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Before the Invasion

The insane amount of preparation that went into this devious masterplan was truly out of this world. Newdeath's patient waiting for the arrival of a dreaded celestial alignment that would exponentially enhance the power of the Kisekians, his months of planning for flawless schemes, his observation of the Earth's greatest heroes, the alliances he formed, and improving his own personal military force and power. It was all so that once his war against the world commenced, it would not all be in vain, all the effort and planning put into this.. this plan must not fail. "It is time to begin. Finally the world will bow before the might of Newdeath. My power will be recognized. And though I'll be opposed during this war.. I'll refuse to die until history records my greatness", those were the words that echoed in nefarious Newdeath's malevolent mind. How he longed for this day to arrive. How he planned so extensively and tirelessly, eliminating all possible flaws so that he does not fail. Quietly sitting on his massive throne, The King was quick to have General Haxx summoned. "You requested my presence my lord?", the loyal general asked, bowing before his ruler. "Yes I did. Round up the Kisekian Military. Because the army alone is quite vast, use the Kisekian Air Force and navy in an attack on the entire continent of Africa. They can't possibly contend with our technology and weaponry, nobody in the world can. Take half of the Kisekian Army with you though", Newdeath ordered. Nodding his head in agreement, General Haxx dashed off to lead the colossal military force to war in Africa.

And in the meantime, Newdeath would keep his most dangerous armed forces under his command. "Well I guess it's time for me to move on and attack the continent of Australia first. I'll destroy the weakest continents then move on to Europe", Newdeath decided with a malicious smirk. Not forgetting his secret alliance with Zella, the infamous tyrant decided to telepathically contact his eternal business partner, "A small portion of my military force is already heading towards Africa to take over. I'm heading towards the continent of Australia with my deadlier forces to take over. The plan is now in motion. I suggest you proceed with your plan too", The Genius said, in his concealed telepathic message he sent to Zella. Ready to proceed with his attack on Australia, Newdeath quickly made his way into a vast underground layer under his palace. A very large army of Byoki was hidden underneath. "Time to test you all in battle", Newdeath smirked before sucking every single Byoki into his right eye via the powerful dimensional vortex he projected. With that done, Newdeath set his sights on Australia and sped off.

The Attack

With his peerless level of advanced technology, Newdeath remained linked to the world news during his trip to the Australian continent. The Kisekian Warlord listened in as countless news channels reported on forced invasions in Africa by a powerful military force. Soon it became clear that a war had commended in the African continent. "I honestly didn't expect them to put up much of a fight but looks like they want to defend their land. It's a pity they can't stand against my army hehe.. their resistance is all in vain", The Genius murmured to himself as he sat calmly in his advanced aircraft, waiting to arrive in Australia. "Set course to the country of Australia in the continent. Head towards Canberra. That's where our attack will begin", Newdeath commanded as one of his soldiers piloted the aircraft. "Sir how do you plan on defeating the entire Australian Army on your own? Not to mention that they will be calling in for help from the United States", the soldier asked curiously. Chuckling in amusement, Newdeath calmed his underlings worries, "Don't concern yourself with that. I've been planning for many months.. besides, the United States is a shell of its former self thanks to former president Ray Donovan", Newdeath laughed. Pleased with his superior's answer, the soldier continued to pilot the aircraft. Once the aircraft was hovering over the city of Canberra, Newdeath made an announcement for the entire city by linking up with all of the local radio stations, computers, television channels etc. so that the whole nation will be made aware of the invasion. "My order is simple. You will either pledge your allegiance to me and I become the ruler of this continent or.. you all die resisting my will", Newdeath's words were heard throughout the entire country in mere minutes. "You have one hour to decide", he added. After one hour of inactivity it was clear what decision had been made.

And a mere second before Newdeath was about to act, he noticed that a portion of the Australian Army had arrived in Canberra. With his flawless vision, Newdeath spotted a middle-aged woman with a megaphone standing in front of some of the tanks. It was clear who this was. The Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. "We as a country have decided to resist. We will stand together. You have no right to impose your will over us", the Prime Minister said, showing no fear. Sighing to himself, Newdeath instantly activated his Emperor Kurimuzon, "Then you will all die", he said, and in an instant he used his earth manipulating powers to draw out an enormous amount of land and rock from the city, severely damaging its land morphology. Projecting his dimensional vortex, Newdeath transported some energy from his captured Shizen Beast in the form of an energy ball. Quickly covering the colossal energy ball in very thick layers of earth, Newdeath had effectively created a bomb as large as an ordinary building. Raising his arms, he levitated the humongous ball of earth into the sky and once high enough, sent it to drop viciously on the Australian city. It was like a colossal meteor was looking to devastate the city. The grounded tanks shot at the ball of earth to no avail. And suddenly, in a heartbeat, the gigantic ball of earth crashed into Canberra, exploding with immense energy, similarly to a nuclear bomb as it devastated the entire city, killing countless innocents, including Julia Gillard. "Perhaps now they'll know not to stand against me", The Genius murmured as he deployed the entire Byoki army on the city and ordered them to take over. "This world will be mine", Newdeath stated with unbreakable determination.


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Zella’s Stronghold: Hours before the attack

It was late night in the heart of the Amazonian jungle. Most people would be sound asleep in their warm comfortable beds. But for the twisted seductress known as Zella Thorn this was just the bringing of party time. Under the red dimmed lights of Zella’s large and lavish bedroom, the scent of drugs, alcohol and sex filled the air of the room. A small orgy party was taking place, about 20 of Zella male and female sex slaves’ ages ranging from 12 to 25. A night where fantasy became pleasurable reality, Zella would not have it any other way. The group drank bottle after bottle of Zella’s watered down Blissful Thorn’s potion like it as grape kool-aid; Becoming more and more brainwashed under Zella’s euphoric fangs. The seductive viper herself was sitting comfortably in her red loveseat, wearing nothing but a red bath robe. The fresh puffs of smoke from a genuine Cuban cigar floated from her lips. Two young women fully nude sat with the temptress, beads of sweat glazed across their bodies with passion and lust filling their eyes. The women softy caressing and kissing Zella’s warm and seductive body; Taking yet another puff of her cigar Zella gently raised the chin of one of the women, and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. Zella then let the woman go, while she and the woman looked into each other eyes and released the cigar smoke in the air at the same time.

Zella then stood up and walked over to another part of the room. A naked man in his early twenties was suspended two feet off the ground in bondage. Searing whip marks covering his body and tied up with barb wire that was pre-soaked in Zella’s aphrodisiac, drops of blood sprinkled down to the floor. Blindfolded and gaged with Zella’s own underwear, he was helpless, stupefied, and easily submissive thanks to power of Zella’s potion. The twisted viper then took the cigar from her mouth and placed into the rectum of the poor male victim. “Mmuuphhph” the young man tried to scream out, but could not. “Ohhh what was that are you trying to tell me something.” Zella said with a chuckle while pulling the gag from his mouth. “Mistress Zella please….punish me more!!” The young fool was beaten and broken giving in to his most twisted desires. “Of course I always aim to please.” Zella said with a sinister smirk on her face. Grabbing a small bottle of vodka she poured the liquid across the man’s wounds, he screamed out in both ecstasy and pleasure. His muscle started to spasm, while his rectum sucked in all the smoke and ash from Zella’s cigar. The burning ash caused the man to release a large puff of smoke from his butt. “HAHAHAHAHA!!!” The twisted viper laughed “That was quite a show old Smokey the bear would be proud I found a new away to prevent forest fires HAHAHA”. Well it’s time for me to have a little fun; we are on the eve of the end of the world here. Oh Ursula dear bring the bag” In mere moments Zella original clone and leader of The Deadly Venoms fighting force made her appearance. The pink bomber with her happy go lucky attitude skipped towards her mistress. “There you go for you that it is” Ursula handed Zella a paper bag.

The Paper bag had a picture of the famous Last Gunslinger Crow Cementerio perfectly copied to the bag. She received this pic from one of her allies known as Enigma. Zella then whispered into the broken man’s ear “Ohh we are not through yet, the fun is just getting started” The man started to tremble in fear and excitement at the same “Anything….for…you….mistress” The man softly responded. “Awww that’s the spirit, here you may want to bite on this though”. Zella placed the gag back into his mouth, and then covered his face with bag that had Crow’s face on it. “Mistress Zella, do you think you should use some lube”? The pink haired Ursula asked. Zella looked back at Ursula and grinned “No need “Crow” here is a very very tough hero and bounty hunter. Using lube decreases his awesomeness HAHAHA”

The Attack begins

The Crazed Viper could sense that her eternal partner Newdeath has begun his assault in Africa; soon she received a telepathy message from him. "A small portion of my military force is already heading towards Africa to take over. I'm heading towards the continent of Australia with my deadlier forces to take over. The plan is now in motion. I suggest you proceed with your plan too" “With pleasure Newdeath" The Viper quickly responded back. Zella summoned her all-female fighting force known as the Deadly Venoms. Five powerful women that modified clones of the seductress, each with their own skill set deranged personas. Ursula and the rest came over to their mistress Zella, and kneeled before her. The venoms are ready to begin the attack that we are.” Zella then looked at her second in command and the rest of the Venom calling them each by name “Vera…Tyranna...Fantonia..Andromeda…and my right hand Ursula. Let us go Washington DC is the first target, I will become the next ruler of the U.S. It is al large step forward toward our true ultimate prize. Zella then placed a large psionic bubble over them, and vanished in a blink.

In mere moments The Venoms arrived at the capital, and wasted little time they started their death march toward the White House leaving a path of total annihilation. Zella used her shape shifting power to morph her entire body into that of a young teenage girl in casual street clothes and suppressed her powerful energies. Zella knows full well that some of Earth heroes would be foolish enough to try and stop the mayhem. Like a good predator Zella knows patience is a virtue, and surprise is her greatest weapon.

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Tomb under the sea

Under the sea there was an old tomb, sealed years ago, it was made of pure gold and jewels but also was chained, however the cruel forces of the sea destroyed the color and rusted the structure, still the chains were imbued in some ancient energy that made them indestructibles. In the front part of the tomb, there was just one word carved with strange symbols, however they were unreadable and it was a word impossible to be pronounced by mortals.

The energy that covered the earth this day was different, due to the astronomic conditions, to this was added the fact that a war was shakening the world, all this physical and non physical strenght combined was enough energy from the chains to be broken. Just a coincidence, but a devilish one. Slowly one chain broke after other, and then the tomb was free of its restrictions. The pressure should have crushed the tomb with the being that contained inside, however the energy of the being rended the pressure useless. Aproximately 10.000 years had this being been "sleeping" sealed undersea, but this day it was free. The being that the ancient people created, and the being that the ancient people feared. But not due to that the being wasn't active, in fact the being was strong enough to send an small projection of its energy bypassing the seal, this projection caused some trouble over different ages, however as it was a weak version of the being it was stopped. But now the complete being was free, and no one will be able to stop it now.

Chains broke, the tomb was destroyed, all the sea surrounding the being was being repelled and slowly started to float toward the surface, it was hard to see under the darkness of the sea, but "she" was painted by a diabolic smile.

Coasts of Rusia

Nobody was able to explain what was happening, but suddenly a Tsunami of catastrophic proportions was asolating the coasts of the east part of Rusia, and already destroyed three coast's villages. Together an enormous storm was desated in all the littoral. The Tsunami was stated to cover an extension about 126 Km. while the storm was moving at 150 km/hr. heading toward the center of the country, it seemed slow, but the speed was proportional augmenting. However the storm and tsunami stopped without causing further damage, still the phenomene was weird on that date, and very unlikely to happen. But no explanation was needed, it was just she pulling away the pressures that tried to contain her under the sea, she just pulled the gravity to the oppose direction.

Levitating inside a bubble in the coast it was able to observe a young girl not older than 16 or 18 years, little know the family who survived the storm that the girl was the source of the catastrophe. Then the head turn to observe the family, the eyes were fierce, and a cruel smile crossed her face.

...Words are not enough to describe the horrors that the family suffered, the horror prolongated for an hour. It was just what the girl need to relax after being trapped thousand years under the sea, just a candy to her. She also gattered info about the state of the world in this age, however she needed to gather more information about the technologies, beings and laws that governed the world this day. Dispersing her bubble, she started to head to the nearest city, warping distances of hundred of kilometers in her way. She'll play a bit with the residents, after that she will search for the source of this catastrophe; even if it was just a coincidence the being called Atahlia greets those who made her a favor, and prize them with an apropiate favor in exchange, after all that is the job of a god no?. Even if she wasn't exactly a real god, she was labeled like that for some people in her age, and due to that she gained small godlike features just like the horrible storm caused by her.

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Washington, DC - Seconds Before the Attack

Her sweet voice swung with each wail of the saxophone. Madoka Suan's hips swished back of forth as her voice rose and fell, and her large red eyes closed with each elongated note.
"You're really swell, I have to admit, you
Deserve expressions that really fit you
And so I've wracked my brain, hoping to explain
All the things that you do to me"

As the saxophone chirped the songbird smiled and playfully kicked her foot up and bounced across the small stage. Her voice was so sweet, yet strong, with intense feeling unmatched. The small crowd of the cafe swayed back and forth, letting out a little hoop or holler as Madoka Suan chuckled playfully or winked. She continued to sing, and sway back and forth. Her thin black dress danced around her ankles with each movement.

"Bei mir bist du schoen, please let me explain

Bei mir bist du schoen means you're grand
Bei mir bist du schoen, again I'll explain
It means you're the fairest in the land

I could say bella, bella, even sehr wunderbar

Each language only helps me tell you how grand--"

Madoka's eyes popped wide open as she heard a scream. There was a pause, then more screams as a group of strange women marched down the streets of D.C. Instantly the whole band stopped playing and looked around. People dashed to the windows, only to recoil as they saw a strange woman begin to enter the cafe. Madoka shrunk back as the bass player tucked her behind him. "Who are you?" He snapped, holding the fragile girl behind the massive instrument.  Doki peered around the bass player and stared at the strange woman, clutching her hands to her chest. She wanted to so something, but she was too frightened to move. Something told everyone in the cafe that this woman wasn't there for a grande Americano. 
Madoka pulled her shawl around her shoulders and glanced across the small crowd. Everyone seemed just as nervous. Doki's heart jumped in her chest and fluttered rapidly. Her pink eyebrows drew up and together as nervousness filled her every being.
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World War Three

It brought pleasure to Newdeath's ears once his communication devices picked up transmissions describing Zella's merciless attack on Washington D.C. With his business done in the continent of Australia, the malevolent manipulator calmly observed the now ravaged city of Canberra from his colossal aircraft. "I guess this continent is mine now", The Genius murmured to himself. "You did a fine job dispatching the resistance sir", the aircraft's pilot said, praising Newdeath's efforts. Chuckling, Newdeath replied, "I know", he smirked, showcasing his everlasting vaunted demeanor. "Remain hovering above the city. I have somethings I'd like to do before I leave and move on to the next continent I want to conquer", nefarious Newdeath ordered as he instantly disappeared from inside the ship and reappeared on the broken streets of Canberra. Screams of pain and suffering filled the air along with pleas for forgiveness. "Sorry I don't forgive. I punish", Newdeath replied coldly to anyone who dared beg for mercy from the ruthless tyrant. Walking around the city, it was quite amusing to Newdeath as he watched his Byoki tear any resistors limb from limb. "Seems like they've gotten even more aggressive.. good", the notorious mastermind smirked. His steps stopped as he stood in front of what was left of Australia's Prime Minister, a torn piece of her skirt. "If only you weren't stupid enough to try and resist my will. Then maybe this wouldn't have all happened. It would have gone by much more smoothly", he said, "Too bad you lacked the intelligence to recognize The Devil hahaha!", a proud Newdeath laughed manically, showing his inhumanity in the process. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, a little girl no older than six years old walked up to him. She was a little frightened but somehow she managed to hold herself. This was quite a feat for such a young child. "Please stop this", the girl asked, while it was a request she did sound a little demanding. This some insane level of bravery being displayed. Newdeath was impressed. Before uttering a response, the infamous tyrant took notice of a cowering couple that sat a few feet away from the girl. They kept their eyesight on her as they held each other in their arms. It was clear who they were, the resemblance was there. "Are those your parents little girl?", Newdeath asked calmly. The girl didn't speak, she simply nodded.

Laughing in amusement, Newdeath aimed his palm at the cowering couple and quickly shot out a large blast of negative energy that incinerated the couple, "So I guess the celestial alignment allows me to manipulate my negative energy. This really is a power enhancement", Newdeath thought to himself. Soon the girl began to cry, her tears were filled with the sadness of losing her parents to such a monster. "Well it looks like you don't have parents anymore hahahaha", The Genius laughed, showing no remorse for his merciless actions. Executing the parents of a little girl right before her very eyes, the very thought is disturbing. But not for Newdeath, it was all sport for him. Suddenly, the girl's cries grew louder and louder, so loud that they began to generate powerful earthquakes. "Interesting", Newdeath said, noticing the girl's crying, was there something she was hiding from him? Soon one his devices informed him that the girl was one of the few people in the world that harbored a special mutated gene that usually grants the carrier superhuman powers but if not, then the carrier is a disgustingly deformed human being. But this girl was different. She had powers. "So it seems like she's not a waste of blood. Perhaps killing her is not the way", the Kisekian Warlord realized. Looking straight into the girl's eyes with his Kurimuzon, Newdeath used his powerful telepathy to completely wiped out the memory of her parents and permanently altered her personality so that she became ridiculously loyal to him. "There now. I am your new guardian", The Genius said as the girl smiled, foolishly loyal to him. He had plans for this one. Activating his Emperor Kurimuzon, the infamous tyrant sucked her into his right eye's personal pocket dimension via a spiraling dimensional vortex. "I'll get to her when I'm done with the war", Newdeath decided. Using his communications device, Newdeath asked General Haxx on Africa's current state. He was pleased to be told that the African continent has been successfully conquered in his name and that settlements are already being made there. Surprisingly, the Kisekian Military encountered limited resistance from the continent. "Good. Send some troops, some of the navy and some of the Air-Force towards Germany. Europe is our next target. Australia is mine. You, come to Australia to officially name me as its absolute ruler. I have business in Europe", Newdeath ordered and ended transmission, having no time for General Haxx's questions. It was time to move the war to Europe. But first he needed to return to Kiseki Island to get some reinforcements. Teleporting back into his hovering aircraft, Newdeath ordered the pilot to set course for Kiseki Island while he ordered the Byoki to remain in Australia in order to wait for General Haxx's arrival. Fortunately, Newdeath had also called for some leftover Kisekian soldiers to come to Australia to enforce his rule during the war so there is no hope of the people rebelling.

Back on Kiseki Island, The Boss made his way into his cliche but effective underground lair where he walked up to a colossal eighty foot sleeping statue. Newdeath stood before one of his greatest creations, Aka, a gigantic living statue containing the collective negative energy of useless deceased Kurimuzon users. But this was not all, Aka also had numerous slots, each with a Kurimuzon in it. "Europe will be more dangerous. I now have two continents under my rule. But Europe.. some heroes have ties to the continent. Raseri for one is from Norway. Seems like I'll be encountering some greater resistance there. All the more reason to use Aka hehe", the master manipulator realized as he soon instantly transported himself and Aka to the heart of Berlin in Germany via his instant teleportation. Once again using his communications device, Newdeath tapped into every single radio network, computer and television in the German country. He didn't hesitate to state his demands which were for President Christian Wulff to step down as president and peacefully relinquish his country to Newdeath. The ruthless villain stood tall on Aka's massive right shoulder as the statue towered over some buildings as it stood at eighty feet in height. Most of the citizens in Berlin were paralyzed with fear, knowing fully well what was happening. They were watching the news reports on Newdeath's attacks on Africa and Australia. After many minutes with no response from Germany's president, Newdeath grew impatient and was on the verge of attacking the city until he heard the sound of fighter-jet engines in the sky. So it seemed as though Lutwaffe (Germany's Air Force) had arrived. Clearly this was a sign of resistance and defiance. Newdeath soon received a transmission from one of the jets belonging to the German Air Force stating that the president is not in the Bellevue Palace in Berlin. This however, didn't affect Newdeath. "Then once I'm done with you and this city, I'll head to Hammerschmidt Villa", The Genius replied smugly. Soon Newdeath ordered Aka to attack, and almost instantly the humongous statue began to swat away the attacking planes like flies. "Once the heroes arrive I may have to work from inside Aka so that I can bring forth my Hybrid army in peace.. to think that I haven't even pulled out my big guns yet. No Shizen Beast.. no modified Orochi haha this is too easy", Newdeath boasted as he crossed his arms while Aka swatted away at the German Air Force. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, from Aka's shoulder, Newdeath enveloped countless buildings and streets in a wave of scorching hot white flames as he proceeded to burn Berlin down.

Jumping off his creation's shoulder, Newdeath landed on the ground as numerous men approached him with crosses and torches. "We're on a mission from God to send you back to Hell, Devil!", the men shouted, almost triumphantly. Merely smirking at their words, Newdeath replied to their threats, "Oh really? Well then.. in that case... tell Him you failed", and without giving them a second to respond, The King burned them to their very bones with a large fireball he shot out from his mouth. Soon one civilian shouted out, "What the hell is this", before Aka quickly squished him with a footstep. "This is World War Three son", Newdeath replied coldly before leaping back on to Aka's shoulder. Once there, he decided to leave Berlin in its apocalyptic state, there would be a lot of time to rebuild and improve later once he becomes Germany's ruler. It was time to head towards Bonn where the president is located in his other official residence. However, before heading towards Bonn, Newdeath stopped by Munich. Standing on Aka's shoulders, he ordered his Air-Force to drop two nuclear bombs on the city. And before the bombs reached the ground, Newdeath quickly used his Emperor Kurimuzon to collect an enormous amount of earth and concrete from the streets of Munich as he used it to coat the two bombs in thick layers of rock and earth, making them appear like two giant twin meteors. The mere second that Newdeath teleported away with Aka, the two bombs crashed down on Munich, completely devastating the entire city. Arriving in Bonn, Newdeath set his sights on the president's residence: Hammerschmidt Villa. "Let's go find the president, shall we Aka?", Newdeath smirked, crossing his arms as the colossal living statue began to walk towards the intended destination. In the meantime, the German Military arrived in Bonn along with some assistance from foreign forces and small-time heroes. "Make short work of them while we head towards our meeting with President Wulff", Newdeath ordered as a malicious grin formed on his face. "This world will be mine. It'll no longer be called Earth but yes.. it will be called House of ND", The Genius laughed.


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The Gunslinger Enters the Battlefield

Hours before Zella attack

Just outside the city in a small garage like building the Last Gunslinger, Crow Cementerio, and his girlfriend Toni Leone d’argento prepare for what Crow believed was a coming attack on the world by some of the greatest and most powerful villains they ever encountered. Crow was working on his beloved motorcycle, Silver, getting it ready for what was coming. Toni on the other hand was just watching Crow sitting on a work table, she was wearing plaid colored skirt and school girl top as well as a witch hat, kicking her feet as she works on a few things her self, “Are you sure we should have come to DC Crow-kun? What makes you so sure this place is going to get attacked? Why couldn’t we jut wait at home and prepare there?” The Rail-gun smirked as he stood up wiping the oil off his forehead with a bandana; he was wearing a white shirt and black pants along with his cowboy hat, “Well it is just a hunch but I would assume that Newdeath if he is the one who is going to attack then he would hit all the country’s capitals so I want to be here as a “welcome” committee. I didn’t want to wait at home if we waited for them to come to use then I fear it would even harder to defeat the enemy.” Toni smiled as she understood Crow’s methods more like she trusted them like she always did, I see so you really think Newdeath is going to be the one to attack?” Toni looked down she knew that her boyfriend hated the deadly tyrant but she knew that Crow also feared the man and his great power he had spent months training to hopefully kill the Devil King himself. Crow smiled as he put his holster and gun belt around his waist, “Well there is no solid proof that Newdeath is the one who is going to attack but I am pretty damn sure. All fingers seem to point to him.” The gunslinger noticed the look on his girlfriend’s face, she must be still worried about him, sigh, I finally manage to talk her into coming to DC to set up a base. Then I had to talk her into staying back and being my eyes and ears because I don’t want her getting hurt and she is still worrying about me. Even though his smile didn’t fade the Thundering Cowboy’s voice became a little more firm, “Toni listen to me I been training these past few months and more for this day, I am going to win this war and there is nothing that will stop me from beating and killing Newdeath. That evil bastard has cause so much misery and pain and if he does choice today as his day of war then he is putting a big target on himself. And I’m the perfect person to hit that bulleyes.” The Last of the Gunslinger smiled even brighter as he made a gun with his hand pointed it at Toni’s heart and pulled the trigger. “Bang.”

Suddenly the gunslinger’s girl jumped off the bench and hugged her boyfriend tightly, she whispered to Crow in his ear. “Please be safe Crow and come back alive and in one piece.” Crow blushed and smiled as he hugged his girlfriend back then set her back on the work table and grabbed his new jacket that he had custom made just for him and this day. The jacket appeared more like vest than anything it was a dark tan color with two pockets on either side of the chest to store bullets, medical supplies, or in Crow’s case candy. There was a neck guard and extra padding on the shoulders a zipper down the middle and pockets in the front, on the back was symbol of two pistols with lightning bolts on them crossing under a skull wearing a cowboy hat symbolizing it was Crows’, the material of the jacket was extremely durable able to take swords, fire, ice, and medium to high caliber bullets. “So did you get in touch with Fairy?” Hearing that name turned the gunslinger’s girl smile to frowned she despises Western Fairy, aka Ann Mary Wheelock, “Yes I did she said she will try to help if she can. Frankly I don’t know why we need that bimbo maid to help us anyway.” Crow smiled as putt on a pair of brown gloves with metal padding on the back of the hands, “Because she is a extremely skilled sharp shooter and we are going to need every amount of help we can. I don’t know why you hate her anyone.” Flames could be seen around Toni as he clenched her fist in rage, the reason she hated the Sniping Maiden was because it was another woman trying to steal her future husband. The Rail-gunslinger tossed Toni’s jacket to this one looked similar to Crow’s expect on the back of her was a pumpkin wearing a witch’s hat surrounding by fire. “Don’t worry Toni I promise I will come back in one piece after I beat Newdeath I promise.” The gunslinger smiled at his girlfriend he was worried about what was going to happen but he was prepare for it and know that he would not lose.

Present Time Zella’s attack on DC is happening

The sounds of a motorcycle revving could be heard coming from inside the garage where Crow and Toni had set up a temporary headquarters as well as voices. “Ready Crow!” The garage door slowly began to rise, “Ready!” “It seems you were right that Newdeath would be attacking the capitals but I think something isn’t right.” “I know what you mean something not making sense it not like he can be in multiple places at once.” The garage door open completely revealing Crow on his bike not wearing a pair of goggles to protect his eyes from the speed with a final loud revving the gunslinger burst at the garage heading towards the city where he could already see flames and smoke. The gunslinger had an ear piece in his right ear so he could communicate with Toni; the eye piece was designed to be resistant to most damage especially electrical so that it wouldn’t be affected by Crow’s Relampago abilities. Minutes earlier news had spread that the deadly tyrant of had launch a full scale war on the world starting with Africa and . It was not moments after that news that reports came in that DC was under attack this worried Crow deeply as he headed towards the scene of the attack, I don’t get it I knew that Newdeath would come for DC but how if he is in Australia then how could he be attacking here as well and if he is he why is he jumping around randomly. Something not adding up; is someone teaming up with him to partake in this war, maybe a radical group is using this as a moment to strike? Either way I am going to stop this here and now. Suddenly Toni came though on the eye piece via a channel that only those two and a chosen few others had access to, “Crow is just came on the news Newdeath has conquered Australia and is now in Germany it seems like he making his way though Europe one country at a time. But this still doesn’t make any sense…” Crow interrupted a look of worry coming over his face. “I know if he is on the other side of the world then who is attacking DC here. I guess it doesn’t matter it war and all hell is about to break loose. Keep me informed on the situation if Newdeath arrives in the states I want to know where I am going to be the one to end him.” With that Toni went silent as she turned off the link as Crow became focus ready to face who ever was in the nation capital causing havoc. Newdeath I hope you are ready because now the Last Gunslinger, the Rail-gun, Crow is entering the battlefield and this time I got a few new tricks up my sleeves.

It didn’t take long for Crow to actually arrive in the city but to his horror it was still not fast enough the city was practically destroyed; fires broke out everywhere, buildings were half destroyed, power lines were down, cars over turned, bodies and blood littered the streets like trash, off in a distance one could see the Washington Monument was cracked in half and the top part missing. Crow eyes widen in horror and shock at the destruction he clenched his fist fighting off tears of rage and sadness; it is just like home it is just like Rayo Rosado so much death so much destruction. Why what is the point of all this?! Why?! I swear this time is going to be different I am going to protect my friends this time! I swear I am stronger now I will stop this and protect everyone I swear on my word as a Gunslinger. Crow began to look around his hand on Quicksilver ready to draw and fire on anyone who wanted to fight. He had brought some of his Burn-Up pills, his special bullets including the new Strom Could bullets, and a double edge knife that he could use with a metal grabbling wire on his wrist. Crow got off his bike and began to look for any sounds of life from survivors as well as the sick twisted monster who performed this attack

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Republic of South Africa

A pile of bodies rested under Masako, making a makeshift throne in which he rested after defeating a large group of kisekian soldiers, they were the lowest in their ranks, but they were a wonderful meal and left him wanting for more. The Renegade Reitter was now aware of the situation, and got some useful intel about ND. Masako also cursed his luck, as he was in RSA for a particular reason, that had nothing to do with the Kisekian invasion. He managed to find a Reitter proyect agent in Japan, that said a new base was being built in Africa. The Black Reitter went flying towards the southern country, and searched for a day or two without having any luck. It was his third day in his backwater country, at least that was what he thought. In reality Masako thought anything was inferior to him, so it didnt made a real difference what he thought of any individual country or person. The sudden invasion was massive and totally unexpected y the country, hordes of dark clothed beings charged to the capital city and started slaughtering any resistance that was put in their way. The Renegade Reitter was resting on the house of someone he just killed and consumed, and was awaken by the terrible screams and the scent of blood in the air, two of the things he liked the most. Masako got out of the house just about time, as a massive particle beam busted the building into pieces. The scene in front of him could only be described as hellish, troop after troop of Kisekian soldiers charged throught the streets, carrying weapons more advanced than any other, and moving at blinding speeds, destroying any resistance with their crushing physical and technological might. The fires extended throught the cityscape, and scent of charred human flesh filled the air. It's seems that my luck is about to change, said the wicked teen with a smile almost as wicked as himself. Without taking a moment to think he moved towards the nearest troop. His stealth and assasination skills were top notch, as he eated a whole ninja clan that was sent to kill him by the Reitter Proyect, without counting the thousands of people he already drank dry and the information he took, all mixed and processed in his brain granting him superb infiltration skills. Without breaking a sweat he followed them throught the streets of Cape Town, waiting for the perfect time to attack. When the Kisekian soldiers splitted up he followed one of them, and from the shadows he creeped out and attacked him. The Alien blood was sweet, almost like honey for Masako tastes, the knowledge and power he took from him were almost like drinking from a thousand humans at the same time, the kind of feeling one gets addicted to. The flow of power was amazing, but unluckly too flashy, and attracted the other members of the squad, that didnt even flinched when they found Masako feasting on their brother flesh. You want some? asked the Young Reitter with a sinister smile.

The battle raged on, but even if they were clearly superhuman warriors, and were physical more imposing than Masako, the teen had just been filled with the incredible negative energy of one of them and thanks to that his own attacks were grossly overpowered. The Kisekian troops moved as one, but the knowledge he took from the one he killed allowed him to read their tactics without fail, his brain processed all the new sensorial stimulus he was receiving and made his body react perfectly to counter any of their movements. This battle of high speed feints and evasion was wonderful to watch, only if you were able to, as the contenders moved faster than the naked eye could perceive. Masako skin was getting constant burns thanks to the friction, since even empowered as he was his body wasnt acustomed to that kind of speed, and even the most small touch of the Kisekian robes, or a peeble in the ground left skid marks in his body. The battle is fun but, The Renegade Reitter spoke with evident enjoyment in his voice ends now! Shouted Masako as he suddenly stopped his movement and created a PK barrier around him, almost 4 times stronger than the usual ones, thanks to the energy taken from the one he killed. The squad thought of this as an opening and charged at their top speed, only to crash against Masako barrier, and in that second he used a second barrier, surroundingthe area around the Kisekian Soldiers, and created a makeshift press that turned them into grinded meat, as their bones cracked, veins were snapped and muscles torned. The Black Reitter openede a hole in his barrier, only allowing organic material throught, and a tube-like piece of raw meat passed throught the aperture and Masako ate it constantly, filling himself with the flesh of his enemies and abosrbing their fainting memeories and knowledge before their PK signature disappeared. Masako cracked his fingers as he walked past the torn armors and clothes, as his wounds were slowly closing. Let's test this s%&$ out, he said while taking a running posture, and using a new technique PK Dash, to move even faster than his opponents.

Back to the present time, Masako was sitting on a pile of corpses, and around him even more corpses, the remains of the forces that attacked South Africa. The power flowed throught Masako veins and nerves, he was itching for more, almost like a junkie. His powers were now higher than ever, and he was ready to take on anyone. He only killed the ones attacking RSA, how much he could power up if he destroyed all the ones in Africa, the ones he could feel with his enhanced PK powers, allowing to search for signatures further than before. His brain thought of thousands strategies as he lifted his face and looked to the north and both of his eyes shined with a strange red light, something weird even for him. This shiny eyes carried a strange design in it, and Masako could notice the potential of it. The eyes, had a black three winged pinwheel with a red spot in his middle, and it heightend the Reitter sense of sight to incredible heights, allowing him to perceive everything around him, he could feel the blood around him, the precious blood he drank from others. His knowledge now was of a thousand Kisekians, and his Pk power was increased as well. With his Scharlach Eyes he was ready to take on anybody, and now he was planning too. His objective Washington DC. Mode of travel, PK Dash Flight mode , speed Mach 20.

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They Need A Hero

What was taking place on Earth.. it was true horror. Apparently, Newdeath is hellbent on taking over the world and he doesn't mind bringing the apocalypse along with him. "What is going on?", a confused Thor asked, looking through a colossal crystal ball in Odin's throne room, it was like a high definition camera filming both Newdeath and Zella. "Seems like Newdeath has finally lost it", a serious Raseri responded as he was putting on his Asgardian Armor. "So the villain has decided to attack the whole world", Thor continued, aware of the terror that was being spread on the world he had worked so hard to protect. "Indeed", an observant Odin replied, sitting on his throne, focusing his eyes on the humongous crystal ball. "I must go down to Earth with Raseri", Thor demanded, tightening his grip on Mjolnir, the Thunder God's anger was evident. "No Thor. This is not your battle. It is Raseri's. He is now the protector of the Earth. Not you. We all agreed that he'd be your successor", Odin replied, firmly denying Thor's demand. "He's right father. This is my fight. I'll save the world, don't worry about that", mighty Raseri added as he had finished putting on his durable Asgardian Armor. "Aren't you going to put on your helmet?", Odin asked, curiously. "Come on, you know I never put my helmet on", Raseri chuckled. Calmly walking towards the large crystal ball, Raseri noticed that other than nefarious Newdeath, the crystal ball was focusing on a random teenage girl. "Why's the crystal ball watching this little girl?... Don't tell me that you-", however, before Raseri could complete his sentence, Odin instantly interrupted him, "No of course not.. I'm not that kind of man. But if she was older I'd-", but soon Raseri interrupted as well, "Whatever that's not the point. So who's that girl?", Raseri asked, his curiosity beaming. "Yes of course. The girl is that him-her called Zella. She recently took the form of a teenage girl probably to disguise herself. None of the heroes know about it except you. How lucky are you that I'm your grandfather hehe", Odin answered, "..Very lucky", Raseri sighed.

As Odin opened a dimensional portal for Raseri, he advised Raseri not to forget that young girl's identity, "Don't forget. That girl in the casual street attire, she's actually Zella. Don't forget what she looks like alright?", Odin said, only for a smirking Raseri to reply, "Don't worry I won't. I'll just see if she's got something bulging in her pants then I'll know she's packing junk. Oh and Odin, do me a favor. I can't afford to be protecting Norway and fighting Zella at the same time. Please envelop all of Norway in some kind of unbreakable divine barrier", the Nordic Tiger chuckled before jumping into the dimensional portal. Almost instantly, he found himself being transported from the dimension of the Norse Gods to Midgard, better known as Earth. Landing right on the outskirts of Norway, Raseri smiled as he spotted a colossal glowing barrier enveloping the entire country. "The old man did it", he thought. Wasting no time any further, the fierce Nordic Tiger decided to head towards Washington D.C. so that he may face Zella before he forgets her "teenage" appearance. Newdeath would be his last target. In addition to protecting the world, Raseri would also secretly be fighting in the name of Ebisu and hopefully some of his teammates will appear and fight alongside him or instead face Newdeath. "I'm gonna explode these jerks' heads", the Ultimate Fighting God thought to himself as he ran across international waters at insane speeds and in no time he was in the streets of Washington D.C. "Damn.. Zella's got this place looking like a dump.. kind of fits her personality though", he joked. "I hope there are some heroes around here. Or maybe I'm the first one with enough balls to actually step forward and put an end to this", he wondered, walking through the rubble, helping anyone he could.

Suddenly, Raseri heard cries from surviving civilians. Looking around for a sign of life, he noticed a couple of injured civilians about to be crushed by a collapsing wall. Using his famed superhuman speed to get to them before the wall could crush them, Raseri shattered the structure with a single tap of his knuckles. And before they could even thank him, Raseri instantly got them to a hospital in New York City with his super-speed where they would be far from Zella. Leaving before they could say anything, The Greatest knew that he had more important things to do than listen to some people thank him for small-time heroics. "No time for any thanks. I gotta find that weirdo Zella", Raseri thought as he instantly returned to Washington D.C. and as he ran through the streets of the city in search of Zella, he quickly spotted a familiar face not too far from a motorcycle. "Is that Crow?", Raseri wondered as he suddenly stopped and approached the man. Upon getting closer to him, Raseri was certain that it was Crow. Appearing before Crow's face, Raseri greeted him, "Hey Crow, got to know you're here. Hey listen up, I'm sure you know this but Newdeath's war is on. But he's not alone. He's doing this with somebody. And I don't think you're gonna like who it is. The one leading the attack here in D.C. is Zella. She took the form of a some teenage girl. I know what she looks like though. Follow me and I'll lead you to her so we can deal with her and end this. No time for questions just get on your bike and follow me", and with those firm words said, a serious Raseri was ready to lead Crow to Zella's location so that the dynamic duo could do battle with the sadistic seductress.

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Washington, D.C.

She couldn't feel the heat of the fire from the roof of the apartment building. There was something going on, an attack or something, but it was difficult to identify the enemy. With her sights set on a newly arrived man on a motorcycle, Roxane was hesitant to take a shot. The man looked up and scanned the burning streets of D.C. and instantly Roxy recognized the face of Crow Cementerio and sighed in relief as she did not pull the trigger on an ally. Roxanne turned her sights around and she watched as a group of teenaged girls marched through the streets. Roxy observed silently, still unsure if she could fire a shot. 
She turned back again to observe Crow and smiled widely when she saw the unmistakably bulky figure of Raseri, The Nordic Tiger. While she wanted to hop up and yell a greeting to the Ultimate Fighter, she checked herself and placed her massive rifle on the ground next to her. She took out a large but harmless bullet with a compartment for a note. The cyborg took out a black Sharpie pen and scribbled in fancy lettering: <<¡HOLA! I GOT YOUR BACK RAS. ~Mucho amor, Roxy.>> Followed by a little heart. She curled up the note and loaded the dull round into her rifle and aimed at the pavement right next to Raseri's feet. Roxanne pulled the trigger and the bullet flew silently until it smashed into the pavement, embed itself,  and the note spilled out onto the ground.
Roxanne reloaded her rifle with hollow-point boat tail shot and set her sights back on Raseri and the fellow gunslinger. She scanned back and forth, watching their back, prepared to shoot. Roxanne sniffed shortly through her nose and smiled. It had been a while since something interesting had happened.
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The heart of Germany.

A tall man in blue coat was running at the same time that he was fighting against numerous soldiers. Bang!!, a sound could be heard. Bang!!, bang!!, bang!!!. Suddenly the soldiers surrounded the man and fired him to death. After that they left him, however in short time, all of them were pierced and slashed by the man's black sword. Wounds like this are nothing to the hunter of fiction, who had a big job this day. He calculated that a war will happen someday very near, however his calculations were a bit mistaked, and he didn't expect for it to happen at the same time that he was fighting with some guy.

To Gerad, Germany was an important country, one that is carved deeply inside his memories. It was some years ago, in one day that people feared they called it the second world war. The current Furher in that years formed an alliance with Italy and Japan, this alliance fought heavily against the oposed alliance; at the end the axis, the alliance between Germany, Japan, Italy and some other countries lost the war, and Germany was accused of all damages. Indeed, even if Germany was a big responsible, the consequences of the acts caused a big pain to the population. Gerad who was in that time following a commander who was supposedly to be a fictional being; about a 3.2% of the people that participated in the world were fictional being, Gerad almost anihilated all of them. Then he found himself with the post effects of the war, a population that was desperately crying for help. Even if Gerad can be heartless sometimes, he have a heart, and he helped and befriended some people of the poblation, still there was no much that he could do, and his origin forced him to left the place, he promised however to met them again.

And know this was happening. Due to the damage caused by the god in his previous battle, Gerad strenght was weakened, even if he was resistant, he was getting tired after fighting a big number of soldiers. Also some strange beigns were troublesome, he could beat them, however to be surrounded by those "creatures" was dangerous and he decided to retreat, not without some heavy scratch, he regenerated his wound, still his body was getting tired, and tireness was a new sensation that Gerad was learning. He was running towards the source of all the catastrophe, as he can feel the fiction he could felt the localization of the one possible mastermind behind the events, he was moving at an incredible unhuman speed, he already had imbued his body with the speed augment, however due to the power drain, his speed wasn't able to reach the level of before, still he was incredible fast.


About an hour and some minutes had passed. Gerad arrived to Bonn, were the source of the catastrophe was localizated.... The horror was undescriptible, all was completely destroyed, fire was the banquet of the day, and the rest of some bodies were currently the food of some brave animals that was there beside the dangerous situation. Gerad as the master of horror and mystery had knowledge of worst horrors, however this one was special an hit him very hard, even if it was light than other horrors. Just one phrase escaped from Gerad's mouth "World war three...". The tragedy of germany will be repeated, no, this time something worst could happen.

He arrived to the source of the catastrophe, and hid behind some collapsed buildings at a distance of 670 mt. of a giant creature. Gerad's eyes allowed him to observe the creature and the gamemaster behind the events, he could felt his fictional energy, still this one surpassed any limit that he knew. "This guy is a monster" thought the hunter. And what was worst is that he didn't had time to search for any info of the man, so he wasn't this time carrying the advantage of the knowledge. Gerad could just go and fight the man and his creature, but he was too tired, so he decided to hid for a while and observe the situation untill his strenght is regained, still did one thing. By softly touching the floor with his palm, he created an eartquake to make the creature fall, he made it in such a way that it looked like a natural phenomene. He plan to delay the movement of the monster by causing casual earthquakes. He hoped for this to contain him a while

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The Enemy is Zella?! Two New Allies The Fighting God and The Cyborg Sniper

@Raseri: @xDouble_Tapx: To say that Crow was startled when suddenly the massive Nordic Tiger suddenly appeared in front of him like some damn magician was probably the understatement of the year. Crow jumped back grabbing his gun ready to shot and kill but stop when he noticed it was a friend. Crow was clenching his chest and holding on his bike for support, “Dios mio Raseri! We are in the middle a war right now; it is definitely not the time to be popping up in front of someone like you are a damn ghost! I could have shot you or worst!” Crow regained him self and it seemed Raseri was in a hurry "Hey Crow, got to know you're here. Hey listen up, I'm sure you know this but Newdeath's war is on. But he's not alone. He's doing this with somebody. And I don't think you're gonna like who it is. The one leading the attack here in D.C. is Zella.” If Crow was a weaker person he would have wet himself right here; Raseri just said the name that terrified Crow even more then Newdeath…Zella. The Seducing Viper had been in more then a few nightmares recently and it seemed that every time the Rail-gun tried to avoid the woman she was always there around the next corner. Just hearing her name made the gunslinger’s legs be to tremble and his heart race, not Zella anyone but Zella. Why does it have to be her of all people to attack DC damn it I rather It be a army of giant mutant zombies but no I get Zella. Crow clenched his fist tightly; it doesn’t matter I can’t run from this anymore I swore I protect those I care about. I’m not letting all my training go to waist because of my fear of her I must overcome it I am going to beat her! Crow looked at Raseri with determination overwhelming the fear in his eyes as the Fist of Righteous Justice continued, “She took the form of a some teenage girl. I know what she looks like though. Follow me and I'll lead you to her so we can deal with her and end this. No time for questions just get on your bike and follow me" Crow nodded, “Damn straight amigo lets end that sick twisted woman once and for all and then we will move onto Newdeath! I got your back if you got mine Raseri I swear on my word as Gunslinger.” Crow jumped on his bike and began revving the engine ready to follow Raseri to fight the sadistic seductress.

Suddenly before the two could go anywhere a bullet landed right by Raseri feet embedding it self in the ground, the Last Gunslinger raised his eye brow at the bullet in the ground; I know that signal but that is an old sharpshooter trick I wonder who could have known about that? Being the Last of the Gunslinger Crow knew a few tricks of the trade and he recognized the harmless looking bullet in the ground it was a signal that sharp shooters and gunslinger used to communicate without blowing cover. “Hold on Raseri I think someone trying to send us a message. Sharp shooters do this all the time to talk to one another in the heat of combat especially in wars.” The Modern Cowboy dislodge the bullet using his knife and picked up the note reading it quickly a smirk forming on his face, so it is her its been a while since we talked I am glad that she is helping us? Crow toss the note to Raseri laughing a little, “It seems we got a guardian angel in a bird’s nest somewhere.” Normally that would not make any sense but to Crow and fellow sharp shooters it was actually sniper lingo for they had a sniper covering their backs from cover somewhere. The Last Gunslinger pocketed the message bullet in his pocket to return it to its owner later as he took out a similar bullet of his own and piece of paper and wrote a note back to Roxy, <<Gracias Senorita. If you got our 6 then we got yours. Love Crow and Raseri ;)>> This again was sniper lingo for they had her back and she had theirs it had a feeling Roxy would understand, he loaded the bullet then using the quick trajectory math in his head figure out where the cyborg sharp shooter might be and fired the message bullet back towards her. Crow jumped back on Silver and revved the engine a smile on his face despite the fear of soon he would be face to face with Zella. With Roxy watching our back and Raseri to help me I know I can fight Zella now with my friends besides me. I am going to show Raseri, Zella, and anyone watching how strong I become!

The Thunderbolt Gunslinger was following on the Greatest Fighter Alive on Silver heading towards the deadly Lady Nympho when suddenly the Ignition Witch, Toni, cut in on Crow link. “Crow what is going on I am monitoring your motives and you were stationary for a bit and now all of sudden you are moving. What happened is everything okay?” Crow smirks a little as he replied to his girlfriend, “Well I got good news and bad news Toni, the good news is I have a few more allies with me including Raseri from Jewel remember? Plus I got a friend named Roxy she is sharp shooter and she is watching our backs.” On the other end Toni let out a silent sigh of relief Crow would not be fighting this alone he would have his friends and this always helped Crow because he would protect them no matter what but then her expression change “ROXY?! Is that a girl you got a girl watching your back! That better be all she is watching or I swear?!” The Rail-gunner quickly cut her off his girlfriend rant “No, no Toni you don’t understand she is um…she’s um…the L word.” This unfortunately only increased Toni’s rage “L word she is in love with you!!!! SHE IS DEAD I AM GOING TO…” Crow cut off his girl again blurting the word he didn’t want to say, “No Toni she is a lesbian.” The gunslinger girl’s rant stops instantly and on a dime her personality change, “Oh she is well then that is okay. So what is the bad news?” Crow gulped; there is no easy way to tell her this and her reaction is going to be ten times worst. “The bad news is that the person attacking DC is um…it’s Zella.” There was silence over the com link then Toni broke the silence “You mean that…” “Yeah that Zella.” , I forgot that Toni hated Zella not only because she wants me but because of what she wants to do to me, “Crow promise that you will come back and more importantly that you BEAT THAT WHORE!” Crow smiled at his girlfriend reaction; “I promise I will Toni don’t worry. You know me it’s not my style to break promises.” On the other end a tear slid down her cheek as her voice got soft, “Crow do me a favor give the eye piece to Raseri I need to ask him something.” The Last Gunslinger accelerated the bike and put in front of Raseri stopping, “Hold on amigo, I got Toni on my eye piece com link and she wants to ask you something?” The Rail-gunslinger took the eye piece out tossing it to Raseri and once he had it to her ear Toni came though, “Raseri listen I need you to do me a favor, Crow won’t admit it but I think you know by now how he feels about Zella, Crow may be able to fight her but if he starts to let his fear overcome can you give him a nudge that is all he is needs please.” Toni’s voice broke and she began to cry and plead with the Fighting God, “Please protect Crow help him! He can be stubborn at times but he just needs his friends to nudge him a little. Please Raseri I beg you help Crow come home alive!” With that the gunslinger’s girl shut off the com link.

Back at the garage that was converted into a temporary base of operation Toni was silently sobbing in front of a couple of computer screens, not only was she communicating with Crow and informing him on where the infamous Tyrant Newdeath currently was but she was also monitoring the gunslinger’s health. She was monitor his heart rate and blood pressure to inform him if he should take a Burn Up pill but she also monitoring how much energy he was putting out while using Relampago. He had argued with her that he needed her here and that he wanted to protect her so it was safer here but she didn’t feel right about sitting idly but waiting for the gunslinger to return. She clenched a picture of the two of them together to her chest her tears rolling down her face as she whispered to herself, “Crow you better keep your promise and come home alive. Because I swear if you die I am going to kill you!”

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Before the attack, only hours before the hordes of Kisekian stormed Germany, a group of tourists were walking in a nature path, towards an ancient Castle, deep inside the Black Forest in the Baden-Wurrtenberg Mountain range. The tourist group was mostly composed by Americans, some Italians and a family of Chinese, all of them flashing their cameras at everything in their path, from the tallest trees to the smallest, each rustic household or even some modern buildings. The tour guide, a blond and muscled man, called Hans Rotwald, guided the group towards the forgotten Grunburg Castle, a estructure so old, and so hidden in the mountain range that no car could acess it, and neither could an helicoptrer. The old fortress that, thanks to investigation, we know it was built roughly by the 12th century. Come on, let's pick up the pace, said Hans in english with a thick german accent We need to get to Grunburg before the night falls, my cousin Johann is making the campsite comfortable as we speak. Hans started picking up the pace, as he knew that the others would follow him, most of the tourists were all young and seemed physically fit, so he didnt had any doubt they would keep his pace. Wait for me Jenny, this pace is killing me, said a middle aged American, of massive complexion, almost as if he were a retired bodybuilder. He was bald, and sported a small ginger moustache. His name was John O'Grady, better know for his stage name in wrestling Mr. Texas. After 4 hours of deep forest trekking was starting to get agitated. But, dad we have only on this walk for less than 6 hours, is less that what we did back in the Sahara. Said Jenny O'Grady, the younger daughter of John. That time around I wasnt recovering from Cancer! Shouted the stout wrestler, half mad half joking. Mr. Texas carrier was interrupted when he was diagnosed cancer 7 years ago, and after passing the first complications that almost took him to Heaven, he made a bucket list and his younger daughter Jenny decided to travel with him. Dont be such a wuss, said the girl with a smile, as she jumped on his back and tried to give him a chokehold. While the Father and daughter duo fooled around, trying to suplex each other, the Chinese group, the familiy Yang went OHHH and AAAHHH at everything Hans said about the forest and it's surrounding villages, as he talked about the long tradition of the clock makers and the delicious cuisine they would taste in the camp. The Italian couple, and young man that looked constanly nervous, as if somebody was following him, and a girl with a totally apathic face. He seemed to worried about her welfare, and she didnt even noticed it, as her face was seemingly emotionless.

The group moved swiftly throught the barely visible path, always guided by the expertise of Hans. All of them were slowly and steadily getting more and more silent as the went deeper into the forest. The group was enchanted by the forest magnificence. The sun was hiding in the west, when they spotted Grunburg, a colosal structure, that was almost indetectable in the forest, as the flora of the place and the moss created by the humid enviroment had covered most of the gray stone with a cloak of green and brown. AHHHHHHHH It's a amazing, said Shao, the older one of the Yang family sons, with an almost unintengible english. A hail of flashes lighted the moss covered ruin, as they passed throught the beat-up gateway. As he saw the interest in his customer faces, about the ruined walls, Hans started to talk about the castle story once they sat down in the campsite, around the bonfire. This castle haves a very rich history. It was built by a German Prince, a crazy yet charismatic man that was believed to use dark magic, The flickering flame shifted the light and shadows over Hans face, making the story gain new weight under the starry sky, The Vaticane sent a special battalion to stop him, and after a gruesome battle he was caught by the church and burned him like a heretic. All the group was hearing with utmost attention, almost bewitched by the tone of Hans voice, that shifted with each turn of the story. His last words were, "I can die, but my power wont" and then he was consumed by the fire, and his ashes were splitted in four parts and taken to different parts of the world. A sudden gust of wind lifted a wave of dry leafs, and the imagination of the audiencie took them inside the tale, as Hans voiced lured their minds into the story. The fortress inside the forest was left unhabited for almost a hundred years, as most of the population of the nearby kingdoms and earldoms thought that was cursed. This situation changed when a King named Feigling and his trusty advisor Verrater, decided to use this old fortress as a summer palace. Far from their location, a massive horde of soldier, the Kisekian Army, was breaching the defenses of the German borders, and killing anything in their way to the capital city. They laughed at the legend and took over the castle, re-building it and stocking in it with slaves, foood and wine. They gave themselves to excess and gluttonery, and their wicked ways not only brought famine and poverty to the kingdom, but they also woke up a dormant power in the castle.

Hans face had a faint smile, a sign of his self satisfaction of getting the group allured by his story, but the irregular light of the bonfire, and the omnious atmosphere of the castle engulfed in shadows made it look sinister, scaring the audience. The soul of the Dark Prince Teufel took over the King, and ordered the search of his ashes. The daugther of the Chinese family needed to pee, and stood up, moving away from the group into the castle courtyard, filled with tall grass. Four Knights were sent to the task, Drauf the mighty, Drache the cunning, Stier the powerful and lastly Lowe the benevolent. They travelled to the edges of the known world fighting against barbarian hordes, vagabond knights and unspeakable horrors that no longer roam our lands, or just hide in the darkest corners. Far from forest, to the North, the troops opened in a fan towards the edges of the country, destroying any militar or civil opposition in their way. The far sounds of explosions didnt reached the silence of the Black Forest. Neither did a much closer sound, when the little girl, named Biyu, fell into a pit, and landed in soft ground, in the lowest level of Grunburg dungeon. The Knights quest lasted 10 years until the four met in the castle and brought the ashes, all of them except one, that in his travels discovered the truth. Biyu walked with insecure steps, kind of stunned after the hard landing. She searched for a staircase, but only found a room with a door, completly covered in dust ahd some strange marks on it. The youngest of the Knights, Lowe, discovered the ruse and changed his urn of ashes for one filled with holy water. Hans saw their face and his grin only widen, Teufel almost perished when the ashes touched the holy water, but he prevailed and with the king in the pal of his spectral hand, he ordered the others to capture Lowe. The Young Knight fought like a cornered beast, growling as he was overpowered, his voice and curses sounded like a trumphet from the angels in the end of days, he sounded like The Guide placed his hands around the mouth for better acustic and was about to shout, when a militar jet passed over them, creating a howling sound he wouldnt even reach with his own voice. The group was silent for a minute, as the shock got all of them, even the narrator, but soon one of sons of the Yang familiy, the smallest one, asked, and? What happened next?. Hans regained his compusture and finished the tale. Teufel didnt passed the night, the holy water wounded him too much, but he was powerful enough to lock Lowe inside the deepest dungeon, the legends say that he will remain trapped until the end of days. The guide ended his story with a mysterious tone, and everybody cheered after such a good tale.

As the story ended, Biyu moved her hand to touch the door, but just before she reached the cold stone, a crack appeared, and then another. The little girl runned away in fear, as a massive whirpool of multiple colors breaked the stone door and sigils. In the surface the tourist and the guide heared a detonation above them, and their eyes were locked towards the furious dog fight of two military jets, and a strange looking plane. The vehicles were only seen when they fired their guns, and lighted up the clear night firmament. The Yang family started taking pictures like crazy, Jenny took cover, guided by her father, a Gulf War Veteran. The Italian couple also moved under one of the walls, as the man named Giovanni looked around with fear, worried if somebody was following the girl he protected, only known as Venus. One of the jets exploded, and the alien-looking vehicle got some damage. The second jet only crashed against the opponent making both of the pummel towards the castle. Take cover!, shouted John as he grabbed the Yang Father and mother and jumped towards under the wall. A black clothed figure runned from the castle and jumped with a single wound to the top of the 15 mts wall. The burning aircrafts melted toghter into a single flaming airwreck of doom. But the Hooded Man simply cracked his neck and roared. The Tourist group had to cover their ears, as the earth shattering blast of sound destroyed the incoming danger. The man jumped down the wall after that. He had a bigger frame than John, but moved with calm and less bumbliness than the Wrestler. The hooded man spoke in an unknown language, at least for them, and pointed the path they took to come here. You want us to go there?, asked Jenny with some fear, The Hooded man rubbed his forehead, showing his hands, that were hidden by the black tunic sleeves. His hands were big and were completly covered in bandages, most of them had strange signs. He rubbed his head as if he was trying to remember something, and then his closed fist hitted his open palm, as if he remembered. Jenny saw the man nod, and started to move, scared shitless, the rest of the group moved with the same slow caution than her. Biyu moved from the same door The Hooded Man used and runned to her family, while she waved with a smile towards the man, that mimicked the gesture. This cannot be, that is Lowe, the Knight, Hans spoke with a deranged voice, as he told the story a hundred of times and he never believed it was real. As they left, The Hooded Man seemed to sniff the air, and jumped away from the castle towards Bonn.

This is the end of Days? Asked the small Yang to their parents, I dont know son, I dont know repplied his father.

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While he wasn't exactly famous for his heroic deeds, the self-assured and headstrong swordsman Guerra was more famous for his revolutionary work for Ar. For freeing many innocents from injustice in a bloody but required civil war. Recently however, Guerra has been relaxing, resting his battle-scarred body. "Looks like I picked the wrong place for a vacation", a calm but shocked Guerra said to himself just above a whisper. He was referring to his recent trip to an Australian rain-forest he chose to camp in, to get away from the stresses of civilization however, he did take a cellphone with him, he still needs to be contactable. Guerra was entering his second week of camping in the rain-forest and he was loving every single second of it. "It's good to get away from all the responsibility.. even if I have to go back eventually", the master swordsman thought, laying his head on a pillow inside his tent. The only sounds he was hearing that day were birds chirping, some little non-threatening rustling in the bushes and various calls of a variety of wildlife. Pulling out a small book from his bag, Guerra placed it beside his pillow, sure to read it after his nap. A few hours had passed and Guerra woke up quite tranquilly. "Guess it's time to read my book", he murmured, grabbing his book. It was a book on the life of Che Guevara, a man that Guerra admired for his courage and undying heart. However, before he begin the good read, he was suddenly interrupted.

"What the hell was that?", the Rebel Leader asked himself, grabbing his three swords (Ebony, Morte, and Susanoo) and placed them in his green haramaki on his hip. Using his superhuman senses, Guerra decided to use his inhuman sense of hearing in order to make out what was there. He began to hear a loud rustling in the trees, "Hmm", Guerra wondered what could be coming his way. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, he heard several male voices growing louder, whoever they were, they were getting closer and were a few meters away from him. Quickly exiting his tent and jumping up a high tree branch, Guerra concealed himself in the leaves of the trees. Soon a bunch of what appeared to be superhuman soldiers appeared. At first Guerra didn't recognize them, that is until he spotted the unique symbol in the back of their armor. "Kisekian soldiers? What are they doing in Australia?", a serious Guerra wondered, maintaining a stern facial expression as he observed some potential danger arrive. "There's a tent here.. which means that somebody was here", one of the soldiers pointed out, "By the look of things, this person left a few minutes ago. And in a hurry", another soldier added as he inspected the inside of the tent. Soon the one who appeared to be the leader of the soldiers made a decision, "Since we don't know where this person is, burn the forest down!", the soldier commanded. His decision was not only inhumane but it went against some of Guerra's ideologies, he was one who wished people would preserve the environment. But it didn't matter, he was going to fight them either way, something he decided on when one of the soldiers spoke of Newdeath's invasion on Australia and his apparent conquering of the African continent. This shocked Guerra quite deeply, who knew the tyrant would move so quickly with his plans.

It was shocking to hear but Guerra had predicted this event. He simply didn't expect it to take place this soon. He wasn't even prepared. "So Newdeath is taking over Australia huh? Even going so far as to check the forests for any secret resistance.. what a smug snob he is. Somebody's gotta teach that punk a lesson, he needs to get his ass beat", Guerra thought. In an instant, the greatest swordsman in the world jumped down from the tree branches and landed in the middle of the group of soldiers. Quickly backing away and forming a circle around him, the soldiers were quick to go for a jab as each of their fists shot out a scorching hot stream of red fire. Quickly jumping over the soldiers before the flames could even reach him, Guerra landed outside of the circle of soldiers and quickly began his vicious onslaught. Literally kicking one of the soldiers heads off with a powerful roundhouse kick, Guerra quickly moved on to the next soldier and brutally chopped his head off with a deadly and precise chop with his hand. Suddenly, Guerra's eyes turned red and a powerful invisible pressure nearly knocked every single soldier unconscious as they were blown away. "This is bullshit. Give me your strongest fighter and I'll whip his ass right here", Guerra demanded, drawing out his favorite sword, Ebony otherwise known as the hottest sword in the world. Soon a larger soldier emerged, accepting Guerra's challenge only to be swiftly cut across the torso with a lightning fast slash by Guerra. Dropping to his knees, the large soldier was too injured to continue fighting. "Please I'll-", in an instant, the soldier's words were stopped as he was quickly stabbed through the forehead by Guerra. "Save it clown. I don't need that crap", Guerra said, removing his sword from the dead soldier's forehead. "I know where your boss is or was. I'm going to the capital of Australia and liberate this country from this Hell", the Rebel Leader vowed as he gathered his things and placed them inside his bag and soon headed off.

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Words were not enough to describe the situation at Moscow; at difference of the devil that tried to conquer the world, and only destroyed and killed when he was disobeyed. The auto-denominated god didn't had precisely a reason, and just killed and destroyed the capital, even the president of the city surrounded to her, only to be merciless killed. Without not even one drip of sweat the god conquered a whole country, however she didn't care about that, she'll just throw the leftover to any dog who want to eat them.

She arrived at the coast and then in only minutes arrived to the cities, because the god moved warping enormous distance, covering hundred of kilometers in seconds; she also destroyed about five cities in some minutes. When she arrived Moscow, a men just exclaimed "Is the devil, the devil that try to conquer the world!!, it has come for us now, not even Russia is saved for that monster!!", then the people started to ran; Atahlia just let them ran, after all to catch them was no trouble, but her black wings shaped as giant arms grabed the man who screamed those words. She started to crush them while saying, "You dare to call devil to a God like me??, no I'm not the devil that you fear, I'm something thousand of times worst, I'm a God, and you just an insolent mortal", after that blood and flesh spreaded from the giant black arm that completely crushed the man, Atahlia didn't even move, she was just levitating in the bubble commanding the arms that grew from the same bubble. Then the chaos covered the whole city just as before, and before, and before, and before, and before with the other cities. "9: 33... Good time must I say", the god was talking with her three followers, three amounts of shapeless energies morphed into three girls in blue attairs; they were the Ceriels, Atahlia's angels, that were created by her to act in her name. "Next time we'll do it in less than 8 minutes master" replied the Ou, the leader of the Ceriels a girl carrying a red blade made of pure energy. Even if the Ceriels are created by Atahlia when she needs them, they are bestowed with the gift of consciousness.

The before called city was now a hell; fire was the new enviroment, buildings collapsed, streets destrozed, blood painting the streets, flesh and pieces of human bodies decorating it. However there were a family that escaped the massacre. Atahlia just warped to them, the family screamed terrorized when the monster appeared in front of them. Then Atahlia's face was decored by an angry and dark expression. "What up with that face??, is that the face that you offers to your god?? low worms, learn your place!!!" exclaimed the god on front of them. Atahlia wasn't really the god, still she was praised as one by some ancients in antiquity, this in addition to the fact that she carries all the evil personalities and emotions in herself, created in her an enormous god complex, she seriously believed that she was a god, a god that had to purify the world of inferior beings, and to let the superior ones create the new society, these superior beings were the fictional beings, still if some fiction were to oppose her, she will merciless destroy it. Also she must consume a fair amount of conceptual escence to became complete, so the fictional beings were also her target, however she only killed them when she believed it was necessary to.

The family was composed by a father, a mother and a son; the father who seemed to be a cop started to fire at the god with a gun, still that wasn't something that could pierce the bubble, still it was an insolence. Atahlia orders were simple, restrain the mother and son, and pierce the heart of the man thousand times. The Ceriels followed loyalty her orders. Ds caught the two persons inside a barrier, then Ou pierced the heart of the man, who screamed in pain, an scream that was followed by the mother and son's scream, however, Hs the other Ceriel healed the wound, then Ou pierced it again, and this cycle repeated thousand times, while Atahlia laughed maniatical at the screams of the family. "The heart had been pierced thousand times, mission acomplished" said the Ou Ceriel. "Good job, but I'm still bored, I have a new game" said the god with a devilish smile. Then she ordered the Ceriels to.... cut the man's limbs and to seal the wound; under the painfuls screams of the man, this was privated from his limbs, he was now a quadriplegic, the cruel part of the game was to heal and seal the wounds, this way the man won't die from hypovolemia. Then Atahlia left the bubble, and for the first time it was possible to see her walking, she grabbed the man's pistol, and pointed to the mother and son that were still restrained by the Ds Ceriel, who opened a gap in the barrier to let the bullet pass. "This are the rules of the game, I'll count until ten and I'll shot your family, but if you apologize and touch my foot with your arms, I won't hurt them and I will return your limbs. Far isn't it". "You son of a b..." screamed the man but was interrupted by Atahlia's voice "Ten", "Stop it" pleased the man, "Nine", "Ok ok, I apologize now let them go"; then the monster with a devilish smile said. "..... Eight, you still need to touch my foot", the man was horrorized, he wasn't able to do that due to the Ceriels's mutilation. "Seven", "Tha..that's no fair", "Six, Ceriels, cut his tongue too, he is too noisy". Following Atahlia orders the Ceriels cut the man's tongue, who wasn't able to resist it, because the Ceriels's strength was unhuman. "Five", this time the words were pronounced in a sadistic tone. "Four....Three.....Two....One", then the monster dressed in god's cloth, merciless fired at the two persons, killing them in front of the cop. The man covered in tears just watched his family die, cursing the fate and himself for being so useless, then he only hoped to be able to apologize them in heaven when the monster kill him. But Atahlia was a devilish creature who loves to play with people feelings, she said, "I'll forgive this life's man, heal him and made him dissapear from my sight", then she looked at the man with her evil expression and said "You should be grateful, god decide to let you live, and healed too, you're so lucky.... he he he... ahhahahahaha...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!". The Ceriels followed Atahlia orders under her maniatical laught.

It's time to move now thought the girl, she had recolected enough info of the situation at the world; it seemed that some man declared the war to all the nations initiating something called the third world war, also she learned all about the how this era works, so she wasn't ignorant now. She could felt the amount of energy at the south, she then took direction forward the place were the man was localizated, she calculated that it would take less than half hour if she were to go at her full movement capability via warping. Atahlia still had the gun of the man, she looked at it and decided to trasmutate into a gun more to her like; now it was a gun with bullets created by her energy, that were more faster than normal bullets, and that would force the being hit by them to remember his/her deepest bitter memories; in fact a weapon made to torture the victim with its own problems. She called it Krev...

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Carmilla was used to waking up to the sound of screams, but they generally belonged to her. She took a few seconds to remember where they were, Moscow. She had come here to look for some old magical weapons that had belonged to the Soviet Union. They were close to finding them too, they had spent the week going through declassified Soviet records and knew that the weapons they were looking for existed.

Sarah, her Chevalier, was shaking her awake, "Miss Carmilla get up we have to leave," she said, "The city is burning get up!" Carmilla sluggishly got up, she looked outside the window to see that the beautiful city had been replaced by rubble and flames. She got up went into the bathroom, washed her face and tried to turn on the shower, only to find the pipes had been cut. She walked out of the bathroom wearing combat fatigues. "Miss we have to go."

"Yes Sarah I noticed," She replied sardonically, she walked up to the wall and gave it a hard kick, it crumbled before her. She jumped out and her Chevalier followed. They ended up on a neighboring roof. Carmilla took out a compass with two hands, they were both pointing north, that saved Carmilla the trouble of figuring out which one tracked magical power. She jumped from roof top to roof top, the city disintegrating underneath her. Sarah kept up surprisingly well, she was shaping up to be quite powerful. They kept jumping eventually making it to the edge of the city, she saw a blue haired young girl, maybe around sixteen holding a large pistol. Sarah took a picture with her phone and sent it to Jack. Jack replied with a name, Atahlia, a girl he had seen in centuries old drawings and texts.

She looked as if she were about to move, Carmilla took out her gun, an M19 with runes written all over the barrel, and shot at her. "Did you" *Bang* "need to" *Bang* "destroy the bloody archives?" *Bang**Bang* "That was not nice"*Bang**Bang**Bang* The bullets didn't seem to be that effective so she drew a large, jewel encrusted sword and made a leaping slash.


Jack had been busy coordinating the Japanese police force, through a lot of very specific instruction and a few of those machines that were used for drawing the lines on the road Jack had gotten them to create a giant pentacle. It wouldn't prevent a physical invasion but it would prevent Newdeath from simply warping in the giant robot statue thing into Japan. Jack also finished his work on the force fields, auto turrets and energy cannons that made up the Ebisu base defense system. Now he was in his supersonic plane, minutes away from Canberra. His goal was to keep the most powerful part of the Kisekian army contained there.

He was flying over the Australian outback when his equipment detected something unusual, massive amount of alien technology up ahead. He guesses that it was the Kisekian army base since even the conquered city was not big enough to hold the whole army. He went for the largest concentration of technology, what seemed to be an armory and dropped a bomb. The bomb by itself had the blast yield of 7 tons of tnt, the weapons it had landed on increased the force exponentially. Jack set the plane to auto pilot and ejected, using his wings to slow himself down. He landed on a building overlooking the city or what was left of it. Jack had heard about the damage New Death had caused, the radio man was not exaggerating. Most of the buildings were falling and Newdeath's earth based attack had created a giant crack down the center. Jack jumped down, he heard gunshots, there were still pockets of resistance, however small. He headed for the sound just in time to see the policewoman who had resisted get killed. Jack aimed his bow and fired, there were five Kisekian troops before, now there were five corpses. Jack walked up to one of them and took his comm. He looked around, he was at an apartment complex that was beside a construction site, there were many places to hide. He could hold out for a long time here. "Calling all Kisekians," he said into the comm, "This is Jack, wind mage and archer, until you kill me you will not have taken this country."

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A Message

The sheer amount of destruction being caused was truly insane. It was even more shocking due to the fact that this wasn't even half of what nefarious Newdeath had in store for the end. He had planned so extensively for this, studied nearly all super-powered beings in the world and carefully developed unique counters for anyone who would dare stand in his way. It was becoming painfully obvious that the German Air Force could hardly even scratch Aka. The colossal living wooden statue was making short work of enemy fighter-jets by simply swatting them away with its hand. The Boss was simply enjoying the mayhem and chaos he was causing. If the world wasn't going to concede and accept him as it's absolute ruler, he would either become ruler by force or he would destroy everything in his path. However, destruction is not Newdeath's goal, he would only do it in order to rebuild a new world from the ashes of the old, to build a world in his image. "I can't believe some of these people", The Genius murmured, standing tall on Aka's left shoulder with his arms crossed. "Well I guess fear isn't infinite.. stupidity comes closer", Newdeath continued, his thoughts temporarily distracting him. "Aka, don't waste time on these cupcakes. Head to Hammerschmidt Villa.. we have a meeting with the president hehe", Newdeath smirked, his demonic eyes cold and soulless. Soon the notorious super-villain through his unbreakable connection with Zella, could see what she was seeing and he could feel that there were heroes near her location. "... Interesting", he thought, "Once the heroes come here, I'll have to operate from inside", Newdeath decided.

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a powerful earthquake shook the land. Aka nearly stumbled on its feet but managed to keep some balance by holding onto a skyscraper. Although the earthquake seemed like it was no more than a natural occurrence, something caught Newdeath's sharp attention. Only his regular Kurimuzon was activated at the time as he was carefully regulating his use of his Emperor Kurimuzon in order to retain his eyesight for as long as possible. However, unfortunately for whoever had caused the earthquake, his/her location was almost instantly discovered by The Genius' flawless eyes. Even the master manipulator's base Kurimuzon enabled him to see as far as one hundred fifty miles away from his location which also meant that his ability to detect brain activity extended that far. And if that wasn't enough, his powers were exponentially enhanced by the current celestial alignment. "So it's him", Newdeath concluded as he spotted a mysterious man hiding behind some collapsed buildings. Without a moment to spare, Newdeath had Aka move towards his attacker's location. Once there, Newdeath aimed his palm at the buildings and fired a humongous blast of negative energy, disintegrating the buildings, revealing the man's location. It was none other than Gerad. "Gerad is it?", The King said, cold and calm. "I've been studying you for quite some time. Your powers are.. unique.. I guess", Newdeath revealed, "Don't even bother with your little tricks. They won't work on me", the devious mastermind boasted, "Does this place have some kind of special significance to you?", Newdeath asked. "Wait, never mind. I don't even care at this point. Just stay out of my punk. Wouldn't want you to scrape a knee or something", Newdeath mocked followed by some maniacal laughter.

Apparently not regarding Gerad as much of a threat, possibly due to having studied the man over the past months, Newdeath commanded Aka to continue his path of destruction. But Gerad's brief intervention was proof of what Newdeath had predicted, heroes are arriving and they are not pleased with the Cunning Chameleon's actions. "It seems as though I can no longer operate from outside. No doubt Gerad won't be the only one with enough balls to come fight me. I don't intend to enter direct combat yet. So I'll do something better once one or two of the heroes come for me", Newdeath thought as he uncrossed his arms and jumped into Aka's mouth. While it is a living statue, it's insides are somewhat mechanical and very well armored. The only thing keeping Aka alive was the overwhelming malice produced by the massive amount of negative energy the statue contained. Landing in the statue's stomach, Newdeath walked towards what appeared to be a large black throne with multiple red eye symbols engraved on it. Sitting on the throne he specifically made for himself, eight black needles suddenly levitated around The King. Four pierced into his right forearm and the other four into his left forearm. In a matter of seconds, a colossal spherical container floating behind him suddenly lit up as it generated an intense red energy. It was the container of all the negative energy the statue housed. With the needles inside his body, Newdeath could now take direct control of Aka, the entire Hybrid Army and even his Kisekian soldiers (through his Shokan Tattoo). The statue was made of a special type of wood that rendered it impossible to see through the statue with any kind of technology or even superhuman eyesight. "Time to wreak some real havoc", The Genius murmured as the countless Kurimuzon on Aka's body began to glow intensely. As he began making his way towards Hammerschmidt Villa, Newdeath picked up a strange transmission from Australia, he certainly wasn't going to like what he was about to hear.

The transmission was being made by somebody however, this person was not a Kisekian soldier and he had somehow come into the possession of a Kisekian comm. "This is Jack, wind mage and archer, until you kill me you will not have taken this country", Jack said, speaking into the comm. Jack was one of the individuals that Newdeath had studied for some months. While Jack wasn't exactly a hero, he certainly wasn't a villain and had no intention of aiding Newdeath whatsoever. Sighing upon receiving the transmission, the Kisekian Warlod spoke to General Haxx, the Byoki and the entire Kisekian Army through his Shokan Tattoo, "Don't question my decision but I'm temporarily teleporting you all to back to Africa.. just for a few minutes", The Genius said and in an instant he used the power of his superior Shokan Tattoo to link with the Shokan Tattoos of every single Kisekian soldier and Byoki and simultaneously teleported all of them back to Africa. "Time to end this nonsense", Newdeath murmured. Looking back at the colossal energy sphere behind him, the infamous tyrant used the black needles in his body to connect to the sphere's immense supply of negative energy to power his next attack. Activating his Emperor Kurimuzon, Newdeath managed to use a combination of the celestial alignment's power and Aka's negative energy to create a colossal spiraling space-time vortex over the country of Australia. From the vortex, Newdeath instantly dropped three nuclear bombs in Jack's location, hoping to instantly kill the troublemaker. Once that was done, Newdeath quickly closed the vortex as his right Emperor Kurimuzon grew slightly dim for a second, he was using it quite a lot. Quickly deactivating it, Newdeath noticed that his right eye's vision was slightly dimmer than his left eye's. "Alright, I'm sending you all back", and with that, Newdeath teleported the Byoki, the Kisekian soldiers and General Haxx back to Australia. General Haxx was completely shocked when he returned to the Australian city. There was nothing in sight at all. It was like a desert, the buildings, everything just vanished. "What the hell did he do?", General Haxx wondered. But only Newdeath knew the truth behind this. Soon the sadistic villain planned to unleash the terror of the Shizen Beast, Orochi and his other creations. He knew that the time for direct combat was coming but he would weaken enemy forces every way he could before actually engaging in physical combat himself.


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Gerad; Bonn

In front of Gerad the massive statue stood, and in the top the man with the dark eyes. The earthquakes were somehow succeful, he almost made the statue to lost its balance, a few more will be enough to slow his pace, however the man was able to detect him, and commanded the statue to get near Gerad. Any step of the statue increased the amount of energy that Gerad felt in the man. The conqueror send a glaze of despise toward Gerad, he said a pair of words then without any interest in the man in blue coat, the devil commanded the monster to go in other direction. Gerad didn't pronounce any word, not because he was scared, fear and horrors are something ruled by Gerad, after all he was the master of horror and mystery. Gerad didn't say anything because he simply found it unecessary, after all these kind of insane persons are always the same.

Then something unexpected happened, the man entered inside the creature, at this success, Gerad esbozed an smile, it seemed that luck was still on his side. By entering into the beast the conqueror revealed important information, after all not only words and detailed data, but acts are sources of information. Gerad followed the statue, studying it, it seemed that every time it glow it started to get charged with the man's energy, and it could trascend space with that energy. Quite an impressive feat thought Gerad. Suddenly the statue stopped, and Gerad approached this moment to talk with the man.

"I suppose you know about the two world wars" said Gerad in a calm tone, at the same time with his whim he imbued himself with speed augment, however he could felt how the power weakened due to drain, shit this isn't good thought the hunter, then he continued with his speech. "All begun with the assassination of an archduke, but this was all plotted by a sad fictional being thirsty of power like you". Strenght augment, Armor pierce augment, still those were also weakened somehow, however they were enough. "The guy however acted from the shadows, funny, you're the first one who directly shows in front of all, I guess that is why the situation is different". Gerad already prepared his move. "I calculated that this war was supposed to happen in ten years, but it came before. There was however a variable that I didn't consider". Then Gerad pointed to the sky and said. "Tell me do that bloody moon in the sky have some relationship with you and this war?". Gerad powers were somehow ready, so it was enough talking time and it was time to act. "I would like to chatter with a cup of coffee, but I guess you care more for less importante stuff". Then the hunter extended his both hands towards the beast's foot, he sended an enormous blast of freezing energy, that freezed the foots in the floor, Gerad knew that this wasn't enough, so he jumped high enough, to be in a superior height than the beast, and charging his fist with fire energy, he sended a furious blow to the monster's arm, this blow was increased by Gerad's augmented speed and strenght, and the charge with armor piercing augment in his fist. He would like to use it to anihilate the statue with conceptual energy, however by some reason it was sealed, still fire will do a good job for now. His main objective was to delay the attack, he hoped that other fictional beings were to found a way to finish this devil, after all, he was powerless now.

Atahlia; Moscow

Atahlia was about to move, when suddenly a barrage of shots were trying to pierce her bubble while some girl complained at her, however that wasn't enough. She turn to observe who was the insolent that tried to attack her, and suddenly..... Ou Ceriel the offesive force of the three Ceriels was in front of Atahlia, its red blade parried a jeweled sword, the Ceriel was quick enough to react to the attack, however that was likely not needed. Atahlia smiled and started to laugh, she said "Some guy ran because he thought that I was a devil, a group of soldiers attacked me to protect their country, a man fired me to protect his family; and still the best one was just a girl complaining because I destroyed some shitty files, that's ironic, hahaha". She found funny the fact that the only citizen that was able to reach this far was someone that didn't care for the situation. "Ok I'll play with you, you seems interesting" stated the god. Then covered by her bubble Atahlia floated in the sky and said. "But I still need to found the gamemaster behind all this, so we'll make this quickly".

Suddenly using her authority, Atahlia changed all the battlefield, now she and her oponent were in an incredible and enormous ship flying in the sky, it seemed that the ship was heading to the center of the catastrophe, the place were the devil was. "Ten minutes, C'mon little girl entertain me" the eyes of the god shined, she prepared her mercuria eyes to regist all the success in the battle. The three Ceriels stood between Atahlia and her oponent forming a triangle, in front of the enemy the Ou Ceriel with her red blade stood ready to attack, behind it in the other two corners of the triangle were Hs and Ds prepared to the fight. "Fight!!!" exclaimed the god, then in response the Ou said to its two partners behind it. "Assume combat positions, strategy G56-7". Ou fired a blast of neutral energy from her hand toward the girl and with a little difference of time, charged with her sword to cut the oponent in two. Relaxed inside her bubble was Atahlia observing the battle with a deleited glaze and a devilish smile. The god was smiling with the mouth of a demon.

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Enter The Deadly Venoms

Washington D.C. the once proud and prestigious capital of the worlds finest nation was drowning in a sea of destruction. The streets ran with the color crimson and tears of the innocent, ravaged in one sweep by the hand of the sadistic viper. At the gates of the White House Zella's notorious deadly venoms Vera, Tyranna, Andromeda, Fantonia, and their captain Ursula were approached by what was left of the defense. Sixty heavily a armed police SWAT team and some military personnel tried one last stand against the threat. They were quaking with fear, seeing what these women had done to their city in a matter of moments would shake any normal person to the core. Yet they stood firm seeing the tatter American flag still fluttering through the wind gave them some courage. "Like lambs to the slaughter the twisted Vera told her deadly sisters in arms "I'll take this one since I need the points, by the way Fantonia what are the current scores?" Vera asked with a grin on her face. Fantonia a woman who has her face hidden in a Arabian scarf, spoke with a raspy voice to Vera. "As it currently stands Vera you have two-hundred eighty points, Andromeda has three hundred points, Tyranna has three hundred points while I myself have two hundred and ninety points. This brought a smile to Vera's lips "Competition is tough this year, I better do something a little more unorthodox. These military idiots are much to fragile to give me the lead" She thought to herself. Vera nonchalantly walked over towards the the group of police, the curves of her body were only equaled to her crazed desire of destruction, and sexual appetite.

The Deadly Venoms all share a modified genetic code of Zella herself. They possess powers and personas much different from one another, the only similarities they share are they do whatever it takes to make their mistress Zella happy, and share the vipers highly perverted ways. As Vera walked over towards the group of police they opened fire on Vera. "SHOOT!!! SHOOT!!!!! that crazed b!tch!!!" One of the main officer shouted forth. A barrage of bullets flew towards Vera, but to her they might as well have been standing still. Quickly drawing her massive battle Axe, that was almost as tall as she was. Vera twirled the Axe at such great speed, that it appeared invisible to the naked eye. The bullets merely bounced off Vera's axe with ease, The military could only stand in shock. "W-What the hell is she!?" members of the police said to each other trembling in terror. Some even soiled their uniforms, "OK boys its my turn" One of the policemen looked into Vera's eyes with such fear, but suddenly he heard a scream and a splash of blood on the back of his neck. He quickly turned around, and could not believe the horror of what he was seeing. "GUAHAHHHH!!!!!" A young officer screamed as Vera's heated axe from the bullet barrage was slicing through the officer's neck like a hot knife through butter. Vera quickly decapitated the officer, then with a small burst of her mental energy she cause the simultaneous explosion to forty of the other officers.Geysers of blood and guts sprinkled down from the skies. There was the sound of applause coming from the rest of the Venoms. "Ah yeah thats what I wanna see they truly did have alot of guts HAHAHA" The hulking Tyranna said to her sister. Vera then looked at the rest of officers, their will was shot. They were ready to prepare for death at her hands.

Covered in the bloody entrails of the officers Vera asked her sister Fantonia "Hey Fan, so how many points I get?" Fantonia giggled and then answered her " Let's see you caused several grown military men to soil themselves in fear and their explosion were artistic in a way. Hmmm one hundred points." Vera twitched her eye in disapproval. "Geez tough critics I tell ya. Oh well I'm in the lead now anyway, but you are up Fan" Vera gathered the rest of the officers towards the White House Gate. Tyranna turned toward Ursula who was in her own little world. "Hey Ursula C'mon!! get in on the contest!! Tyranna shouted. The Ice Queen Andromeda was quick to interrupt her large sister "Chill out Tyranna, if Ursula got in on this we wouldn't score, because there wouldn't be anyone left." The muscle bound lady titan Tyranna had a puzzled look on her face. Zella had placed Ursula as the leader of the venoms, but Tyranna had never seen her in combat. "She looks so....innocent i still don't believe she possess that kind of power, but the mistress would know more than anyone."

One of the officers started to man up and shouted in anger towards The Venom's "Why Goddammit!? Why are you crazy broads doin' this?!!!" Soon a female voice could be heard from the distance "The answer to that is simple you scrawny piece of meat. This is how we have fun, I just though a city wide barbecue would add to our memories." The voice was from the twisted viper Zella herself, as she appeared from the shadow in the form of a young teenager. Zella walked over towards he other venoms, and what little remained of the police force. "Mistress!!" Ursula shouted with joy "You look so cute in your teenager form that you do! it makes my futa side throb." Zella merely giggled at Ursula's comment and responded "We will all have plenty of fun later, I have been rounding up some nice desserts for us later. Oh silly me you girls were in the middle of your game, I believe it was Fantonia's turn wasn't it. Go right ahead I have something I need you to do once your finished." Zella told the Venoms. "As you wish mistress I will win the contest with ease..with my No Man's land technique." Zella and the rest of the venoms eyes got wide and they all looked at each other while slowly stepping away from Fantonia and he remaining officers.

The crazed Fantonia slowly began to pull her pants down, much to the disgust of the officers. "What...the....f*uck is that!?" one the officers said in disbelief while most puke on the torn streets. The sounds of sadistic wild beast growling in anger could be heard coming from Fantonia's lower body. In mere moment a powerful suction that originate from Fantonia's lower body began to suck in all of the officer's inside her. They screamed at the top of their lung to try to get out of its pat, but it was too strong. Completely breaking their nails on the granite to save their lives were all but futile. The sound of breaking bone and tearing flesh echoes through the empty streets. Once all the officers were absorbed within Fantonia, she began to glow in a white aura. Her strength was growing to their maximum levels, when the aura soon ended she discharged the remains of the officers. They were all sucked dry of their life force, and turned into withered broken husks. "No matter how many times I see that it never gets old." Zella said to Fantonia while she was lifting her pants back on. Once finished Fantonia then turned to her mistress, and spoke to her. "It seems we have company coming, mistress. I can feel he energies of The gunslinger Crow, and the fighting God Raseri are quickly approaching. I can also feel the presence of another meter behind them, a female but she seems unfamiliar to me." Fantonia's once raspy voice disappeared and she sounded like a normal woman.

Zella had a bright smile on her face, that was the question that she was going to ask Fantonia. In Zella's present state she has great suppressed her powers only relying on her five main senses. "Excellent work Fantonia, we will wait here for their arrival, and give them a warm welcome they wont soon forget. Oh and by the way Fantonia three hundred points to you"

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Jack: Surviving the blast

Jack was tinkering with the communications device, he had managed to increase its range. What worried him was that he was receiving no transmissions from Australia, he went through the frequencies trying to figure out why. Then he overheard his answer, "Why are we here again? I hate teleporting" a soldier asked his captain.

"NewDeath teleported us, something to do with that human who got into our comm system." the captain answered.

Jack realized what was about to happen, he jumped with all his strength, that took him a few hundred feet, he extended his wings and kept flying upward. The black vortex opened above him. Still not high enough. Jack pushed himself to the limits of his power. The three bombs fell. He turned and passed between them, flying ever higher. The bombs hit the ground, the sky turned orange. Jack was sent flying.

Carmilla: airship raid

"Some guy ran because he thought that I was a devil, a group of soldiers attacked me to protect their country, a man fired me to protect his family; and still the best one was just a girl complaining because I destroyed some shitty files, that's ironic, hahaha".

"Those files were not shitty, they were a bloody pain to find!" Carmilla yelled out, she tried slashing again but the Ceriel was keeping up with her blade

"Ok I'll play with you, you seems interesting" Carmilla watched in amusement as the blue haired one floated up in a giant bubble, she had never tried bubble travel before, it looked fun. "But I still need to find the gamemaster behind all this, so we'll make this quickly".

Carmilla found herself in an enormous airship, she liked the whole aesthetic of it, it reminded her of 1915 when she worked as a waitress for the Lusitania, she had a feeling this boat trip would end the same way.

"Ten minutes, C'mon little girl entertain me" the woman who seemed to be the leader declared.

"I'm 5000!" she yelled, "I'm in no way little!' She twirled around her sword, "Now come on!"


The Ceriel with a sword attack first, firing an energy blast. Carmilla deflected the blast, sending it flying into the sky. The same Ceriel attacked, using the opening to get inside Carmilla's guard. The blade hit Carmilla in the side, went through the camouflaged combat jacket and through her skin, it glided through her internal organs and came out the other side. Large drops of blood flew in all directions, Carmilla's face looked surprised, , her spine seemed to be all that was holding her body together.

The blood froze in midair, the droplets were perfect spheres, looking as if they were frozen in time. Carmilla stood straight, she was smiling, her fangs were showing. She she raised her hand, the blood droplets grew points, all pointed towards Ou. "You're good, I'm better." She turned into smoke, flew past Ou and rematerialized behind her, wearing a black school girls outfit. "Lan Fan will throw a fit if I get this bloody so do me a favor and die." She closed her fist, the sharpened blood flew straight at Ceriel.

She saw something reflected off of her sword, she brought her hand back and found herself grabbing the trigger of a gun. She noticed something else in the reflection. "Sarah two questions, where did you get it and can you use it?" she said, she didn't talk very loudly but her chevalier heard it just fine.

"This ship is huge," she answered in french, "I found these in one of the rooms, Jack showed me how to use it."

"Works for me," Carmilla replied, she pointed her gun, which looked a lot like an M4A1 carbine at the Ceriel to the left, it was a two handed gun but that didn't really apply to Carmilla. Sarah aimed her own weapon at the other Ceriel. They fired at the same time, Carmilla firing bullets at her target at a rate of 900 rounds per minute and Sarah firing a rocket out of her bazooka.

Jack: Annoyance

It was wet, it wasn't particularly cold but Jack still didn't like the sea, it was Australia after all and even though he had just survived a nuclear explosion that did not make him immune to box jellyfish. He swam back to the beach and lay down in the sand, just feeling glad that he was alive. His equipment was emp shielded, the alien communicator was not so that would be useless. He took inventory, his clothes were either charred or ash, his armor was irradiated so he had to get rid of that, and his body had used up a lot of magic to heal the burns the bomb had caused. Still he had his bow, his phone and his head. That would be enough. He stood up and checked his location, he was quite far from the city. That had to be remedied. He found a town near the beach, it was completely abandoned, its residents having fled from the invading army. There was a perfectly good pickup truck still left, he hot wired it and went back towards the conquering force.

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Madoka winced as she woke up with a start. The weight of the collapsed drum set pressed down on the delicate young woman's back, but she forced herself up and off of the floor. Her bright red yes scanned the room. Instantly her stomach rose and she dashed out of the cafe, nearly heaving but forcing herself to remain calm. They were all killed... all of them... I don't think that girl saw me... she wanted to sigh in relief, but she felt sick. She could almost feel the pain all those cafe patrons felt. Doki turned around and scanned the cityscape and nearly screamed, but kept silent. The strange women weren't far. She could sense their energy.
Doki stumbled along the streets her weak fingers brushed against the rubble as she walked. Her black dress was stained with dirt and dust. Was anybody alive? "Hello?" She called weakly. "Is anybody alive? Call out! Please!" She was crying at this point, water fell down her face and her eyebrows were close together. "Somebody!!"
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