyo, Raseri pulled out his cellphone. "Better try to at least call Emerald", he said to himself. "She is my boss after all", he said as he chuckled, "Hehe my boss", he chuckled.  
Unfortunately however, Emerald's cellphone wasn't answered, so Raseri just sent her a voice mail. "Well I hope she checks her voice mail then", Raseri thought as he slipped his phone back into his pocket. "Now what?", he sighed. "Oh yeah", an idea had come to mind. "That Martyrdom punk did say that he would invade the United States to take all the women there. I better get there before that brat tries anything stupid. Taking all the women like he owns them, who does he think he is? Only little kids take things that don't belong to them, I gotta teach that brat a lesson", he said as he sped straight to the United States. Arriving in Vice City, the Unparalleled Fighting Machine decided that waiting for the arrival of Martyrdom is the only plan he can use at the moment, he at least hopes that he will perhaps encounter a hero or two. He's heard somewhere that the famous boxer called Boxer Joe is usually seen around Vice City so maybe he might encounter him. "If I find Joe then we'll really see who the greatest is", Raseri joked as he walked around the city. Soon nighttime had arrived, it was surprisingly cold and dark, the sky was cloudless and the night was eerily quiet. "I wonder where all the heroes are at.. this city's supposed to be crawling with them", he said as he strolled away in the night, waiting for the right moment, or for Emerald to check her voice mail. 
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In Martyrdom's Ship - Dungeon


Harumi worked the lock around her feet with the bobby pin left in her hair. The lock made a satisfying click and she congratulated herself with a little speech in Japanese. The geisha looked around her and sighed, there was no way she could pick the locks of everybody aboard. There were thousands of women, bound and shackled in the ship. Harumi looked at the lock on her cell and frowned. It was too complex a lock to pick. There was no way she was getting out that way. Harumi lost most of her weapons, save a few knives and throwing stars that Raseri had given her, and that she had carefully concealed beneath the folds of her luxurious red kimono. Her black wig was taken away and Harumi frowned… she barely looked fit to be a geisha. Harumi realized that she must have been locked away for a while, at least unconscious for that time, because she was beginning to find black roots in her blonde hair.


In the cell next to her she could hear two women talking. One of them, Emi, had no idea what was happening until it was explained to her. Harumi though that she could hear her crying. Harumi felt her heart drop. She was scared, and so was Emi, and every other woman on the ship. Harumi had to do something to help Emi.


“My name is Harumi.” She said to the girl, Emi, in the cell next to her. “Be calm, I know for a fact that my comrades are coming to save us. In the mean time, I think I can get those shackles off of you.” Harumi explained with a smile as she leaned up against the bars of her cell.

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The King of Beauty

"I won't ask you again to leave...." Lofiel spoke with solemnity in his voice as he was dealing with a group of smug criminals attempting to gang bang on an innocent women in  the alley of where he was at. The male's attire consist of a male tanktop and some nice black jeans. It was like a scene from a  Batman's movie where Bruce Wayne was dealing with a group of criminals in some broken down alley. Lofiel was like the Batman and the criminals where like the criminals but instead Lofiel wore no fancy costume but something that would look stupid on an average person however Lofiel was no average person, you was a demigod of Aphrodite. "You better go kid before I turn that pretty face into something else!" The low life sucker said while his friends agreed, Lofiel simply chuckled in response as he said, "If you say so..." And suddenly within an instant he exclaimed in unison while raising his palm up to summon something "ROYAL DEMON ROSES!!" and suddenly a flock of red roses sprouted from underneath the men before they even had a chance to react. Only the woman remained unharm in the process as the group of men fell to the ground paralyzed by the fragrance of the crimson roses. "The beauty strikes you!" Lofiel exclaimed as he was victorious, the helpless woman was no longe helpless as she walked away from the scene thnking Lofiel he said, "It's my pleasure.." he said leaving the men there to suffer as he escorted her out of the alley until they met a street. He dropped her off there and treaded off to find out how was going to prevent the angelic monster Martyrdom from taking all the women of this country. His index finger and thumb cupped around his chin as he gazed up at the sky trying to figure a plan for this upcoming event.
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So you think you can help?

As Joe continued driving over the speed-limit down throughout the dark city of the Vice, he looked left to right frequently, checking for anyone to be out, he thought a good plan would be to look for anyone either whering a weird costume or actualy be outside to see if they could help him, He used this strategy because no one with a right mind would still be out after they heard about the news, and given what happened at Sunrise Joe doubts these people would take another broadcast about an attack lightly. Joe did not blame them, he knew there was no way Martyrdom would have been able to get many women from here right under his nose so Joe knew most of them were in hiding inside a local hotel or in their houses, Joe tohught it was a good plan. As Joe turned the corner he saw someone calmly walking down the street, Joe stopped for a moment and examined the huge fellow. Joe began documenting what he saw to himself "Well for one he is rather calm, the only people I did see either ran or quickly hid themselves. Then he is also very big, as long as I have been around here I haven't seen someone that size, not even at my gym.... And that get-up, its no costume, but its not usual clothing I would see. Well enough trying to justify my reasons, I guess he is here so why not?" Joe started up his cat-shaped motorcycle and started towards the man, he pulled up right beside him. "Hey kid didn't you here the news? What are you doing out here, err... I mean you look like you might have some clue as to what's going on, think you can help me out big guy?" Joe hoped this kid would know something, however upon just being near him Joe felt some sort of weird fibe coming from the man, Joe was not one to be all about sensing Ki and all that, but there was no doubt he felt something, he also hoped the man would not be alarmed about the old buff guy in a skin tight cat suit with boxing tape around his hands. Joe also looked over to see a group of colorful ninjas dashing off "Eh?"

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As he continued walking around Vice City, Raseri noticed that it was rather deserted. Granted it was nighttime, it was still a little odd though that there was hardly anyone in sight. Everyone else was either hiding, fled the city, or had been kidnapped. "Everyone's hiding. I hope those people aren't the heroes too. That would be pathetic", he thought to himself as he glanced around the dark streets and alleys. There was hardly even a sound that could be heard, except for a lone cricket, Raseri heard nothing else. Suddenly, in a matter of seconds, Raseri felt a tingling sensation on his forehead as he was mentally contacted by none other than the All-Father Odin. "Grandson! How is everything?", said the benevolent god. "Oh hey Odin, well its all good with me but I think some of my friends have been kidnapped", the Nordic Tiger replied mentally. "Well I just wanted to stop by and thank you. I never got a chance to do so. Thanks for getting Thor to workout again. It was clever what you told him my boy! Hehehe", Odin bellowed. The All-Father continued, "So you say you fear for the safety of your friends?", Odin asked curiously. "Your welcome. Well yeah I do. I think Sayuri and some of the others may have been kidnapped", he replied with slight worry. "Sayuri? Is that the girl you were telling me about? She's sounds like a keeper eh boy?", Odin joked. "Hehe now's not the time for that kind of stuff. I need to know where she.. they are so I can help them", he replied with a slight chuckle. "Your heart's in the right place boy. Your friends will be fine. Well cheers!", Odin bid farewell as the conversation came to an end. "I hope you're right man", Raseri said with a slightly worried look in his eyes, it however, soon faded away. 
Seconds after the conversation with his grandfather had ended, the Ultimate Fighting God heard the sound of a powerful motorcycle approaching. The motorcycle's sound only grew louder with every passing second. Soon, a strange man concealed by the shadows pulled up right beside him. "Hey kid didn't you hear the news? What are you doing out here, err... I mean you look like you might have some clue as to what's going on, think you can help me out big guy?", the stranger said. Upon closer inspection, the Unparalleled Fighting Machine was a little surprised after discovering who he was talking to. Recognizing the skintight cat-suit with boxing tape wrapped around the man's hands, Raseri didn't have a doubt in his mind. He was talking to the great boxer famously known as "Boxer Joe" or a really good impersonator. But no impersonator would risk going out at night especially after Martyrdom's announcement. "Sure I can. I'm out here waiting for that Martyrdom punk to arrive, so I can give him a beat-down, somebody needs to give that brat a whooping. My name's Raseri", The Greatest introduced himself, hopefully Joe has heard of him through rumors or stories, it'll make it easier for them to work together. "And I have a feeling that I'm talking to Boxer Joe", the King of Fists extended his right hand in order to shake hands with one of the greatest boxers to ever fight in a ring. "We should team up. I think Martyrdom's got some friends of mine and even I'll need some help saving them", Raseri revealed, making his intentions clear. 
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I am sorry, could you go back first.Retrias said to the two girls, his face was rather different, his eye gleaming in the night background looking odd and unlike human. Before Mizukari voiced his complaint, Leica had closed her mouth and begin to drag her away, whispering something to her, after a while She then nodded, and said with unussaly small voice Be back okay, tommorow we are going for a nother trip, I am sure the secruity problem will all be gone tommorow, the cell phone horroscope tell me so..
Retrias walked, pulling his iron laden golves that quickly morphed into a ornate jet black gauntlet, he walked forward to see for clues and disturbance, he doesn't care who will get in his way, He is a hero, this is what a person called a hero do, they save people. This words is soon proven as each of the thugs or people that said positive things about martyrdom were soon found with various degree of injuries littered around the street, if one analyze them enough, they would found iron particles in large ammount all over their body, so is the air around them. That night all Flagos in new york hides, the same reaction as when there is something obviously more dangerous than them or what they have seen lurking in the street. he then spotted colourfull ninjas running across the town, then he decided to follow them , they certainly fit the suspicious person bill
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Trapped on the massive castle dungeon of the twisted angel Matrydom, the mayor of Telos City Mrs. Manami Lily Saito was chained to the floors of the prison.Surrounded by countless other females from Telos City as well as other parts of the US. The raven-haired Manami wore navy blue business that was partially torn during a recent struggle trying to free herself. "This....Martyrdom, has truly lost his mind. Treating women like cattle is not a way get their attention. Manami said to herself adjusting her position to avoid her legs from falling asleep. She tried to look around to see someone she could recognize, when voice called out to her. "Mrs Saito!!.. Mrs.Saito is that you!?" A young girl in chains slowly approached her. Manami  didn't  recognize her at first, but she was someone she seen before. The young girl finally came face to face with Manami, Mrs. Saito I am LT. Anna Hisaki from the Telos City Police Department" Anna told her politely.

It then began to click inside Manami's mind. She then replied to Anna in calm manner,"Yes I remember are you OK?" Anna was surprised that she could keep calm seeing what has been happening the past few hours. "I just have a few bumps and  bruises , but I am fine. How about you Mrs. Saito?" Anna asked Manami. With a slight smile on her face she answered Anna's question "I had a brief scuffle with one of the guards earlier, but I'll be fine. By the way you can call me Manami". The way Manami spoke to Anna calmed her nerves, she was worried about one person in particular. Searching desperately with her eyes through the dungeon, Anna was  hoping that her close friend and sister was still around. "Please sis if you are still out there, come and save us. Please Sonata" Anna murmured toherself hoping for some sort of a miracle.
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Obsidian's headquarters

John had heard Martyrdom's warning. He didn't much care for being threatened, but apparently the angel thought he could simply just take all of the women on Earth. Such behaviour was unacceptable and would not be tolerated. The blind man picked up his cane and placed his visor on his eyes. It hurt his head to look through it for any considerable length of time, but a sense of sight would help in this situation. He walked from the headquarters, a look of determination on his face as he fondled the cane with both hands.

Outside Martyrdom's ship

John looked around the corner. With a combination of senses, he figured out where all the guards were. A simple invisibility would work here, unless they had powers that would render his invisibility useless. He would go with the easiest route, and his body seemed to pulsate and his skin crawled visibly. His mouth opened wide and he vibrated rapidly on the spot as his head lolled around. As he looked up, his face was just another square-jawed guard, his outfit just like that worn by the guards of the ship. He walked purposefully out of his place, his visor invisible, his cane tapping on the floor as he walked, being used as a walking stick. "I have been asked to report to Lord Martyrdom!" He said loudly to a guard at the entrance to the ship. This seemed to suffice, as he gestured for Blindside to enter and give his "report". John slipped past without a grin and worked his way into the bowels of the ship. He heard a group of many heartbeats clustered close together, and guessed that's where the women were. He picked his way through the ship and phased down a level. The women were close now, and he began to move faster, trotting along like a horse, moving with impressive speed for a man who couldn't see. Any minute now and he would be at the cells. The gentle fluttering of heartbeats was now a raging chorus of loud rhythmic thumping. He slowed right down to a creeping step and whispered. "Hello?"
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Knuckle busters

As Joe shook the man's hand he was glad that he wanted to help, but then shock came in, he was talking to Raseri,  one of the only youngsters he like and the best matial artist in the world! Joe tightened his fist, he adrenaline started pumping, he wanted to test the guy's skill right here and now, his fist and power vs Raseri's technique and skill. However reality set in, Joe needed help not a fight, that would have to wait. He was glad to be fiighting alongside this man, a man only thought to be in legend and man said to be a god. "So you wanna pound this Martyrdom kid into the ground too eh? Good, seems like for once I share something in common with a youngster. The fact that he took your crew makes it even worse..." Joe remembers his best diciple and how she was kidnpapped and eventualy died. "Wells tanding here ain't gonna do us any good, lets look around, any ideas on where to head first? I felt some serious power on the way here. I will take my trusty bike here, think you can keep up?" Joe sounded the roaring engine, hoping Raseri was up to the challange...And race.
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The devine float (Martyrdom's ship) Captain's quarters

Martyrdom was enjoying some heavenly white wine as he lay naked on his heart shaped bed, two women with shackels lay on each side of him silently snuggling with him. The womenw ere long time slaves and had learned that resistence was futile, since then they have decided to simply go along with whatever Matyrdom commanded, and in this case it was sexual favors. They were not crying or moping by they had a sad and empty look in their eyes, however there were very good looking and fit. "More wine M'ladies?" Martyrdom asked in a polite and gentle manner. "No thank you my lord..." The two women replied together. "Heh heh, very well, if you'll excuse me." Martyrdom got up from the bed and snapped his fingers this clothes appeared on his body in an instant. Martyrdom walked out of the  chamber through his giant golden door. As he walked down the long silent hallway along the velvet carpet one of his men came towards him, his wore the customary outfit and suit of armor covering his face completely, Martyrdom had this rule enforced because he did not want any of his women seeing the faces of his men due to fear of them falling in love with them. "Sir!  We are exactly 12 hours away from  the United States!" Martyrdom smiled at this news, "Thank you Benjamen, how are my beautiful ladies doing in the dungeon?" Matyrdom asked politely. "Um, I have not yet performed the routine inspection sir! I'm sorry! I will get right on it!" Martyrdom Sighed "Very well, but keep me informed will you? And do not keep them waiting...!" And with that Benjamen hurried down the hall. At the very end of the hall was a flower vase with only one white rose in it, Benjamen leaned over it and pulled out hif knife and removed his glove, heslice a small cut in his index finger and hung it over the white rose, the blood dropped into it and it instantly turned red, the wall behind the vase then collapsed revieling the door to the dungeon. Benjamen walked down the long, dark and cold staircase, once he got to the bottom he walked over to the celler and got out the cart of fresh food, Benjamen shouted "Alright beauties, supper time, I hope you all have been good!" As he shouted Benjamen got the jail cell keys ready to unlock the doors and give the food, Martyrdom did not find the women enoguh of a threat to need to install a food drop, and Benjamen had his sword at his side. Benjamens topped at Cell number 1  and shouted "Emiko Fujikawa! Come and get it ya little princess, he he he! It's a nice turkey dinner! C'mon I don't got all day!" Benjamen shouted at the celler, it was dark so he couldn't see "I hate delivering food in the dark I can't see a damn thing" Benjamen impatiently waited for the girl to respond, he thought if he should contact Martyrdom, be he advised himself against it, he didn't want to die for letting the girls go hungry even for a second. Still, he hated being alone int he dark with people he saw as prisoners. 

Living room

Martyrdom was in his living room waiting for Benjamen to report back, as he walked around the living room woundering what to do he decided to check out the few and progress from outside, he wanted to also survey the area to make sure he didn't miss anyway, Martrydom started at the ship's exit and walked right out side the ship and looked down below. "Beautiful" Maryrdom began to walk around the ship, slowly surveying the area.
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The Toughest Duo

Meeting and teaming up with Boxer Joe was the highlight of the night. It's not everyday that the greatest martial artist in the world encounters the greatest boxer in the world. Raseri knew that Joe was most likely feeling the same. He truly wanted to test this man's celebrated boxing prowess, but that is for another day as soon the thought of failing to rescue his Ebisu teammates crawled into his mind. "Fighting this guy will be fun. But first I've got to save Harumi.. and Emerald of course", the Nordic Tiger thought as he firmly shook hands with Boxer Joe. Soon Joe broke the silence as he spoke, "So you wanna pound this Martyrdom kid into the ground too eh? Good, seems like for once I share something in common with a youngster. The fact that he took your crew makes it even worse..." , Joe said. "Taking me crew will make him feel the real power of my fists", Raseri said with a look of determination in his eyes. Soon Boxer Joe suggested that they start searching and planning for a way to get to the cruel angel Martyrdom.  "Well standing here ain't gonna do us any good, lets look around, any ideas on where to head first? I felt some serious power on the way here. I will take my trusty bike here, think you can keep up?", the legendary boxer asked. Raseri was quick to agree with Boxer Joe's plan, standing around won't do them any good. At least searching around the city will be more fruitful since they might find some clues or if they're fortunate enough, encounter more heroes who are willing to help. "No kidding. I think we should search around the town first. Maybe we can find some clues or even another hero that could help. If we don't find anything then all we can do is keep on looking until Martyrdom returns since he thinks he's coming to take all the women. He's gonna be in for the surprise of a lifetime", Raseri said as he cracked his knuckles.   
Soon after hearing Joe ask if he can keep up with his motorbike, a confident smile faded into the fierce Nordic Tiger's face. "Oh you don't have to worry about me. I'm much faster than I look. I'll keep up no worries", Raseri replied, knowing fully well that he is one of the fastest fighters in the world, capable of moving at unbelievable speeds. "Now lets go find this punk before he causes any more trouble. You wanna lead the way?", Raseri asked, determined to find Martyrdom and rescue all the women that have been kidnapped, especially his teammates, but most importantly, Harumi. "I'm coming guys. Don't worry. I'm coming Harumi", he thought as the silent rage that dwells within his heart began to rise secretly. He was angry, both at Martyrdom and himself. He failed to protect his teammates, if only he had been there to help them fend off Martyrdom's forces. His blood began to boil as his anger began to rise little by little. And though its impossible to tell by interacting with him, Raseri won't hesitate to let his anger explode once he is face to face with Martyrdom. His rage will no longer be silent. The Ultimate Fighting God will show the malevolent angel exactly why he is called "The Ultimate Lord and God of Fighting". Soon a determined facial expression grew on his face, "Let's go teach that punk that we ain't here to play", he said, his anger concealed but his determination fully awake. Raseri can't wait to show Martyrdom the deadliness and power of his fearsome and brilliant Total Fighting.
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The woman was waiting,she had been hiding in a closet alone for a good five minutes.  Her name turned out to be Joan, a police woman from the Midwest who had chosen  a bad time for a vacation.  After Lan Fan had bailed her out and broken her restraints she had left her in a closet full of spare combat uniforms.  Now she was wearing one and waiting for Lan Fan to return.

She heard a knock and Lan Fan opened the door.  Joan peeked out and saw a pile of knocked out guards.  An assault rifle was slung on her back and a pistol was at her side.  "Tell me you know how to use this." she said.

"Yeah, my dad took me shooting all the time as a kid," Joan replied taking the guns, "You seem well trained, why aren't you using them?"

"Have you seen me shoot?"


"Be glad," Lan Fan said, "Now I've been listening to their radios so I know where they are, I can get us to the communications room without trouble but the room is guarded so we are in for a fight when we get there."  She explained.  Her right eye was actually looking at a map of the place.

"Wait what you need there and why should i help?"

"I need the equipment in that room to send a map of this place and the flight plan to some friends of mine, and you'll help me because its the fastest way to save the women here."  She walked down a hallway and Joan followed.  Joan followed her down a long and twisted route, and as promised there were no guards. 

Soon they reached the hallway with the room, there was only one way in and ten guards in the way.  "When you hear the flash bomb i want you to shoot those guys."

"Are you kidding?" Joan asked looking at the guards though a mirror.  "That some good body armor and those are light machine guns, a few bullets won't do much."

"Trust me," Lan Fan said, and then she ran down the hall at top speed, in the half a second it took for her to cover the distance one guy managed a shot at her, it hit her cybernetic arm.  She got in front of the guy and smacked him in the jaw hard.  There was a loud crack and the guy fell forward, she had a second where the guy's friends were hesitant to shoot.  So she threw the unconscious guy at his friends, that was two more down.  The next guy was still in shock, so Lan Fan kicked his legs out from under him, one man pulled the trigger on his gun but Lan Fan just dove behind one of the people she had already beaten, she was a small girl and the guards mass shielded her well enough.  The man stopped firing once he realized what he was hitting.

Four men knocked out and one dead, a good start.  She jumped up and used a over hanging pipe to swing her self behind the remaining guards.  She felt a knife go into her cybernetic shoulder, she was pushing her luck, best to end this soon.  She grabbed the knife and went for the straps of the mens' armor, revealing their very not-bulletproof body.  Then she jumped and dropped a flash bomb.  Bullets came spraying down the hallway, Joan was a good shot, Lan Fan who was clinging to the pipe on the ceiling dropped onto four new bodies, the last guy was too stunned to do anything.  Lan Fan hit almost casually and knocked him out.

She walked in with a wide eyed Joan coming behind her,"You're what 17?"

"No idea," Lan Fan replied, she was at the key board, she brought up a flight plan and sent that to the military as well as to Ebisu, she used Jacks contacts.  Then she sent the map, every room, every weak point of the ship to all the members of Ebisu.  Then she lay down, she was tired for some reason.  Her suit was turning red.
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