All Hell Breaks Loose - RPG

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"As prophesied, at the time when the world is covered in death the count will rise. All Hail Count Dracula!"

The call was taken by the other men and women crowding the cave. The leader raised his hand into the air to quiet his flock. "Now then," the hooded cult leader continued, "This is surely the day we, the decedents of his brides, have awaited. Millions have died and many more shall die before this conflict is done."

On que four hooded men entered the cave carrying a large wooden coffin. They brought it to the raised platform and place it upon the alter. The leader opened the coffin and looked at the skeleton within. "It is time," he said, taking a golden dagger out of his cloak, "Time for us to revive the master."

The cave was silent as the leader cut into his own wrist with the dagger. The leader raised the dagger above his head and stabbed down into the skeleton's heart.

The silence was broken by a scream, not from the altar but from the back of the congregation where two silver hunting knives hung in the air above the person they had disemboweled. The knives moved through the crowd, their invisible wielder slashing through anyone that got in her way. The assailant jumped and in one clean motion beheaded the leader. She aimed her next attack at the skeleton. The skeleton raised a hand and caught both knives.

"The hunting knives of Artemis, said to be able to cut through all physical object," explained a voice that seemed to originate from the skeleton. "You've done some collecting in these last 200 years haven't you Medea." The knives and by extension the invisible woman holding them flew back into a wall. The impact knocked the Cap of Invisibility off of Medea's head. "Interesting, you even went so far as to rob Perseus's tomb, then again you never did respect heroes."

The pale, dark haired woman stood up and gave the skeleton a glare that killed the lesser men unfortunate enough to be caught in her gaze. "As if you are one to talk about respect, Count."

"Indeed," the skeleton replied, pointing its bony hand upon the crowd of confused cultists. "Ah, I see the Winged Sandals of Hermes on your feet and the Golden Fleece upon you back." The remaining cultists keeled over and died.

"And I see that death has not stopped you from gaining ever more power, you no longer have to force your followers into mass suicide." She picked up the knives, "I didn't think it was possible but you have become an even bigger monster."

The cultists' bodies were decaying quickly, the skeleton that was the Count had become covered in flesh. Pale skin and black clothing grew over the flesh, silver hair grew out and there stood Count Dracula. "True I am a monster, but no more than you, my little servant."

She bared her fangs at her sire. "You think this was what turned me into a monster, your wrong."

"Yes of course what you did in Corinth is much worse than anything I've made you do," He cracked his knuckles, "In any case you seem to be the only servant left I can still use."

Medea lost sight of him, and then he appeared in front of her. She was punched straight through the thick walls of the cave and into the Eastern European sunlight. She flew into the air, stopping herself with the winged sandals. She took out a bow and aimed at the cave. I have to be careful, I can't lose sight of him again.

He jumped out of the same hole and looked up his opponent. Medea fired the Bow of Apollo. It was not so much an arrow as it was a single beam of sunlight. The beam left a blackened scar upon the earth and for a second Medea believed she had won. Then she felt Dracula appearing behind her. She turned around and tried to block the incoming punch, she simply was not fast enough. She saw one punch, felt the impact of 10. She was knocked out before she hit the ground.

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What We Say To The Omens Of Death - Pt.1

Harumi took a long, deep breath through her nose and released it through her mouth. Her hands shivered and shook as she fixed her armour and weapons. She knew she couldn't win against any of Ebisu’s enemies. It was impossible. She was just a normal human. Which was why Harumi needed to die. It was why Harumi cried realizing this would be her last day of existence on Earth. But it was not just the beginning of the end; it was also the end of a new beginning.

She should have told Raseri, but knew she couldn’t. The Ebisu leader was far too concerned of how he would react. But it would be hard on him loosing another friend immediately after Callis. Harumi cinched a belt around her hips, and sheathed her large katana and shorter sword. To her thigh she holstered a tanto and concealed throwing knives and stars in pouches on her belt. Her long bleached blonde hair was twirled up into a bun and her face was covered in white, red, and black war paint. Harumi Hida was ready to fight.

And ready to die.

The geisha, warrior, and leader bowed to an old photograph of her mother and stifled her tears. Now was the time to be strong. And to be remembered. “I love you mom.” She breathed and kissed the frame of the photo. Thus, Harumi exited the old shrine which was somehow still intact and stepped into the rubble of Kyoto. “Trust in yourself. Keep fate in your hands, not the stars above.” Harumi's long but slow strides carried her along the streets closer, and closer to the fighting. And closer and closer to her death.

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Attempted Deicide

Jack liked to take things in stride. When things went wrong Jack calmly adapted, be it the president turning insane, a life eating monster torturing a girl or a being that violated causality. Being teleported to the nearest undestroyed city, probably Brisbane, however was something that Jack's body refused to take in stride. His stomach was especially obstinate in its refusal, he fished through his pockets and found a bottle of what was essentially a synthetic cannabinoid . It worked well for the nausea and the headache but that might have been from the high dosage. That concentration would have killed most normal humans.

<Jack what's with you?> asked a voice in his head.

<Miracle?> Jack asked, referring to the soul that had joined his mind during his time in Caius's dream world.

<Yeah its me,> she replied, <Now why are you using drugs?>

<I needed it, stability issues.> Jack replied defensively, <Your in there, you know why I need them.>

<Fair enough but while you were busy with you 'stability' Atahilia started murdering civilians.> That brought Jack back to reality, he saw several fresh corpses, clearly killed by Atahilia's blade.

"Your battle is not with them!" yelled Guerra, he drew two of his blades.

<Ebony and Morte?> Miracle asked, <Where did he get those?>

<No clue, does it matter?>

<Not really.> Guerra tightened his grip on his swords and went to the left. <Jack time to fight.> A bow appeared in his hand but Miracle noticed that his hand was not as steady as it should have been. <Jack remember, this woman nearly killed Carmilla.> His grip tightened. Now he was ready to fight. Jack went to the right, he wanted his ally out of his line of fire. Guerra switched directions, so did Jack, aiming an arrow at the self-proclaimed goddess's left temple.

Miracle was satisfied that Jack would be able to handle this fight but she had to wonder about his mental state. In the months since she had moved into his head he was slowly growing more and more unstable. Odd, the man she had knows in the 18th century was the image of stability and sanity.

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A red fierce and incorporeal light went cruelty to the eyes of the little girl that was selected as the next target of the cruel slaughtering initiated by the goddess who seek to provoque the human heart of both warriors. The reaper was about to take the life of the girl, not to be thanks to blast of hot air that cut the joint between the body of the goddess and the arm that held the red blade; the arm flew aside, and the reaper didn't had time to surprise before being heavily pierced in the left side of her torax due to an unpredictable arrow coming from nowhere; the accuracy was so perfect, the arrow broke through the body drawing a diagonal, first piercing the left lung, then piercing the heart, all this accompanied by a number of ribs shattered by the impact. Just like a synchronized dance the same warrior that cut the aire had went to the left side to the body and suddenly moved to the right side allowing the arrow to pierce the body, then at the right side with great skill he destroyed the right side of the body with another sword. Then in just a moment, the reaper lost her left arm, was pierced and then fiercely slashed. A shower of blood came from the body of the goddess; the little girl, althought frightened and covered by blood, went to the shelter of her hero, the guy with the swords, because he was the only one near her, the other hero was concealed in the distance. With a wet sound due to the blood, the body fell to the ground, this probably meant the victory of both warriors, however things are never that easy.

Suddenly the man of the sword was surrounded by an enormous number of black needles floating in the sky, probably they didn't knew it, but besides Atahlia on that place there were also her three angels, the Ceriels, every single one with a different propertie, and yet they formed an unity with a perfect sychronization. The Ceriel Ds didn't cover the body of the goddess with it usual instantaneous barrier, on it place it surrounded the man of the swords with the needles, thousands of these, no millions, no, billions of needles, all of these that fired almost instantly and with an enormous speed toward the man of the sword and the little girl, both stained by the blood of the body that fell. A black rain covered them, and the perpetrator of such act wasn't in any point visible for both warriors, it seems that the Ceriels had took strategic positions inside the same town

The Ceriel Hs meanwhile came suddenly from nowhere with enormous speed and quickly healed the body that fell, the one that stood up without showing any sing of notable emotion on her face, she didn't even care about the blood that covered her body, then she raised her sword and with a notable speed went not toward the man of the sword who probably was covered by black needles in this moment, but to search for the man that threw the arrow that pierced her body

There was still one Ceriel, the offensive unity, however this wasn't in the stage, the location of this one was unknown, one thing was sure, it wasn't hiding.

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Entirely His Creation

The horrible war-torn state that has fallen upon the planet Earth shows no signs of fading, in fact, it seems to have grown more intense. Screaming innocents, violent explosions, countless deaths, miserable injuries and much more, these are the things that define a war. Many men and women today believe that the cause of this unfortunate global war is none other than the Cunning Chameleon known as "Newdeath", to everyone who is unaware of the truth, nefarious Newdeath is the sole reason for the world's sorry and broken state. Unfortunately, very few are aware of the truth behind this entire war. "This is wonderful. I had no idea it would come to this. This is almost as pleasing as when I coerced Olympia into believing she was impregnated by Zeus", a very deep demonic voice echoed in the shadows of an unknown fallen city. It was in shambles, not even a shadow of it's former self, it's current state was simply impossible to describe with mere words. The disembodied voice laughed maniacally, it's unearthly nature cracking the ground and infesting the dark lifeless city. The moon was covered by dense clouds in the night sky, and there was perhaps one or two stars in sight. A cold eerie wind swiped some dust off the road and threw it into the air. The silence was haunting, truly a perfect vision for a world corrupted by an apocalypse. "I'm surprised he came this far", the voice continued, almost as if it was praising the workings of the man known as Newdeath. But indeed the war is not a product of Newdeath's doing, in truth.. the entire thing came as a result of a scheme of another. Slowly and eerily, a dark silhouette with intense glowing red eyes emerged from a collapsing building. "It was quite a show. But it is coming to an end. Perhaps I shall move on to my next.. game", the silhouette laughed lowly with malicious intent. This dark silhouette was none other than the Son of Hell, Nefas. An immoral devil with no sense of compassion, having lived for many thousands of years and orchestrated some of the world's most memorable events, one simply cannot deny when he claims that the present day is entirely of his creation.

Indeed the present, not simply limited to the mere twenty first century though, the current state of the world is his doing as well. He is to blame for all the sorrow. "I remember it just like it was yesterday hehe.. finding an island far off from the rest of civilization. They were remarkably intelligent, more advanced than the rest of humanity but despicably arrogant, oh how arrogant they were", fiendish Nefas thought, looking on at the sheer destruction brought on by the Third World War. The demon continued trailing in his thoughts, "And then it came to me. What would happen if they obtained extraordinary abilities. How would the future turn out? Ah I can see it now! The scientists, they will say this is an evolutionary off-shoot of humanity haha.. how... delicious", Nefas' words are not misleading, he is sadly responsible for the birth of the powerful superhuman race known as the Kisekians. But how? How is this possible? An alchemist of his caliber specializes in altering organic matter.. even people. With a potion of enough power, his objective would be accomplished. Slyly mixing the potion into a Kisekian man's blood, the Dark Prince set upon a deadly mutation, one that would forever change the course of history. His "experiment" went on to give birth to the most powerful military force the world has ever seen... and the worst war in the history of humanity. Newdeath, the Kurimuzon all of this.. a creation of Nefas' meddling. And while it did take some thousands of years for the supernatural abilities of the Kisekians to develop, it was all worth it. Nefas created them, aware that there was a tiny probability for good within the species but due to having used a potion containing his own blood, evil would be the dominant alignment in a species of super-powered monsters passing themselves off as humanoids. Yes indeed, Newdeath and all other Kisekians have the blood of Nefas running through their veins, the true source of Newdeath's unlimited evil. "Negative energy is what they call it? How cute. Only I know the true workings of these puppets of mine. But alas, their time has come. It is time for a new source of amusement", Nefas chuckled while still in the form of an eerie silhouette.

The scene quickly shifted from a wasted city in the middle of then night to a hospital in the day. A hospital in one of the few cities left unscathed by the war. In Toronto, Canada, the Dark Prince's next move is about to take place. It was early morning, the birds were chirping, the Sun was rising in all it's glory as the blue sky cleared some clouds, giving space to the almighty Sun in it's vastness. Traffic did not take long to infest the city. Horns were honking and swears were being shouted. The city was busy, even in the morning. However, the true centerpiece of this scheme was a hospital. Inside the hospital slept a newborn baby a few feet away from it's resting mother. Invisible, the Son of Hell crept into the room undetected. His potions did wonders indeed. Walking towards the baby, he knew what he had to do, or rather what he wanted to do. Examining the slumbering child, Nefas almost laughed, "Such a beautiful baby. It's a pity that it will grow up being hated. So much love to give but it will never happen, you will be full of hate because they will all try to kill you but I won't let them. Not until the end. I will help you along the way, just so I can mess with them", Nefas thought to himself. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, using the powers of his Vorago gloves, devious Nefas super-heated the tip of his index finger with hell-fire. Painfully, he engraved the numbers "666" on the baby's chest. "Sad is it not? They will all think you are the Antichrist. And it will be grand. Oh how stupid they'll all feel when they realize you weren't him at all... when the real one arrives", he smirked maliciously. Not only did the hell-fire engrave the symbolic numbers on the infant's chest but it forever corrupted the baby's soul. Now a source of growing evil, the baby will have no choice but to live up to what everybody around it believes it to be. And Nefas the manipulative mastermind will thwart any attempt to kill the baby until the very end. The Dark Prince has returned to the world with another grand scheme that will take many years to come into fruition but it will all be worth it. Until then, he will take every opportunity at coercing and manipulating those with weak wills and those who seek power.


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Difficult Defense - Part 3:  Wounded Warrior

"Wha...-t!?" Daisuke Emiya was dumbfounded. Of course he was. The sight before him was fairly unbelievable. Something deflected the Railgun. It was supposed to be the ultimate attack developed by Crow Cemeterio, a special ultra-dense projectile fired at mach 10 velocity followed by a strong discharge of electric shock. Yet there was someone capable of defeating that attack. "Hey-hey! What's going on?" Daisuke stood in disbelief. Compared to the fact the Railgun was beaten, the identity of that certain 'someone' who deflected Daisuke's attack was even more bewildering. That 'someone' was quickly approaching. Daisuke didn't take a step back. No, he was too occupied to stare at the boy before he could move a muscle. Suddenly, his head impacted with something hard. "What the hell do you think you're doing trying to shot a girl! You should be shooting that blue skinned Otaku freak!!!" Said the youngster after he headbutted Daisuke. The pain of the impact made the magus return to his senses. Yes, it was the mysterious boy who was supposed to be Daisuke's ally. He saved the beast-girl in the very last minute. And then he was spouting nonesense. "What am I thinking? What are you doing, idiot!? You just stepped in my firing range without thinking!" Daisuke retorted harshly while pushing his forehead against the boy's. Their eyes were only a few centimeters apart from each other. "Just quit dreaming and look at the reality! That girl is a professional killer. We're in the midst of a life or death battle. She and her comrades won't hesitate to shoot you dead on the spot. Hell, she was trying to murder us both just now!" They engaged an intense staring contest. Daisuke had the resolution of a rugged battle-hardened veteran. Despite his young age Daisuke saw more battles than a regular soldier in his entire life. He knew the horrors of the battlefield through and out. To Daisuke wielding a weapon meant he was resolved to kill the opposition and fight them with all his might. The evil must be punished. The enemy visibly took great joy at causing mayhem and destruction. They also seemingly didn't care about the casualties the slightest bit. Thankfully they were fighting close to the Ebisu HQ. Since the rest of the Ebisu had been sent off to stop Newdeath, the residential districts that are usually filled with Daisuke's comrades were emptied out. Otherwise there would have been hundreds of innocent casualties by that point. Still, unless Daisuke manages to stop these guys there's no telling when will they start the massacre. Eliminating the enemy was his top priority. 
Suddenly, Daisuke felt a strange wind blowing. Breaking of his staring match with the enigmatic boy, Daisuke saw a faint stream of grey dust spiraling outwards. He immediately had a bad feeling. Looking up above Tai's shoulders he saw the point where the grey matter was spiraling to. It was that girl. The girl who was transformed into feline monster. (And here I thought it was too strange she left us alone.... This is really bad!) Daisuke's eyes identified the grey dust as a 'weapon'. Worse, he couldn't tell the exact nature of this 'weapon'. He had to face an unknown threat against an enemy stronger than himself.  He was short on time. Before saying anything Daisuke pushed the boy aside immediately. "Look out! She's coming for us!" By the time the boy was out of the way, the beast-girl was already finished with gathering the grey dust. "Don't worry, I won't kill her. I promise!" Said Daisuke in attempt to calm the boy down. The last thing the magus wanted was another rash action from Tai. So instead Daisuke made a very bold statement. But even if he made that promise under stress Daisuke won't plan to back down on it.  Using 'the Trick' Daisuke reloaded Quicksilver in an instant. He packed the cylinder full of Bursting shots. Thanks to the actions of a single misguided boy, Daisuke had lost his only chance for using the Railgun. He must wait for at least 30 seconds until the next shot. So that technique was out of question.  
(She's coming!) Yes, the beast-girl was rushing at them on full speed. She draw a twin trail of glittering grey dust behind her like a pair of wings. Daisuke was still unaware of the real nature of the attack but he figured it needs direct contact in high quantities. Otherwise he and the boy would had died before realizing what was going on. (if that's the case...) He had no choice but to attack the wings. But how? The bullets fired from Quicksilver were not even approaching Mach 4 velocity. On the other hand his enemy was running at speeds above mach 10! There was at least 3 times the difference between the two. (If only I could shoot the bullets a bit faster... !) Thought Daisuke. The difference of 2 to 1 would be already enough. But there's no way to increase the bullets' velocity, doesn't it? Unless... (If I'm using that magic. But it's way too risky. Besides I'm not even sure if I can perform both spells at the same time.) But there was no time to be fidgeting. Even if Daisuke perceived everything under accelerated space-time, he had his limits. The enemy was approaching. (There's no choice then. The hell with the risks! I'm doing it right now!)  Daisuke made his resolve. He closed his eyelids to focus on Quicksilver. (Analyzing basic structure. Reconstructing blueprints. Initiating prana transfusion. Filling up weak spots. Imbuing gunpowder. Reinforcing the cocking mechanism. Hardening the barrel. Closing of all unnecessary leakages. Finalizing process.) Daisuke went through all the essential steps. Overcharge. A method of Reinforcement that oversteps its bounds. Under a split-second Daisuke managed to super-charge both Quicksilver and its projectiles. In such state the weapon had a high chance of blowing up before the first bullet would even leave the barrel. But Daisuke didn't care. Pulling the trigger, he released two explosive bullets with a thunderous boom. They were flying against the apexes of the beast-girl's 'wings' with the velocity over mach 6.  The momentum of the bullets surpassed even Daisuke's imagination. He had to re-adjust his aim before shooting the next pair. This time he took the stakes even higher. Reflected shots. Using that technique with Bursting bullets was already a gamble. Combining the overcharged Burst bullets with Reflect Shot was just plain insane. But otherwise Daisuke had no chance to catch the enemy off-guard thus hit the more inner parts of the 'wings'. All or nothing! Daisuke pulled the trigger twice and sent two bullets against the two small rocks. Since he had Crow's ability to calculate trajectories combined with his accelerated brain functions, he had no problems to calculate the exact path of the bullets. Yet he made a grave mistake. *BOOM!* The bullets exploded prematurely on the terrain, generating craters with about 3 meters in width. (Shit! I forgot to account for the increased sensitivity of the overcharged bullets!) Cursed Daisuke. But he didn't lost hope.  The red-haired magus was already prepared for some errors. That's why he had 6 bullets in the cylinder instead of just 4. The worst case scenario did't happened yet.  Besides, the nearby explosions were probably enough to distract the enemy for a moment. Not wasting even a fraction of second, Daisuke pulled the trigger to release the remainder of his Burst bullets. They were aimed against the middle section of the 'wings'. 
Daisuke's plan was simple. Using the Bursting shots he planned to disperse or even destroy that grey dust before it could reach him. The force of the explosion also should be enough to destroy the majority of that grey matter thus rendering the attack useless in the future. It was the perfect way to counter the beast-girl's assault without killing her. Lastly, Daisuke used his Reinforcements on full power to dodge to the side against the charging enemy. By using that method the red-haired magus thought he could survive the attack. "Gah- !" But he made a serious mistake. Unknown to Daisuke those microscopic blades were made of artificial diamond. By arranging into thick cluster they withstood the explosions and followed the beast-girl's trail regardless of Daisuke's actions. The only thing he did  was to disperse the nanomachines thus avoiding to be bisected by a large concentrated attack. Instead he was cut by hundreds if not thousands of invisible blades, putting scars of varying depth across his body. It was only thanks to Daisuke's resilient skin enhanced by magic that he managed to even survive. Regardless, he collapsed on the floor. His body was covered with bleeding wounds and he was about to lose consciousness.
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Cry of the Panther

Panther rushed the enemies, as she was overcame by bloodlust. Fragments of her rational mind drifted inside her brain, as pieces of glass falling to an endless void. Each of the shards of memory of the young assasain told a story. The day she first had any knowledge of her situation and surroundings after waking up in the laboratory slab, the day she met the other experiments that lived in the same lab. The seemingly infinite hours of torture, humilliation and degradation she locked deep inside her subconscious, to avoid facing the horrible things she was submitted by the men in the lab. All that repressed sorrow, anger, fear and hate, was what Vampire activated in her, forcing her real strenght to come out, and destroying her happy-go-lucky attitude, replacing it with pure predatory drive and instinct. Under that horrible mask of anger, Panther suffered, her silent cry was unheard for almost everyone in the battleground, but her surrogate father, a monster greater than anybody else in the Numbers, was the only that could feel the 5th Number sorrow, and for it, his sorrow was even greater. Vampire was in a crossroad, let his daughter live, retire and hope to mantain whatever humanity he had inside him, or let her die as sacrifice to defeat the current targets and regain his mortality. In one hand he would be a monster, but he would have a daugther and a chance of redemption, in the other he will loose her daugther, but regain the mortality he longed for. As he saw how Daisuke was trying to stop the Panther Lunge, with all his might, and failing, his mind was filled with the memories of a younger and mortal version of himself, that many years ago participated in a heated battle just as the Red Headed Magus was doing in the moment. This images were the only thing left of his mortal time, only fading pictures of better times. In the other hand he saw her daughter shrugged face, with the radiant wings surrounding her. In the five years he had known her, the sometimes dumb, yet caring girl made his inmortal life a little less boring, and a little more joyful. The weight of his decision was too much, he could still de-activate the nanites before the impact, giving her enough time to avoid the still moving diamond bits.

The moment of collision was near and in that split second Vampire made his choice. I'm a monster, the 2nd Number looked at his bluish claw-looking hands, but I can be human again... for a second he looked at her daughter, he looked at her with her eyes full of light, almost like human, and after that small speck of time their lost that light forever, showing no emotion, no anger, no sadness, no hapiness... nothing be it.. he whispered from himself, as her daughter bashed between both opponents and the diamond wings tagged both, sending the pair to the ground with multiple wounds. The one with the gun seemed okay, at least not mortally wounded, but the one with the lance that was caught talking got heavily injured. Vampire eyes were cold, finally abandoning any tie he had with his humanity, as watched how Panther got slashed by the wings. Multiple wounds opened her black fur and torrents of blood sliced muscle fibers and guts fell under her with a grotesque wet sounds. Golem was visibly disgusted, Tengu remained serene, without giving any kind of reaction, Vampire face seemed to be carved in stone, without any kind of reaction whatsoever to the massive and gory ammount of damage received by his daughter. Panther staggered to stay standing, as her back left leg was almost completly gone. Her front legs were mostly undamaged, and the other back leg was fine. Deep cuts that opened from her tail to her neck oozed blood and organ fluids, and her breathing was getting sluggish. Still her face showed the brutal grin of a feral predator, and her actions backed it up as she took once again a pouncing position to attack. The diamond nanites started swirling around her like a radiant apparition or ghost, that announced death for the pair of young heroes. Once again, this time around just a tad bit slower she charged foward, looking to end what she started, while Vampire looked at her with emotionless eyes. When she landed after the Lounge, she was destroyed by the diamatine cloud that followed her, torned into bloody bits...

Usso goes to U.S.A

To avoid any suspiction Kuro-san used a vehicle instead of a teleporting all the way to U.S. The portal took him and his bodyguards to his private airport and from there they started flying in the experimental new commercial plane GaryuuTECH was developing. It wouldnt hit the market for five years, but it was less strange that suddenly popping out in the other side of the world. Meanwhile his troops in all the parts of the world were working as their orders told them, recollecting each and every piece of Kisekian technology, removing their bodies and the bodies of the people that managed to put up a fight and died. Everything was shipped towards ShinkaLABS, so the Mad Genius, Shishido Hakase can research everything and turn them into strenghts for Mangetsu. Kuro-san was having a pleasant flight, as he was currently in a win-win situation, either the heroes won, and his plans went in motion, or maybe Shinma won and he would be to weakened to face some of Mangetsu aces, or maybe Falken and his Yamato could help. The possibilities were limitless, but Kuro-san was more inclined to allow the first scenario rather than the second, as fighting Shinma and the remaining Kisekian forces would be something bothersome to say the least. For that purpose his troops were issued with a little bit of useful technology created by Shishido in secret, as most of the high tier Kisekians, including Newdeath come from their eyes, the Mad Genius of Mangetsu decided to give a trial run of a nervous system scrambler, most specificaly the nerves that allow the information from the eyes to reach the brain. A minor discomfort, but surely useful to such enemies.

In Japan Tsukimori-san was left in charge of the operations of sweeping and the Numbers Handling. Falken completed his mission and gave the crystal that empowered the Black Kaiser Armor to the operatives in charge of taking it too Shishido for a proper experimentation. They also took the owner, Batsu Nagare, as his DNA was the key to starting the armor, and as intelligent as The Sadomasochist Scientist was, he wouldnt be able to jumpstart it without the key. Even so Shishido made a bet, if he managed to acomplish the feat without using Nagare's DNA, Kuro had to convince Zella Thorn to spend the night with him, or at least to get her to pummel him with a suitcase, or use a whip on him while being tied. Even the Yakuza Emperor, emotionless by rule felt some discomfort after hearing the ramblings of Shishido. The plane would reach destiny in just two more hours, Usso only needed to stay alive for the rest of this mess, then he would really get to work on his own goal, the prize that eluded him for so many years, since it was taken from him in one stormy winter night, back in Kyoto. His inner ramblings were interrupted when a communication of the Saotome Labs informed that they took control of the facility, but the most dangerous man there, Ichigan Nagare, Batsu's grandfather, aptly nicknamed the Predator of Mountains, as his training 50 years ago destroyed a mountain range in Mongolia and almost caused international issues. The other information was that one the top killers, Juro Fuuma, that leaded the attack to the Labs was missing, and somebody saw him leave towards Kyoto...

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Death and Rebirth of Courage

"What am I thinking? What are you doing, idiot!? You just stepped in my firing range without thinking!" Daisuke shouted to Taiyou after receiving the headbutt of the Guardian of Courage. Taiyou blood was boiling, in his eyes a much different expression than before could be easily noticed, his eyes that were determined seemed now mad and crazy."Just quit dreaming and look at the reality! That girl is a professional killer. We're in the midst of a life or death battle. She and her comrades won't hesitate to shoot you dead on the spot. Hell, she was trying to murder us both just now!" They engaged an intense staring contest. Taiyou finally snapped, the pressure from Daisuke was too much for him to handle and without any warning he punched his own forehead. For a second he staggered and his eyes returned to their normal appereance. Shit, it happened again, he said in a whisper, and the he spoke higher, I'm sorry for that, sometimes my family curse takes control seemingly somebody was very pissed about one of my ancestors hurting a woman so my whole family is suddenly overprotective of any women and our personality changes. The Maeda clan was cursed long ago by a member of the Tachibana clan during the Bakumatsu, the Guardian of the Courage Crest of those times was highly antagonistic of the Guardian of the Tachibana clan, thus the Guardian of Love used one of the powers of her Crest to curse him into helping her. The curse was so strong that until now every Crest Holder of the Maeda was still affected by it. Daisuke seemed to focused in the incoming attack, Taiyou was amazed of the Magus, as he was barely older than him, but his eyes showed experience beyond his years. The Guardian of Courage received training, but he was took it too half-assed and skipped as much as he could, that and his pacific nature, that contradicted his family goal. Taiyou never wanted to be dragged into this useless struggle for dominion between the Clans, a stupid battle that costed hundred lives and always ended up in everybody losing or in diplomatic ties, and nobody wanted to spend all their resources in one struggle, thus causing the War of the Crest to become a useless tiebreaker since the Sengoku era, that was the only time somebody won, and thanks to that victory of the massively powerful Tadakatsu Honda, that instead of wishing what he wanted for hismelf wished his master to become the ruler of Japan, thus starting the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Panther activated the Diamond Wings, and Taiyou noticed, as Daisuke did the grey specks floating towards her, and surrounding her like silver wind. The Magus pushed Tai away as Panther rushed them. "Look out! She's coming for us!" he said. The Wielder of Mataenzaemon was pushed away, but in the instant he decided that he had to repay his mistake, and as his weapon was indestructible he choosed to jump in the way to help the young Magus, blocking the dust with the spear, as he thought that it would work like it did with the bullets."Don't worry, I won't kill her. I promise!" Said Daisuke, maybe noticing him coming and taking it like an attack. Taiyou didnt managed to keep up with the Red-headed Magic Gunslinger movements, and that second of amazement, added to his inexperience and his belief that the weapon he holded would protect him were his doom. Panther passed throught them like a gust of silver wind and light, so fast that Tai didnt even noticed until he heard the wet sounds of her blood and guts puddling udner her. In that moment he noticed that Daisuke was in the floor, covered in wounds, and that he was also in the ground and that he lacked his right arm, completly disintegrated by the Diamond Wings. The pain that he wasnt feeling out of his confusing and maybe that the wound was created so fast that his body didnt even reacted yet came to him like a burning jolt from his whole body to his brain. The Crest could heal some wounds, but a lost arm was beyond it's powers. Taiyou could barely see as his eyes were getting tired and his vision blurry out the blood loss. Laying in the ground, almost dead, he asked himself, Why I was choosen for this?... my brother would have been a better Guardian, he is strong, wise and more important he is more valiant than me.... I was a bad choice for this job... Panther was moving slowly, once again taking position to attack, Daisuke the man whose Courage forced Tai to come was in the floor heavily wounded, even if that never happened before, to him or to other Guardian of Courage before, no Guardian was dragged into battle, pulled by somebody else Courage, the Crest brighted, but never pulled anybody, Taiyou thought that was becouse he wasnt as Valiant as Daisuke at first, as a moon atracted to a planet, but it was different.In this moment of peril, Taiyou suddenly got an idea. Maybe this wasnt my job afterall, maybe my family was wrong to give me this Crest to be it's Guardian, maybe I was meant to be the messager.

Taiyou started to stand up, and while he was on it, he dragged himself between the fallen Magus and the Crounching Panther. The Crest wasnt wrong about me, even if I wasnt the best choice, maybe that was the whole point of my election, choosing somebody that would guide it to a new host, maybe it's tired of this infinite tie, maybe what this war needs is an outsider... The Maeda Guardian dragged himself, leaving a trail of blood just as Panther was about to lounge once again. Taiyou stood up just as she charged and with his back turned to her, he pierced the ground just inches besides Daisuke head to guard him against the incoming attack. The Dust pierced his flesh and bones, reducing him to a wreck, barely hanging from the standing spear. His blood painted Mataenzaemon red, and as he loosend his grip upon the weapon hilt, Panther fell under her own attack. The Particles of her Diamond wings were dispersed by Taiyou body and spear, allowing Daisuke to remain mostly unharmed by the second wave. The spear shined brightly and turned back into a crest, while Taiyou fell to the ground. With his last remaing effort he placed the Crest upon Daisuke chest, and the medal shined with a newfound light, as it's powers passed towards Daisuke. Good luck, was the last whisper Taiyou could let out before his heart stopped. As he died, 8 people around Japan noticed it. Aiko suddenly dropped the bento she was preparing, a man with a yukata and a koto suddenly snapped one of the instrument strings, a teen ripped a piece of a book while reading and fixed his glasses. An old man in a mountain opened his eyes as he meditated under a waterfall. In Tokyo a young girl in Gothic attire accidentally dropped a cofee over the customers of the cafe she worked in. In the road towards Tokyo a sinister looking man not even flinched. The kunoichi that was witnessing the fight from afar in Kyoto's rooftops licked her lips, a woman in a kimono just started blankly at the ceiling without any reaction but a handful of tears. The War of this generation would start in matter of months, but somebody has already been killed, an unexpected development in a war that seemed to follow the same patterns over and over. Maybe this marked a new beginning, or at least and end to the everlasting wishes that were not used by the previous generations, by their lack of will or their extreme precautions....

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The Element of Surprise

Lan Fan did not want to accept what she was seeing, she'd seen Carmilla be crazy, depressed, manic, tipsy and a whole host of other things but never has she seen Carmilla look so weak. She was pale even by the standards of a vampire and visibly shaking under the weight of the girl on her back. Still she was stubborn, she refused any help with carrying Sarah and she refused to let her injuries slow her and Lan Fan down.

"Carmy how are you doing?"

"Don't worry bout me, I'll be alright," she said, then she fell forward.

The second that Carmilla lost consciousness Sarah regained it. A deep bite mark on Carmilla's neck showed why. Sarah's eyes snapped open, she tried to figure out where she was, the last thing she remembered she had been shot by Atahilla and then here she was, with the taste of blood in her mouth. "Sarah are you alright?" Lan Fan asked, crouching next to her.

"Yeah, I'm sorry who are you?" she asked, starring at the silver android in front of her.

"Oh yeah you've never heard my voice, Lan Fan at your service," she said, holding out her hand. "No I don't usually look like this, its just a robot Jack built."

She shook the hand. "Still its nice to meet you, Miss Carmilla talks about you all the time."

"That worries me, anyway we're about a 3 blocks from the base. Carmilla seems to have given the last of her blood supply to you. We just need to-" Then she went silent.

"Need to what Lan Fan?" Sarah asked, startled at her sudden silence. "Lan Fan what happened?"

A full minute later Lan Fan's android reactivated, "Magnetic Pulse," she explained, "This thing needs a connection to the base, the guy defending it used a railgun. The pulse killed that comes from it killed my connection.” Lan Fan kneeled down next to a wall, Sarah leaned over her to see that she was looking at a mouse hole. Lan Fan made a clicking sound, a mouse poked its head out. They conversed in clicks for a minute before Lan Fan gave the mouse a coin. “We’d better hurry,” she said, standing up. “The fight is still going and from the sound of things Daisuke could use backup.”

“That was not a mouse I take it?”

“Just a gremlin, they’re small but they’re useful.” Lan Fan said, “Now come on.”

“What about Miss Carmilla?”

Lan Fan kicked down a nearby the door, the house was empty as were most houses in the area. “Leave her on that couch there.”

“Won’t the owners mind?” Sarah asked.

“The battle at the head quarters drove pretty much everyone away,” She explained, helping to lift the vampire, “Carmy will be okay in here.” A small capsule fell out of Carmilla’s jacket and rolled on the floor. Lan Fan knew what it was and she doubted that it was an accident that it fell out. “Sarah this is yours.”

“Whats it do?”

“Break it when you need it, now come on.” She said, running towards the base.

Sarah easily caught up with her, “How are you so calm about it?” She asked.

“What choice do I have? We’re in a war, I can’t panic now.” They saw the scene of the fight, Daisuke was on the ground, next to a corpse and an extremely large bloodstain. He appeared to be fighting two men, one in the air and another on one of the few standing buildings. “Sarah take the one in the air, the one on the roof is mine.”

“Lan Fan, I’m not you. I can’t do this.”

“Carmilla thought you could, I trust her judgement, maybe you should to.” With that Lan Fan jumped, a short burst of power from her android body’s back allowed her to reach the Northern Vampire’s perch. She landed behind him. Putting all her weight into the attack, she elbowed the Vampire in the back, a large blade sprung up on her elbow and impaled her opponent.

Sarah shattered the capsule in her hand. A weapon appeared in her hand, she jumped at the Eastern Tengu, aiming to impale him with her spear.

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The Warlord, The Demon and The Moon

Portugal couldnt stand a chance against the Hybrid Army of the Kisekian Warlord Akuma Shinma, better known as Newdeath. His attack over the world was reaching it's climax, as his troops were almost everywhere subduing and destroying any opposition. Small clusters of resistance were still fighting against the advanced Kisekian army, but sooner or later everybody would fall, that was something that the Kisekian Emperor never doubted, everything moved like clockwork, with Zella stopping the advance of the world most prominent Heroes in Washington. As Newdeath looked upon the capital city of Portugal from a rooftop, with his only company being the silent Ray Donovan, the former president of the United States turned into a cyborg slave by the greatest minds in his army. A soldier jumped to the rooftop, landing on his knees just under Akuma Shinma shining red eye. Lord Newdeath! I come with the status report. The Warlord looked at the soldier with an emotionless face and waited for the information, Donovan also looked with the empty eyes, looking more like a machine than a man. Europe is almost complety conquered, all the countries except for Norway are almost conquered, we had some loses in the Mediterrean area after fighting several times against resistance forces, but we're regaining the terrain as we speak. Newdeath kept looking at the soldier without speaking. Africa is complety overrun, and except for a minor superhuman resistance in SRA, that vanished without any warning. Russia is completly destroyed and Eastern Asia is also conquered. For some reason we are unalbe to send troops to Japan, as a forcefield was lifted around the islands, preliminar exams indicate Mangetsu technology. Newdeath kept the stoic expression, while Donovan was seemingly gazing to the West. The soldier finished his report, Washington D.C is a battleground were Raseri, Crow, the masked man, a cyborg and Zella Thorn are waging war. Newdeath faintly smiled, but it lacked any emotion, yet was disturbingly joyful. You're dismissed, the Kisekian soldier obeyed his Warlord and vanished towards the streets of Lisboa. All the pieces in his mind were fitting in place, he only needed to exterminate the Heroes in Washington to destroy any remaing moral for any resistance group. In one blow he would exterminate any opposition.

Without any difficulty, as the blood spilled in the streets of Portugal were increasing and regenerating his lost energy, the Cunning Camaleon activated his Demon Kurimuzon eyes, and in an instant he vanished from the rooftop in Portugal and reappeared in the outskirts of Washington with Ray Donovan still behind him as a silent monster. The hybrid army was devastating Lisboa and thanks to that he regained most of the power he lost as he moved throught Europe, thus not losing any of the energy by teleporting and even more having more power than before. Perfect, now I'll go to the battlefield and destroy the clowns that think they can stop me. That were his words as he walked towards the place were Zella troops fought against Crow and the other heroes. But the Owner of the Demon Eyes stopped right in his tracks, as he heared the sounds of clapping behind him Excellent, flawless, you sure know how to make a good show my dear puppet. The Kisekian Emperor turned around, for a moment surprised of being unable to detect the man that was sitting over a broken wall. A tall man with black hair and a red suit with white gloves. He had a devilish grin in his face, and for some reason neither the Kurimuzon or Donovan sensors could detect him. Who are you fool? Who do you think you to stand in my way? Newdeath turned around with his only healthy eye glaring at Nefas with infernal intensity, Donovan mimicked the moment but his expression was as empty as his body was of fluids. And what nonsense is calling me your puppet? Asked the Cunning Camaleon with a small hint of rage in his voice, a hint he quickly supressed. The man stood in the ruined wall, almost weightless and took a bow while introducting himself. I'm Nefas, Son of the Devil and Heir to Hell, even if I dont want too. Nefas stood up once again, regaining his posture and while he arranged his hat he finished with, But you can call me master, or creator, choose your pick. Nefas looked down on him from the higher ground with a snarky grin, almost as if he was mocking Newdeath. The Kisekian Warlord didnt took Nefas words well, to say the least. In only moments after the Son of the Devil spoked with such tone to him, talking like if he was superior, a coat of black light, pure negative energy, manifestated surrounding the King as a coat of obsidian flames.

You're getting pissed lowly puppet? You shouldnt... Nefas spoke with arrogance, even bigger than Akuma Shinma's. As he landed after slowly descending to the ground, only rising a small patch of dust with his soft landing he continued, Being stupid and ignorant is just natural for a puppet like you, The aura around Newdeath grew thicker and got more dense, and Nefas ignored that fact while he kept moving foward, walking with long yet slow strides, as he arranged his gloves. But even if you were useful as an entretainment, at least for some years, all the good things in life must reach their end. The ground was getting destroyed by the sheer pressure of the Negative Energy surrounding him. What did you say? The only red eye of the Cunning Chamaleon was bright, yet he managed to keep his calm and his tone of voice didnt shifted from his usual cold voice. Kisekian and Demon were face to face, with only meters in between. Nefas repplied to Newdeath inquiry, with an increasingly unnatural grin, that started to reveal his real demonic heritage, It's quite simple, he started talking with a carefree voice that sounded completly off in contrast to the current situation, When a kisekian and a human love each other they have a special night and puff here comes the baby... At least that was what they surely told you.. Newdeath pacience was being tested, as he disliked being treated as somebody inferior or being patronized, thinking that his intellect was matchless in the whole world. But the reality is much simpler, after the last important war, the world, even with their hundreds of small conflicts, lacked that scent of blood, panic and tears I so enjoy, hearing the cries of the humankind is kind of my hobby, and causing conflict and death is my kind of thing. Newdeath glared at him while listening to the explanation, with evident distrust, almost shining in his red eye. Donovan was still inmovible and silent, waiting for the command of his master. So I looked for useful materials and guess what, you're people was the best things in the market and after learning about the half blooded brats and their war, I thought that this was exactly what I needed.

Nefas started walking to the side, circling around the silent Kisekian Warlord with a lupine smile, more akin to a wolf preying a rabbit than a demon. I tweaked some details and 9 months later, you, a souless godforsaken bastards was brought to this world to amuse me like if your life was a perverse reality show. Nefas laughed and he kept talking, trying to influence his "puppet" mind with his words, ready for a final show, Everything you did up until know was my doing, every life you takne was for my enjoyment, every sould your reduced to nothingness was only for my amusement. Newdeath wasnt even showing any signs of anger anymore, and the aura around him had vanished. Nefas took this as a sign of triumph, thinking that his demonic powers added to the sudden shock of his words were more than enough to defeat an inferior being such as he thought Newdeath was. You lack any purpose but to entretain me, your only destiny is to serve me, all that is yours is rightfully mine, your army, your technology, your country, even your power and your cursed eyes. Newdeath lowered his head as if the devilish mesmerization of Nefas was working, succesing in breaking the proud Warlord spirit. Nefas moved closer and his shape started to become more and more demonlink, sliding in the floor as he know was more of a shadow than a body, increasing his size and casting a shadow upon the Cunning Chamaleon, his devilish and sly grew wider and larged, a grotesque grin brimming with spite and arrogance. You're only born to serve under me, to be my faithful puppet and I'll be your skillfull puppeteer, just like always. Nefas shadow body grew larger almost blocking the light around Newdeath, that looked to the ground. Kneel before me! Kneel before your Master Akuma Shinma! Take the place as my instrument and let me play the symphony of chaos with you. Newdeath was silent, even more silent than the robotic Ray Donovan. What is your answer puppet? Tell me... he almost whispered that last line with a snake-like whistling. Covered in the shadows casted by Nefas, The Beast of the Red Eye was completly obscured, but his voice was heard and the ember like light shining in his red eyes were more than enough to show his anger. Never, he uttered with badly contained rage and that word was followed by the sound of the Abysmal sword slashing the shadow form in half.

Nefas moved backwards, with his shadow body almost splitted in half with his head in one side and the arms flailing like crazy. A small splash of black blood melted the floor, while Nefas regained his human form now with a small cut in the shoulder, having his red suit stained with a black spot, that was consuming the fabric. What!? You were under my command, nobody can avoid the mental attacks of a demon. Newdeath advanced towards the confused Nefas, Nobody but a user of Kurimuzon as skilled as me demon, now perish for your foolishness, The Shokan Tattoo powers were activated and thousands of reptilian eyes opened and brighted with a sinister light and a sudden stream of snakes attacked the Son of Satan from almost any possible angle, even appearing from the earth. The vipers attacked as one, biting Nefas, but they reptiles were suddenly biting air, as Nefas got intangible and phased throught The Kisekian Warlord pets without getting harmed. You fool, under my thumb you could have the world, but as always the creation must defy the creator, you remind me of my father, Nefas eyes glowed brightly, I hate my father! A blast of shadow tendrils moved towards Newdeath, that phased with the powers of his eyes avoiding being caught. From this moment on, both masterminds started a fight of strategy and skill, unknown to any other fighters in the world. Creator and Creation seemed to be walking, but they constantly shifted from attack to defense with amazing speed. The only thing that was still quiet was Ray Donovan, still waiting for an order. Shadow blasts clashed against Negative Energy blasts with small detonations in each hit. They vanished and reappeared almost flash stepping while they attacked and avoided their attacks using their incredible skills. This high level confrontation didnt seem to have an end in sight, yet Nefas knew that Newdeath would run out of energy soon enough, as the brightness in his eye indicated how his power fluctuated. The Scheming Devil was waiting for the perfect chance, and he started to see that when The Kisekian attacks started getting slower. Their dance stopped as suddenly as it started. Nefas was virtually untouch except for the minor wound he had at the start of the struggle. Newdeath in the other hand had multiple wounds.

Look at you, you can barely stand, and you havent used your expensive boy toy becouse you know that you cant win this, all your precious powers and tecnology and yet you'll never surpass your creator, just like my father in his struggle. How futile! Nefas wanted to laugh madly at Newdeath, laugh at the uselesss battle he was presenting, as he was still entangled in his strings, unable to escape from his fate. The Cunning Chamaleon was calm and collected not showing any pain, even if his right arm hanged lifeless from his side. His armor was bloodstained and cut and bruised covered his proud Kisekian body. You're pitiful my rebelious little puppet, I think it's time to cut your strings and let you wither like bad weed. Nefas charged foward and used his probability alteration powers at it's fullest, trying to make Newdeath trip. The Boss staggered and the Heir of Hell went for the kill, turning his arm into a blade of shadows. You're a dead my dear puppet! shouted Nefas with triumph in his voice and mad eyes. The sound of broken glass was the only thing Nefar heard, and when he looked at his target, he only had pierced a illusion, and cracks started to appear everywhere around the place he stabbed. What the hell!? he shouted as the world around him shattered into a million pieces as hundred of slashes cutted his skin. The Illusion ended with Nefas in the floor slashed in all the mayor vital points. The sound of somebody clapping was the only thing the Son of the Devil could hear. With great effort he turned his head and managed to catch a glimpse of Newdeath sitting on the same wall he was sitting on at the start of the encounter. H-how? was the only thing he could say from the ground. You're under my thumb since you decided to appear, I already knew about you, but I considered a waste of resources to search you. Newdeath jumped down and landed without making a sound. He was unharmed and with his eye glowing with incredible intensity. I have never worried about you at all, you're only a punk kid by too much power and free time, you lack discipline, training and more than anything drive. The Cunning Chamaleon walked towards the pile of cutted flesh that was Nefas in the moment with a cold smile. To any battle preparation is the key to victory, and preparation is only achieved by pacience and pacience is only built by having a goal.

Nefas barely breathed, even with his demoniac heritage whatever Newdeath used to attack him was surpassing that power. Your lack of real goals is your undoing, The red eye turned grey and several circles replaced the intrincate black design. Now leave and die one and hundred times, die a thousands times! Demon Sealing: Realm of Death! Akuma Shinma summoned the powers of the Emperor Kurimuzon Eyes and the sudden release of power engulfed Nefas, exiling him for a millions lifetimes to the Dimension of Death. The barely working corpse of Nefas vanished from the planet and from this realm. Newdeath fell into his knee, while his only healthy eye went back and forth from blank to grey, but after a moments the powers stopped fluctuating and he managed to stand up, his Emperor Eye was diminished yet it still hold enough power to exterminate every enemy between him and and his goals. Let's go Donovan, we still have to clean the place from the pests. The Cyborg Ex-president followed Newdeath towards the battleground where Zella was facing the Earth Greatest Heroes.

The Tengu and The Vampire

Only two numbers remained with the ability to fight. Golem was sitting in the entrance of a ruined building and even searched her bag and started drinking a canned coffee and eating a ben-to of rice, octopus and vegetables, absolutely calm, not worrying about anything around her. She was tecnically skilled, in fact so skilled she managed to get so up in the Mercenary world with almost no real skill whatsoever. But she noticed her limits when she met Tengu and Vampire. The 3th number was at the highest of human ability, using his own birth flaw, a flaw that made him live in a world of darkness. From his birth he had to fight, train and make an effort for each triumph in his life. Born in a familiy of sharpshooters his blindness was a curse, excluded from the activities and life of the family, all because god didnt wanted him to see. Soon enough his fmaily and the world discovered that if he had sight he would be unstoppable, he could perceive depths and distances with his other senses at a greater rate than any human, capable of knowing where the bullet could rebounce, reading the air flows to make impossible shoots and after a while, with some tech support, he created his own brand of weaponery, that would aloow him to use his skills at their maximum potential. But even Tengu, with his godly skills and training, wasnt nearly a match for Vampire, a man that had powers beyond Golem comprehesion, since the source of that might came from the supernatural, something unknown and strange to the young weaponsmith, that only believed in what she could see, touch and analize in a lab, and taking in account that Vampire didnt wanted to be put under the microscope, so Golem kept thinking that there was some hidden trick behind that powers, a nanite enhacement or something like that, she was dying of curiosity. Alison liked to analyze the situation for further investigation afterwards, so she could develop new weapons based on the opponents or maybe upgrade the other Numbers technology. After Panther and the lance wielding idiot deaths, the stage was set for a real brawl of epic proportions, the redhead with the Cementerio's copy gun was good, but he was already kind of damaged.

Yet Golem wanted to cheer for him, as she wanted to see Tengu and Vampire fighting at their fullest, so her prodigious memory could remember every detail and build countermeasures for them. The path of perfection for the weapon maker is to follow who sheds blood, Golem spoke softly, remembering her father words, and then she drank a sip of the canned coffee. Two newcomers entered the battle, a strange woman that crushed a strange object and summoned a spear and tried to pierce Tengu, while a ninja looking girl tried to backstab Vampire. How naive, that wont do little girlies, those monsters while chew your meat and drink your blood, well at least Vampire will. she thought as she stood up and walked towards Daisuke with her hands up high, with a box in her hand. Hey kiddo, I'll throw this box with some medicine, and then I'll return to my meal, she threw the box nearby the Magus feet and walked back to the place where her Ben-to was, still with her hands up. As she walked back her eyes didnt losed a second of the action. The spear, unless it was some kind of super alloy it would be destroyed around the strange space surrounding Tengu. Golem theorized that it was some kind of barrier, maybe energy or maybe nanites. Either way, he would block, destroy or entangle anything that got near him, in a range of 2 mts everything was exterminated. Tengu refered to them as Kakuremino, by researching the name was linked to Tengu mythology, that was the least she could get, after that it all got blurry, since she disliked any study but the study of weapons and related sciences, history was a drag, and other social sciences. Vampire just turned into mist, dodging the blade and reforming behind Lan Fan, and with bloodthristy voice he whispered in her ear, Good going girly, but you're a thousand years too early to be my opponent, and then he moved nearer and with an even more sinister, much more animalistic whisper, but you're just perfect for a quick lunch, I'm thristy... With a blur he attacked Lan Fan, aiming to scratch her neck with his claw-like finger nails and then jumped backwards, almost floating in the air, landing a dozen of feet behind Lan Fan. Tengu, unsheated both of his revolvers and shot two bullets, that bounced a dozen times around him, increasing their speed until they attacked Sarah from 2 different angles

The Deadly Venoms, Black Reitter and Nordic Tiger

Ursula committed a mistake, something she usually didnt made. She understimated her opponents. As she tried to research Roxy, as it was ordered by her Mistress Zella, since the Seductress lacked information about the android girl. Ursula was powerful, yet she lacked the experience that Zella had, and as Masako avoided Roxy attacks, noticing that she wasnt a posible meal for him, his attention was shifted towards the Seductress pupil. The Renegade Reitter was strong, she couldnt deny it, but her upbring and her happy go lucky attitude were more than enough to make her over-confident of her skills, and the result of that confidence, when facing a opponent as Masako that is capable of changing his power level abruptly, is a inminent disater. The Wicked Teen threw a punch at her, surrounded by TT energy, and Ursula avoided it with the minimum moment necesary, tilting her head and swaying her elastic body with ease, evading the shower of fistcuffs that Masako made pour over her. It's useless boya, you can keep it up all the day, but you wont hit me. Ursula boasted with a naughty smile, as she dodged each attack of the raging Masako, that could barely piece togheter a coherent thought, and attacked with the fierceness of a rabid wolverine, trying to knock the brains out of the Seductress pupil. As the Reitter attacked Ursula with animal ferocity, Raseri and Crow were fighting the other 4 Venoms, 2 each, while Paradox faced off Zella. The Seductress got the intel by her slaves that Newdeath was coming, and was ready to retrieve her troops, yet before she managed to send the order, Masako finally got lucky, and the jolt of mental pain was more than enough to paralyze Ursula for seconds and the Renegade Reitter lay the smackdown over the Pink Bomber, draining her life-force and memories with each blow. Masako knocked her down to the floor and just kept punching until his fists touched the floor instead of the flesh of Ursula, the savage beating was an act that brought the attention of the remaining Venoms and Zella, that decided that was her cue to leave, as a Masako stood up from the bloodied pieces that once were a body with some of that disgusting pulp in his hands and starting eating it.

Venoms, we're leaving. Newdeath is coming here to finish this, our work here is done. The Seductress order was short and seemed disgusted, as she wanted to play with her future boy toys a little more. The Venoms jumped away from their battles, soem of them blowing a kiss to their opponents and leaving their card with a number. We'll meet again boys, and I wont be a nice as today, HAHAHAHA, with a cortesan laughter, she left with her underlings using the Mangetsu Teleporting Network. In the battlefield the only ones remaining were Roxy, Raseri, Crow, Masako and Paradox. Newdeath was coming and Donovan was right behind him, as an herald of death. The Renegade Reitter looked upon the enemies in front of him with his face covered in blood and his arms completly soaked in the bloodied remains of Ursula with chunks and all. Who's next? asked Masako to nobody in particular as he licked his bloodstained fingers...

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Into Insanity: Crow vs Masako.

At Least an Hour into the for DC

The Last Gunslinger, Crow Cementerio, was panting blood dripping off his blood from the various wounds he had sustain fighting two of Zella’s Venom bodyguards Andromeda and Vera. A trickle of blood ran down Crow’s forehead despite the pain he was in a smile was on his face a few sparks of electrical energy flickered off his body the power of his Overcharge ability had faded and he was beginning to run low on everything. After the arrival of the mysterious new comer who seemed to go off towards Roxy direction’s which worried the gunslinger he had friendship with the cyborg sniper and wasn’t going to let someone hurt her no matter who it was. With this distraction Crow wasn’t able to focus on fighting the Venoms and had taken a beating having use up a lot of his energy; he custom made jacket was partially destroyed covered in rips and tears the zippers was destroyed so the jacket hung open like a vest. He had wounds all over his bodies from bruises to cuts even a deep gash horizontally across his body, one of the gunslingers gloves was gone, he had a cut just under his left eye. Despite all the damage the Last Gunslinger kept his smile as he used the trick to reload his gun preparing to fight Vera and Andromeda, This two a hell of a lot tougher than I thought I been throwing everything I have at them and I still only did a fraction of what they did to me. I need to get though these two so I can go help Roxy meaning I’m going to have to go all out and use “that”. As Crow thought about a plan of action the two Venoms smirked as the taunted the Rail-gun; “What’s wrong little boy are we too much woman for you?” Vera laughed at her own joke as Andromeda chuckled softly; “I hate to disappoint Mistress Zella but by the time we are done with you she not going to have much to play with luckily she can fix just as new….well expect for being her obedient slave that is.” The two Amazon body guards laughed but suddenly the gunslinger joined in the laughter as well which confused to the woman. “What’s so funny little Crow?” Crow continued to laughed wincing in pain a little as he did so he calmed down a little and stood up a smirk on his face; “What I find is funny is that you two call Zella Mistress let me ask you two which one of you is the Domme and which one is the sub?” Crow laughed a little as his own comment but the two Venoms extremely enraged the idea that this little punk was making fun of not only them but their Mistress was unforgiveable. The cobalt blue eyes of Crow became serious but still he kept his infamous smile, “This fight has been pretty entertaining so far but I’m tired playing with you two woman I told you earlier I have a promise to keep. So this fight is going to have to end….now.”

The Rail-gun kept calm and collected he knew whatever happen next would be the deciding factor in this fight he was going to put everything into his next attack and reveal the technique he had been working on the Doble Rail-gun. The Venoms seem to know it as well as both prepared to attack but suddenly just before either side could make their decisive attack Zella herself made an order to the Venoms one that would change the field of this battle. Venoms, we’re leaving. Newdeath is coming here to finish this, our work here is done.” Before the gunslinger could do anything stop them the Lustful Viper and her deadly Venoms were off jumping away from the battlefield as they mock the men they were just fighting. Crow was not letting the one villain who continues to haunt him getting away that easily; the Rail-gun ran towards the Venoms and Zella and began to fire at them hoping that one bullet would hit his targets. “Damn you Zella! Get back here and face me! Get back here you coward let’s settle this once and for all between you and me Zella! This isn’t over Zella I chase you to the ends of the earth to end you! You hear me Zella THE ENDS OF EARTH!!” The bitter gunslinger clenched his fist in rage he didn’t care about the fact that the Venoms and their Mistress leaving was a good thing because of how weak he may be, he didn’t care about Roxy, he didn’t care about the mysterious stranger; the only thing he cared about was finally ending Zella. Damn! Damn! Damn! How could I let her get away she was right there and I let her go! This isn’t over I will get strong enough to end Zella once and for all! The gunslinger turned to Raseri to learn what had happen but suddenly he sensed a new presence approaching Crow turned to see the mysterious young man who went in the direction of Roxy and one of Zella’s Venoms covered in blood and chunks of human flesh. The Last of the Gunslingers mind immediately went to the worst case scenario of that being Roxy’s blood all over the young man and his rage began taking over again his eyes widen in rage. The Thunderbolt Gunslinger loaded his gun using the “Trick” and the Black Reitter the bullet wasn’t meant to hit just to get the cannibal’s attention. “Hey you! You are going to tell me whose blood that is. Is that blood from a red head named Roxy, she was about my age carried a large rifle is that her blood?!” Crow took another shot at Masako this one just between his feet as electricity began to peel off his body with a slight, faint, barely noticeable red tint to it. “If that is her blood then I am going to kill you in one minute!” Something strange had taken over Crow; the departure of Zella and Venoms, the amount of destruction around him, the possible death of Roxy, everything was adding up it was fueling a new found blood lust in Crow a new found…Insanity.

The gunslinger’s anger was fueling the blood lust he now had and he needed to get it under control and soon. Crow suddenly reactivated Overcharged increasing his various attributes but the lighting that peel off his body had the same red tint to it and his eyes also now had a slight crimson tint. The most disturbing and obvious trait was a slightly lunatic, demonic, insane grimace on his face. “You want to know whose next amigo? I’ll be your opponent next! I’ll be your LAST opponent!” Crow suddenly pushed off the ground disappearing before Raseri or anybody could stop him; in mid movement Crow reloaded his gun and appeared to the right of Masako standing on a car. Without a moment of hesitation shot firing not just a regular bullet at the Insane Teen but one of his Burst bullet that contained an explosion great enough to destroy armor the shot was aimed at Masako’s head. The newly ignited blood lust of Insanity was demanding that the Thundering Cowboy go for the kill shot without hesitation. Crow no longer cared for Raseri, Roxy, Zella, Newdeath, this war, Toni, or anybody his mind was disturbing reflecting Masako’s mind. Power, I need to get stronger to beat Zella, to beat Newdeath, I need more power! I need to grow stronger to protect Roxy, to protect Toni, to fight along side Raseri, I need power! I need to protect those I care about I need to end this war I need to be stronger for that! I NEED POWER! The motives that once guided and shaped the gunslinger’s life were now his down fall as he slowly slipped into a desire for power brought on by this blood lust and insanity. The gunslinger suddenly disappeared and reappeared again in front of Masako swinging his indestructible revolver Quicksilver at the Reitter’s gut; the increased in strength granted by Overcharged increase it enough that it could break nearly every rib in a normal person gut. The Last Gunslinger followed up the strike by emptying the revolver at the Demonic Reitter the others bullets were a mixed of normal rounds and the Burst Bullet. Once Crow had emptied the revolver he suddenly loaded a single bullet in the gun and began chagrining it with his electricity that had a darker red tint to it now. Soon Quicksilver was fully charged for Crow’s signature attack with a demonic grimace on his face Crow pulled the trigger as he uttered only “”Rail-gun.” The bullet fired from the gun with unseen force guided by a crimson lightning bolt that was aimed at Masako’s chest the bullet was moving at over 11,500 ft/s nearly at the speed of an actual lighting bolt. The bullet itself was superheated and melted down into plasma that could pierce though nearly anything and the lightning would electrocute the unfortunate victim; the indestructible gun could withstand the force of the Last Gunslinger’s trade mark attack but the gun was superheated to the point that it burned Crow’s right hand badly incinerating his glove, the force of the recoil was so great it cracked the bones in the gunslinger’s right arm. The explosion of the burst bullet and Rail-gun kicked up enough dust and debris to hide Masako from Crow’s view; the Rail-gun suddenly broke out into an insane, lunatic laughter that was not like Crow at all it was like a different person had entered the fight. “HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH! I told you didn’t I, that I was going to kill you in one minute! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I swear on my word as a…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Gunslinger! I’m going to kill you!” HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!”

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Into the Insanity: Masako Vs Crow

The sound of Masako munching on the remains of Ursula, with heavy poisonous blood seemed mildly spicy to the Renegade Reitter. The wet noise of his teeth cutting throught flesh was revolting, as more and more blood was spilled from his mouth and slided down until his chest. His arms were complety covered in blood and guts, with some intestines coiled around his forearms. It was the sight of a nightmare, a man with no moral compass whatsoever, only bent on creating chaos and gaining more and more power. On of the other fighters, a young man with a silver handgun and multiple wounds all over his body asked Masako a question. The Black Reitter couldnt care less for that, as he was fixated in consuming everyone in the battlefield, since his new powers allowed to perceive the power inside each of them. The masked one seemed powerful, yet it's power seemed to be extremely refined, almost like a wine, that only got this good with age. The Tall and muscular one was the most physical imposing of the bunch, and was literally oozing with power, but it seemed to much at the moment, and it would burn Masako like it happened in Africa just hours ago. The one with the gun was just a perfect appetizer before moving to the bigger dishes. “Hey you! You are going to tell me whose blood that is. Is that blood from a red head named Roxy, she was about my age carried a large rifle is that her blood?!” were Crow words, shouting at Masako with badly contained rage and an increasingly disturbed glare. Masako kept licking his fingers for a while and Crow seemingly impatient threatened the Black Reitter “If that is her blood then I am going to kill you in one minute!” The Lighting Gunslinger sounded almost crazy, and the Renegade Reitter noticed that, but didnt care. As he finished licking his fingertips in his extended tongue, he started speaking, Maybe a killed her, maybe not, I dont know what's the issue, every living thing in the world is under me, so killing your kind is only natural Masako spoke with an arrogant tone of voice, arrogance given to him by his recent evolution. Crow reacted to the Black Reitter arrogant speech with anger, and as his PK Aura changed into burning red, a sign of extreme anger, volts of lighting coursed around The Rail-gun body as he activated the Overcharge. The lighting arc shining with the same crimson brightness of his crazed eyes that burned with intense hatred.“You want to know whose next amigo? I’ll be your opponent next! I’ll be your LAST opponent!” Crow suddenly pushed off the ground disappearing before Raseri or anybody could stop him; in mid movement Crow reloaded his gun and appeared to the right of Masako standing on a car.

The Nordic Tiger seemed to react when he saw Crow moving, but Paradox asked him to stop, I'll need your help to defeat Newdeath, let Crow Cementerio handle that stranger. Paradox was worried about the newcomer, but the leader of the Kisekians was a greater threat, and to fullfill his oath of killing him, he would need Raseri Rudd help. The Son of Thunder was also worried for Crow, as he seemed more eager to fight than usual, and his battle aura seemed distorted, affected for an outer source, but as the Masked Sage said, both of them would be needed to oppose the powerful Kisekian Warlord. Meanwhile the Lighting Gunslinger had suddenly moved over a car and without any doubt he shot a Burst Bullet aimed with sublime skill towards Masako. The Renegade Reitter new eyes, the Scarlach eyes, allowed him to detect the fluctuations of energy in his surroundings, thus he noticed the movement of Crow and turned around just in time to detect the incoming projectile. Too slow gunman! he said with absurd over confidence, as he lifted a small TT barrier and blocked the bullet with it, managing to even block out the explosion, receiving minor wounds in the palm of his hand, on scratches and a mild burn, that started to heal slowly, yet steady, thanks to his Reitter Physiology. Masako noticed Crow slowly slipping into the Insanity, as the bright red aura of his rage slowly turned more and more dark, with black lines extending like a disease over the Gunslinger Pysche. The Reitter empathic and telephatic skills were something that the Wicked Teen considered useless, since he didnt had the need to get into inferior minds, yet this time around, intrigued by Crow's sudden change, Masako took a peek on the Rail-gun mind, and heared the mad mantra of the Gunslinger newfound lust for power. The Reitter smiled, thinking that he found an opponent worthy of his evolved powers, but in his arrogance he didnt noticed soon enough that where Crow was standing before, now only a small dust cloud was there, over the roof of the ruined car. The attack on the gut took Masako by surprise, taking his breath away. Even with his superior body, an attack like that, without a TT Barrier was dangerous, as it pushed the Wicked teen backwards, leaving two trails of ruined floor, as he was pushed with great strenght but he managed to remain attached to the ground. The Gunslinger followed up the attack by emptying the gun bullets, a mix up of regular ammunition and explosive ones. Masako, still stunned by the bodyblow reacted sluggishly to the bullets, and only managed to block two of them, unluckly regular bullets.

The explosions shook the Reitter and pushed him backwards with great force. One impacted in the right side of his head, almost revealing his skull and blowing up his right eye, the second bullet torn his left arm at elbow height, and the third bullet scrapped his right side, opening his skin, almost reaching the organs. The sound of the blasts stunned him even more, as his brain was still shaking by Crow's bullet explosion against his head. What... the... F%&$..was..that? the Renegade Reitter asked, barely standing, staggering like a drunken man. His body helped to stop the blood loss by diverting the veins, thus the wounds didnt bled much, but still he was losing strenght by the second. The three voices in his head insulted him for his weakness, ordering him to kill, control or eat the opponent in front of him. Masako could barely stand and the energy levels of Crow was spiking around his gun that was getting surrounded by jolts of crimson lighting. In that split second as the mighty Rail-gun was moving towards him, Masako noticed the futility of his struggle, it was only for a second, but himself, completly convinced of being superior than anything, cutting himself from his human emotions as a path to power, discovered that he was wrong. In normal conditions, with his new powers at full strenght, fighting the opponent in front of him, that only seemed like a poor apetizer at the beginning of the fight, now, out of sheer emotion was powerful, much more powerful than him. The Railgun hitted him in the chest, at first pushing him backwards with amazing speed, causing the young Reitter to crash against wall after wall of debris and ruined buildings, and then the powerful crimson shot of lighting managed to pierce the wounded Reitter skin and punched a hole that almost cutted him in half. Masako crashed against a massive wall almost splattering his guts all over the place, and fitting into a hole the same size of his silohuette, with cracks in the concrete surrounding him. Masako was dying, he could notice how the life was slipping out from him, while a massive puddle of blood was formed under him. The Reitter could barely hear Crow crazy ramble“HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH! I told you didn’t I, that I was going to kill you in one minute! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I swear on my word as a…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Gunslinger! I’m going to kill you!” HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!” Masako had something inside him after hearing that frenetic taunting, something that he though that died in his evolution. He was a creature of instincts, not enraged, only hungry, but right now, as he was being insulted by somebody he considered inferior, he wouldnt take it anymore, and a flame of rage extended throught his whole body.

The sudden release of energy from the Black Reitter seemed more akin to the palpitation of a heart than anything else, sending pulse of PK energy around him, while his body was being coated in black flame-like energy, the manifestation of the emotions bottled up after his transformation, a cocoon of black energy swirling around him. A massive detonation ended the transformation, turning the surroundings of the Hell Reitter into a crater. Thus the Schwarz Konig Hell Reitter (Black King Illuminated Reitter) was born from pure untamed emotion, the polar opposite of a Reitter, that bottled up his emotions to use them as fuel for their power without revealing them, the Black King mode let those bottled emotions blow up without any controll. Masako was walking out of the crater, completly covered in black energy with strange spheres surrounding him. This mode wouldnt last long, as the emotions released like this would burn 10 times faster than using only the TT or PK powers. The Hell Reitter lacked any control or order, his only goal was to trash Crow and everything else, a creature of pure might and hatred was born, thanks to the exposure to the Gunslinger Insaity, that managed let Masako reach the truth inside himself. In this form he couldnt absorb energy or project it, his only weapon were the floating black orbs, called Konig Strum (King Storm) that would crash against the opponent and explode in pure energy. He could aslo fight, but lacking of any discipline or fighting skill, more akin to a wild beast than a human. Masako charged foward with a strange unnatural growl, something unknow to everyone in this world, he reached the same speed as Crow and he was attacking with a claw, enough to split a building in half. His eyes were bright like embers from hell itself as he moved his arms, almost if he was moving the spheres, launching them towards the Insanity Infected Gunslinger . Even from the distance Raseri and Paradox, that were in route to face Newdeath could notice the sudden power-up. The Nordic Tiger was worried about his friend, but he kept his doubts for himself, as Paradox carried an aura of determination he never seen in a man. The Masked Man had a goal, and if he had to die to fullfill it, he would gladly give his life for that to happen. Meanwhile in a secluded location, far away from the battleground a sensor started to beep, as if it was detecting something. A voice called his superior. We got it Sir, he is in U.S.A. The superior officer moved closer to the console, and the light from the screen illuminated his face, a set of scars crossed his face, distorting it into a monster-like mask, Perfect, send the troops, we need to take that Black bastard down.

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The Emperor, The Warrior and the Sage

The ruined scenery around the powerful Kisekian Warlord Newdeath, was perfect for a definitive battle, a open space, once a green spot in the United Stated Capital city, was now reduced to a dusty wasteland, surrounded by broken buildings, forming a massive rectangular ring of roughly half km square. Some pieces of the playground games were still in the park, only that the fighting in Washington turned the innocent slides, monkeybars and see-saws into twisted piles of melted metal and burnt wood, more akin to a nightmarescape than a playground. The trees were dry and almost completly burnt down, and distant fires, lighting the ruins and filling the sky with smoke, were the only lights in the city, illuminating the soon-to-be battle ground with a eerie red light. To the west, Crimson Lightingbolts crossed the sky and Black Flames twirled near the ground, as Crow succumbed more and more to his insanity, while Masako released his power to it's full extent, and the clouds over the Gunslinger and the Reitter started spinning around, almost like if a tornado was about to start. Newdeath was standing proudly in the middle of the patch of open ground, with Ray Donovan, half machine, half corpse standing with his eyes shining with a bright crimson light. Stand your ground until ordered Donovan, I'll order your exact movements with my mind, not my voice, so ignore what I say and follow what I think. The Cunning Chamaleon was preparing the battlefield, thanks to his technological and mystical prowess, the battlefield was now filled with traps, undetectables even to the Nordic Demigod, and the Masked Man. Yes my lord, repplied with a mechanical emptyness the former President of U.S.A. Newdeath was intrigued by Paradox, seemingly he was his ancestor, only that he wasnt a full Kisekian, yet he wasnt a regular hybrid either, he was half Kisekian half alien, and had strange powers, different from his own. Akuma Shinma was a man of power, yet his main focus was on deception and strategy, as being prepared for anything was better than being more powerful than anything. Yet he thought himself both, as for him, his eyes were the ones that gave him the right of supreme over everyone, thus, he was the Emperor of everything by default. As the energy signatures came closer, The Kisekian Emperor was ready to destroy any opposition in the way to his goal. With a loud crash, the first one to land was Raseri, with a face that could scare off a devil. As the cloud of dust dissipated, the Nordic Tiger cracked his knuckles and his battle aura expanded with a sound that could be only compared to a Tiger Roaring. Besides the Son of Thunder, The Wizard appeared from thin air, in an orange whirlwind. Paradox had his strategy planned up, Raseri Rudd, you take the Cyborg, Newdeath is mine. His last word was followed by a lighting and the obligatory thunder right behind it, increasing it's enphasis. The lighting was the herald of the storm, and the rain poured down and hard. Thick water drops fell from the dark clouds, and the battle started.

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Battle of Australia

"A simple battle," commented Guerra as the body of Atahilia fell to the floor. "Hardly worthy of my blade." He felt the young girl clinging to him. "Where are you parents?" he asked kindly, his eyes changing back to their usual color. She just clung harder and started crying. Guerra realized that the girl had just become an orphan.

"Swordsman above you!" Jack yelled.

Guerra saw the field of needles forming above him, he drew Susanoo, his third blade. His eyes glowed red, the needles came down and he began moving. Jack saw the two of them become covered in a black cloud, Jack heard the sound of thousands of needles being deflected. Jack didn't know the extent of his ally's power but he hoped that Guerra could handle it. He looked back at the goddess, who was standing up. <Miracle explain.>

<Her minions supposedly represent a different aspect of combat> Miracle answered, she had an encyclopedic knowledge of myths, at least the ones that had existed before her death. <Attack, Defense, and Recovery.>

Atahilia stood up and raised her sword, Jack brought out his own. He was going to take this cautiously, staying on the defensive until Guerra became free to fight. He took a stance, preparing to fight. Suddenly Atahilia made her move, moving so fast that she seemed to fly. Jack brought his sword up to block, the sword cracked. Jack shifted his weight to the side, letting Atahilia slide past him. He jumped back, giving himself as much space as he could. He felt his left shoulder healing, "First blood goes to you then." He said casually, hiding how perturbed he was. He jumped and extended his wings, keeping his distance. Outside of Guerra’s new companion there were very few civilians left in the area. Jack decided to let loose. He shot an arrow at the goddess. It made a rather satisfying explosion.

Guerra had deflected 99.99% of the needles. The last 100 of them pierced him, none of them touched the little girl. He aimed Ebony the Ceriel, he aimed Susanoo at Atahilia. Ebony extended, the worlds hottest blade aimed to pierce the Ceriel’s heart. Susanoo replicated above Atahilia, thousands of times, and the swords rained down upon her.

Battle at Ebisu Headquarters

Somehow Lan Fan didn't find it surprising that she was fighting a vampire, there were just too many in her life. Her reaction to her opponent turning into smoke was resignation, his whispering of " Good going girly, but you're a thousand years too early to be my opponent, but you're just perfect for a quick lunch, I'm thristy..." barely raised a hair on her proverbial neck. The Vampire clawed at her neck, the cloth that covered it was torn apart but the metal only suffered superficial damage.

"Remotely controlled android body, no meal to be found here," Lan Fan pointed out, "Besides you are not the scariest vampire I've met." She took a fighting stance, Alright the most effective way to kill a vampire is to make them loose blood. I need speed more than anything else, lets see what this body can do. She ran at the vampire, her intention was to unleash a flurry of punches, blades popped out of her wrists in response.

Sarah was coming to terms with being shot in two directions. She was in the air, coming very close to stabbing her opponent when her opponent fired. The guns where not aimed at her but somehow both of her lungs were hit. From behind. At completely different angles. She fell forward and hit the ground. She couldn’t breathe. Then her lungs healed and she took a deep breath. “Oh right, I’m immortal now.” She laughed, her normally brown eyes were turning red. “I could get used to that.” She bent her legs and laughed some more. Her sense of smell was enhanced, the bloody puddle that was Panther got her attention. “Ooo cool, how’d that happen, smells good. Now what was I doing? Oh yeah, you up there, you shot me, that hurt.” She jumped up again, but this time it was much faster She stabbed towards her opponent, her spear was disintegrating but at the same time it was repairing itself. “That’s what you get for leaving so much blood around.” Sarah said, she smiled, baring her fangs. “Now this is for shooting me. Stabby time.”

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Raging Battle

Up in the sky, in the swirling clouds, thunderbolts followed each blow that the Nordic Tiger, exchanging punches in a fierce pummel battle, fighting against Ray Donovan. You're good cyborg, yet you still arent a match for me! I'm the Greatest! The fists of Raseri were coated in kinetic energy, thanks to the Kinestike style. Yet even if his blows connected, the enhacements in Ray Donovan, crafted by the advanced Kisekian technology was managing to withstand the mountain cleaving fists of the demi-god, in fact the strange plating that covered the Ex-president body seemed to be getting stronger after each blow, almost as if it absorbed the kinetic energy that coated the Son of Thunder fists. Raseri needed to change his strategy, as each blow strenghtend the energy absorbing armor that was being weared by Ray Donovan. INITIATE EXTERMINATION PROTOCOL: TARGET RASERI. The cyborg spoke with a mechanical and vacuum voice and one of his arms opened in four pieces, uncovering a hidden barrel like object. The Nordic Tiger flash stepped backwards, leaving a void were he was standing, yet Donovan still aimed at him TARGET LOCKED: ENGAGE NEGATIVE ENERGY GUN. The weapon focused the negative energy created by the Kurimuzon eyes and shoot it in a laser beam of highly concentrated malice. Raseri floated far away from the Cyborg, yet the beams reached him in no time, The Nordic Tiger noticed the incoming attack, an was capable of understanding it's true nature, getting to know that it was a spiritual attack and that it was only a decoy. A shower of beams cutted throught the air aiming towards Raseri. The King of Fist roared fiercely, You wont defeat me, not while my fists, my spirit and my life still burns, with the minimum ammount of Life Energy needed, flowing from his Life holes in his hands, manifestating like two bright blue flames surrounding his open palms. He took a stance, crossing both arms slowly and opening both, one foward and one behind, with both palms over his head. The movement seemed to create multiple armas, almost as if they were multiplying. With precise and fluid movements, swinging both arms with blinding speed Raseri started his technique Fist of Life: One Hundred Deflecting Palms, the fighting Guru shouted while the beams shoot by Ray Donovan almost reached him. His palms clashed against every malice charged attack, deflecting them to the sky, while his fluid and circular movements helped him to mantain a clear view of the battlefield. Soon the Negative beams stopped coming and the cyborg arm closed once again to form a fist. The scarlet eyes glowed like sinister ember, yet the face of the former president was emotionless, almost like a soulless puppet. INITIATE EXTERMINATION PROTOCOL: TARGET RASERI/SECONDARY ACTION, once again the vacuum voice sound with a mechanical note, an easy clue about his opponent true nature. The Nordic Tiger was still unharmed and had superior skill, yet he felt uneasyness, as he didnt harmed his robotic opponent, even with his advantages. Seemingly they prepared the cyborg to face any opponent, thus even if he lacked the physical might to stand punch by punch against him. So he would have to use his maximum strenght to defeat him. As The God of Fists meditated about his next strategy, rising his Battle Aura around him, almost creating the image of a tiger behind him, out of his sheer willpower. The implanted Kurimuzon eyes of Donovan shined brighter ENGAGE MENTAL BACK DOOR ASSAULT

Meanwhile a different battle was raging on the surface, where two masterminds of tactics and strategy, with powers so similar yet mindsets so different were standing still one in front of each other, with their bright eyes shining eerily. This was a different kind of battle, as the pair of half Kisekians analyzed coldly every possible movement they could make, and what movements could the other one make, planning for a counter for each attack, a parry to each blow, a evasion for each blast, a sidestep for each charge, and so on. The atmosphere around them was almost charged with electricity, as the blue aura around Paradox, coming out from him in soft waves, and the dark red aura that bursted out of Newdeath like it was fire touched in the middle of the battlefield as both of them tried to feint an attack or tease the defense of their opponent. Ancestor, you arent half bad, considering your age, but no matter what powers you have, you cannot me defeat me, it's already too late Newdeath taunted with an arrogant tone. From behind the mask, a much youthful voice than expected repply without flinching You shouldnt take victory for granted youngling. You have a lot to lose, yet my only concern in the world is too exterminate you from the face of it. After this momentary banter their aura, one pure malice and the other completly determinated, clashed in-between them with an soundless roar, the calm and steady waves moving from Paradox collided with the fierce flames of Newdeath ambitious power. The bets were taken and both of them took the first step foward, in tandem. That step was a crucial weakness or a crucial advantage in this kind of brawl, as hundred of countermeasures, the balance of their powers was quite fragile, like a bubble ready to burst at any moment.

Meanwhile, near the battlefield, a station of Mangetsu operatives received the jet with Kuro-san in it, all over the world the Kurimuzon scramblers were ready to start broadcasting the disturbance signal, hoping for the best, at it was only tested on reanimated eyes that Shishido, ShinkaLABS head scientist managed to bring from the brink of decomposition throught advanced necromantic technologies, fusing magic with science, thanks to Mangetsu Mystical advisor Triano.

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