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I already had scripted on my mind that battle

Battle for the survival of Australia

  • Atahlia who was battling with a red blade was a fake, and she was the Ou Cerial shapeshifted by Atahlia power, meanwhile Guerra is pierced (or maybe not) by a purple scythe wielded by the little girl rescued by him, who was the real Atahlia morphed to deceive their oponents. The fierce battle between Atahlia and the two warriors continue, until she notice the suddenly change of energies and environment, so she decides to end the fight quickly by unleashing a little show of his true power. And to join the fun part of the battle
  • Gerad who dissapeared after meeting with Query suddenly appears to stop Atahlia from unleashing the devastating attack. He uses his sword to erase her concept, however Atahlia's concpet is far too complex to be eliminated by that way, the sword can cut fiction, but not all the fiction that is precisely what Atahlia embodies. However the attack is enough to debilitate her, forcing her to retreat, but a little dialogue happens between both. It's revealed that the projection of Atahlia's energy on the past was the real cause behind the two world wars, it seemed that her influence was enough to drive crazy some personalities with great influences. It's also revealed that Gerad was barely able to delete that projection, an small percentage of Atahlia's power emanated when she was caught underwater

What happened to Lebreus

Lebreus was scheduled to appear in the battle on DC, however for some reasons I didn't add him. Still he has a little paper. It seems that the Scion's security force was able to easily beat ND's minions due to an special bomb called the L-Bomb, the one that was created with part of Lebreus blood, and was able to anulate fiction into an small range. Due to the exams and loss of blood, Lebreus (who was in Scion on that moment) couldn't participate, and the bombs created were few but enough to kept away the invasors

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@Kuro_San: Oh, too bad. I was planning to finish the Ebisu Raid scenario once I had enough time to complete Kaine's bio.
Anyways, I'm posting the events from Daisuke's viewpoint:
Ebisu Raid Storyline

  •  Injured by Panther's final technique, Daisuke lied on the cold surface. He helplessly watched as the unknown youth (Taiyou)  made his suicidal last stand.  His Innate Time Control worked on an overdrive, allowing Daisuke to see every detail of Taiyou's heroic last moments. Although his consciousness was rapidly fading. Daisuke fainted with the thought of cursing his own incompetence.
  • Unknown to Daisuke, Taiyou managed to stand up for the second time. Using his last ounces of strength, Taiyou put the Crest of Courage on Daisuke's chest before finally giving his dying breath.
  • Daisuke was drifting in a dark sea of his dreams, replaying all the horrors he had witnessed, the events that made Daisuke wish to become a superhero.
  • Soon, Daisuke heard an ominous voice calling for him.  It was the being that resided within the Crest of Courage. Observing Daisuke's past and motivations through the youth's dreams, the entity had decided that Daisuke was a worthy individual. He offered Daisuke two choices: Die from his obviously fatal wounds caused by Panther. Or accept the Crest and become the new bearer. Daisuke's choice was obvious.
  • Suddenly, Daisuke was engulfed in a huge pillar of orange light. His dying body was miraculously healed and he felt a newfound power.
  • The Numbers were shocked at these turn of events. Daisuke, who was presumed to be dead, suddenly revived with new powers. The boy was almost like a different person.
  • Daisuke looked at the Northern Vampire. He was the person who caused both Taiyou and Phanter's deaths. He became someone whom Daisuke couldn't forgive.
  • Daisuke exchanged words with the Vampire. He asked about the enemy's actions and questioned whether the Northern Vampire even has a human heart. The Vampire cynically answered, admitting that he no longer deserves to be called human.
  • Daisuke got answers for everything he needed to know.  He undid every mental inhibitions Daisuke put on his Tracing ability. Against a complete monster like the Vampire, he no longer needs to hold back.
  • Daisuke's determination combined with his new Crest-related powers overwhelmed the Vampire. Yet in spite of the youth's advantage, their battle went on for long.
  • Finally, Daisuke managed to put down his enemy for the last time. The Vampire was completely at Daisuke's mercy. At the same time the red-haired youth realized something. The one who were lying beneath his feet wasn't a complete monster. Instead, that man was only a broken shell.
  • Realizing his enemy's pitiful state, Daisuke felt for the Vampire. The withered old man already got the punishment he deserved. As such Daisuke had no business with him. The boy spared the Vampire's life and allowed him to escape. At roughly the same time the Eastern Tengu was also forced to retreat.
  • In the aftermath of the battle, Daisuke checked whether his teammates were alive. To his surprise he saw a pair of vampires he never saw before. Lan Fan had to explain the situation in detail before Daisuke could finally disarm himself.
  • Lastly, Daisuke paid his respect for the fallen. He visited Taiyou's corpse and promised to be worthy for the life he had saved. After many minutes of silent mourning, Daisuke asked Harumi to preserve Taiyou's corpse until he visits the boy's family.
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I don't mean to sound like a jerk but I'm glad this is over its just became a jumbled mess at some point.

Crow vs Masako and Aftermath

  • Crow awakens within his own inner world a black and white old western saloon he confronts the personification of his Insanity, he tells Crow that the gunslinger had the wrong impression of him he is not here to take over Crow in fact his goals are the same. He wants to protect the people they care about and with his power Crow can achieve that if Crow gives into his own Insanity.
  • Crow reluctantly gives into his Insanity and taps into his Insanity powers, he engages in a fierce battle against the Black Reitter Masako. As the two fight the area is being slightly infected with the Insanity energy from Crow, within his inner world Crow realizes this is not what he wants but his Insanity tries turn him back towards the power.
  • The personification of the memories and spirit of Crow's grandfather appears in his Inner World and convinces Crow to fight back against the Insanity unleashing a new Gunslinger skill that was dormant inside of Crow. The ability is enough to fight back and Crow regains his sanity,
  • The wounds, energy, and exhaustion Crow has suffered finally pile on causing him to pass out after the regaining his sanity, this is when the Neo Reitter Project arrive to capture Masako.
  • Crow wakes up to witness the final moments of Raseri and Newdeath fight and the death of his friend. As Raseri is carried off to Asgard in the rain he comments that the world has world a great man not a god, he feels like he could have helped if he was stronger and didn't give into his Insanity but he comes to realization he must keep training and getting stronger sticking to his motto of always walking forward and never looking back as that is what Raseri would have wanted. The sun begins to break and the rain starts to end.
  • Crow heads back to Toni where she heals him with the aid of Fairy and the three recap the events that have gone on and he learns about the other battles including the fight at Ebisu against a new generation of Numbers. Crow hides the fact of giving into Insanity from Toni thinking it for the best but tells he he gained a new power and is going to train to use it.
  • Crow soon passes out and comes to a few days later learning of the events of Black Day and Usso Namae he doesn't suspect much but doesn't like the fact that some business man is taking credit for the heroic actions of people like Raseri but he understands that the world needs a new face of good. He finally comments that he believes Raseri will return one day and another evil like Newdeath will come but he is prepared for it as will be the world.

That Crow story hope you like it :)

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Cool, thanks for filling some gaps!

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